Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor

Respect Is Earned

Taped: May 12, 2007

Originally broadcast: July 1, 2007

Reviewed: November 27, 2007 by Sassy

This is only my second Ring of Honor experience.  My first was “Driven” and I was impressed with the format, the wrestlers, and the live audience.  I had been impatiently watching and waiting for “Man Up!”, but  found that my cable company was running Respect Is Earned on inDemand. I could not resist the opportunity to see ROH again. The current Ring of Honor Roster can be found on this site. For further information on Ring of Honor, including roster members, pay per view events, live events and ROH merchandise, visit http://www.rohwrestling.com. 

Something new I learned watching this show:  ROH rules do not allow for count outs when you are outside the ring on the floor, although the referee does have the option to disqualify you for spending too much time outside the ring.

Sassy gives “Respect is Earned” an A+ for action, excitement, wrestling knowledge and abilities, audience reaction and doesn’t even take off points for the lousy sound system! Note: There was no blood shed during any of the following matches, although there was a nasty chair shot to the head.

Here is the “Respect Is Earned” card complete with my commentary – this is not a play-by-play recap.  I could never describe how exciting ROH matches are by trying to type out play-by-plays. I tried to describe the action in some of the matches, especially the main event. It was awesome!


New York City

Ringside announcers: Dave Prazak & Lenny Leonard

Ring announcer: Bobby Cruise

BJ Whitmer is in the ring as the crowd chants “ROH”! BJ welcomes everyone to Ring of Honor. He is issuing an open challenge to anyone in the locker room to come to the ring and face him.


ROH World Championship Title Match

BJ Whitmer, Challenger

6’1”, 232 lbs.


Takeshi Morishima

1.9 m (6’3”), 145 kg (319 lbs.)

ROH World Champion

Takeshi Morishima enters the arena carrying his championship belt in mouth – yes, folks, that’s how he carries it! – enters the ring to face BJ. Morishima holds the belt in the air and it becomes a ROH title match. This was not a long match but BJ did his best to keep Morishima from taking him out. It was a hard fought battle and although BJ lost, he gave a hundred percent to the fans. Morishima retains the ROH title via pin fall.

Winner: Takeshi Morishima who retains the ROH title.

The match is over as Nigel McGuinness enters the arena and heads toward the ring. Nigel faces Morishima in the center of the ring as the crowd chants Nigel’s name. Nigel tells Morishima that was one hell of a title match and Morishima is one hell of a wrestler, but Nigel says so is he. Nigel wants to be the next man in line to face Morishima for the title belt and he doesn’t care where the match takes place. Bryan Danielson enters the arena. Danielson is the previous champion. Danielson faces Nigel and Danielson said that he held the belt for over 15 months and he was the best wrestler in the world for that 15 months. He took out Lance Storm, Samoa Joe, Homicide, and Nigel McGuinness. Danielson believes The American Dragon Bryan Danielson should have a shot at the title tonight.

Nigel tells Danielson to quit poking his finger at him or he will break it. Danielson tells Nigel that this is not the time for fighting, maybe later tonight, then he lays the mic down and attacks Nigel – CHEAP SHOT!. Morishima decides to take on Nigel and he joins with Danielson to take Nigel down to the mat. Until, that is, Danielson picks up the belt. Morishima snatches the belt from Danielson and exits the ring. Nigel is back up in the corner but Danielson has his back to him. Nigel yells at Danielson to turn around and fight and Danielson bails out of the ring and onto the floor.

At least Nigel didn’t attack Danielson from behind and he did have the opportunity to do so.

The crowd appears to be split regarding the three men in the ring. All of them received chants and cheers from the live crowd. If you have seen any of them in the ring before, you will understand why.

The “Gun for Hire”, Brent Albright gives us a preview of what he is capable of in the ring.

Rocky Romero

5’7”, 175 lbs.


Naomichi Marufuji

176 cm (5’9”), 84 kg (185 lbs.)

These two men close in size and height. This is an excellent match with both men able to wrestle and fight. I have seen Romero before but never have I seen him work the ring like this. Marufuji is fantastic. We have many near falls but neither man refuses to give up. Both men use their entire bodies in this match. Another case of the wrestlers giving it everything they had and then some.  The wrestling knowledge was marvelous, they both have mastered the use of their legs and both have extreme endurance.

Winner:  Naomichi Marufuji

Sweet ‘n Sour Inc.'s Larry Sweeney is with Tank Toland who Sweeney touts as the best trainer in the world today. Sweeney tells us he is the best agent in professional wrestling today. He has Chris Hero as a client and has just signed his newest client – Sara Del Rey, the best woman’s wrestler in the world today. Sara Del Rey joins the two men. Bobby Dempsey joins the three so that Tank can tell the world how overweight Dempsey is and how Tank is going to turn him into a prime athlete. When Sara attempts to join Dempsey, Tank tells her it is only for men, not for girls.  Sara challenges Tank to a squat competition and it’s on.  Are we taking bets on who will win this one?

