December 6, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy noted in italics.

For TNA fans that did not see Turning Point last Sunday, I suggest you read the recap review on this site. Here are the highlights:

Scott Hall did not make it to the pay per view. He contacted TNA and told them he was suffering from food poisoning. At the last minute, Showtime Eric Young was given Hallís spot in the main event as the partner of Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe.

Prior to the announcement of Eric as the replacement partner, Samoa Joe came to the ring with a mic to explain to the audience what was transpiring, however, Joe realized that he had a mic on a live pay per view and his response was to get a few things off his chest beginning with someone missing not only a pay per view but an important match. He further told everyone how the young TNA wrestlers were being held back and shoved out of the way in favor of other ďtalentĒ that was continually brought in. I canít speak for the rest of the Turning Point audience but I was on Joeís side on this one. He didnít say anything that wasnít true. 

According to the rumors floating around, Kevin Nash took offense to some of the remarks Joe made and waited for Joe backstage after the match. When Joe got to the back, there was a verbal confrontation that escalated to a shoving match.  It was stopped before it could go any farther.

Which leads us to the Feast or Fired Match. Fans were disappointed to learn after the pay per view began, the briefcases would not be opened until turning point. Not only that, it was a battle royal match that wasnít all that great Ė and Iím not referring to the guys in the ring. They did the best they could under the circumstances and the fallout from all of this particular match?

We understand Senshi was not the person slated to receive the ďYouíre FiredĒ pink slip but he requested his release and it was granted. He worked tonightís iMPACT but we understand that may be the end of his career in TNA. Senshi will be missed but I understand where his is coming fromÖhe wasnít getting any air time on iMPACT or in any of the pay per views although he works consistently on the Independent circuit. Donít be surprised if more of the X Division wrestlers find their way out the TNA door.

As far as great workers at Turning Point, Abyss, Raven, Black Reign and Rellik put on one heck of a blood bath in the Match of 10,000 Tacks. All four of these men deserve an extra round of applause. Christian Cage, Robert Roode, Booker T and Kaz put on another fantastic match. Keep your eye on Roode and Kaz. They are making some fantastic headway as of late. Samoa Joe, Eric Young and AJ Styles did good work but it was not a long match but it was obvious it was strained and for good reason, none of which was Joeís fault. Cowboy James Storm and Showtime Eric Young put on a good match. Awesome Kong and Gail Kim sort of put on a good match but Gail got the worst of it with a complete and total beat down by Kong. In fact, no one was safe in the face of Awesome Kongís wrath. The Motor City Machineguns with Jay Lethal and Team 3D with Johnny Devine put on another great match. We all know to keep our eyes on Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley and Jay Lethal but Johnny Devine is another wrestler to watch this year. The womenís match: ODB, Roxxi Laveaux, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love was all ODB and she did a great job. The live audience went wild with her in the ring and she did not disappoint them. ODB is another newcomer to keep your eye on in the weeks to come.

Turning Point had too much talk and it was all about what had been said during the previous iMPACT shows building up to the pay per view. The only thing fresh and new was Joeís speech.

Three wrestlers were missing from the Turning Point Pay Per View:  Judas Mesias who had been billed for the show and who was on the official Turning Point poster with Abyss and Black Reign, had not been medically released to return to work; Rhino, who was supposed to be in the match that took the place of the three way as the partner of Abyss. Rhino missed the pay per view due to a neck injury received at an iMPACT taping prior to the pay per view; and Scott Hall, who was suffering from food poisoning. Far be it from me to tell TNA management to run the dhow, but it seems like it would have been better business to have a back up plan for all of the matches just in case. Choosing Showtime Eric Young to fill Scott Hallís place was necessarily a bad decision but he had already been in a tough match and you canít tell me there wasnít someone else in the back that could have taken Hallís place.

The fallout from the Turning Point matches should be obvious in the next couple of weeks worth of TNA tapings.

ďCantí We All Just Get Along?Ē

Thatís what is shown on the screen before the show opens.

The bottom of the screen indicates it is 4:53 PM. We see Kip and BG James, and Roxxi Laveaux exit their vehicle in the parking area with the briefcase BG snagged during the Feast or Fired match. Scott Steiner is next to exit his vehicle with his briefcase in hand at 5:17 PM. Petey Williams exits his vehicle with his briefcase at 5:47 PM. Last to exit their vehicle with the briefcase Senshi obtained during the Feast or Fired match is Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Senshi at 6:02 PM.


iMPACT is being broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL.

Ring announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Special ringside announcer: Hermie Sadler

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interview: Jeremy Borash and Crystal Loutham

Ringside valet: SoCal Val

Tag Team Match

Rellik from The Depths of Hell


Black Reign from The Deepest Darkest Corner of His Mind

Accompanied to the ring by Misty the Artic Fox (sheís a domestic rat)





The Latin American Exchange

Referee: Shane Sewell

Winners: Homicide & Hernandez of LAX

I am surprised that Rellik and Black Reign are in the ring tonight after what they went through during their match at Turning Point. Both of these men deserve additional applause along with Abyss and Raven for a great match complete with a bloodbath.

Iíd say I was surprised LAX is up against these two but Hernandez and Homicide are tough wrestlers.

The bell rings and all four men go at it. Hernandez goes after Reign and goes over the top rope to the floor, Reign rolls out behind him leaving Homicide in the ring with Rellik. Reign and Hernandez are beating on each other outside the ring. Hernandez sends Reign into the ring post. Hernandez is back in the ring and they work a double team on Rellik. The referee sends Hernandez back out to the ring apron and Reign is in the ring assisting Rellik in taking down Homicide. The ref notices there are two men in the ring and he sends Rellik out to the ring apron leaving Homicide in the ring with Reign.

