Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown

November 30, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

Before we get started, I just heard that Evel Knievel passed away today.  My Dad took me to see Evel when I was much, much younger and Evel truly was a daredevil. He had been ill for a long time. R.I.P. Evel.

It is my understanding that Carlito has been released from his contract with WWE but that he will be working through December 2007 to fulfill his contractual obligations. There are three rumors going around: (1) He will sign with Total Nonstop Action, (2) he will sign with an organization in Puerto Rico, or (3) he will sign with AAA in Mexico.

We open with the Vicky Guerrero, acting General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown/Edge chat in Vickyís office interwoven with Edgeís interference in the Hell in a Cell Match between The Undertaker and Batista causing The Undertaker to lose the match and allowing Batista to retain the title. Vicky granted Edge a Championship match with Batista this week on Smackdown. Vicky then received a pile driver courtesy of The Undertaker. Naturally Edge bailed out of the ring and refused to reenter to help Vicky.

Friday Night Smackdown is being broadcast from Roanoke, VA on the CW network

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole and JBL

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

Backstage interview: Anastacia

We are informed there will be an Edge versus Batista match for the Championship tonight. We will also see Kane and Rey Mysterio go up against MVP and Big Daddy V.

The Rated R Superstar Edge enters the arena and the ring. He is not in wrestling attire so we must assume he is here to talk. Cole tells us that Edge had to relinquish the title due to the injury (torn pectoral muscle) that kept him out of action. Because he did not lose the title, Edge believed he should have been first in line for a title shot. Playing kissy face with the General Manager didnít hurt either. Edge is whining because none of the fans cared when he was injured and WWE didnít care when he was injured. He says he was contemplating retiring because no one loves him. He says he got a phone call from someone who changed his career and his life Ė Vicky Guerrero. He claims that Vicky motivated him to go through rehab and return to the WWE ring but not before they developed a ďrelationshipĒ. The audience is not impressed with the relationship thing and they are very vocal about it. He says what happened at Hell in a Cell was all Vickyís idea and he says he knew if he eliminated The Undertaker, he knew he could take out Batista. And he is glad that last week he could publicly proclaim his love for Vicky Guerrero. Again the audience is not impressed. Now Edge is telling The Undertaker that he went after a defenseless woman in the ring last week. He tells The Undertaker that he will destroy him. Again the audience is not impressed. He promises Vicky that tonight he will win the match against Batista and he dedicates his match tonight to her and he will become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Excuse me, could we get around to some wrestling here?

We see a recap of the match last week between Hornswoggle with Finlay versus Mark Henry and then The Great Khali coming to the ring to take out Finlay. Khali is still angry with Finlay for interfering in his match against Hornswoggle at Survivor Series. Finlay will be against The Great Khali at Armageddon.

We see Hornswoggle and Finlay backstage.  They appear to be heading toward the ring. Cole tells us that they will be facing Deuce and Domino. Hornswoggle is running circles around Finlay and Finlay stops Hornswoggle and tells him he needs to leave the sugar alone.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Tag Team Match

Finlay & Hornswoggle, at a combined weight of 366 lbs.


Deuce & Domino, at a combined weight of 465 lbs., from the Other Side of the Tracks

