TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

16 August 2007

by Sassy


Apologies to everyone for not being able to get the complete Hard Justice recap up right away.  My cable company decided to update all of their equipment, which kept me from being able to see the entire show. I had everything but the main event and decided to post the rest of the show since I was unsure how long it would take to get that final match.  It was irritating, but at least I managed to get the show.  I had been having some real issues with Time Warner and pay per views.

TNA has so much going on lately I decided to go for a second News Bytes this week.

The Latest TNA Online Roster Looks Like This! (Keep reading for to see who is missing and why.)

Abyss, AJ Styles, Alex Shelley, Andrew Martin, BG James, Black Reign, Brother Devon, Brother Ray, Chris Harris, Chris Sabin, Christian Cage, Christy Hemme, Eric Young, Fallen Angel, Gail Kim, Havok, Hernandez, Homicide, Jackie Moore, James Mitchell, James Storm, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Jim Cornette, Kaz, Kevin Nash, Kip James, Kurt Angle, Lance Hoyt, Matt Morgan, Mr. Backlund, Miss Brooks, Pacman Jones, Petey Williams, Prime Time, Raven, Rhino, Rick Steiner, Robert Roode, Ron Killings, Roxy Laveaux, Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner, Senshi, Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt, Sting and Tomko

Got Rhythm?

TNA has signed a deal with the band Bro-Kin according to a report from  For those of you not familiar with their previous wrestling related hits, they did several songs for D-Generation X in WWE. Does anyone want to be TNA critics will now be saying TNA is signing WWE’s left over bands?

In a World of Premature Deaths  

As for congressional inquiries, Dave Meltzer reports TNA was sent the same inquiry letter as WWE regarding drug testing and testing procedures.  NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) didn’t get left out.  They were also sent an inquiry. Both have until August 28 to comply. Rumors are floating that perhaps the addition of Adam “Pacman” Jones motivated Congress to get to TNA next. You all know how I feel about this.  If wrestling associations can’t or won’t police their employees, someone has to do it.  I believe some associations actually overlook steroid use in order to keep talent looking a certain way.  It needs to be stopped.  And I would stand up for any wrestling talent that got off the bad stuff in order to save his or her life.

You can read the letter in its entirety here:

Along the lines of steroids, drugs and death in the wrestling world, Dr. Astin’s attorney is claiming that the initial search of Astin’s office was illegal.  Here’s what I think.  If Dr. Astin was handing out prescription drugs like candy to anyone – it doesn’t have to be a wrestler – he should be in jail.  If his attorney knows for a fact that he was endangering lives, his attorney should be in the same cell. 

Current Retirements

Lance Storm has announced via his website that he has officially retired from active wrestling.  His last match was against none other than Robert Roode.  Lance is one of those technical wrestlers that I’ve watched over the years. While my initial reaction is to say “Don’t go Lance!”, I have the utmost respect for those that have the courage to know when to say when.  Good luck to Lance in any future endeavors. 

Not That I Care But You Might

Reported by Ryan Clark:  Karen Angle’s date for Hard Justice was Mark Predka, better known as Tha Trademarc.  Predka appeared on John Cena’s album debut of You Can’t See Me. We also hear that Predka is Cena’s cousin.

Speaking of Karen Angle, it is being reporting that she has signed a TNA Knockout contract and is officially working for the company.  Does TNA need another knock out?  Can Karen get in the ring and wrestle in a women’s division as we had hoped TNA had planned?  Another rumor has surfaced that wrestlers are unhappy with the way Kurt is getting all the goodies…could that be why we are seeing some TNA talent going out the door?

For Those of You Who Haven’t Heard

Vince Russo’s backstage guest at Hard Justice was none other than Vito.  We understand Vito and Russo are good friends.

Fans of Hector Mark Your Calendars for Wrestling in Palmetto, FL

And for you Hector Guerrero fans, reports he will be in action at the Manatee Civic Center on August 25.