Reign tags in Rellik who takes down Homicide and then goes across the ring to nail Hernandez and send him down to the floor. Rellik tags Reign back in the ring and Homicide manages to come off the ropes and take Reign down to the mat. Homicide makes it to Hernadez for a tag as Reign makes it to Rellik for a tag. Hernandez clotheslines Rellik to the mat, the comes off the ropes to shoulder block him down again. Reign is still in the ring and Hernandez dives into him smashing Reign into the ring post. Hernandez power slams Rellik to the mat then tags in Homicide. They go for the double team but Reign is back to his feet and he takes Hernandez down with a blow to the back. Homicide leaps over Rellik and then takes him down with a gringo cutter. Homicide goes for the cover but only gets a two count before Rellik powers out. Hernandez and Reign are battling on the floor outside the ring again. Meanwhile, in the ring, Rellik sends Homicide into the ring post and charges, Homicide sidesteps and  Rellik goes shoulder first into the post. Homicide goes for a roll up and gets the win!

I told you these two were tough! After the match, as the ref is raising the hands of LAX, Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave accompanied by that annoying Christy Hemme enter the ring to take down Homicide and Hernandez. We have a beat down going on but the mystery member of the Latino nation enters the ring and takes down Christy with a slapjack. Lance faces off with the mystery person and Rave grabs the person to hold them. Lance now has the slapjack but as he raises his arm, Homicide makes a grab and gets it. Homicide takes a shot at Rave but Rave gets out of the way and bails out of the ring. Lance sends Homicide to the mat with a clothesline but now Hernandez has the slapjack and heís after Lance. Hernandez takes a swing at Lance but Lance ducks out of the way and bails out of the ring. It looks like Hernandez, Homicide and their mystery partner have won the match after the match. Not a bad job by LAX.

Homicide and Hernandez have been missing in real action in the ring, however, in this match they showed us that they havenít lost their touch. Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave are another pair that havenít been getting much action but they are making their own action Ė even if it IS after the match! All four of these men have a lot to offer in the wrestling arena. Letís hope this is a first step in getting to see them in action more often.

JB is backstage with Jim Cornette and Matt Morgan. They are discussing the Feast or Fired match and the revealing of the contents in the briefcases. Matt is supposed to have put the cases in a secure place, however, Matt tells Cornette that Crystal is watching the cases. Cornette asks Matt if he would give a can of gasoline to an arsonist and sends him off to take the cases away from Crystal and guard them. As Cornette tries to explain the Feast or Fired situation to JB, enter Team 3D and Johnny Devine. Cornette tells them to give the X Division title back to the rightful owner, Jay Lethal, and Brother Ray tells Cornette he doesnít have any balls. Ray gives Cornette back the title calling him a crybaby when Jay Lethal and the Motor City Machineguns enter. Lethal tells Ray he doesnít have to give him back anything and his team will face their team in a ladder match with the title hanging over the ring. Er, uh, Jay have you looked that the size of Ray and Devon versus yourself the MCMGís? Ray tells Lethal they are the kings of ladders, tables and chairs Ė and heís not lying Ė and tells Lethal they donít want to do that Lethal says they will see them in the ring. Cornette tells them to deal with it amongst themselves.

A word about the above feud: While Ray and Devon are certainly much larger than their opponents, they have done a great job of putting the X Division over in the past few weeks. With Johnny Devineís side switching and to Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin dealing them fits both in and out of the ring, all six of these guys have provided some great entertainment.

We finally made it to the announcerís table so that Tenay can tell us about the Team 3D team versus the Black Machismo Jay Lethal team match coming up with the title belt hanging above the ring.

Our second ring entry is made by Ė you got it Ė Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Tomko and Kurtís Mrs. right before we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Angle is going to give us one of his long-winded speeches as to why Christian Cage, along with Robert Roode, should come over and join the Angle Alliance. Could someone get through a feud here before we start another one? I guess not. Iíd like to see Tomko and AJ grow some of those things Brother Ray accused Jim Cornette of not having and waltz out of the ďAllianceĒ and do things without having to take orders Angle gives Christian one hour to decide whether or not to join.

Backstage JB is with Christian Cage, Robert Roode and Ms Brooks. Christian thinks Angle is begging Christian to join him but Roode interrupts Christian and tells him that there is power in numbers and they should join the Alliance. Christian gets in Roodeís face and talks him down. Roode says he is not AJ and Christian says he knows Roode is not AJ Ė AJ is smarter Christian speaks to the camera and tells Angle he will be there for the powwow.

Non-Title Match

ODB from Minneapolis, MN


Gail Kim from Tampa, FL

TNA Womenís Champion

Referee: Andrew Thomas

Winner: ODB

ODB was great in her match at Turning Point and Gail took quite a beating. ODB appears to have become a fan favorite even though she is supposed to be a heel.

Before the bell ring, ODB attacks and gets an early start in taking Gail down to the mat. ODB sends Gail into the turnbuckle and then picks her up and body slams her to the mat. ODB goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Gail comes back with a fist and a forearm but ODB hits her with a boot to the midsection. ODB sends Gail into the opposite ring post but Gail is back on her feet and throws a few elbows and again ODB slows her down with that knee. ODB sends Gail into the ropes, Gail comes off the clothesline waiting for her, comes off the opposite ropes but ODB catches her and throws her up over her head. Gail comes off the floor with a fist to ODBís midsection and then goes for a roll up Gail gets a two count before ODB kicks out. ODB nails Gail with a clothesline ODB goes for the pin and gets a two count. ODB tries to send Gail across the ring but Gail gets the switch and ODB is against the ring post. Gail charges but is met by ODBís elbow. ODB sits up on the top turnbuckle and goes for the dirty dozen but Gail stops her and starts delivering elbows to ODB. Gail climbs up one the ropes Gail goes up to the top rope and goes for the hurricanrana, but ODB gets the better of her and sends Gail down to the mat. ODB comes off the top and takes down Gail but now both women are down on the mat. Both women are back to their feet at the same time, ODB takes a swing but Gail blocks it and delivers an forearm. She continues to pummel ODB with forearm shots, ODB backs up and goes for a clothesline, Gail ducks out of the way. As ODB turns around, Gail takes ODB down with a back elbow. Gail takes her down again with an elbow and then delivers a running dropkick. Gail sends ODB toward the ring post but ODB makes the switch and Gail goes up on the second rope, coming off with a cross body block that takes ODB down to the mat. Gail goes for the cover and gets a two count before ODB powers out. The audience is having a terrible time deciding whom they want to win this match and they alternate between chants for Gail Kim and ODB. Gail grabs ODB by the hair but ODB delivers a knee to Gailís midsection. ODB sends Gail toward the ring post, Gail goes up in the air and goes over ODB to land on her feet in the ring. Gail manages a bulldog that takes ODB down and once again Gail goes for the cover. Another count of two and ODB powers out. Gail gets ODB up on her shoulders but ODB manages to break free and slams Kim down to the mat by grabbing a handful of hair. Gail is back to her feet and she charges, sending ODB against the ring post and then she slams ODB with fists. The ref has Gail by the waist and is backing her up in the ring but ODB grabs her little silver flask and goes after Gail while the ref is still holding on to her. She slams Gail in the head with the flask, puts it back, goes for the pin and gets the win.

