November 29, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

Previously on iMPACT, Kurt Angle welcomes AJ Styles and Tomko to the Angle Alliance therefore disbanding the Christian Coalition.

Coalition/Alliance Summit: JB tells us an eight-man tag team match will take place tonight. Behind a door, Christian is talking to Robert Roode and JB interrupts them.  Christian admonishes him. Christian then says that he is talking to Bobby Roode because Roode canít trust anyone around TNA. Christian tells Roode that Booker T will push Roode further and further down the food chain.  Roode needs to do something about being walked over. Roode says he knows what is going on and Roode will take care of the Booker T situation. Roode is going to take care of Booker T tonight.


iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on Spike TV.

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcers: David Penzer

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash and Crystal Loutham

Tenay tells everyone that this Sunday at Turning Point TNAís next pay per view, new school joins old school when Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall take on the Angle Alliance: Kurt Angle, AJ Styles  and Tomko.

West tells us tonight that Booker T will tell everyone why he came to TNA. We will have an eight-man tag team war: Christian, AJ Styles, Tomko, and Kurt Angle against Kaz, Scott Steiner, Abyss and Samoa Joe.

We hear Booker Tís entrance music and Sharmell and Booker T enter the arena. And OMG! Sharmell is wearing a shorter dress!  I donít think Iíve ever seen her in anything but long gowns! I know Booker T is the main attraction here, but Sharmell looks good! Booker has mic in hand and the live audience is on their feet. He reminds us that he has a website: Booker says everyone wants to know why Booker T left WWE. He says he left for many reasons and he is going to tell everyone why he left. Now he wants to tell everyone why he is in TNA.  Booker says it is because TNA is the hottest thing going. He says he is here to test his skills against the younger talent in TNA and he is here to take TNA to the higher level. Booker says he will make TNA the best wrestling organization in the world. Booker says he wants to go out the same way he came in Ė shocking and amazing the crowd and he wants the TNA title around his 32Ē waistline. Can you dig that sucka?

Robert Roodeís entrance them comes on and Roode is with Ms. Brooks at the entrance ramp. He introduces himself to the jeers of the audience.  Roode claims he is the future of TNA. Roode errs in calling Booker a washed up has been. Roode tells Booker to shut up, along with telling the crowd to shut up. Roode tells Booker he will not push Roode down the ladder and he will not take Roodeís spot. Roode challenges Booker to a match tonight. Booker tells Booker that he, Roode, will leave his skank in the back and Booker can leave his skank in the back.  That brings it on! Booker says he will whip him for insulting his wife, Sharmell. Booker heads up the ramp but Security comes along to stop Booker from attacking Roode. Booker agrees to the match. And that match would be right now if Booker has his way!

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for

Crystal is backstage with Christy Hemme, Lance Hoyt, and Jimmy Rave. Christy is complaining about LAX and their ďhenchmenĒ, specifically the one that attacked her last week. Christy then takes out her anger on Jimmy Rave and tells him not to mess up this match tonight.

Mixed Tag Team Match

Showtime Eric Young Residing in an Undisclosed Location

Heavyweight Drinking Champion


Gail Kim

TNA Womenís Champion


Jimmy Rave

Representing the Rock Ďn Rave Infection


Christy Hemme

accompanied to the ring by Lance Hoyt

Referee: Rudy Charles

Winners: Showtime Eric Young and Gail Kim

Before the match beings, Christy attacks Gail Kim. Not a good idea. Gail is too good for Christy to blindside her and get a lead in this match. Christy tags in Jimmy and Gail tags in Eric. Nice job in the ring by Eric and Rave. Lance canít keep his hands to himself and Eric is in trouble but Rave only gets a two count when he goes for a cover. Rave goes up to the top turnbuckle and comes off the ropes to get caught in an inverted atomic drop. Lance charges into the ring and gets taken out through the ropes by a quick thinking Eric. Iím sorry, I think I forgot the rules.  If someone who isnít involved in the match enters the ring, isnít that an automatic disqualification? Eric tags in Gail and Jimmy tags in Christy. Gail does some great shoulder blocks. Did she play football before she started wrestling? Gail goes up to the top turnbuckle but Rave is in the ring, too. Gail takes Rave down with a snap hurricanrana but Christy comes up behind Gail and grabs her by the hair. Christy slams Gail down to the mat. Gail swings Christy into a roll up and gets the three count.

