Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown

December 7, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy noted in italics.

We see what has lead up to the championship match between the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, versus The Undertaker versus Edge that will take place at the Armageddon pay per view.

Friday Night Smackdown is being broadcast from

South Carolina on the CW network.

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole and JBL

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

Backstage interviews: Anastacia

Teddy Long enters the arena and the ring. Teddy returns as General Manager because Vicky Guerrero is out due to an injury sustained when she received a pile driver courtesy of The Undertaker.

Teddy has a mic and he asks for a “holla, holla, holla” from the audience. Teddy tells us that General Manager is incapacitated at this time and that he was happy to make the announcement for the main event at Armageddon. This is the triple threat match with Edge, The Undertaker and Batista and it will be unlike anything the WWE audience has ever seen before. Teddy says that brings him to the United States title and that at Armageddon it will be MVP defending his United States Championship against Rey Mysterio. Teddy attempts to continue but The Rated R Superstar Edge enters the arena and the ring.

Edge also has a mic in hand. Edge is complaining that Teddy is giving away championship matches and that since Teddy is only the assistant General Manager and when Vicky comes back; there will be hell to pay. Teddy tells Edge that even after Vicky comes back, Teddy will be the headman in charge. They then discuss what happened to Vicky and Edge has to talk to Vicky on camera (this is just gross – and the audience agrees with me). Teddy interrupts Edge and asks if him if he doesn’t have anything better to than to send love messages to Vicky. Teddy asks Edge why he doesn’t text her and wants to know what is wrong with Edge’s phone. Teddy congratulates Edge for his love for Vicky and then tells him to stop wasting his time.

Edge wants to know why Teddy consistently screws him over when it comes to championships. Edge is whining because he had to relinquish his title. Edge says that The Undertaker screwed him last week in his match for the title when The Undertaker got involved in the match. Teddy reminds Edge that he is the one who cost The Undertaker the title when Edge got involved in The Undertaker’s match at Survivor Series. Teddy says the match at Armageddon evens things out.

Edge says that Teddy has never given anything for his redemption. Teddy tells Edge that he has it. Tonight Edge will be in a match tonight against Kane, the man who injured him four months ago.

Oooh, then Teddy tells Edge he needs to man up. (Has Teddy been off watching Ring of Honor pay per views?) Teddy exits the ring and the arena leaving Edge standing in the ring.

Cole tells us that tonight MVP will have a very special guest on the MVP lounge – Michael Hayes of the Fabulous Freebirds. JBL tells us that Batista will be in action tonight.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Cole tells us that tonight we will see Edge versus Kane tonight.

Tag Team Match

The Miz, weighing 231 lbs., from Cleveland, OH


John Morrison, weighing 219 lbs., from Los Angeles, CA

WWE Tag Team Champions

Before their opponents are introduces, we see a clip from a match that took place 10 days ago between the tag team champs and Jesse and Festus with the champs cheating to get the win.


Jesse & Festus, at a combined weight of 501 lbs.

Audience favorites: I’m not sure

My favorites: Jesse & Festus & John Morrison

Winners: John Morrison & The Miz

That would explain why we saw the earlier film clip of the match between these four before. Here’s hoping Festus kicks some ECW butt tonight!

The bell rings and Festus goes berserk, sending Morrison out of the ring. Miz is behind Festus pounding on Jesse as Morrison keeps Festus occupied. Festus is sent out to the ring apron by the ref and the battle between Jesse and Miz continues in the ring. You have to like Jesse.  He actually tries to wrestle. Of course, he’s up against Miz who doesn’t seem to be able to pull any wrestling knowledge out of that hideous hat he wears to the ring. Miz sends Jesse into the ropes where Morrison is waiting – and not in his corner I might add – but Jesse hits the mat and slides under Morrison out of the ring. Jesse then politely grabs Morrison by the leg and slams him down face first on the ring apron. Jesse climbs back into the ring delivers a fist to Miz and then goes up to the top turnbuckle – WRONG SIDE OF THE RING JESSE! Jesse comes off the top and takes Miz down in a cross body block and goes for the cover but he can’t get the three count. A double team by Morrison and Miz but Miz can’t get the win. Miz tags in Morrison and we have another double team when Morrison tags back in Miz. Jesse sends Miz over his head and tries to get a pin, Miz pulls him back, and Jesse delivers a high kick to Miz’s head and then gets the tag. In comes Festus and Miz has tagged in Morrison. Festus uses Morrison has a ramrod to take Miz down off the ring apron and to the floor. Morrison is getting beaten by Festus in the middle of the ring. Festus tags in Jesse but Miz is back in the ring and he attacks Festus. Festus goes after Miz and takes him over the top rope to the floor as Jesse climbs up on the top turnbuckle. Morrison manages to pull Jesse off the turnbuckle and down to the mat, goes for the cover and gets the win.

