Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown

December 14, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Friday Night Smackdown is being broadcast from Boston, MA on the CW Network.

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

WWE’s Armageddon pay per view is Sunday, December 16, 2007.

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The Rated R Superstar Edge comes to the top of the entrance ramp with a mic. He wants us to welcome back the General Manager of Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero. Vicky comes to the arena in a wheelchair being pushed by Teddy Long. And we get a lot of blah, blah, blah from Edge about how Vickie was mistreated. The audience doesn’t care very much for Edge’ speech either. And then we have a replay of the pile driver Vickie received courtesy of The Undertaker. Vickie takes the mic and reminds us that there is a match at Armageddon for the WWE World Heavyweight title between Batista, the current champion, against Edge and The Undertaker. Vickie says all three men will be in matches tonight on Smackdown. The first match will be Edge. Edge is very upset because he isn’t warmed up and he isn’t prepared but Vickie says that she has made her decision and she needs a ref out in the ring. Vickie yells at Teddy Long to go back to see that Edge’s entrance music is started. Teddy does as he is told and Edge heads to the ring.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have had my fill of the Edge/Vickie romance.  I had enough the first time it appeared and it is getting worse.

The Rated R Superstar Edge from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing 250 lbs.


Funaki from Japan, weighing 190 lbs.

Audience favorite: Funaki

My favorite: In the ring I like them both

Winner: Edge,

Like you didn’t see that coming.

Funaki is back from his suspension.  Funaki and Chavo Guerrero are the only members suspended that have not made a return to the ring. Chavo is now the only roster member who has not returned to WWE  televised programs.

This looks like a complete one-sided match as if you wrestling fans couldn’t see right through it. Here’s hoping Funaki excelled in karate when he was away. No, he didn’t, but it does appear he has practiced falling a lot. I don’t want to take anything away from Funaki.  He did do a good job in the ring. Edge can do much better than he is doing in the ring tonight. It was not a very long match and with a spear Edge takes out Funaki.

After the match, Vickie asks for a round of applause from the fans for Edge. She doesn’t get it. She then tells us that Batista will go one on one with Kane in a Last Man Standing match and The Undertaker will take on both Mark Henry and Big Daddy V in a handicap match. Vickie then tells Teddy to take her back to her office right now.

Commercial break – and none too soon I might add.

Back from commercial break, promo for WWE’s Tribute to the Troops, which will air Christmas Eve on Raw.

WWE Diva Tag Team Match

Michelle McCool from Florida

Before Michelle’s tag team partner is announced, we see a replay of Jamie Noble’s win last week against Chuck Palumbo.  That’s the match that McCool told Noble they would go on a date if Noble won and then McCool inadvertently, or not, caused Palumbo to lose the match. We then see that after the match Palumbo had a tantrum backstage and patially blames McCool for his loss to Noble in the riing last week. .


Kelly Kelly from Jacksonville, FL


Victoria from Los Angeles, CA

accompanied to the ring by Kenny Dykstra


Layla from Miami, FL

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: Victoria

Winners: Victoria & Layla

We have Dykstra getting involved in the match and tripping McCool inside the ring, then we have Dykstra up on the ring apron arguing with the ref when Victoria doesn’t get a three count and then we have Chuck Palumbo riding to the ring on his motorcycle and chasing Dykstra all around the ring. No, Palumbo did not get off his motorcycle to chase Dykstra.  He’s still on the motorcycle going after Dykstra. McCool is distracted by the commotion outside the ring. Victoria does a quick roll up and gets the win.

Cole reminds us that we will see a Last Man Standing Match between Batista and Kane. JBL tells us we will see Rey Mysterio in action after the commercial break.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Chuck Palumbo is backstage and Michelle McCool comes looking for him. She is complaining because she made him lose his match and he says that it’s his fault because he can’t do anything right. He’s really mad because McCool is going out on a date with Jamie Noble. Palumbo puts his fist through a wall and then walks off.

Rumor has it that some fans believe this is leading up to a domestic abuse storyline. All I can say about that is, bad idea WWE writers, bad idea. It doesn’t help for McCool to show up tonight with a black eye (she had it last night on ECW) but I understand she received that in a match against Victoria.