A good match to showcase Gail Kimís talents. As funny as Eric can be, he does do great ring work when allowed and Jimmy Rave can do a much better job in the wrestling ring when given the opportunity.

Gail will face Awesome Kong at Turning Point in a Womenís Title Match.

Before Eric and Gail can exit the ring, Cowboy James Storm and The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore enter the ring. Storm wants to talk to Eric. Storm says it is time for the second annual world title drinking championship. Storm is calling for tables and there will be a beer-drinking contest.  It is who can drink the most beer in sixty seconds.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we are reminded the Road to Turning Point will be Saturday night at 11:00 P.M.

Heavyweight Drinking Championship

Cowboy James Storm


accompanied by The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore


Showtime Eric Young

Heavyweight Drinking Champion

Referee: Rudy Charles

Winner: Showtime Eric Young

Eric and Storm are set up at tables with a referee. And here we go! It is tied 3 to 3, but Storm is slowing down. Now 4 to 4. Iím getting sick and I donít even drink beer! Eric has won: 6 to 5! Storm and Jackie are not happy. Eric still has retained the gold and the ref hands Eric the title belt. Storm breaks a beer bottle across Ericís face. And there is a lot of blood. Storm now has a chair and he delivers a head shot to Eric with the steel chair. Storm continues to beat on Eric. Okay, boys, the flow of blood is downright disgusting and then Storm delivers the eye of the Storm.

Poor Eric, he canít catch a break.  Jeff Jarrett is going to have to come back to be his friend again.

JB is backstage with AJ and Tomko and he is talking about the eight-man tag team match. AJ tells everyone that as team captain, everyone will be working together as a unit.  Tomko tells AJ that Kurt and Christian hate each other but AJ says they can do it.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for Turning Point. Iíd like for TNA fans to look at the amount of information in this report so far. And how many actual matches have we seen? We have seen one wrestling match and one beer drinking match. The rest of the show so far has been nothing but talk and TNA promos.

Tenay tells us Booker T will make his iMPACT debut tonight against Robert Roode. Tenay then tells us about the Feast or Fired match lined up for the Turning Point pay per view this Sunday. There will be 15 competitors in the match, three will have a chance at title shots: X Division Championship, World Championship and Tag Team Championship. A fourth will be fired.

We see the history between Team 3D and the X Division wrestlers, including the list of demands Team 3D has issued before they will return the X Division Championship belt to Black Machismo Jay Lethal and the fact that Johnny Devine has switched sides and now teams with Team 3D.

I am more anxious to see Johnny Devine in action in the ring. His ďHavokĒ character was going nowhere fast.

Street Fight Tag Team Match

The Guru Sonjay Dutt from Bombay, India


Black Machismo Jay Lethal from Elizabeth, NJ

X Division Champion


Brother Ray


Brother Devon

Team 3D from New York City, NY

accompanied by Johnny Devine who is carrying the X Division belt

Referee: Shane Sewell

Winners: Team 3D, Ray and Devon

with a little outside interference by Johnny Devine.

Team 3D allows Devin to distract Lethal and Sonjay in order to attack them in the ring. Sonjay and Lethal are really outsized in this match and will need to be able to stay in the air in order to take Ray and Devon out. Ray is busy trying to convince the camera how bad they are Ė like we canít see that with Ray trying to choke Sonjay with his red flannel shirt. Lethal and Sonjay hit a double dropkick that sends Ray and Devon out of the ring and then they go over the top rope to take Ray and Devon all the way down to the floor. Sonjay and Lethal take out a table and set is up outside the ring. Now itís Sonjay and Ray in the audience battling it out and Lethal and Devon and all four men are outside the ring. Lethal goes off a guardrail to take Devon down to the floor while Sonjay is back in the ring and going off the top rope to fly into Ray and send him to the floor. Nice dives by both X Division players. The ref is trying to follow the wrestlers around the outside area and is having a hard time keeping up with them.



Back from commercial break, all four men are back in the ring and there are weapons galore. Sonjay comes off the top and lands a frog splash on Ray with a follow up by Lethal. Ray and Devon are down in the ring and we see that during commercial break, Lethal and Sonjay were attacking Team 3D with Twinkies. Nice dive by Sonjay into a trash can and Devonís head, but they canít get the three count. Lethal goes up to the top rope, but Devine knocks Lethal off with a kendo stick and he goes crashing to the floor and through the table set up earlier. Sonjay stops to throw something at Devine who is outside the ring but he gets caught by Ray and Devon and is taken down with the 3D. Devon goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Great showing of Jay Lethal and Sonjay Duttís high-risk talent. Ray and Devon can actually work the ring and do have wrestling knowledge but they do better and have more heat when they work as bullying bruisers.

