Indy News Bytes

Indy News Bytes

December 12, 2007

by Sassy


Birth Announcements

Ring of Honor's message board has just reported that "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen and his girlfriend are now proud parents of a healthy baby boy named Owen.

Injury News and Notes

Indy wrestling star Mean Marc Ash underwent surgery December 6, 2007 at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Ash had a deviated septum repared, not just a normal deviation, the septum had a turn & a hook in it, something the doctors says he rerely sees. Ash also had some work to the sinus membranes as well.

Ash's nose will remain packed until Wednesday of next week. Ash has promised to update his "In My Corner" blog on his website over the weekend...more will be announced when he decides he is feeling up to it.


Dreams of the future, then two tragedies...tragic story of Tammie Hammoui, wife of Full Impact Pro promoter Sal Hammoui (St. Petersburg Times)

Posted on 12/07/107 by Dr. Keith Lipinski

Dreams of the future, then two tragedies

A mother miscarried. Days later, she died

By STEPHANIE HAYES, Times Staff Writer

LARGO - Tammie Hamaoui was fragile, but hopeful. She had just suffered the miscarriage of her baby, who died in the womb at 21 weeks.

Friday, she and her husband, Sal, relaxed on the couch. He was nervous to rest his legs across her. But Mrs. Hamaoui grabbed her husband's feet and placed them on her lap until he got comfortable and dozed off.

Later, they took a walk in the fresh night air. They came home and lay in bed, holding hands. They talked about their childhoods. Their own children, Alicia and Anthony. Their roller coaster 19-year romance. How far they had come together.

He said he'd have a million more babies with her.

The next day, unexpectedly, Mrs. Hamaoui died at home. She had a tear in her aorta, her family said. She was 39.

They met in a nightclub in Virginia, where the Marines had stationed him. He thought she was gorgeous. They were barely 20.

Home in Florida, he drove past beach condos and imagined them living in one. They dated off and on for four years. Then, she headed south without looking back.

The car broke down in North Carolina. He was working three jobs, but he dropped everything to get her.

"What did you get yourself into, baby?" he asked. "I hugged her and kissed her and brought her back."

She stayed by her husband through law school, rocky business ventures, debt and depression. She was there when he emerged on the other side.

In 2003, Mr. Hamaoui launched Full Impact Pro Wrestling, staging family-style professional wrestling shows all over Florida. Mrs. Hamaoui worked behind the scenes, the oil in the joints.

She'd order food and take tickets. She'd greet fans and snuggle their babies.

She preferred the fun-loving wrestlers. She loved "Superstar" Sean Davis, a 300-pound blond wrestler and comedian whose trunks said "You're Just Jealous" on the backside.

Whenever he tried to buy pizza, she'd slip it to him for free.

She had a metal locket with Alicia and Anthony's pictures, plus more on a key chain, and tons more in her purse.

She drove them to school every day, and took them to visit their grandparents. If Anthony, 10, wanted a hamburger at midnight, she'd get it for him. When people gave Mrs. Hamaoui gifts, she gave them to Alicia, 12.

Sometimes, people assumed Alicia belonged to her husband's sister, Joann Hamaoui, because they look alike. Joann joked lightly about the long labor.

It bothered Mrs. Hamaoui. She wanted people to know Alicia was hers. But she never let on - she didn't want to hurt feelings.

"My brother told me," said Joann Hamaoui. "I would have never known. She was so kind."

This year, with the wrestling business successful, Mr. and Mrs. Hamaoui decided to try for another baby.

One morning, in a fit of excitement, Mrs. Hamaoui woke her husband. She showed him a pregnancy stick. It was blue.

"What does it mean?" he asked.

They named the baby Joseph and looked to the future.

Stephanie Hayes can be reached at or 727 893-8857.


Tammie Hamaoui

Born: Nov. 21, 1968.

Died: Dec. 1, 2007.

Survivors: husband, Sal; children, Anthony and Alicia; in-laws, Ibrahim and Rewayda Hamaoui; brother, Terry; sisters, Cheri and Donna.


Wednesday, December 5th 2007, 4:00 AM

Former wrestler 'Vampiro' to take bite out of Mexico City crime


Bandits in Mexico City better watch out. Vampiro, a former professional wrestler turned vigilante, is coming to reclaim the city's crime-ridden streets.

The Guardian Angels are unleashing the retired wrestler, whose real name is Ian Hodgkinson, to head the group's new chapter in the Mexican capital.

"The person leading this effort is like the Hulk Hogan of Mexico," Curtis Sliwa said Tuesday.

Hodgkinson, 40, who has wrestled professionally in the U.S., Mexico and Japan, will be commanding a group of 40 recently trained Mexican Angels.

Hodgkinson, who is a single dad with a young daughter, said his motivations are personal.

"I live in the most crime-filled city in the world and I wanted to change the streets for her," he said.

Mexico is the 11th country to be patrolled by the Angels. There are now red-clad crimefighters walking the streets of 102 cities, said Sliwa, who founded the group in New York in 1979.

Reality TV


News on upcoming scripted reality pro-wrestling television series "Behind the Curtains"!

Posted on 12/06/107 by Dr. Keith Lipinski

Fylmar Productions and Cinamour Entertainment shoot network promo for upcoming scripted reality pro-wrestling television series "Behind the Curtains"!

Contact: Franco Sama/Jordan Yale Levine, Founder(s)/Executive Producer(s)

Fylmar Productions, LLC, 9601 Wilshire Blvd. - Suites 755 , Beverly Hills, CA. 90210


Web @ Email: 

Beverly Hills, CA December-2007 - Less than a year after Beverly Hills based Fylmar Productions, LLC and Red Shoe Entertainment (Atlanta, Georgia) signed a pact with Cinamour Entertainment the companies completed filming a promo for the upcoming television series titled "Behind the Curtains".

Cinamour CEO Glen Hartford notes: "With over 50 Million wrestling fans in the U.S. alone, I believe that this series has the potential to be a tent pole show for the right network". President of Distribution and Development for Cinamour, Cord Douglas adds: "It will also satisfy the appetites of millions of intensely loyal pro-wrestling fans throughout the country and around the globe."

The promo, directed by Sean Lambert (Hanna Montana, Campus Ladies) , stars some of wrestling most explosive personalities including World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) superstars Ernest "The Cat" Miller and Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, Wrestling Society X stars Luke Hawx, Lizzy Valentine and Aaron Aguilera and MTV Tough Enough's Hawk Younkins.

"Behind the Curtains explores some of the real life stories that happen every day behind the scenes in the world of professional wrestling; stories which we know our fans crave like smokers crave nicotine" says the show's creator Ernest Miller, best known in the ring as "The Cat".

Jordan Yale Levine, one of the show's Executive Producers notes: "The buzz on the internet is already huge and growing every day [and] the networks already know that we are out there".

Behind the Curtains is sure to attract non-wrestling fans as well. "The show is very funny and deals with some outrageous real life scenarios that we never could have made up in a writers room" says Executive Producer Franco Sama adding "at this point, a series pickup looks promising

The audience will be broad and vast attracting men, women and children of all ages, especially teens and tweens. The producers plan to present the show as a mid-season replacement which means that it could potentially air as soon as February, 2008


Independent wrestling valet implicated in rape and drugging of another woman (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Posted on 12/08/107 by Mike Informer

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The article below reports that Midwest independent wrestling valet "Samantha" (Tracy Adkins) has been charged with raping and drugging a women at the home of independent pro wrestler Sean Casey. Ms. Adkins is the valet for Casey in promotions such as Ohio Championship Wrestling]

Rape case drags in athletes


BATAVIA – The trial of a Clermont County woman charged with raping a Warren County woman who worked for her as an exotic dancer included testimony that dragged in the names of a professional wrestler now featured in Playgirl magazine and an NFL quarterback who was in Cincinnati last year to play the Bengals.

Judge Jerry R. McBride of Common Pleas Court listened to explicit testimony at the Clermont County Courthouse during the two-day trial this week. McBride said he will rule on the case Dec. 21.

Prosecutor Don White said that in his 19 years in office he couldn’t recall any other Clermont County rape case involving two women.

Defendant Tracy N. Adkins, 28, has pleaded not guilty. Adkins testified Tuesday that she had consensual sex with a 20-year-old dancer whose stage name is Summer.

The Enquirer isn’t publishing her real name because of the nature of the allegations.

The dancer claimed she was raped Dec. 7 of last year in a home owned by professional wrestler Sean Casey, police said.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair’s name was mentioned repeatedly during testimony, though he isn’t alleged to have been involved in any crime.

Summer testified she flirted with McNair about the time of the alleged rape. The defense tried to discredit Summer by calling a witness who testified that the dancer had actually had sex with McNair.

Casey and Adkins live together in the Willowville neighborhood of Union Township, police said. Adkins said Casey is her fiancé.

She is the general manager of Naughty Bodies, a Mount Carmel company that provides dancers for parties, Adkins testified. While pictures of her appear on the company Web site, she isn’t a dancer.

Casey, 35, owns Naughty Bodies, Adkins said. An exotic dancer, he is featured as the “Hot Man of the Month” in the January issue of Playgirl magazine, which was released Tuesday.

Adkins said Summer was paid by Casey to dance that night. Police said the amount was $100. The music was from a pornographic video.

Both Adkins and Summer testified that Casey was on a couch with them when the women had sex.

“I asked Sean, ‘What the hell are you guys doing to me? Make her stop. Why are you doing this?’ ” said Summer, who lives in Morrow.

Casey didn’t have sex with her or force her to do anything, Summer said in response to questions from Assistant Prosecutor Bill Ferris.

Summer said Adkins alternated between having oral sex with her and having intercourse with Casey, who had a broken leg in a cast.

Oral sex can be considered rape under Ohio law.

“I just remember being completely freaked out,” Summer testified. “I was asking Sean for help, and he said, ‘I told you she’s the freak – not me.’ ”

Then Adkins asked, “ ‘Don’t you want to see the sexiest couple in Cincinnati’ ” enjoy themselves? Summer testified.

Adkins, who is free on her own recognizance, is charged with three counts of rape and one count of corrupting another with drugs. If found guilty, she could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison on each rape charge and up to eight years on the drug charge.

On Monday, Summer testified that Adkins had forced her to take ecstasy, a hallucinogenic stimulant. The drug left her unable to resist, Summer said.

Adkins denied that on the witness stand Tuesday.

The same week Summer claimed she was raped, the dancer was reprimanded by Adkins over allegations that Summer had sex with a Naughty Bodies client, Adkins testified.

Summer was told she would be fired if someone reported such behavior again because it could expose the company to prostitution charges, Adkins said.

Another dancer told her she witnessed Summer have sex with McNair, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback, in a restroom stall at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Adkins testified.

Andrea Jordan Harris, 31, of Delhi Township testified Tuesday that she rode in a limousine with Summer and McNair and later witnessed them have sex.

Harris, whose stage name is Alex, used to be a dancer for Naughty Bodies. She said a third dancer and two other professional athletes were in the car.

In the limo, “she was all over him,” Harris said of Summer and McNair. “He kept telling her he was married.”

Later, in the restroom, “I heard some banging,” Harris said. “I looked over the stall to make sure nothing bad was happening to her.… It was her and … Steve McNair in the stall having sex.”

Under questioning from defense attorney R. Scott Croswell III, Summer denied having sex with McNair.

She said she rode in a limo with McNair to an airport and that he had asked for her phone number.

“I have never been in a bathroom with Steve McNair,” Summer testified. “I talked to him. He’s a pretty cool guy. Go Ravens!”

The Ravens lost to the Bengals, 13-7, in Cincinnati on Nov. 30, 2006.

“I never took any clothing off,” Summer said of the night she was with McNair. “The other girls were dancing in the limo. And well, if you can’t stand, how can you dance? I wasn’t dancing.”

McNair, 34, who underwent surgery this week for a dislocated shoulder and torn rotator cuff suffered in the Ravens’ loss to the Bengals on Nov. 11, 2007, couldn’t be reached for comment.

“Is there a possibility that somebody used Steve McNair’s name?” said Kevin Byrne, senior vice president for public relations for the Baltimore Ravens. “Our schedule is very filled when we’re on the road. It’s a business trip for us. We don’t give players much free time.”

James “Bus” Cook, the agent for McNair, said “it easily could have been mistaken identity.”

“I don’t for one minute believe the woman’s allegations against him,” Cook said.

Croswell, the defense attorney, told the judge in closing arguments that Summer hadn’t been truthful.

Summer said she had arrived at the home of Casey and Adkins about 3 a.m. and left about 8 a.m., testified Sgt. Jeff Brown of the Union Township police. The dancer contacted police about 6 p.m.