accompanied to the ring by a nice ride and Cherry

Audience favorites: Finlay & Hornswoggle

My favorites: Finlay & Hornswoggle

Winners: Finlay & Hornswoggle

Iíd say that Finlay is going to have his hands full tonight since he wonít be able to depend on Hornswoggle. One thing Finlay does have in his favor is his ability to fight. Finlay can wrestle but he is a great brawler, too. Finlay tries early on for a cover but canít get the count. Hornswoggle appears to be leading the cheering section for his partner, Finlay. Finlay tries for another cover and canít get the count, but Domino hits him in the back. Finlay goes outside after Domino and gets slapped by Cherry when Domino bails into the ring to get away from Finlay. When Finlay is distracted by Cherry, Deuce slams Finlayís head into the ring apron. Deuce goes for a pin but canít get the count. Finlay is down in the ring and getting double teamed by Deuce and Domino. He gets pinned but powers out at a two count. The two men in the ring run together and Finlay rolls out of the ring. Hornswoggle jumps off the ring apron and goes under the ring. Hornswoggle comes out on the opposite side of the ring and pulls one of the men off onto the floor. He turns around to face Cherry and swings what appears to be a dead rat (and I hope thatís just a toy and not the real thing) and, of course, she screams and runs.  What a sissy! Suddenly Hornswoggle is surrounded by Deuce and Domino and they pick him up and roll him into the ring. Hornswoggle is in some real trouble here. One of the wrestlers takes off their belt and the referee gets in front of Hornswoggle to protect him. As the refís back is turned the other wrestler takes off his belt but before he can use it, Finlay is back in the ring with his nifty little weapon and he nails said wrestler in the head. Finlay sends Hornswoggle up on the top rope after he tags him into the ring, Hornswoggle executes his now famous tadpole splash and goes for the cover. Hornswoggle gets the three count as Finlay races over to lay out the other wrestler as he attempts to enter the ring to help his partner. Finlay and Hornswoggle do an Irish jig thrilling the fans in attendance.

I know this really wasnít a true tag team match but that didnít stop Finlay from giving the match his best. Deuce and Domino did a great job but Finlay is more experienced and besides that, he has the luck of the Irish Ė and a leprechaun.

We see a recap of the match earlier this year between Mark Henry and The Undertaker and how Edge manages to come in with his Money in the Bank case and takes out the already downed Undertaker to win the Championship. No wonder Edge keeps getting so much heat from the fans! Has Edge ever been in an actual match to win a Championship belt?

We are reminded that Edge will face The Animal Batista later on tonight for the World Championship.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see Michelle McCool in some sort of photo shoot and who should interrupt but Jamie Noble. Noble says he is only there to remind her that he beat Chuck Palumbo last week. Noble stops talking because who should walk up behind him but Chuck Palumbo! He tells Noble that Nobleís win last week was a fluke and he canít wait to get in the ring tonight with Noble again. Noble tells Palumbo that Noble is on a roll and that lightening is going to strike twice. Noble just never learns how to STOP TALKING!

CM Punk, weighing 222 lbs, from Chicago, IL

ECW Champion


Kenny Dykstra, weighing 234 lbs., from Worcester, MA

Audience favorite: CM Punk

My favorite: CM Punk

Winner: CM Punk

I donít believe this is a title match but I believe Punk has this match before it starts. Dykstra isnít bad but he tends to fight dirty versus actually wrestling in the ring. Punk uses his legs quite a bit in this match. And he does a great job. Punk is holding his left arm and since I didnít see ECW this week I donít know if Punk injured it in a match on ECW or he just injured his arm in this match. Dykstra is working on Punkís injured arm. Punk tries to fight back but Dykstra keeps him down on the mat. Punk is up to his knees and then to his feet and he tries to send Dykstra down with an arm drag but Dykstra doesnít let go of Punkís arm. Punk refuses to tap out no matter how loud Dykstra tells him to give it up and Punk is back to his feet. He sends Dykstra head first into the top turnbuckle and then delivers some big kicks before going for a pin. Dykstra kicks out before the three count. Punk delivers a high knee and goes for the bulldog but Dykstra breaks free and sends Punk toward the corner post. Punk stops himself and as Dykstra comes toward him, he brings up a boot to deliver a blow to Dykstraís abdomen. Now Punk hits the bulldog and goes for the cover. Dykstra kicks out at two. Punk goes out on the ring apron and springboards over at Dykstra but Dykstra comes off the  mat with a dropkick that connects. Both men are now down on the mat. Dykstra goes for the pin but only gets a two count before Punk throws him off. Dykstra yells at the ref over the count. Dykstra tries to deliver a suplex but Punk goes over Dykstraís back and gets Dykstra up on his shoulders. Punk hits the GTS, goes for the pin and gets the three count. Punk is tearing the tape loose on his arm and it looks like itís still bothering him.

No matter how many times I see CM Punk in action, I like him a little more each time.  Both of these wrestlers did a good job in this match but Punk is a crowd pleaser. Dykstra is doing a little better each time I see him in the ring and he managed to hold his own against Punk throughout the match.