I like to watch Jesse in the ring. I don’t know whether it’s because he is a young guy just making his way into WWE or if it is because he is so good in the ring. He still needs some polish, but he has a great start. I’m starting to like Festus, too, although he is more brute force than technical in the ring. They make a good team. And no, I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Morrison and Miz have those tag team titles.

Anastacia is backstage with ECW’s Elijah Burke. Burke is there to face Batista. Batista announced on that Burke was the last thing on his mind. Burke is a little unhappy about that and he intends to beat Batista in their match tonight.

Cole tells us that Batista is in action next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Cole reminds us that we will see Edge facing Kane in a match tonight. We see the film clip of when Edge is injured by Kane and is forced to relinquish his title.

The Animal Batista, weighing 290 lbs., from Washington, DC

WWE World Heavyweight Champion


Elijah Burke, weighing 230 lbs., from Jacksonville, FL

Audience favorite: Batista

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: The Animal Batista

Burke may just give Batista a run for his money. Batista has weight and height on Burke but Burke is fast and he doesn’t mind using some high-risk maneuvers. The bell rings and Batista approaches Burke but Burke ducks into the ropes. Burke is back out of the ropes and the two men lock up. Batista tries to break clean but Burke delivers a fist and then goes after Batista. Batista delivers a boot to Burke’s midsection and then picks him up, slams him into the corner and delivers a series of shoulder blocks. Batista sends Burke into the opposite corner post and delivers a clothesline. Burke attempts to send Batista across the ring but Batista gets the switch and sends Burke back into the corner post. Burke drops down and nails Batista in the knee, sending Batista crashing to the canvas. Burke goes outside to the floor and slams Batista’s knee into the corner post. Burke is back in the ring delivering stomps and kicks to a downed Batista until the ref gets in and breaks it up. Burke goes back to delivering kicks to Batista’s ribs and then goes back to stomps until the ref gets involved again. Burke backs across the ring, charges, grabs the top ring ropes to elevate himself in the air before dropping an elbow on Batista’s chest. Burke tries for the pin but only gets a two count before Batista powers out. Burke is arguing with the ref about the count. Burke is trying to set Batista up but Batista uses a boot to the side of Burke’s head to send him down to the mat. Both men are back to their feet, Batista tries for a clothesline but Burke ducks out of the way and again goes after Batista’s knee. Burke delivers a short drop kick that sends Batista the rest of the way down to the mat. Burke again goes for the cover but only gets a one count. Burke disagrees with the ref then goes up to the second set of ropes and dives off as Batista makes it back to his feet. Batista catches Burke in midair with a spear and then he slams Burke to the mat. Batista is on his feet and limping and Burke is down on the canvas. Batista picks Burke up and delivers a Batista bomb, goes for the pin and gets the win. Batista is up on the entrance ramp and someone is in the ring checking on Burke who has not moved since being slammed to the mat and pinned.

Batista won the match but Burke put on a great show. Burke is very talented in the ring and we haven’t see much of him lately. Burke deserves more time in the ring.

Michelle McCool is backstage with someone and Jamie Noble interrupts. Noble is back to flirt with McCool. Noble tells her that tonight she can come out with a winner – Jamie Noble, not a moped riding loser like Chuck Palumbo. Noble has beat Palumbo twice now. McCool takes offense at Noble picking on Palumbo and she tells Noble that at least Palumbo doesn’t have to go to Baby Gap to find clothes to fit him. Noble’s feelings are hurt that McCool is being mean to him but Noble understands that you only hurt the ones you love. Noble tells her that not if, but when, he beats Palumbo again, McCool can go on a date with Noble. McCool makes a deal with Noble and if Noble beats Palumbo that McCool will go on a date with Noble.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a replay of the winning move Batista used to beat Burke. That match was right before commercial break. Cole reminds us that Edge will face Kane tonight.

