November 26, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy noted in italics.

Last week Y2J Chris Jericho returned to Raw in time to disrupt Randy Orton’s Passing of the Torch ceremony. According to Y2J, he is here to save us from Orton.  We can only hope he is telling the truth.

The show opens with a replay of last week’s Y2J return to Jaw.

And that didn’t take long…Jericho is in the Raw opening video.

Pssst! Rumor has it Ric Flair will be making his return to WWE tonight. Although he is Smackdown material, Raw is being broadcast from Flair’s hometown.

Monday Night Raw is being broadcast from Charlotte, NC on the USA network.

Ringside announcers: JR and Jerry Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

Backstage interview: Todd Grisham

Tag Team Match

Triple H, weighing 255 lbs., from Greenwich, CT


Jeff Hardy, weighing 225 lbs., from Cameron, NC

WWE Intercontinental Champion


Umaga, weighing 350 lbs., from the Isle of Samoa


Snitsky, weighing 307 lbs., from PA

Audience favorites: Triple H & Jeff Hardy

My favorites: Jeff Hardy & Triple H (Did you really have to ask?)

Winners: Triple H & Jeff Hardy

This match is in response to the attack on Jeff Hardy by Umaga and Snitsky with Triple H coming to Jeff’s aid. No matter how disappointed fans may have been in WWE lately, no true wrestling fan cannot be excited when Jeff Hardy hits the ring. Unfortunately, Jeff is a little outsized in this match. The match begins with Jeff and Snitsky facing off in the ring. It doesn’t take long for Jeff to tag in Triple H. Triple H works over Snitsky before tagging Jeff back into the match and Jeff manages to send Snitsky and Umaga onto the floor.  When Jeff goes over the top rope to take them down, he gets caught but Triple H dives on all three men, finishing the job Jeff began and we go to


Back from commercial break, Jeff and Umaga are in the ring. Jeff tries everything to take him down and he can’t get the job done. Jeff meets the mat instead. Now Snitsky is in the ring and Jeff again meets the mat and Snitsky goes for the pin but only gets a two count. I hope Snitsky and Umaga understand each other.  I don’t understand a thing Umaga says.  Snitsky tags in Umaga and Jeff is barely able to stand up.  Umaga makes sure Neff goes down to the mat again and tries for the pin but he only gets a two count before Jeff manages to get a shoulder off the mat. I don’t need to tell the fans Jeff really needs to get a tag here. Umaga tags Snitsky back into the match. Jeff manages to counter Snitsky and send him into the turnbuckle, but Jeff is in the middle of the ring and he can’t get to Triple H before Snitsky grabs his leg. Jeff manages a drop kick that sends Snitsky back and he gets the tag as Snitsky tags in Umaga. Triple H sends Umaga all over the ring before going for the pin but he only gets a one count before Umaga powers out. Triple H tries to set up a pedigree but Snitsky interferes. Triple H decides to pedigree Snitsky but Umaga breaks it up. Triple H sends Snitsky over the top rope and tags in Jeff. Umaga is ready for Jeff and Jeff is back down to the mat while Triple H and Snitsky face each other outside the ring and into the audience area. Jeff is now down in the corner. He goes for Jeff but Triple H pulls Jeff out of the way. Jeff hits Umaga with a flying twist of fate off the top turnbuckle and Triple H lands the pedigree. Jeff comes off the top rope for the swanton bomb and goes for the pin and gets the three count.

A nice match to open the show. We at home could have done without the commercial break in the middle of the match.

As Triple H and Jeff celebrate in the ring, William Regal, General Manager of Raw, enters the arena. Regal tells them that he would like to see the two of them at the Armageddon Pay Per View but is interrupted by the audience chants of “You suck!”. Regal tells Jeff that he will have a match at Armageddon and it will be one on one, Jeff Hardy versus Triple H. So much for THAT friendship! However, it is not for Jeff’s Intercontinental title.

This may actually be a match fans will want to see. We know Jeff can wrestle in the technical way, but can Triple H play fair and do the same?

We see a black stretch limo pulling into the parking lot, the door opens and Ric Flair in his suit and tie exits. Lawler says that he hopes Flair is not there for the announcement he thinks it might be. We have heard rumors that Flair may be announcing his retirement tonight on Raw.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see an announcement that three weeks from tonight Raw will be a three-hour show. PuhLEEEEZE let it be action and not lip!

We hear Ric Flair’s entrance theme and Flair enters the arena. The audience is on its feet as he walks down to the ring. Even JR and Lawler are on their feet. Lillian introduces The Nature Boy Ric Flair. Lawler says Flair is here to make an announcement about his career and Flair is not smiling. DON’T DO IT RIC! And it looks like Flair is going to cry and that is really not a good thing. Flair says there is a reason he hasn’t been on Raw for six months and he says that he knows and we know that his wrestling career can’t go on forever.  Yes, we DO, but that doesn’t mean we want to HEAR it! And now he has used the “R” word – retire! Ric tells his fans that HE WILL NEVER RETIRE!  WHOOOOOOOOO! Ric says he will only retire when he is dead in this ring! 