Croswell reminded the judge that Summer didn’t call police during the five hours she was at the home – though Summer had claimed she sent text messages on her cell phone to at least 10 people.

“I said, ‘This girl is chasing me and trying to do me,’ ”Summer testified. “ ‘Help me, somebody.’ ”

No text messages were found by police, Croswell said.

“She’s lying, and there is no corroboration,” Croswell told the judge. “You know as well as I do if she had those text messages on her phone they’d be here in court – if that really took place.”

Road Warrior Animal's son wins football award

Steve Gerweck - Saturday, December 8 2007 - 3:02 PM  

Laurinaitis wins Butkus, beating out Connor and Dizon

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Ohio State's James Laurinaitis won the Butkus Award on Friday night as the nation's best linebacker.

The junior became the second Buckeyes player to win the Butkus, joining Andy Katzenmoyer in 1997. Laurinaitis beat out Penn State's Dan Connor and Colorado Jordan Dizon.

Mississippi's Patrick Willis won the Butkus last season.

Laurinaitis leads the Buckeyes in tackles this season with 103 and has five sacks and two intereceptions.

He also was a finalist for the Nagurski and Bednarik awards, which go to the top defensive player in college football, and the Lombardi Award for the best lineman or linebacker. LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey won the Lombardi and Nagurski awards, while and Connor took the Bednarik.

The Buckeyes and LSU will play in the BCS national championship game on Jan. 7 in New Orleans.

Laurinaitis won the Nagurski last season.

Vote for the best of pro wrestling in 2007

Posted on 12/08/107 by Douglas Nunnally

2007 was definitely a crazy year.

The tragic events of June, the resulting scandal, TNA's move to primetime, ROH's move to pay-per-view, the return of legends, the loss of legends, and even John Cena wrestling an hour classic match.

Who'da thunk it?

Yep, 2007 had a lot of major things going on and with the year coming to a close, it's time to vote on the best of 2007 in the 2007 TWV Wrestling Awards. With twenty-five categories to vote on, every inch of pro wrestling is sure to be covered in these awards from Match Of The Year down to even High Flyer of the year.

Voting is currently open to anyone who wishes to vote and is taking place on The Wrestling Asylum discussion forums. You must register to vote, but registration is free and there is a lot more than just this voting to offer! Voting will close on December 31st, 2007 at 5 PM EST with the results being first announced on the return episode of The Wrestling Crossfire on January 2, 2008 and posted on on January 4, 2008.

To vote and view all twenty-give categories up for voting in the 2007 TWV Wrestling Awards, just click below:

We hope to see you soon voting for the very best of 2007 in pro wrestling!

All-Star Wrestling Network






December 15, 2007 - Fort Valley, GA, at the Wrestleplex, beginning at 8:00 PM.

Call (478) 397-5734 or (770) 884-5546 for more info.

Adult tickets are $10, with $4 off for bringing an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots.

Everyone twelve and under gets in for $5.


Chick Donovan defends the AWN Heavyweight Title versus Sam Slaughter

Simon Sermon & Jerry Thompson defend the AWN Tag Team Title versus K.I. Elite

Bambi defends the AWN Women’s Title versus Brandy Scotch Baker

Shawn Hunter versus Pit Bull in a taped fist match

Amien Rios versus Ash

The Cowboy versus the Secret Asian Man

Randy Ward versus Prime Time Bryan

and a battle royal to determine the inaugural AWN Heritage Champion.


Asistencia Asesoría y Administración  


Sean Waltman is receiving a lot of heat because he's been arriving late to the bus to take him to the AAA shows, holding up the rest of the crew. The general feeling is that he's too laid back in Mexico City. We previously reported that Waltman's girlfriend Alicia Webb got heat for a missing a recent house show. Source:






Asylum Championship Wrestling








Atomic Championship Wrestling


Atomic Championship Wrestling Presents:

Former ECW, TNA, WWE Star Julio Dinero Seminar!

That's right folks! Friday night, January 25, 2008, Julio Dinero will be at

the Atomic Championship Wrestlng school for a 3 HOUR seminar on the wrestling

business. Julio's 14 years experience give him a large repertoire of topics

and subjects to cover about wrestling. Managers and Refs are welcome as

well. Time is 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Spots will fill up quick so if you plan to attend, sign up now! Cost for the seminar is $25.00. ACW Wrestling school is located in Denver Pa 17517.

Contact Twisted Tate for directions either thru his myspace ( or via email at




That's right, Atomic Championship Wrestling returns to Smokestown, PA (right outside of Denver) on December 29th, 2007 at the Smokestown Fire Company - 860 Smokestown Rd., Denver PA 17517

In the Main Event, new ACW World Champion, "The Madman from the Badlands" Glen Osborne defends against former WWF star, The Patriot.

In other title bouts, ACW Welterweight Champion Trixter will defend against Alan Cross, and newly crowned ACW tag champs, Shatter and "Sick" Rick Havoc will put the belts on the line against I.B. Green and Big Poppa Chill.

But that's not all! BWO World Champion, Rockin' Rebel will defend against Louis G. Rich and a new ACW National Heavyweight Champion will be crowned as Twisted Tate takes on Arkham.

In other matches: Boyboy vs. Joey Manson, Bill Bain vs. Eric Cooper, G.I. Bear vs. Evan Nemo, plus Massive Mike and Mikey X vs. Pretty Fly 4 A White Guy and Frank the Tank to determine the #1 conteders for the Tag Team Titles.

Also appearing: Heavy D, The ECW HAT GUY, Sinner ,Vince Bono, referees Dan Marx and Tanya as well as many, many, more.....

Tickets are $15 front row and $12 General Admission. There are only 125 tickets available for pre-sale so get them fast. They'll make great Christmas gifts so head over to our Contact Us page immediately to request tickets.


Blackball’d Wrestling Organization




December 8, 2007 – “Holiday Hell”, Phoenixville, PA

Pelle Primeau over Antonio Blanca

The Wifebeater over All Star Lou

Frank the Tank/Pretty Fly 4 A White Guy over Rick Havoc/Mikey X

Rebel w/Pelle Primeau retained his BWO Heavyweight Title over Kage w/Antonio Blanca.

Killer Kramer over Boy Boy, Jason Gotti and Rebecca Payne in a Hardcore Match

Kid Kaos retained his Interstate Title over Mat Bomboy and Din Mak

Twisted Tate/Vinny the Fixxer over Sgt. Steve/Code Red

Kage/Zac Conner over Chio Frost/Randy Masochist for the vacated Tag Team Titles.



Chick Fight


ChickFight appears on MavTV On Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.


ChickFight 6 on Mav TV, Episode 4

Filmed at the Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco, CA

This show has the final match from the tournament, plus two bonus matches and Cheerleader Melissa vs. Amazing Kong, from APW Gym Wars.

Chynna Mai is the host. Jason Deadrich (ChickFight owner) and Nick Aragon are the ringside announcers.

Daizee Haze defeated Kaoru to become the ChickFight 6 Champion

Kaoru makes a spectacularly haughty entrance wearing a gorgeous ring robe. Daizee goes around and greets all her fans. The women circle each other warily, then lock up, and Daizee gets an arm bar on Kaoru and takes it behind her. Kaoru tries to escape, and Haze biels her over onto the mat, where she puts her into a submission hold, again working the arms.

Kaoru escapes and gets Daizee into an arm bar, then brings a vicious elbow down on Haze’s arm. She repeats that before bieling Haze over onto the mat, where she gets Haze into a submission hold, again working the arms and shoulders. Haze powers up and out, locking in an arm bar on Kaoru and twisting it. They struggle, and then Daizee hits a flying head scissors and takes down her opponent.

They exchange forearms, elbows and kicks until Kaoru grabs Daisy by the hair and biels her hard to the mat, getting loud boos from the fans. She repeats the hair biel, and then starts choking Haze in the ropes, as Kaoru’s fans cheer their approval for the rule breaker. She breaks for the ref’s count, but just takes Haze over to the other side of the ring and repeats choking her there, as the ref again begins his count. Breaking again, she plants Haze face first into the mat, and then rolls her over so she can grab her by the hair and pound her head repeatedly into the mat, as the ref again counts.

After an emphatic suplex, she goes to the outside, yells at the fans chanting “USA!” to shut up, and grabs a chair. When she tries to enter the ring with it, Daizee drop kicks the chair into her face. When she gets up and tries to reenter the ring, Daizee charges and flies through the ropes onto her. She hits Kaoru with some chops, but then gets Irish whipped into the guard rail and flips over it into the crowd, as Kaoru laughs. Haze comes back, only to get her face slammed into the rail. Kaoru chokes her with a boot to the throat, slams her head onto the ring apron, and then rolls her back into the ring.

Kaoru punishes Haze with kicks and knees and a couple of German suplexes, taking time out to give the booing fans the finger with both hands. After a two count, she whipped Haze into the ropes and tried to go for what may have been some kind of flip, but Haze countered and planted Kaoru face first into the mat. The ref counted both women, and Haze was the first to her feet. They traded vicious forearms until Haze took down Kaoru with a running forearm, but she still got only two.

Haze missed with a missile drop kick off the top, but Kaoru hit with a beautiful moonsault off the top. Haze kicked out at two, though. After trading several more near falls, Kaoru attempted a suplex, but Haze escaped and rolled her up for a quick pin to become the ChickFight 6 Champion. She kissed the trophy. Kaoru gave her a gracious hug, and Haze raised Kaoru’s hand before leaving with her trophy.

Frankie defeated Johnny LaRocca with E.G.O.

Johnny LaRocca is a manager, not a wrestler, and he brings his male tag team E.G.O. Derek Sanders and Nathan Rulez to the ring with him to face neophyte women’s wrestler Frankie. Frankie bounces out alone and greets all her fans. LaRocca’s men start off by grabbing Frankie’s foot before the match even starts. She makes the mistake of going to the outside, where they grab her and bash her back into the ring post, then toss her back into the ring.

The referee ejects them from ringside, but the damage is done, and Johnny dominates the injured Frankie, first putting the boots to her, and then choking her in the ropes. After the ref makes him break, he goes after Frankie with more kicks and tries a punch, but she blocks it and then decks him with a few forearms to the face, as the fans cheer.

Frankie puts the boots to him, but then she’s distracted when E.G.O. return, and LaRocca gets her from behind. He hits her with a closed fist, but she comes back with a head butt, so his next move is to rake her eyes and blind her.

Finally, the other women in the tournament have had enough, and Cheerleader Melissa, Allison Danger, Hailey Hatred, MsChif and Tiana Ringer all come out and get into the ring, where they and Frankie surround LaRocca. Each woman gives him a chop or forearm shot until he gets to MsChif, who sprays him in the eyes with her green mist as the fans cheer. Then they all hold him down while Frankie puts one boot on him and gets the pin. To celebrate her victory, Frankie pulls off her tank top to reveal a bustier, and she swings the top around above her head as LaRocca scrambles to escape to the floor.

Hailey Hatred defeated Allison Danger, MsChif, and Tiana Ringer

This match is announced as being an elimination match under lucha rules, meaning no tags are necessary. The winner will be the first entrant into ChickFight 7. All four start off the match, with Hailey and Allison pummeling MsChif and Tiana respectively with forearms, and then whipping them into the ropes. They try and miss with clotheslines, and MsChif and Ringer hit them both with flying head scissors and send them out of the ring. MsChif and Tiana follow up the very cool opening sequence by charging the ropes as if they are going to fly out onto their opponents on the floor, but instead they do handstands, bounce off the ropes and do backward rolls to end up back on their feet!

After that, they go at each other with forearms followed by arm drags on each other, and the other two get up to the ring apron. They continue the synchronized acrobatics with a joint cartwheel, as MsChif tries to escape a waist lock. I wouldn’t want to see every match on a card be like this, but it makes a refreshing change from the brawling in the earlier matches. They continue with quick exchanges and reversals until Danger grabs Ringer’s feet and pulls her out to the floor, where she beats her down.

Hatred enters the ring to go after MsChif, but the Goth grabs her clothesline attempt and turns it into a lock on her arm, as she pummels Hailey with forearms and knees. Then she tosses Hatred to the floor, where Ringer has made a comeback and is taking it to Danger. Ringer dishes out vicious chops to both rule breakers until MsChif flies off the top onto all three of them. Danger is up first and puts the boots to everyone, then grabs the Goth by her green hair and returns to the ring with her.