Jamie Noble, weighing 202 lbs., from Hanover, WV


Chuck Palumbo, weighing 280 lbs., from San Diego, CA

accompanied to the ring by his motorcycle and Michelle McCool

Audience favorite: Chuck Palumbo & his motorcycle

My favorite: I like Jamie Noble and Chuck Palumbo and I love Chuck’s motorcycle.

Winner:  Jamie Noble






Noble has been on a winning streak here lately. He’s quick and original in any match he is in and he has great wrestling knowledge. Look for Noble to cheat if necessary to get his date with Palumbo’s “friend”. The bell rings and Palumbo has Noble in the corner delivering chops with the ref trying to get him to break it up. Palumbo pulls Noble out of the corner and takes him down with a clothesline. Palumbo picks Noble up to deliver a suplex but Noble breaks free and delivers a boot to Palumbo’s left knee, then starts pounding on him but when he starts delivering chops, Palumbo gets back to his feet. Noble comes off the ropes and Palumbo picks him up and sends him to the mat with a high back body drop. Noble is back to his feet but Palumbo sends him back to the mat with a right hand to the jaw. Noble is up again and Palumbo again lands a right. Palumbo picks Noble up and drives him spine first into the corner post. Palumbo pulls Noble out of the corner and takes him down with a clothesline. Palumbo picks Noble up and sends him into the corner post but as Palumbo charges, Nobles gets his boots up and nails Palumbo in the face. Noble goes out on the ring apron and climbs up to the top turnbuckle and comes off to deliver a cross body block but Palumbo catches Noble and throws him over the top of his head to the mat. Palumbo comes off the ropes to deliver an elbow but Noble rolls out of the way and Palumbo meets the mat. Behind Palumbo, McCool is suddenly up on the ring apron and she takes off her jacket to show Noble her bra. (I guess she didn’t get McMahon’s memo about the divas taking the sex stuff down a few notches – or she lost it – or she couldn’t read it!) Noble – and the referee – turn their attention away from the ring. Noble gets up close but before he can get personal, McCool slaps him. Palumbo charges at Noble, Noble ducks under him and Palumbo nearly hits McCool who is still standing on the ring apron. Noble catches Palumbo from behind and rolls him up to get the win and a date with McCool.

Noble is going up the entrance ramp looking very happy while Palumbo is in the ring looking very confused. Noble is going to have to buy himself a new t-shirt. It’s now 3 for Noble and 0 for Palumbo. I've said it before, Jamie Noble is good in the ring no matter who he faces.  He can be the world's greatest heel and he can put over someone who has not talent at all.  He's that good. Chuck Palumbo is a favorite of mine as well and I'm not quite sure why he has Noble chasing him into matches.

Cole and JBL give us a rundown one the Triumph and Tragedy Wrestling DVD that has been released. The DVD contains footage of World Class Championship Wrestling nearly 25 years ago. Bruiser Brody is shown in a scene. Brody was murdered in Puerto Rico.  Kerry Von Erich is shown in a scene – in fact several of the Von Erich boys most of who died tragically at a young age are shown in footage. Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy of the Freebirds is in the footage. Gordy died young (Jesse, real name Terry Gordy, Jr, of Jesse and Festus is Terry Gordy’s son) and Michael P.S.Hayes. Michael Hayes will be a guest in the MVP Lounge tonight and, according to Cole, it’s that is coming up next.

We see a promo for the Raw Fifteen Year Anniversary Special, which airs Monday night and will be three hours long. It is our understanding at this time that Paul Bearer and Brett Hart will not be attending although they were contacted and asked to appear.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see last week’s Smackdown match pitting Rey Mysterio and Kane against MVP and Big Daddy V. As Kane and V battle it out on the floor, Mysterio hits MVP with the 619 and gets the win.

MVP is in the ring and that can only mean one thing “Big things poppin’, little things stoppin’”. MVP is in the VIP Lounge and everyone is to “sit back and enjoy the view because the MVP Lounge is for people better than you”. MVP then proceeds to brag about MVP. He does have the WCW DVD that is released this Tuesday. MVP says that he was a big WCW fan when he was growing up and the best rivalry during that period of time was The Freebirds and the Von Erich Family. MVP then shows us some clips from the DVD. The last living Von Erich son has commentary on the DVD. As a huge fan of Kerry Von Erich, I sympathize with the wrestling fans that still mourn the loss of a great wrestler. And while I thought Michael P.S. Hayes was the greatest thing in the world next to Handsome Harley Race, I was a Terry Gordy fan, too.