The match is over but Team 3D is going to take out a little pent up aggression on Lethal and Sonjay. To the rescue are Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin of The Motor City Machineguns who run Team 3D and Devine out of the arena.

JB is backstage with AJ, Tomko, Angle, and Angleís Mrs. AJ wants to have a conference with Christian and insists that Kurtís Mrs. told AJ he and Tomko could be on both teams Ė Christianís and Angleís. Angle refuses to meet with Christian but he says his Mrs. will talk to Christian since it was her idea that AJ and Tomko could be on two teams at once.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for Turning Point and itís about the 10,000-tack match. Thatís a match I have to admit I am looking forward to Ė Abyss & Rhino vs. Black Reign and Rellik.

Rellik from The Depths of Hell


The War Machine Rhino from Detroit, MI

Referee: Slick Johnson

Winner: Rhino

Iím rooting for Rhino in this match up because he is a favorite of mine and we have seen too little of him in the ring in the last few months. Rhino is the crowd favorite as well. I expect this to be an out and out brawl and Iím not wrong. The two wrestlers appear to be close in height but Rhino has such a solid build I canít tell if there is a weight difference. Rhino sets Rellik up for the gore but Rellik manages to side step the move and send Rhino into the ring post before delivering a spine buster. Rellik is one to beat on his opponent when he is down and doesnít hesitate to stomp, punch and blatantly choke Rhino. Rellikís mask is just plain scary but that doesnít stop Rhino from trying to fight back. Rhino goes out of the ring after a kick to the head courtesy of Rellik. Now back in the ring, Rellik goes for the cover but canít get the count. He tries again and itís a no go. Rellik has Rhino down on the mat but Rhino gets back to his feet. Rhino hits Rellik with a spine buster and then hits him with the Gore, GOre, GORE! Rhino pins Rellik and gets the three count.

As brawl matches go this one wasnít bad. Rhino held his own against Rellik who did some major damage with kicks and stomps. I believe Rhino is prone to extreme wrestling matches and I have no doubt he could have gone longer and fought harder in this match than he had to.

Black Reign appears in the ring after the match is over and goes after Rhino. Rellik is still down in the ring and here comes Abyss to make the save along with his bag of tacks. Abyss takes down Black Reign and Rellik, sending Black Reign over the top rope while Rhino sends Rellik over the top rope. Abyss draws a line across the ring with his tacks. The match between these four at Turning Point should be something you donít want to miss.

JB is backstage with AJ and Tomko and JB is telling AJ how to handle himself before going in to see Christian. AJ sends Tomko in first to see Christian and the other two follow him in. Christian is on his cell phone but he hangs up and slams AJ into the wall. Christian is mad at AJ and Tomko. Christian blames AJ for everything that happened because AJ was the team captain and he screwed up. Christian has decided that he doesnít need the two of them, the two of them need him. Christian disbands the Christian Coalition as of this moment. AJ tells Christian that Christian and Angle are both his bosses and that he looks at Christian like a Dad. Christian tells AJ he is not his Dad and AJ tells Christian they can switch pictures around in his room  -- NOTE: The ďpicture on the wallĒ is the Turning Point poster that touts Judas Mesias, Black Reign and Abyss. Christian tells AJ that he wouldnít mind talking to Kurt Angle and sends AJ off to find him. AJ runs off and yells that he will go get Karen and Christian asks Tomko if AJ really said that. Tomko says yes that Angle said he wouldnít meet with Christian. Christianís response is bleeped out, but it started with ďson of aÖĒ.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Tenay reminds us that AJ has been trying to set up a meeting between the Coalition and the Alliance. We have AJ, JB, Christian, Tomko, and Angleís Mrs. sitting at a large table. AJ is trying to get Angleís Mrs. and Christian to shake hands. The finally do shake hands and AJ announces that the Coalition and the Alliance are now a team. AJ is very proud of himself and they have a Ė I swear Ė group hug. Christian hangs back with Angleís Mrs. while everyone else leaves. Christian tells her that he is a winner and that is the only reason he is going out to that match tonight. He tells her if she or Angle tries to screw him in any way, they will be sorry.

Special Challenge Match

Robert Roode from Wall Street, Manhattan, NY

accompanied to the ring by Ms. Brooks.


