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Indy News Bytes

November 28, 2007

by Sassy



This should be listed under the ROH, Ring of Honor Events section, but…I CAN’T WAIT TO GET TO THE “R” SECTION!   

Ladies, gentlemen and wrestling fans worldwide…

November 30, 2007 is the date RING OF HONOR fans have been waiting for.  On November 30, ROH will present its newest pay per view – MAN UP!

Yours truly has been waiting for this event since I saw ROH’S DRIVEN! 

This is NOT boring storylines and divas.  This is NOT two-second quick pinfall matches.



See your cable provider for availability!  For further news and information, visit Ring of Honor’s site: and stay tuned to this website…we’ll be posting a review of MAN UP!


British wrestling champ dies

Steve Gerweck - Thursday, November 22 2007 - 11:32 AM

A Wigan wrestler who became a national sporting celebrity has died at the age of 87.

Thomas Moore – who wrestled under the professional name of Jack Dempsey – was among the country's top five wrestlers when the sport attracted millions of TV viewers.

Tommy became the British welterweight champion in 1957 when he beat another 'great', Mick McManus.

Tommy was proud of his Wigan roots. He was born in Newtown and began wrestling seriously after joining Riley's Gym in Scholes.

The gym turned out many talented fighters, but Tommy was better than the rest and his talent stood him in good stead when wrestling became popular on television.

His niece, Margaret Dickens, said: "He was a fantastic wrestler who gave delight and entertainment to so many fans.

"He was a real hero and wrestled all over the country.

"There was nobody to match him and he was a real celebrity."

When he won his world championship, Tommy was described by one sports writer as: "The perfect ruthless fighting machine."

He was the subject of a major TV documentary when he was 75.

Earlier inlife, Tommy and his wife Theresa set up a shop at the end of Vine Street in Whelley.

Later, he had a number of jobs including one at Gullicks in Wigan. But the major focus in his life was wrestling.

After retiring from the ring, Tommy became a well-known local character and was rarely seen without his trademark bow tie, beret and King Edward cigar.

Over a pint, he entertained his audiences with a host of stories from the national wrestling world.

In his youth, Tommy had been an enthusiastic rugby league player and took part in the first competition for the Ken Gee Cup.

He had spent the last couple of years in Westwood Lodge Nursing Home in Poolstock, where he was regularly visited by his wife, son Michael and daughter Sheila and his grandchildren.

His funeral service will be held at noon on Monday at St Mary's RC Church in Standishgate, followed by burial in Gidlow Cemetery.

(source link:


JUVENTUD GURRERRA (1974), Friday November 23, 2007

IVORY (1961), Monday November 26, 2007

MAVEN (1976), Monday November 26, 2007

CHRISTIAN CAGE (1973), Friday November 30, 2007


Matt Hardy hospitalized in FL with a ruptured appendix.

From Matt’s MySpace page:


As most of you know, I experienced a ruptured appendix which released toxins that internally poisoned me on Tuesday. After being in excruciating pain for nearly 24 hours, I went under the knife late Tuesday night and had my appendix removed. For the last four days, I've been virtually bed-ridden in Tampa General Hospital. For those four days, I've been having my body intravenously pumped and flushed with powerful antibiotics to kill the infections within my abdomen caused by the toxins. It wasn't exactly the way I planned on spending Thanksgiving of 07--away from home, away from my family, and in torturous pain. But it was a good Thanksgiving nonetheless-because I'm very thankful I'm still alive. I've got alot left to do in this life, and I wanna thank God for continuing to give me that opportunity. I'll speak on all this in greater length later, but I need my sleep now... Thank you guys-for all your support and get well soon wishes, they mean alot...Matt

Tomko hospitalized in Japan with a torn muscle (possibly abdominal muscle, not confirmed).

Mike Massacre, who trained in Scotland, commits suicide.

Wrestler commits suicide: Steve Gerweck - Wednesday, November 21 2007 - 11:05 PM

I just read in the local paper that one of the kids that trained and wrestled for us at SUW (We are in the small border town of Dumfries in Scotland) has committed suicide. Kyle wrestled under the moniker Mike Massacre and was about to take a tour of the states before he stopped turning up, he was a real talent.

I just want everyone to know that we are planning a tribute show at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries and tickets will become available at the Tourist Information Centre.


Jim Knox


Hardbody Harris, former WCW wrestler, on found guilty on Federal charges of basically pimping (see article below under Other News).

Georgia Wrestling News, notes, and history: November 25 by Rich Tate

We received the following message regarding the status of Krissa Timbs, injured in an automobile accident on November 23: “Krissa is recovering nicely from her surgery to repair damage to her colon and stomach. Her current list of injuries are a broken right shoulder which will require surgery and a broken left arm which will also require surgery. These surgeries are being postponed until the infection from the colon and stomach surgery has been healed. She has a long way to go but is making great improvements. Juanita wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.”


Yes, Linda Bollea, aka Linda Hogan, has filed for divorce from a stunned Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan.  According to the Hulkster he knew absolutely nothing about the filing and was blindsided by a reporter who called and asked him for a statement. No word yet on when the final match has been scheduled and who has been assigned as a referee for the match. We suspect Hulk may require some back up in this match – Hall and Nash are back in the ring, perhaps he can convince them to join forces with him.

