WWE News Bytes

WWE News Bytes

November 30, 2007

by Sassy


Hulk Hogan vs. Mrs. Hogan

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the Mrs. Hogan filing for divorce. And that Hulk claims he knew nothing about it. And that Brook is mad at Dad and wants to move out. And that Linda wants her fair share of everything Hulk owns. And that Little Nick is still not out of hot water over the crash. One source reported the Hogans have been separated since July of this year and that filming Hogan Knows Best was tough to get done since Linda and Terry Bollea weren’t actually living together.

What we don’t know is whether or not a network has approached the Hogans about doing a “Divorce Court” show…

This from www.angrymarks.com:

Now why would the Hulkster feign ignorance of Linda filing for divorce if he knew about it all along? Hmmm. Ponder that for a second. What'cha gonna do brother, what'cha gonna do when the family of John Graziano is about to sue YOU??

Kimberley Kohn, a Tampa attorney who represents Ed Graziano, the father of injured passenger John Graziano, says the Hogan divorce is a move designed to protect the Hogan family assets. Kohn asserts that the Hogans are divorcing solely to force the Grazianos to go after them separately, which would of course make getting any kind of financial settlement out of court or legal settlement in civil court that much more difficult. With Hulk Hogan's assets cut in half, you'd have to assume that if Linda and Hulk are working this divorce that the Hogans retain no less than half their fortune. You can read more about this in an article at the St. Petersburg Times here. Nonetheless the Hulkster is playing this for all it's worth, giving the following quote to the press and media today.

“Please respect my family's privacy at this time with all that we have been through. I care for my wife and my children are my world and I just hope this all works out.”


Someone needs to get their stories straight. Batista claims to be in a “physical relationship” with Melina. Batista further claims that John Morrison was well aware of what was going on between Batista and Melina. John Morrison claims he and Melina are still together and Batista is not in the picture.  The only one mum on the subject appears to be Melina.

According to Ashley Massaro, she and Paul London are officially a couple and they are living together in Texas. Ashley posted the news on her MySpace page. Source: www.rajah.com

Birth Announcements

Georgiann Makropoulos is reporting that on Thanksgiving Day, Balls Mahoney's girlfriend gave birth to a 9 pound boy, Christopher. Source: Rajah.com.


JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER (1949), Thursday November 29, 2007

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD ((1967), Thursday November 29, 2007


"Angel of Death" David Sheldon found dead at Texas home

Posted on 11/28/107 by Bob Magee

Multiple sources have confirmed that "Angel of Death" Dave Sheldon, passed away this past weekend at his home in Bedford, TX.

No other details are available at the moment.

Sheldon worked for many North American territories during the 1980s and early 1990s including Stampede Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, and Bill Watts's Universal Wrestling Federation as the bodyguard of The Freebirds.

Sheldon was also part of the California-based Powerteam USA group, which included Sting, "Ultimate Warrior" Jim Hellwig and Mark Miller. he first started wrestling with Stampede Wrestling with Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, and Chris Benoit.

Source: www.pwbts.com

Who’s In

Edge, Y2J Chris Jericho and Ric Flair have all returned to the squared circle. Flair announced to fans that he will not be retiring. Jericho and Edge have both announced their desire for championship matches – Edge against Batista and Jericho against Randy Orton.

Of course, you have to consider that Vince McMahon told Flair he would be employed by WWE until he LOST a match…

The latest info on Flair’s WWE stint, courtesy of www.rajah.com:

Ric Flair signed a new three-year contract with WWE. He will remain a full-time company employee after retirement. At the last WrestleMania, Steve Austin came up with the idea for every single match of Flair's to be a "win or retire" match. The storyline is expected to conclude at WrestleMania.

2007 Diva Search Winner Eve Torres' profile has finally been added to the WWE Divas page. Source: Sescoops.com

Who’s Out

Carlito's Notice Confirmed; Details

Article By: Ryan Gray, November 26, 2007, 2:44pm

Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We can now confirm that Carlito has indeed given his notice to WWE management. Unless things change he will be departing the company next month. We don’t have the specifics of his contract terms, but it is suspected that WWE will allow him to work anywhere except TNA until his deal has officially expired.

The Flair promo was said to be the big message. Carlito hasn’t been happy since WrestleMania and WWE management hasn’t been happy with him since he was interviewed on Mania week and complained about him and Flair not being on the show. Right now he is scheduled for a WWC show in Puerto Rico on January 6th, 2008.

