Monday Night Raw XV Anniversary Spectacular

Monday Night Raw XV Anniversary Spectacular

December 10, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy are noted in italics.

Raw is being broadcast from Harbor Yard Arena on the USA Network

Ringside announcers: JR and Jerry Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

Backstage interviews: Todd Grisham

NOTE: The chances are I will not be doing play by plays on the matches since this is a three-hour show.  I will try to pick up the high points of all of the matches.

The show opens with the McMahon family, Vince, Shane and Stephanie, entering the arena. Has Stephanie had another boob job or is just the outfit? Of course, Vince has mic in hand to talk about Vince. They are getting ready for their family portrait and Linda, Vince says, can’t be there because of the flu or something like it. Vince introduces Shane and he doesn’t get any bigger pop than Vince did. Stephanie gets more noise, but it sounds like jeers. Vince calls for the photographer to take their “family portrait” and we hear Hornswoggle’s entrance theme as he comes running down the ramp to the ring. Hornswoggle has his “daddy” by the leg and Vince asks Shane to remove Hornswoggle from his leg. Shane does and the audience cheers for Hornswoggle – biggest pop yet. Quite a few of the fans are on their feet for Hornswoggle. Vince tells Shane and Stephanie he loves them and then tells Hornswoggle he kind of loves him too and then Vince says that most importantly he loves each and every one of the fans in the arena. He gets a combo of cheers and jeers.

Before the photographer can take a photo of the loving family, Triple H enters the arena and we get another big pop, with the audience chants “Triple H”. Triple H then asks Vince if he hears the pop Triple H is getting. Triple H says that the portrait is supposed to be for the family and he thinks the people know what’s going on and Triple H feels like he is a part of the McMahon family and that he feels like he could be Vince’s son.

Triple H says a family should be about people you love or have loved and Triple H is going to bring out some of the people that Vince has loved.

I am going to type part of this next fiasco. You would think someone would have done a better job with the script for a big deal like a fifteenth anniversary show.

Representing the current crop of divas that Vince has “loved”: Melina

Vince says he never had sex with Melina

Representing the past divas that Vince as “loved”: Sunny

Hornswoggle gives Sunny a big hug.

Representing the current divas that Vince has “loved”: Mae Young

Mae makes a beeline for Vince to give him a big hug and a kiss.

Vince said is happened at Moolah’s funeral and he had a lot to drink.

Shane leaves the ring after Vince’s confession. Triple H says that anyone could do the pretty ones.

Triple H says that any WWE employee that has been mistaken for a woman and Vince attempted to “love”, please come to the ring now:

Howard Finkle is the first one out, followed by Bastion Bugger, the Big Dick Johnson, Jerry Briscoe, Pat Patterson, Abe Knuckleball Swartz – regarding Abe, Triple H says the Brooklyn Brawler must have been busy tonight but that would explain Vince’s fascination for balls.

Stephanie tells Vince he has serious problems and that he has embarrassed their family long enough. It is time for her to embarrass Vince. Stephanie kisses Triple H (like we didn’t already know about this one a long time ago). Stephanie leaves the ring. Vince tells Triple H he hates him and he tells the audience to go to hell and he leaves the arena.

Hornswoggle is left in the ring with no family. Triple H says he wished there was someone who could make this right. And it’s the Godfather with his Ho Train. Hornswoggle doesn’t appear to be sad anymore. JR tells Lawler he thinks he sees Lawler’s new ex-wife. Lawler says he sees several of them. (Wasn’t there a rumor a few weeks ago about toning down the sex on the show?  Vince didn’t read his OWN memo!)

Godfather tells Hornswoggle it’s time he hopped on the Ho Train and Hornswoggle is suddenly surrounded by scantily clad women, which, I guess, beats the hell out of the alternative - being surrounded by Vince, Shane and Stephanie.

JR tells us the WWE Intercontinental Championship will be decided in one of the most dangerous, thrilling, high risk matches and it will be Jeff Hardy defending his Championship against Carlito.