Booker T from Houston, TX

accompanied to the ring by Sharmell

Referee: Earl Hebner

Winner: Booker T

Ms. Brooks is checking the audience for Robert Roodeís Number One Fan but she doesnít appear to be there. We know the audience favorite is going to be Booker T but we canít ignore the abilities of Roode. Booker obviously is more experienced in the wrestling ring but I look for Roode to be able to hold his own against Booker.  Roode decides to play dirty early on but he seems to have forgotten Booker can fight dirty as well. Roode is not paying attention to Bookerís feet and he should be. Booker can deliver some murderous kicks. Roode has put Ms. Brooks in a chair at ringside but she isnít paying attention to the match Ė sheís still looking for Roodeís crazy fan. Booker is not holding anything back in this match. He appears full of energy and he is keeping Roode on the run. Roode takes Booker down and goes for the cover but canít get the three count.



Back from commercial break and itís Roode with the upper hand. He takes Booker down with a clothesline and goes for the pin again but he canít get the three count. The camera pans toward the backstage area and we see the Roodeís fan toward the back of the audience. Roode has Booker down on the mat and Sharmell appears to be concerned. Booker makes it back to his feet and delivers some shots to make Roode break the hold. Roode runs into Bookerís elbow but manages to deliver a spine buster to Booker. Roode still canít get the win. Booker is slow getting to his feet and Roode catches Booker with a DDT, goes for the cover, Booker powers out. Roode goes right back for another try at a pin and Booker manages to kick out. Roode is on his feet and in the face of the ref over his count. The ref gets right back in Roodeís face. Roode goes over to Ms. Brooks demanding the chair she is sitting on and she hands it to him. The ref is over on the opposite side of the ring listening to Sharmell as she tries to tell him what is going on. Booker is back on his feet and as he turns around, Roode swings the chair but Booker ducks under the chair and comes back with a beautifully placed boot to Roodeís face. Roode is down on the mat and Booker stops to play the audience. As Roode gets back to his feet, Booker delivers a boot to the midsection and then comes off the ropes to land the axe kick and Roode is down. Booker goes for the cover and gets the three count.

The audience is thrilled and I have to admit that Booker T and Robert Roode put on one heck of a match for Bookerís first iMPACT showing. Roode was as good as Booker in this go around and Booker proved that he is still Booker T. And Sharmell, please give Mrs. Angle the name of your costume designer Ė she needs all the help she can get.

As Booker T and Sharmell celebrate with the iMPACT crowd, Christian hits the ring and goes after Booker. Roode is back on his feet and he and Christian word together to put a beat down on Boooker. Sharmell is still in the ring and when she tries to protect Booker, Christian and Roode face her. As Sharmell is attempting to get out of the ring, Kaz comes charging in out of nowhere to take on Roode and Christian. Booker is back on his feet. Kaz sends Roode over the top ropes to the floor as Booker T sends Christian over the top ropes with a clothesline. Ms. Brooks is thrilled that Roode got taken out of the action. Kaz and Booker shake hands and hug in the ring. I hate to say this out loud but Iíd like to see a match between Kaz and Booker T. That WOULD be awesome although itís nice to see them as buddies.

Crystal is backstage with Scott Steiner who will be taking part in the Feast or Fired match. Scott, who canít seem to get Crystalís name right Ė not even close Ė doesnít understand why he is in the eight-man tag tonight and why heís in a Feast or Fired match and he doesnít understand why Cornette hasnít give Scott a title shot. Scott doesnít understand the match at Turning Point. Crystal is trying to explain the match to Scott who tells Crystal that no one has the balls to fire him and that she should watch Scott Steiner in his match at Turning Point and he will show her how Scott gets a title shot.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see another promo for Turning Point. Itís a nice promo for Gail Kim who will be up against Awesome Kong for the womenís championship. I hope Gail has some backup at Turning Point. She may need it.

Tenay and West give everyone a run down of the matches scheduled for Turning Point. One of the matches that has been scheduled for Sundayís Turning Point, due to action in the ring and after the match tonight, will be Christian Cage and Robert Roode, accompanied by Ms. Brooks, up against Booker T, accompanied by Sharmell, and Kaz. I predict this as another match worth seeing!

The Instant Classic Christian Cage from Tampa, FL by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Phenomenal AJ Styles



TNA World Tag Team Champions


Kurt Angle from Pittsburgh, PA

TNA World Heavyweight Champion

accompanied to the ring by Mrs. Angle


Kaz from Anaheim, CA


Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner from Detroit, MI


The Monster Abyss, 6í8Ē, 350 lbs.