And from our favorite polls: www.gerweck.net:

Should WWE release Carlito?

Yes - 50% (1,148)

No - 50% (1,137)

(2,285 votes total)

I voted YES because WWE wasn’t using Carlito in the ring.  He should be allowed to go elsewhere and do the kind of work he was trained to do.

As of today, Carlito has been removed from the opening Monday Night Raw video and has been replaced with Y2J Chris Jericho.

WWE developmental talent Russell Simpson is finished with the company. Prior to his release, Simpson had been working in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Maybes and Wannabes

Word on the street is that WWE is looking to sign The Rock for their three-hour show coming up. We’ll keep you posted!

During a Sunday night conversation on Live Audio Wrestling, former WCW and WWF superstar Sid Vicious confirmed rumors that he is hoping for a return to World Wrestling Entertainment. Vicious, 47, said he had been in talks with Vince McMahon. "We have been talking for awhile now, and we are trying to get things worked out." When asked about TNA, Vicious said the company is unable to help him reach his many goals including wrestling in front of 80,000 fans again. Source: www.prowrestlingfans.com

Former WCW referee Jamie Tucker was given a tryout as referee for a dark match between Vladimir Koslov and Marty Garner. Tucker was the red-headed referee that started up in WCW in mid-2000.

Leticia Cline, who recently requested – and got -- her release from TNA, claims she is in talks with WWE regarding a job.  She must not have gotten the memo from Vince regarding toning down the Diva Sexy stuff. Leticia recently made a very nasty appearance on Howard Stern.

If WWE is talking to Cline about a job it just goes to prove that WWE is not interested in female wrestling talent. They are interested only in those women who are headed for a Playboy run.


Fan reports from the RAW dark match on Monday night say Paul London appeared to injure his elbow or arm during the match with Charlie Haas. London lost that match. Source: ProWrestlingFans.com.

Bobbly Lashely is still out of action after shoulder surgery.

John Cena is still out recovering from a torn pec.

Matt Hardy is out of action due to an emergency appendectomy.

Val Venis is out after elbow surgery.  

Candice Michelle is still out with a broken clavicle she sustained in a match with The Glamazon Beth Phoenix. We understand WWE is already announcing her return, however, she should not be in action for some time to come.

From Sescoops.com on November 28, 2007: James sent the following: I attended the SmackDown tapings last night in Roanoke, Virginia and in the match with CM Punk vs. Kenny Dykstra, it really looked like Punk was favoring his left wrist during and after the match. My girlfriend noticed this as well. Maybe it had something to do with Punk not being on ECW?


Melina botched her famous “splits” ring entry at Survivor Series.

Kelly Kelly appears to have botched a handspring and landed on Layla. You can see a video of the slip up (or was it?) here: http://www.pwpix.net/superstars/b/barbieblank/gallery/videos/01.php NOTE: The opening of the video reads “The Reality of Professional Wrestling – Wrestling Gone Wrong”.

WWE Ratings

Smackdown got smacked with a 2.8 rating last week. 

Raw hit a 3.6 rating this week.

ECW got a 1.4 rating this week.  

Title Vacated

Terry sent the following: I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but WWE.com's Superstars page lists the WWE Cruiserweight Championship as being "VACATED." Source: www.sescoops.com

WWE Events

WWE Armageddon

Sunday December 16, 2007 - Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

1.       World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match:  Batista vs. Edge vs. Undertaker
2.       WWE Championship Match:  Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho
3.       Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy
4.       Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy
5.       WWE Womens Championship Match:  Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James
6.       Finlay vs. The Great Khali

Tickets for the WWE Royal Rumble in New York City at Madison Square Garden are expected to go on sale in late December. The company is expecting the show to be a sell out.

Speaking of tickets, no information has been released yet regarding the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Orlando, Florida. According to reports, WWE hasn't even started to work on inductee ideas at this point. Ric Flair was expected to be the main attraction at this coming years event.

World Wrestling Entertainment will be returning to Las Vegas, NV for WWE No Way Out 2008. This will be nearly three years since WWE did a pay-per-view in Las Vegas. WWE No Way Out will take place on February 17th at the Thomas & Mack Center. Tickets for the pay-per-view go on sale on December 15th and are priced between $20 and $200.


