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December 5, 2007

by Sassy


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PWBTS sends condolences to Full Impact Pro Wrestling promoter Sal Hammoui; wife died unexpectedly Saturday; promotion suspends shows, including two in December

Posted on 12/02/107 by Bob Magee

Condolences go out to the family of Full Impact Pro Wrestling promoter Sal Hammoui; whose wife died suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday morning.

The promotion's events are suspended until further notice, including the December 14th Brooksville, FL show and December 15th show in Crystal River, FL.

Additional Information

Funeral information for wife and son of Full Impact Pro Wrestling promoter Sal Hamaoui

Posted on 12/03/107 by Bob Magee

Funeral information has been made public for the funeral services for the wife (Tammie Hammoui) of Full Impact Pro Wrestling promoter and Ring of Honor employee Sal Hamaoui, as well as the couple's unborn son, named Joseph Hamaoui.

Below is the funeral service information:

Moss Feaster, 13401 Indian Rocks Road, Largo, FL 33774

Visitation - Thursday, December 6th 6pm-8pm

Funeral (changed) - Friday, December 7th 1pm

Again, condolences go out from everyone involved with to the Hammoui family.

Timothy L. Foster, 46, of Rushville, died Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007 at Rush Memorial Hospital. Born Oct. 11, 1961 in Hancock County, he was the son of Anna (McClendon) Foster, Arvil H. Foster, and the birth son of Lois Yenowine.

Mr. Foster was a 1980 graduate of Greenfield Central High School was a retired Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws (WCWO) wrestler over the years known as "The Equalizer," a mechanic, security officer, and former member of the Morristown Volunteer Fire Department.

Survivors include a son, Carl Foster (and wife Jonena) of Rushville; mother, Anna Foster of Rushville; three grandchildren; brothers, Robert Foster of Mooresville and Ronnie Foster of Rushville; and sisters Anna M. Neice of Greenfield and Kelly Bailey of Rushville.

He was preceded in death by his father, Arvil H. Foster; a brother; and a sister.

Services will be at 2 p.m. Monday at Stillinger Family Funeral Home, Pasco Chapel, Greenfield with Pastor Jeff Day officiating. Burial will follow in Greenfield’s Park Cemetery. Visitation will be from 3 until 8 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.

MEDIA: 1950s female wrestler dies (Dallas Morning News)

Ruth Gohman: 1950s female wrestler, bodybuilder

December 2, 2007  By JOANNA CATTANACH / The Dallas Morning News 

The bulletin at Ruth Gohman's funeral asked friends and visitors to remember the former wrestler and silversmith's loving, laughing and joyful personality.

That's how Kay Gohman remembers her fun and feisty Aunt Ruthie. She was "cranky, crotchety but hilarious at the same time."

Ruth Gohman was known as Countess Victoria de Beaulais during the mid- and late 1950s in Venice, Calif. Ms. Gohman died Nov. 17 at age 71 after a battle with cancer.

Born March 5, 1936, in San Diego, Ms. Gohman made a name for herself as the curvaceous, blond wrestler and bodybuilder Countess Victoria de Beaulais during the mid- and late 1950s in Venice, Calif.

She twisted and tangled with the best of female wrestlers, later earning the nickname "Beau."

"There weren't that many female wrestlers around," Kay Gohman said. Black and white photos of the Countess show the rough-and-tumble lifestyle women in the business led in those days, competing in nothing but basic bathing suits and sneakers.

Raised a Jehovah's Witness, Beau wanted to break out and have new experiences, her niece said.

"She got into quite a bit of mess," Kay Gohman said, recalling an incident on a caravan trip to Las Vegas. "It was her idea to wave my petticoat around when our car broke down."

But that rebellious streak never stopped her from being a dependable friend.

"She was just a lot of fun," said one friend, Judy Batze.

Ms. Gohman eventually moved from California to Texas, where she worked at AT&T until retirement.

She kept her feisty spirit until the end, said Ms. Batze, who often joined Ms. Gohman and Kay Gohman at Kim and Jenny's Cafe in Duncanville.

"She'd speak her mind," Kay Gohman said. "She was an aunt to me, too."

Ms. Gohman enjoyed making jewelry and was a talented silversmith. She traveled to psychic fairs selling her pieces and often gave her creations to friends and family.

While in Duncanville, she joined a citizen's patrol group and was dubbed "Trouble."

She later battled cancer but never lost her characteristic wit.

"She was always very, very independent," Kay Gohman said.

In addition to her niece Kay, Ms. Gohman is survived by nieces Barbara German of Fort Worth, Susannah Gilman of Florida, and Donna Douglas and Diana Spurling, both of California; and nephew Charles Gohman of Indiana.

This website sends condolences to the family members, friends and fans of the above named recently departed.

Devil Bhudakahn Memorial Show Date Confirmed

Steve Gerweck - Monday, December 3 2007 - 10:01 AM


Several weeks ago, plans were officially announced for a special tribute show for the late James “Devil Bhudakahn” Fawcett, a well-respected fixture in Western Pennsylvania independent wrestling for nearly a decade, who passed away suddenly and tragically this past July at the age of 31. After much hard work and effort, we can indeed confirm further details on what is sure to be an emotional night of tribute and remembrance.

On Saturday night, March 8, 2008, family, friends, co-workers, pupils, and fans alike will gather together at the McKeesport YMCA, 523 Sinclair St in McKeesport, Pa, to show their love and appreciation for everything that James Fawcett gave to them both in and out of the ring. They’ll express that love and appreciation by doing what they do best, something James Fawcett dedicated much of his life to, and what many of them dedicated their lives to right alongside him, professional wrestling. It will be a night to celebrate the life, the times, and the memories of a truly dedicated and special performer, peer, mentor, and most importantly, friend.

The full card for this special evening will be announced in the coming weeks, as many of the region’s most talented and influential competitors, past and present, have agreed to come together for this very worthy cause. In addition to the in-ring action that evening, fans in attendance will have the chance to take part in several special raffles and auctions throughout the evening, with the opportunity to win a variety of great prizes, including items made exclusively for this event, as well as personalized memorabilia of various top wrestling stars.

Ticket prices are $15 for front row, $10 General Admission. All show and raffle proceeds will go directly toward James Fawcett’s mother Cindy, and his three young daughters, Madeline, Gwendolyn, and Lillian Rose.

We invite you to visit the official MySpace of this special event at and to stay posted for upcoming press releases as further updates on this show are made available. Please be a part of this special night in some form or fashion, as we honor our friend, say “thank you”, and “goodbye”.

For more information on the Devil Bhudakahn tribute show, please send an e-mail to 

For more information on this press release, or if you are the owner of a professional wrestling website, column, blog, or other form of media, and would like to be added to the press release mailing list please e-mail 


Injuries and Updates

During his tour of Germany the last of November, the King Of Old School Steve Corino has suffered from a moderate concussion. It is our understanding that he will be out of action through December 2007.

Mike Quackenbush is out of action until December due to a concussion. Source: IWA Newsletter

Deranged has seen a doctor and has been told that he has torn his calf muscle. He will be out at least 3 to 4 months. He won't know the exact severity of the injury until he sees a specialist later this week once the swelling goes down in his leg. This is a devastating injury to him as he was working so hard on training and getting into better shape and improving his wrestling ability. It is always a shame when someone gets hurts but when it happens to a good guy right when he was starting to get better and it being a fluke freak accident that caused it makes it that much worse. I hope that you send some good vibes and wishes for a speedy and full recovery for Deranged over the holiday season. Source: IWA Newsletter

You may have also read about the ear injury suffered by Drake at the same show. He will still wrestle against The Sandman on Friday night. He will just be wearing headgear in order to protect his ear. Source: IWA Newsletter

Scott Hall, who has previously worked in Puerto Rico, was a no show at the TNA Turning Point pay per view on December 2, 2007. The current word is that he had food poisoning but it is rumored the boys in the locker room and front office management are not happy with him. TNA has been pushing the return of “The Outsiders”, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, for weeks.

Tomko, who suffered an injury that required minor surgery in Japan last month was at Turning Point and he did work his scheduled match.

Jack Evans, Ruckus, Necro Butcher and Human Tornado were involved in a car accident on their way to an ROH event in Chicago. Jack Evans suffered a minor concussion. No one else sustained any notable injuries. They did not make it to the event.

Posted on 12/01/107 by Rich Tate

The latest news on the progress of Krissa Timbs, from Bryan Green: “Krissa had all the tubes removed from her today [Friday]. She is up and walking. Tomorrow [Saturday] she is to begin climbing stairs. The staples in her knee were removed as well. She is improving greatly and is in great spirits. Krissa wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers and support she has received. They are talking that she may be released from the hospital as early as Sunday or Monday.”

Not Necessarily Indy News

But any professional wrestler looking to get in the door to MMA should read this:

MEDIA/MMA: Fighter's death described as a 'tragedy' (Houston Chronicle)

Posted on 12/04/107 by Mike Informer

Dec. 4, 2007, 4:08AM

Fighter's death described as a 'tragedy'

Promoter says Vasquez went in well-prepared

By JEROME SOLOMON, Houston Chronicle

Sammy Vasquez, who died Friday — six weeks after suffering injuries in a mixed martial arts fight at Toyota Center — was "an incredible father and husband, a special brother, son and friend, and an accomplished martial artist," the promoter of the fight said Monday.

Saul Soliz, who has promoted at least 40 MMA events around the state, said any characterization of Vasquez not being up to the challenge of the bout with Vince Libardi is inaccurate.

Vasquez, 35, lost consciousness and suffered an apparent seizure after being stopped at the 2:50 mark of the third round in the featherweight bout (145-pound maximum) with Libardi.

"He was very well-rounded," said Soliz, who promoted the Oct. 20 event through Renegades Extreme Fighting. "For anyone to dismiss his skill, would be a making a grievous error. The guy was an incredible martial artist. He was very dedicated to his art.

"He was a very accomplished martial artist. His pro record (1-1 entering the Libardi fight) is not at all a reflection of his skill level. The guys he trained with on a daily basis are better than the guy he fought."

But Lewis Wood, who helped train Vasquez for the last fight of his life, said he was against Vasquez entering the cage against Libardi, 21.

"I didn't want him to take that fight," Wood said. "I advised him not to. But he's a grown man and a grown man is going to make his own decisions. He's a fighter. A fighter's going to take a fight."

Wood was one of three trainers to work with Vasquez leading up to the fight. Whatever reservations he might have had didn't keep him from working the corner for the bout, which several observers say was competitive until Libardi took control midway through the third round.

An investigation by officials from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, which sanctions "combative sports" events in the state, found the "event was conducted in compliance with all procedures."

The Harris County Medical Examiner's Office has yet to determine a cause of death in the case.

"From the prefight review conducted by the referee to the actions of the physician on duty and the emergency medical technicians, everyone involved with the Oct. 20 card conducted themselves accordingly and adhered to all procedures," said William H. Kuntz Jr., executive director of the TDLR. "We want to commend the ringside officials who presided over this event for their professionalism and quick actions.

"The referee immediately stopped the fight when he saw that Sammy was hurt. The doctors and paramedics worked quickly to give Sammy the medical attention he needed and to get him to the hospital."

State law and the department rules require fighters to undergo examinations conducted by a physician and an ophthalmologist, who must fill out portions of the fight application.

Vasquez was not subject to the stipulation for persons 36 years old, requiring them to submit to a more extensive physical that includes a brain scan or electroencephalography (EEG), and an electrocardiogram (EKG).

Soliz said two doctors were ringside, and emergency medical technicians responded quickly to the situation.

MMA fighting — a combination of a variety of martial arts, plus boxing and wrestling — has been growing in popularity since bouts were first sanctioned in the mid-1990s.

Defenders of the controversial sport have long pointed to there never having been a death involving a fighter in a sanctioned bout to counter critics' claim the sport is barbaric.

"I'm deeply saddened and everyone associated with MMA is hurt by this," Soliz said. "It's a tragedy that happens in every sport. And that's what it is — a tragedy. Nobody can prepare for it.

"How are you going to predict it? It is not something that happens in MMA fighting. You look at something as innocuous as cheerleading, and annually there are accidents that cause deaths. There are tragedies in high school football. Marathoners pass on after races, and that's a non-contact sport.

"I'm not trying to compare this tragedy to that tragedy or any tragedy to another tragedy — they're all sports tragedies. And they're all extremely sad." 

WWE Monday Night Raw

The skit with Mr. Kennedy regarding HBK Shawn Michaels included several Indy wrestlers. In addition to T.J. Mack as Marty Jannetty (as reported by Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer site), the Kennedy skit on RAW included several NWA Anarchy stars including Mikal Judas as Diesel, Shatter as Razor, Jeff Lewis as Shawn Michaels. Source:

The Submission Machine Samoa Joe Speaks Up

This really doesn’t fall in the Indy category since it occurred during a TNA performance, but in a way it does since many TNA wrestlers also work the Indys. I have read several reports regarding Joe’s “speech” at Turning Point last Sunday including the fact that fans were not happy with his spiel. I saw Turning Point and I did a recap/review of the event. I saw nothing wrong with Joe doing what he did.  I’m not making excuses for him but he obviously was frustrated by what had transpired with the Scott Hall no show. He had reasons for being frustrated.  As much as I understand Samoa Joe can be a pain in the neck, I have never, ever seen him put out anything less than a great performance. He was correct in saying that the younger backstage talent – INCLUDING THE MEMBERS OF THE X DIVISION – are frequently overlooked for main events and pay per views.  I don’t get the reasoning for that either.  I will be honest.  I did NOT tune into Turning Point to specifically see Scott Hall.  As much as I enjoyed his Razor Ramone stint, my reasons for tuning into Turning Point had to do with wrestlers such as Abyss, AJ Styles, Rhino (he didn’t make it due to a previous injury and I get that), Tomko (who was there in spite of recent surgery for an injury received in a match in Japan), Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal, The Motor City Machineguns, Kaz, Eric Young, James Storm, Robert Roode, and Gail Kim. I was a little miffed that TNA pulled the “we’ll let you know what was in those briefcases next Thursday”, but as far as I was concerned, the show did not revolve around Scott Hall, Kevin Nash OR Kurt Angle. While what Joe did and said may have been out of line with TNA management standards, I understand where he was coming from and I understand Kevin Nash was upset.  Joe only looked at Kevin Nash directly once and that was regarding his “padding pensions” remark.  The rest of the time he specifically looked at Kurt Angle. I’ll be the first one on that bandwagon because I refer to TNA as “The Angle Family Show” and “WWE’s Cousin” these days.

If you want to see passion, hard work, and great talent, including Joe’s speech, I suggest you purchase the Turning Point pay per view. On a personal note: I can guarantee Joe didn’t say anything that most of those younger wrestlers in the back weren’t already thinking.

Other Recommended Pay Per Views

ROH’s MAN UP! Premiered on pay per view last week. If you have not seen it, check with your cable company. This event is highly recommended.

Could Be Good News For Indy Fans

It is being reported that Dixie Carter offered to give anyone a release who wanted one after the problems at TNA’s latest pay per view “Turning Point”. Senshi, who also worked the Indy circuit, as Low-Ki requested and got his release. Because he is now leaving the company and he received one of the cases at the pay per view, it is being reported that Senshi will be the wrestler who receives the pink slip. You can find Senshi/Low-Ki’s name highlighted in this Indy News Bytes as well as previous Indy News Bytes to find out where he will be working in the ring – which he obviously has not been doing at TNA.

The Real Deal

There is an article in Global Life and Travel entitled “The Real Deal” It is about Lucha Libre in Mexico.  It is a fairly lengthy article. Rather than print the entire article in our News Bytes Section, we will instead provide the link: It’s a good article and recommended reading for Lucha Libre fans.