ODB is standing over Gail when we hear the entrance theme for Awesome Kong but ODB isnít interested in facing Kong. She bails out of the ring and out of the way after taking a swig or two from her flask. Kong isnít there for ODB, sheís there for Gail and she enters the ring as the ref bails out of the ring. Kong goes for the awesome bomb but Gail is back on her feet connecting with forearms and again we have a match after a match. Security hits the ring and breaks up the fight but Gail manages to break through and go after Kong again. Velvet Sky and Angelina Sky enter the ring to get Gail out before she can go after Kong again.

This was a good match and both women took some hard knocks. Since both of these women are favorites of mine, it would have been difficult not to enjoy the action in this match.

Gail Kim may be the womenís champion but she hasnít lost her ability to put over the other women wrestlers. She makes Awesome Kong look even more Awesome than she already is and she makes ODB look even tougher than she is. TNA made a great decision in having Gail Kim become the first TNA Womenís Division Champion.

Crystal is in the back with Matt when Senshi, Daniels and Skipper enter the area and there appears to be a some question as to who the briefcase actually belongs to. Daniels is claiming that he is the general and Senshi is only a soldier and so the case belongs to Daniels. Senshi disagrees and tells Daniels if he wants the case to take it from him. In steps Matt with an idea. Matt schedules a match: Senshi and Christopher Daniels are going to face each other one on one for the briefcase. Skipper says that they are having some family issues here and that in order to make the match fair and to ensure that it is called directly down the middle, Skipper should be allowed to be the guest referee in the match. Matt agrees and the XXX members go off to prepare for their match that Matt says is next. Crystal is worried about Matt scheduling matches and wants to know if it should have been a decision Cornette made by Matt disagrees and says that Cornette will love the match. Matt takes the briefcase with Senshiís name and leaves the area.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JB is in the back with Tomko. JB wants to know what Tomkoís take is on the Christian Cage and Angle Alliance issues. Tomko says that Christian is going to do what Christian is going to do. JB asks again what Tomkoís take is on the situation and Tomko says that Tomkoís take is that Tomko is going to start doing what Tomko wants to do. He slaps JB on the back and walks off.  What do you know? Tomko can say more than one word at a time and it appears he may actually have a mind of his own. 

Match for the Feast or Fired Briefcase No. 3

The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels from The City of Angels


Senshi from Brooklyn, NY

Special guest referee: Primetime Elix Skipper

Winner: The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

Special guest ringside announcer: Hermie Sadler

Nascar TV analyst Hermie Sadler is introduced by Mike Tenay and has joined Tenay and West at the announcerís table.

Senshi and Daniels lock up in the ring but I already have to tell you that if the camera is going to keep going back to the announcerís table during this match, I am not going to be happy about it. Sadler may be a great guy, but Iím not interested in watching him sitting at the announcerís table with Tenay and West. Iím interested in the action going on in the ring. Senshi has Daniels in a wristlock but Daniels takes Senshi down with a leg sweep, comes off the ropes but gets caught in the wristlock by Senshi again. Yes, sir, we have now seen the announcerís table more times than we have seen the ring! Daniels brings up his boots and sends Senshi down to the mat. Senshi takes a swing but Daniels ducks under and has Senshi around the waist. Senshi goes into the ropes and hangs on, Daniels goes backward onto the mat. Senshi delivers a kick to Danielsí chest and then another. Daniels puts his hands up to plead for mercy and Senshi kicks his hands down, then follows up with a kick to the head. Daniels goes face first down to the canvas. Skipper checks on Daniels as Senshi backs up to wait for Daniels to get back to his feet. Daniels doesnít get up and Senshi responds by putting a boot on Daniels throat and using the ropes to apply extra pressure. Skipper backs Senshi up and admonishes him for choking Daniels. We now have an argument in the ring between Senshi and Skipper as Daniels rolls out on the ring apron. Senshi heads back to Daniels but Daniels comes through the rope with a shoulder block and then takes a swing at Senshi over the ropes, but Senshi ducks out of the way and goes up to grab Daniels by the head. Daniels goes after Senshiís eyes and then leaps off the ring apron, hanging Senshi up on the top rope. Daniels is back in the ring and he slams Senshi in the chest with a double fist sending Senshi to the mat. Daniels looks up in the air and talks to well, Iím not exactly sure whom Daniels is talking to, but Daniels goes down to the mat to choke Senshi. Skipper is telling Daniels to back off and he has to count to two before Daniels will release the choke. Daniels slams a fist into the back of Senshiís head and then we go to a split screen that shows Showtime Eric Young getting out of the driverís side of a limo. In the ring, Daniels is picking Senshi up. In the parking lot, Eric is going around the front of the limo and to the back door. Daniels decides to step on Senshiís skull. Eric opens the back door of the limo. Daniels takes his foot off of Senshiís skull. Exiting the limo are Booker T, Sharmell, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe and Kaz. Back to the ring, Daniels picks Senshi up and drops him to the canvas and goes for the cover. He appears to get a two count Ė Iím not sure, weíre still on the split screen, and we go to



Back from commercial break, we first get a promo for The History of TNA Year 1 DVD and then