NOTE: For those of you who haven’t been reading the WWE News Bytes, it might interest you to know that Carlito had asked for – and been granted – his release from WWE, however, WWE decided they didn’t want him to leave and now, for the first time in a long time, Carlito will not only be in a real match, he will be in what could turn out to be a great match!

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Jeff Hardy, from Cameron, NC, weighing 225 lbs.

WWE Intercontinental Champion


Carlito, from the Caribbean, weighing 220 lbs.

Audience favorite:

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: Jeff Hardy

who retains the WWE Intercontinental Title

Hey, I finally spelled Caribbean right! It must be a sign - way to go, Carlito!

This match may be one to stand up and cheer about or it could be a dud. We have seen Carlito doing so little in the ring we don’ t have any idea how he is going to perform. Jeff never lets the fans down and we know he’ll make it a match no matter what.

The first thing Carlito does is roll outside the ring to grab a ladder. Jeff goes for a baseball slide and gets nailed in the head by the ladder courtesy of Carlito. Carlito has the ladder in the ring and is halfway up before Jeff manages to get back into the ring and drag Carlito off the ladder. Carlito hits Jeff with a clothesline and then gets nailed by the ladder courtesy of Jeff when Carlito tries to use the ladder as a weapon. And, ouch! Jeff drops Carlito on the ladder and then Carlito nails Jeff with the ladder. And it’s a Holy **** moment when Carlito is dropkicked off the ring apron back first onto the ladder sitting up against the guardrail. They are going to need another ladder to get the Championship belt down, folks, this one is wasted – I’m guessing so is Carlito’s back. Jeff has found another ladder and he is setting it up in the middle of the ring. Jeff is almost to the top but Carlito springboards off the top rope and lands on the ladder opposite Jeff. Well done! Now the two are fighting it out on the top of the ladder before Carlito takes Jeff down to the floor. Both men are down on the mat. Carlito looked like he slipped on a rung just a second before he managed to take Jeff down.  That was a heart stopper.



Back from commercial break, Jeff is on his feet, Carlito is down on the mat and Jeff is climbing the ladder in the corner of the ring. Jeff goes off for a leg drop but Carlito rolls out of the way and Jeff meets the mat. Carlito is back to his feet working on Jeff’s left leg. Carlito has the ladder again and places Jeff’s leg in the middle of the ladder and stops on the leg. Carlito has another ladder in the ring and he slams it on top of that ladder with Jeff’s leg trapped. Carlito picks Jeff up and drops him on top of both ladders before setting one of the ladders up to climb to the belt hanging above the ring. Jeff is back to his feet and is climbing up the ladder behind Carlito. Carlito is back down on the mat and he again works on Jeff’s left leg. Carlito sets the ladder up in the corner and goes after Jeff. The audience is chanting “Hardy” and they are getting louder. Carlito sets Jeff up on the ladder and backs into the opposite corner before charging at Jeff. Jeff is back up on his feet and sends Carlito over with a back body drop that again drops Carlito back first on the ladder. The ladder doesn’t seem to be as badly damaged as the one on the floor was after Carlito dropped on it, but Carlito couldn’t have enjoyed this collision either. Jeff is up on the top turnbuckle, comes off with the swanton and nails Carlito. Jeff is back to his feet, but he is limping on his left leg as he goes after a ladder to set up in the center of the ring. Jeff starts up the ladder but Carlito is back on his feet and he knocks the ladder over. Jeff catches himself with the ropes and lands on his feet. Jeff tries a twist of fate, but Carlito manages to switch around and drop Jeff on the ladder that’s down on the mat. Carlito now has the second ladder up and is climbing to the top. The ladder looks pretty wobbly from here and as Carlito manages to get a hand on the belt, Jeff is back up the ladder nearly to the top. Jeff punches Carlito in the abdomen and Carlito goes backward, but he is hanging onto the belt. Carlito loses his grip on the belt and falls landing partially on the ropes before going out of the ring and onto the floor. Jeff continues up the ladder and manages to get the belt before Carlito can get back in the ring and the fans are on their feet.