They slug it out with forearms, chops and knees, until Allison goes out to the floor and brings back a chair. The ref is distracted with the other two wrestlers on the floor. Danger tries to hit MsChif with it, but misses. Then she notices the ref returning, so she puts the chair over her own head and falls to the mat. The ref sees Allison lying on the mat with the chair and leaps to the mistaken conclusion that MsChif hit her with it, and disqualifies the Goth as the fans protest loudly. It takes five men from security to remove MsChif from the ring.

As Allison tries to get the ref’s sympathy by complaining that her head hurts, Tiana Ringer comes up behind her and gets the pin with a quick rollup, so now it’s down to Tiana Ringer vs Hailey Hatred.

Hatred charges in and attacks Ringer with forearms, elbows and finally a Perfect plex, but she gets only two. More forearms and a suplex still get only two. Ringer comes back with forearms and a series of kicks and a snap mare suplex, but she can’t get the pin either. Ringer goes for a cross body off the top, but Hatred rolls through and pins her for the win.

Amazing Kong defeated Cheerleader Melissa

This match is from APW Gym Wars, where it was the ChickFight Special Attraction. It’s the first time these two powerful women faced each other. Kong has a great Japanese Godzilla video for her entrance, and she stalks around the ring glowering at fans. In contrast, Melissa comes out shaking her pompoms and plays to the fans. The announcers are APW’s regular announcer and “The Mafia Princess” Tiffany. They state that Kong is the AWA Women’s World CHampion in Japan.

Kong is several inches taller than Melissa and clearly outweighs her. As they circle each other, Kong screams in Melissa’s face trying to intimidate her, but Melissa, who has often beaten men in wrestling matches, promptly slaps Kong’s face. Melissa tries a series of shoulder blocks, but she can’t take Kong down, and finally Kong bumps her back, knocking Melissa to the mat.

Next Melissa tries a series of forearm chops, but Kong just keeps walking forward until she backs the Cheerleader into a corner, where she delivers a massive chop to Melissa’s chest, sending her reeling. She chops Melissa again and sends her into the opposite corner, where she flattens her with a King Kong Bundy style avalanche. Melissa drops to the mat, and Kong hits her with a big splash, but Melissa manages to get her shoulder up at two.

Kong grabs Melissa by the hair and biels her clear across the ring, then goes over and chokes her with a boot on her throat. She breaks that for the ref’s count, and then stands on Melissa’s neck and stomach! It hurts just watching that!

Kong breaks again for the ref’s count, glaring at him, and then grabs Melissa by the hair and pulls her up. Kong continues to abuse Melissa as the fans chant for the Cheerleader. When she charges, Melissa pulls down the top rope and Kong goes flying over to the floor as the crowd scatters.

Melissa follows and puts the boots to Kong, then launches her at the doors and out into the parking lot. Kong comes back and grabs Melissa by the throat, throwing her into the side of the ring. Kong smashes Melissa with a chair, then throws her into a bunch of chairs on the floor. They go out to the parking lot, where it’s dark and difficult to see, but I could barely make out that they were smashing each other with chairs.

Kong returns to the ring, and Melissa throws some chairs at her, calling her back out to the floor. Kong just opens up one of the chairs and sits down to wait for her opponent to return to the ring. Melissa charges Kong and peppers her with forearms, finally taking her down with a big kick. Cheerleader throws the chair to the floor and jumps and sits on Kong twice, then hits her with a leg drop on the back of her head. She tries for a pin, but barely gets one.

Melissa cinches in a headlock, but Kong easily powers out and takes Melissa down with a huge clothesline. Kong follows with a leg drop but gets only two. An astonished Kong yells at the ref, then launches Melissa into a corner, where she hits her with another avalanche. Melissa comes back with a series of shots to Kong’s chest and face, then finally takes her down with three flying forearms. The pin attempt only gets two though.

Melissa tries more forearms, but Kong takes her down with two hard chops. Melissa tries for a sunset flip, but Kong just sits on her. Somehow, Melissa manages to bridge out at two. Kong tries for another avalanche, but a groggy Melissa manages to escape, and Kong hits the ring post. Melissa gets her with a series of kicks and punches to the midsection, then after a struggle, manages to propel Kong across to the opposite corner, where she lands another flying forearm. Melissa then attempts to suplex Kong, but Kong instead slams her and goes up to the second turnbuckle. She takes her time, and that allows Melissa to recover and roll out of the way, so Kong’s splash just hits empty canvas.

They battle on, and Melissa hits Kong with a gorgeous missile drop kick off the top, but Kong just gets right back up and screams. She charges Melissa, who hits her with a reverse Russian leg sweep, so she falls on her face. Melissa hits her curb stomp finisher twice and rolls Kong over for the pin, but still gets only two. Kong recovers and they exchange blows until Kong hits Melissa with a Pedigree, but still gets only two.

Kong goes for her power bomb, but Melissa turns it into a hurricanarana. She still gets only two. Melissa tries to lock in a cloverleaf type submission, but Kong’s legs are too massive. Both women are exhausted, but they battle on. Finally, Kong hits her sit out power bomb and gets the pin. This brutal contest rivals any men’s match, and is a must see for wrestling fans. Kong grabs the mic and returns to the ring, where she says something to Melissa in Japanese (Kong is actually from California), then raises her hand in admiration and hugs her.

-- Karen Belcher


Next week is the preliminary round of ChickFight 7, which was held in the UK.

Compound Pro Wrestling




December 8, 2007 - The Compound Arena., Tulsa, OK

"Terrific" Tim Rockwell def. The Canadian Luchadore (w/ The Shadow of Death)

Jesus Rodriguez (w/ Ray Martinez) def. ComPro Tag Team Champion Sudden

Impact 2

Blake Albright def. Rico Suave

"Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid def. ComPro Tag Team Champion Sudden Impact 1

El Super Colibri def. ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "The Ladies

Choice" Bernard Funk


Saturday, December 15, 2007 - "NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS"


Combat Zone Wrestling


The 2007 CZW Awards are OPEN! - After months of planning they have finally be opened today. Categories include; feud of 2007, match of 2007 and many more!


December 8, 2007 - CZW Cage of Death 9, ECW Arena results

Posted on 12/09/107 by Bob Magee

CZW held its ninth annual Cage Of Death year-end show before the largest crowd for CZW in at least two years, shoehorning people into the ECW Arena, an incredible crowd given Jersey All Pro Wrestling's year-end show, The Ultimate Fighter finale, and the Floyd Mayweather-Ricky Hatton PPV.

It was a night of returns with Canada's Beef Wellington, Sexxy Eddy, and Viking from IWS, as well as referee Derek Sabato, and Nick Papagorgio (who's recently been a timekeeeper for Ring of Honor Philadelphia shows).

The show also brought bags upon bags of toys for the third annual Toys for Tots collection, with donation containers available as fans entered.

Here are results courtesy of Ben Kerin of and the official CZW message board:

Greg Excellent, LJ Cruz and Beef Wellington defeated Nicky Benz, Joe Gacy and Alex Colon.

Nate Hatred, Andy Sumner and Drew Gulak defeated Cheech, Cloudy and Brodie Lee when Gulak made Cloudy submit to the CHIKARA Special.

CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title Match/BLK OUT Banned From Ringside

Sabian defeated LuFisto to retain the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title after a chair shot from Sexxxy Eddy. After the match, Sabian attacked Sexxxy Eddy and him and LuFisto hugged in a sign of respect.

CZW World Tag Team Title Match

Jon Dahmer and Danny Demanto defeated Niles Young and Derek Frazier to become the NEW CZW World Tag Team Champions.

Fan Lumberjack Strap Match

Lobo defeated Maven Bentley and fired him post-match. After the match, The MBA tried to save Maven but were stopped by Wifebeater who then whipped Maven.

CZW World Heavyweight Title Match

The returning Nick Gage defeated Ruckus and The Messiah to become the NEW CZW World Heavyweight Champion, pinning Messiah.

Barbed Wire Tables Match

WHACKS defeated Sexxxy Eddy and Viking when he pinned Sexxxy Eddy following a Senton Splash, swinging from the rafters, down to Eddy through a barbed wire table.

Fans Bring The Weapons Match

Mitch Ryder defeated Chuey Martinez with a roll-up after much blood and gore.

Cage Of Death Match:

The Necro Butcher, Toby Klein, Drake Younger and Danny Havoc defeated Brain Damage, DJ Hyde, Dustin Lee and Scotty Vortekz when Danny Havoc was the soul survivor.

Order of entry:

a) Toby Klein and Scotty Vortekz begin the match

b) Dustin Lee

c) Drake Younger

d) DJ Hyde

e) Danny Havoc

f) Brain Damage

g) The Necro Butcher

Order of elimination:

a) Dustin Lee.

b) Toby Klein by Scotty Vortekz with a roll-up.

c) The Necro Butcher with a roll-up.

d) Scotty Vortekz by Danny Havoc with a Michinoku Driver off the scaffold through a barbed wire table.

e and f) Drake Younger and Brain Damage after Younger gave Damage a Death Valley Driver off the scaffold through two stacked tables on the floor.

g) DJ Hyde by Danny Havoc after Havoc reversed a Shadow Driver into an enziguri kick, sending Hyde off the scaffold and through barbed wire tables on the floor.

Ben Kerin notes:

A hype video themed by "Unforgiven" played pre-show and the crowd is apparently hyped.

Nick Papagorgio is announcing and making his CZW return, reffing the opener is the returning "Devious" Derek Sabato.

CZW message board icon and longtime CZW regular "Whack Packer Hogan"...dressed as Santa Claus... is a lumberjack. Maven came out wearing a sweatshirt and lifejacket, got it pulled off him and then he was whipped by all the fan lumberjacks

The lights went out during the World Heavyweight Title Match and Nick Gage makes his CZW return. The crowd goes insane.

WHACKS is super over and asked for the match to be made a Barbed Wire Tables Match and his wish was granted. During the course of the match, Sexxxy Eddy bit WHACKS' big, giant, empty earlobe. The crowd was pretty dead for the match as they were burnt out from the World Title switch and really only popped for the big finish with WHACKS coming off the rafters.

The Cage Of Death:

The cage has a giant scaffold off its side, a giant barbed wire spider net outside of the ring on one side, a tackstrip platform outside of the ring on one side as well as two more gimmicks on the remaining sides that cannot be seen from the results guy's vantage point. Inside the ring there is a giant barbed wire board and a bunch of plunder. There is a pic below.

-The Cage Of Death Match has begun. Eliminations occur via pinfall, submission or going off the top of the cage and to the floor. Drake Younger is wearing headgear for the match. Dustin Lee was thrown face-first through a pane of glass. DJ Hyde hit Drake Younger with collard greens and cornbread during his entrance into the match. Danny Havoc hit a Corkscrew 630 like flippy move off the scaffold and onto everyone. There was a 4-on-4 Bar Fight during the match. Necro Butcher went at Dustin Lee's back with a pair of scissors at one point. Vortekz gave Havoc the Thai Knee Stomp off the scaffold through a table.



Saturday, January 12th

Saturday, February 9th

Saturday, March 8th


Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre 

Formerly Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre (EMLL) or


EMLL had a press conference on Monday for their big show at Arena Mexico on Friday and changed the main event yet again as it will be Relevos Increibles Suicidas with Shocker teaming up with Hijo del Lizmark facing Rey Bucanero & Black Warrior.

In a losers advance match Tuesday night in Queretaro for their respective titles, Mistico retained his CMLL Welterweight Title and gained the Mexican National Lt. Heavyweight Title from Vangelis. Averno was the other man in this 3 way and he retained his NWA/CMLL Middleweight Titles.

*Mistico will be a neck brace for a month after a failed dive, so I would expect him to be out a longer than that when it comes to recovery.

*Perro Aguayo Jr. will be out two weeks with a knee injury suffered last Friday.

Both will be making their scheduled shows to apologize for not wrestling.



EMLL 12/3 – Arena Puebla

1. Asturiano & Centella de Oro beat Fuerza Chicana & Mr. Rafaga

2. Black Terry/Policeman/Siki Osama Jr. defeated Cerebro Negro/Furia Chicana/Toro Bill

3. Loco Max/Hajime Ohara/Shigeo Okumura beat Angel Azteca Jr./Flash/Stuka Jr.

4. High Society (Alex Koslov/Marco Corleone/Shocker) defeated Universo Dos Mil/Los Villanos IV y V

5. L.A. Par-K/Negro Casas/Volador Jr. beat Perro Aguayo Jr./Hector Garza/Misterioso II when Par-K fouled Perrito behind the ref’s back.