And then, to the crowd’s dismay, Vince McMahon enters the arena and heads to the ring. McMahon picks up Ric’s jacket, which Ric had ripped off and thrown on the mat. McMahon should be worried. Ric could kick his butt all over the State of North Carolina. McMahon says he is very very happy that Flair will never retire. McMahon says Flair is a pretty good piece of property. McMahon says he hopes Flair goes on forever – as long as Flair keeps on winning. McMahon says the first match Flair loses, Flair’s career will be over. Punch him out, Ric! Punch him out! And then stomp on him. McMahon tells Flair good luck and he hopes Flair doesn’t die anytime soon.

And, like we didn’t know this was coming, Orton enters the arena. And we know why he’s here – to bore the fans to death. Orton is met with louder jeers than Flair was met with cheers if you can believe that. Orton said he came out to thank Flair for everything he has done for Orton. And Orton keeps referring to Flair as a “legend” and Orton wants to thank Flair for the pleasure Orton will have tonight ending Flair’s career. McMahon says it will be Orton versus Ric Flair tonight. Let’s hope Flair’s time off didn’t keep him from remembering out to fight dirty, low down and dirty.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JR tells the fans that Jericho will join us tonight.

The next participants are already in the ring without formal introduction:

Eight Man Tag Team Match

Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Super Crazy & Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, WWE Tag Team Champions, & Robbie and Rory, The Highlanders

Audience favorites: I don’t know, I didn’t see the entrance to the ring of any of the wrestlers

My favorites: I like them all

Winners: Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Super Crazy and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Holly, Rhodes, Super Crazy & Duggan are a little outsized in this match but should be quicker and more apt to take risks. I particularly like Super Crazy and his highflying abilities in the ring but Holly, Rhodes and Duggan do a great job as well. The match begins with Super Crazy and one of the Highlanders. Duggan is tagged in to face Rory. Duggan tags in Rhodes and Rory tags in Lance. Lance seems to have forgotten how to wrestler and goes directly to boxing. Rhodes is down on the mat and Lance tags in Trevor. Trevor keeps Rhodes down on the mat in the middle of the ring. Rhodes manages to send Trevor shoulder first into the corner post before tagging in Holly. Trevor tags in Robbie and as Holly goes for the cover, Trevor’s teammates converge on Holly to break up the pin. Holly’s teammates also enter the ring and everyone is outside on the floor battling it out, leaving Holly and Robbie in the ring with the referee. Holly delivers the Alabama slam on Robbie and gets the three count.

This was really a short match for the number of participants in the ring.

We see that Ric Flair will be in a Career Threatening Match against Randy Orton later tonight.

We see an ECW promo:  Two of the matches will be Kelly Kelly vs. Layla and Kane vs. Big Daddy V in an Extreme Rules match tomorrow night.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Todd is backstage with Jeff Hardy and Todd asks Jeff about his match coming up against Triple H at the next pay per view. Jeff is honored to be in a match against Triple H and Jeff says he just hopes their match doesn’t get in the way of – and Triple H enters and asks “or what, our friendship?” Triple H says that he is not real good with the friends thing. Jeff says he knows. Triple H says he doesn’t know of any friend he’s ever had that he hadn’t turned on. Triple H wasn’t Jeff to know that he has been a multiple champion not because he has friends.  It’s because he’s great. Triple H says that Jeff won’t be stepping into the ring with a friend or a partner, he will be stepping into the ring with The Game.

JR says that last week Mr. Kennedy confronted HBK Shawn Michaels last week and we see a recap of the match, sort of, between the two of them and the chair to the face that Kennedy received when HBK delivered a super kick.

Kennedy is backstage to tell everyone about HBK’ DVD set: Heartbreak and Triumph. Kennedy says that before HBK comes out to tell everyone about his DVD’s, Kennedy is going to give us a review of DVD. Kennedy doesn’t exactly give the DVD set a rave review. Kennedy says nothing will compare to the low HBK is going to feel than when he steps into the ring with Mr. Kennedy. I guess Kennedy is still a little miffed about the chair to the face.

JR tells us that Jericho is going to join us next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see another ECW promo.

Flair is backstage with Arn Anderson and Barry Wyndham, which JR calls a Horsemen reunion.