MMA Star Daniel Puder to "Wrestle" for Ring of Honor

By Anna Elizabeth Anderson, Nov 27, 2007  

Daniel Puder, who is presently signed to an Mixed Martial Arts contract with the San Jose, California based Strikeforce promotion, will soon start appearing for the Ring of Honor professional wrestling promotion, starting with their December 29 and 30th shows in New York City.  According to Wrestling News, Puder, the only $1,000,000 Tough Enough Champion in World Wrestling Entertainment history, had a brief but colorful career in the world of pro wrestling.

He entered the 4th Tough Enough competition in 2004, with the winner promised a 4 year, $250k per year contract with WWE. Of course, WWE billed the contest as "The Million Dollar Tough Enough," even though they could (and lo and behold, actually did) release the winner after just one year of service to the company.

 The Million Dollar Tough Enough didn't have it's own show, it was a showcased part of the Smackdown program, with Puder, reality show star Mike "The Miz" Mizanin (now on ECW and Smackdown), Justice Smith, Nick Mitchell (formerly of The Spirit Squad, and currently living with Torrie Wilson in Houston, Texas), Daniel Rodimer, Chris Nawrocki,  and Ryan Reeves competing for the contract.

 In one of the early competitions, the contestants were going to get the chance to "shoot" (or "freestyle" real wrestling) with a WWE superstar. WWE officials decided to put the chosen athlete against Kurt Angle, the Olympic Gold Medalist, and perhaps the best pure wrestler on the planet. To ensure a quick victory for Angle, the contestants spent their day eating a large meal, then put in a squat thrust competition that was supposed to weigh them down and tire them out.

 Angle was to "shoot wrestle" the winner of the squat thrust competition, a young man named Chris Nawrocki. Angle made quick work of the tired and worn down Nawrocki, but then decided to show his own personality. Angle berated the others, and challenged any of them to get into the ring with him. Puder, with prior MMA and kickboxing experience, raised his hand and accepted the challenge. Angle was clearly not ready for a "game" competitor. Angle likes to point out he was suffering the effects of a broken neck at the time, but there's no denying that on that night in St. Louis, Missouri, Daniel Puder immediately locked Kurt Angle in a Kimura and had Angle at the point of tapping. Angle flipped them both on their backs, while Puder kept Angle locked in the hold. editor Arturo Collozo Jr. remarked that there is  much discussion about what happened next. . "In WWE, the hub of the tv tapings is called The Gorilla Position," commented Collozo, "it's where Vince McMahon sits on headsets, the producers and writers of the segments are there with him, and old school wrestler Gerald Brisco gives times cues and speaks to the referees, who keep an earpiece in one of their ears at all times so the wrestlers know how many minutes are left in the match because the ref passes on that message and any other Vince and the producers want the wrestlers to know."  Several people who were in WWE's "Gorilla Position" on that night say there was panic. There are reports that Brisco told the ref to "count." Others say the order came from Vince McMahon himself. The ref counted Puder down, even though it was obvious Puder's shoulders were not down. Afterwards, Angle and Puder shook hands, with Angle lecturing Puder about what was considered the code amongst sports entertainers and how they're not here to hurt each other, just to make money with each other.

 Several people have stated there were two people with diametric views of the incident. Kurt Angle was furious, having been shown up by an unknown, and Smackdown writer Paul Heyman (better known as the creative guru behind the original ECW cult phenomenon) was telling everyone in site that a star was born. Puder went on to win the contest by beating Mizanin in a legitimate boxing contest.

 Based on the premise of an unknown coming out of nowhere to become a star at the expense of an established main eventer, Heyman reportedly proposed "The Angle Invitational" to Kurt Angle. Basically, Heyman went to Angle and pitched him on the idea of what is called a "squash match," in which the dominating wrestler has a non-competitive "show off" (or "enhancement") match every week on television instead of the competitive main events that Angle was, according to many, burning himself out with. Heyman reportedly pitched the idea that they'd make a brand new superstar by someone surprising Angle by upsetting the Olympic Gold Medalist. editor Matthew Cooper stated, "Puder was supposed to be that new star. Heyman wanted Puder to be the one who upset Angle, and he wanted it to happen in Puder's hometown of San Jose, California, where the crowd would go crazy and the reaction would be memorable."

 But Puder was universally hated in WWE, and Heyman was sent home in December, 2004 after one of his many blowups with the McMahon family. Puder was the victim of a legendary hazing, in which he was entered into the 2005 Royal Rumble, and then "chopped" by Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly, and Eddie Guerrero before being eliminated.

 Puder was sent to WWE developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), where he was supposed to be taught and developed, but instead was benched by OVW lead writer Jim Cornette. At the same time, future WWE superstar Ken Anderson (now "Mr. Kennedy") got assigned to OVW, and was also benched by the legendary former manager (and present TNA "authority figure").

 Cornette was ultimately fired by WWE after a series of incidents, and was replaced by the exiled Paul Heyman. With Puder's contract coming due in a few months, Heyman, an acknowledged Puder Fan, becoming the lead writer for the OVW television show was the best news possible for Puder. Heyman immediately put Puder on television on television with a series of 10 to 30 second squash matches, with Anderson (Kennedy) acting as Puder's coach/partner,  doing the introductions, including the now-famous repetition of the last name.

 Puder was getting a star reaction, and looked to be a breakout star, but it didn't matter to WWE management. Puder was given his notice, and $750,000 of his $1,000,000 contract looked to be safe and sound in the WWE coffers instead of in Puder's bank account.

 Puder returned to Northern California, and started training for MMA again. He appeared for Strikeforce on March 10, 2006, and forced Jesse Fujarcyk to tap out to a rear naked choke at 1:54 in the 1st round.

 Now Puder wants to be a star in both the MMA and pro wrestling worlds. He is joining DVD-cult favorite Ring of Honor, being brought in as a "shooter" (real-wrestler), an "outsider" in the world of scripted pro wrestling. The head writer for Ring of Honor is known as one of the best in the business, 'net favorite Gabe Sapolsky, who is, ironically, a protege of Paul Heyman's, having worked as Heyman's assistant in the Original ECW.  Puder will no doubt play off his incident with Kurt Angle, and as long as he can display his arrogance in his interviews,  appear to be a big star in the promotion.  And at the same time, Puder is a contracted fighter with Strikeforce, which appears to be ready to become a major player in MMA in the year 2008. For Daniel Puder, it may have taken some time, but it's the best of both worlds.

The National Ledger, LLC  


JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER (1964), Friday November 30, 2007

LARRY ZBYSKO (1953), Wednesday December 5, 2007

OVW On The Hit List

Ohio Valley Wrestling's roster now only has 12-15 contracted talents, down from a high of about 40. (PWI) This seems to be an indication WWE is trying to shift all their talent to Florida Championship Wrestling, which is not a good sign for OVW.


Wrestling Society X - PRESS RELEASE

For more information: Keith Lipinski

Head of Public Relations - Wrestling Division – Big Vision Entertainment

Email: or

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Release date: Tuesday November 13, 2007


Wrestling Society X – Season One

All features of the Wrestling Society X – Season One COLLECTORS EDITION 4 DVD set

-ALL 9 Episodes of Wrestling Society X as they appeared on MTV


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-Behind the scenes and in the ring Photo Gallery

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All episodes: commentary by WSX co-creator, producer and head writer Kevin Kleinrock and writer, talent scout, creative team member Keith Lipinski

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-Very special Lacey and Lizzy Valentine bikini videos

-The Transformation of Fabian Kaelin: World’s Most Hated Announcer

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-Trailers for current and upcoming BVE DVDs


GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame

Eddie Guerrero

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It is my honor and pleasure to induct Eddie Guerrero into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame.

The GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame is intended to include the elite members of the wrestling community that deserve to be inducted into a prestigious hall of fame without prejudice or politics. Areas of consideration for induction should include (but not be limited to) a wrestler’s drawing power, wrestling ability, impact or influences on the business, longevity, and passion/drive for the industry. Non-in ring performers (such as promoters, announcers, referees, etc.) should also be judged by a similar criterion, based on the highest standards for their areas. Remember, this is not a popularity contest. This hall of fame will only include the best of the best. Readers should e-mail with names of candidates worthy of consideration. The name with the highest number of suggestions will be considered for voting the following month. Thus, twelve names will be considered per year, and the number of inductees for the year is totally up to the GERWECK.NET readers. If a subject doesn’t qualify for induction, he or she will remain off the consideration list for twelve months. If a subject receives 70% or higher, he or she will be inducted.

Amazing Kong aka Awesome Kong Interview Recap

Interview Recap – Amazing Kong, By John Wiswell

The Amazing Kong (TNA’s Awesome Kong) was the guest on the In Your Head show on November 28, 2007, hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards at  She showed a very different side than you’ll ever see on TNA.

Kong was on the show to plug her women’s title match with Gail Kim at TNA: Turning Point on December 2nd, with PPV replays throughout December.

Kong said she goes under “Awesome Kong” in TNA because of property rights. “They own that name, I own mine.” She said she prefers “Amazing Kong” on the indies and “Awesome Kong” when she’s in TNA.

Kong said winning the TNA women’s title would mean validating the last five years of “Hell” in Japan and the American indies. Her training in Japan was very rough, “and now it’s time to cash in,” she said. She began training under Jesse Hernandez in the School of Hard Knocks, before impressing All Japan Pro Wrestling at a tryout and going overseas permanently to train. All Japan Women’s dojo put her through “the most rigorous routine I’ve ever experienced,” far above any high school sports she had tried, as the trainers wanted to see how much she could take.

Kong was a fan of wrestling as a kid. Undertaker was her favorite as a kid, and as she grew up she liked Steve Austin and the Rock.

Kong liked living in Japan. The first time she was there she “pulled a George Bush,” getting some at Disney Land. She said Japanese food is an acquired taste, and that Japanese people love to make Americans try everything to see their reactions.

A caller asked about Amazing Kong being the last All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling tag team champions with Aja Kong. Kong said it meant a lot to be the champions, but it was bittersweet, because she felt partially responsible for the company’s failure, even though it was beyond the talent’s control.

Kong said she’d heard of Aja Kong before trying out, but didn’t know about her importance. It wasn’t Aja Kong’s idea to give her the “Kong” name, but rather All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling’s idea so that even if Aja Kong wasn’t there, there would be a “Kong” at the show. She said Aja Kong is very happy with it now.

Kong enjoyed her time All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling immensely. While patriotic, she learned how many different ways people do things that aren’t wrong, but simply different. When she overcame all the pains of the business and her peers said she had “the fighting spirit,” it meant the world to her.

A caller asked what female wrestler had the biggest impression on her. Kong said Joanie Laurer (“Chyna” in WWE).

A caller congratulated her on being the biggest hit in TNA, and Jack asked how it felt to arrive at her first PPV and already have people chanting her name. Kong joked that when she steps into the ring she goes deaf and doesn’t hear the crowd, but she enjoyed “the vibe.”

A caller asked what American women’s wrestlers could benefit TNA’s women’s division. Kong gave a shout-out to SHIMMER, an all-female American indy, calling its roster the hardest-working women in America. She listed Ms. Chif, Sara Del Ray and Cheerleader Melissa as people she would like to see in TNA. While she didn’t want to disrespect WWE, she doesn’t consider WWE Divas to be wrestlers. She doesn’t watch WWE much, if at all, and did not recognize Beth Phoenix’s name.

She calls her version of the Torture Rack the “Accordion Rack.”

One Inch Biceps asked if anyone had ever complained about her style. She said if they hadn’t liked it, they were too scared to mention it.

Jack asked about injuries. Kong has had a lot of back problems. In her first month in Japan, she sprained her ankle. Like most wrestlers, she’s suffered concussions. At one point, she had to have part of her tongue removed.

A caller asked if Kong was still allowed to go to SHIMMER, considering TNA has an embargo on ROH and ROH runs SHIMMER. Kong said she does her own bookings and will still do SHIMMER, but she would respect TNA’s requests if she was contacted. If anyone wants to book Amazing Kong, they can contact Ed Chuman at . She also has an official website at  and a myspace at 

A caller asked if she ran into xenophobia in Japan. Kong said the Japanese were very receptive. Sometimes she was stared at, asked if she was Queen Latifah or asked to help practice their English, but nothing bad.

Kong is fluent in Japanese.

Steve Corino was a close friend in Japan. Kong told a story about when Corino pretended to be her agent and got her a tryout as a dancer for an Avian water commercial. She got a callback, but also got in trouble with Zero-1 over it.

On the vital topic of head sizes, Kong said CW Anderson’s head was bigger than Steve Corino’s.

Barbie asked how fun it is to destroy Ms. Chif, in particular in their match on SHIMMER Women’s Athletes Volume 9 (available at . She said it was more fun than you could imagine. “Just imagine having your very own Stretch Armstrong.” Her grandmother was actually in attendance for the SHIMMER match, and she got a standing ovation from the crowd for it. She said she’ll never forget that match.

A caller asked about Meiko Satomura from Japan’s GAEA promotion. Kong thought she was a hard worker and a great leader. Kong said she was the sort of person you aspired to be like.

Another caller asked if she would ever be interested in creating her own company. It would be interesting to her for an anniversary show, but not regularly. “There’s a lot that goes into a wrestling promotion,” she said. Right now she is focused on work in the ring and proving the ability of women’s wrestlers.

Kong wasn’t particularly happy with eating fake fruit on the Thanksgiving TNA Impact, but wouldn’t speak against it. She said the fake fruit was surprisingly easy to bite through. “Better than some cafeteria food,” she said.

Kong said stepping into the six-sided ring for the first time was disorienting, but she found her bearings. It essentially gave her six directions to throw people.

She did some MMA in Japan, but it was a lot of training and hardwork. She won’t return to that sport soon. She had trouble with some “rules,” like not pulling hair or fish-hooking. She retired undefeated.

WWE did actually contact her, but she liked TNA’s overall product better, and TNA offered her bookings first.

Jack asked about what it was like to win the All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling world heavyweight title. She said it was a huge sense of accomplishment, as other wrestlers went years without so much as a titleshot.

The chat room wanted to know if she would get promo time in TNA. She said her character was all about “food and whooping ass” right now.

She loves the HUSTLE promotion in Japan. When she was approached to wrestle in a yellow tutu, she knew she had to do it. She has a sense of humor and likes HUSTLE’s antics. They also gave her the chance to face her tag team idols, Team 3D.

Jack asked about the wardrobe malfunction on her TNA PPV debut. She said it wasn’t that embarrassing, and that she’s been in much more embarrassing situations than having “her girls” pop out.

Kong is up for wrestling men. She’s done it in Japan and sees no problem with it.

They plugged TNA: Turning Point again, and Amazing Kong thanked all her fans for the support.

You can listen to the full-length interview at and new episodes Wednesdays at 8 PM EST.


The Artist Formerly Known As Chris Matsters

Chris Mordetzky formerly “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters was the guest on the In Your Head show hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards at 

After a week or so being released, Chris “Masters” Mordetzky welcomes the wrestling world and explains his career thus far!

Mordetzky manages to quickly clarify that he is now the “Artist formally known as Chris Masters”

He didn’t get word of going to “Tribute to the Troops” until literally the day before, because of Kurt Angle being injured.

He admits to being selfish, but when he arrived overseas he realized that what was going on was bigger than he was.

At around this time in 2005, he was working with Shawn Michaels and was the second top heel in the company. He wasn’t totally surprised when he got the call while eating with Davari and Carlito!

A caller asks what Masters thought about UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling). Masters started the same day with John Cena, Masters was 16 at the time. Masters even would break his ankle three months into training.