One great match by two great competitors. I have heard rumors that Carlito was difficult to get along with and that was why WWE wasn’t using him as an actual wrestler.  After this match, no one will be able to say that Carlito isn’t tough or that he isn’t great in the ring. Both of these men took some big hits but they did a wonderful job working as opponents in this match up. 

Jeff Hardy has a major match this Sunday at Armageddon. With his left leg in the shape it is in now, let’s hope he manages to be one hundred percent for the pay per view. Now who would have put Jeff in a match like this when Armageddon is this Sunday?  Were they afraid Triple H couldn’t take out Jeff if Jeff wasn’t injured?

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Todd is backstage with HBK Shawn Michaels. HBK was part of the original broadcast of Monday Night Raw. HBK says that on that night he went out and defended his WWE Intercontinental Championship against but then HBK says he can’t remember fifteen years ago. HBK says that he can remember last week when Mr. Kennedy did his little skit. HBK says when he saw the Marty Jannetty imposter it got HBK to thinking what Kennedy could do with the real thing. Enter Marty Jannetty who is all hyped to be on Raw tonight. Exit Marty and HBK says tonight Kennedy will face Marty and then at Armageddon, Kennedy will face HBK.

Raw Flashback – a flurry of matches and incidents which include Brother Ray (of the Dudley Boys in WWE), Scott Hall (Razor Ramon in WWE), Steve Austin and Mike Tyson, John Cena and Kevin Federline, Donald Trump, Trish Stratus kissing The Rock and The Rock kissing Trish, Chris Jericho kissing Trish, Christian kissing Trish, Mickie James kissing Trish much to Trish’s dismay, Lita kissing Matt Hardy, Lita kissing Edge much to Kane’s dismay,  Eric Bischoff kissing Linda McMahon, Vince kissing – sorry folks, I don’t know who Vince is kissing in this shot, William Regal kissing Vince’s ass, Val Venis hopping in the shower with Ryan Shamrock (I do miss Val’s long curly locks!), Kane removing his mask, Kane playing with fire, a ton of chair shots, The Rock throwing Steve Austin into a river, Shane McMahon on Monday Night Nitro, Vince’s limo blowing up.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for the WCW DVD that will be on sale tomorrow.

Santino Marella and Maria are in the ring. Marella has made an open challenge to anyone and RVD enters the arena. Rob may have taken some time off, but you can’t tell it by the way he looks.  Marella’s a dead man and Maria didn’t ready the memo about a little more clothing…


Santino Marella



Audience favorite: RVD

My favorite: RVD

Winner: RVD

I’d like to think as long as Marella has been around he could put on a good show against someone like RVD.  But that doesn’t happen and it ‘s a really, really short match.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

The members of Evolution are reunited in the ring –

Ric Flair, Triple H., and Batista enter the arena and the ring – super loud pops for all three of these wrestlers.

The fourth member of Evolution, Randy Orton, enters the arena but does not enter the ring. He has a mic (oh, great). By the way, there was no audience applause for Orton. Orton is here to talk about Orton. Where’s Jericho when you need him? And we see a replay of Orton getting whipped by Evolution the last time was Champion. This may be the best part of the anniversary show! The audience was impressed.  Orton does the Armageddon plug for his match. Orton then introduces Edge as his partner in the Rated  RKO or whatever it was. Edge says that Batista won’t have his championship after Armageddon either. Batista invites him to the ring. Flair tells Edge to shut up. Flair tells Orton and Edge to get a partner. Umaga is their partner and Umaga enters the arena.