Former wrestler found guilty in sex trafficking case

By S.A. Reid, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 11/21/07

Former pro wrestler Harrison "Hardbody" Norris was found guilty late Wednesday afternoon in a federal prostitution and sex trafficking trial.

Norris could spend his life in jail when he is sentence Feb. 28.

The jury found him guilty on various counts of victimizing eight women, including conspriacy, peonage, witness tampering , obstruction of an investigtion, aggravated sexual abuse, forced labor, and sex trafficking.

He was aquitted on all counts involving a ninth woman. The verdict was rendered about about 5:15 p.m.

Norris, serving as his own lawyer, denied charges he kept nine women as sex slaves in his two Cartersville homes.

Federal prosecutors throughout the two-week trial and during closing arguments painted Norris as a predator who knowingly used his wrestling business to lure poor and vulnerable women into a life of prostitution and forced labor.

"I think the jury's verdict vindicates the rights of the victims who were brave enough to come forward and confront this man who abused them," said federal prosecutor Susan Coppedge.


On Monday November 26, 2007 a new wrestling training center will opening in Central Falls, Rhode Island. The facility will be known as Pro Wrestling Training Center.

The focus of this center will be on wrestlers looking for a different environment to train. We are open to all wresters and all wrestling organization that are looking for open ring time. Rates are as follows:

DAILY session fee - $8

MONTHLY fee (unlimited visits) - $30.

We will also be offering the facility to rent out - $59 per night. General Hours will be Monday – Thursday 6:33 pm – 9:59 pm.

Other times are avaible by appointment only. For direction and more information e-mail:


Courtesy of

A Boca Raton, FL doctor associated with the Signature Pharmacy was arrested on Wednesday, November 14 as a part of the Albany, NY, D.A. investigation. His name is Dr. Gary Brandwein and he personally wrote at least a few prescriptions for steroids to Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Brian Adams. Police found Brandwein at the home of a former police officer they were coming to arrest, Anthony Forgione. Forgione was a Boca Raton officer who had been fired in 2003 for steroid use.


During a Sunday night conversation on Live Audio Wrestling, former WCW and WWF superstar Sid Vicious confirmed rumors that he is hoping for a return to World Wrestling Entertainment. Vicious, 47, said he had been in talks with Vince McMahon. "We have been talking for awhile now, and we are trying to get things worked out." When asked about TNA, Vicious said the company is unable to help him reach his many goals including wrestling in front of 80,000 fans again. Source: We understand Sid has been working in Memphis wrestling against Jerry “The King” Lawler.




11/25 Ocala, FL TV taping

Before a standing room crowd at the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School in Ocala, Florida:

Dory Funk Jr. presented the New Funking Conservatory Women's Championship Belt to be defended in the second match by the champion, "The Claw," Claudia Reiff.

For the European Championship, Elvis Sharp defeated Johnny Romano with the Texas Cloverleaf.

For the New Women's Championship, The Claw defeated Vicki Von with a Cradle.

The Claw defeated Kim Dakota with a Japanese Arm Bar. Winner and still champion, "The Claw," Claudia Reiff.

For the Funking Conservatory's World Championship Belt, Shane Chung, with his protégé Pistol Peyton, won over Blain Rage when Blain Rage was disqualified for outside interference by his protégé, Damien and the Pop Tarts.

Funking Conservatory Tag Team Championship match. Flyin' Ryan, "Air Mitchell" with Sandii Skye and Elvis Sharp won over Johnny Magnum and Will Power when Will Power had an abdominal stretch on Elvis Sharp and Flyin' Ryan hit Will right on the chin with a well placed super kick.


The next !BANG! TV, Taping, XXStravaganza comes to the Funking Conservatory Monday December 31st. XXStravaganza will be our largest and most exciting show of the year.1PW




Saturday December 29th, Doors 5.30 pm , Show 6.30pm - The Granby, Edlington


Friday January 25th, Doors 5pm, Show 6pm - Doncaster Dome, Tickets from £10 upwards...


Saturday January 26th , Doors 5.30 pm , Show 6.30pm - The Granby, Edlington



AIW Home Video has many releases available for purchase. On and on some major wrestling video websites, you can get DVDs of most of our events.

On these events, you’ll see the following, plus more: Jake “The Snake” Roberts, AJ Styles, Low-Ki/Senshi, Sonjay Dutt, New Jack, Elix Skipper, Matt Morgan, “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney, Claudio Castagnoli, Colt Cabana, Jimmy Jacobs, Matt “MDogg20” Cross, Josh Prohibiton, Steve Corino, Tyler Black, Chris Hero, The Necro Butcher, Shane Hollister, Drake Younger, Ricky Reyes, Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw, Hallowicked, Hydra and The Colony.


ABSOLUTE INTENSE WRESTLING presents GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD 3 on December 16, 2007 in Cleveland, OH.


At Gauntlet For The Gold 3, AIW is proud to present Steve Corino’s final match in North America. It will be his final Absolute Title defense, as well. The two challengers are men that want the title for different reasons. Sterling James Keenan is one of the most confident men in the AIW locker room and wants to the title to add to his collection of titles across the world. Meanwhile, Dios Salvador is a local Clevelander looking to make a name for himself in wrestling and after flirting with it for over a year, becoming Absolute Champ. Corino, on the other hand, plans on retiring with the title. But AIW Officials will prevent that from happening with….