Back to the ring, and it seems Nigel has called out Morishima and Danielson. It’s Morishima, Nigel and Danielson fighting in the ring and it’s two on one as Morishima and Danielson team up against Nigel. Kenta appears and rescues Nigel. Kenta and Nigel clear the ring.

ROH Tag Team Title Match

Matt Sydal

5’9”, 177 lbs.



Claudio Castagnoli

6’5”, 232 lbs.


The Briscoe Brothers

Jay Briscoe


Mark Briscoe

Combined weight of 430 lbs.

ROH Tag Team Champions

I have seen all four of these men in action and was impressed by every one of them. Sydal and Claudio were actually opponents in a match. I have seen Claudio more than the rest and am always amazed at how he works the ring even with his height. Sydal has good technical abilities and the Briscoes are not large but they are tough. I know the Briscoes are good but I don’t know about them being able to beat their two opponents in this match. Wow! This is a match worth watching. These men were all so fast it was almost impossible to keep track. At one time I wasn’t certain who the legal men in the ring were and then everyone was outside the ring. All four men worked hard in this match and as much as I was rooting for Claudio, the Briscoes did deserve the win.

Winners: Jay & Mark Briscoe, The Briscoe Brothers 

who retain the ROH tag team titles.

Lenny Leonard and Dave Prazak, our announcers, take a break to welcome everyone. The arena looks packed and this crowd is all about ROH!.

The Briscoe brothers are celebrating in the ring but Kevin Steen and El Generico come out to interrupt the announcers. Steen has a question for the Briscoes – when are Steen and Generico going to get their tag team title shot. The Briscoes tell them they are right in the ring and Steen and Generico charge in to battle it out with the Briscoes. The ring is suddenly filled with referees and security in order to break up the brawl – to the boos of the audience, I might add. I think they need larger security people.  They are having a tough time controlling the four men in the ring. Jay Briscoe has some nice tattoos which I got to see close up as he was exiting the ring. Generico just kicked someone in the ring but I’m not sure who it was. The Briscoes are outside the ring. It appears Steen and Generico are taking on anyone who was left in the ring with them. Generico comes off the top turnbuckle and takes out the Briscoes and everyone who was holding the Briscoes back. Nice dive, Generico. The fight continues backstage but I’m not sure who is fighting who at this point until Steen takes out one of the Briscoes with a chair – it’s Mark. Back to Jay and Generico fighting in an area where it’s hard to see. Jay finds his brother who is still down on the floor after the chair shot. With the exception of the chair shot, the after match was nearly as good as the original match!

Film clip from 2/11/07, Philadelphia, PA: Delirious is in the ring and gets yanked off the top rope by his opponent. Delirious lands on the back of his head and then his opponent, Roderick Strong, takes him down in the ring and then outside in the ring. We hear Delirious say  “Roderick Strong and Delirious” and that means the next match will be…

Grudge Match

Roderick Strong

5’10”, 205 lbs.



5’10”, 186 lbs.

I’m a little concerned that I seem to be developing the ability to understand what Delirious is saying these days. Is it possible I have become addicted to ROH action?

Strong is out of the ring as Delirious goes wild in the ring. Strong doesn’t seem to want to wrestle, but he does throw some heavy hard kicks that take a toll on Delirious.  It was a long hard  battle for both of these men although Strong wants to take short cuts by playing on the dirty side. Delirious held his own even though he took some hard knocks in the course of the match. A few times I yelled “STAY DOWN, DELIRIOUS, STAY DOWN!" Delirious handed out some hard knocks, too, it just wasn’t enough to take down Strong. This was one spectacular show by both wrestlers with several HOLY S*** moments. 

Winner: Roderick Strong

Strong is a member of The No Remorse Corps and they are just what they say they are. It’s not good enough for Delirious to be down on the mat and counted out, they want to add insult to injury or maybe it's just they want to add injury to injury. And they do. Romero and Davey Richards come out to the ring to assist Strong in destroying Delirious. Erick Stevens runs from the back to make the save. You can see No Remorse Corps (Strong, Romero & Richards) versus The Resilience (Delirious, Stevens and  Matt Cross) on the ROH “Driven” DVD. It was a great match – full of action both in and out of the ring.

Adam Pearce is backstage with Shane Hagadorn. I'm not sure what Pearce is all about. He spends quite a bit of time standing in front of the camera talking. This time he is describing how ROH got to be where it is today. And he is appears to be concerned about BJ Whitmer who will now be known as the man who lost the very first match on the very first ROH pay per view. Pearce’s chat about BJ continues on “Driven”.

Tag Team Match

60-minute time limit

Kenta, weighing 84 kilos, from Tokyo, Japan

174 cm (5’9”), 81 kg (179 lbs)*


Nigel McGuinness weighing 240 lbs., from London, England

6’1”, 220 lbs.


American Dragon Bryan Danielson weighing 185 lbs., from Aberdeen, WA

(and still the Greatest Wrestler in the World, according to Danielson)

5’8”, 185 lbs.