EMLL 12/4 – Arena Mexico

1. Los Rayos Tapatios I y II beat Artillero & Super Comando

2. Molotov/Starman/Trueno defeated Caligula/Messala/Zayco

3. Atomo/Mascarita Dorada/Shockercito beat Mini Black Warrior/Pequeno Damian 666/Pierrothito

4. Felino/Heavy Metal/La Mascara defeated Los Nuevos Infernales (Euforia/Nosferatu/Satanico)

5. Hijo del Lizmark/Mephisto/Sangre Azteca beat La Sombra/Valiente/Volador Jr.

6. CMLL Tag Titles: Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero defeated Blue Panther & Negro Casas to retain their titles.

EMLL 12/7 – Arena Mexico

1. Dark Angel/Luna Magica/Marcela beat Amapola/Medusa/Raven Hiroka

2. Ephesto/Mephisto/Virus defeated Felino/Super Nova/Valiente

3. Dos Caras Jr./Sagrado/La Sombra beat Los Perros del Mal (Mr. Aguila/Damian 666/Damian el Terrible)

4. Blue Panther/Mistico/Negro Casas defeated Atlantis/Averno/Ultimo Guerrero

5. L.A. Par-K beat Perro Aguayo Jr. by DQ when Los Perros interfered ripping off Par-K’s mask.

6. Relevos Suicidas: Shocker & Hijo del Lizmark defeated Rey Bucanero & Black Warrior who were shaved.




Eastern Wrestling Alliance or



With his school based in Rosedale, MD, Mr Synkowski is taking this opportunity to experience the hard hitting action live and in person at CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS! He will be on hand to discuss his school and UFC experience with the EWA crowd!




Championship Chaos '08 Lineup


January 5th, 2008, TALL CEDARS HALL, 2501 PUTTY HILL AVENUE, Baltimore, MD 21234, 410-347-1410 FREE HOTLINE

Already Signed ...

For the EWA Heavyweight Title:

#1 Contender DJ Hyde vs Champion Derek Frazier: Frazier beat Hyde for the EWA Heavyweight Title in February 2007 and is looking to continue into 2008 as the champ. Hyde has been on the back burner the past few months, facing opponents such as Niles Young and former EWA Heavyweight Champion Eagle. Hyde formed a team with Core at our December event with the stipulation being if either man pinned Frazier, they would earn a heavyweight title shot at Championship Chaos. Just as Core was going to finish off Frazier in that match, Hyde hit a blind tag to put himself in the match and took the pin over Frazier. This led to discension between the two EWA fan favorites and has Hyde his first title shot in over 8 months.

EWA Tag Team Champions "The Varsity" Zack Matthews & Bruce Chan will defend their titles against "Hot Shot" Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma. December 2nd, 2006: The Varsity robbed McBride & Stigma in a #1 contenders ladder match with the help of Jimmy Starz. December 2nd, 2007: The Varsity robbed McBride & Stigma of the EWA Tag Team titles with the help of Jimmy Starz. McBride & Stigma were supposed to face EWA Tag Champs The Rehoboth Beach Crew on 12/02/07, but had 'car problems' which later were found out to be caused by The Varsity. The Varsity took their spot in the tag match and beat RBC with the help of Jimmy Starz. Their was an impromptu match later at Cold Fury between The Varsity and McBride & Stigma which saw Stigma busted wide open over his eye and had to leave the ring and Jimmy Starz once again interfered for a disqualification, allowing the Varsity to retain the titles. Championship Chaos will see The Varsity vs McBride & Stigma in a No DQ Match with Starz handcuffed at ringside

Former Partners Collide "MASK vs Career" Goldthumb (if he loses, he must unmask) vs Mr Darth X (if he loses he must leave EWA forever):Goldthumb split from fellow Legion of Ungood members Darth X and Mr E Machine earlier this year. Darth X broke his ankle which delayed Goldthumb vs X until Autumn Armageddon. Although X got the victory, Goldthumb laid X out with a vicious post match piledriver. Goldthumb is hoping to eliminate his other former partner, Mr E Machine by putting up his mask. Goldthumb than defeated Mr E Machine at Collission Course, ending his career. Now Goldthumb puts up his mask against his former partner and friend, Darth X at Championship Chaos

Call Now to reserve tickets!

We are currently accepting ringside ticket reservations. Ringsides are $15.00 each

Please call us at 410-347-1410 to reserve your tickets.


Extreme Wrestling Federation


For those of you who want to take your wrestling career to the next level !

This is your chance to Step in the ring with an ECW Original...Only for those wrestlers who are serious and those ready to take that next step in their career....

The Sandman will be hosting a special 3 - Hour training seminar / clinic, Saturday January 5th, 2008 from 2PM - 5 PM at the EWF Arena This is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to step in the ring with the Sandman ...THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE WHO SIGN UP and mention Marcus Fine's Bulletin WILL GET A DISCOUNT ON THE CLINIC.

If you are interested in this Clinic, contact Jayson Maples with EWF at: and we will respond with more information regarding this seminar.


December 8, Results 

Jason Quick beat Terry Stevens

Hillbilly Jed beat Dick Rick

Jake Omen beat Andre Heart

Joey Owens beat Bobby Black

General Lee comes out and talks about how last week due to Ric Cannon's match stipulation, he must kiss Lee's @$$ tonight.  Lee says that at first he was against this but the more he thought about about, Cannon should kiss his @$$.... out comes Cannon furicous saying he won't do it.  General Lee then reveals his "@$$", which was a post of Lee and Donkey.  Both laugh and Cannon "Kisses Lee's @$$".

Dark Lion (1/2 of the Tag Champions) beat Charles Jackson

Locked N' Loaded beat Tom & Troy Van Zant

Title Unification Match:  Midwestern Champion Nate Phoenix vs. New Era Champion Just Justin - no contest

First, the two men battled to a 15 min time limit draw.  The fans demanded 5 more minutes and the match was restarted, then the match went on to a double submission.  The match was restarted again and the battle went on.  The referee was knocked out during the course of the action, and Nate Phoenix German suplex'ed Justin... a 2nd referee comes down to make the count while the first ref does the same.  The referees dispute who pinned who as both men's shoulders where down. 

Senior Official John McClafferty declares the match a no contest and both men would keep their titles.

EWF Champion Big Ric Cannon & General Lee beat Wildman Rogers & Andy Santos



Featuring WWE STAR & ECW Original


Live Saturday January 5th 2008

Doors open 6PM / Belltime 7:30 PM


3400 South Adams St.

MARION, IN. 46952

Do not miss this opportunity to see the Kendo swinging king of extreme live at the EWF Arena.Tickets are available now at or at the EWF ticket office.

Fire Pro Wrestling





December 8, 2007 - Impact Christian Church, Merrillville, IN

The Groucho Marks ("the Moustache Model" Carl Morris & Gilbert Lewis) defeated Jeffie Agner & Syn

Tristin Hayze defeated Devon Fury

Osyris defeated Jay Phoenix

Dave Allen won a 6-Man Scramble to win the 24/7 Hard Target Title over Shawn Davis, Fuzion, Gilbert Lewis, Prince Ali and Christopher Kent

Celtic Cross (Angus McDuff & the Crusader) defeated the Newer Breed (Louis Linaris & Kenny Courageous)

Pride Champion Chase Richards defeated Parker James

FPW Tag Team Champions Risk Factor (Roach & Jynx) defeated the Uprising (Jeremy Hadley & Luis Rojas)

FPW Heavyweight Champion Cade Lee defeated Hayden Kent




Florida Championship Wrestling






Florida Championship Wrestling will be holding a live professional wrestling event every Tuesday night at the Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19 N in New Port Richey FL. The shows will begin at 8:30 pm with tickets at $7. Check out for more info.

Force One Pro Wrestling


Saturday, December 8, 2007, 03:27 AM

The Equalizer and Force One Pro Wrestling have agreed to part ways prior to the January 5th, 2008 show "Badge of Honor". The Equalizer was scheduled to work a four-way elimination to decide the number one contender for the Force One Heavyweight Championship.

Force One wishes Paulie B., aka The Equalizer success in all of his future endeavors on the independent circuit, and thanks him for his past contributions to Force One.

Commissioner Tommy Cairo will announce a replacement for the Equalizer before the Christmas Holiday.




"Badge of Honor" on January 5th, 2008

Force One Pro Wrestling presents its next event, called "Badge of Honor" on Saturday, January 5, 2008, at Hamilton Hall on Philadelphia Avenue in Egg Harbor City, NJ. Doors open at 7 pm, with a 7:30 pm bell time. Here's a quick rundown of the card.

Force One Heavyweight champion "Bad Boy" Danny Pagan defends his heavyweight championship belt against the number one challenger, Patch, along with his manager JADEN.

Junior Heavyweight champion Diego DiMarco (along with his manager Millionaire Ted Jr.) finds himself in a rematch for the belt against indy superstar Judas Young.

A 15 minute time limit draw was reached with no winner at the last show "Full Force", so Commissioner Tommy Cairo has ordered a rematch between "Hot Shot" Mike Reid, and "The Midnight Idol", Nicky Benz. The match will not end until a winner is announced.

Latin star Panther takes on "The Sure Thing" Ryan Wing.

In a USA vs. Canada match, former junior heavyweight champion The White Lotus takes on "The Canadian Shooter" Tommy Force (with manager JADEN)

The Force One fans were shocked at the last show when teammates Ryu Lee & Razor Rivera lost to High Impact, due to interference from Millionaire Ted Jr. They were more stunned when Razor Rivera turned on his partner & attacked him, leaving him brutally beaten in the ring. Ryu has demanded a match aginst his former tag partner, which has been granted by Cairo.

Finally, a 4 way between Force One Superstars will take place that evening to decide who is next in line to challenge for the Heavyweight Championship. Combatants include The Rockin' Rebel, The Equalizer (coming off a suspension), Breaker Morant, and former ECW/WWE star Danny Doring, making his Force One debut.

Also appearing that evening: "The Hybrid" Josh Adams, Jennifer Lynn, Manager Jimmy Clydesdale, Joey Spades, referees Mike Walker and Just Johnny, Commissioner Tommy Cairo, ring announcer Phil Varlese, and the staff of Force One. Tickets are only $10, and are available at the door, or by calling 732-604-9927.


Georgia Wrestling Promotions


Gangrel has had to reschedule his January 20 appearance for Georgia Wrestling Promotions, and had now been booked for the December 23 event. Also, Scotty Too Hotty has been booked for an event being booked for February 29.


December 7, 2007 - Woodstock

Shaun Tempers over Ace Rockwell to retain the GWP Southern Heavyweight Title

The Regular Guys over the Hellbillies & the Hollywood Brunettes in a three-way to retain the GWP Southern Tag Team Title

Iceberg over Big Head Hansen

Jess Wade over the Notorious D.O.G.

Jay Clinton over Jamar Acid

Kid Ego, Jr., over Loco Motive.

Manny Fernandez had been scheduled, but had to cancel due to health issues, for which he has reportedly been hospitalized.

It was reported that 100 were in attendance for this card. Jeff Morton was credited as being a referee on this card.

December 23, 2007 - Woodstock, GA, at the Hot Wheels Skate Center, with a bell time of 8:00 PM. Call (770) 296-5290 for more info.

Advertised: Shaun Tempers (w/ the Rev) defends the GWP Southern Heavyweight Title versus Buff Bagwell

Gangrel & Shadow Jackson versus Iceberg & Tank (w/ the Rev)

The Hollywood Brunettes (w/ Jeff G. Bailey) versus Bob & Brad Armstrong

The Regular Guys defend the GWP Southern Tag Team Title versus Talent & Money

Chad Parham versus Ace Rockwell

And a thirty-man battle royal.

Also scheduled to appear are Jess Wade, Slim J, Jay Clinton, Aaron Voight, Big Head Hansen, VIP, Ace Heffner, Flatline, the Hellbillies, Billy Love, Kid Ego, Jr., the Notorious D.O.G., D.L. Norris, Danny Horne, and even Santa Claus. Bagwell, Gangrel, and the Armstrongs will participate in a meet-and-greet beginning at 7:00 PM.


Great Championship Wrestling


“GCW has severed its relationship with Chris Stevens for a number of reasons, most notably due to his outside commitments. Due to said obligations, Stevens has missed an increasing number of GCW events and it is unfair to our loyal fans who attend each week in part to see him alongside all of his fellow GCW Superstars. We wish Chris Stevens the best of luck in his future projects.”