MVP introduces his guest tonight, of the Fabulous Freebirds, Michael P.S. Hayes. Hayes is dressed in black with long blonde hair and a slightly receding hairline. And they are playing Badstreet Atlanta GA!.I don't know if that's the name of the song but I KNOW THE WORDS!  I have to say it. Hayes is still one good lookin’ man. MVP tells Hayes to make himself comfortable and to have a seat but Hayes says he will stand. MVP insists but Hayes doesn’t want to sit down. MVP congratulates Hayes on his DVD. MVP wants Hayes to talk about the period of time the DVD covers. Hayes wants everyone to know that in life there are repercussions for your actions and consequences for your actions. Hayes says a lot of his co-workers paid the ultimate price. Hayes says there were six Von Erich brothers and five are dead. Only Kevin Von Erich is alive to tell the story and he does tell a truthful story on the DVD. Hayes says the DVD gets the message across – Say No To Drugs. MVP tells Hayes he looks good for his age, damned good for his age. Hayes seems to take offense to being called old. Hayes tells MVP he kind of digs MVP’s style too and then asks MVP how old he is. MVP says that he is a LOT younger than Hayes. Hayes then asks MVP asks if MVP can tell time. MVP says that he can tell time and Hayes says that ‘s good then MVP should be able to tell that his time is just about up with Hayes. Hayes says that unless MVP wants his 20 year old self to get dropped by a 49 year old man, MVP had better come up with some respect and he’d better come up with it quick and don’t cross that line. MVP would rather talk about Hayes’ thickening waistline and his thinning hairline. Hayes says he would like to keep the discussion on the DVD something that is near and dear to Hayes. MVP says that since they are discussing things that are near and dear to Hayes, they should discuss Hayes’ special relationship with The Hardys. MVP says Hayes considers the Hardys the sons Hayes never had. Hayes says he doesn’t think it’s any secret that he is close to Matt and Jeff but Hayes says that once again that is off subject. MVP says that they are in the MVP Lounge and that it is MVP’s show and that on MVP’s show they talk about the things MVP wants to talk about. MVP says he wants to talk about how Hayes felt when MVP decimated and crippled Matt Hardy and got that weight up off MVP’s shoulders. Hayes says that Matt and Jeff are their own men and they handle their own problems and Hayes says that when Matt comes back, MVP is going to have a huge problem on his hands. Hayes says that since MVP like to talk about himself so much, then they should talk about MVP. Hayes says they should talk about last week when MVP got pinned by Rey Mysterio. Hayes says they should talk about earlier tonight when Teddy Long said that MVP will defend the US Title against Rey Mysterio. Hayes says he is making a prediction that MVP will lose the US Title to Rey Mysterio. MVP wants to talk about Hayes again and how in the Fabulous Freebirds, Hayes was the proverbial third wheel…gee, MVP…even if Hayes just stood in the ring, none of his female fans would have complained…MVP says that Terry Gordy carried Hayes and that Hayes was nothing. MVP says to Hayes “as a wrestler, you can’t even lace up my boots, old man”. I believe Hayes is a little taller than MVP and it’s hard to tell because of his outfit, but I think he has a little weight on MVP as well. Hayes tells MVP he has no respect for yesterday and the wrestlers that made wrestling what it is today. Hayes then tells MVP he doesn’t have to worry about yesterday. He doesn’t even have to worry about tomorrow.  MVP does have to worry about today because Hayes is going to whoop MVP’s ass. And the audience goes wild! Hayes takes off his jacket and MVP throws a right hand, sending Hayes into the ropes. MVP takes off his jacket and proceeds to beat on Hayes who is still down. Hayes, still down on his knees, throws a right that backs MVP up. Hayes is back on his feet and he throws another hard right and he just keeps throwing rights and adds some lefts. MVP picks Hayes up and sends him over to the mat with a back body drop then comes across the ring and delivers a kick to Hayes’ had. MVP takes Hayes down to the mat again. We then see Rey Mysterio heading running down the entrance ramp and to the ring. MVP swings at Mysterio when he hits the ring apron, but Mysterio sends a blow to MVP’s abdomen. Mysterio springboards off the top ropes and takes MVP down to the mat. Mysterio gets in some rights and lefts before MVP gets back to his feet. Mysterio charges MVP and takes him down over the VIP Lounge sofa and the screen divider falls on top of them as Mysterio continues the assault. MVP bails out of the ring and heads up the entrance ramp to get away from Mysterio. All those who think we need to get Hayes back to the gym so he can kick MVP’s backside, raise your hands!