Masters figured he was too young, and proceeded to wait until he was 19 when he would be older and mature.

Masters disagrees with the “internet fans” when they claim that bodybuilders try to be wrestlers. He always intended to be a wrestler, when he was in the ring.

Masters agrees that you have to “be able to turn heads” when asked about if WWE is looking for a certain type.

A caller asks how much Masters can bench, Masters says he can bench around 300-350. Mentions that he also recently dislocated his elbow in his last match.

The same caller asks if Masters would ever be interested in going into body building, Masters says that bodybuilding will forever be a “hobby”.

Masters plugs his myspace..  

Masters says that the story for him not selling the Undertaker’s offense on the recent overseas trip is false.

Masters instead that when he was sent over the top rope his arm didn’t come down with his he fell and that’s how he got injured.

Masters says he has a had a rough year professional and personally.

He was pleased with his matches with Rey Jr. and Undertaker on the tour.

Masters puts Taker over as the “most professional guy I’ve ever worked with.”

Masters explains his way of being released..

He got injured.

Had to fly coach back to the United States, although he was to suppose to come back first class

He gets a phone call that the wellness company that stated that one of the THREE tests he took had a illegal substance.

He was very shocked, and was suspended for sixty days.

Masters at the time was also unhappy with how he was being used, and was really thinking about his career.

Two days after being suspended, he was released from WWE.

He began thinking after his first rehab stint was thinking about he was being used.

As soon as he got released he quickly began to look for something he could do.

Masters is looking for possible Hollywood experiments, but wont explain further than that. if you’d like to book him, or visit his Myspace.

Along with wrestling he is also doing autographs and appearances.

He already has a few bookings in the MA area on November 30th and December 1st. His first matches since being released from the WWE.

He admits that is very hard to keep clean from substances. “Wrestling is a very stressful… and very physically demanding”.

Believes a lot people have the wrong conception on pro wrestlers being “jacked up on steroids”.

Says that not everyone uses steroids in the business.

Says that Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels are “rare breed to have been doing it so long.”

Agrees that the “Masterpiece” character added pressure to look good . He didn’t want to look like a Lex Luger or Ultimate Warrior, though.

Masters says that he has never been a heel. Jim Cornette attempted to push as a baby face in OVW, but he was booed out of the building.

A caller asked who Masters hero’s were, Masters says the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. As he grew up he began respecting people who delivered pay per view matches.

Uses Shawn Michaels as an example of who can deliver on pay per views.

A highlight of his career was being able to wrestle HBK on pay per view (Unforgiven 2005).

The same caller asks, if its strange to do the voice over’s on wrestling games. Masters says that it’s a “easy payday”.

Another caller asked how he liked bringing in the full nelson compared of high risk moves.. Masters wasn’t a big fan of the move at first. He compares two easy finishers, such as the People’s elbow and Hogan’s leg drop.

He knows that the crowd wouldn’t want to see the Masterpiece challenge, and admitted he wouldn’t want to either!

After the hold was broken, Masters was asked to find a new finisher. However, after the reaction in Europe, he didn’t think he needed a new finisher move.

Masters really began thinking about his career, after working with HHH, HBK and Flair, to coming back to wrestle Super Crazy.

When he came back smaller, Masters believes its contradictory to take a push away because of their build.

A caller asks how it feels to leave WWE without a title belt victory. Masters was just appreciative of working with big names and touring the country. He would have loved a title reign, but the glass is “half full” in his eyes.

He would be very interested in a comeback in WWE sometime in the future.

Masters doesn’t see himself going out the way he did in WWE. He agrees he could go to Japan or the Indys to make a bigger name for himself.

Masters strongly believes that if he were to keep up with wrestling, he will comeback to WWE sometime in the future.

A caller tells Masters that he is indeed a big draw and that TNA and Japan could grab him. The caller also says that the WWE dropped the ball.

Masters would be interested in going to TNA or any other promotion.

He loved teaming up with his friend Carlito. He liked the “odd pairing” of the two. He wished they could have been a tag team longer before Carlito was turned baby face.

Everything for the two changed the day before Wrestle Mania 22.

Says its really hard to compare wrestling a smaller guy to a guy larger than him. He says its great either way.

Masters puts over Rey Jr. as being an amazing worker. Mentions that he and Rey “tore the house down” in Manchester.

His favorite Masterpiece segments included Backlash 2005, the one where he did one with Shawn Michaels because it was the last segment on a RAW, also a rather funny one where he picked a guy who just got out of jail for manslaughter.

A caller asks if he would consider being in TNA, Masters believes he could contribute to that company. He also likes the roster they now have.

Regarding a new gimmick, he believes that’s up to which company he were to work for in the future.

Masters says its different wrestling in OVW compared to wrestling on the main roster in WWE. He says its very important to listen to the crowd during matches.

When he went to Smackdown he really felt like a family their. Also, that Smackdown is the underdog.

He also says that RAW has the unpredictability compared to the taped Smackdown.

Says it was a major confidence booster when working with HBK and Flair.

Masters says that he wasn’t a Lex Luger fan, but was a fan of Rick Rude.. Says that Luger “never really did anything for me.” On the other hand, he though Rude played his character very well.

Masters worked out with Paul Orndorff for around four days when he first made the character of the Masterpiece.

He believes that he reminded of Vince of a younger Paul Orndorff. Masters also thinks that WWE is trying to reinvent old characters with tweaks to make the character work today.

Masters thanks the fans for their supports. Says he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He wants to work!


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Wild girls go crazy at the Funking Conservatory

Posted on 12/03/107 by Dory Funk

Funk's Corner - Wild Girls Gone Crazy at the Funking Conservatory

In a three girl one night tournament for the Funking Conservatory's new Women's Championship Belt, The "Pop Tarts," Kim Dakota and Vikki Von lose their cool in their quest for the belt held by "The Claw," Claudia Reiff.

Jealousy overcomes and the wildest catfight ever at the Funking Conservatory breaks out. In an effort to quell the ruckus, Blain Rage gets pulled into the dirty sexy melee.

In a Funking Conservatory World Championship Match, 14 year old Pistol Payton Gunn is the "Hero of the Night" as Shane Chung defends against Blain Rage and his latest protégé of bad deeds, Damian.

Also featured on !BANG! TV, Elvis Sharp, Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell with Sandii Skye, Johnny Magnum, Will Power and Johnny Romano.  Webbies (Mini Movies) and the complete show, Support the Troops 21, WrestleFeast are all on the New !BANG! TV on our website at


Our next !BANG! TV Taping comes to the Funking Conservatory Monday December 31st. Showtime is 7pm and doors open at 6pm. Featured on the show will be Shane Chung, Flyin Ryan "Air" Mitchell with Sandii Skye, Elvis Sharp, The Claw, Claudia Reiff, Will Power, The "Pop Tarts," Kim Dakota and Vikki Von, Blain Rage, Johnny Romano, Damien and Pistol Payton Gunn.

Tickets for Support the Troops 22, XXStravaganza are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Devon Self Storage of Ocala. Tickets can also be purchased online at 


World 1-South NO 



December 22, 2007 - Oconee Gym in Dublin, GA, raising funds for the Dublin Tipoff Club. Matches begin at 7:30 PM. Call (866) 244-0104 for more info.

Advertised: The Heartbreak Express defend the AWA World Tag Team Title versus K.I. Elite (Shawn Hunter & Jake Slater); Francisco Ciatso will defend the World-1 South Southern Heavyweight Title versus Dave Holiday; and Just added to the previously announced matches are Tommy Rich versus Big Bank Barfield; Shawn Hunter versus Kevin Kantrell; and Lance Alonte versus Q-Ball. Mike Stratus is also scheduled to appear.

December 30, 2007 - Valdosta, GA, at the Valdosta Conference Center, starting at 7:00 PM. Call (866) 244-0104 for more info. Advertised: The Heartbreak Express will defend the AWA World Tag Team Title versus Bonez the Cutthroat & a Mystery Partner; Dave Holiday versus Tommy Dame; and Lance Alonte versus Big Bank Barfield.


Absolute Intense Wrestling


Vendors wanted for 12/16: AIW is offering vendor space for this very special evening as we say good bye to "The King of Old School" The space is available to sell merchandise or to advertise your products. Interested parties may email us at


December 16, 2007 - ABSOLUTE INTENSE WRESTLING Presents: GUANTLET FOR THE GOLD 3, Cleveland, Ohio.


At Gauntlet For The Gold 3, AIW is proud to present Steve Corino’s final match in North America. It will be his final Absolute Title defense, as well. The two challengers are men that want the title for different reasons. Sterling James Keenan is one of the most confident men in the AIW locker room and wants to the title to add to his collection of titles across the world. Meanwhile, Dios Salvador is a local Clevelander looking to make a name for himself in wrestling and after flirting with it for over a year, becoming Absolute Champ. Corino, on the other hand, plans on retiring with the title. But AIW Officials will prevent that from happening with….


A yearly tradition returns with 30 men vying for their chance at the Absolute Title. If Steve Corino wins his title match, he will be forced by AIW Officals to hand his title to the winner. If Dios or SJK win the Absolute Title, the winner of the Gauntlet will automatically become the number one contender. Needless to say, this is a huge opportunity for everybody on the AIW roster.

The first five people entered in the Gauntlet (In No Order):

1. AIW Tag Champ: “Beer Bong” Nick Belushi

2. AIW Tag Champ: “Sorority Sister” Super Oprah

3. Matthew Justice

4. “Bloody” Morty Rackem

5. Rebis


Tammy Sytch, The Original Diva, returns to her position as AIW General Manager. Tammy has seen in all in the wrestling business, and it’s prepared her for the craziness of helping run Absolute Intense Wrestling. She surprised the world by booking Drake Younger and The Necro Butcher at Hell On Earth 3, by flying The Duke home at “Tomorrow Never Dies” and she’s prepared for even more surprises on 12/16. Reliable sources have said Tammy has been on the phone recently with people in and out of Cleveland. Who has she been talking to? Will it affect AIW on 12./16?


After making a huge surprise return at Hell On Earth 3, Josh Prohibition will by vying for the Intense Title in this unique match up. Josh, who the crowd doesn’t know how to react to yet, in his return, will be going against one of the most hated men in AIW in Tyler Black. Tyler who’s seen action all over the US might have never come against a challenge like Josh Prohibition. Known for being one of the most ruthless men in wrestling Josh will do anything in his power to win the title and make an even bigger impact in his return.


Obviously inspired by other viral campaigns in wrestling and entertainment, somebody who claims to be a former AIW Star is returning at Gauntlet For The Gold 3 and won’t reveal himself until that night. Do Absolute Owner, Chandler Biggins or AIW GM Tammy Sytch even know who this person is? Does AIW condone this, or has the “AIW Worker” taken it upon themselves? These questions remained to be answered. The person is providing clues thru a myspace at In the weeks to come, we’re obviously going to find out more about this person or people.


In the first ever, Black Christmas Death Match, The Thrillbilly will face his arch nemesis “The Passion” John Thorne. John Thorne is coming off his career match against Necro Butcher and Drake Younger, and while Necro pinned him, Thorne outsmarted him. Drake hit Nerco from behind and slammed him thru a table. Drake and Thorne celebrated as Drake became a member of Revelation 13. Agent Aaron Bauer who hired Necro Butcher, will bring his regular client, The Thrillbilly against Thorne for the third time in AIW. The stipulation being a “Black Christmas Death Match” weapons will be placed in wrapped gifts and Christmas decorations will be available at ringside and legal to use. With Thrillbilly and Agent Aaron Bauer dedicating this match to The Necro Butcher, that’s a promise that blood will be shed.


The AIW Tag Titles have remained on Alpha Beta Duke since May, and nobody has come close to defeating them. AIW’s resident odd couple, Super Oprah and Nick Belushi will be defending against two teams, not just one. The first is “The Switchblade Saints” (Sami Callihan and Matt Riot) and the other team is “The Young Studs” (TJ Dynamite and Eric Ryan). Will Oprah and Nick leave once again as Champs?

All that and much more!

The show is being held at 7PM at: Mulberry's In The Flats, 2316 Mulberry Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113

ACE Action Zone



December 1, 2007 - Union City, NJ

Non Title Match

Web TV champion William Wyeth pinned James Lopez

Thomas "The Gate" Rodriguez def. Tony Albano & Junior Sabo

Chris Rockwell def. Psycho

Tag Team Title

Team Yea! (Sam Sational & Rayza) def. The Kindred (Wes Draven & Radames)

Light Heavyweight Title

"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal def. Giovanni Marranca

"Hollywood" Joe Hardway pinned Danny Demanto

Killa S & Ed Murdoch def. BS Express (Ed & Tom)

The Imports (Giovanni Marranca, Vic Hellion, & Black Zemis) def. Danny Demanto, Pinkie Sanchez, & 2 Hott Steve Scott

Heavyweight Title

Mo Sexton pinned Devious to retain the title

Main Event

"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal & Azrieal def. Style & Finesse(Rob Vegas & Mike Donovan)

All American Pro Wrestling



December 1, 2007 - West Frankfort, Illinois

Bryan James pinned Paul Rose

Gary Jay pinned Christopher Jade

Mike Masters & JT Calhoun beat The Furies by DQ

Pierre Abernathy pinned Webmaster Stevie K

Brian Ladd pinned Evan Gelistico

CPW Heavyweight Champ Ali Stevens beat Carnage by KO

Shane Rich & Livewire McGuire pinned AAPW Heavyweight Champ Steven Davis & NWC Heavyweight Champ Brandon Walker


All American Wrestling


November 24, 2007 - AAW "Windy City Classic III" is in the books and what a night it was. The Berwyn Eagles Club was packed and the fans witnessed the below results.

*Show opened with a Tyler Black promo where he stated he would take out Danny Daniels once and for all. Jim Jesus was in the background making a deal on his cell phone and Black was annoyed saying he didn't need any distractions tonight.

Austin Aries d. Silas Young via brainbuster into submission combo.

New AAW reporter Valerie Malone was in the ring to award Krotch the "most inspirational wrestler of the year award". Silas Young came back out and grabbed Krotch's sister Nikki then took out Krotch. When Valerie tried to help Nikki Silas powerbombed her!

Absolute Answer (Chris Able and Caden Ames) and Shane Hollister d. Knight Wagner and the Old School Wrecking Crew (Hybrid and Brooks) w/ Derek St. Holmes and Koa Marie.

Jayson Reign was the sole survivor of the elimination match

Order of elimination:

Dan Lawrence d. Derek St. Holmes

Ryan Boz d. Dan Lawrence

Ryan Cruz d. Krotch

Zach Gowen d. Brandon Blaze

Ryan Boz d. Zach Gowen

Ryan Boz and Skullkrusher were both DQ'd for hitting referees

Jayson Reign d. Ryan Cruz

Jayson Reign d. Darrin Corbin

American History Next (Steve Stone/Hardcore Craig) d. Tony Rican/Cadillac Jones

AHN said they had not been given the level of competition they needed. This brought out Skullkrusher who brawled with AHN and then Ryan Boz who brawled with Skullkrusher

The Phoeniz Twins w/ Joey Eastman d. DP Associates (Trik Davis/Ck3) w/ Dave Prazak

A closely contested match. The Twins got the win after Eastman distracted CK3.

Eric Priest d. Jimmy Jacobs to retain the AAW Heritage title

Jacobs worked on the injured knee of the champ most of the match. In the end Priest was able to roll up Jacobs to keep the belt. After the match Jacobs and Ryan Boz beat down Priest who needed to be helped from the ring.