The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe from American Samoa

Referee:  Andrew Thomas

Winners: Kaz, Scott Steiner, Abyss and Samoa Joe

with a little inadvertent assistance from AJ Styles

I want to see AJ Styles and Kaz in the ring as opponents! The camera switches to the back area and we see Scott Hall and Kevin Nash watching the action in the ring from a monitor in the back.

Before the opening bell, we go toÖ

Commercial break - at least it wasn't in the MIDDLE of the match!

Back from commercial break.

AJ faces off against Scott in the middle of the ring. I have no idea why they send AJ out to start this match against Scott. AJ gives up quickly and tags in Tomko. AJ is so busy standing on the first rope outside the ring and cheering for Tomko that he falls into the ring. I am NOT joking, wrestling fans. AJ who could normally walk a high wire blindfolded just fell into the ring. Donít feel bad. Tomko couldnít believe it either. AJ gets back on the ring apron and begs to be tagged back into the match. Tomko gives him his wish and tags AJ back into the ring. Before Scott can put his hands on AJ, AJ swings around and tags Tomko back into the ring. Tomko canít believe that either. Tomko and Scott lock up and Scott manages some great chops and then sends Tomko off the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline. Címon Scott! After delivering an elbow drop to Tomko, Scott doesnít go for the pin Ė he goes for some pushups! Scott tags in Joe who enters the ring swinging. Nash and Hall are backstage still watching as we see on the split screen. In the meantime, Joe has tagged in Kaz and Kaz comes in after Tomko. Kaz delivers a nice standing dropkick to Tomko, sending him crashing to the mat. Kaz stops for a second to show off to Tomkoís tag team partners (we understand Christian and Angle are still a little miffed at Kaz for his abilities in the ring recently against both of them). Kaz backs Tomko up into his own corner and tags in Abyss while Joe holds Tomko to prevent him from going across for a tag.  TOMKO GET OVER THERE AND TAG IN ANGLE! Tomko fights back against Abyss and as Tomko charges, Abyss delivers a boot to Tomkoís face. Tomko sends Abyss into Angle and Angle delivers a knee to Abyssís back. Abyss turns around delivers a fist to the head that sends Angle off the ring apron and to the floor. Tomko is waiting as Abyss turns around and Tomko gets a chance to deliver his own boot to the face of Abyss. Abyss goes down and Tomko picks him up and sends him over outside the ring next to Angle. Angle works on Abyss on the floor and AJ kicks at him from the ring apron. Kaz makes his way around the outside of the ring as Joe and Scott enter the ring through the ropes.  The ref is there to stop Joe and Scott but he has lost sight of Kaz. The ref sees Kaz and sends him back to his side of the ring as AJ is now pounding on Abyss and he has to yell at Christian to help him get Abyss rolled back in the ring. Tomko is on the opposite side of the ring throwing punches at Abyssís tag team partners. Tomko goes for the cover but the ref is busy trying to hold Abyssís tag team partners back and doesnít get there for the count. Abyss kicks out and Tomko tags in Angle. Angle works on Abyss who has not been able to make it back to his feet. Angle tags in AJ and AJ begins to work on a still downed Abyss. AJ tries to comes off the ropes and gets picked up in the air over Abyssís head and dropped to the mat. Abyss is trying to get back to his side of the ring and AJ has his arms wrapped around Abyssís leg. Abyss just drags AJ across the ring as he tags in Scott. Scott takes AJ down with a clothesline and as Tomko comes in to assist AJ, he gets take down with a clothesline courtesy of Scott. He drops both AJ and Tomko with overhead suplexes and as Angle enters the ring, Scott takes him up and over in a suplex too. Christian then enters the ring and gets the same suplex delivery courtesy of Scott. Everyone else appears to be down or outside of the ring so Scott continues to work on Christian. Scott puts Christian up on his shoulders and tags in Kaz who flies off the top ropes and delivers a flying dropkick to Christian sending him down to the canvas. Kaz charges across the ring and delivers a boot to AJ who is attempting to get back on the ring apron. Angle is now in the ring and he charges Kaz with a clothesline but Kaz ducks and comes back with a dropkick that sends Angle down to the mat. Kaz goes for the pin but AJ is in to break it up. Kaz is back to his feet and he goes after AJ, throwing him up and over his shoulder to send him face first into the canvas. As Kaz approaches Christian, Christian hits him with a low blow and naturally the refís back is turned. Christian picks Kaz up and drops him on the top rope on his midsection, then delivers a knee to the head, which lands Kaz on the apron ring and then down to  the floor. That didnít look good. Tomko now has Kaz and as he sends Kaz into the guardrail, we go to Ė




Back from commercial break, itís Kaz and Christian in the ring and Kaz is doing his best to get a tag but he canít make it. Kaz hits Christian with a dropkick, dropping him to the mat.