Back to the ring, Daniels is charging Senshi but Senshi brings up an elbow and backs Daniels up and then Senshi nails Daniels with a fist to the forehead, sending him down to the mat. Daniels is back up but Senshi hits him again sending him back down to the mat. Daniels is back to his feet, Senshi takes another swing but Daniels ducks under Senshiís arm. Senshi rolls over and delivers a boot to Danielsí skull. Daniels falls back against the ropes. Senshi springboards off the second rope as Daniels enters the center of the ring and comes off deliver a double leg drop to Daniels. Senshi goes for the pin but only gets a two count before Daniels gets a shoulder off the mat. Senshi picks Daniels up off the mat but Daniels delivers a jawbreaker. Daniels charges Senshi in the corner, but Senshi sidesteps and Daniels drives his knee into the top turnbuckle. Senshi runs and Daniels and delivers a dropkick sending Daniels crashing to the mat. Senshi goes out on the ring apron and then up to the top turnbuckle. Senshi comes flying off the top, Daniels rolls out of the way, Senshi lands on his feet and rolls over to land at the opposite corner post. Senshi cartwheels across the ring to deliver a super kick to Daniels but Skipper steps in front of Senshi blocking the move. Senshi shoves Skipper out of the way but Daniels appears to go after Senshiís eyes and then sets him up for the angelís wings and goes for the cover. Skipper is wandering around the ring and taking his time getting into a position to start the count. He finally makes his way down to the mat and counts to three.

This was a great match Ė except for the parts we missed due to quite a few interruptions. I always like to see the X Division players in action and I am hoping that Senshi did not decide to leave TNA. He and Daniels would actually make great opponents with Skipper in the middle of the mix.

Daniels is now the owner of the briefcase. Skipper looks a little confused but Daniels is over to the announcerís table to pick up his case.

Crystal and Matt are backstage with all three members of Voodoo Kin Mafia, BG and Kip James and Roxxi Laveaux. There appears to be a little dissension among these three. During the Feast or Fired Match Kip actually got the briefcase and tossed it outside the ring to BG who was down on the floor feigning injury. The briefcase does have BGís name on it and BG asks Matt if his briefcase contains a tag team match, BG gets a tag team match and can choose any tag team partner he wishes. It appears BG is thinking of having a partner other than Kip. BG  says he and Kip have a lot of things to discuss but until then BG will hold onto the case for safekeeping. He picks up the briefcase and Roxxi puts her hand on the case and says it is the wrong case. BG says it is not the wrong case because it has his name on it. Roxxi then claims the case is cursed BG says the only thing cursed is BGís current company. BG leaves with Kip hot on his heels.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, West tells us we are going to see an interview Tenay did earlier with James Mitchell. I hate to show favoritism but YES!  It IS James Mitchell! One of the creepiest, meanest, scariest, best managers in wrestling! Tenay wants Mitchell to take everyone back to back to the roots in order to explain the relationship. Mitchell says this man had a wonderful father and that Chrisís mother was the problem. Tenay wants to know Mitchell knows so much about Abyss since Mitchell didnít know Abyss until after he was released from prison. Mitchell says that he has done extensive research into Abyssís background. Does anyone else see where this might possibly be going?

Back to the arena, West tells us the ladder match is coming up and Tenay tells us that we will be finding out what decision Christian has made regarding the Angle Alliance and that we will be finding out about the contents of the Feast or Fired briefcases.

Crystal and Matt are backstage with Petey Williams and Crystal congratulates him on winning a briefcase and asks him if he isnít hoping his briefcase holds a title shot at the X Division championship. Petey begins talking about Maple Leaf muscle and Petey tells her that if she didnít have her nose up Kurt Angleís gluteus maximus Ė Petey looks at the camera and says that means ďbuttĒ Ė that maybe he would know what it meant. Petey tells her and the viewing audience that he has been busy with bodybuilding. Petey says that last week he captured the Maple Leaf Muscle title in his hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He says one of the judges was Arnold himself and Arnold told Petey that Petey is one of the greatest bodybuilders Arnold has ever seen. Petey says he has already been the X Division Champion and now he wants the World Title. Matt says that is what he likes about Petey. Petey is after the brass ring and he isnít afraid to go after hit. Petey asks Matt if he minds if Petey looks after his own briefcase and then he shows off those magnificent musclesÖPetey says he has pecs that would make a flat chested woman cry and as soon as I stop laughing Iíll finish this upÖ(and no I am NOT flat chested!). Petey grabs his briefcase and leaves.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, once again Angle, AJ, Tomko and Kurtís Mrs. are in the ring Ė gee, has it already been an hour since he was in the ring with a mic Ė and Angle is calling Christian Cage out to announce his decision as to whether or not Christian has accepted Angleís offer. Christian enters the arena accompanied by Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks. Roode takes the mic to talk to Angle. Roode tells Angle he understands there is power in numbers and Roode says that he will accept Angleís offer and join the alliance. Just when Roode was starting to really take off, TNA is doing THIS to him?  Christian then takes the mic and tells ďBobbyĒ that Roode may need the others in the ring but Christian does not. Christian calls Angle a conniving son of a Ė and the last word is bleeped out Ė and the audience agrees. Christian says that if he is on Angleís team, then Angle knows Christian wonít be opposing him on the other side of the ring and Angle knows Christian is the biggest threat to the title belt Angle has on his shoulder. Christian says The Instant Classic is the real World Heavyweight Champion. Christian tells Tomko he makes Christian sick. Christian claims he made Tomko by saving him when Tomko was nothing but a lowly prison guard. Christian tells Tomko without Christian Tomko is a nobody. Christian then faces off with AJ and tells him that Christian saw the most potential in AJ in the ring but outside of it he was lacking. Christian claims that he made AJ comfortable in front of a crowd, that he made him a star and the Christian molded AJ in his own image. Christian says that although AJ thought of him as his father, he was not his father and that if he was he would disown him. Christian tells everyone in the ring that they need him to be somebody. Christian tells Kurtís Mrs. to shut up with suits the crowd and me just fine. Christian says he will only be a part of the group if Christian is the leader. I get the impression that the audience would prefer it was the Christian Alliance. Angle shakes Christianís hand as if he is making a deal with him. Tomko shakes Christianís hand, AJ hugs Christian, and then we hear Samoa Joeís entrance theme.