A yearly tradition returns with 30 men vying for their chance at the Absolute Title. If Steve Corino wins his title match, he will be forced by AIW Officals to hand his title to the winner. If Dios or SJK win the Absolute Title, the winner of the Gauntlet will automatically become the number one contender. Needless to say, this is a huge opportunity for everybody on the AIW roster.

The first five people entered in the Gauntlet (In No Order):

1. AIW Tag Champ: “Beer Bong” Nick Belushi

2. AIW Tag Champ: “Sorority Sister” Super Oprah

3. Matthew Justice

4. “Bloody” Morty Rackem

5. Rebis


Tammy Sytch, The Original Diva, returns to her position as AIW General Manager. Tammy has seen in all in the wrestling business, and it’s prepared her for the craziness of helping run Absolute Intense Wrestling. She surprised the world by booking Drake Younger and The Necro Butcher at Hell On Earth 3, by flying The Duke home at “Tomorrow Never Dies” and she’s prepared for even more surprises on 12/16. Reliable sources have said Tammy has been on the phone recently with people in and out of Cleveland. Who has she been talking to? Will it affect AIW on 12./16?


After making a huge surprise return at Hell On Earth 3, Josh Prohibition will by vying for the Intense Title in this unique match up. Josh, who the crowd doesn’t know how to react to yet, in his return, will be going against one of the most hated men in AIW in Tyler Black. Tyler who’s seen action all over the US might have never come against a challenge like Josh Prohibition. Known for being one of the most ruthless men in wrestling Josh will do anything in his power to win the title and make an even bigger impact in his return.


Obviously inspired by other viral campaigns in wrestling and entertainment, somebody who claims to be a former AIW Star is returning at Gauntlet For The Gold 3 and won’t reveal himself until that night. Do Absolute Owner, Chandler Biggins or AIW GM Tammy Sytch even know who this person is? Does AIW condone this, or has the “AIW Worker” taken it upon themselves? These questions remained to be answered. The person is providing clues thru a myspace at In the weeks to come, we’re obviously going to find out more about this person or people.


In the first ever, Black Christmas Death Match, The Thrillbilly will face his arch nemesis “The Passion” John Thorne. John Thorne is coming off his career match against Necro Butcher and Drake Younger, and while Necro pinned him, Thorne outsmarted him. Drake hit Nerco from behind and slammed him thru a table. Drake and Thorne celebrated as Drake became a member of Revelation 13. Agent Aaron Bauer who hired Necro Butcher, will bring his regular client, The Thrillbilly against Thorne for the third time in AIW. The stipulation being a “Black Christmas Death Match” weapons will be placed in wrapped gifts and Christmas decorations will be available at ringside and legal to use. With Thrillbilly and Agent Aaron Bauer dedicating this match to The Necro Butcher, that’s a promise that blood will be shed.


The AIW Tag Titles have remained on Alpha Beta Duke since May, and nobody has come close to defeating them. AIW’s resident odd couple, Super Oprah and Nick Belushi will be defending against two teams, not just one. The first is “The Switchblade Saints” (Sami Callihan and Matt Riot) and the other team is “The Young Studs” (TJ Dynamite and Eric Ryan). Will Oprah and Nick leave once again as Champs?

All that and much more!

The show is being held at 7PM at: Mulberry's In The Flats, 2316 Mulberry Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113

Vendors wanted for 12/16:

AIW is offering vendor space for this very special evening as we say good bye to "The King of Old School". The space is available to sell merchandise or to advertise your products. Interested parties may email us at  



ACE Action Zone 11/24 Union City, NJ results, Posted on 11/25/107 by Robert Lotti

The Kindred (Wes Draven & Radames) def. The Imports(Black Zemis & Vic Hellion)

Grim Reefer def. Mitch Franklin

"The Sexiest Man Alive" Rhett Titus def. Danny Demanto

Tag Team Title

Garden State Gods (Myke Quest & Chris Rockwell) def. Team Yea!(Sam Sational & Rayza) by DQ when Style & Finesse(Rob Vegas & Mike Donovan) interfered Team Yea! retain the tag title

Sabotage def. Kronic

Light Heavyweight Title: Giovanni Marranca def. Psycho & Javi-Air to win the title

Gauntlet Match: Azrieal def. PS2(Pinkie Sanchez, Shawn Walker, & 2 Hott Steve Scott)

Main Event/Elimination Match

Team Mo (Mo Sexton, Kid Liberty, Thomas "The Gate" Rodriguez, Dan Dynasty, & "The Remix Of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele) def. Team Hollywwod("Hollywood" Joe Hardway, Rob Vegas, Mike Donovan, William Wyeth, & Alexa Thatcher)



November 24, 2007 - Adrenaline Rush Wrestling

Devon Fury def. Dave Allen by DQ

Kimberly Kash def. Dyamond

Zain Ramsey & Brian Nelson def. Gunz & Michael Nubsworth

Jay Jensen def. Ace Martino

Rex Hart def. Jacknife

Buff Kahlua def. Kenny Couragous

Machine, Kenny Kage & Seth McGavin def. Cyanide and the Street Punks



November 24, 2007 -  Carbondale, Illinois

Austin Aries d. Silas Young

Shane Hollister & Absolute Answer d. Old School Wrecking Crew

American History Next d. Tony Rican & Cadillac Jones

The Phoenix Twins d. DP Associates

Eric Priest d. Jimmy Jacobs

Jerry Lynn d. Keith Walker

Murder City Machine Guns d. Michigan Invasion

Danny Daniels d. Tyler Black



Its that time of year! APWs Kristmas Kaos! This year the fans will pick the matches! Enter to Win your Chance to pick a Match at All Pro Wrestling’s Kristmas Kaos! Purchase your chance now to pick a match at All Pro Wrestling’s Kristmas Kaos.