Part of Evolution

Ric Flair, Batista & Triple H


Rated RKO or whatever

Edge, Randy Orton & Umaga

Audience favorites: Part of Evolution

My favorites: Part of Evolution, Edge and Umaga

Winners: Ric Flair, Batista and Triple H





Flair is getting whupped all over the ring, first by Umaga and then by Orton. Orton goes for a cover but Flair manages to get a shoulder off the mat. Flair has been getting body dropped quite a bit but he manages to deliver a dropkick to Orton and now Flair’s is trying to get a tag. Flair tags in Batista and Orton may be sorry he opened his mouth. He works over Orton, knocks Umaga off the ring apron and brings Edge into the ring. Orton is back up after Batista but Triple H is in the ring and we have double spine busters as Batista takes down Edge and Triple H takes down Orton. Umaga comes in with a double clothesline and takes everybody down, but Umaga makes the mistake of shoving the referee and as Umaga goes after Flair, Batista comes to the rescue. The ref calls for the ringing of the bell and Edge, Orton and Umaga have been disqualified.  Orton and Edge have turned tail and run leaving Umaga alone in the ring. Flair hits Umaga with a low blow, Batista hits him with a spear and Triple H finishes up with a pedigree.

Jeff Hardy is backstage with an ice pack on his neck. On his neck? After that ladder match, he should have an ice pack on his entire body!

We see film clips of Austin spraying The Rock with beer, then numerous car crashes, axles being taken off of limos (courtesy of DX – HBK and Triple H), destruction of various limos, Kurt Angle spraying an entire ring with milk. Edge doing his imitation of Flair beating up a driver that has cut him off. Austin driving into the building and going after McMahon in the ring.

Hornswoggle is backstage playing with Mickie James and Molly Holly. William Regal comes in and tells Hornswoggle that he has a rematch from the Survivor Series and it will be Hornswoggle against The Great Khali. Regal tells Hornswoggle someone has canceled Finlay’s plane ticket from Ireland so he won’t be around to help him. And Hornswoggle’s match is next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the match where Hornswoggle hired the APA to help him out.



The Great Khali, from India, weighing 420 lbs, over 7’ tall

accompanied to the ring by his interpreter

Audience favorite: Hornswoggle

My favorite: Hornswoggle

Winner: I’m not sure

but I would think that Hornswoggle would be disqualified after Hogan interferes in the match.

This looks like a squash in the worst way. Hornswoggle does look a little concerned. So does the audience. Hornswoggle is playing keep away with Khali but then Khali grabs his coat and we see Hulk Hogan enter the arena to come to Hornswoggle’s aid. Hornswoggle has made his way out to the ring apron. I think Khali and Hogan are talking trash but no one seems to know if they understand each other. Khali gives Hogan a kick to the gut and now Hogan is in trouble. Hogan’s getting ready to fight back and he does.  Several rights and then Hogan comes off the ropes and sends a right fist to Khali’s skull that sends Khali down to the mat and out of the ring. Hogan invites Khali back into the ring but Khali’s interpreter is telling Khali not to do it.

Hogan now has a mic. He says it sounds like Hulkamania is still alive and well and he wants to congratulate the WWE for their anniversary and he wants the audience to give WWE a round of applause.  The applause is sparse. Hogan says never say never. Now Hogan gives himself a plug for The American Gladiators show he has coming up. Hornswoggle and Hogan then do the Hogan muscle show and the Hogan request for applause.

Raw Flashback – D Generation X – Triple H, HBK Shawn Michaels and Chyna and all of their shenanigans.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, another Raw Flashback – Mick Foley visits Vince in the hospital and then Austin visits him in the hospital – to keep him there.

Howard Finkle announces a 15 man over the top Battle Royal featuring superstars from the past and then makes the introductions for all fifteen

Al Snow from Lima, OH

Bart Gunn, from Texas

Doink the Clown

Repo Man from The Border City

Steve Blackman (oh does HE look GOOD!)

Pete Gas, Mean Street Posse

Mr. Bob Backlund




Flash Funk

The Goon

The above four were introduced during commercial break.