We see the May 20, 2007 Judgment Day match of Edge versus Batista where Edge beat Batista in a title match. Cole reminds us that Edge will face Batista tonight in a Championship Match against Edge. JBL reminds us that we will also see Kane and Rey Mysterio against MVP and Big Daddy V.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a recap of the match on ECW last Tuesday between Kane and Big Daddy V when Mark Henry enters the ring and he and V take down Kane in order for V to pin Kane and win the match.

Tag Team Match

Big Daddy V, weighing 487 lbs., from Harlem, NY

accompanied to the ring by Matt Striker


MVP, weighing 248 lbs., from Miami, FL

WWE United States Champion


Kane, weighing 323 lbs.


Rey Mysterio, weighing 165 lbs., from San Diego, CA

Audience favorites: Kane & Rey Mysterio

My favorites: Kane & Rey Mysterio & MVP

Winners: Kane & Rey Mysterio

We know Mysterio is the smallest guy in the ring and The Little Big Man may have a big problem with V should they end up in the ring together. He does a great job of handling MVP on his own, but V is another story. The match opens with Mysterio in the ring with MVP. Mysterio takes MVP down with a kick to the leg and then backs MVP up into a corner and punches him. Mysterio tags in Kane and MVP does his best to get away but doesnít get the job done. MVP avoids a big boot from Kane and rolls out of the ring, but Mysterio dives off the ring apron and takes out MVP.



Back from commercial break, Kane and MVP are still in the ring and MVP is getting a beat down courtesy of Kane. Kane backs him up into the corner and pounds on him. MVP fights back throwing fists of his own and using shoulder tackles in the corner to slow Kane down. MVP backs up and heads into the corner but gets caught by a Kane uppercut. Kane smashes MVP into the corner and when V tries to interfere, Kane slams him with a punch, but MVP uses the distraction to back Kane into the corner where he can tag in V. MVP holds Kane so V can pound on him and when Mysterio tries to get in the ring to help Kane, the ref sends him back to his own corner. Kane now faces the big V and he barely avoids a pin. V tags back in MVP and MVP goes for a cover but Kane kicks out before the ref can count. MVP has Kane backed up into the corner and the ref backs him off. MVP backs up and takes a run at Kane but is met by a clothesline courtesy of Kane. Mysterio is cheering Kane on and the audience is right in there with him. Kane manages to tag Mysterio in and he goes after MVP. He tries for a pin but canít get the three count. The audience is calling for the 619 but Mysterio bounces off the ropes and takes MVP down with a cross body block. Kane is back up and against the ropes, V is trying to get into the ring, and as Mysterio backs up to hit MVP with the 619, Matt Striker grabs Mysterio by the leg from outside the ring. Mysterio hits the mat and Stiker runs for protection from V. MVP tries for a pin but canít get the job done so he tags in V who walks on Mysterio while he is down on the mat. V picks Mysterio up and holds him over his head before dropping him to the mat. Mysterio lands on his feet and goes after V, using kicks to try to take V out by the legs. Mysterio comes off the ropes but is caught by V who delivers a sidewalk slam. V tags in MVP who drops a knee on Mysterio before going for the cover. Kane is n the ring to break up the three count. The ref sends Kane back to his corner. MVP is back to his feet and Mysterio is still down. Mysterio is to his feet and he fights back, but he is back down on the mat. MVP goes for the pin and Mysterio kicks out at two. Mysterio tries to get to his corner but MVP stops him. MVP sends Mysterio into the corner and tags in V. V delivers a slap to Mysterioís chest and then goes back to slam into him. Mysterio gets out of the way and V hits the corner post chest first. MVP tags himself in as Mysterio tries to tag in Kane. MVP has him by the leg. Mysterio is back on his feet and he delivers a high kick to MVPís head making him release the leg. Mysterio tags in Kane. Kane delivers two consecutive clotheslines to MVP and then picks him up and body slams him to the mat before turning and pounding away on V who is still on the ring apron. Kane goes back to MVP, sends him into the corner and delivers a side slam before he tags in Mysterio. Mysterio and Kane both climb to the top turnbuckle, Kane comes off to take MVP down with a clothesline, then is up and after V in the corner. Mysterio comes off and sends MVP into the ropes, then hits the 619, goes for a frog splash and gets the pin and the three count.