There is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase!  Each ticket is $2.00.

Click here for a Chance to Pick a Match!


December 1, 2007, 7 PM

Kristmas Kaos

21063Cabot Ave., Suite 1, Hayward, CA 94545

Phone: 510-785-8369,



JANUARY , 2008 

CROYDON Fairfield Halls  0208 6889291  Sat 5th at 5pm 

STOCKPORT Plaza Theatre  0161 477 7779 Sat 12th 

NORTHAMPTON Lings Forum  01604 837300  Sat 19th 

DARTFORD Orchard Theatre  01322 220000 Sun 20th at 3pm 

YORK Grand Opera House  0870 6063595  Fri 25th 

TUNBRIDGE WELLS  The Assembly Halls Theatre  01892 530613  Fri 25th 

BIRKENHEAD Pacific Road  0151 647 0752 Sat 26th 

HANLEY Victoria Hall  0870 0606649 Sat 26th 

SOUTHEND Cliffs Pavilion  01702 351135  Tues 29th 





Big Crowd saw the action Sat night as over 200 fan packed the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman Ar.

Opening match

Cugo vs JJ  -  Cujo by Pinfall

JJ made his debut in ASWF but came up on the losing end

A Battle Royal was our 2nd. match of the evening

We had alot of workers from other area it came down to Wild Bill & Cody Murdock former partner with Mr. X who get's into the action as well they beat the crap out of Cody before throwing him over the top rope

Your winner of the Battle Royal  Wild Bill

Johnny Harper come out and said that on Dec 1 a Triple Threat Number one Contender match

Casino Kid, Tim Hanson & Rodney Mack

3rd match Non-Title Tag Team action

The American Degenerates vs Acid & Scott Fury

very good match with Acid getting the pinfall over X-Kaliber

Lucky comes out with Brittney & does a mic spill about his brother and ask Brittney who side she on, but said she on his no matter who she want to come out with.

Feature match

Tag Team Action: San Francisco Treat & Mr. Olympia vs Tim Hanson & Casino Kid

another good match until Treat left Mr. Olympia who get pinned by Tim Hanson

Money Inc comes out and Big Money does a mic spill about the main event being a handicap match with Austin Lane, Justin Smart & Ray Ray

Big Money does say he'll give Rodney Mack & Ali Steven a 10 count  just as he hit 1 Chuck Fear music hit and chuck come out and he bring out Ali & Rodney and they except the 6 man match

Semi-Main Event Ladies Match: Jazz vs Nikki Lane

WOW these ladies went at it. great match.

Austin comes out to ringside and get involved in their match

Jazz does her finisher on Nikki but the referee is KO and Austin come in and get involved he put a move on Jazz & rolls Nikki over on Jazz, she kicks out at the last second Then Austin Returns and trys again but Jazz wiggs out and give Austin a Low Blow and send Austin into Nikki Lane and the does her Finsher on Nikki Lane for the Pinfall Win.

 Main Event: 6 man tag team Match: Street Fight

Austin Lane, Justin Smart, Ray Ray w/ Big Money vs Chuck Fears, Rodney Mack,  Ali Steven

This action was all over the building and wild Rodney pins Justin for the win

A great night of Action at the Valiant Arena



Royston, GA, on November 30 at the Royston Gym, with matches getting underway at 8:00 PM. Call (706) 680-3234 for more info.

Advertised: J.T. Talent versus Adrian Hawkins in a cage

Kyle Matthews & Jeremy Vain versus Shadow Jackson & a mystery partner

the Original Franchise versus Billy Buck & Chris King for the tag titles.




Sun, Nov. 25th, 2:30pm AWS/NWA Pro Wrestling

Sun, Dec. 16th, 2:30pm Christmas In A Steel CageACPW



December 1, 2007

The Northeast Community Center is located at 2840 Holme Ave. in Philadelphia, PA.

Doors open at 6pm for a meet and great with the ACPW superstars.

Bell time is 7pm, GA tickets are 15$ , Kids 13 and under are 10$, One kid free with a paying adult! There will be a special 5$ discount if you bring a toy for Toys for Tots!

ACPW presents the first ever Donn E. Allen Pride Cup Tournament! This will be an annual event.

This will be a 6 man tournament which will consist of 3 first round matches, and the winners will make it to a 3 way elimination final.

Competitors will be announced in the upcoming days.

A special challenge from a mystery opponent has been accepted by ACPW Heavyweight champion Kwame. We will find out who this challenger is on Saturday night.

Korpse will defend the ACPW Internet TV title against Breaker Morant. After defeated Korpse in Springfield in a non-title match, Breaker earned the right for this title shot.