Cole reminds us that Edge will face Cole tonight and then we see the film clips of the feud with Kane that led up to Edge being injured and out of action for four months.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a replay of the end of the match between Batista and Elijah Burke that was earlier tonight.

Anastacia is backstage with Batista and she asks about the triple threat match at Armageddon. Batista says that in a triple threat match he doesn’t have to be pinned to lose his title. Batista says he doesn’t have a good history with Edge and that Batista and The Undertaker have some famous battles. But Batista says he is ready to go to war.

The Raw Rebound – we see clips of the feud that has been brewing between Y2J Chris Jericho and Randy Orton since Jericho has come back to Raw.

We see Hornswoggle backstage in a bright red car but the car belongs to Deuce and Domino and they arrive with Cherry and find Hornswoggle in the driver’s seat. Hornswoggle bails out of the car with the pair after him, but Finlay is there. Finlay says Hornswoggle likes bright, shiny cars but the pair says that nobody touches their car. Finlay says Hornswoggle didn’t break anything and Hornswoggle says he didn’t and Finlay says “then go ahead” and Hornswoggle reaches up and snaps off the antenna!

Coming up next it will be a match with Hornswoggle and Finlay taking on Deuce and Domino.

NOTE: Finlay went on WWE’s Ireland tour. We understand he was a big hit back in Ireland.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a match that occurred on a previous Smackdown between the four men in the match coming up. Hornswoggle and defeated them when Finlay used his favorite weapon and Hornswoggle finished up with the tadpole splash, went for the cover and got the win.

Finlay will face The Great Khali at Armageddon.

Finlay, weighing 233 lbs., from Belfast, Ireland

Accompanied to the ring by Hornswoggle


Deuce, weighing 235 lbs., from The Other Side of the Tracks

accompanied to the ring by Domino, A Shiny Red Car, and Cherry

Audience favorite: Finlay

My favorite: Finlay

Winner: Finlay

with a little help from Hornswoggle

The bell rings and Deuce delivers a right fist and then a boot to the midsection but Finlay gets him blocked in the corner and takes him down to the mat. Hornswoggle is beating the daylights out of the ring apron. Finlay delivers a few European uppercuts and then sends him into the corner post and delivers a hard shoulder block. Finlay now has Deuce down on the mat in a headlock. Deuce is back to his feet and he sends Finlay into the ropes. Finlay comes off the ropes and takes Deuce to the mat with a shoulder block. Finlay goes for the cover and gets a one count before Deuce powers out. Deuce has Finlay in a wristlock but Finlay takes Deuce down to the mat with a clothesline. Finlay again goes for the cover but Deuce gets a shoulder up after the count of one. Outside the ring, Domino is chasing Hornswoggle around the ring. Hornswoggle dives under the ring and in the ring Finlay has his attention on Domino. Finlay starts out of the ring but the ref tells him not to do it and so he steps back in. Deuce is off the mat and he delivers a blow to Finlay’s head that sends him down to the mat. Deuce goes for the cover but can’t get the three count. Deuce then proceeds to deliver some right fists to a still downed Finlay. Deuce nails Finlay in the jaw and again goes for the cover. Deuce gets a one count before Finlay gets a shoulder off the mat. Deuce argues with the ref about the count. Deuce works on Finlay’s head and neck but Finlay gets back to his feet. Deuce throws a right fist but Finlay blocks it and delivers a nicely placed right of his own. Finlay nails Deuce with another uppercut, but when he tries for the next one Deuce ducks out of the way and comes up with a dropkick that takes Finlay down. Domino is up on the ring apron and we see Hornswoggle with a fire extinguisher? Hornswoggle gets Cherry in the legs when he sets off the fire extinguisher and then gets Domino when he goes after Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle is now up on the ring apron and Deuce goes after him through the ropes. Deuce drags Hornswoggle into the ring with the fire extinguisher but Finlay now has his weapon and as the ref takes the fire extinguisher away from Deuce and Hornswoggle bails out of the ring, Finlay nails Deuce in the head. Finlay goes for the cover and gets the win. Hornswoggle and Finlay prepare to do their Irish jig but The Great Khali and his interpreter enter the arena and Domino nails Finlay in the back of the head. Finlay and Domino are now exchanging fists and Deuce is back to his feet and they are double teaming Finlay as Khali enters the ring. Finlay staggers back to his feet as Deuce and Domino bail out of the ring. Khlai delivers a boot to Finlay’s face and Hornswoggle comes into the ring to help Finlay. Khali shoves Hornswoggle backward to the mat. Khali now has Finlay in the vice grip. Hornswoggle is outside the ring trying to rally Finlay but Finlay is out and Hornswoggle is very upset.

