TNA or Total Non

TNA or Total Non-Wrestling Action

by Sassy

August 19, 2007

I had an uncontrollable urge last week during iMPACT take my remote control and turn off my television.  I considered how I could spend an extra hour, soon to be two hours, instead of watching iMPACT. 

As I was twirling my remote around in my hand I realized that the hopes I had pinned on TNA becoming the best wrestling program on the air had dwindled in only one weekís time.  I donít expect miracles the week after a pay per view but the sound of the Angles versus the sound of Pacman Jones was bordering on pillows over my ears to drown out the sound.

TNA has stooped from providing fantastic ring action to doing what everyone else is doing and what everyone else has done.  Now we have nothing but talk.  If I wanted to watch a soap opera, I have a soap opera channel.  If I wanted to watch football, I have a football channel.  I do not tune in every Thursday evening to see a football player masquerading as a wrestler or a wrestlerís wife masquerading as an actress.  I would have settled for conversation if it were the main talent in TNA doing the talking. It was not. 

Ron The Truth Killing comes back to the TNA arena and does nothing but talk.  The gimmick that he can actually have a tag team championship with a non-wrestler who isnít allowed to wrestle is a farce.  Karen Angle isnít going to wrestler either and the fact that TNA bothered to hire her must have been based on the fact that she is Kurtís wife.  Does that mean all of the wrestlerís wives will now get a contract? Will they all get an equal amount of airtime?  Will TNA provide itís studio and home audience with ear plugs?

TNA recently dropped five wrestlers from their roster.  They added Jones and are in talks with Brock Lesnar.  I donít know who had the bright idea to hire Jones but talk on the street charges Kurt Angle with getting Lesnar in the door. Lesnar has said that he will not give up his MMA work and Dixie Carter has said TNA will work around that.  Oh good, that means the wrestlers who have already been giving it all they have might get some time in the ring while Lesnar is off doing other things.  Thatís a morale builder. TNA claims it is cutting costs but everyone appears to believe at least four of the roster members were let go due to the amount of money Jones wanted for his appearances.  Why did Jerry Lynn leave TNA?  The gossip claims it was for personal reasons.  I wonder if those personal reasons had anything to do with Lynn not being used as a wrestler while TNA brought in more outside talent Ė or lack thereof. Who is the next great performer out the door? 

I miss what TNA was when I first saw iMPACT show up on my television schedule.  I miss what they were heading for and I detest the downward spiral I am afraid is coming. TNA gets talent and doesnít push that talent.  TNA loses talent right and left either by their own doing or because someone just got fed up.  And, TNA hires people who have nothing to do with the world of wrestling entertainment.  Jeff Jarrett says that wrestling needs controversy.  Not always, Jeff. It might help if you and your staff cruised some of the wrestling message boards.  TNA is not looking good.  You canít take away everything you once had and fill it with wannabes.  You lose the respect of the fans and, in case you forgot, the fans are what make you or break you.








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