WWE Talent Events

WWE Superstar MVP is confirmed to be appearing at the Coastal Championship Wrestling show in Coral Springs, FL at the Gym. Gangrel vs. Dustin Rhodes is also scheduled to headline the event.

WWE Superstar Kane is scheduled to be signing copies of WWE Tagged Classics DVD sets this Saturday, December 1st between 6pm and 8pm. He will be at K-Mart at 1500 Charleston Highway, West Columbia, S.C.

Monday, December 10th, WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy is scheduled to be appearing at Tommy K’s in Stamford to help the U.S. Marines with their Toys for Tots Campaign. WWE fans will be able to donate a new, unwrapped toy of a minimal $15.00 donation in return for an autograph. Jeff Hardy will be there between noon and 2pm. The complete address is 54 Research Drive, Stamford, CT.

WWE Superstar Carlito is scheduled to be appearing for a big Three Kings Day show in Puerto Rico for WWC on January 6th, 2008. Reports suggest that AAA in Mexico is also interested in booking Carlito. Source: ProWrestlingFans.com.

And you can bet WWC and AAA will let Carlito work in the ring!

Triple H is featured in the Hard Times column in the December 2007 issue of FLEX magazine. The column mentions how he is a bodybuilding fan and that he hung out at the 2007 Mr. Olympia competition.

Nattie Neidhart worked a match at a SmackDown/ECW house show on Saturday night. She teamed up with Victoria to take on Torrie Wilson and Michelle McCool. Torrie rolled up Victoria for the win.

Source. Rajah.com.

Val Venis has a political website called www.freetarian.com if you want to check it out. He is endorsing Republican Congressman Ron Paul for President in 2008.

Wrestling idol floors Nicholas , By Leah Odgers

27th November 2007 11:06:17 AM

Wish come true … Craigieburn resident Nicholas, front, and his brother George show off memorabilia from their meeting with wrestler Triple H.

A CRAIGIEBURN boy’s wish to watch his wrestling idols live has come true, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Nicholas, 8, who was born with end-stage renal disease, is a massive WWE RAW wrestling fan.

At such a young age, Nicholas has already endured two kidney transplants, and as a result has spent most of his short life in hospital.

However, the Craigieburn South Primary School student felt like a wrestling star early this month as his wish to watch WWE RAW Wrestling was granted.

“We received the full VIP treatment,” his mother, Tracey, said.

“We got picked up by a limo and they rolled out a red carpet for Nicholas, with the WWE music theme song blaring.”

With champagne glasses full of lemonade, Tracey, Nicholas and his brother George were treated like superstars, but little did Nicholas know he was about to meet American professional wrestler Paul Michael Levesque – better known by the ring name Triple H, an abbreviation of Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

“He was massive,” Tracey said.

“Nicholas just stood there with his mouth open.”

The larger-than-life wrestler then wrapped his arms around Nicholas, giving him a big hug before signing a shirt and a number of photographs for him.

“Nicholas was over the moon,” Tracey said.

“We later got to sit in the second row and watch all the other wrestlers – it was fantastic,” she said.

Tracey wanted to thank the Make-A-Wish Foundation for turning Nicholas’ dream into reality.

“It’s been really tough, constantly in and out of hospital… it’s been a long process.”

At the age of three, Nicholas’ health deteriorated rapidly after his body rejected his first kidney transplant.

“It didn’t look good there for a little while,” Tracey said.

Yet in July this year a second kidney transplant – donated by his father – finally proved successful.

“Nicholas now only goes to hospital once a week and he’s just gone back to school… things are looking up,” she said.

For more information on the Make-A-Wish Foundation phone 1800 032 260.

Where Are They Now

Scott 2 Hotty appeared for Hermie Sadler's UWF in Emporia, VA, Greensville County High and in South Boston, VA on will be at Halifax County High on December 1, 2007. D-Lo Brown, Gail Kim, Samoa Joe, Joey Matthews, Eric Young and Sonjay Dutt are also confirmed for the event.

Former WWE Women?s Champion Amy Lita Dumas' and her band, The Luchagores are scheduled to be playing at the High Note Night Club in Birmingham, AL this on December 1, 2007.

On December 1st, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase is scheduled to be signing autographs at Omega Sports in the Summit Mall in Niagara Falls, NY. He is scheduled to be there from 6pm to 8pm.