Doyle Day will make his Philadelphia debut December 1st. ACPW has seen alot of great things from Day down at the ACPW Underground in Delaware, and Doyle Day is ready to take Philadelphia by storm!

ACPW Tag Team Champions Gemini & Patch defend the titles against the former champions The Gemini Trojans.

Also on the show will be Guilty Conscience (Shaheem & Lil Rob), Tyler Hyman Cloud aka THC, Cory Kastle, Franky Frizzo, Freaks of the Indsutry (Ian Cross & Big Buddha), Eric Enders, and many many more!

For more information dial 267-467-6687 or visit




There will be no show on November 24th. SCW will be closed for renovations, and will return on December 1st.


November 17th

History making night at SCW

The return of the Dysfunctional Family

First time in SCW history all titles change hands in one night

SCW sees it's first black Supreme Champion

Custom Made beat The Dysfunctional Family by DQ when, before he passed out in Ricky's Crossface Chicken wing, Draven managed to stuff a chain in Ruckus' wrestling gear. The referee called the DF the winners, but he reversed his decision when he found the chain.

Prime Time Outlaws beat The Jones Brothers by pinfall.

Insane Wayne vs. The Amazing Pooky. The match ended in a double DQ when the wrestlers pummeled each other with a rubber chicken.

In a double title match Custom Made and Damien Divine defeated Chaos Theory and Ricky Ruckus. Custom made used a Belly to back suplex/neck breaker combination move to pin Karma. Damien Divine became the New Mid American Champion and Custom Made became the New tag Champs.

In a SUPREME Title Match, Apollo defeated Supreme Champion Billy Maverick following a Full Nelson Slam after Damien Divine attacked Maverick. Then after the match Damien attacked Apollo. Maverick joined forces with the new champion to fight off Damien. Mr. 812 fired Billy, and Billy dragged him into the ring and hit him with the Peacemaker. By winning the Supreme Title Apollo will be forced to forfeit the TV Title.








11/19 – Domo de la Feria de Leon (TV taping)

1. The Night Queens (Jesse/Nygma/Polvo de Estrellas/Yuriko) beat El Angel/El Gato Eveready/Cassandro/Pimpinela Escarlata

2. Gran y Mari Apache/Ayako Hamada defeated Billy Boy/Estrellita/Fabi Apache

3. Los Guapos VIP (Decnis/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido) beat Alan Stone/Intocable/Super Calo – Everyone in this bled.

4. 3 Way Dance: Crazy Boy & Joe Lider defeated Extreme Tiger & Halloween and Electroshock & Sean Waltman with help from Charly Manson & Chessman

5. La Secta del Mesias (Cuervo/Escoria/Espiritu/Ozz) beat Elegido/Gronda II/La Parka Jr./Super Fly

6. Steel Cage Match: Cibernetico defeated El Mesias & Zorro

11/22 – Unidad Deportivo Agustin Millan de Toluca (TV taping)

1. Mega/Toxico/X-Fly beat Aero Star/Metal Boy/Super AAA

2. Barba Roja/Hijo del Pirata Morgan/Pirata Morgan Jr. defeated Los Diabolicos (Angel Mortal/Mr. Condor/Gallego) by DQ due to excessive violence.

3. Mr. Niebla/La Diabolica/Ayako Hamada beat Billy Boy/Fabi y Mari Apache – Mari subbed for Cinthia Moreno who is injured and worked fine with Fabi until an accidental kick.

4. Alan Stone/Intocable/Super Calo defeated Los Guapos VIP (Decnis/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido)

5. 3 Way Dance: Charly Manson & Cibernetico beat El Mesias & La Parka Jr. and Electroshock & Zorro when Chessman sprayed mist in Zorro’s face. Mesias was Parka’s surprise partner although it took time for him to participate.




November 23, 2007

Glen Osborne is the new ACW World Champion

ACW made its debut at the Smokestown Fire Company on Black Friday in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Two Championships were decided as Glen Osborne defeated Kage to become the new ACW World Champion. Shatter and 'Sick' Rick Havoc became the first ACW World Tag Team Champions by defeating Louis G. Rich and Kitt.

In other matches, ACW Welterweight Champion Trixter defeated Julio Dinero by DQ to retain his title. BWO World Champion Rockin' Rebel defeated I.B. Green and the Patriot downed Bill Bain.

Vince Bono over Crono Chris

Arkham wrestled Dark Angel to a double DQ

Alan Cross over Massive Mike with the help of Ashley Nicely

Twisted Tated defeated Boyboy and Joey Manson in a three-way match

Frank the Tank, Pretty Fly 4 A White Guy, and Code Red defeated Mikey X, Rebecca Payne, and Johnny K. Mondo.


Atomic Championship Wrestling returns to Smokestown, PA(right outside of denver) on Saturday night, December 29, 2007 at the Smokestown Fire Hall, 860 Smokestown Rd Denver Pa 17517.