And Joe has a mic again! Booker T and Sharmell, Kaz, Eric Young and Kevin Nash follow Joe into the arena. Joe says the ring contains one big dysfunctional unhappy family. Joe says that there should be a 10-man tag between all of them at the Final Resolution pay per view. And, we knew it couldnít last, Kurtís Mrs. has to get her mouth in front of the mic. She says that they donít need to wait, they can do this tonight. Kurtís Mrs. then makes the mistake of calling Sharmell a tramp. I think sheís just jealous because Sharmell looks good and Karenís hair looks like her kid was practicing on her. Sharmell takes a mic and undoubtedly this goes back to Angle going after Sharmell. Sharmell starts down the ramp and all I can say is Ė do it right the first time Sharmell! We have a catfight which disappoints me. I know Sharmell can do better than that.

Crystal is backstage with Team 3D and Johnny Devine who are getting ready for their ladder match against Jay Lethal and the Motor City Machineguns. Ray is telling Lethal itís about time he grew a set of balls and he needs to come and take back the title that Team 3D stole. Ray tells Lethal that he, Sabin and Shelley havenít grown into men, and they are still little punk babies. Devine doesnít get to say anything but he does a lot of hand signaling and facial expressions during this interview. Ray ends the interview by grabbing Crystal by the hair and delivering a smooch to her face. 

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Six Man Tag Team Ladder Match

For Possession of the X Division Title Belt

Brother Ray


Brother Devon

Team 3D from New York City


Johnny Devine from Calgary, Canada

There is a ladder in the ring and as Team 3D and Devine enter the ring, Devine climbs the ladder and secures the title belt above the ring.

Crystal and Matt are backstage with Scott Steiner who is the last holder of the briefcases from Feast or Fired. Scott reminds Caroline, er, uh, Crystal that he told her he was going to get the briefcase and that he will be getting a shot at the world title from the briefcase. Scott walks off with his briefcase in hand and Crystal tells Matt they have a little bit of a problem. Cornette told Matt he was supposed to be guarding the briefcases but Matt says he put the cases back in the hands of the guys who actually won them at Feast or Fired and they should be able to protect them. Matt says that everything seems to fly right over Crystalís head and he walks off.


Chris Sabin


Alex Shelley

The Motor City Machineguns from Detroit, MI


Black Machismo Jay Lethal from Elizabeth, NJ

X Division Champion

Referee: Earl Hebner

Winners: Brother Ray & Brother Devon of Team 3D & Johnny Devine

Lethal stands back on the entrance ramp but Sabin and Shelley run into the arena, down the ramp almost knocking Lethal out of the way and into the ring. Lethal runs in behind them. Sabin takes on Devon, Shelley takes on Ray, and Lethal takes on Devine. Lethal sends Devine over the top rope and onto the floor then leaps out to take him down again. Lethal lands on his feet and his fans are impressed. Back in the ring, Shelley and Sabin deliver high kicks to Team 3D and Ray and Devon are down on the floor. The audience goes wild and Shelley and Sabin decide to go across the ring, come off the ropes and go through the opposite ropes to take Devon and Ray back into the guardrail with suicide dives. There is that poetry in motion again from Sabin and Shelley. Shelley is back to his feet punching Ray and Sabin sends Devonís head into the top of the guardrail. Shelley is unloading on Ray with forearm blows but Ray is fighting back. Lethal is on the other side of the floor with Devine and he sends Devine back first into the guardrail. Lethal picks up the ladder setting outside the ring, folds it up and then we see Sabin being sent into the guardrail by Devon. Lethal slides the ladder into the ring. Devon has Sabin down on his knees. Lethal is in the ring and he has the ladder set up under the belt hanging above the ring. Devine is in the ring and he pulls Lethal off the ladder onto the mat then delivers a hard right that sends Lethal down to the mat. Ray, Devon, Sabin and Shelley are still out on the floor battling it out. Devine takes Lethalís hands and hold them, pulls him up off the floor and uses his boot on Lethalís chest to slam him against the mat several times. Iím not sure Iíve ever seen that particular move used before. Devine is the only man standing in the ring and he starts up the ladder after the X Division belt. That ladder doesnít look all that sturdy to me, folks. Devine is within read of the ladder but he is interrupted by Sabin, who has made his way back into the ring, and Lethal. Devine is back down to his feet on the mat but Sabin is delivering some right fists. Sabin then heads up the ladder. Devine sends a blow to Sabinís back, gets Sabin up on his shoulders, Sabin is fighting back and then Sabin flips backward, bringing Devine up and over onto the mat into what West is calling an inverted hurricanrana. Sabin points up and the fans agree he should go back up after the belt. Sabin starts back up the ladder but Devon has made it back into the ring and he has Sabin up on his shoulders. Before Sabin can think of a counter, Devon falls backwards, taking Sabin down to the mat. Devon is to his feet and starting up the ladder. Ray is working on Lethal outside the ring but there is no sign of Shelley. Devon is almost to the top and Shelley makes his way into the ring. Shelley gets under Devon and sends him back first to the floor. Shelley is holding his back but he heads for the ladder and it appears Ray may be trying to make his way back into the ring. There is no sign of Devine and we go to