And the audience is back on their feet when they hear Jericho’s entrance theme. And it is Jericho entering the arena wearing a Save_Us.222 shirt. He enters the ring and JR reminds us that Jericho is on the cover of the latest WWE magazine. Jericho takes a mic and – didn’t he come to wrestle? – tells us this is the second coming of Y2J and he tells us he is here to save us from Randy Orton and to become the new WWE Champion. Jericho wants a title match and everyone knows it except for Orton. Jericho says that he has not heard from Orton and he thought it was perhaps it was because Orton was scared but now he thinks Orton was just too stupid to understand the question. Jericho says he thought he used too big of words and Orton couldn’t understand him. Jericho says he will make it simple enough for Orton to understand it “Me want title match.” Jericho says he even brought visual aids. On the monitor we see “me” Chris Jericho, “want” The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, “title” picture of the championship belt, and “match” a lighted match. He has the audience say it with him and Jericho says he will wait in the ring all night long if he has to until he gets an answer – is Orton going to give Jericho a title match or not?

Santino Marella enters the arena with a mic. He calls Jericho KYJ. He says Jericho can’t just waltz in off the street and demand a title shot. Jericho wants to know who Marella is. Jericho says he knows who is and they argue about how to say Santino. Marella says Orton didn’t give Jericho an answer because he doesn’t deserve an answer. Marella says he could beat Jericho up himself right now if he wanted to. Jericho says “okay” and takes off his shirt. Marella says Jericho hasn’t wrestled for two years and he doesn’t want to wrestle Marella. Jericho calls for a referee and gets ready for a match. Marella rolls out of the ring and says that he has to warm up first. Marella says he will be right back and they will have their match. Marella says he wants to give Jericho a little something to think about and Marella dives over the announcer’s table and attacks Lawler. Lawler is down on the floor and Marella walks around the ring proud of himself.

JR tells us we will see Jericho in his first match in two years against Marella when we come back from

Commercial break.

Impromptu Match

Y2J Chris Jericho


Santino Marella

Audience favorite: Chris Jericho

My favorite: Chris Jericho

Winner: Chris Jericho

Back from commercial break, Jericho is already in the ring and Marella is coming up the steel steps. Jericho is wrestling but we don’t expect Marella to wrestle, however Marella shoves Jericho and Jericho punches him. Jericho hasn’t forgotten how to do a springboard dropkick off the second rope. Marella goes out of the ring but Jericho brings him back in. Jericho misses a drop kick and Marella has Jericho down on the match punching on him. Marella goes for the pin but I don’t think he even gets a one count. Nice clothesline by Jericho and nice atomic drop. I’m not sure what kind of drop Jericho just used by both of his knees nailed Marella in the face, Jericho goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Jericho then invites Jerry Lawler into the ring to take a shot at a downed Marella in the ring. Lawler decides to take him up on it and enters the ring. Jericho goes out to the announcer’s table to take Lawler’s place. Marella stands up and gets taken down by Lawler. Lawler picks him back up and continues to pound on Marella, taking him back to the mat with a knee lift. Lawler goes up on the second rope and slams Marella in the forehead with his fist as Jericho works commentary with Lawler. Marella just got his backside whupped twice in one night.

We see Flair backstage lacing up his boots when HBK enters the locker room and gives Flair a big hug. HBK said he just had to come and see Flair tonight but he didn’t realize that it might be the last time he sees Flair in the ring. HBK tells Flair that Orton is on a roll, but he is Ric Flair, that he is in his hometown of Charlotte, NC, that he is the 16 time World Champion and that Flair is the one and only legend this industry will ever, ever have and Flair is still the greatest wrestler in the world today and to be the man, you gotta beat the man and tonight HBK doesn’t think Orton can beat Flair. Flair says that worst-case scenario, Flair will go out in a blaze of glory.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see Flair in the ring making his No Retirement speech to the crowd, the interruption by McMahon and then by Orton and that now it is a Career Threatening Match between Ric Flair and Orton. I may never forgive Flair if he puts over Orton in this match up.

Brian Kendrick


Mr. Kennedy

Audience favorite: I don’t know, Kendrick was already in the ring when the commercial break was over.

My favorite: Brian Kendrick

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

I would really liked to have seen Kendrick up against Chris Jericho or Super Crazy here. Kendrick is fast but Kennedy can be a brawler. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kendrick brawl in a match. There were no introductions or weights but I’m certain Kendrick is at a weight disadvantage in this match up. Kendrick tries to wrestle but Kennedy isn’t in to wrestling tonight. Kennedy spends a lot of time being admonished by the ref because of his actions. Kennedy hits Kendrick with a face plant, gets the pin and the win.  Extremely short match.  And then Kennedy has the mic dropped down so that he can talk to us – ho hum. Kennedy says it will be HBK Shawn Michaels versus Kennedy at Armageddon.

The audience is not impressed with Mr. Kennedy.