Takeshi Morishima, weighing 149 kilos, from Tokyo, Japan

1.9 m (6’3”), 145 kg (319 lbs.)*

ROH World Champion

This is the main event and do we have great talent in the ring. As the match starts, the announcers let us know that Mark Briscoe has suffered a major concussion and has been taken to a New York City hospital. The announcers tell us that Danielson is the only person who has beat Kenta since Kenta arrived in ROH. Kenta is good but he isn’t in the ring long before Danielson tags in Morishima and Morishima wants Nigel in the ring. Kenta tags in Nigel. Morishima is a powerhouse there is no doubt but I have faith in Nigel. Morishima tags back in Danielson and he and Nigel work the ring in wrestling moves. Nigel has Danielson in height and weight but Danielson is a good wrestler (I’ll hold off on the great). The announcers let us know that Danielson is back to ROH from a shoulder injury. We have all four men in the ring and Kenta manages to kick Morishima down to the mat.  There is such a size difference between Kenta and Morishima. The ref, Senior Official Todd  Sinclair, has to maintain order by keeping only two opponents in the ring at a time. Morishima is a large man but he is quick and adept in the ring. He and Danielson don’t mind working a little double-teaming here and there, much to the chagrin of the referee. I won’t lie to you – Danielson does have a great knowledge of wrestling, however, he does have to deal with the size difference of Nigel. Morishima tends to use his weight in order to slow down his opponents. Nigel took a great deal of punishment in this match at the hands of Morishima and Danielson.  I was looking forward to seeing Kenta in action and he didn’t disappoint me. He and Danielson are closer in size and weight.  Kenta is good with his feet and throws numerous kicks, low to the mat and high in the air. I was worried when Morishima was tagged in against Kenta but Kenta didn’t stop working in the ring and when he threw Morishima down in a body slam, I was in disbelief. Morishima does some spectacular dropkicks off the top turnbuckle. We have a lot of close pin falls in this match even with Danielson and Morishima cheating here and there. At one point we have Kenta and Danielson battling on the floor while Nigel and Morishima battle it out in the ring. Nigel’s Tower of London move looks painful for his opponents. Danielson is big on submission holds and he tries them here. Now we have Danielson and Kenta in the ring while Nigel and Morishima are outside on the floor. Nigel rolls Morishima over into the front row of the audience but he was nice enough to tell the fans to get out of the way first. Nigel then climbs up on the top turnbuckle and dives on Morishima in the audience!  THAT’s what I’m talking about! You go Nigel! Nigel may have injured his elbow on a chair diving into the audience and Danielson takes advantage by working on Nigel’s arm and Nigel makes a quick exit out of the ring. Kenta and Danielson are still working in the ring and Kenta hits the Go To Sleep, but he can’t get a pin because Morishima is in the ring breaking up the count. We see Nigel outside the ring getting his elbow taped up before returning to the ring. His partner is in the ring with two men and he’s taking some hard hits from both of them. Nigel is back but his elbow is still hurting. All four men are suddenly down in the ring but I can’t hear the ref’s count because the audience is so loud! I think the ref made it to four. We’re back to Danielson and Kenta in the ring. I have this tremendous urge to yell at Kenta to stay down but I can’t do it although I don’t know how he’s still moving. Nigel comes in to try to help but Morishima cuts him off. NO! Danielson uses a submission move and takes out Kenta. Darn, DaRN, DARN!

Winners: Brian Danielson and Takeshi Morishima

Danielson picks up the title belt and his partner, Morishima, sends Danielson crashing down to the mat. Nigel picks up the belt and hands it to Morishima but Nigel receives a clothesline from Morishima. Nigel, too, is down on the mat.

And that's the end of the show!

Once again I am placing a Sassy Stamp of Approval on a Ring of Honor show.  If you are looking for boring storylines, little or no action, divas that can’t work in the ring or mouthy announcers…you don’t need to see  ROH.  If you like WRESTLING with tons of action, long matches, little or no storylines and announcers that merely provide information and explain holds or wrestler careers to you…ROH is where you need to be!  This two-hour show is filled with chills, spills and thrills! If you can’t catch this ROH show on your cable network, visit the  ROH online shop and look for “Respect is Earned” along with other DVDs that include matches with your favorite  ROH wrestlers. 

If you have read any of my recaps or reviews, you know how frustrated I get with the dull and boring storylines the “other” wrestling organizations use. Trivial storylines destroy the shows and take away from the in ring wrestling talent. Ring of Honor does have storylines, but they are true feud storylines as they should be. If I read my ROH history correctly, “Respect Is Earned” is the first pay per view ROH attempted. Some of the storylines may appear to take up quite a bit of space here, but it is a necessity for those of us who have been unable to see ROH before. I am too far away to attend a Ring of Honor live event but if you have the chance to see ROH LIVE, please don’t miss it!

“Man Up!” hits the pay per view channels on November 30.  Check with your local cable company for further details.  Don’t miss the opportunity to see true wrestling action and the above talented wrestlers -- and more -- in a Ring of Honor event.

With the exception of the weight announced during the Main Event, all personal stats were taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_of_Honor_roster


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