December 8, 2007 - Phenix City, AL,

J-Rod & Tex Monroe over the RJ Connection (Randall Johnson & Reuben Johnson)

Scotty Beach over Devin Cutter

Orion Bishop (w/ Wicked Nemesis) over David Young

Zero Tolerance (w/ Quentin Michaels) over Skinny Jimmy

Mason Cutter over Jonathan Davis

Cru Jones (w/ Wicked Nemesis) over Sonny Siaki

A.J. Steele over Johnny Swinger to retain the GCW Interstate Heavyweight Title.

It was reported that 75 were in attendance for this card.


December 15, 2007 - Phenix City, AL, at the GR8 SK8plex,starting at 7:30 PM.

Call (334) 297-2223 for more info. This will be the final card of the year.

Advertised: Bull Buchanan defends the GCW Heavyweight Title versus Sonny Siaki

A midget match between Puppet and Little Kato

Orion Bishop (w/ Wicked Nemesis) versus Scotty Beach (w/ Santa Claus) – Beach saved Claus when he was threatened by Bishop and Nemesis during his appearance on December 8.

Great Lakes Championship Wrestling






Next Show - March 8th, 2008

Ramada Convention Center, 13th & College, Milwaukee, WI

7:30pm Bell time

Already Announced!

SkullKrusher vs Al Snow!

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn!

Great Plains Championship Wrestling




December 7, 2007 - Medicine Park, OK

Kevin Morgan def. Xavior

Shane Rawls def. "Kyote" Joe Herell

Thomas Trump (w/ Tasha) def. Sir Thomas Knight

"The Crown Prince of Crimson" Al Farat def. Se7en

Carnage vs. 3rd Rail ended in a Time Limit Draw

Jeff Knight def. GCPW Cruiserweight Champion Martin Justice for the title

Carnage won a 12 man Battle Royal to become the 1st GCPW Heavyweight Champion






Please enjoy your holiday break, and come back and see us on March 1 in Joliet, will not want to miss it.


December 7, 2007 - Ian Rotten's Retirement Show in Plainfield, IN

Packed house in Plainfield and we will be starting right now. 200 in


Chrisjen Hayme def. Mike Stevens with a 450 Splash.

Jack Thriller def. Jimmy Jacobs with the figure four leglock.

Thriller removed Jacobs knee brace and worked him over and eventually got Jacobs to submit again to the Figure Four. Jimmy Jacobs cut a promo afterwards cussing at the fans that refuse to forgive him for trashing the IWA title and giving them the finger and promises Thriller that in a couple of months his knee will be fully healed and he won't need that knee brace and he'll get his revenge then.

Bull Pain def. CJ Otis in a street fight, taking the place of the injured Deranged, with a frog splash. C.J. came out and called Deranged a faker and a coward. He puffs out his chest about going to Japan to train. Deranged tries to get to C.J. but Ian and Kingston and security hold him back. Ian tells C.J. that he has the night off with pay since Deranged is hurt. Jim Fannin cuts off Ian and says that there is no way that someone is getting the night off with pay and announces the surprise that Bull Pain was here to make C.J. pay his dues. Bull does in C.J. with weapons, chairs and the bat. Bull even dragged C.J. over to Deranged and let Deranged get a punch in on C.J.

"Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc def. Ricochet and Brain Skyline when he hit Skyline with a new flippy aerial move. Ian tells Billy what a pleasure it has been to watch Billy improve and asks the crowd to come up with a name for Billy's new finisher. Ian then addresses the hiatus saying that he didn't want to waste the new sponsorship for commercials by spending $1000 a clip in January and February and then having a bunch of snowfall make the commercials for naught.

Iron Saints (Sal, Vito & Brandon) def. Naptown Dragons (Dustin, xOMGx & Vortekz). To say that the crowd was behind Naptown Dragons in this one would be an understatement. Vito on the mic before the match talks about how the Saints are here to assert their dominance in the tag division in IWA by taking out all the Dragons. Missed much of the match trying to get caught up on results. Saints with a running triple mafia kick on xOMGx. Saints triple team xOMGx and work him over. Chops, crossfaces, full nelsons and suplexes. xOMGx finally makes the tag to Vortekz. Miscommunication between Vito and Sal gives Vortekz the advantage. Dragons lose control and Saints regain it. Double foot stomps onto Diehard and xOMGx and then Brandon with a 450 onto them for the pin.

Too Cold Scorpio def. Michael Elgin. Strong style battle between these two as they are beating each other down with forearms and kicks and punches trying to gain control. Elgin results to cheating to gain a momentary advantage but a running mafia kick into the corner turns the tide in favor of Scorpio. Scorpio with several knee strikes and a standing somersault legdrop. Elgin back on top and he is laying in the strikes on Scorpio and then drops him with a huge lariat. Scorpio recovers and hits a moonsault but only 2. Elgin back on top and hits a running powerslam but only 2. Big German Suplex with a bridge but only 2. Elgin with an exploder but only 2. Scorpio gets a quick rollup for the pin.

Drake Younger def. Sandman. Crowd going crazy for Sandman's entrance. Sandman is upset that he is wrestling a hometown boy and that the crowd loves Drake. However, they love him just as much. Drake is in the protective headgear to pad his injured ear. Ref tries to take cane from Sandman. Loud "Hit the ref" chant starts. I didn't see the match. Sandman swung his cane and Drake ducked and schoolboy for the pin.

Eddie Kingston wins the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title def. Chris Hero w/ Boy Meets World on Steroids kid & Chuck Taylor & Mike Quackenbush in a 4 way elimination match but Chuck Taylor wins the IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title in the process by pinning Mike Quackenbush. Quack on mic yelling at Chuck for Chuck saying that Quack hasn't defended the Lt. Hvy title since he won it. He says "untrue...I defended it all through a little thing calledTPI."

Hero and Chuck Taylor then reenact Quack falling on his head at TPI. Quack responds with "yes, Chuck, I fell on my brain and I still kicked your ass." Quack then says that if they pin him in this match and make the weight requirements, they can have the Lt. Hvy title too. Hero and Quack start off. Mat wrestling seminar being put on here. Quack wipes his sweat on Hero's towel and Hero's mad. Kingston then puts it in his tights and Hero can't stand it. It is now Chuck and Kingston in the ring. Kingston has control over Chuck until Hero hits and runs. We are now back to Hero vs. Quack. The seminar continues and we are back to Kingston vs. Chuck. Hero agains tries to attack Kingston from behind but this time Kingston is ready and headbutts Hero. Hero & Chuck doubleteaming Kingston. They hit a double dropkick on Kingston. They then double team Quack and then Hero turns on Chuck. "F*ck You Hero" chant from the pro-Chuck Taylor contingency in the crowd. Hero with a running dropkick to knock Kingston back to the floor. Hero controlling all three. Kingston goes for a suplex but Hero flips out and delivers a headbutt. Boy Meets World on Steroids helps Hero hit Quack while Quack was on the apron. Hero back to work on Kingston and Eddie fights back. Hero sends Eddie to the floor and Chuck jumps Hero to get revenge. Quack vs. Chuck now. Quack almost eliminates Chuck with a reverse brainbuster. Quack with a palm strike and a running palm strike sends Kingston to the floor. Hero with an eyepoke and a stomp on the foot to Quack. Quack almost pins Hero with a fast rana off the ropes. Can't keep up with all the action. Chuck Taylor eliminates Mike Quackenbush and wins the Light Heavyweight title by pinning Quack. Taylor and Kingston going at it. Hero moves from a moonsault by Chuck and eliminates Taylor after a hangman's clutch/cravate and then drops him onto the mat in like a neckbreaker. Hero and Kingston and now tearing into each other. Chuck just left with the Light Heavyweight title so he keeps that title since Hero & Kingston are under the weight limit. Hero & Kingston are brawling through the crowd now. Hero is back in the ring and Kingston is injured out in the crowd. I didn't see what happened. Crowd chanting for Eddie. Hero is on the mic yelling "I don't care if you are hurt, be a man and get in here and let's finish this thing." Kingston is in and gets powerbombed but kicks out at 2. Hero with a cravateplex but only 2. Eddie with a backdrop driver but only 2. Eddie with a second backdrop driver but Hero kicks out again. A third plex and still no pin. Hero blocks the backfist and hits a piledriver but Eddie kicks out. Top rope double foot stomp by Hero but Eddie kicks out. Kingston connects with 2 spinning backfists and gets the pinfall to become the new IWA MID-SOUTH HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

Eddie dedicates this title victory to the memory of Chris Candido and to his former tag team partner Blackjack Marciano who retired due to Chris Hero. Too Cold Scorpio is in the ring to congratulate Kingston and to challenge him for a title match if Eddie is "man enough" to accept the challenge. Kingston tells Scorpio that he has megarespect for him. Kingston says that being in the ring wrestling Scorpio would be a great honor but not as great as BEATING Scorpio. Scorpio asks him to put the title on the line on March 1st at the 500th show.

Hardcore Rumble Battle Royal- Rollin' Hard def. Corey Shaddix & Rough Tough Jimmy Clough & Freak Show & Insane Lane Rollin and Lane exchange hits with thumbtack bats. There is a barbed wire ladder. There is a thumbtack sign. A 2 x 4 with nails in it. A barbed wire stick. They all gang up to eliminate Shaddix. Show & Lane eliminate Clough. Rollin with double flaming karate chops onto Lane and Show. West Side slam onto Lane. Lane keeps trying to eliminate Show but can't get Show high enough to go over the ropes. Rollin' is whipping them with his belt. Lane finally gets Show eliminated. Freak Show then interferes to eliminate Lane and Rollin' Hard wins the Rumble.

Mickie Knuckles defeats Ian Rotten.

The match began with both participants sizing each other up. These two have wrestled each other and around each other so often that any slight mistake could cost one of them the match. After a few minutes of mat wrestling and sizing up, the match became brutal with hard forearms and punches from each. After a stalement, Ian and Mickie brought out the chairs and a bar fight began. The barfight is ongoing now...

Some stiff shots from each. Neither is holding anything back. Both are out of their chairs and getting force behind their shots. Ian lands a sick chair shot on Mickie's head. Mickie's down...she's hurt...sheeeee's dead...BUT WAIT A MINUTE! She makes a comeback but Ian lands a blow that sends Mickie to the mat. Ian and Mickie are on knees on the mat just continuing the beating on each other. Mickie is throwing some stuff headbutts. Lots of things, and then more things, have happened that have gotten "OOOOOH!"s and "AHHHHH"s from the crowd. The mass crowd is standing watching the brutality coming from these two, as both are busted open and giving everything they have left to beat the other down. The two are outside the ring right now. The two got back in the ring and the brutality didn't stop. Mickie got the final blow in though, as she hits a kick to Ian's head as he was wearing a crown of barbed wire. The crowns of barbed wire were introduced as a head butt battle brewed between Ian and Mickie. Mickie went for the pinfall after the kick to the head, and

1....2....3. Mickie Knuckles ends Ian's career with a huge victory

over her trainer and mentor.

Ian's in the ring saying his thank yous, and an emotional speech is



March 1 - Joliet, Illinois

IWA World Heavyweight Championship: Eddie Kingston vs Too Cold Scorpio

Tag Team Challenge Match

Vulgar Display of Power of Brain Damage and Deranged vs Mickie Knuckles and LuFisto


Impact Zone Wrestling




December 8th Results

The Impact Arena

Oklahoma City, OK

IZW Impact Division Champion Bad Brad Michaels def. Dustin Heritage

"The Professional" John Allen (w/ Paul Lewis, attorney at law) def. Matt


Kenny Campbell def. Dexter "Hardtimes" Hardaway by DQ when Brad Michaels


Nathan Sensation vs. Striker ended in a No-Contest due to a double pin

IZW Tag Team Champions Impact Inc. (John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz) def.

Tommy Revell & IZW Heavyweight Champion "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry

(w/ Marianne Albright)




Independent Wrestling Federation




November 18, 2007 – West Paterson, NJ, Thanksgiving Thunder Day 2

1. Jana defeated Travis Blake by disqualification.

2. Fred Sampson defeated Bryan Harley.

3. Dan McGuire defeated Junior Champion Chris Steeler via countout.

4. Tag Team Champions Justin Corino & Frank Scoleri defeated Kareem West & Mike Jenkins to retain the titles.

5. Franciz w/ Rich Ross defeated Antonio Rivera.

6. Biggie Biggs defeated Evan Schwartz and Dan Marques in Triple Threat Match.

7. IWF Champion Tony Torres wrestled Kevin Knight to a no contest when referee Fred Sampson attacked both men and joined The Ross Family.