We got 125 tickets to sell, with $12.00 General Admission and $15.00 Front Row

Already Signed

ACW World Champion

The Mad Man From the Bad Lands " Glen Osbourne Vs Former WWF Star The Patriot

ACW Tag Team Champions: Shatter and Rick Havoc Vs IB GREEN and Big Poppa Chill

Boy Boy Vs Joey Manson

ACW Welterweight Champion: Trixter Vs Alan Cross

Bill Bain Vs Eric Cooper

BWO World Champion Rockin Rebel Vs Louis G Rich

Gi Bear Vs Evan Nemo

Massive Mike and Mikey X Vs Pretty Fly and Frank the Tank For the No. 1 Contender Spot

To Crown the First Ever ACW National Heavyweight Champion

Twisted Tate Vs Arkham

Also appearing Saturday night will be refereess Dan Marx and Tonya, The ECW Hat Guy, Sinner ,Vince Bono and many many more. Oh, by the way Smokestown, brace yourselves because Heavy D is coming back as well!

For information, go to today.



Wrestlefest 2 will take place on Friday 30th November!!

At the Arthur Wren Community Hall - Stuart Ave Hampton Park.

Adults $15 Kids $10 Family $45

Matches Yet to be Announced!!

featuring Carlo Canno, Matt Silva, D-Volt, Trent Brash, Kennedy, Kendrick, Krackerjack and many more

Book Your Tickets NOW!!!!!!

0423 490 194 or 5995 2721 or





When: Saturday 1st December 2007 - 7.00pm Belltime

Where: Minto Indoor Sports Centre, Redfern Road, Minto, NSW

Tickets: Gold 1st Row $50, Silver $25, Bronze $15

Tickets available by Pre-Purchasing via PayPal on AWF Website, or at the door on the night if not sold out.

Show Info: The AWF will deliver 2hrs plus of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.


When: Sunday 2nd December 2007 - 6.00pm Belltime

Where: Central Coast Youth Club, Washington Avenue, Niagara Park, NSW

Tickets: Gold 1st Row $50, Silver $25, Bronze $15

Tickets available by Pre-Purchasing via PayPal on AWF Website, or at the door on the night if not sold out

Show Info: The AWF will deliver 2hrs plus of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.

Visit or call 0410 691 377




November 17, 2007

Madison, Indiana

"Custom Made" (Eric Draven and Nic Noble) won by DQ over "The Dysfunctional Family" (Ricky Ruckus and John Stratlin)

"Prime Time Outlaws" (Roger Blade and Chuck McRoberts) won by pin over The Jones Brothers

Insane Wayne and The Amazing Pooky fought to a double disqualification

SCW Tag Team Titles and SCW Mid-American Title were on the line when Eric Draven, Nic Noble and Damien Divine won by pin over Chris Blayze, Karma and Rickey Ruckus which means the NEW Supreme Tag Team Champions are "Custom Made" (Eric Draven and Nic Noble) and the NEW Supreme Mid-American Champion is Damien Divine

Apollo won by pin over Billy Maverick to become the NEW SCW Heavyweight Champion




November 24, 2007- BWO “Thanksgiving Thunder”

Top Gun Wrestling Academy, Phoenixville, PA

Pelle Primeau/Antonio Blanca over American Nightmare. Post match American

Nightmare beat on Primeau and instead of helping him, his partner Blanca joined

in. This caused Pelle to call for a match between the tag partners next show.

No DQ Match: Salvation 2K7 over Hard Candy

Sick Rick Havoc/Mikey X over Frank the Tank/Pretty Fly 4 A White Guy.

Interstate Title Match: Kid Kaos retained his title over Blahdeggo

Heavyweight Title Match:

Rockin Rebel retained the title over Eric Cooper (with Jaden and Sensational

1) by DQ. Pelle Primeau and All Star Lou in for the save.

Autumn Breeze over G. I. Bear and Boy Boy by DQ

Twisted Tate/Louis Rich/Jason Gotti/Alan Cross over Killer Kramer/Rebecca

Payne/Massive Mike/Kryptic

Wifebeater over Angel of Death and All Star Lou


Next show December 8th at 8:00.





Black Diamond Wrestling returns to the Nelson Jordan Center in Wheeling, WV LIVE Sunday, December 9th! Join us for BDW's final event of 2007, as Johnny Matthews' Team Matthews collides with Rikk Diamond's Team BDW in a "Winter Warzone" Elimination Match! Check out the




Blood, Sweat and Ears: Xtreme Xmas

Sunday, December 9th, 2007 - Showtime at 4pm

Raxx Entertainment Complex - Brampton, ON





BWO Southern State presents... Gold Rush '07 !!!

In Conjunction with BODYSLAM Wrestling Organization & Squared Circle Entertainment:

Gold Rush '07, Friday November 30th, 2007

Hightstown American Legion Post 148, 895 Route 130 North, Hightstown, New Jersey 08520

Doors Open @ 7:30 PM, Bell-time @ 8:00 PM

ALL Tickets are only $10!

All Proceeds to benefit kids who are in need at the holidays

Tickets are available now by emailing!

BODYSLAM Wrestling Organization Southern State will return to the Hightstown American Legion on Friday Night November 30th, 2007! The event just happens to be named Gold Rush, because on this night we will crown not one, but TWO new Champions!


* A one night, four man tournament will take place to cap the evening off with one man walking out with the most prestigious title in all of BWO Southern State! There will be two first round matches in the first half of the show, with the respective winners then going onto battle in the Main Event of the evening with the winner being crowned Champion! To make it even more interesting, the four men will not know who their first round opponents are until that night!