Cole and JBL are discussing what just happened backstage and MVP is at the announcer’s table complaining because Cole and JBL did not announce him and that is rude. Cole introduces MVP the WWE United States Champion. MVP will defend his championship against Rey Mysterio at Armageddon.

Rey Mysterio from San Diego, CA, weighing 165 lbs.


Kenny Dykstra, weighing 234 lbs.

Audience favorite: Rey Mysterio

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Statistics show that Friday Night Smackdown has a higher Latino audience than any other WWE show and that is attributed to Rey Mysterio. Mysterio is a fantastic ring worker but Dykstra has a few moves of his own. Mysterio hits the 619 and takes Dykstra out of the game.

After the match, MVP enters the ring but the referee, gets in between MVP and Mysterio and tells them they can’t fight now. MVP has a mic in his hand and he congratulates Mysterio for winning his match tonight. MVP  wants to talk about their match at Armageddon and wants Mysterio to see the title belt he will be wrestling for and he lets Mysterio hold the belt. Mysterio holds the belt and then hands it back to MVP. MVP says he wants the best man to win at Armageddon and he wants to shake Mysterio’s hand, but Mysterio refuses. MVP pretends there is someone coming up behind Mysterio and when Mysterio turns around, MVP nails him in the back of the head with the title belt. Mysterio is down in the ring and MVP gets booed all the way up the entrance ramp.

Cole reminds us that The Undertaker will be facing Mark Henry and Big Daddy V in a handicap match tonight. JBL reminds us that Batista will be facing Kane in a Last Man Standing match and that match is next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see Vickie, Edge and Teddy with Vickie making the matches for Batista and The Undertaker earlier tonight.

Last Man Standing Match

No count outs, no disqualifications.

The only way to win the match is to incapacitate your opponent enough he can’t get to his feet before the referee counts to ten.

The Big Red Machine Kane weighing 323 lbs.


The Animal Batista from Washington, DC, weighing 290 lbs.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Audience favorite: Batista

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: Batista

Finally Kane gets a good match against someone close to his size. I don’t think either of these men is outmatched here even with the weight difference, although Kane spends more time climbing up and flying into the ring than we ever see Batista manage. As far as an out and out brawl, which is what this type of match is obviously all about, suits both of these wrestlers. Cole tells the audience that Kane has been in last man standing matches before and has done quite well. Both of these men are taking some hard slams, knocks and bumps in this match. Batista does go up to the top turnbuckle but gets caught by Kane and both men are down in the ring. The ref gets to the count of 8 for Kane and 9 for Batista.



Back from commercial break, the poor ref has to go outside the ring and then back inside the ring several times during the course of the match. They can’t decide where they want to battle. Now the ref has to go over the guardrail to count Batista down again because Kane send Batista over the guardrail. Kane finds a chair but Batista spears him before Kane can use the chair. Kane tosses Batista into the steel steps and moves them – quite a distance, too. Kane is after the announcer’s table now and uses a monitor hoping to keep Batista down for the count.  Kane is yelling for Batista to stay down but Batista isn’t listening. Batista power slams Kane on the announcer’s table and Edge enters the arena and spears Batista. Both men are down and the ref is having problems keeping track of everyone. Batista gets to his feet, Edge charges at him and Batista sends Edge to the floor with a back body drop. Kane stays down and Batista gets the win only to have Edge nail Batista in the back with a chair.

Cole reminds us about the Handicap match The Undertaker is in tonight.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a replay of the end of the match between Batista and Kane that concluded before the commercial break.

Edge and Vickie are backstage. Vickie wants two aspirins for her neck and some coffee. Edge tells Teddy to go fetch for Vickie. Can this get any worse?  Yes, it can.  Now we have the audience being sick and me ignoring the television set.

Raw Rebound: Replay of parts of the Monday Night Raw XV Anniversary show. Carlito and Jeff Hardy had a great ladder match on Monday Night Raw. Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly became the new WWE World Tag Team Champions when they beat Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch.

Festus weighing 291 lbs.

accompanied to the ring by Jesse

Commercial break before Festus’s opponent is announced.

Back from commercial break, replay of part of last week’s match where Jesse & Festus faced John Morrison and The Miz, the WWE Tag Team Champions.


The Miz weighing 231 lbs.