Back from commercial break, Ray and Lethal are both at the top of the ladder battling it out. Ray delivers a head butt. It appears the belt is actually behind where the ladder is set up. Not that it matters right now because Ray takes Lethal down to the floor in a suplex. Ray and Lethal are down on the mat and Devine is making his way back into the ring from the ring apron. Devine is back in the ring and heís trying to position the ladder under the belt. Devine starts up the ladder and heís almost there but in comes Shelley and he slaps Devine on the leg. OUCH! That sounded like a hard slap and it was on bare skin. Thatís gonna leave a mark! It must have hurt Devine because Shelley keeps shaking his hand like it stung him too. Devine is still on the ladder and he turns and delivers a kick to Shelleyís chest but Shelley is fighting back. Shelley climbs up nearly even with Devine on the same side of the ladder. Shelley brings Devine down to the floor with a major jawbreaker. Devine is down again. Shelley goes after Devon but Devon is ready and he picks up Shelley and slams him down to the mat. Devon is now trying to position the ladder and he starts up but Sabin is back up on the ring apron. Sabin springboards off the top rope and takes Devon down off the ladder with a flying clothesline. All I can say is the falls from the ladder appear to be getting more dangerous. Shelley and Sabin are back to their feet and they slingshot over the top rope to take out Devon and Ray but Devon and Ray get out of the way and Sabin and Shelley land on the floor outside the ring. Lethal and Devine are now both at the top of the ladder and Lethal has hand on the belt but Devine delivers a shot. Lethal fights back and takes a shot at Devine. Both men now have their hands on the X Division title belt and they both have it in their hands as they remove it from the hanger above the ring. Someone has the refís attention and he has his back to the center of the ring. Tenay says that Devon has the ref distracted as Lethal shoves Devine off the ladder. Lethal now has the title belt and he jumps off the ladder but Ray is sliding back into the ring with a kendo stick. Ray nails Lethal in the top of the head with the stick and Lethal is down on the mat. Ray tosses the belt to Devine and rolls out of the ring and onto the floor as Devon releases the ref from his grasp. Devine is holding his head and appears to not be too sure about what just happened but the ref sees Devine with the belt, rings the bell and now Devine has possession of the X Division belt. SoCal Val is outside the ring looking upset. Lethal is still down on the mat and Team 3D and Devine are celebrating in the ring.

I have to say that with the exception of WHY they had the match in the first place, this was a great match. All six men showed their stuff in a big way in this ladder match. Ray and Devon have done a great job working with Sabin and Shelley in the matches they have been having. I really donít want to see this feud come to an end any time soon.

We are back to the interview Tenay had with Father James Mitchell earlier in the day. Mitchell is relating the tale of Chris aka Abyss allowing his own mother, who Mitchell refers to as gin soaked, to shoot his own father in the back and how Chrisís father had done everything for him. Tenay wants to know if Mitchell got an explanation from Chris about what happened if that would end Mitchellís obsession. Mitchell says that he is tired of being the bad guy in all of this and the obsession will end if and only if Chris looks Mitchell in the face and tells not only Mitchell but the entire world the secret that only Mitchell and Chris know. Mitchell says that he intends to get that because Ė and he now faces the camera speaking directly to Chris Ė he is going to be calling Chris out into the middle of the ring in the iMPACT Zone and he is going to give Chris the chance to tell the world what Mitchell has always wanted them to know. Mitchell tells Chris to come to the ring next week because this is going to end once and for all.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for TNAís Final Resolution pay per view which airs January 6, 2008.

Crystal is backstage with Cornette and Matt. Crystal is trying to explain what is going on with the briefcases and Cornette says he hasnít seen the show, he has been in meetings. Crystal asks Matt if he wants to tell Cornette and Cornette asks Matt if he has been making matches again and then says never mind about the matches, first things first. Where are the briefcases? Matt tells Cornette heís going to love this and Matt tells Cornette that each of the four men that won the briefcases at Feast or Fired have the briefcases in their possession. Cornette goes ballistic and says that the men who have their briefcases are the ones he was worried about messing with the briefcases. Cornette says that if upstairs calls him to call him upstairs and chew him out, he is taking Matt with him. Cornetteís face is a nasty shade of red right now. Cornette tells Matt he is standing on the precipice of professional peril because if Cornette goes, Matt goes and Matt is going to go first. Cornette tells Matt to go find all the guys with the briefcases because they are supposed to be opened on national television. Cornette then tells Crystal that Matt is going to be the death of him.

Main Event, 10 Man Tag Team Match

Robert Roode from Wall Street, Manhattan, NY

accompanied to the ring by Ms. Brooks


The Instant Classic Christian Cage from Tampa, FL by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Phenomenal AJ Styles from Gainesville, GA


Tomko from Tampa, FL

TNA Tag Team Champions


Kurt Angle from Pittsburgh, PA

TNA World Heavyweight Champion


Kaz from Anaheim, CA


Showtime Eric Young Residing in an Undisclosed Location


Booker T from Houston, TX

accompanied to the ring by Sharmell


Kevin Nash from Detroit, MI


The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe from American Samoa

Referee: Rudy Charles

Winners: Kevin Nash, Kaz, Showtime Eric Young, Booker T and The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe

We see Robert Roodeís Number One Fan lurking in the back behind the audience. She is wearing glasses this time. This match is going to be difficult to keep straight, however, Nash and Joe were barely speaking during their main event match at Turning Point and now they appear to be best friends. Iím not sure I understand that.

Commercial break before the match begins.

Back from commercial break.