Hernandez and Homicide Getting Heat?

The website www.F4wonline reports that Hernandez caused an injury to Kirby Mack at an Indy event two weekends ago.  According to Homicide, the wrestler had an injury prior to wrestling this match and no one was told.  Mike Mooneyham called LAX unprofessional because they didn’t check on the injured party after the match was over. Mack will make a full recovery.

Team 3D on the Outs?

Ryan Clark reports that Team 3D is most likely going to leave TNA.  The article states that Brother Devon wants to return to WWE with or without Brother Ray.  Team 3D’s contract expires in September.


Going, Going, Gone!

Online has reported that the following talent is leaving TNA:  Jerry Lynn, Brother Runt, Matt Bentley, Doug Basham and The Damaja.  The report states that Jerry Lynn was granted a release at his request for personal reasons; Matt Bentley’s contract expires this month and likely will not be renewed.  Several rumors have it that TNA is tossing talent in order to be able to pay Pacman for his time with TNA.  Although I hope this is just a rumor, shame on TNA if it is true. You never toss good talent for no talent, controversial or not.

A two-hour time slot won’t be worth anything if you can’t fill it with great wrestlers.

Want to read more about why Pacman is controversial?  Read all about it here:

I repeat:  TNA stars should be demanding bulletproof vests.

Another rumor has surface that VKM (BG James and Kip James) are also looking for the exit.

When You Lose Some, You Just Might Win Some -- Brock Lesnar to TNA?

The same ezine that gave us the TNA talent leaving report that Brock Lesnar is presently in talks with TNA.  Kurt Angle is said to be giving Brock a push in the door. I have never been a Lesnar fan, but maybe he will be good for TNA.  I just can’t help but wonder why TNA is losing the present talent on the roster. I may simply be a little skeptic that TNA is starting to look like “the other guys” and is losing what made me a TNA fan.

TNA Booking Methods

If you are interested in how TNA books their shows, you can read all about it here: with an explanation of why sometimes there are problems and that Vince Russo is not the cause.


Normally not in my realm of reporting, but KocoSports is reporting it will be Samoa Joe & Lo-Ki versus LAX for the JAPW Tag Team title.  This match is scheduled for September 8. Go to for more information.  This does sound like one killer of a match. I couldn't pass up the chance to push some of my favorites.

Up and Coming TNA Events

TNA will be at the New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY on September 3.  Information and tickets may be found at

TNA has announced a house show in Alabama on October 11.  Tickets will go on sale September 10.  Look for information on all house shows at

Follow Up to Monday Bytes

Ariel Fans

It appears Ariel will not be coming to TNA in spite of many rumors that she would be signing up.  Latest reports are that Ariel will again be back in WWE and will make her appearance at Summerslam. There are other rumors that she will be doing something other than wrestling appearances in the near future.

Hemme and Hoyt Not Only Ones Told To Stay Home

Last week it was reported the Christy Hemme and Lance Hoyt were told not to fly in for the Hard Justice pay per view. It has come to our attention that the same thing happened to Jerry Lynn.

Update on the Death of Brian “Crush” Adams

The autopsy performed on Brian did not reveal the cause of death so we must wait for – you got it – the toxicology report. We may have to form a line behind Congress to get the information.

That's D'Amore

There have been no new reports regarding Scott D’Amore leaving TNA at this time.

Konnan Health Report

Taken directly from (thank you, I’ve been waiting for word on Konnan’s health):

- Chad Broadwater sent the following update on 8/13 regarding Konnan, who's body rejected the donated kidney he received and is in San Diego seeing doctors:

Update: The biopsy showed the cells were attacking the kidney. Now they have him in isolation and are giving him medicine to fight the cells. So he is looking at least 5 more days in the hospital. Doctors say there is hope and they have seen this problem before and that most of them came out good.

Again, we wish Konnan all the best for a speedy successful recovery.













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