This Sunday, December 2nd, Bret The Hitman Hart is scheduled to be appearing at the Toronto Marlies Hockey Club. Bret Hart will be speaking on behalf of Stroke Recovery Canada, a program of March of Dimes Canada. Bret Hart has been helping Stroke Recovery Canada and March of Dimes in their mission to educate Canadian stroke survivors on how to “Survive and Thrive”, over the past year, after his stroke. He will be at the event for the ceremonial puck drop and will also be signing autographs and taking photos with the fans. $5 of each ticket sold will be donated to the March of Dimes.

Former WWE, WCW and ECW Superstar Too Cold Scorpio is scheduled to be defending his PWU World Championship on Saturday, December 15th.

Former WWE, WCW and ECW Superstar The Sandman, is scheduled to be appearing at the PWU event on December 15th. The Sandman is also confirmed for a seminar.

Former WWE, WCW and ECW Superstar The Sandman, is scheduled to be in action for EWF at the EWF Arena on 3400 S. Adams in Marion, IN on January 5th, 2008.

Former WWE Superstars Chris Masters, Gangrel and Rob Conway are all scheduled to headline for Georgia Wrestling promotions in Cartersville, GA on January 19th, 2008.

"Psycho" Sid Vicious and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper are confirmed for January 19th’s World Wrestling Association Bash at the Ball Park event at Florida's Space Coast. Buff Bagwell, Scotty Too Hotty, The Honky Tonk Man, Tatanka, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Demolition Ax and Smash, The Powers of Pain - Warlord and Barbarian are all also confirmed to be appearing on the show.

Former WWE Superstar and member of Cyme Tyme Shad Gaspard, worked Booker T’s PWA event on Wednesday, November 28th at the Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, TX. Booker T took on TNA star Abyss on the show.

Rob Van Dam Talks About His Relationship With Triple H , Submitted by Daniel Pena on November 28, 2007 - 2:23pm.

Thee UK's Power Slam magazine recently interviewed Rob Van Dam. Here is what RVD had to say regarding his relationship -- or non-relationship -- with Triple H:

Is it true you had problems with Triple H when you worked for WWE?

Problems? I had problems liking him. I had problems feeling compatible with him on any other level other than the fact that we're both wrestlers. He would be one of the last guys you would see sharing a car with me. If we weren't both wrestlers, I doubt I'd have anything in common with him.

There were a few occasions -- Unforgiven 2002 springs to mind -- when it seemed like the perfect time for you to defeat Triple H. After he attacked and beat you down on the September 16, 2002 Raw, you sought revenge in a singles bout at Unforgiven six days later. A win there would have been a tremendous boon for you. Meanwhile, a loss for HHH would have done his status no harm at all. As it turned out, HHH won by pinfall. It seemed like he cut you off.

Well, I don't disagree with you. And that's why I'm glad my career is caught on videotape and DVD, so the fans can watch what happened in my career and say it all for me, like you just did.

You've nothing further to add about HHH?

When you're watching RVD TV (his online TV show), don't look for HHH to be in Rob Van Dam's house.

Source: www.rajah.com

Booker T, now working for TNA, did a conference call last Tuesday. He vehemently denies ever having purchased anything from Signature Pharmacy, even though is name appeared on the client list and stated that WWE did not protect him from the scandal.

Big Show was backstage at the Survivor Series in Miami visiting friends. He is said to be in far better shape than he'd ever been in WWE, and the best shape since his early days in WCW. He was telling people that his weight is down to 420 pounds. As of late, he's been training to be a pro boxer, but he hasn't had his first fight yet and it is unknown if he ever will.

Recap of Chris Masters interview on The Pain Clinic

Posted on 11/25/107 by Rich Jones

We start this weeks show with the Masterpiece Chris Masters. We start taking about him living in California and how good the weather is compared to our weather in Rochester NY.

Chris talks about how great it was that 8 months into his WWE run he got to have a feud with Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels while tagging with Carlito. Chris was asked about doing the last 2 "Tribute to the Troops" in Iraq. He described the entire experience and how great it was.

His suspension and release was the next topic of discussion. He talked about the "post Benoit" change in the backstage area. He talked about being suspended due to the on-line pharmacy fiasco and the 2nd suspension prior to his release. He thinks he's the first of many to go down. He describes how serious the wellness policy is in the WWE. Chris emphasizes how this is Vince's company and he's protecting it.