Smackdown Rebound: It is the Edge and Vicky Guerrero get together that not only disgusted yours truly, it appears to have disgusted the live audience as well. Edge will have a match for the title against Batista this Friday on Smackdown. Of course, Vicky received a pile driver courtesy of The Undertaker at the end of last week’s Smackdown.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, McMahon is backstage with Hornswoggle. McMahon is telling Hornswoggle how lucky he has been the last few weeks winning his matches. Last week after Hornswoggle and Finlay beat Mark Henry, The Great Khali entered the ring and took out Finlay. McMahon tells Hornswoggle that at Armageddon it will be Finlay versus The Great Khali. McMahon tells Hornswoggle to go out and get McMahon an ice cream sandwich and then he gets on the radio and announces “Mr. Rogers has left the neighborhood”. He then repeats it. Hornswoggle walks into a room where Carlito is waiting for him. And he’s going to teach Hornswoggle tough love. Hornswoggle takes something out of his pocket and he spray paints a doorway then throws the can of paint to Carlito before going through the painted doorway. So, Carlito takes a bite out of his apple and then another before trying to go through the doorway and hitting the wall and then the floor. Ron Simmons walks in and says “DAMN!’ while standing over Carlito.

Melina is backstage on her way to the ring for a match against Mickie James to become the number one contender for the women’s title.

The Glamazon Beth Phoenix is in the ring with her title belt.

Number One Contender’s Match

Mickie James from Richmond, VA


Melina from Los Angeles, CA

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: Mickie James

Winner: Mickie James

who is now the Number One Contender.

I can’t help it, I don’t think Melina can take out Mickie James.  Mickie is an excellent ring worker and although Melina has improved, I don’t think she has improved enough to take Mickie out of the Number One Contender spot. Mickie goes for a pin but does not get the cover. Melina is big on hair pulling in this match. Mickie hits Melina with a DDT and gets the three count. Beth is at ringside in front of the announcer’s table and she stands up with her title belt to stare Mickie down.

We see Ric Flair backstage on his way to the ring and as he rounds a corner, a crowd of wrestlers have gathered to give him a round of applause. Triple H comes forward to shake his hand and give him a hug – and tells Flair to show ‘em who he is.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Non Title Match

Career Threatening Match

Randy Orton, weighing 245 lbs., from St. Louis, MO

WWE Champion


Nature Boy Ric Flair from Charlotte, NC

Audience favorite: If you have to ask you don’t know who Ric Flair is! Ric Flair

My favorite: Ric Flair

Winner: Nature Boy Ric Flair

With a little help from Y2J

There has only been one commercial break during match in this two-hour time slot. TNA has officially beat WWE in the commercial break during matches department.

Flair takes off running in this match and keeps Orton on his guard for the first few minutes of the match. Orton gets Flair in the corner and pounds on him before the ref makes Orton back up. Orton goes for the cover but he only gets a two count. Orton sends Flair to the mat with a back body drop and goes for the cover again but doesn’t get the three count. Flair gets Orton in a roll up and gets a two count before Orton can get out of the hold. Orton takes Flair down with a clothesline but Flair fights back hanging on the ropes. Orton has Flair down on the mat and is stomping on him, working on his knees. Orton goes for a big knee drop but Flair gets out of the way and Orton’s knee meets the mat. Orton hits Flair with a dropkick and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Again Orton hits flair with a standing dropkick and again gets a two count before Flair gets a shoulder off the canvas. Flair is still fighting back but Orton sends Flair over the top rope to the floor with a clothesline and Lawler is yelling at Flair not to get counted out or his career will be over. Orton comes out after Flair and they exchange blows on the floor. Orton suplexes Flair on the mat outside the ring before rolling himself back in the ring. The ref is still counting Flair outside and he gets to 9 before Flair rolls back in. Orton hits
Flair with a leg drop and goes for the pin but doesn’t get the three count. Flair picks Orton up and sends him to the mat with a suplex. Orton goes for the RKO but Flair counters it and then goes after Orton’s legs. Hard hits to the back of Orton’s knees and Flair has Orton down on the mat. Flair continues to work on the knees before setting Orton up in the figure four. Orton reaches for the ropes but he can’t make it. Orton makes it to the ropes and Flair has to break the hold. Orton hits the RKO but Orton is holding his knee and can’t seem to get to Flair to cover. Orton makes it for the cover but Flair is close and manages to grab the rope with one hand. Orton is punching on Flair and the ref is trying to get him to break. Again Orton is down pounding on Flair before the ref can break it up. Jericho shows up at ringside just long enough for Flair to hit Orton with a low blow, get the cover and the three count. Thanks to Chris Jericho, Ric Flair beats Orton and can continue his career.
One more notch in his belt for The Dirtiest Player in the Game!

Jericho helps Flair out of the ring and the ref helps Flair up to his feet. The Charlotte, NC crowd is ecstatic! Jericho and Orton stare each other down.

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