Independent Wrestling Federation


8th Annual Tournament of Champions Weekend

Saturday, December 15, 2007, 7:30 pm

& Sunday, December 16, 2007, 4:00 pm

at IWF Centre, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson, NJ

** December 15 marks the 275th IWF Live Event...Special Fan Raffles Both Days! **

Two-Day, 16-Man, Single Elimination Tournament Featuring:

IWF Heavyweight Champion Tony Torres

IWF American Champion Kevin Knight

IWF Tag Team Champion Justin Corino

IWF Tag Team Champion Frank Scoleri

IWF Junior Champion Chris Steeler

BoneCrusher Fred Sampson

Travis Blake


Biggie Biggs

Dangerous Dan McGuire

Antonio Rivera

Bryan Harley


Evan Schwartz

Kareem West

Mike Jenkins

And several non-tournament bouts. Also appearing are Commissioner Rich Ross, Dan Marques, Jason Roberts, Nes Lopez, Kristina, Matt Bennett, Barry Delaney & more. Plus much more to be announced. Check back soon for updates at

Watch the December Edition of the IWF Eruption Webcast on  Check out the preview of the upcoming 8th Annual Tournament of Champions Weekend Live Events on Saturday, December 15 and Sunday, December 16, 2007.

Appearing on the Eruption Webcast:

IWF Heavyweight Champion Tony Torres

IWF American Champion Kevin Knight

IWF Junior Champion Chris Steeler

BoneCrusher Fred Sampson

Travis Blake


Commissioner Rich Ross

Biggie Biggs

Dangerous Dan McGuire

Antonio Rivera

Bryan Harley


Evan Schwartz

Mike Jenkins

Indiana Independent Wrestling All Stars







December 15, 2007 - “Giving Back"

A Benefit for The Fountain Square Salvation Army Community Center, 1337 S Shelby Street

Indianapolis, IN

Doors Open at 6:00 PM, Bell Time at 7:00 PM

Admission is $10 per person, Get $2.00 off admission with 3 non perishable food items or a new toy

Promotions Involved with this Great Event include:

Insanity Pro Wrestling - based out of Indianapolis, IN

NWA Indiana - based out of Lafeyette, IN

Extreme Wrestling Federation - based out of Marion, IN

Interstate Championship Wrestling - based out of New Castle, IN

Pro Wrestling International - based out of New Castle, IN

Crossroads Championship Wrestling - based out of Terre Haute, IN

Here are the matches we have so far:

CCW Intergender Tag Team Match: Jayson Lyte & Paige Adams vs Donovan Cain & Elektra Fine

IPW vs ICW: Dave Davidson vs Appollo Starr

IPW Handicap Tag Team Match

Greg Carey, Joey Owens, & Osyris vs Junkfood Junkie & "Diamond" Dan Garza

IPW vs EWF: Louis Linaris vs Just Justin

IPW vs NWA Indiana: Billy Roc & Irish Airborne vs Shawn Cook, D-Von Fury, & Rob Ramer

IPW : Ryan Rich vs PT Hustla

Possibly a couple other matches.

(card subject to change)


Insanity Pro Wrestling


Training with Quackenbush!! January 5, 2008, Start Time: 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Have you ever wanted to train with one of the best in the business today?!? This is your opportunity. 2007 TPI Champion and NWA World Jr Heavyweight Champion Mike Quackenbush will host a training seminar covering all aspects of professional wrestling. This will be a rare occasion for those independent wrestlers in the Midwest area.

If you are interested in this seminar, contact Mike Williams with IPW at:  and he will respond with more information regarding this seminar.

This is open to any and all trained pro wrestlers. Price of the seminar will be discussed in emails, trust me if you think your interested, YOU ARE!!


December 1, 2007 - Hardcore Holiday, Indianapolis, IN

The Hybrids beat The Mavericks

Dave Crist, Junk Food Junkie, Ryan Rich, Evan Steele beat Dustin Rayz, Louis Linaris, Chris Wonders, The Madness

Joey "Kidd" Owens beat Christian Vaughn

Jon Moxley beat Jake Crist to qualify for the Mid-American Title Gauntlet Match

PT Hustla beat "Swee" Lou Roberts to qualify for the Mid-American Title Gauntlet Match

Osyris vs. xOMGx - no contest (Osyris choke slammed OMG through a table outside the ring)

Junior Heavyweight Champion Billy Roc beat Sami Callihan to retain the title

Nevaeh and Lexi Lane beat Paige Adams and Elektra Fine

Grand Champion Carlton Kaz beat Dave Davidson in a Steel Cage Match to retain the title


2008 Schedule of Events

January 5, 2008

February 2, 2008

March 1, 2008

April 5, 2008

May 3, 2008

June 7, 2008  


International Wrestling Cartel



From now until January 6th, IWC will be holding a holiday DVD sale. All 2003-2006 DVDs and Best Ofs will be only $5, while 2007 DVDs will be $10! This sale will be available at the double shot this weekend! Give the gift of IWC this year:


December 7, 2007 - Elizabeth, PA

"A Call To Arms 4: Night 1"

Larry Sweeney pinned Delirious.

Davey Richards defeated Ricky Reyes by submission

The Motor City Machine Guns made their debut with an impressive win over the Burning River Brigade.

Super Hentai defeated Troy Lords, but it took a russian leg sweep from the apron to the floor and a superplex off the top rope to do it.

Low Ki defeated John McChesney after three stomps.

During the roll call of IWC Heavyweight Holders, Dennis Gregory said to PowerHouse Hughes, Jimmy Vega$, & Dean Radford that they are not on his level.

Sexual Harassment defeated The Cleveland Mafia, The Gambino Brothers, BabyFace Fire (Shiima Xion & Jason Gory), and Facade and Gargano.

Shirley Doe defeated Sebastian Dark in a No DQ Match.

Homicide beat AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels.



A New Beginning 2008

COURT TIME SPORTS CENTER, 95 Enterprise St., Elizabeth, PA 15037



Accept No Limitations 4

COURT TIME SPORTS CENTER, 95 Enterprise St., Elizabeth, PA 15037



To Be Announced

COURT TIME SPORTS CENTER, 95 Enterprise St., Elizabeth, PA 15037



Irish Whip Wrestling


IWW Online Store now Open

Due to circumstances beyond our control the IWW website has not received updates in some time. However we wish to let our fans know that the Irish Whip Wrestling website is now updated with the new exciting addition of the IWW Online Store.

Our fans from around the world can now purchase all the IWW merchandise available including the Global Impact DVD, our limited edition programme, Tshirts in various colours and tickets to nationwide IWW Events.




IRELAND: Irish Whip Wrestling to hold St. Patrick's Day tour

Posted on 12/06/107 by Irish Whip wrestling

Irish Whip Wrestling St. Paddys Tour

After the success of IwW's October 2007, '5th Anniversary Tour', which saw over 2,000 wrestling fans pack a series of nationwide shows, Irish Whip Wrestling is proud to announce its upcoming St Paddy's Tour currently scheduled for March 2008.

Featuring some of the top names in independent wrestling today, IwW are looking to top the success and quality of their '5th Anniversary Tour' with the kind of in-ring action that has made it the biggest professional wrestling promotion in Ireland today.

The following names are just some of the stars that you can look forward to seeing this March 2008 on IwW's huge 'St Paddy's Tour':

Former WWE Star U-Gene

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Pierre Carl Oulette

Former ECW Star Tracy Smothers

PWG & WSX Star Scorpio Sky

IwW International Heavyweight Champion Vic Viper

IwW Zero - Gravity Champion Red Vinny

+Many More

Thus far the dates announced on this tour are as follows (more dates to be announced in forthcoming weeks):

Friday March 14th - The Forum, Waterford

Saturday March 15th - Donnycarney Youth Centre, Collins Avenue, Dublin 5

Sunday March 16th - Neptune Stadium, Cork

Japanese Wrestling

All Japanese promotions are located here.




AJPW, 12/3/07 (Samurai! TV) -Nagoya International Conference Hall, 1,800 Fans

1. Shuji Kondo & "brother" YASSHI beat MAZADA & Ryuji Yamaguchi (10:48) when Kondo used the King Kong lariat on Yamaguchi.

2. PEPE Michinoku & Seiya Sanada beat Osamu Nishimura & Manabu Soya (17:01) when Sanada used a crabhold on Soya.

3. Miguel Hayashi Jr. & PEPE Michinoku beat TARU & ZODIAC (7:54) when TARU was disqualified due to referee violence.

4. Real World Tag League: Taiyo Kea & Hawaiian Lion [6] beat Nobutaka Araya & Touru Owashi [2] (21:34) when Kea used the TKO on Araya.

5. Real World Tag League: Satoshi Kojima & Suwama [8] beat Abdullah The Butcher & Minoru Suzuki [8] (12:13) by countout.

6. Real World Tag League: Kensuke Sasaki & Toshiaki Kawada [6] beat Keiji Muto & Joe Doering [9] (21:10) when Kawada used a running low face kick on Muto.

AJPW, 12/6/07 -Hiroshima Green Arena, 2,000 Fans - No Vacancy

1. MAZADA beat T28 (11:06) by referee stop (crabhold).

2. Hawaiian Lion beat Seiya Sanada (10:55) with the Volcano Bomb.

3. Abdullah The Butcher & Minoru Suzuki beat Taiyo Kea & PEPE Michinoku (16:23) when Suzuki used the Gotch-style piledriver on PEPE.

4. Real World Tag League: Satoshi Kojima & Suwama [10] beat Osamu Nishimura & Masanobu Fuchi [7] (7:01) when Suwama used an Ankle Lock on Fuchi.

5. Real World Tag League: Kensuke Sasaki & Toshiaki Kawada [8] beat Nobutaka Araya & Touru Owashi [2] (5:11) when Sasaki used a lariat on Araya.

6. Keiji Muto, Joe Doering, Miguel Hayashi Jr. & El NOSAWA Mendoza beat TARU, ZODIAC, Shuji Kondo & "brother" YASSHI (13:41) when Muto used the Shining Wizard on YASSHI

12/7 Results & 12/9 card by Irving - 12/07/07 11:46 pm

AJPW, 12/7/07 - Strait Messe Shimonoseki, 1,200 Fans

1. Hawaiian Lion beat MAZADA (10:10) with the Volcano Bomb.

2. Shuji Kondo & "brother" YASSHI beat Taiyo Kea & Seiya Sanada (11:08) when Kondo used a King Kong lariat on Sanada.

3. Hayashi Warrior, PEPE Warrior & NOSAWA Warrior beat Osamu Nishimura, T28 & Manabu Soya (17:33) when NOSAWA used a super-high speed horizontal cradle on T28.

4. Real World Tag League: Abdullah The Butcher & Minoru Suzuki [8] vs. TARU & ZODIAC [0] (7:25) ended in a double countout.

5. Keiji Muto & Joe Doering [11] beat Nobutaka Araya & Touru Owashi [2] (15:15) when Doering used a Jumping powerbomb on Araya.

6. Kensuke Sasaki & Toshiaki Kawada [10] beat Satoshi Kojima & Suwama [10] (17:28) when Sasaki used a lariat on Suwama.

The full card for the GAORA taping was released today as well. Ryuji Hijikata will be in Tokyo for a BattlARTS show. I'm not sure whether he has made an early departure from All Japan, but he is allowed to take up BattlARTS shows to help out Yuki Ishikawa fill the undercard (as Hiji's still under contract until April 2008).

RWTL Finals! by Irving - 12/09/07 8:12 am

The only info I have right now is that after the third match, Kawada advertised that All Japan need to regain the tag titles from VM and encouraged Muto/Doering to catch the victory, he then shouted in the microphone "it is becoming All Japan!". There were no boos in Osaka for Nishimura, but no an overwhelming sense of acceptance. TARU and Kondo tried to interfere in the finals but was intercepted by Nishimura who told the fans that he would keep doing the right thing in order for All Japan fans to accept him. It also seems that today's MVP might have been Nobutaka Araya who really boiled the hall under his "Jar 8" phase (complete with new costume).

AJPW, 12/9/07 (GAORA TV) - Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, 4,100 Fans

1. Nobukazu Hirai beat Manabu Soya (8:36) with the WAR Special.

2. Taiyo Kea & Hawaiian Lion beat T28 & Seiya Sanada (11:38) when Kea used the TKO on T28.

3. Real World Tag League - Semi-Final: Satoshi Kojima & Suwama beat Kensuke Sasaki & Toshiaki Kawada (15:18) when Kojima used a lariat on Sasaki.

4. Masanobu Fuchi, Nobutaka Araya & Touru Owashi beat Miguel Hayashi Jr., PEPE Michinoku & El NOSAWA Mendoza (20:48) when Araya used a moonsault press on NOSAWA.