Tenay then tells us what went down during the commercial break and it appears Angle and Christian were having some difficulties but AJ broke in to settle the dispute. Tomko took down Kaz in the middle of the ring and then hits him with a major clothesline drop.





Back to real time action, Christian works his way back to his side of the ring holding onto Kaz to prevent Kaz from making a tag and Angle slaps Christian in the back tagging himself into the match. Christian doesnít look too happy but the ref orders him out of the ring and Angle goes to work on Kaz.  Angle goes for the cover but only gets a two count. The reading audience doesnít even want to know what Iím encouraging Kaz to do right now. It ainít pretty, wrestling fans! Kaz is back to his feet and fighting to free himself when AJ and Tomko charge across the ring to take out Kazís tag team partners. Tomko nails Joe in the head with a fist and AJ takes out Scott then Tomko sends Abyss down to the ring apron with a shot. As the ref is trying to keep Scott from going all the way across the ring to exact revenge, Angle delivers a belly-to-belly suplex on Kaz. Kaz is down on the mat but the ref is busy getting Scott out of the ring and Angle is yelling at the ref. Angle goes for the cover and gets a two count. Angle tags in Tomko and Kaz is taking one heck of a beating at the hands of Tomko. Tomko has Kaz on the mat and wanders over to Kazís team to play them while Kaz is down. Tomko sends Kaz into a corner post but Kaz manages to get up a boot and nail Tomko in the face. Kaz comes off the top turnbuckle and drops Tomko with a tornado DDT. Both men are now down in the ring. The ref starts his count but Tomko manages to tag in Christian as Kaz makes the tag to Joe. AJ comes in to help but he gets taken down with a clothesline. Joe tries for the muscle buster but Christian manages to break free. Christian comes off the ropes and Joe slams him to the mat and goes for the cover. AJ nails Joe in the back at the count of two. Joe takes down AJ and then Angle is in the ring trying for an angle slam to Joe. He hits it but when he turns around Abyss nails Angle with a black hold slam. Tomko is in the ring and Abyss tries for a choke slam but Tomko breaks the hold. Tomko picks up Abyss and slams him to the mat. Scott comes after Tomko and delivers a nice suplex. Christian now has Scott and he delivers an inverted DDT. Kaz is back to his feet in the ring and he hits Christian with wave of the future. AJ is back in the ring with Kaz. AJ springboards off the ropes and delivers an inverted DDT to Kaz. AJ is standing in the ring and decides to put on a show of AJ to the crowd but Joe is right behind him and manages to get AJ in the rear naked choke but Christian nails Joe in the back and breaks the hold. Christian is now directing AJ and they double team Joe. They send Joe off the ropes and he comes off with a kick to Christian and a jab to the eyes to AJ. Christian sets Joe up for the unprettier but AJ comes up off the floor to take down Joe with a peleg and hits Christian instead. Good job, AJ.  Like you werenít already up to your neck in trouble with Christian! Joe sends AJ over the top rope with a clothesline, then takes Christian down with a muscle buster, covers and gets the three count.

For someone who doesnít have any friends, Scott Steiner spent a few moments congratulating his tag team partners.  Good show of unity and sportsmanship, Scott. I really wasnítí prepared for that from you. I have to admit this was a great match and I am enjoying the push Kaz has been getting lately. He deserves it and he 's working hard for it. Samoa Joe,  Scott Steiner and Abyss are favorites of mine as is Christian Cage, AJ and Tomko. Everyone worked hard in this match to put on a great show for the audience.

At the top of the entrance ramp we see Scott Hall and Kevin Nash who have Samoa Joe as their tag team partner at Turning Point. West tells us there is a confrontation going on at the announcerís table in front of them but Iím not sure what itís about because Joe, Nash and Hall are making eye contact and using hand signals to show their appreciation for each other. The Angle Alliance heads up the ramp to leave the arena leaving Christian by himself.

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