Jerry Lynn d. Keith Walker to retain the AAW Heavyweight title

Walker man handled Lynn in the early going. Lynn was able to take out the right leg of the cahllenger and wear him down. Walker made a comeback but the referee was taken out. Jim Jesus came to ringside and gave Lynn a steel chair. It took two chair shots, two low blows and a cradle piledriver to keep Walker down. Walker was furious after the match and hit referee Andy Long with the Walker Driver.

The Murder City Machine Guns (Sabin/Shelley) d. The Michigan Invasion (Martinin and Mattson) to retain the AAW tag team titles

A hard fought win for the Machine Guns as the MII isolated Sabin most of the match. The finish of the match saw Alex Shelley roll up Truth Martini for the win.

Danny Daniels d. Tyler Black in an "I Quit Match" after Black passed out

These two hit each other with EVERYTHING they had. Ladders, shovels, chairs , barbed wire and tables. Too much to recap here. In the end Jim Jesus and Jerry Lynn came to ringside to help Danny Daniels!!!! Daniels applied a "rings of Saturn" submission as the fans rallied behind Tyler Black! When Black passed out from the pain Daniels was declared the winner. Jim Jesus told Tyler it wasn't personal, it was about money. Jim Jesus had placed a large bet on Daniels to win the match and had to do what it took to win that bet. "The New JJ Inc" of Jim Jesus, Jerry Lynn and Danny Daniels stood in the ring as the show came to a close.


December 15, 2007 - Berwyn Eagles Club (6309 W. 26th St. Berwyn, IL), 7:30pm


American Championship Pro Wrestling


December 1, 2007 - Philadelphia, PA, Northeast Community Center

Aramis defeated Eric Enders, "Fabulous" Fred Flash, & G Raver in a tournament match to advance to the finals.

Doyle Day w/Tsunami defeated Bad Ass Marc. Doyle Day made a huge impression in his Philadelphia debut and will be back in future ACPW Philadelphia shows.

Sinister X defeated Tommy Golden.

Ron Starr defeated Prodigy PTV.

Patch & Gemini defeated The Casket City Saints (Korpse & Core), The Big Bang Theory (Bazooka Joe & Bash), & The Gemini Trojans (Josh & Jeremy) to retain the ACPW Tag Team titles.

Donn E. Allen defeated Franky Frizzo.

Kwame defeated Tsumani to retain the ACPW Heavyweight title.

Cory Kastle defeated Din Mak, Matt Bomboy & Ryan McBride to advance to the finals of the Donn E. Allen Pride tournament.

The Latin Connection (El Monstro & Downtown Raphael) defeated Guilty Conscience (Shaheem & Lil Rob).

Cory Kastle defeated Aramis to win the Donn E. Allen Pride Tournament and to win the ACPW Junior Heavyweight title.


February 23, 2008 - Cardinal Krol Center in Springfield, PA


Asistencia Asesoría y Administración


El Mesias aka TNA’s
Judas Mesias retained his AAA Heavyweight Championship November 30, 2007 in the main event of the Guerra de Titanes pay per view.

Alicia Webb no-showed an AAA show in Ciudad Juarez, and now has heat for it.

Latin Lover is receiving lots of mainstream press for doing "International Dancing with the Stars" representing Mexico. Source:


LUCHA: Galavision AAA Lucha Libre TV report for December 1

Posted on 12/02/107 by Victor Martinez

AAA Lucha Libre TV Report , For the show that aired on Dec. 1, 2007

Oriental, Cinthia Moreno, Rossy Moreno vs Mary Apache, Faby Apache, Billy Boy

1 Fall: Billy and Oriental start it out. Trading fast moves. Cinthia does a quick sunset flip on Billy but he kicks out right away. Cinthia does a huricanrana on Mary then a silla outside to her. Very fast paced action. Oriental topes Billy. Faby and Billy give Oriental a double DDT, then Mary gives him a swanton bomb. Mary misses Rossy and clotheslines Billy. Billy and Faby do a dual pin on Cinthia and Oriental while they were putting a dual hold on Mary, they got a 2 count. Billy topes Oriental. Rossy does a plancha to Billy from the apron. Mary does one to the group outside from the top. Faby does a missile drop kick to Cinthia, then Gran Apache from outside trips Faby with his crutch, and Mary does a DVD on Cinthia and pins her for the win. Mary then turns on her teammates giving Faby and Billy a double DDT. Moreno siblings lose, Oriental is their brother.

Scorpio Jr., Zumbido, Decnis vs  Chris Stone, Super Calo, Alan Stone

1 Fall: Alan who was the last to come out, was attacked on the stage by Scorpio. The Guapos VIP group begin their beat down. Scorpio is using a belt on the Stone Brothers. Zumbido does a moonsault on Calo. Decnis does a frog splash on Chris. They crotch Alan on the ring post. The Stones make a come back with some missile drop kicks, flying head scissors, and Guapito is kicked off the apron. Calo does another missile drop kick to Zumbido. Ref Piero is outside the ring checking on Guapito. Calo tries a pescado but Zumbido moved out of the way. At this point Intocable come out and takes out a camera man for some reason, and starts hitting The Guapos with a chair. Alan picks up Guapito and tosses him out of the ring onto Decnis on the outside. Alan goes for a small package on Scorpio and gets a two count. Alan then goes for a majistral cradle and gets the three count and the win for the Stone Brothers. Scorpio was bleeding.

Joe Lider and Crazy Boy say they are still the Mexican Powers and they are still the Champions and the best anywhere.

Konnan has The Legion is the best anywhere.

Joe Lider, Crazy Boy, Juventud Guerrera vs Extreme Tiger, Halloween, Konnan

1 Fall: Konnan came down and told Tiger, Nicho is gone from the Legion, and he has finished with Halloween now also, and you will see how we deal with traitors and his team beat him up. The MP's come out for the save but they get beaten up too, as the rest of Konnan's team out also, Kenzo Suzuki, X-Pac, Electroshock, Mesias & Zorro. Tiger is put through a large board at ringside. The rest of the MP's are also put through boards set up in the ring. This match never got started. The MP's get beaten up afterward with board pieces.

El Elejido, Alebrije, Intocable vs Antifaz, Histeria, Psicosis II

1 Fall: Antifaz and Albrije go at it, with Cuije getting a two count on Antifaz. Elejido puts moves on both Psicosis and Histeria. Intocable does a Swinging DDT to Psicosis. Intocable does an Asai Moonsault to Antifaz and Histeria. The Vipers beat up on Alebrije a whille. Then they beat up Elejido, tossing him off the top rope. they give Intocable a flapjack. The Vipers then bring in Cuije and spank him and toss him around. Histeria puts Cuije into a tapatia. The tecnicos then make a come back. Cuije then gives ref Copestes Salazar a low crotch level drop kick. Alebrije then does a head but tope to Psicosis but Salazar wouldn't count. Intocable tries a missile drop kick but he misses Histeria and hits Alebrije. Alebrije topes Histeria. Psicosis does a plancha to Alebrije from the top to the outside. Antrifaz then does a Perfect Plex to Intocable and goes for a pin when Alan Stone comes running out and breaks it up. Elejido then hits two German Suplex's on Antifaz and bridges him for the pin. Tecnicos win. Mr. Niebla came out to join in the brawling.

Joaquin Roldan comes out and calls out Mesias. Then Roldan calls out the AAA wrestlers. He tells Roldan he has to defend his title, Mesias then rags on all the guys who came out, Intocable, Octagon, Alebrije, Elejido, Parka. They corner Mesias, then Cibernetico comes out, he says he deserves to challenge for the title. Mesias says no. Roldan tells Ciber if he beats the Legion, he can then challenge for the title.

Electroshock, El Zorro, Mesias vs Octagon, Gronda II, La Parka Jr.

1 Fall: A lot of stalling they don't even start it for several minutes. Zorro and Gronda finally go at it, with Gronda doing his power moves. More stalling when Electro and Octagon get in. La Parka tries to do some one armed wrestling. Zorro uses his stick on Parka and the other tecnicos. Mesias hits Parka with his title belt and gets the pin on him for the win. Nothing much to this match.

Kenzo Suzuki, Konnan, Mr. Niebla vs Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico

1 Fall: X-Pac and Alicia came out but X-Pac was announced as being hurt and Niebla was taking his place, and if Ciber wins this match he gets a title match with Mesias. X-Pac stayed and helped in the beat down that started right away. Pac was using a belt to hit the Hell Brothers with. Ciber is crotched on the ring post. Konnan stands on Charly crotch in the corner. Kenzo hits Chessman with a chair. Niebla hits Charly with a chair. Ciber and Kenzo fight in the ring as the other 4 fight around ringside. At this point Mesias and the Vipers came out. Suddenly Ciber chokeslams Kenzo and pins him. Ciber gets his title match. Ciber says you can run but you can't hide this is the era of the Hell Brothers.

That wraps up this show, it wasn't too bad but there was Fuerza Aerea on it. None of them. My reviews are at 


Blackball’d Wrestling Organization


December 8, 2007 – “ Holiday Hell”, Phoenixville, PA at Top Gun  Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut Street, 8:00 pm. Tickets $10.00!

Announced so far:

BWO Heavyweight Title Match:  Rockin Rebel w/Killer Kramer v Eric Cooper w/Jaden and S-1 in a Hardcore Match.

Tag Team Match: American Nightmare v Salvation 2K7

Interstate Title Match: Kid Kaos v Zac Conner

Angel of Death v Chio Frost

Jason Gotti v Rebecca Payne

All Star Lou v The Wifebeater

Big Man Match: Twisted Tate v Randy Masochist v J. T. Moses

Grudge Match: Pelle Primeau v Antonio Blanca

Frank the Tank/Pretty Fly 4 a White Guy v Sick Rick Havoc/Mikey X

TICKET INFO:, or  or  


Southern State

Bodyslam Wrestling Organization


November 30, 2007 - Hightstown American Legion, Route 130 North, Hightstown, NJ 08520

Chrono Chris beat "Pretty Boy" Eric Hiller, Corey Kastle & Kekoa the Flyin' Hawaiian

"Modern Day Enforcer" Eric Cooper pinned "Latin Terror" Anhell Gonzalez with a Spine Buster to advance to the finals of the BWO Southern State title Tournament

Dr Callahan squashed Chris Dickinson

Richie Rotton & Chaos defeated the makeshift team of "Radical" Robbie Morrison & Section 8, After the match Section 8 attacked Morrison leaving him laying

"Dirty" Don Montoya defeated "The Remix of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steel to advance to the finals of the BWO Southern State Title Tournament

The Rockin' Rebel narrowly defeated the Sensational One (S-1) in a match that had every one rolling on the floor from the Mic Work

In a 4 Corners match to Crown the 1st BWO Southern State Phoenix Champion "The Canadian Shooter" Tommy Force w/ JADEN defeated Draven Blaze, Chrono Chris & Vinny the Fixxer when Force last eliminated Draven Blaze in one of the best pure wrestling matches seen in this area in a very long time

Dan Danger defeated Brandon Harris & Joey Ego in a Triangle Match

Evan Myers beat Steve Off via Count Out when Steve Off just walked out of the match

To Crown the first BWO Southern State Champion "Dirty" Don Montoya defeated Hightstown,NJ's Own "Modern Day Enforcer" Eric Cooper after interference by the "Latin Terror" Anhell Gonzalez who struck Cooper with an aluminum base ball bat.. Montoya is now the BWO Southern State Champion.. After the match Montoya and Gonzalez continued to beat on Eric Cooper, including a vicious Heart Punch onto Cooper by Anhell Gonzalez, Until the Locker room emptied to make the save

Dignitaries in attendance were: Karen Belcher of Pro Wrestling Digest,Pro Wrestlers Magic, Rick Fineberg,& Amadeus, John Sollog of Force One pro Wrestling and Atticus Rheighns of VINTAGE


February 1, 2008 - Hightstown American Legion, Route 130 North, Hightstown, NJ 08520


Brew City Wrestling


Brew City Wrestling, sanctioned by the American Wrestling Association, returns to the BCW Arena inside the AMF Entertainment Center, 901 Northview Rd on Saturday, January 12, 2008 with "Rise To Honor IV", the 4th Anniversary show.

Bell time is 7:30pm, doors open at 6:30pm and tickets are $20. You can purchase your tickets now on the BCW website via PAY PAL.

Here is what's on tap for "RISE TO HONOR IV"



The Dream Team (C) (Greg "The Hammer" Valentine & Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake)

-vs- American History Next ("Metalhead" Steve Stone & "Hardcore" Craig) -vs- Dinn T. More & Brandon Tatum


Keith "Venom" Walker (C) -vs- Rasche "Skullkrusher" Brown

Dysfunction -vs- Arya Daivari

Silas Young -vs- Prince Ali


The "Real American Idol" Jazon Parxxz -vs- Frankie DeFalco & Terry "T-Bone" Parins

Derek St. Holmes -vs- Matt "Love Machine" Longtime

The Russian Assassin -vs- Brandon Blaze


CWF Mid-Atlantic



Now anyone can watch, anytime, anyplace!

The weekly television program will now be available for download

exclusively at Highspots.TV! Don't miss "the fastest half hour of

wrestling anywhere!" PLUS there will be never-before-seen bouts

available for download including the BLOODY BLOODY Steel Cage Match

from BattleCade VI, Corino-Converse II, WWE's Mickie James in

action, and much more!!

Now you've got no reason to miss out on all the great action from

CWF Mid-Atlantic!!!


November 17, 2007 - ULTIMATE SURVIVOR V, Carolina Sports Arena, Burlington, NC

8-Man TV Title Gauntlet Match: Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride defeated Michael McAllister (14:58)

[Gauntlet Fall Order: 

1. "Jersey" Nick Richards def. Mikal Mosely w/Ebony by pinfall

2. Roy "Rage" Wilkins def. Richards by submission

3. Jerry "Perfect Smile" Wayne def. Wilkins by pinfall 

4. Tank Lawson def. Wayne by pinfall 

5. Lawson def. Scott Cull by pinfall 

6. Michael McAllister def. Lawson by pinfall 

7. Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride def. McAllister]

8-Man Elimination Tag Ream Match: The Fatback Sinners ("Dangerous E" Corey Edsel, "Handsome" Mitch Connor, Donnie Dollar$ & "Gate City Sinner" Trent Wylde) defeated the Neon Runnerz (Neon Lions Lee Valiant & "Classic" Chris Collins and Blaze Runnerz Mikael Yamaha & "Rock N Roll" Matty Dee) (36:54)

[Order of Elimination: 1. Lee Valiant; 2. Trent Wylde; 3. Chris Collins; 4. Mitch Connor; 5. Mikael Yamaha; 6. Matty Dee]

Triathlon Survivor: Dynasty ("the 1st" Ric Converse & Brad Attitude w/Brad Rainz) defeated CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Garry "Madd Trucker"

Stevens & CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion "High Definition" Steve Greene

Cage of Death 2: Kamakazi Kid defeated Gemini Kid resulting in Gemini Kid being shaved bald (44:37)

[Order of elimination/escape: 1. "Italian Assassin" Gregory Vercetti; 2. Sheik Lumpkin; 3. Marcellus "Mid Atlantic" King; 4. Alex Adonis; 5. Xsiris; 6. Jesse "El Fuego" Ortega]

Officials: Redd Jones, Katie Kincaid & Chris Troxler


Dec 15, 2007 - BattleCade VIII, Carolina Sports Arena - Burlington, NC, 7:30 PM

Jan 5, 2008 - New Year's Knockout, Carolina Sports Arena - Burlington, NC, 7:30 PM

Jan 19, 2008 - TV Taping! Carolina Sports Arena - Burlington, NC, 7:30 PM

Championship Comedy


Tim Chizmar Productions presents Championship Comedy Seasons Beatings

Wednesday December 5th - show starts at 8 PM, $15 at the door plus 2 drink min

at the World Famous Improv, 4555 Mills Circle @ Ontario Mills Mall, Ontario, CA 91764

Hosted by Ace Guillen

First Ever InterGender Main Event!