5. Osamu Nishimura beat "brother" YASSHI (7:31) with the figure-four leglock.

6. TARU, ZODIAC & Shuji Kondo beat Abdullah The Butcher, Minoru Suzuki & MAZADA (15:24) when ZODIAC used the Murder Bomb on MAZADA.

7. Real World Tag League - Final: Keiji Muto & Joe Doering beat Satoshi Kojima & Suwama (26:05) when Muto used a moonsault press on Suwama (Muto & Doering win the 2007 Real World Tag League).

AJPW, 12/9/07 (GAORA TV) - Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

1. Nobukazu Hirai vs. Manabu Soya

2. Taiyo Kea & Hawaiian Lion vs. Seiya Sanada & T28

3. Real World Tag League - Semi Final: Kensuke Sasaki & Toshiaki Kawada vs. Satoshi Kojima & Suwama

4. Masanobu Fuchi, Nobutaka Araya & Touru Owashi vs. Miguel Hayashi Jr., PEPE Michinoku & El NOSAWA Mendoza

5. Osamu Nishimura vs. "brother" YASSHI

6. Abdullah The Butcher, Minoru Suzuki & MAZADA vs. TARU, ZODIAC & Shuji Kondo

7. Real World Tag League - Final: Keiji Muto & Joe Doering vs. Winner of #3

Full 12/16 card by Irving - 12/10/07 9:16 pm

The full card for this Sunday's "FAN APPRECIATION DAY" was released. Soya has his first encounter with All Japan's gatekeeper, Masanobu Fuchi in the opener. Also, the Amigos will bring in a super secret partner from Mexico to take on Hijikata, Kikutaro, T28 & Yamaguchi in the second bout. The main event will be Nishimura & Sanada taking on Kojima & Kondo in what should be a thrilling matchup.

AJPW "FAN APPRECIATION DAY", 12/16/07 - Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Masanobu Fuchi vs. Manabu Soya

2. Call to Mexico Amigos DX: Ray Minoru, Miguel Hayashi Jr., PEPE Michinoku & El NOSAWA Mendoza vs. Ryuji Hijikata, Kikutaro, T28 & Ryuji Yamaguchi

3. Handicap Confrontation 3km Curry Eating Battle: Nobutaka Araya & Nobukazu Hirai vs. "The Eating Queen" Gal Sone

4. F-1 Tag Team Title: Keiji Muto & Kannazaki (c) vs. Kensuke Sasaki & The Twin Entertainers

5. Osamu Nishimura & Seiya Sanada vs. Satoshi Kojima & Shuji Kondo



For more information on news, results and events, visit


Jersey All Pro Wrestling


The countdown to JAPW Seasons Beatings is now online with clips from the 10th Year Anniversary show featuring the return of Teddy Hart, LAX, Low Ki, Cryme Tyme and so many others, Teddy even has words for the WWE!

It is in four parts.  The entire set can be located at this link: beatings_shortfilms     


December 9, 2007 – “Seasons Beatings”, Rahway, NJ

Posted on 12/09/107 by Frank Iadevia

Jersey All Pro Wrestling would like to thank the 800 plus fans that came out to support the last live event of 2007 "Seasons Beatings" in Rahway, NJ.

Sonjay Dutt defeated Xavier

Sara Del Rey defeated Alicia (w/Jonny D) in her last JAPW match

Bandito Jr defeated Grim Reefer after NJ State Champion Archadia distracted Reefer. Afterwards Bandito and Reefer shook hands.

Havok & Monsta Mack defeated the Christopher St Connection

AJ Styles defeated Chris Hero

Human Tornado defeated "Earl", an obnoxious fan at ringside, in a dance off that turned into an impromptu match!

Frankie Kazarian defeated Devon Storm

LAX (Homicide/Hernandez) retained their JAPW Tag Team Titles against Eddie Kingston & Slyk Wagner Brown and the team of Teddy Hart & Low Ki

Jay Lethal defeated Kenny Omega

B-Boy defeated Azriel and Archadia in his final match in JAPW.


First Show of 2008m,Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Golden Door Charter School, 180 9th Street, Jersey City, NJ

Belltime: 7:30pm


Lethal Wrestling Alliance


Austin Aries Training Seminar, January 5, 2008

The Lethal Wrestling Alliance will once again offer you the chance to train with oneof the best wrestlers in the world.  The LWA welcomes former TNA star and former ROHworld champion Austin Aries.  This seminar will take place on Saturday January 5th2008 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Fairview Heights Illinois.  The cost of theseminar will be $30.00 and will start at 3pm.


December 8, 2007 – The Knights of Columbus Hall, House Springs, MO

The Knights Of Columbus Hall

Rick Stone won a four-corner match with K.C. Karrington (w/ Tiffany LaFane), "Beautiful"

Brandon Aarons, and Adam Rich

Tyler Cook pinned "Hard Knox" Dan Velten

"The Rebel" Jeremy Wyatt won a triple threat match with Dingo (w/ Jewells) and Gary The Barnowl

Evan Gelistico & XXX Jordan Lacey won a best-of-three-tables match with "The Brand-New

Classic" Johnny Vinyl & Davey Vega

Adam Raw defeated "The Future" Donovan Ruddick by DQ when Steven Miller interfered

"The Don Mega" Shorty Biggs beat Heavyweight Champion Pierre Abernathy (w/ Jewells) to win the title.

-Patrick Brandmeyer


Next LWA show is Saturday 1/5/08 in Fairview Heights, IL with Austin Aries vs. Adam Raw.

Lucha Libre

AAA and CMLL (EMLL) reports are filed separately.  

All other Lucha Organizations can be found here. For further information on Lucha Libre news, results and events, go to and see Kris Zellner’s reports.


IWA: Luke Williams out, McGyver el 12/08/2007

"Bushwacker" Luke Williams is no longer a part of IWA Puerto Rico. We have no other details about his leaving.

Williams was part of the booking team for the past few years along with Savio Vega and others.

Mistico suffered a neck injury yesterday after a botched spot at a show in Ixtapalapa and the early thought was that he might miss 3 months although there are reports today that he might miss a month so there is nothing really concrete yet. Source:


Independent 12/2 – Arena Neza

1. Ambar beat Iron Black

2. Chamaco & Dr. Trauma defeated Hijo del Gran Markus & Soldado del Futuro

3. Flama Roja & Mohicano I beat Los Rayos Tapatios I y II when Mohicano ripped off Rayo I’s mask and pinned him.

4. Flash & Tony Rivera defeated Ramstein & Virus by DQ when Ramstein fouled Rivera.

5. Los Guerreros (Black Warrior/Hijo del Lizmark/Olimpico) beat Rey Bucanero/Shocker/Volador Jr. by DQ when El Black faked a foule by Shocker.

IWRG 12/2 – Arena Naucalpan

1. Los Tortuguillos Ninja I y II beat Halcon Salvaje & Nemesis

2. Mexican State Trios Titles: Los Oficiales (AK-47/Fierro/911) defeated La Escuadrion de la Muerte (Capitan Muerte/Cyborg/Xibalba) to retain their titles.

3. Bogeman/Negro Navarro/Veneno beat Hijo del Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr./Yamato

4. IWRG Intercontinental Welterweight Title: Fantasma de la Opera defeated Black Terry to retain his title.

5. Dr. Wagner Jr./Negro Casas/Silver King beat Perro Aguayo Jr./Hijo del Cien Caras/Villano III

Independent 12/5 – Gimnasio Municipal de Oaxaca

1. Fugitivo Oriental/Jungla/Vuelo Espacial beat Maquinta Infernal/Zorrito/?

2. Challenger & El Fantasma defeated Apolo & Zorro Jr.

3. Bam Bam & Mascarita Dorada beat Mini Black Warrior & Pierrothito

4. Sagrado & Valiente defeated Euforia & Nosferatu

5. La Mascara & La Sombra beat Loco Max & Sangre Azteca

6. Dr. Wagner Jr. & L.A. Par-K defeated Perro Aguayo Jr. & Damian 666

Independent 12/8 – Unidad Deportiva Agustin Millan de Toluca

1. Ruleta de la Muerte with King Fly losing his mask to Latin Boy

2. CMLL Femenil Title: Amapola beat Luna Magica to retain her title.

3. Sagrado/La Sombra/Valiente defeated Mephisto/Misterioso II/Sangre Azteca by DQ when Misterioso fouled Valiente.

4. Atlantis/Averno/Mephisto (subbing for Black Warrior) beat Dr. Wagner Jr. (subbing for Mistico who was injured earlier in the day)/Rey Bucanero/Shocker when Atlantis fouled Doc behind the ref’s back. The fans were pissed that Mistico wasn’t there but exploded when Doc came out to replace him.

UMLL/Todos x Todos 12/8 – Toreo de Cuatro Caminos de Naucalpan drawing 12,000 fans (Erik Morales & Hijo del Santo announced that UMLL will be a formal promotion starting next year)

1. Pentagoncito Black & Super Astrito Dos Mil beat Espectrito & Piratita Morgan

2. UWA Femenil Title: Lola Gonzalez defeated Xochitl Hamada by DQ to retain her title.

3. Ruleta de la Muerte – Quarterfinals: Hijo del Anibal & Hijo del Solitario beat Fishman Jr. & Mascara Sagrada

4. Ruleta de la Muerte – Quarterfinals: Lizmark & Solar I defeated Pentagon Black & Super Muneco

5. Ruleta de la Muerte – Quarterfinals: Cien Caras Jr. & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. beat Blue Demon Jr. & Hijo del Santo

6. Ruleta de la Muerte – Quarterfinals: Fantasma & Mil Mascaras defeated Dos Caras & Tinieblas

7. Ruleta de la Muerte – Semifinals: Fishman Jr. & Mascara Sagrada beat Pentagon Black & Super Muneco – Fishman Jr. was forced to take his mask off in the middle of the ring after the match even though he won thanks to the original Fishman demanding to the commission that he quit using the name and gimmick. He announced that he would be known as Black Fish from now on.

8. Ruleta de la Muerte – Semifinals: Dos Caras & Tinieblas defeated Blue Demon Jr. & Hijo del Santo

9. Ruleta de la Muerte – Finals: Blue Demon Jr. & Hijo del Santo beat Pentagon Black & Super Muneco after Muneco was injured receiving a tope by Demon. The commission then ordered a 3 Way Dance with the others to determine the true winner.

10. 3 Way Dance: Blue Demon Jr. defeated Pentagon Black after eliminating Santo first.

11. Mascara contra Mascara: Hijo del Santo beat Pentagon Black and Pentagon revealed himself as Joe Mercado Lopez, 38-years-old, with 15 years experience which is no shocker since he has lost masks before as Metalico, Dr. Cerebro (original), & Pentagon II.


12/14 – Arena Mexico

1. Sensei & Tigre Blanco vs. Caligula & Messala

2. Atomo/Mascarita Dorada/Tzuki vs. Mini Black Warrior/Pequeno Damian 666/Pierrothito

3. Felino/Heavy Metal/Negro Casas vs. Averno/Mephisto/Satanico

4. Dos Caras Jr./Marco Corleone/Rey Bucanero vs. Los Guerreros del Atlantida (Atlantis/Hijo del Lizmark/Ultimo Guerrero)

5. L.A. Par-K/Mistico/Shocker vs. Los Perros del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr./Mr. Aguila/Hector Garza)

Memphis Wrestling





December 8, 2007 – TV Report

Corey Maclin opens the show and is joined by Reggie B Fine. Fine starts doing “Dolomite” jokes and they go to commercial break.

The replay the Ali Stevens/Brian Christopher angle from last week. Ali comes out with Tatt2 as his partner interview. Camera then goes backstage with Brian C trying to find a partner. He asks Jerry Lawler first, but Lawler doesn’t want to do it. He then goes over to Dustin Starr and Starr refuses. Finally, he goes over to Chris Lexx and asks him. Brian C says that him/Lexx are wrestling a couple of clowns. Lexx says, “The Clowns??” and then proceeds to take off his regular clothes and his gimmick is underneath. [which was hilarious for just that] Good piece. Lexx walks out to see that they are wrestling Ali/Tatt2, but Brian C tells him everything will be fine. Tatt2/Ali beat Brian C/Lexx. Not much of a match, just trying to build around Ali getting his hands on Brian C. Ali chased Brian out of the ring and finish had Tatt2 hit Lexx with the 169 and the pin. After the match, Brian hit a DDT on Lexx and then Ali made the save.

Lawler interview. Fine is laughing at Lawler losing from watching Sue Young dancing last week. Lawler makes jokes about the old time tandem of Lance Russell & Dave Brown and now you have Corey Maclin & Fine. LOL Funny. Lawler says he will get revenge on Kevin White.