The Four men are as follows:

- "Dirty" Don Montoya!

- "Latin Terror" Anhell Gonzales!

- Independent Sensation, Reckless Youth!

- Hightstown's Own, "Modern Day Enforcer" Eric Cooper!

These four men battled it out in an epic tag team match to end BWO Southern State's well-acclaimed debut show! Now these four men will go into Gold Rush not knowing who their opponents will be! It could be partner versus partner! These four men will pull out all the stops, and do whatever is neccessary to make history and become the first Southern State Heavyweight Champion!


* BWO Southern State officials have also added a second title, known as The BWO Southern State Phoenix Championship. How is the Phoenix division going to be different from the rest? Very Simple.

Here is a small list of rules that the Phoenix Division will follow:

- 15 minute time Limit for _ALL_ Phoenix Championship & Phoenix division matches!

- If a winner is not decided in that 15 minutes, then there will be a 1 minute rest period, followed by a 5 minute sudden death round. If there is not a winner in that sudden death period, the match will then be declared a draw!

- The Phoenix Championship and Phoenix Division matches will not be decided based on Disqualification and/or Count-outs. It will be decided based on Pin-fall/Submission/Knock-out/Referee's stoppage!

The Phoenix division is going to bring the pire wrestling aspect that Professional Wrestling is most known for. The Phoenix Championship will be crowned in an Elimination Style Fatal Four Way. It is not known who the fourth man will be, but officials did release the first

three names:

- "Canadian Shooter" Tommy Force w/ JADEN

- Vinny The Fixxer

- Draven Blaze

All three men were victorious at the debut show, and all want to leave Gold Rush as the first Phoenix Champion. You can not forget that one X-Factor, as the fourth man has still yet to be announced! Officials are still trying to pick the fourth man, and have decided that it will not be announced and decided until that night!


* BWO Southern State officials just got off the phone with the arrogant and cocky Sensational One (S-1) and he had some very choice words to say for The Rockin' Rebel. S-1 has stated that he will go out at any point in the show, whenever he feels ready to, and he will stand in the middle of the ring and call out The Rockin' Rebel! Rebel is known for never backing down from a fight, and this night shouldn't be any different.


* BWO Southern State Officials wanted to also take it to the air on this evening and have gone out and signed another four way dance. This one however has different rules:

- One fall to a finish

- Like in prior Four-ways, NO TAGS WILL BE NECCESSARY!

This match promises to be high-flying and extremely action packed! Also whoever wins this match will be in a definite line for a future BWO Southern State Phoenix title shot! The four men in this match will be:

"Puerto Rican Prodigy" Chrono Chris versus "Pretty Boy" Eric Hiller versus "CK" Corey Kastle

versus Kekoa 'The Flyin Hawaiian'



*Reminder: First Round matches to be decided that evening!*

"Dirty" Don Montoya

"Latin Terror" Anhell Gonzales

Reckless Youth

Hightstown's Own "Modern Day Enforcer" Eric Cooper


"Canadian Shooter" Tommy Force w/ JADEN versus Vinny The Fixxer versus Draven Blaze

versus ??????????


"Your Hero & Role Model" Steve Off versus "Lone Wolf" Evan Myers


"Puerto Rican Prodigy" Chrono Chris versus "Pretty Boy" Eric Hiller versus Corey Kastle

versus Kekoa "The Flyin' Hawaiin"


The Sensational One (R-1) versusThe Rockin' Rebel


- Richie Rotten & Chaos have promised that they will make their presence felt!

- BWO World Champion Section 8 will be in action! If he is able to hold onto his BWO World Heavyweight Title on Friday November 16th @ Garfield High School, he will put the belt on the line in Hightstown!

- "Dangerous" Danny Danger will continue his open challenge series! Who will answer it on this night?

- "Da Remix of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele will also be on hand! Last time we saw an angry Vince Steele leave Mike Notar for dead! What are his plans this time?

*Card Subject to Change*

For more info/tickets/directions e-mail




Vendetta November 10th 2007

*El Americano defeated Denver Street via knockout.

*Teddy Fine defeated Greg Spitz in their debut matches.

*TLD lost to Kid America after the Old School Expulsion.

*Kobane defeated Super Sweet and Vince Vertigo but lost the Hardcore title to The Beast in a gauntlet match.

*Ricky Landell defeated Tommy Thunda in his debut match.

*Steve Corino retained his North American title against Jihad.

*GPS beat Reiko DMF to retain the World title in the third match in their trilogy.


December 8th 2007, PlayBall Sports, 712 Ginesi Drive, Morganville New Jersey

The card is already beginning to develop for B4W's next event, Snowed In. Below are the matches and talent announced for the card.

North American title SUBMISSION match: Jihad Vs Steve Corino

After their Vendetta match, Corino was viciously attacked by Jihad. That match was supposed to be Corino's final appearance in B4W as he enters into retirement from pro wrestling. However, he demanded one more match and officials have granted the rematch. Jihad, knowing he was already at an advantage, decided to stack the odds even greater by refusing to compete unless B4W made it a Submissions match. Corino has agreed and it will all be on the line at Snowed In!