Comedy Champion Bruce Jingles VS. the undefeated Ro

There will be a very special message from the Tag Team Champions Carl and Buzz

Tag Team number one contenders Matchup

The Twin Towers of Comedy: Cory and Chad VS. The Young Bucks: Tom Vrab and Yak

4-way "Masked Comic Standing" Battle Royal w/ RVD as guest Judge

Jonny Loquasto VS. The Cripple Threat: Ryan Niemiller VS. Hooly VS. Robbie Pickard

Grudge match

from the IE Derby Divas Duston "Metal Ed" Scott VS. Fast Eddie

also featuring head referee Johnny Cheapo and the Vicious and Delicious Inland Empire Derby Divas!!

for more information go to 

*card subject to change

clips on


Championship Wrestling


December 1, 2007 - Greeneville, TN, Eastview Rec Center

Wayne Adkins defeated Matt Howitzer

Moe Jenkins defeated Nick Hammonds by DQ when Hammonds' tag partner, Wayne Daniels interfered.

US Tag Team Champions, Nick Hammonds & Wayne Daniels defeated Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy

Beau James defeated The Disciple

Ray Idol defeated Wayne Daniels

Chris Richards & Adam York defeated TV Champion, Thorn & Tim Baldwin... Baldwin turned on Thorn and left him alone during the match... Adam York had Thorn pinned following a joke slam, until Richards leg dropped York and made the cover on Thorn.


Championship Wrestling next event is this Saturday, December 8 at the Civic Auditorium in Kingsport, TN... Robbie Cassidy will be taking on National Heavyweight Champion, Big Steve Fury in a Tennessee Chain Match. If Robbie Cassidy doesn't win he will personally refund every person who buys a ticket that night.



Don’t forget you can see Chikara on their weekly podcasts. 



December 9, 2007 - Penn State Main Campus - Alumni Hall (129 HUB-Robeson Center State College, PA 16802)

Stephen Colbert > Bill O'Reilly, 4:00pm

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero

Tim Donst vs. Mitch Ryder

The Colony (Worker, Soldier, Fire Ant) vs. the Neo Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black, Hydra, Crossbones)

This is a FREE EVENT! Take advantage of your Chikara’s generosity! Show your favorite Chikara wrestlers your support!


Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

Formerly Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre (EMLL)


EMLL 11/27 – Arena Mexico

1. Polvora & Vaquero beat Kid Tiger & Sensei

2. Arkangel de la Muerte/Dr. X/Hooligan defeated Astro Boy/Neutron/Super Nova

3. Euforia/Nosferatu/Shigeo Okumura beat Leono/Metalico/Stuka Jr.

4. Ephesto/Mephisto/Sangre Azteca defeated Felino/Heavy Metal/Valiente when Mephisto fouled Heavy Metal behind the ref’s back.

5. NWA Welterweight Title: La Sombra beat Hajime Ohara to win the title.

6. Blue Panther & Negro Casas defeated Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero
Posted on 12/03/107 by Victor Martinez

CMLL on Fox Sports Espanol for the show that aired on December 2, 2007

They open the show with Negro Casas ouside the arena looking at the masks for sale outside the arena. Black Warrior says he wants Negro Casas' hair.

Stuka Jr., Maximo, Valiente vs Ohara, Shigeo Okumura, Misterioso II

1st Fall: Stuka and Okumura open the show trading basic moves. Stuka does a standing splash and gets a two count. Then Maximo and Ohara get in and stall a while then do some comedy, Maximo kisses him. Misterioso and Valiente get in and trade moves, Misterioso gives him an enzuigiri, it looked like Valiente was gonna go a moonsault outside, but slipped off the ropes, and just fell outside. Maximo does a butt bump and pins Okumura. Stuka does a backward tope off the ropes and pins Ohara. A Dr. is checking on Valiente.

2nd Fall: Valiente was taken away it's now 3 on 2. The rudos are beating down Maximo. They submit Maximo. Misterioso gives Stuka a belly to belly suplex. They then submit Stuka together. Lasted only seconds.

3rd Fall: It's still 3 on 2 but the Tecnicos are making a comeback. Maximo gives Misterioso a butt bump in the corner. He then does the same thing to Okumura. Ohara however gets kissed by Maximo. Misterioso gets a figure four leg lock on Maximo and Maximo submits quickly. Misterioso does a Gory Special on Stuka and pins him for the win. Valiente never came back. Okay match, but the injury to Valiente seemed to screw it up.

Ultimo Dragon, Negro Casas, Alex Koslov vs Black Warrior, Olimpico, Sangre Azteca

1st Fall: Koslov speaks spanish pretty good now. Azteca and Casas start it off trading moves. The rudos then abruptly go into a beat down of the tecnicos. Warrior pins Casas with the majistral cradle, Casas' move but the camera missed it competely, they were watching the brawling outside.

The trivia question was what were the 3 more important titles Ultimo Dragon has won by his own estimation? The answer was the WCW Cruiserweight title, the WCW TV title, and the NWA middleweight title. I sure wouldn't have guessed those.

2nd Fall: The rudos continue the beat down for a few more minutes. Koslov starts the come back with a enzuigiri on Warrior. Casas does his silla outside to Warrior. Another enzuigiri to Azteca then Koslov submits him with a Crippler Cross Face. Dragon pins Olimpico after a Asai Moonsault DDT.

3rd Fall: Casas and Warrior are trading moves back and forth. Koslov and Azteca go at it, with Azteca getting another enzjuigiri. Dragon busts out his moves on the rudos. Dragon does a moonsault outside to Olimpico. Koslov holds Azteca in a head lock while Casas pins Warrior a Casita/Majistral. Tecnicos win. Warrior issues a hair vs hair challenge. I thought this match was okay.

That wraps up the show, my reviews are at

EMLL 12/2 – Arena Mexico

1. Caligula/Hooligan/Messala beat Sensei/Sombra de Plata/Trueno

2. Escandalo/Shigeo Okumura/Virus defeated Metalico/Stuka Jr./Tigre Blanco

3. CMLL Femenil Title: Amapola beat Marcela to retain her title.

4. Ephesto/Mephisto/Misterioso II defeated Felino/Sagrado/Volador Jr.

5. Caballera contra Caballera: Leono beat Mr. Mexico

6. Mistico/Rey Bucanero/Shocker defeated Los Guerreros (Black Warrior/Hijo del Lizmark/Olimpico)


12/4 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara

1. Virgo vs. Azazel

2. Carlo Roggi vs. Guero Loco

3. Oro II vs. Infierno

4. Metal Blanco & Metalik vs. Emilio Charles Jr. & Malefico

5. Brazo de Platino & Leon Blanco vs. Cien Caras Jr. & Hijo del Pierroth

6. Marco Corleone/Rayman/Sagrado vs. Los Perros del Mal (Mr. Aguila/Damian el Terrible/Hijo del Texano


Combat Zone Wrestling


The Crazy Horse Too (soon to be THE ALL NEW RICK's CABARET) hosting CZW after party!

CZWNews is happy to announce that there will be a special Cage of Death after party at the new Rick's Cabaret (aka Crazy Horse Too), located just a few minutes away from the The New Alhambra on Columbus Ave. Admission to the Cabaret will be FREE with your Cage of Death ticket, and the club will be open until 2am.

Come and celebrate another memorable Cage of Death with your fellow fans, and a little adult entertainment, CZW style! And stay tuned, because you never know which members of the CZW locker room could show up at the Cabaret to celebrate with you!


December 8, 2007 - New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center (7 Ritner Street Philadelphia, PA), 7:30pm

Cage of Death IX

THE CAGE OF DEATH MATCH:  TEAM CZW (Drake Younger, Danny Havoc, The Necro Butcher, & Toby Klein) vs. THE MBA (Brain Damage, DJ Hyde, Scotty Vortekz, & Dustin Lee)

CZW World Tag Team Title Match:  Niles Young & Derek Frazier vs. Jon Dahmer & Danny Demanto

CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title Match:  Sabian vs. LuFisto

The Miracle Ultraviolence Connection (Brodie Lee, Cheech, & Cloudy) vs. Team AnDrew (Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak) & Nate Hatred

Lumberjack Strap Match (CZW fans will be selected as lumberjacks):  Lobo vs. Maven T. Bentley, esq.

Handicap Match:  Greg Excellent & L.J. Cruz vs. Nicky Benz, Joe Gacy & Alex Colon

Annual Toys for Tots collection

The promotion will hold its third annual Toys for Tots collection at the show. CZW is asking fans to bring an new, unwrapped toy to the show and drop it in the boxes at the front door of the ECW Arena.


Division 1 Pro Wrestling


D1PW TV airs every wed night at 9:30 pm on Island TV in Miami, as well as always being available on our website at 


October 27, 2007 - 1st Anniversary Show, Davie, FL

Mister Saint Laurent d. Andrew Wolf

Johnny Vandal d. Demon Toro

Satisfaction Guaranteed d. Francisco Ciatso/Nick Fame

Lou Cypher d. Barney Rumble

The Lifeguards retained the Tag Team Titles in a TLC Match over The Dynamic Duo

Logan Fernandez d. Eddie Taurus

The Heartbreak Express and The Loggers fought to a double countout

Scott Commodity d. Erick Stevens to retain the Caribbean Title

The Sheik won a battle royal to earn the first entry into the Extreme Christmas Tree match.

Jon Davis d. Vordell Walker

Austin Amadeus d. Jaison Moore

Billy Fives d. Bruce Santee to win the D1PW Heavyweight Title

Torcher(still blinded from Sheik's fireball attack at the last show) came out to announce his impending retirement. The Sheik came out to attack him and everyone else he could reach in the ringside area.

Falcon d. Maximum Capacity to earn a shot at the Caribbean Title


Division 1 Pro Wrestling (D1PW) returns to the Davie P.A.L. Gymnasium this Saturday night December 8th at 7:30 pm for Hardcore Holiday. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door, but you can get half priced admission for bringing a new unwrapped toy to donate for the Toys for Tots program. U.S. Marines will be on hand collecting the toys. The Gym is located at 4300 SW 57th Terrace Davie, FL 33314.

The Sheik will face Bobby Wolfert in the Extreme Christmas Tree Match (giftwrapped weapons under a Christmas tree at ringside)

Scott Commodity defends the Caribbean Title against New Japan Pro Wrestling's Naofumi Yamamoto.

The Lifeguards defend the tag team titles against Erick Stevens and The Falcon.

The Heartbreak Express have a rematch with The Loggers.

Jaison Moore takes on Austin Amadeus in a last man standing match.

Others in action include Jon Davis, Mister Saint Laurent, Francisco Ciatso and more, plus the women of D1PW including Amy Vitale and Vyper.

For more info call (954) 554-7688.


East Coast Wrestling Association


December 1, 2007 - Newark, DE

Champion Aden Chambers defeated Hot Shot Mike Reed

Logans def Valedictorians, Heavyweights & Berlin Bad Boys for tag titles

Freak Nastty def Ooh La La, Travis Blake, Fred of Hollywood , El Trouble

Ace Darling defeated Freak Nastty

J.J. The Crew Guy defeated Chase Del Monte

Team Mega won a Survivor match over Team Darling

Mr. Scott Wright defeated Glen Osbourne

Billy Bax defeated Rob Eckos

The Chick Magnets defeated The Green Team

Low Ki, Sebastian Night, Iron Man & Gary Mc Laughlin were inducted into the ECWA Hall of Fame


January 19, 2008 - Saturday evening

Greater Newark Boys' & Girls' Club, 109 Glasgow Drive, Rt. 40 & #1 Positive Place

Newark, DE 19702

Doors open: 6:30 p.m., Showtime: 7:30 p.m.


For info and reserved seating call (302) 325-1592 or e-mail at: 


Eastern Pro Wrestling


November 30, 2007 - American Legion Post #26, White River Junction, Vermont

Ring Announcer: Shawn O'Vincent

Referees: Amber Rae, Dan Tanaka, and Jeff Shabo

Fire Cat over Nick Westgate.

"The Giant" Rob Aruajo and Ian Conley battled to a no contest.

Ray Diamond over The Main Event.

Television Champ Christian Angers (with Joey Eastman) and Rocco Abruzzi battled to a time limit draw. Angers retained the championship.

Heavyweight Champ Brutal Bob Evans over Dan Freitas to retain the championship.

Tag Team Champ Dancin' D.J. Baron over Sid Reeves in a Captain's Match.


EPW will return to the Upper Valley on January 12, 2008...featuring the  first ever 30-man White River Rumble (Royal Rumble-style battle royal).


Eastern Wrestling Alliance


December 2, 2007 – “Cold Fury”

Muay Thai Fighter Raphael Silva defeated Steve Diaz & Jimmy Starz in a 3 way"The Best Around" Bruce Maxwell & TJ Cannon defeated Doyle Day & Prodigy

Goldthumb defeated Darth X

Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma had car problems coming to the building and had not arrived. EWA Tag Champs RBC came out and stated that they were fighting champions and would accept any challenger. This brought out former EWA Tag Team Champions The Varsity (Bruce Chan & Zack Matthews with Jimmy Starz). The match was made and The Varsity became new tag team champions after interference by Jimmy Starz.

After intermission, Ryan & Teddy arrived to the building and it was found out that The Varsity had something to do with McBride & Stigmas car issues. This led to a tag title match between The Varsity and McBride/Stigma later in the show

Jim Christian and Champ Champagne defeated Buster Maccabbi and Apollo Cruz

EWA Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak defeated Ray Alexander

Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma defeated The Varsity by disqualification.

The Baltimore Butcher defeated Greg Excellence

DJ Hyde & Core defeated EWA Heavyweight Champion Derek Frazier and Niles Young According to prematch stipulations, since DJ pinned Derek in this match, DJ will now get an EWA Heavyweight Title Match on January 5th.


Championship Chaos '08, Saturday January 5th  Doors open at 6pm Belltime at 7pm

Tall Cedars Hall, 2501 PUTTY HILL AVENUE, Baltimore, MD 21234

EWA Heavyweight Title Match: Derek Frazier vs DJ Hyde

EWA Tag Team Title Match: The Varsity vs McBride & Stigma

Jimmy Starz will be handcuffed at ringside

Mask vs Career: Goldthumb vs Darth X


Extreme Wrestling Federation


ECW original, WWE/WCW star THE SANDMAN makes his debut in the EWF on Saturday,  January 5, 2008!

SANDMAN will be available for Autographs & Polaroid's prior to the EWF event that evening and during intermission and wrestling on the event.  Also, he will be doing a clinic for wrestlers that afternoon.   E-mail for more info.  


December 1, 2007

Bob beat Craig Poling Bob left out the front door of the arena...

Wildman Rogers, Andy Santos & Camron Star beat General Lee, Damian Michaels & Destinee Payne with Diva Michelle in a 6 person inter-gender match up.

New Era/Midwestern Title Unification Match: Just Justin vs. Nate Pheonix - No Contest

“Soul Shooters" Drew Johnson & Apollo Star beat Tag Champions Matt Cavins & Dark Lion in a non title match

EWF Champion Big Ric Cannon beat Charles Jackson (Hurricane's pick to face Cannon)


December 8, 2007, 7:30 PM bell time

EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN 46953

Title Unification Match: New Era Champion Just Justin

vs. Midwestern Champion Nate Phoenix

Also, Scheduled to appear:

EWF Champion Big Ric Cannon, Hillbilly Jed, Tag Champions Dark Lion & Matt Cavins, Bob, General Lee, Joey Owens, Wildman Rogers,  Andy Santos, Craig Poling, Damian Michaels, and more to be announced!