The bell rings and Kaz faces off with AJ to begin the match. Kaz has AJ in a wristlock and then uses head scissors to take him down to the mat. AJ breaks free and both men are back to their feet. Kaz tries for a clothesline but AJ ducks AJ takes Kaz down in a roll up and he gets a two count. AJ grabs for Kaz, Kaz goes over AJís back, AJ takes a swing at Kaz, Kaz takes AJ down to the mat and goes for a pin. He doesnít get the three count. Both men are back to their feet and they do some great wrestling maneuvers trying to take each other down to the mat. AJ takes Kaz down and gets a two count before Kaz gets his shoulders off the mat. Kaz goes for an arm drag but AJ shoves him down to the mat. AJ reaches down to pick up Kaz but Kaz gets his boots up and sends a kick to take AJ down to the mat. Both men back to their feet at the same time. I could watch these to work the ring all night! AJ charges Kaz but Kaz slams him down to the mat. Kaz comes off the ropes and delivers a kick to the side of AJís head, then he comes off the opposite ropes and takes AJ down with a swinging neck breaker. Kaz goes for the cover and gets a two count. All of AJís teammates are standing on the bottom rope. Kaz picks up AJ but AJ delivers a jawbreaker. AJ picks up Kaz and backs him into the wrong side of the ring, then AJ tags in Angle. AJ holds Kaz as Kurt delivers a fist, then another before he takes Kaz down to the mat in a front face lock. Kaz gets to his feet and delivers blows to Angleís midsection. Angle breaks the hold and Kaz is still sending punches and forearms. Kaz sends Angle across the ring but Angle gets the switch. Kaz comes off the ropes and ducks under Angleís waiting clothesline, comes off the opposite ropes and delivers a leg lariat that sends Angle crashing to the canvas. Kaz goes across the ring and tags in Booker T. Booker picks up Angle and sends a right to Angleís jaw before backing Angle into the ropes with forearms and a few more fists and chops. Booker gets the audience involved and then he delivers a knee to Angleís abdomen. Angle comes back with a boot to Bookerís midsection and then a European uppercut that staggers Booker. Angle throws a hard right fist that connects and Booker is against the ropes. Angle sends Booker across the ring into the opposite ropes. Booker comes off the ropes, ducks under the clothesline Angle has set up, and then delivers a nice kick to Angleís chin. Angle hits the mat. Booker goes for the cover and gets a two count before Angle kicks out.  Booker picks Angle up but Angle takes him back into the wrong side of the ring that shoves AJ off the apron ring and to the floor as Angle tags in Roode. Roode delivers boots to a downed Booker and then uses his boot on Bookerís throat and uses the ropes to add more pressure. The ref gets involved and makes Roode break it up. Kurtís mouth, I mean Mrs., says something to Ms. Brooks who is sitting at ringside. She was screeching, as usual, and I couldnít understand what she was screeching. Roode is working Booker over until Booker delivers a body slam. Booker tags in Eric who appears to want to take a shot at his former Team Canada partner. Eric comes in with a boot to Roodeís midsection, then he gets Roode in a wristlock but Roode delivers a right hand to Ericís head. Roode then works on Ericís with a few boot stomps and then delivers a chop to Ericís chest. Roode tries to send Eric across the ring into the ropes but Eric gets the switch and sends Roode across instead. Roode comes off the ropes, Eric hits the mat, Roode goes over him and into the opposite ropes. Roode comes off those ropes and Eric dives on him taking him down to the mat. Eric unleashes with a series of right hands until Roode manages to shove him off. Eric charges at Roode who delivers a boot to Ericís midsection. Roode hangs on to Eric and tags in Christian. Christian enters the ring and delivers a kick to Ericís abdomen while Roode is still holding onto Eric and then Roode delivers a blow to Ericís back before exiting the ring. Christian delivers another boot to Ericís gut and then a fist to Ericís forehead. Christian slaps Eric a couple of times and sends him across the ring into the opposite ropes. Eric comes off the ropes and slides under Christian then is back on his feet and takes Christian down to the mat with a drop toehold. Eric stands over Christian slapping him in the back of the head, then steps on Christianís back to walk over him. Christian is back to his feet and he throws a right fist but Eric blocks it and delivers a right fist of his own. Eric tries to send Christian across the ring and into the corner post, but Christian gets the switch and Eric goes up and over the top turnbuckle landing on the ring apron. Christian charges at Eric but Eric sends a shoulder block into Christianís abdomen. Eric then slides under the ropes and under Christian, gets back to his feet and sends Christian over the top rope with a clothesline. Tomko is suddenly in the ring after Eric and he takes him down to the mat. The ref is telling Tomko to get out of the ring but now Nash is in the ring working over Tomko. Nash sends Tomko over the top rope and to the floor with a clothesline. Eric is back on his feet and the audience is cheering him on. Eric goes over the top rope and takes Christian and Tomko back down to the floor. Roode enters the ring and charges at Nash but Nash sends Roode flying over the top rope and onto the floor. Kaz is in the ring and Nash says something to him. Kaz goes back into the ropes and comes off to fly over the top rope and take then entire group outside the ring back to the floor again. That didnít look good. Kaz landed with his right knee over the guardrail surrounding the audience. Nash points to Joe but Joe is out of camera range. Nash then backs into the ropes and comes off and you can see Tomko on the floor waving his arms, but Nash stops short of going over the top rope.