Finlay has got to be one of the best wrestlers I have seen in the ring in a long time. He not only knows, understands and can use wrestling maneuvers in the ring, he does drama and comedy quite well. His alliance with Hornswoggle has been delightful and entertaining. He may have to – let me take that back – he will have to cheat to win but I have a feeling Finlay is going to drop Khali in their match at Armageddon. 

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a replay of the Khali beat down of Finlay before the commercial break.

Cole and JBL give us a rundown of the schedule:

Armageddon Matches

Randy Orton, WWE Champion, defending his title against Y2J Chris Jericho

Mr. Kennedy vs. HBK Shawn Michaels

MVP, United States Champion, defending his title against Rey Mysterio

Triple Threat Match

Batista, WWE World Heavyweight Champion,

defends his title against The Undertaker and Edge

Batista is on his way to the announcer’s table to watch Edge in his match against Kane.

The Rated R Superstar Edge, weighing 250 lbs. from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Before Edge’s opponent is introduced, we again see the clip from the Hell in a Cell, Batista versus The Undertaker match where Edge interfered.

Then Edge has a mic and before the match begins Edge says he wants everyone to show him a little respect and a little bit of class while he addresses Vicky Guerrero – and ya’ll will have to pardon me – I’m not wasting any keystrokes on this garbage. And then we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Edge and Batista do a little staring each other down.


Kane, weighing 323 lbs.

Audience Favorite: Kane

My Favorite: I like them both but Kane is really my favorite

Winner: Kane

Let’s see, Edge was injured by Kane and was out for four months. Edge has a match coming up against Batista and The Undertaker, both of who have the height and weight advantage, and now he is facing Kane, who also has a height and weight advantage. Edge could have a few problems here and we don’t even know if The Undertaker is in the building!

The bell rings and Edge throws rights and lefts as he has Kane backed into the ring post. Kane comes out of the corner, swings Edge around and shoves him into the ring post and then unleashes lefts and rights of his own. Edge hits the mat. Kane picks Edge up and drops him on the top rope. Kane then goes to work on Edge’s left upper arm before sending him shoulder first into the ring post. Kane goes outside the ring and uses the ring post to further work on Edge’s shoulder. Kane is back in the ring and he wraps Edges left arm around the bottom rope and puts pressure on the shoulder again. Kane picks Edge up off the mat and delivers a hard right fist and then goes after the shoulder before delivering an elbow to the top of Edge’s skull. Edge fights back by sending rights into Kane’s jaw but Kane manages to throw a right uppercut that sends Edge down to his knees and then face first to the mat. Kane stomps on Edge’s left shoulder and then stretches the shoulder applying pressure by putting his knee in Edge’s back. Kane has Edge down on the mat and he delivers a knee to Edge’s shoulder. Kane sends Edge off the ropes and takes him down to the mat with an elbow. Kane comes off the ropes to drop an elbow on Edge’s chest but Edge rolls out of the way and Kane hits the mat. Edge is back to his feet, but is favoring his left arm and shoulder. He throws a right elbow into Kane’s jaw and then another. Edge tries to send Kane across the ring but Kane gets the switch and sends Edge into the opposite ropes. Edge comes off the ropes and Kane picks him up for a body slam but Edge manages to go over Kane’s shoulder and land behind him. Edge drops backward, slamming Kane down to the mat. Edge comes off the ropes with a short dropkick that sends Kane out of the ring and onto the floor. Edge goes out on the ring apron and dives off but Kane catches him and sends him back first into the ring apron. Kane rolls Edge back into the ring but as Kane climbs up on the ring apron, Edge delivers a running shoulder block that sends Kane into the guardrail and down to the floor. Kane is down on the floor, Edge is down in the ring.