Tickets are only $8.  Kids 5 & under are free with paid adult

For more information, call (765) 243-9334

Card Subject To Change


Extreme Wrestling League Show



Nov. 28, 2007 - Heydenshore Pavilion, 589 Water Street, Whitby, Ontario

TimothyDalton def Strangler #2

Sabrina Kyle def Portia Perez

James Wine & Owen Sound def "Talent" Dan Morris & HHV

Alex York def Steve Brown

Vic Venis def Crimson Mask

Ethan Page def Mike Alias

Micheal Elgin def Black Serpent


Florida Championship Wrestling


December 1, 2007 - Port Richey, FL: New Champ Crowned!!

“The Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee (w/evil rubber ducky) vs. Kevin Kiley.

Kofi Kingston & Tommy Taylor defeated Jake Hager & “the Professional” Mike Mondo.

“Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne defeated “Super Fan” Chet Douglas.

“The Natural” Nick Nemeth & Big Rob defeated Robert Anthony & Bryan Kelly.

Sheamus & Ted DiBiase Jr. (w/Smackdown’s Maryse) defeated Rycklon & Steve Lewington.

In the battle of giants, “the Mastodon of Mayhem” G-Rilla defeated the 7FT Giant Titan.

In a grudge match, Billy Kidman & Johnny Curtis defeated Hade Vansen & “Handsome” Heath Miller.

In a ladder match, “Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson became FCW Southern Heavyweight champion when he defeated Afa Jr.

December 4, 2007 - New Port Richey, FL

Former FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Afa Jr. defeated Bryan Kelly.

In a handicap match, Ichiban and Mr. Yamamoto defeated Derick Linkin.

Sheamus defeated “the Mastodon of Mayhem” G-Rilla via countout.

Jake Hager & “the Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee defeated Kevin Kiley & Kofi Kingston.

“The Natural” Nick Nemeth (w/Big Rob) defeated Rycklon.

In a mixed tag match, Robert Anthony & Brianna Bella defeated Tommy Taylor & Victoria Crawford.

In a three way dance, Steve Lewington defeated “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne & “Super Fan” Chet Douglas via countout.

Billy Kidman defeated Hade Vansen.

FCW Southern Heavyweight champion “Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. (w/Maryse) via DQ.


Remember each and every Tuesday you can see the future of wrestling, Florida Championship Wrestling, the developmental territory of WWE at Bourbon Street night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey. Log onto for more information on upcoming events.


Full Impact Pro Wrestling



For further information, visit the FIP official website.


The following events were scheduled prior to the postponement announcement above. Keep checking our the official Full Impact Pro website listed above and this site’s weekly Indy News Bytes for new information.

December 14, 2007 - National Guard Armory (16386 Spring Hill Dr., Brooksville, FL), 8:00pm

Already Signed:  Roderick Strong; Sal Rinauro; Kenny King & Jason Blade; Sara Del Rey; Jay & Mark Briscoe; Delirious; Davey Richards; Erick Stevens; Claudio Castagnoli; Chasyn Rance; Rain; So Cal Val; Black Market; The Heartbreak Express; Seth Delay; Daizee Haze; Jigsaw; Gran Akuma; Hallowicked; Jon Davis; Trenesha

December 15, 2007  - National Guard Armory (8551 W. Venable St., Crystal River, FL 34429), 8:00pm

Double Dog Collar Match - The Final Encounter:  Black Market vs. The Heartbreak Express

FIP Tag Team Title Match:  Kenny King & Jason Blade vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

Already Signed:  Roderick Strong; Sal Rinauro; Sara Del Rey; Delirious; Davey Richards; Erick Stevens; Claudio Castagnoli; Chasyn Rance; Rain; So Cal Val; Seth Delay; Daizee Haze; Jigsaw; Gran Akuma; Hallowicked; Jon Davis; Trenesha

January 18 - Crystal River, FL

January 19 - Arcadia, FL


Georgia Wrestling Promotions


December 7, 2007 - Woodstock, GA, at the Cherokee Recreation and Parks Agency Building, with a bell time of 8:00 PM. Tickets are $15.00 for this show, but if you bring an unopened package containing a toy for the Toys for Tots drive, you get $3.00 off at the door. Call (770) 296-5290 for more info.

Advertised: Manny Fernandez versus Iceberg (w/ the Rev); Shaun Tempers (w/ the Rev) defends the GWP Southern Heavyweight Title versus Ace Rockwell; and the Regular Guys defend the GWP Southern Tag Team Title in a three way match against the Hellbillies and the Hollywood Brunettes. Slim J, Kid Ego, Jr., Big Head Hansen, Billy Love, Jamar Acid, Jay Clinton, and even Santa Claus are also scheduled to appear. Fernandez will be available for autographs at 7:30 PM.

December 23, 2007 - Woodstock, GA, at the Hot Wheels Skate Center, with a bell time of 8:00 PM. Call (770) 296-5290 for more info.

Advertised: Shaun Tempers (w/ the Rev) defends the GWP Southern Heavyweight Title versus Buff Bagwell; Manny Fernandez & Shadow Jackson versus Iceberg & Tank (w/ the Rev); the Hollywood Brunettes (w/ Jeff G. Bailey) versus Bob & Brad Armstrong; the Regular Guys defend the GWP Southern Tag Team Title versus Talent & Money; Chad Parham versus Ace Rockwell; and a twenty-man battle royal. Also scheduled to appear are D.L. Norris, Jay Clinton, Slim J, Big Head Hansen, Billy Love, Danny Horne, Jamar Acid, Kid Ego, Jr, the Hellbillies, and even Santa Claus. Fernandez, Bagwell, and the Armstrongs will participate in a meet-and-greet beginning at 7:00 PM.

January 20, 2008 - Cartersville, GA at the Cartersville Civic Center, with a bell time of 8:00 PM. Call (770) 296-5290 for more info.

Advertised: Gangrel versus Tank (w/ the Rev); Ace Rockwell versus Rob Conway (w/ Nigel Sherrod); and someone will attempt to break Chris Masters’ masterlock. Also scheduled to appear are Chad Parham, Slim J, Shaun Tempers, the Hollywood Brunettes (w/ Jeff G. Bailey), Iceberg (w/ the Rev), Rick Michaels, Billy Love, Kid Ego, Jr., Jay Clinton, Talent & Money, the Regular Guys, Flatline, the Hellbillies, VIP (w/ Ace Heffner), Big Head Hansen, D.L. Norris, Danny Horne, and Jamar Acid. Masters, Conway, and Gangrel will sign autographs beginning at 7:00 PM.

Global Wrestling Alliance  


Global Wrestling Alliance Returns to Lima, Ohio on Saturday Night, January 5th, 2008 to the UAW Hall at 1440 Bellefontaine Ave.

All seats are $10 and can be bought at Rigali's Pizza Village or at the door.

Doors Open 6:30pm / Bell Time 7:30pm

You will see a HUGE 6 Man Tag-Team Match:

Dusty Dillinger, "The Metal Head" Steve Stone & "Bad Attitude" Brian Beech


"Hot Commodity" Matt Mason w/ Jayme Braxton, "Sexy" Sean Casey w/ Samantha & Cody Hawk

You will also see:

Mr. Old School w/ Ripper Blackhart Take on the Debuting "W.A.R. Machine" in one on one action.


Danny Daniels

"Michigan Invasion" Truth Martini & N8 Mattson

Robby Starr

Marco Cordova

"Your Hero" Mr. Main Event

"The Clash" Brian Bender & Ernie Ballz

Mary Elizabeth

Just Justin

Nate Pheonix

Much Much More!!!

Go To POWER Message board at or for all the latest details.


Great Canadian Wrestling


December 6th, 2007 - 7 PM, Royal Canadian Legion Hall, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Otis Idol vs. Phil Atlas

The Prophet vs. Crazy Steve

The Flatliners vs. Brad Martin & Gutter

Cody Deaner & Hayden Avery vs. Le Tigre

Eddie Osbourne vs. Sexy Eddy

Mike Rollins, Steve Brown & Sebastian Suave vs. The Gym Rats, Timothy Dalton & Xtremo


Great Championship Wrestling


November 30, 2007 - Macon, GA

The Hooligans over J-Rod & Tex Monroe

Randall Johnson over Michael Cook

Johnny Swinger (w/ Quentin Michaels) over Scotty Beach

Sonny Siaki over Orion Bishop (w/ Wicked Nemesis)

A.J. Steele over Cru Jones (w/ Quentin Michaels) to retain the GCW Interstate Heavyweight Title

It was reported that 125 were in attendance for this card.


GCW plans to return to Macon in January, already advertising Cru Jones versus A.J. Steele.

Hybrid Wrestling


December 8, 2007 – Fremont, OH

Theory Of Evolution: The Second Coming

Fremont Community & Recreation Complex, 600 St. Joseph Street, Fremont, Ohio 43420  Phone: 419.334.5906

Doors Open: 7:00  Bell Time: 8:00

Front Row Reserved Tickets *SOLD OUT*  Advance: $15.00  Day Of Show: $20.00

General Admission Tickets  Advance: $10.00  Day Of Show: $12.00

Tickets are available NOW at 

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and e-checks are accepted via Pay Pal for your privacy and safety.

Other payment options including cash, personal checks, and money orders are available.

Call 419.515.7303 for more information

Tickets are also available at The FCRC Arena box office Call 419.334.5906 for more information

Main Event: Steel Cage Match

Faith In Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) Vs. Canadian Supers (Dave Cole & J Busta)

First Time Ever: "MDogg20" Matt Cross Vs. Alex Shelley

Dream Partner Tag Match: Starless & Dream Partner Vs. Johnny Gargano & Dream Partner

Battle For The Future: Chris Sabin Vs. Brian Lyndon

The Rematch: Irish Airborne Vs. Cut Throat Crew

Also appearing: Jason Bane, Flip Kendrick, Josh Prohibition, Marion Fontaine, Steve Shilson, Russ Myers, Johnny Cockstrong, Billy Taylor, Shawn Blaze, Luis Diamante, Aaron Maguire, and Bleeding My Breaking Sunset


Hoosier Pro Wrestling


Promoter Jerry Wilson opened the December 1, 2007 show up with a tribute to Donny Idol's Grandmother who passed away Thursday. RIP Patty Bunch


December 1, 2007 - Columbus, IN

2007 Chaos Ending

Att-195 Paid

Another great show last night in Columbus. Lots of great matches and an extremely bloody and brutal "fans bring the weapons" match between Ox Harley and Pastor Pain.

Ox windmilling the barbwire bat and hitting Pastor Pain squarely on top of the head and the bat basically sticking to his head on the way down was one of the sickest things I have ever seen lol. They had tables, thumbtacks, barbwire bats, chairs, crutches, just about everything was used and both guys were taking sick punishment. After the Match Ox Harley attacked Promoter Jerry Wilson tring to make the and gave Wilson a Pilkedriver onto the babwire bat leaving Jerry Wilson in an extreme bloody sick state. If hard core wrestling is your thing, this wasn't a show to miss.

Bobo Brazil Jr won a Battle Royal to face Ronnie Vegas for the HPW Heavyweight Tilte In a surprise move Brazil turned heel on Promoter Jerry Wilson

Tom Van Zant & Chris Ikkon beat Bobby Black & Troy Van Zant

Brian Beech pinned Mr. Big

Cooter Clampett squashed Eddie Felson

JOsie pinned Jill

Donny Idol beat Jeremy Hadley in a 2/3 match to win the Cruiserweight Title

Bobo Brazil & Dicema Ronnie Vegas went to DDQ

Main Event Ox Harley beat Pastor Pain in the above described match

Ox Harley has returned to his Hardcore Ways


HPW Returns Jan. 5th, 2008

Indiana Independent Wrestling All Stars



Indiana Independent Wrestling All Stars Proudly Presents

"Giving Back"

A Benefit for The Fountain Square Salvation Army Community Center

1337 S Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN, Saturday, December 15, 2007

Doors Open at 6:00 PM, Bell Time at 7:00 PM

Admission is $10 per person

Get $2.00 off admission with 3 non perishable food items or a new toy

Promotions Involved with this Great Event include:

Insanity Pro Wrestling - based out of Indianapolis, IN

NWA Indiana - based out of Lafeyette, IN

Extreme Wrestling Federation - based out of Marion, IN

Interstate Championship Wrestling - based out of New Castle, IN

Pro Wrestling International - based out of New Castle, IN

Crossroads Championship Wrestling - based out of Terre Haute, IN

Here are the matches we have so far:

CCW Intergender Tag Team Match

Jayson Lyte & Paige Adams vs Donovan Cain & Elektra Fine

IPW vs ICW: Dave Davidson vs Appollo Starr

IPW Handicap Tag Team Match

Greg Carey, Joey Owens, & Osyris vs Junkfood Junkie & "Diamond" Dan Garza

IPW vs EWF: Louis Linaris vs Just Justin

IPW vs NWA Indiana: Billy Roc & Irish Airborne vs Shawn Cook, D-Von Fury, & Rob Ramer

IPW: Ryan Rich vs PT Hustla


Insanity Pro Wrestling


December 1, 2007 - Hardcore Holiday, Indianapolis, IN

The Hybrids beat The Mavericks

Dave Crist, Junk Food Junkie, Ryan Rich, Evan Steele beat Dustin Rayz, Louis Linaris, Chris Wonders, The Madness

Joey "Kidd" Owens beat Christian Vaughn

Jon Moxley beat Jake Crist to qualify for the Mid-American Title Gauntlet Match

PT Hustla beat "Swee" Lou Roberts to qualify for the Mid-American Title Gauntlet Match

Osyris vs. xOMGx - no contest (Osyris choke slammed OMG through a table outside the ring)

Junior Heavyweight Champion Billy Roc beat Sami Callihan to retain the title

Nevaeh and Lexi Lane beat Paige Adams and Elektra Fine

Grand Champion Carlton Kaz beat Dave Davidson in a Steel Cage Match to retain the title


January 5, 2008

Fountain Square Salvation Army Community Center, 1337 S Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN

Doors Open 6:00 PM, Bell Time 7:00 PM

Admission $12.00. - Kids 10 and Under $7.00 -Purchase advance tickets online for only $10!

(Must purchase by 11:59 PM on 1/4)

CHIKARA Stars Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked, and Gran Akuma will be in action!


International Wrestling Cartel


Court Time Sports Center, 95 Enterprise St., Elizabeth, PA 15037

1-Day Ringside Reserved Tickets: $30.00, 2-Day Ringside Discount: $50.00

1-Day General Admission Tickets: $25.00, 2-Day General Admission Discount: $40.00

1-Day Kids Under 10 GA Tickets: $15.00, 2-Day Kids Under 10 GA Discount: $25.00

December 7th, 2007 – Belltime: 8:00 PM

Hell Hath No Fury 2004 Rematch:

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. "The Notorious 187" Homicide

Non-Title Match, The 2006 Feud of the Year Revisited:

Low Ki vs. "Fabulous" John McChesney

Special Attraction Tag Team Match: 

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Burning River Brigade

One of IWC's Most Brutal & Bloody Feuds Renewed:  Shirley Doe vs. Sebastian Dark

Non-Title Four-Way Tag Scramble:

The Gambino Brothers vs. BabyFace Fire vs. Sexual Harassment vs. The Cleveland Mafia

First Time in IWC:  "The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes vs. Davey Richards

2006 Match of the Year Revisited:  "Balls Hot" Troy Lords vs. Super Hentai

December 8th, 2007 – Belltime:  5:00 PM

IWC World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match:

Dennis Gregory defends against "The Baddest Man in IWC" Raymond Rowe

"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

IWC Super Indy Title Steel Cage Match:

"Fabulous" John McChesney defends against "Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney

IWC Tag Team Title Steel Cage Match:  The Gambino Brothers defend against BabyFace Fire

Battle of IWC Characters:  Delirious w/ Daizee Haze vs. "Showtime" Eric Young


"The Hardcore Icon" The Sandman

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas

"The Original Wild-Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers

the in-ring return of "Snapshot" CJ Sensation and much much more!