Not a bad match although I was a little worried about Mysterio being so outsized in this match. He and Kane worked very well together in the ring.

Mysterio lets MVP know that he has his eye on MVPís United States Championship.

We again see the Edge/Vicky Guerrero/The Undertaker/Edge fiasco. I wonít go over it again here.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Cole reminds us about the title match between Batista and Edge tonight. We see a recap of One Night Stand on June 3, 2007 of the steel cage match between Batista and Edge where Edge beats Batista again after he uses a low blow to take Batista down.

Anastacia is backstage with Batista and asks about his match tonight against Edge. Batista says that he will walk away from the match still the World Champion.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Stay In The Game Moment: a recap of the match last week between Jamie Noble and Chuck Palumbo where Noble pins Palumbo for the win.

Chuck Palumbo, weighing 280 lbs., from San Diego, CA

accompanied to the ring by his motorcycle and Michelle McCool


Jamie Noble, weighing 202 lbs., from Hanover, WV

Audience favorite: Chuck Palumbo

My favorite: I like Jamie Noble and Chuck Palumbo and Chuckís motorcycle

Winner: Jamie Noble

I was surprised at Nobleís win last week but Noble is very good in the ring. Palumbo uses brute strength versus actual wrestling. Noble comes at Palumbo like a tiger, but Palumbo meets him with heavy punches and a clothesline. Palumbo sends Noble to the mat with a back body drop and Noble bails out of the ring with Palumbo coming after him. Palumbo picks Noble up, carries him back to the ring and throws him back in but Noble is ready for him. Noble works on Palumboís left leg. I just noticed that McCool isnít trying to pop out of her top and her shirt actually covers her hips! Vinceís memo must have made it to her before tonightís match! Noble is still working on Palumboís leg in the middle of the ring and heís doing a great job of twisting the knee around. Palumbo manages to throw Noble off but heís right back up and back at work on the leg. Palumbo lifts Noble up and drops him to the mat. Chuck delivers several hard rights before throwing him into the corner and bringing him back out to deliver a clothesline. Palumbo charges to deliver a boot but Noble gets out of the way, rolls Palumbo up, holding Palumboís trunks and gets the three count.

Thatís two for two for Noble. Heís still flirting with McCool as he goes up the ramp to exit the arena.

McMahon is backstage with The Great Khaliís interpreter. He is discussing the match between Khali and Finlay at Armageddon. McMahon wants the interpreter to do the Hornswoggle imitation he did earlier. He does a really good job! McMahon then wants the interpreter to do the imitation of his uncle who owns the convenience store but the interpreter says he would rather not. McMahon says he doesnít care, he wants him to do it anyway. So he does. McMahon laughs and wants him to do the imitation of The Great Khali and Khali is behind him. McMahon leaves and the interpreter is trying to explain his way out of it by saying that he was talking about the match between Khali and Finlay scheduled for Armageddon.

Cole reminds us again about the match coming up between Batista and Edge for the Championship tonight. We then see a recap of Vengeance, The Night of Champions on June 24, 2007. Edge uses a blatant low blow to keep the gold. Edge is ordered to reenter the ring and not keep the gold by disqualification which he does but then both men are outside the ring and Batista canít get back in the ring before he is counted out. Batista again loses to Edge.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a replay of what happened on Monday Night Raw with the return of Ric Flair and the interference of Y2J Chris Jericho which enabled Flair to beat Randy Orton in the ring. Orton then tells Jericho that he will grant him a match for his title belt at Armageddon.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

The Rated R Superstar Edge, weighing 250 lbs., from Toronto, Ontario, Canada



TheAnimal Batista, weighing 290 lbs., from Washington, DC

WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Audience favorite: Batista

My favorite: Batista

Winner: Batista

by disqualification when The Undertaker interferes in the match

Iím not sure about this match. Iím positive Batista should be able to take out Edge and since Edge does not hold the gold, he wonít be able to get himself disqualified in order to hang on to the title. Batista opens with a big show of power and Edge looks a little concerned. Edge should also hope The Undertaker isnít lurking around backstage. Batista slams Edge into the corner post so that he can deliver some heavy shoulder blocks to Edgeís abdomen. Edge comes off the ropes, Batista powers him down and goes for the cover. He does not get the three count. Batista comes off the ropes and Batista prepares for a power bomb, but Edge gets away and slides out of the ring.