One half of the WWE Tag Team

accompanied to the ring by John Morrison

Audience favorite: Festus

My favorite; Festus

Winner: Festus

Other than seeing Miz get kicked all over the ring, I’m not sure about the rivalry that has suddenly popped up between these two tag teams. I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Morrison and Miz have the tag team titles. Festus has Miz up on his shoulders, Morrison is on the ring apron, Jesse comes around the ring to get in Morrison’s business, Festus swings Miz’s feet around and knocks Morrison off the ring apron and to the floor. Power slam, cover and the three count – Festus wins the match.

As Jesse and Festus go up the ramp to leave the arena, Teddy Long enters and heads toward the ring. Teddy is here to read an announcement. The next match on Smackdown will feature the former WWE World Champion, the 7’3”, 420 lbs. Punjabi Giant, The Great Khali and his opponent, Hornswoggle. The name Hornswoggle brings a rousing cheer from the audience.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Hornswoggle, 4’4”


The Punjabi Giant The Great Khali

accompanied to the ring by his interpreter

Audience favorite: Hornswoggle

My favorite: Hornswoggle

Winner: I don’t know.

I don’t think there was a match.

Before the match can begin, we hear Finlay’s entrance theme and Finlay enters the arena. Finlay does not head to Hornswoggle’s corner.  He enters the ring to face Khali. Finlay whales on Khali with the shillelagh until the ref takes it away from him but that doesn’t stop Finlay from pounding on Khali who is down in a corner of the ring. Khali’s interpreter enters the ring with mic in hand and grabs Hornswoggle. He threatens to hurt Hornswoggle if Finlay doesn’t back away from Khali. Big mistake for the interpreter. Finlay charges across the ring, Hornswoggle ducks and the interpreter gets laid out with a clothesline. Finlay picks the interpreter up and tosses him out off the ring but now Khali is back to his feet and he takes Finlay down with one big hand. Khali lays Finlay out with a Khali bomb.

The consistent matches putting Hornswoggle in danger is getting a little on the stale side even though it is amusing to see Hornswoggle and his sneaky ways of getting out of facing his oversized opponents and I really like to see Finlay in the ring.

Cole reminds us about The Undertaker’s match tonight.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, McCool is backstage with Kelly and they are discussing Palumbo’s recent temper issues. They enter the locker room and there are flowers with big balloons waiting for McCool. McCool thinks they are from Palumbo but Jamie Noble appears with a single flower in his hand. He takes off McCool’s hat and notices she has a black eye. Noble wants to know if Palumbo gave her the black eye because if he did, Noble is going to handle it. McCool says Palumbo didn’t do it, that it happened over in Europe. Noble wants to know if McCool is going to back out on their date and she says that a deal is a deal and Kelly says they should go out on a double date with Kelly and Balls Mahoney. Noble and McCool decline the invitation and Noble tells McCool he has bought her a nice dress to wear on their date.

Cole and JBL give us a rundown of the matches scheduled this Sunday.


WWE Championship match

Randy Orton, current champion vs. Y2J Chris Jericho

Number One Contender’s Match at the Royal Rumble

Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy

Mr. Kennedy vs. HBK Shawn Michaels

Tag Team match

CM Punk, ECW Champion & Kane vs. The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry & Big Daddy V

Finlay vs. The Great Khali

United States Championship match

MVP, current champion vs. Rey Mysterio

WWE World Heavy Weight Championship, triple threat

Batista, current champion vs. The Undertaker and Edge

We see Matt Striker, Mark Henry and Big Daddy V on their way to the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

2 on 1 Handicap match

Big Daddy V from Harlem, NY, weighing 487 lbs.

Accompanied to the ring by Matt Striker


The World’s Strongest Man Henry  from Texas weighing 390 lbs.


The Undertaker from Death Valley weighing 299 lbs.

Audience favorite: The Undertaker

My favorite: The Undertaker

Winner: The Undertaker

We know Undertaker is outweighed in this match but he should be much quicker than the two men in the ring. I hope The Undertaker brought reinforcements. I think Undertaker is planning on boxing both men out but it doesn’t work. The Undertaker’s boot will take V down to the mat. Undertaker choke slams Henry and gets the win.

After the match is over, V decides to work over Undertaker but Undertaker does fight back against both men. It doesn’t do any good as Undertaker ends up down on the mat and is squashed by both of the big wrestlers in the ring. Edge manages to make it to the ring but there isn’t much left of The Undertaker to worry about.

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