Gangrel, former member of The Brood

Scotty 2 Hotty

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

Sgt. Slaughter

Gilbert, from Georgia



Bob Backlund

Doink the Clown


Al Snow

Pete Gas

Bart Gunn

Flash Funk

Steve Blackman

The Goon

The Repo Man

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

**Scotty 2 Hotty manages to worm the IRS in the ring.

Scotty 2 Hotty


Sgt. Slaughter

Winner: IRS wins the 15-man battle royal.

Ted DiBiase enters the arena and ring complete in his $$$ suit. DiBiase has a handful of cash and it appears he may be trying to buy off IRS. IRS opens his briefcase and accepts the cash. The Million Dollar Man wins the 15 Man Battle Royal and he wasn’t even in it! DiBiase has the mic and says that even after 15 years everybody has a price.

Correction: Ted DiBiase is declared the winner of the 15-man battle royal.

Raw Flashback: we have slapping contests until the last one, which is a John Cena fist to Vince.

Eric Bischoff is on his way to the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Bischoff is in the ring with a mic. It appears Bischoff is in the ring to insult the audience. Bischoff tries to get applause from the audience but it doesn’t work and Y2J Chris Jericho enters the arena and the ring. Bischoff has a little trouble remembering Jericho’s name and then asks if Jericho if he didn’t fire him a couple of years ago. Jericho tells Bischoff to shut the hell up. Jericho said Bischoff did fire him a couple of years ago and that he decided he would come back and be better than ever, then we have a plug for Jericho’s match against Orton for the Championship. The two trade insults for a couple of rounds. Bischoff wants Jericho to forfeit his match with Orton at Armageddon but the audience is against it. Jericho said he could forfeit that match or he could beat Bischoff up right now. The fans prefer the latter. Jericho delivers a right fist to the jaw of Bischoff and guess who should show up but Orton who Jericho sees this time and he gets Orton in the walls of Jericho and Orton is tapping out. Jericho picks up the belt and lays it down next to Orton before he gets down to do a little trash talking.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes comes to the announcer’s table to sit in for the next match.

World Tag Team Championship Match

Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly at a combined weight of 475 lbs.



Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch at a combined weight of 532 lbs.

WWE World Tag Team Champions

Audience favorites: I’m not sure

My favorites: I like both teams

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly

NEW WWE World Tag Team Champions

This one is difficult.  I think the current Champs make a great heel tag team. I like Hardcore Holly as well and Cody Rhodes does a good job in the ring. I’m not making any guesses here.

Cody is getting worked over by Lance and Trevor before he makes a tag to Holly who is now in the ring with Trevor. Holly takes Trevor down with a dropkick and then punches Lance off the ring apron. Trevor is back on his feet and he works on Holly and Lance enters the ring and gets a shot in. Cody comes in to take Lance over the top rope to the floor and Cody goes to the floor with him leaving Holly and Trevor in the ring. Holly has Trevor up in the air and delivers the Alabama slam, gets the pin and the three count. Dusty enters the ring to congratulate his son, Cody, after his win. He raises the hands of both wrestlers in the middle of the ring.

Some of the celebrities that have visited Monday Night Raw on the Raw Flashback: Donald Trump, Dick Butkus, Rob Reiner, Mike Tyson, Michael Moore, Dennis Hopper, Pappa Roach, Tiny Tim, Ben Stiller, William Shatner, Motorhead, Kid Rock, Kevin Federllne, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Raw Flashback: divas.

Jillian Hall is in the ring to tell us she is the only diva who has a Christmas album coming out tomorrow on iTunes. And then, cover your ears, she sings – if you can call it that. Has anyone noticed that Jillian and Brooke Hogan sort of look alike? Trish Stratus enters the arena. I read a report that Trish had gotten fat.  Were they talking about her hair? She certainly doesn’t look fat to me! Jillian doesn’t like being interrupted. Trish tells Jillian how bad her singing is. Jillian tells Trish that she has the biggest ego in WWE history. Lita enters the arena and now Lita and Trish are nose to nose. Jillian wants Lita to hit Trish and Lita takes the mic. Lita tells Jillian not only does her singing suck, her voice alone sounds really really bad. Trish and Lita shut Jillian up and send her out of the arena before hugging in the ring.