Back from commercial break, both men are back in the ring and Batista is slamming Edge to the mat. Batista goes for the cover but Edge manages to get a shoulder up. Batista sends Edge into the ropes. Edge hangs onto the ropes, Batista comes after him, Edge pulls down the top rope and sends Batista down to the floor. Batista is down on the floor and Edge is down in the ring. Batista is back to his feet and back in the ring by the count of six. Edge is back to his feet. Batista sends Edge into the ropes and delivers a side slam, but Edge powers out at the count of two. Batista picks Edge up and puts Edge into the ropes while he works on Edgeís left arm. Batista goes for the cover and gets another two count. Batista punches on Edge who is still down on the mat before the referee makes him break it up. Batista is outside the ring and pounds on Edge who is on the ring apron. He then delivers a boot to the head and goes back into the ring. Edge is on the ring apron and to his feet as Batista comes off the opposite ropes and nails Edge, sending him to the floor and into the guardrail. Edge is now down on the floor. Batista goes down on the floor after Edge and slams his head onto the ring apron before he rolls Edge back into the ring. As Batista tries to get back into the ring, Edge manages to hit Batista with a swinging neck breaker. Both men are down on the mat and we go to










Back from commercial break, Edge has Batista in a chin lock in the middle of the ring. We have a split screen to show us what happened during commercial break where Edge manages another neck breaker and nearly gets a three count before Batista gets a shoulder up. In real time, Batista is fighting to get back to his feet and he does but Edge manages to take him down to the mat. Edge goes for the cover and again gets a two count. Edge goes up on the top turnbuckle but is caught by Batista who knocks him down on the ring apron. Batista brings Edge back into the ring with a suplex. Batista is on his feet and he goes to the top turnbuckle and shoulder tackles Edge to the mat. Batista gets a two count before Edge rolls out of the pin. Batista sends Edge into the corner post and follows up with a clothesline. Batista sends Edge into the opposite ring post and goes for another clothesline but Edge gets out of the way, comes off the ropes and gets caught by Batista who delivers a side slam. Batista goes for the cover and again only gets a two count. Batista picks Edge up by the hair, sends him off the ropes, but gets caught with a boot by Edge. Batista picks Edge up and delivers a spine buster. Batista gives the audience the thumbs down and again he picks up Edge. He goes for the power bomb, but Edge counters the move and delivers a DDT. Edge goes for the cover but Batista powers out at two. The audience is cheering for Batista but Edge is up and heads for Batista with a spear. Batista sidesteps the move and sends Edge shoulder first into the corner post. Batista delivers a running power slam to Edge and then waits for Edge to get back to his feet. Batista is poised to deliver a spear and suddenly itís lights out! When the lights come back on The Undertaker has Edge by the throat as Batista delivers the spear sending Edge crashing to the mat. Edge rolls out of the ring and away from The Undertaker. The Undertaker turns to Batista and delivers a choke slam before turning to look at Edge who is crawling up the entrance ramp.

Teddy Long enters the arena! He stops at Edge on the ramp and tells him that he knows Edge thinks he deserves a rematch for the World title and he tells Edge he does deserve a rematch for the World title. Tonight Teddy tells Undertaker he will say the same thing to him that Vicky said to Edge last week on Smackdown. Teddy then reads from a piece of paper. Edge is sitting on the ramp laughing. Teddy then tells Undertaker he is going to punish him by granting him a World Title Match. At Armageddon it will be a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Edge versus Batista versus The Undertaker. I think Edge may be sorry this match has been made.

Although I prefer the high risk moves in a match, these two men did put on a good match. Edge is still trying to cheat his way to glory while Batista powers his way through a match. I would say that both of them worked hard for the fans in this match.



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