Back from commercial break, Kane is on the ring apron and Edge is delivering knees as the ref starts to count to get him off of Kane. Kane is now back in the ring. Edge delivers a right and then more knees as Kane is up against the corner post. Edge is still favoring his left arm but Edge delivers a running shoulder block into Kane’s abdomen. Edge comes toward Kane again, but Kane shoves Edge back. Edge comes back and delivers a boot to Kane’s midsection. Edge has Kane in a waist lock and I can’t tell which wrestler  the audience is rooting for. Kane is back to his feet and he delivers elbows into Edge’s gut then a hard right to Edge’s jaw when Edge releases the hold. Kane sends Edge into the ropes but Edge comes off the ropes and delivers a boot to Kane’s chest. Edge delivers a boot to Kane’s midsection and then looks like he’s going to try for a suplex, but Kane picks Edge up and throws him across the ring. Edge lands face first on the mat. Kane comes across the ring and nails Edge with a clothesline and then Kane sends Edge into the opposite corner post and follows up with another clothesline. Kane picks Edge up and brings him down to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Kane goes out on the ring apron and starts to climb up to the top turnbuckle but Edge is back on his feet and he delivers a fist to Kane’s face to slow him down. Edge is now up on the ropes and they are exchanging blows. Kane shoves Edge backward and Edge hits the mat. Kane goes up to the top rope, Edge is back on his feet, Kane dives off the top and Edge ducks out of the way. Kane hits the mat and rolls across the ring. Edge is setting up for the spear and waiting for Kane to get to his feet and turn around. Edge charges across the ring and is met by Kane’s big boot. Edge goes down to the mat. Kane is ready for the choke slam and ask Edge stands up, Kane grabs him by the throat but Edge sends a boot to Kane’s gut and then goes back against the ropes. Edge comes off the ropes and right into Kane’s clothesline. Kane picks Edge up and sends him across the ring and into the corner post but as Kane charges at Edge, Edge gets a boot up and stops him. Edge goes up to the second rope and dives off into a Kane uppercut. Kane goes out on the ring apron and up to the top turnbuckle again and comes off with a flying clothesline to drop Edge. Kane is once again ready to deliver the choke slam. Edge is back to his feet, Kane grabs him by the throat and Edge steps over the top ropes. Edge grabs Kane by the back of the head and leaps off the ring apron catching Kane on the top rope. Edge then walks over to grab a steel chair and goes back into the ring with the chair. The ref rings the bell to officially disqualify Edge, but as Edge charges at Kane, Kane picks up a boot that sends the chair back into Edge’s face. Kane now has the chair and he delivers a slam to Edge’s back before dropping the chair and exiting the ring. Kane grabs part of the steel steps and tosses them into the ring. As Edge stands up, Kane goes at him with the steps but Edge drops down and catches Kane with a drop toehold that sends Kane and the steel steps crashing to the mat. Edge waits till Kane gets back on his feet and then hits Kane with a spear. Edge is holding his left shoulder but he picks up the steel steps, sets them up and puts Kane’s head on the steps. Edge goes after the chair and we see Batista throw his headset down and head for the ring. Edge has the chair and Batista is in the ring protecting Kane. The arena goes dark and guess who else is here? The lights come on and The Undertaker has Edge by the throat as Batista charges to deliver a spear to Edge. Edge steps out of the way and Batista takes down The Undertaker instead. With any luck at all, Batista will get some brownie points from Undertaker because he did, after all, save Undertaker’s brother. Batista is standing in the ring, Undertaker and Kane are down in the ring and Edge is all the way at the top of the entrance ramp making sure he is out of harms’ way.

This was a great match and if I were Edge I would have been a little hesitant to set foot in the ring with someone who was going to go after a pectoral muscle I just took four months off to get healed. As much as Edge makes one great heel, you have to admire him in the ring even when he cheats. Kane has done a great job in the ring and I was becoming a little frustrated with the matches he had been in lately. This match did both of these talents justice.

And that’s the end.

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