And, several IWC stars from the past return, including: first-ever IWC Champion POWERHOUSE HUGHES! former IWC Champion ORION! former 2-time IWC Champion JIMMY VEGA$! former 2-time IWC Tag Team Champion GLENN SPECTRE! and many more!

Plus all the fun and surprises you've come to expect from IWC!!!

2008  Events

Tickets to A Call To Arms 4 and other IWC live events are already on sale, including:

A New Beginning 2008 - January 19th, 2008 - Elizabeth, PA

Accept No Limitations 4 - February 16th, 2008 - Elizabeth, PA

TBA - March 22nd, 2008 - Elizabeth, PA

Tickets can be reserved safely and security online using your credit or debit card by visiting  or by calling 412-542-5170!


International Wrestling Syndicate


December 1, 2007 - IWS Season's Beatings. Bogey's, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Attendance 326

Up in Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy) beat 2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews) in 9:31 when Cheech kneed Jagged in the face.

In the "Spot-Match" Samson made Alex Price tap to a cinched-in one legged crab at 9:53. (With Santino on the outside)

The one night team The Green Bastards (Green Phantom and Kenny the Bastard) beat the Shit Storm (Shit-Hawke and EXesS) in 7:13 when Kenny pinned Hawke.

Franky the Mobster beat Eddie Kingston in 12:08 in a very Dance Dance Revolution match. Funny as hell and Franky dances like Ted Levine in Silence of the Lambs.

The Untouchables (Jimmy Stone and Don Paysan) won the Tag Team Scramble in 15:13 double-teaming and pinning Jimmy K.

Max Boyer defended his IWS Canadian Title beating Damian in 9:24 after an extremely physical contest.

Manny defended his IWS title against Lufisto in an Old School IWS Death Match in 11:07 putting Lufisto through a table with a Junkie Driver.


Partial 2008 IWS Schedule

Jan 26th Praise the Violence Medley

Feb 16th Violent Valentines Bogey's

March 22nd Know Your Enemies Bogey's

April 19th Scarred For Life Bogey's

May 17th Name TBA Location TBA


Deep South


December 1, 2007 - Pulaski, TN

Posted on 12/02/107 by Dr. Keith Lipinski

First match is non tournament action: FANS BRING THE WEAPONS. Corey Shaddix vs Prophet. Shaddix goes over with a cradle DDT into tubes in about 8 minutes. Good opener.

Things are only gonna get better from here, folks.

NOW UP: Sexxxy Eddy vs Scotty Vortekz vs Ultramantis Black - Barbed Wire Boards & Tables Mantis took a light tube to the stomach and is bleeding pretty bad. The crowd is about 125 and is real hot, standing and cheering for everything

SEXXXY EDDY and SCOTTY Vortekz advance to the second round, ULTRAMANTIS BLACK is eliminated after a superplex through a light tube table

Deranged vs Danny Havoc vs Tank in an UNLUCKY 13 LIGHTTUBE BUNDLES match. DANNY HAVOC and DERANGED advance, TANK is eliminated. Havoc got murdered and bled buckets, TONS of crazy spots.

NOW UP: Viking vs WHACKS vs Drake Younger in a "shitload of tubes match". The crowd is MOLTEN, and Lauderdale said this is on pace to be the best DM show *ever*. Viking is ON FIRE to start out, hopefully my boy advances

SPOT ALERT, SPOT ALERT..... WHACKS leaps off the top rope, grabs the rafters, and swings himself into a senton onto Drake who's laid over chairs with tubes. WOOHOO, VIOLENCE! Viking pins WHACKS after that spot to eliminate him. VIKING and DRAKE YOUNGER advance. Drake suffers YET ANOTHER scarring injury: the bottom piece of his earlobe is hanging off after being cut by a stray tube. Jesus Christ...

IAN ROTTEN vs FREAKSHOW vs INSANE LANE - Water jugs, thumbtack bats, barbed wire crutches, light tube crutches, and SPIKE BAT match. Crowd is STILL on fire, hottest of the year. Ian got a standing ovation and streamers during his intro, which is bizarre because just a couple months ago, he was inciting riots with the Deep South fans IAN ROTTEN is eliminated, FREAKSHOW and INSANE LANE advance. Standing ovation postmatch for Ian

6-MAN MAYHEM! Hydra vs Tim Donst vs Amasis vs 2 local guys vs Chrisjen Hayme. One fall to a finish. Hayme wins the 6-way, quick and fun

NOW UP: Deranged vs Freakshow in a PITS OF HELL match - one kiddie pool full of barbed wire and salt, another one full of rubbing alcohol, and a third filled with tacks. FREAKSHOW over DERANGED in a short match, and it appears Deranged has a broken leg on a legdrop, he's getting taken out on a stretcher We've got another intermission while Deranged is being loaded into the ambulance

Scotty Vortekz vs Viking - LIGHT TUBE LOG CABINS

Vortekz defeats VIKING to advance to the final after a Spanish Fly through a cabin. Vortekz's hand/wrist area is gashed nicely and he sprinted to the back. The roster for this show is just getting decimated...COD might be a 3 on 3 at this rate.

We've got Insane Lane, Sexxxy Eddy & Danny Havoc left. Dunno if they're gonna use anyone to fill Drake's spot or what. Let Viking wrestle again.

And we have a problem. Razor blade next

NOW UP: DANNY HAVOC vs INSANE LANE. Razor boards. Pics forthcoming. I'm feeling really uneasy about this right now. Havoc gets Lane in a rear naked choke...Lane Samoan drops him through a log cabin. Danny holds onto the choke, Lane Samoan drops him through the razor board propped up in the corner. HAVOC HOLDS THE CHOKE, AND GETS THE SUBMISSION VICTORY

Eddy gets a bye to the final. The final will be 200 light tubes, barbed wire tables with 8 foot tubes lining the ringposts from the ground up. Brett's gonna find out if Vortecksxz is still in


Vortekz is the first one eliminated after Freakshow smashes a bundle of light tubes on his hand and gouges them until he submits.

SEXXXY EDDY is eliminated second after he's put upside down in a garbage can and dropped him from the apron to the floor.

DANNY HAVOC and FREAKSHOW are your final two.

FREAKSHOW is your 2007 Carnage Cup champion after throwing Havoc off the top rope to the floor through 3 stacked light tube cabins.

Scotty Vortekz had a severe cut in between his pinky and ring finger following a DragonFly through a Light Tube Log Cabin to beat Viking and advance. He was quickly eliminated by Freakshow in the tournament finals after Freakshow bit down on the gash, which caused Vortekz to tap out.

Drake Younger almost had his ear completed ripped off by a Light Tube after Whacks did a "rafter dangling" senton onto Drake, who was laid out between two steel chairs with a couple Light Tubes on his chest. Somehow the sword-like tubes cut his ear, almost severing it completely. Luckily, the tube did not stabbed him in the throat or artery, which are both in that vacinity. Drake was rushed to the hospital and did not make it to the finals this year. After the hospital visit, he is now only missing a small chunk of ear.

Dragon's friend Deranged is said to have a broken leg after his match with Insane Lane.

Please keep all these guys in your thoughts and prayers




Ian Rotten's Retirement Show – December 7, 2007 - Plainfield, IN


December 7, 2007 - Capital Sports Center (1915 Gladden Road Plainfield, IN)


Ian Rotten Retirement Match:  Ian Rotten vs. Mickie Knuckles

IWA World Heavyweight Title - 4 Way Elimination Match:  Mike Quackenbush vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero

Circle City Street Fight: Deranged vs. C.J. Otis

Too Cold Scorpio vs. "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein

Already signed:  Sandman

December 8, 2007 - Hartman Recreational Center (511 N. Collins Street Joliet, IL), 8:00pm, Lethal Lottery 2007

We have discussed it and decided that it would be better to go ahead and start our hiatus right after Ian's retirement match show. By canceling the Lethal Lottery show, it allows us to prepare and plan and make our 500th show as big and as special as it deserves to be.

#500 will now occur as our first show back from hiatus...March 1, 2008 in Joliet, Illinois.


Jersey All Pro Wrestling


December 7, 2007 - The ACE Wrestling Arena (725 Sip Street, Union City, NJ 07087), 7:30pm

Already signed:  Teddy Hart

December 8, 2007 - Rahway Rec Center (275 East Milton Avenue Rahway, NJ)


Seasons Beatings

B-Boy vs. Archadia vs. Azriael

JAPW Tag Team Championship - 3 Way Dance: The LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. BLKOut Members Eddie Kingston & Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Teddy Hart & Senshi

Jay Lethal vs. The Human Tornado

"The Future" Frankie Kazarian vs. "Dangerous" Devon Storm

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero

Bandido, Jr. vs. the Grim Reefer

Monsta Mack & Havok vs. The Christopher Street Connection

Kenny Omega vs. Kevin Matthews

January 19, 2008 - Golden Door Charter School (180 9th Street in Jersey City, NJ), 7:30pm

Already signed:  Cryme Tyme; Senshi; Homicide; Hernandez; Teddy Hart


Legend Wrestling League


November 27, 2007 - LWL Winter Warfare, Attendance: 70, Price: Adults £5, £4 with LWL Flyer (Downloadable from  Kids £3, Legends Members Club, Oxley Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1QN.

Motor Mouth Mike - Ring Announcer

Joey Syxx vs. Kris Navarro

Match Time: 7 minutes  Winner: Kris Navarro

'Mr 1' Jonny Costello w/ 'Hellbunny' Vicky Morton vs. Chandler Scott Lee

Match Time: 7 minutes  Winner: 'Mr 1' Jonny Costello

Mad Dog Maxx vs. Tommy Gunn

Match Time: 12 minutes Winner: Mad Dog Maxx

LWL National Pride Championship: Mr. Valentino vs. Dan Ryder ©

Match Time: 17 minutes

Winner and STILL LWL National Pride Champion: Dan Ryder

The Bouncer w/The Boss vs. Marcus Kool

Match Time: 12 minutes Winner: Marcus Kool

No1 Contendership Match for National Pride Championship: Platinum Paige vs. Caiman

Match Time: 9 minutes

Winner and NEW No1 Contender to LWL National Pride Championship: Platinum Paige

Sykes vs. 'Sik' Nik Dutt

Match Time: 11 minutes Winner by Disqualification: 'Sik' Nik Dutt

Main Event LWL Championship: Matt Vaughn vs. Mat Mensa ©

Match Time: 14 minutes

Winner and STILL LWL Champion: Mat Mensa

Match of the Night:

LWL National Pride Championship

Mr. Valentino vs. Dan Ryder ©


December 18, 2007, 7:30pm

Price: Adults £5, £4 with LWL Flyer (Downloadable from Kids £3.

Location: Legends Members Club, Oxley Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1QN.

Card thus far:

LWL Title: Mad Dog Maxx vs. Mat Mensa ©

Sykes vs. Kris Navarro 2

LWL National Pride Title

Marcus Kool vs. 'The Metro-Sexual' Danny Devine vs. Mr Valentino vs. Dan Ryder ©

Respect Match: Carnage vs. 'Mr New Age' Kristian 'The Flame' Lees

Los Angeles Dojo



December 2, 2007 – Los Angeles, CA

Opening Singles Bout

Mini Black Shadow defeated Mini Vertiz via pin count.

Singles Bout: Big Nasty Eric Watts defeated Kaylo via pin count.

Tag Team Bout: Thunderwolf & Robbie Phoenix defeated Orion & B.C. Killer. 

Tag Team Special Bout.: Chilango & El Pika defeated Referee Caesar & Durango.

Tag Team Main Event: The Massive Bros. (Steve Pain & Colossal Chris) lost to The Santino Bros (Kaos & Mongol)


See AAA and CMLL (EMLL) for information on those particular organizations. Information on  other Lucha Libre events can be found here.  Unless otherwise noted, all results are courtesty of Kris Zellner.  

For additional information on Lucha Libre, please visit


L.A. Park beat Pierroth on 11/15 in Xalapa in a mask vs. hair match which featured barbed wire, fire, light tubes and tables in an extreme rules match. He recently went to Columbia to shoot a straight to DVD movie. Source:

We previously reported that former WWE superstar Juvetund Guerrera had been talking about doing a live concert. Apparently he was inspired by another WWE alumnist, Lita and her band, The Luchagors. Batten down the hatches, as Juvi made his concert debut with his band on 11/17 in Mexico City, Mexico. Posters had promoted his live performance, but failed to mention the gig would be apart of a wrestling show featuring The Hell Brothers (from AAA). The event drew 400 fans, and Juvi did his concert first. Juvi sang one song, which wasn't well received, and asked the fans, "do you want to hear another, yes or no?" The crowd answers "no." Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Hijo del Santo gave an interview with Super Luchas this weekend and had plenty to say. Santo said that the Todos X Todos show would be televised but he didn’t know where although it has since been revealed that Televisa would televise it. Santo said that he had a lot of guys lined up to be in the Ruleta de la Muerte so when some pulled out they were easily replaced. Santo wanted Octagon to be a part of the show but AAA nixed that idea and he said that Dr. Wagner Jr. wanted to be a part of the show but only if AAA affiliated wrestlers were not on it proving to him that Wagner still had EMLL ties. He was upset that Angel Blanco Jr. pulled out for whatever reason and that L.A. Par-K used him to get a good deal with EMLL. Santo went on to say that Blue Demon Jr./Fishman Jr./Lizmark/Pentagon Black are the early favorites to lose their hoods.


11/27 – Arena Mexico

Polvora & Vaquero beat Kid Tiger & Sensei

Arkangel de la Muerte/Dr. X/Hooligan defeated Astro Boy/Neutron/Super Nova Euforia/Nosferatu/Shigeo Okumura beat Leono/Metalico/Stuka Jr.

Ephesto/Mephisto/Sangre Azteca defeated Felino/Heavy Metal/Valiente when Mephisto fouled Heavy Metal behind the ref’s back.

NWA Welterweight Title: La Sombra beat Hajime Ohara to win the title.

IWRG 11/29 – Arena Naucalpan

1. Judas el Traidor beat Latin Brother

2. Las Traumas I y II defeated Gallo Tapado Jr. & Kid Tiger

3. Black Terry/Cerebro Negro/Krator beat Fabian el Gitano/Fantasma de la Opera/Multifacetico

4. Bogeman & Negro Navarro battled Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr. & Pierroth to a double countoutt.