After an injury in the WWE ring Chris was released and he's a little angry that he isn't back 100% before he was released.

Want to book Chris? He gives us the avenues to book him independently.

Chris talks about crossing over from OVW to WWE and the crazy schedule. We talk with Chris about physique versus ability with his Masterpiece character. He wanted to wrestle first and foremost before he had the million dollar body. He trained at UPW in California the same time with many current superstars and he has a funny story about John Cena.

We let Chris go and wish him the best of luck!

Check it out at www.feelthepain.net 

Rich "Cashman" Jones , Producer/Host, The Pain Clinic, Hot Talk 1280 WHTK , www.feelthepain.net 

MEDIA: 'American Gladiators' debuts in January (Zap2It.com) , Posted on 11/28/107 by Mike Informer

'American Gladiators' Rise in January, NBC sets series for Sunday nights

November 27, 2007

'American Gladiators' co-host Laila Ali NBC has put another piece of its midseason schedule in place, slating the update of "American Gladiators" for Sunday nights in January.

The remake of the syndicated 1990s syndicated series will premiere on Sunday, Jan. 6, the network announced via an ad in Monday's episode of "Heroes." As of Monday morning, a formal premiere announcement hadn't followed.

That means we don't yet know which of the three shows NBC initially announced for Sunday nights in January will be bumped to make way for "Gladiators." In May the network set a midseason Sunday lineup of "Law & Order" at 8 p.m., "Medium" at 9 p.m. and new show "Lipstick Jungle" at 10.

The network could shuffle any of those pieces to other nights; NBC has picked up new series "Chuck" and "Life," but "Bionic Woman" and "Journeyman" are still in limbo. If the network opts to let either of them fall by the wayside, that would open up an hour on the schedule for one or more of the originally scheduled Sunday shows. One or more shows could also be held until later in the season in the event of a prolonged writers' strike.

Pro-wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and boxer/"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Laila Ali will host the show, in which amateur athletes take part in combat games against a set cast of "gladiators." The show will feature a number of the competitions from the original series, with amped-up special effects and some other new elements.

The show is produced by MGM Television, which also produced the original series, and Reveille, the company started by current NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman.  

Not Necessarily WWE News


Judge allows evidence seized from office of Benoit's doctor (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) by Mike Informer

Judge allows evidence seized from office of Benoit's doctor By JOHN HOLLIS The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 11/29/07

A U.S. District Court judge has denied motions by Dr. Phil Astin III to suppress evidence seized from raids on his office and personal storage units.

Judge Russell G. Vineyard ruled there was probable cause in the six search warrants issued shortly after professional wrestler Chris Benoit killed his family and himself at their Fayetteville home in June.

Astin, a Carrollton doctor, had prescribed a 10-month supply of anabolic steroids to Benoit every three to four weeks between May 2006 and May 2007, officials said.

Astin has been indicted on seven federal counts of overprescribing to two people, although Benoit was not one of them, authorities have said.

Astin has since filed for bankruptcy and been declared legally indigent. He remains under house arrest, but recently appealed to be released so he is able resume work.

Hogan Stupidity - Is It Inherited?

MEDIA: News on new and controversial allegations regarding Nick Hogan accident, including purchase of alcohol for outing involving underage Nick Hogan prior to accident

Posted on 11/29/107 by By Dr. Keith Lipinski

Did Hulk Hogan Buy Beer For His Son The Day Of The Accident?

If this is true, then this could be a HUGE development in the case against Nick Hogan Bollea Whatever and now, his famous father. Apparently there is a receipt for beer purchased on the day of the wreck that put John Graziano, former Marine, in the hospital in an irreversible vegetative state.

The new information includes:

* A receipt from Albertson’s Liquor Store at 2:14 p.m. on the day of the accident for $78 of beer and ice. A clerk, June Hoopingarer, said Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, bought the beer and was accompanied by his son and several other young men. […]

The report says Bollea and his friends spent the day of the accident on a boat with Hogan. Bollea’s friends, who are all at least 21 years old, were drinking beer. No one reported seeing Bollea drinking alcohol, although it was found in his system after the crash.