“Opening The Vault” – Power Pro Wrestling clips featuring tons of guys including Brandon Baxter, Jerry Lawler, Stacy Carter, Randy Hales, Ms Jackie, Lawler slaps Hales, Sir Mo, Spellbinder, Mabel, Tony Falk, Derrick King, Bill Dundee, Moondogs, “Master B” [Reggie B Fine], Paul Diamond, Koko Ware and many more.

Kevin White/Sue Young/Garry White – interview. Young has pigtails and licking on a sucker. Dustin Starr does an interview. He says he figured out how Young got into the wrestling business – “Platinum Plus” closes [Memphis strip club] and Sue Young shows up on Memphis Wrestling. JR Title Match: Starr beat White by COR. Heat started when Mr. White tried to trip Starr – Starr went after him and Kevin bumped him to the outside. Starr comes out of heat closelining White over the top rope. Young starts stripping outside the ring on one side, while White goes for a chain on the other. Lawler comes out and piledrives White on the concrete and White gets counted out. Good solid match.

“Naughty By Nature” [Pokerface/Rude]/Crime vs Gladiator/Fire/Flame was declared DDQ after 3 minutes. Ref Jerry Calhoun was getting pushed around by heels and babys.

“Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] interview. They bring out Dotson’s motorcycle, which was a kid’s bicycle. LOL Winner Takes Titles - Southern Tag Team Title Match: Grind/Flex vs Dotson/DK. Heat on Flex with hot tag to Grind. All four in the ring with Rashard hitting Flex with the laptop. DK superkicks Flex to pin him while Grind pins Dotson at the same time. Good solid match.

They come back from commercial break and both teams are mad. Calhoun says he got the three count on both teams.


Brian C vignette backstage was funny and was breaking kayfabe – Brian was asking all the babys to tag with him and he is a heel…Ali looked huge in tag match with all three of the other guys…I could watch old Power Pro tapes all day long. I am not sure where they got these tapes, but they are crystal clear – very good quality. I would start liking the “Opening The Vault” if they would play Power Pro tapes every time. During a Baxter/Fine interview and the crowd was chanting “Ali, Ali” It was really strange seeing Baxter and Hales on Memphis TV again…My mistake next week, but White used a REAL chain to beat Lawler, not a phantom chain…Starr promo was good…Fine says during the 6-man tag – “Is this a Klu Klux Klan meeting?? They are all wearing hoods.” He was talking about the heels. How does stuff like this get on TV??…6 man tag that lasts 3 minutes?? Why even put it on TV?? Was this Fire/Flame ‘s punishment for “going over” a few weeks back??...I really wished they would put the tag titles on someone!!...A good show following storylines and such.


Brian Tramel @ Check out Memphis Wrestling TV clip of the week with this report posted on the site. Power Pro Wrestling clips!! Voting for awards in the Memphis area has started also!!

MidSouth Pro Wrestling




November 25, 2007

Eric Rose defeated Les Mayne and Jason Kirby in an elimination match

Damien Morte defeated RAGE

Montego Seeka defeated Shawn Sanders

Shane Sanchez defeated Karim Sadat

MSWA champion Al farat defeated Ky-ote a.k.a. Joe Herrell

Xavier defeated MSWA champ Outlaw in a non title match

MSWA Tag Team Champions Southside Soul Assasins (3rd Rail & Tyson James) defeated The New Varsity Club (Shane Ralls & Kevin Morgan)








12/8 North Tonawanda, NY results

Posted on 12/11/107 by Todd Brantley

Results from NWA Empire's "Corporate Holiday" show 12/8 from the St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in North Tonawanda, New York:

The Blue Dewey defeated "Mr. 300" J.P. Hawke by DQ when J.P. rolled his bowling ball into Blue Dewey's groin.

"The Amazing" Kevin Grace pinned Chris Cooper

Colin Olsen defended his NWA Empire Lord of the Dance title against his brother Jimmy Olsen and Mastiff, pinning Jimmy. Before the match Mastiff took the mic and badmouthed both Jimmy Olsen and the fans, admitting to be jealous of Jimmy's success. After the match Mastiff attacked and laid out both Olsen's, hitting Colin with a Jitterbug and hitting Jimmy with a Fisherman Buster suplex.

"Colonel" Johnny Kayfabe came out and offered Final Solution (Eric Everlast & Ron Falco w/Mandi Stroyer) the chance to earn a tag team title shot at Rhythm & Booze at the next show by defeating the Wyld Stallyons (Bill & Ted). After Final Solution defeated the Stallyons, Kayfabe said that he forgot that the match was supposed to be a three-way and brought out Ice & Troy Buchanan for the "real" match, Final Solution vs Wyld Stallions vs Troy Buchanan & Ice. Troy pinned Final Solution's Ron Falco to win the match and Colonel Kayfabe told Falco & Everlast that they would never get a shot at Rhythm & Booze. Falco and Everlast went over to where The McCloud Brothers stood watching the match and told the fans to support the McClouds as they took on R&B later in the show for the titles.

"The Bull of Black Mountain" Gabe Saint defeated Stargazer with a Frog Splash. The competitors shook hands before and after the match in a show of sportsmanship.

OSPW Heavyweight Champion Blackjack Phoenix, skipping an OSPW show in Buffalo where he was scheduled to defend the title, defeated Spazz

"Party Boy" Brett Mednik & "Inferno" Johnny Adams defeated the Latin Soldiers (Maximo Suave & Luis Whiteshoes) when Adams pinned Suave with an Unprettier.

OSPW's "Glamorous" Glen Dillon (w/The German Giant), also skipping the OSPW show in Buffalo, defeated Tommy Mandrake with a gutbuster. After the match Dillon took the mic and announced that after five years dominating OSPW it was time for him to leave that promotion for NWA Empire.

Kyle & Evan McCloud defeated NWA Empire Tag Team Champions Rhythm & Booze (Buddy Delmar & Frank the Tank), with both Kyle & Evan pinning Frank the Tank, to win the titles. The victory ended R&B's 13-month reign as champs. At one point near the end of the match "Colonel" Johnny Kayfabe tried to interfere in the match but Eric Everlast and Ron Falco both came down to ringside and pulled him away from the ring. They forced the frightened manager of the champs to sit in a chair they had placed in the entrance aisle and stay away from the ring. The move flustered the champs who were definitely off their game for the remainder of the match.

After the tag title match, Johnny Kayfabe was furious. He grabbed the mic and claimed that this was not not going to happen because of the way he was forced to abandon R&B at ringside by Falco & Everlast. Kayfabe, who is the nephew of NWA Upstate/ Empire owner Hellcat, demanded that his Uncle Hellcat come to the ring and reverse the decision. Hellcat did come to the ring, but he told Kayfabe that he would not be reversing the decision. Instead he criticized his nephew for the sloppy and slovenly way he had let himself go since hanging around with the redneck team of R&B. He also told him that no one liked the type of country music that R&B sang. He then told Kyle & Evan McCloud to head to the back, since they were the new champs and the decision was final. After the McClouds had left, Hellcat told told his nephew that at the next show R&B was going to wrestle Final Solution. He said that since Johnny was his nephew he would give him one favor in the match, declaring that if Falco and Everlast lost they would have to break up as a tag team, but if R&B lost, they would also lose their rematch for the Empire Tag Titles.

The eagerly awaited re-match between NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion/ NWA National Champion Pepper Parks and Jonny Puma settled nothing, as they battled to a double countout. Even the announcement of the referee's decision would not stop the two competitors as they brawled in the ring. It took the combined efforts of nine officials and wrestlers to finally separate them. After Puma had exited the ring, Pepper took the mic to end the show, telling Puma that at the next show he wanted Jonny in one more match, but that this time it would be with no disqualifications.

The next NWA Empire show was announced for February 9, 2008 at St. Johnsburg Fire Hall with the main event being Pepper Parks defending the NWA Empire Heavyweight Title against Jonny Puma with no disqualifications. There will also be a one-on-one grudge match with Mastiff taking on Jimmy Olsen. And it's Rhythm and Booze's Tag Team Title Rematch vs. Final Solution staying together as a tag team.




Upstate or


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December 1, 2007 - Holiday Hangover Quick Results

The Wild Stallions defeated Derek Duncum & Bobby Shields

The Dustytaker defeated Dewdust

NWA No Limits Champion Cheech vs Gabe Saint went to a double countout

The McClouds defeated Brodie Lee & Cloudy

Spazz defeated D-to-the-Icky Dicky Sanchez and Mark Kreiger

The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) & Cody Deaner defeated NWA Upstate and NWA Empire Tag Champs Rhythm & Booze & Sweet Lou

"Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes defeated Sabian

Danny Doring defeated Colin Olsen

NWA Upstate Champion Jimmy Olsen won by DQ over "Fabulous" John McChesney when Danny Doring interferred. All three men brawled after the decsion. Later it was announced that Olsen vs McChesney vs Doring would be the headline match at the next Upstate show.

The Latin Soldiers (Maximo Sauve, Luis Whiteshoes & Stargazer) defeated NWA Upstate Six-man Tag Champs Eric Everlast, Triple X & Masked Assassin (subbing for Sweet Lou) when Triple X & Masked Assassin began arguing with partner Eric Everlast, leading to Everlast being pinned.

In the Main Event....NWA National and NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Pepper Parks defeated TNA's Homicide.


January 12th, 2008 - Wrestlebowl '08, Dome Arena, Henrietta, NY

$11 Presale, $14 at the door, $7 - children 9 & under

For more information: 585-621-4293

Pre-Sale Tickets Available at

Millennium Games, 3047 West Henrietta Rd, Henrietta, NY


National Wrestling Superstars




December 7, 2007 - National Wrestling Superstars debuted in a new venue in Kenilworth, New Jersey. The building, with a seating for 300 was near to capacity with fans looking to see what real excitement pro wrestling...the kinds that only NWS can provide...was all about.

It was a night that fans will never forget as all of the NWS wrestlers had their "working boots" on to make a positive impression on this new venue.

Opening Contest

Mikey Pacifica defeated JD Smooth after nearly 10 minutes of back and forth action with Pacifica getting the win.

Show Interruption

Sal Sincere came to the ring to let everyone know that after two years, he had succeeded in bringing back one of the greatest managers in wrestling history back to NWS and that was Mohoward Gottheheaves al-getz. Commissioner Gino Moore asked him how his stay at Guantanamo Bay was which set al-getz into a tirade and had to be escorted out of the ring by security.

The Equalizer defeated Slayer in a match that had the crowd cheering for both wrestlers (with Equalizer getting a slightly bigger pop from the fans).

Fans saw the first ever (and as NWS promoter Dapper Johnny Falco was heard saying, possibly the shortest career in the NWS ever!) appearance of One Warrior Nation as he took on luchador Antonio Malave. The One Warrior Nation defeated Malave in a record 1 minute and 43 seconds, which is possibly the shortest "career" anyone has had in any wrestling company. It seemed that the One Warrior Nation put more energy into selling pictures and autographs than actually "wrestling" in the ring.

The Baghdad Bullies (with manager Moehoward Gottheheaves al-getz) def Chris Steeler and Mr. Gregory when the Mayaku Brothers...the Japanese team of Kaibootisie and Saibootsie) interfered allowing the Bullies to get the pin. After the match, the Bullies and Mayaku attacked Steeler and Gregory before the Patriot and Indian Warrior Draven made the save.

The Sychadellic Sissies (Ace Darling & Nicky Oceans) def The Boy Toys (Rhett Titus and Myke Quest), but the decision was reversed with referee Quick Count Mike Dillon noticed a foreign object under Darling's arm. Titus and Quest get the win (but not the belts because of the disqualification)

Main Event

The Patriot & Indian Warrior Draven def the Mayaku Brothers (with Moehoward). The manager thanked the fans on behalf of the Japanese team who were there to celebrate Pearl Harbor Day, but at the end, it was the team of the Patriot & Draven who were celebrating the victory.


Dec. 28, 2007, Seashore Arena, Long Branch, NJ, 7:35pm

Dec. 29, 2007, Our Lady of Perpatual Help, Seaside Heights, NJ 2 Shows, 2:05 & 7:35pm

Dec. 31, 2007, Killingly Memorial School Gym, Danielson, CT, 3:00 PM


New England Championship Wrestling


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Fuller Edges Fury But Does Not Get The Gold - Complete Results from THE HARDER THEY FALL, Friday Night, November 30th in Quincy, MA!

New England Championship Wrestling returned to live action in front of a packed house this past Friday night event, November 30th at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA for THE HARDER THEY FALL.

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