Raw Flashback: Series of comedy sketches. They did show Owen Hart in one of these segments.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Raw Flashbacks – weddings – Triple H & Stephanie, Test & Stephanie, Lita & Edge until Kane broke it up.

Lita is backstage and she runs into Kane. It appears to be an awkward moment. He asks her if she’s seen any good movies lately and she says not really. She talks about the weather and Kane says it is cold. Ron Simmons appears and he says Damn!

JR and Lawler remind us that Armageddon is sold out and they run through some of the matches coming up this Sunday on the Armageddon pay per view.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker versus Batista, current Champion, versus Edge

Winner Receives a WWE Championship Match at the Royal Rumble.

Triple H versus Jeff Hardy, current WWE Intercontinental Champion

WWE United States Championship Match

Rey Mysterio versus MVP, current Champion

Mr. Kennedy versus HBK Shawn Michaels

Finlay versus The Great Khali

WWE Championship

Randy Orton, current Champion, versus Y2J Chris Jericho

Mr. Kennedy from Green Bay, WI, weighing 243 lbs.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the skit Mr. Kennedy put on last week.

Marty Jannetty from Columbus, GA, weighing 245 lbs.

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: Marty Jannetty

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

I haven’t seen Marty work a real match in quite some time. He is a little slower than I remember but I was used to seeing him as part of a tag team.

Marty shows his knowledge of wrestling but he is having a hard time keeping up with Kennedy. Kennedy works on Marty’s knee and goes for a cover but can’t get the three count. Marty manages to take Kennedy down to the mat and he is now ahead of the game. Marty goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Kennedy takes Marty down with a clothesline but Marty takes Kennedy down with the rocker dropper and then he goes out on the ring apron and to the top turnbuckle but Kennedy hits the ropes to take Marty down, Marty gets Kennedy in a roll up but he only gets a two count. Kennedy delivers an face plant and gets the win.

After the match, Kennedy beats on Marty and it’s HBK to the rescue and he sends Kennedy out of the ring but Kennedy is back in the ring attacking HBK from behind but Triple H enters the arena with his DX sign and he distracts Kennedy long enough for Michaels to get the upper hand and he sends Kennedy over the top rope and out of the ring. Triple H brings along DX t-shirts and hats and they do the DX thing, including the pyros for the fans.

Vince is backstage getting himself together to come to the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Vince is in the ring and he is going to tell us who the Greatest Superstar in Raw History is…and he asks for the envelope. He opens the envelope and the winner is (drum roll first, naturally) Vincent Kennedy McMahon. No pop for McMahon but there is for Mankind as he enters the arena and the ring.  Mr. Socko is making appearance as well. Vince tells him to leave the ring now but Mr. Socko has Vince with the mandible claw and Vince is down on the mat.

The lights go out and The Undertaker’s entrance theme begins and The Undertaker enters the arena and the ring. It appears he is there to see Vince. Vince is back to his feet and The Undertaker is behind him. It looks like a choke slam and it is. Vince is back down on the mat.

The lights go out again and The Undertaker has disappeared from the ring but now we see Stone Cold Steve Austin enter the arena and the ring.  He’s here to see Mr. McMahon too. Austin does a little talking and then asks for two beers to propose a toast with Vince – who is still out on the mat – Austin says they can drink a beer together. Austin lays down on the floor next to Vince. Austin says he can drink lying down, standing up, or standing on his head. Austin tries to help Vince up. Vince finally gets to his feet. Austin gives Vince a beer and Vince is holding his neck and trying to drink a beer but Austin delivers a stone cold stunner. Austin has a few more beers.

Austin says the greatest superstar on Raw are all around the ring and Austin points to the fans and says they are all over the whole damned world. All the WWE Superstars come down to the ring to drink some beer with Steve Austin.

Vince ends up on the floor outside the ring covered in beer.

WWE’s Armageddon pay per view is this Sunday – check your cable channels for information.

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