Jeremy T. Whitson, who is in charge of security of Shepard’s Beach Resort, told police Bollea and about seven other people got off a boat and tried to enter the tiki bar between 5 and 6 p.m. the day of the accident. He said Hogan stayed on the boat. All the people who got off the boat were clutching beer bottles except Bollea, who held a plastic cup. They were not allowed entry, according to Whitson, because they didn’t have identification that showed they were 21 or older.

Now, I want to point out that nobody actually SAW Nick drinking that day. Nobody SAW him with a beer in hand. Nobody SAW him do anything wrong. Well, nobody that is talking about it, that is…because there are several young men who know what he was doing that day, plus his father, supposed “Real American” Hulk Hogan. And don’t forget…at the time of the accident, Nick was seventeen years old.

But it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the alleged actions of the people involved that day:

* The Hulkster goes to a liquor store and buys beer and ice.

* The Hulkster, his son, and his son’s friends go to a boat, where they spend the afternoon drinking.

* Nobody outside of the party actually sees Nick drink anything illegal, but he is walking around with a plastic cup while everyone else has bottles of beer.

* Later that day, once they leave the boat, Nick, his friend John, and two other men in a silver Viper are drag racing down a city street when Nick loses control of his car and crashes into a tree.

* At the hospital, Nick has his blood tested and it shows the presence of alcohol.

More specifically, the purchases included:

* 2 cases of Miller Lite
* 2 cases of Corona Extra
* 1 case of Miller Chill
* 5 bags of ice

Maybe, just maybe, there was a little window of time there after leaving the boat when Nick and John and their buddies could have came across some alcohol somewhere else. But it is highly suspicious that he would spend the afternoon on a boat with his friends, who were drinking, and not drink himself, especially since he was found to have it in his system after the accident.

Also, a witness is reported as saying the cars were going 100 MPH in a 40 MPH zone before the crash:

Linda Berry-Robinson, the mother of Graziano’s girlfriend, told police she overheard Jacobs telling a pastor at Bayfront Medical Center that he was driving the Viper at more than 100 mph, according to the documents. […]

At the hospital, Bollea told police he was traveling 30 or 40 mph. He also told police he didn’t know what road he was traveling on or what direction. His speech was “mumbled and soft” and his eyes bloodshot, according to Todd Turpack, a Clearwater police investigator who wrote the original report. […]

A woman said she was on her way home from work at Morton Plant Hospital when the Supra and the Viper pulled up on either side of her at an intersection. The drivers “kind of acknowledged each other,” she said.

“The light turned green, and they hauled serious a–; they were weaving around,” she said. “The silver car smoked the yellow car, and the yellow car completely lost control and flipped over and turned and twisted.”

The witness said she stayed back because she didn’t want to get between the cars.

“I couldn’t have anyway,” she said. “They were flying.”

For his part, Nick has denied going 100 MPH before the accident. But regardless of whether he was doing exactly 100 MPH or not, he obviously was going faster than 40 MPH.

So, if Hulk did in fact supply beer to his son, it beggars the question…what kind of parents does this kid have, anyway? What sort of man is Terry Bollea, to give his underage son alcohol and then turn him loose with a 544-horsepower vehicle? What kind of mom is Linda, to take her daughter street racing and then proclaim to the world juts how exciting it is to outrun cops? I’ll tell you what kind…the kind who give their child everything on a silver platter, and then turn a blind eye to any sort of wrongdoing by their pwecious widdle baby. The kind of parents who could make statements like this:nickgrill.jpg

“The most important thing to me was from all the eyewitnesses and everyone that was there and saw it was that they were not racing,” the former pro-wrestling superstar told The Insider. […]

“It’s just so unfair,” added Hogan. “Just the way the media jumped on my son and just the way they portrayed him. From my gut, it’s something that has torn two families apart, and we’re just so close to John’s family. ” […]

Citing the latter statement, Hogan reiterated that his son isn’t guilty of anything. “I’m trying to tell my son to stay strong, because at the end of the day, when all the facts are in, it was an accident,” he said.

What a pompous prick. No, Terry, the most important thing is that a young man’s life was cut short because of your son’s stupidity, and it appears now because of your indulgence and bad parenting. Yes, it was an accident…a preventable accident, because had they not been racing and had there not been alcohol involved, there’s a distinct possibility the accident would never have happened.

I’m serious. This whole thing makes me sick. If this is true, I hope they throw Terry UNDER the jail.

Source: www.pwbts.com 











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