Back from commercial break, Eric and Christian are back in the ring. Joe is delivering fists to Angle on the floor. Eric is delivering rights to Christian in the ring. Joe delivers an elbow to the top of Angleís head. Christian sends Eric across the ring to the ring post, Eric goes up and over Christian but Christian turns around and pokes Eric in the eye. Christian then shoves Eric shoulder first into the ring post. Eric is down on the mat. Christian gets Eric in a wristlock and he works on the arm and shoulder of Eric who is down on the mat again. Christian repeatedly stomps on Ericís back before tagging AJ. AJ comes in and delivers a boot to Ericís chest and then continues to stomp on Ericís chest while he is down. AJ picks up Eric but Eric sends a fist to AJís midsection and then two more before going into the ropes. Eric comes off the ropes and AJ leapfrogs over him. Eric comes off the opposite ropes and AJ goes down to the mat, Eric goes over him and to the opposite ropes. Eric comes off the ropes one more time and AJ delivers a dropkick to Ericís head. That hit was louder than the slap Shelley put on Devineís leg in an earlier match! Eric is down on the mat and AJ is showing off for the crowd. AJís teammates are encouraging him to pin Eric and he does. He gets a two count and Eric gets a shoulder off the mat. AJ picks Eric up and then tags in Angle again. As AJ holds Eric, Angle delivers a kick to Ericís gut. Angle picks Eric up and delivers a back breaker, then goes for a cover. He gets a two count before Eric kicks out. Angle goes for the cover again and again gets a two count. Angle has Eric in a side headlock on the mat. Tenay breaks into the match to tell everyone that he has received word Matt Morgan has retrieved all of the cases involved in the Feast or Fired match and Cornette promises that the contents of the briefcases will be revealed next week Ė no, wrestling fans, not THIS week, NEXT week Ė on iMPACT. In the ring Angle still has Eric in a headlock but Eric is back to his feet and he backs Angle up into a ring post. Eric sends Angle across to the opposite ring post and goes after him but Angle gets out of the way and Eric goes chest first into the top turnbuckle. Angle delivers a German release suplex. Again Angle goes for the pin but this time Joe and Booker hit the ring to break up the count. Joe delivers an extra kick to Angle before going back to the ring apron. AJ runs into the ring to take Angle back to his own side while the refís back is turned and then AJ covers Eric. NO TAG, REF, NO TAG! AJ gets a two count before Eric gets his shoulder up. AJ gets Eric back to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Eric comes off the ropes and delivers a kick to AJís chest. As Eric heads back to the ropes, AJ grabs him and backs up toward AJís teammates but Eric gets behind AJ and picks him to send him over his shoulder in a back body drop but AJ twists and lands on his feet. AJ grabs Eric by the leg and delivers back leg sweep that sends Eric crashing to the canvas. AJ charges at Eric but Eric gets a boot up and he nails AJ in the face. AJ backs up and charges again and this time Eric sends an elbow into AJís face. Eric climbs up on the top turnbuckle but AJ is right there and he trips Eric, sitting him down on the turnbuckle. AJ climbs up after Eric and tries to take him down to the mat but Eric manages to take AJ down with a cross body block. Eric is reaching to tag but heís reaching to the wrong team! Eric makes it back to his own teammates and he tags in Joe as AJ heads to his teammates to tag in Tomko. Joe and Tomko exchange blows in the middle of the ring and then Tomko brings up a boot to nail Joe but Joe comes off the floor with a high leg kick that staggers Tomko but does not drop him. Joe comes off the ropes and Tomko catches him and power slams him to the mat. Tomko comes off the ropes but Joe is back to his feet and he power slams Tomko to the mat. Joe goes for the cover and the ref counts to two before AJ flies into the ring and lands on Joe. Kaz comes over the top rope and takes AJ down with a DDT. Tomko and Joe are back to their feet and they deliver clotheslines to each other. Both men are down on the mat but Tomko is closer to his teammates. Joe makes it across to tag in Nash as Tomko tags in Roode. Nash comes charging into the ring and delivers a right hand to Roodeís head, sending him down to the mat. Christian enters the ring and Nash nails him with a fist sending him to the mat. Angle charges into the ring and Nash takes Angle down with a fist. Nash sends Roode across the ring and as Roode comes off the ropes, he is met by Nashís boot. Nash does the same to Christian and then to Angle. Roode is back to his feet and Nash sends him across into the ropes then picks him up and takes him down to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Nash goes for the cover and gets to two before Christian nails Nash in the back. Christian then proceeds to stomp on Nash. Angle is back to his feet and he decides to assist Christian. Booker is in the ring and he takes Christian out with a right hook, then turns around and nails Angle with a right fist. Booker goes back after Christian and then across to Angle. He does several back and forths between his two opponents. Nash is still down on the floor. Booker delivers a boot to Angleís midsection and Angle returns the favor. Angle tries for the angle slam but Booker breaks free, delivers a boot to Anglesí midsection and as he heads across the ring to come off the ropes to deliver the axe kick, Tomko pulls down the top rope and Booker goes out to the floor. AJ proceeds to kick a downed Booker. Joe enters the ring but Roode comes in and delivers a kick to Joeís gut then delivers a right fist to Joeís head. Roode sends Joe across into the ropes but Joe bounces over the top rope and onto AJ and Tomko on the floor. Nash and Roode are standing in the ring. Roode charges at Nash, Nash brings up a boot and nails Roode in the face. Roode hits the mat. Nash goes for the cover and gets a two count before Christian pulls the ref out of the ring and onto the floor. Christian is getting back up on the ring apron but Nash has him by the head and is trying to drag him up and into the ring when Roode hits Nash with a low blow from behind. Christian slides a steel chair into the ring then enters the ring after it. Roode has the chair in his hands and he faces Roode demanding the chair as Eric climbs up on the top turnbuckle. Eric comes off the turnbuckle, nails Christian in the back who then hits Roode with the chair. Nash is back to his feet and he delivers a knee to Roode , then picks him up and delivers the jackknife power bomb. The ref manages to get back in the ring as Nash covers Roode and gets the three count.

A little confusing and even more frustrating because the viewers at home couldnít see what was going on outside the ring. Roode and Cage get into a confrontation in the middle of the ring as Tomko and Angle enter the ring. Angle gets in between the two of them and then Christian gets in Angleís face as well as Roodeís and then we have a shoving match but Angle decides it by nailing Christian with the championship belt. Now Roode and Angle are working over a downed Christian when AJ tries to put a stop to it. Tomko just stands and watches what is going on as AJ takes turns dragging Roode and Angle off of Christian. Tomko walks up the entrance ramp and out of the area, leaving the mess in the ring. Angle has the ankle lock on Christian, AJ tries to break it up and thatís all folks.

Except we are shown that we wonít know what is in those briefcases, an X Division lumberjack strap match with Johnny Devine against Jay Lethal.

Now thatís all, folks!

I have to say this. The Feast or Famine match was just plain not bright and the dragging out of what is in which briefcase is ridiculous. Having the match at a pay per view and then not bothering to tell the fans who had what briefcases was bad enough, now they are actually dragging the whole thing out through at least two iMPACT shows.  No mention was made of Abyss and whether or not he was out of commission due to the cut he received at Turning Point, Scott Hallís name was not mentioned.  In fact, itís as if the whole thing never happened at the Main Event. During the last match on iMPACT, Tenay tells us that TNA mobile is sending out information about an altercation that happened backstage at Turning Point. This might lead us to believe that the entire thing between Joe and Nash was something the writers came up with. It will be even worse if the writers came up with having Hall no-show for the main event at Turning Point. If thatís the case, TNA may see their pay per view sales hit rock bottom in a hurry. The whole Alliance/Coalition thing is getting just a little bit old already. Iím not sure who is coming up with these ideas but they need to go back and read up just a little bit on what has already taken place during the previous iMPACTs and the pay per views. Another name that has not been mentioned is Sting.

If you  must continue to break up the show in inappropriate places during commercial breaks, consider breaking into the monotonous dialogues of Kurt Angle and his Mrs. and STOP interrupting the matches!

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