5. Pantera/Ultraman Jr./Yamato (subbing for Negro Casas) defeated Damian 666/Hijo del Cien Caras/Villano III

IWRG 12/1 – Rodeo Montana de Ixtapa

1. Golem beat Puma King

2. Fierro & 911 defeated Los Tortuguillo Ninjas I y II

3. Fantasma de la Opera/Freelance/Multifacetico beat Black Terry/Cerebro Negro/Yamato

4. Los Payasos Tricolor (Cocolores/Coco Rojo/Coco Verde) defeated La Escuadrion de la Muerte (Capitan Muerte/Cyborg/Xibalba)

5. Bogeman/L.A. Par-K/Rayo de Jalisco Jr. beat Perro Aguayo Jr./Hijo del Cien Caras/Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr. by DQ when Perrito fouled Par-K

Independent 12/2 – Centro Commercial Plaza San Pedro de Puebla

1. Ruleta de la Muerte that ended up with Triple-X taking Amenaza Nortena’s hair.

2. Joe Lider & El Mexicano beat Mr. Condor & Gallego

3. AAA Mascot Tag Titles: Alebrije & Cuije defeated Scorpio & Guapito to retain their titles.

4. Elegido/Gronda II/Estrellita beat Histeria/Sangre Chicana/Rossy Moreno by DQ when Mr. Niebla fouled Gronda.

Blue Panther & Negro Casas defeated Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero

Monterrey 12/2 – Arena Coliseo de Monterrey

1. Baby Fox & Scravos beat Criminal & Iron Extreme

2. Aguila Extrema & Guerrero Blanco defeated Dranser & Virtual X

3. Fabi Apache & Mascarita Sagrada beat Ayako Hamada & Mini Abismo Negro

4. Decnis & Super Calo defeated Antifaz del Norte & Espiritu

5. 3 Way Bull Terrier Match: Zorro beat Alan Stone & Kenzo Suzuki

12/2 – Arena Mexico

1. Caligula/Hooligan/Messala beat Sensei/Sombra de Plata/Trueno

2. Escandalo/Shigeo Okumura/Virus defeated Metalico/Stuka Jr./Tigre Blanco

3. CMLL Femenil Title: Amapola beat Marcela to retain her title.

4. Ephesto/Mephisto/Misterioso II defeated Felino/Sagrado/Volador Jr.

5. Caballera contra Caballera: Leono beat Mr. Mexico

6. Mistico/Rey Bucanero/Shocker defeated Los Guerreros (Black Warrior/Hijo del Lizmark/Olimpico)

12/2 – Centro Commercial Plaza San Pedro de Puebla

1. Ruleta de la Muerte that ended up with Triple-X taking Amenaza Nortena’s hair.

2. Joe Lider & El Mexicano beat Mr. Condor & Gallego

3. AAA Mascot Tag Titles: Alebrije & Cuije defeated Scorpio & Guapito to retain their titles.

4. Elegido/Gronda II/Estrellita beat Histeria/Sangre Chicana/Rossy Moreno by DQ when Mr. Niebla fouled Gronda.


12/9 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara

1. Thunder Boy vs. Milenio

2. Casanova & Estrella de Jalisco vs. Frayle de la Muerte & Impostor

3. Carlo Roggi & Metatron vs. Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno

4. Super Libre: Brazo de Oro/Brazo de Platino/Evola vs. Depredador/Emilio Charles Jr./Exterminador

5. El Gallo/Alex Koslov/Sagrado vs. Ephesto/Infierno/Mephisto

6. Shocker vs. Black Warrior

12/9 – Arena Mexico

1. Astro Boy & Kid Tiger vs. Super Comando & Zayco

2. Metalico/Tigre Blanco/Tony Rivera vs. Apocalipsis/Hooligan/Ramstein

3. Leono/Stuka Jr./Super Nova vs. Dr. X/Escandalo/Loco Max

4. La Mascara/La Sombra/Valiente vs. Averno/Olimpico/Toscano

5. Dos Caras Jr./Marco Corleone/Volador Jr. vs. Perro Aguayo Jr./Hijo del Texano/Villano IV

12/10 – Arena Puebla

Atomo/Mascarita Dorada/Ultimo Dragoncito vs. Mini Black Warrior/Pequeno Violencia/Pierrothito

Heavy Metal/Rey Bucanero/Volador Jr. vs. Los Perros del Mal (Mr. Aguila/Damian 666/Hijo del Texano)

Dos Caras Jr./L.A. Par-K/Negro Casas vs. Los Perros del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr./Damian el Terrible/Hector Garza)

Memphis Wrestling



December 1, 2007 - TV Report 12.01.07

Steve Gerweck - Tuesday, December 4 2007 - 12:16 AM

Corey Maclin opens the show announcing the Southern Tag Team Titles have been held up due to Ali Stevens/Brian Christopher split. Reggie B Fine comes out to join Corey to announce.

“Opening the Vault” with “Frazier’s Hair vs Lee’s Mask” Giant Frazier/Bobby Eaton vs Stagger Lee [Koko Ware]/Terry Taylor. Frazier gets his hair shaved after losing the bout. Eaton/Frazier jump Lee/Taylor after the bout and remove Lee’s mask, but Lee covers his face.

Jerry Lawler interview. Maclin says something about Lawler having a birthday this past week. Fine says that he was going to bring a cake, but it would have had so many candles on it, it would have burn down the studio. LOL That was funny. Lawler puts over Santino Marrella and then talks about his upcoming match vs Kevin White.

White with Garry White interview. White with Mr. White beat Lawler with Grady Watson. Not much of a match. Pretty much a squash. Lawler pulled down his strap and went for the fist drop, when some music started to play. Sue Young come out and did a strip tease. Lawler had his head turn watching her. White hit him with the “super secret phantom foreign object” for the pin and win.

Replay of the Ali/Brian C angle from last week. After they air the clip, the crowd was chanting “Ali, Ali.” Brian C interview – “You are out here with a big star now.” Tatt2 vs Brian C – No Contest. Ali jumped in and Brian C took off running. Tatt2 got more than I expected. Everyone always talks about how small Tatt2 is, but he didn’t look much smaller than Brian C.

They return from commercial break and Ali is chasing Brian C out of the ring with a trash can lid. I think Ali had hit him, but they did not show it. Ali demands a match today. He gets the crowd to chanting “Grand Master Punk.” Brian C comes back out and agrees to a tag team match next week. Ali then goes after Brian C knocking down a skinny security guard with the trash can lid. Well done.

Chris Lexx/Dustin Starr beat “Insane Clowns” [Bobo/Giggles] with Rashard Devon. Very rushed bout. Lexx took 2 seconds of heat and DDT double down. Hot tag to Starr. Bobo hit Giggles on mistake with a guitar and Starr pinned him.

“Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] interview. They had a kid’s three piece suit that they said they brought out for Dotson. Funny. Derrick King/Johnny Dotson with Rashard come out. Both teams put over the fact that Bill Rush is not refereeing this week, because of a quick count from last week’s second fall. Not sure where that is going.

Winner To Become New Southern Tag Team Champions – Grind/Flex vs Dotson/DK went to the expiration of time. Match only lasted 5 minutes, but was real good. Heat was on Flex with hot tag to Grind. TK2 was about to win, when the bell rang.


Lawler interview with Fine talking about the cake with real funny…After Young did the strip tease, Maclin said something about her being Japanese – why was she stripping?? Do Japanese women not strip??...White put over Marrella also…Ali/Brian C angle has lots of heat. Biggest reaction of the show. Crowd loves Ali…Main for tag straps entered the ring for 5 minutes of TV time for the bout?? If they must show an “Opening the Vault” segment, then they really need to cut the TV show down to 3 matches…Solid show continuing with storylines, even though a lot of it came off rushed. Fine was really good this week and took nothing away from the show.

Brian Tramel @  Check out the site as we have added "Memphis Wrestling Clip of The Week" with this report and this week it is the Sue Young strip tease. Also, Tuesday morning @ 10:00 AM [12.04.07] "Cheap Heat Radio with Gene Jackson" - exclusively brought to you by RRO will feature a 90 minute shoot interview with Derrick King.

Metro East Championship Wrestling


December 1, 2007 - Wood Rover, IL

Posted on 12/04/107 by Patrick Brandmeyer

Knights Of Columbus Hall

"Man Of Value" Jeff Brookspinned Kid Hybrid

Gabriel Brimstone defeated Cabal

Dewey "Booger" Dawson beat Reid Reign

Independent Champion Hunter Matthews pinned Jordan McEntyre

Marshall Law ("Marshall" Wade Garrett &"The Shooter" Shawn Santel) defeated Brian Scrilla & Saul Goode to become the first MECW Tag Team Champions

Krotch beat Knight Wagner

A.D.D. won a triple threat match with Sean Vincent and Delicious Danny Scott

Heavyweight Champion Cameron Cage defeated Chucky Valentine.


Mountain Wrestling Association


December 1, 2007 - Estil Street Jubilee, Mt Sterling, Kentucky

Kyle Maggard won by DQ over Cody Mathews

MWA Tag Team Champions Rob Valor and Johnny Mo' Money won by pin over Mean Gene and Maxx Sledd

Kasey Kaos won by pin over Ice Train

Eddie Browning and Larry D. won by pin over Scott Hayes and Tuffy

Main event:  Tommy Gunn, Cody Mathews and Mike Strong defeated MWA Kentucky Champion Bobby Blade, Al Steele and Chucky Smooth in a 6-man tag match


Saturday, December 8th- Estill Street Jubilee - Mount Sterling, KY - Belltime: 7:30 

Saturday, December 15th- Estill Street Jubilee - Mount Sterling, KY - Belltime: 7:30 

Saturday, December 22nd- Estill Street Jubilee - Mount Sterling, KY - Belltime: 7:30 

Every Sautruday night  at the Estill Street Jubilee in MT. Sterling KY door open at 5:30 bell time 7:30




December 1, 2007 - NWA Arena, first bi-monthly television taping in the month of December and the road to Season's Beatings is winding down. This Saturday's taping started to make things very clear as to what Season's Beatings 2007on 12/29/07 will hold for the fans of Anarchy. The #1 Contender to Phil Shatter's Anarchy Heavyweight Championship, has been decided, as has the apparant main event for Season's Beatings, and more on that here in this report. Also, one of the companies hottest rivalries will finally see action in the ring, and The Awesome Attraction's tag title challengers for 12/29's have been decided as well. Another molten crowd of over 200 fans filled the NWA Television Arena.

The New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) def. Talent & Money (J.T. Talent & Drew Pendleton III) in around 8 minutes.

The Anger Alliance (Brody Ray Chase, "Merciless" Don Matthews, Brandon Phoenix, & Adam "P.S." Roberts) defeated The Regular Guys (Tyler Smith & Bob Hill), Chip Day, & "Wild" Billy Buck in around 6 minutes.

"The No Pain Train" Iceberg w/ The Reverend defeated "The Real" Slim J with the ground zero splash in around 11 minutes.

Mikal Judas defeated "The Ruthless Villain" Kory Chavis w/ Jeff G. Bailey in around 12 minutes.

NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion: "The Universal Soldier" Phil Shatter w/ Jeff G. Bailey pinned Jesse Emerson in around 2 minutes.

The Devil's Rejects ("The Son Of Satan" Azrael & "The Sleeper Cell" Shaun Tempers) defeated Adrian Hawkins & Anarchy TV Champion Truitt Fields in around 8 minutes to become #1 tag title contenders and earn the right to face The Awesome Attraction at Season's Beatings for the belts. "Violent Passion" Patrick Bentley w/ The Reverend defeated "The Big Deal" Sal Rinauro in around 11 minutes by pinfall.

"The Untouchable" Jeremy Vain w/ Mr. Adonis defeated "The People's Champ" Shadow Jackson in around 14 minutes by pinfall.


Anarchy's next TV Taping announced for 12/15/07 has already signed, Iceberg, Mikal Judas, & Phil Shatter in 6 man tag team action, on the same team!!! A #1 Contenders Mega-Rumble to determine who will face Truitt Fields at Season's Beatings for the NWA Anarchy Television Championship, and the final comments from the stars of Anarchy before it all breaks down at Season's Beatings 2007!!! See ya at ringside!

Anarchy Reporter- Jim Olsen. Source: 




Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Inc. in sanction with the National Wrestling Alliance present:

NWA Empire: "Corporate Holiday", Saturday December 8th, 2007, St. Johnsburg Fire Hall

7165 Ward Road - North Tonawanda, New York, Doors Open: 5:30 PM, Bell Time: 6:30 PM

Tickets: Presale $10, Adults, day of the show $12, Kids (9 and under) $5

For more information call (585) 621-4293

Main Event : NWA Empire World Championship

"The Patrick Swayze of Pro Wrestling" Pepper Parks (c) vs. Jonny Puma

NWA Empire Lord of the Dance Championship: Colin Olsen (c) vs. Jimmy Olsen vs. Mastiff

NWA Empire Tag Team Championship

Rhythm & Booze (c) w/Col. Kayfabe vs. The McCloud Brothers

Kevin Grace vs. Wrestling Inc.'s Chris Cooper

Stargazer vs. Super Assassin

JP Hawke vs. DewDust

The Latin Soldiers vs. "Party Boy" Brett Mednik & "Inferno" Johnny Adams

Tommy Mandrake vs. A Debuting Empire Star

Also in action: Final Solution, Ice, and many others.





November 24, 2007 - NWA Upstate Holiday Hangover, Minett Hall in Rochester, New York 11/24:


The Wild Stallions defeated Derek Duncum & "True Talent" Bobby "The Body" Shields

The Dustytaker defeated DewDust

Main Show

NWA Upstate No Limits Champion Cheech vs. "The Guns of Black Mountain" Gabe Saint was ruled a double-countout

The McCloud Brothers defeated CloudLee (Cloudy & "The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee)

Spazz defeated Mark Krieger & D To The Icky in a triple threat match

The Ring Crew Express & Cody Deaner (w/Nikki) defeated Tag Team Champions Rhythm & Booze & Sweet Lou (w/Col. Kayfabe)

"The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes defeated "The Black Jesus" Sabian

Danny Doring defeated Colin Olsen

"Fabulous" John McChesney (w/Star Rider) defeated Upstate World Champion by disqualification

The Latin Soldiers (Maximo Suave, Luis Whiteshoes, & Stargazer) defeated Six-Man Tag Team Champions "The Exceptional Icon" Eric Everlast, Triple X, & The Masked Assassin to win the Six-Man Trophy

NWA National Heavyweight Champion Pepper Parks defeated "The Notorious 187" Homicide


National Wrestling Superstars


November 30, 2007 - Belleville, NJ

NWS Cruiserweight Title Bout

Dan Rageous and Mikey Pacifica went to a 10 minute draw

Monster Mack def Danny Doring

Boris Nobika def JD Smooth

Kevin Matthews (with Danny Doring) def The Clown (with Johnny Diamond)

Danny Doring & Kevin Matthews def Monster Mack & The Clown

The Sychadelic Sissies (Ace Darling & Nicky Oceans) def Franciz & Dark Angel when Doring pushed Dark Angel from the top rope, allowing Oceans to get the pin

Women's Bout: Janna def Roxxy Cotton

NWS NJ Heavyweight Championship Match

Vicious Vin (with Johnny Diamond) def Corey Havoc (with Doring & Matthews).


Dec. 7, 2007 - Kenilworth Veterans Center, Kenilworth, NJ   7:45pm  

Dec. 8, 2007 - Dunellen Knights of Columbus Hall , Dunellen, NJ   7:35pm  

Dec. 28, 2007 - Seashore Arena, Long Branch, NJ   7:45pm

Dec. 29, 2007 - Our Lady of Perpatual Help   Seaside Heights, NJ 2 Shows 2:05 & 7:35pm  

Dec. 31, 2007 - Killingly Memorial School Gym, Danielson, CT


New England Championship Wrestling


New England Championship Wrestling returned to live action in front of a packed house November 30, 2007 at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA for THE HARDER THEY FALL.

In an exciting opening contest, "The Talent" TJ Richter defeated the debuting "Hawaiian Warrior" Makua with his feet on the ropes.

"Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman and D.C. Dillinger came to the ring and addressed the crowd about The Arions, and how D.C. was claiming to have injured Frankie Arion badly enough that he may never return to NECW competition, while targeting "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion with much of his anger. Dillinger also addressed his match with former Sabotage member and partner Jason Blade. Dillinger said he would take it easy on Blade and that their bout would be a mat classic and a match between two friends, as long as Blade did not try to test him.

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