Tag Team title match: El Americano/Kid America Vs Inner Circle

At Aftermath in October, the Inner Circle used every trick in the book to defeat Kid America and El Americano to retain their Tag Team gold. At Vendetta El Americano and Kid America needed to defeat both Denver Street and TLD in singles match in order to gain their rematch. They did just that, and the match was signed for Snowed In. The United States Vs Canada is really heating up.

Plus more to be signed featuring Hardcore champion The Beast, Tommy Thunda, Ricky Landell, and World Champion GPS.



November 24, 2007 --  Decatur, Illinois

Chaz Wesson pinned Wayne Shocker

Paige Adams pinned Elektra Fine in a loser gets pied match

Hardcore KC pinned Shane Rich to become the first CPW Light Heavyweight Champ

Mississippi Madman beat Sage Ramsey by DQ

Issan Hadeev & Sean Vincent pinned Jason Lyte & Donovan Cain to become the first CPW Tag Champs

Ali Stevens beat Cameron Cage by KO to become the first CPW Heavyweight Champ





November 17, 2007- Keyser, WV


Hardcore Match: Switchblade pinned Blood in 5:41.

Griffen & Hyjinx defeated Damage Inc. in 13:05 when Hyjinx pinned Big Nasty to capture the CPW Tag Team Titles.

Jake Davis pinned Keemo the Samoan in 0:38.

Deuce Donatelli pinned Bill Bain in 7:57.

Brian Johnson pinned Psycrotes in 5:43

Bobby Shields pinned Jimmy Jessup in 12:25.



Saturday, January 19, 2008, Site To Be Announced, 7:30 PM Bell Time

CPW ushers in the start of a brand new year! and much more!


February, 2008, Romney Middle School, Romney, WV - 7:30 PM Bell Time

It's the 2008 Bunkhouse Brawl Battle Royal!

CPW Ticket Outlets

DJ's Out Back Tavern, 410 West Piedmont Street, Keyser

Good As New, 52 Armstrong Street, Keyser

This and That Varietys, 128 N. Main Street, Moorefield

Video Magic, 315 S. Main Street, Moorefield 




Lowell on Friday, November 2nd!

Big Rick Fuller (w/ Fred "Bonecrusher" Sampson) defeated Max Bauer (w/ Cherry Payne)

"Lost Soul" Scott Reed defeated Brandon Locke

CW Tag Team Champions The Blowout Boys (Danny E. & Tommy T., w/ Lexxus) defeated Kid Mikaze & Kung Fu Psycho

Maverick Wild (w/ Dr. Heresy) defeated Fred "Bonecrusher" Sampson (w/ Big Rick Fuller)

Nikki Roxx defeated Lexxus and "Portuguese Princess" Ariel in a Women's Triple Threat Match

"Straight Edge" Brian Fury defeated Matt Logan

Handsome Johnny defeated Chase Del Monte

CW Heavyweight Champion Bryan Logan defeated CW New England Champion "Golden Greek" Alex Arion (w/ Cherry Payne)


Friday, November 30, 2007 - Derry, New Hampshire

Veterans Memorial Hall, 31 West Broadway, Derry, NH

Doors open at 7:15PM, Show Starts at 8:00PM

Friday, December 14, 2007 - Lowell, Massachusetts

Polish American Veterans Club, 200 Coburn Street, Lowell, MA

Doors open at 7:15PM, Show Starts at 8:00PM



Lince Dorado suffered a concussion during a grueling Chikara match!  Go to the official Chikara site for updates on his condition and to see how you can help Lince with medical bills.

BEST OF CHIKARA DVD!  Haven’t seen it?  See this site’s review! Best of Chikara is a must see DVD! Don’t believe us?  Go to the official Chikara site and get a look at Chikara wrestling via the podcasts.


NOVEMBER 18th @ ECW Arena/New Alhambra

(Philadelphia, PA)

1. F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma & Chuck Taylor & Icarus) handily defeated Tim Donst, after he was deserted by Los Ice Creams in mid-match.

2. Robbie Ellis pinned Hydra following a Burning Hammer.

3. The Colony defeated the trio of Shane Storm & Super Smash Bros.

4. Tex-Arkana Title Match: Bryan Alvarez won the belt from Larry Sweeney.

5. Delirious & Cheech & Cloudy were victorious over MIYAWAKI & Passion Hasegawa & Pantera when Delirious pinned Hasegawa.

6. Mike Quackenbush & Helios & Trik Davis defeated Shayne Hawke & The Osirian Portal (Ophidian & Amasis) when Helios pinned Amasis.

7. Falls Count Anywhere: Eddie Kingston used his backfist to pin Hallowicked.

8. Lucha de Apuesta: Lince Dorado defended his mask and won the hair of Mitch Ryder following a Shooting Star Senton. Dorado, seriously injured in the final moments of the match, was taken to nearby Jefferson Hospital, where he was examined and released about 2 hours later. He is in good spirits and recovering at the moment from his concussion. Due to the circumstances following his injury, we decided it was inappropriate for the event to continue, and the evening's final match will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

NOVEMBER 17th @ American Legion Hall

(Hellertown, PA)

In Pre-Show action Lance Steel made Retail Dragon tap out to the Boston Crab.

1. Soldier Ant pinned Shayne Hawke following a TKO.

2. Shane Storm defeated Hydra via pinfall.

3. Ophidian & Amasis were victorious over Lince Dorado & Pantera thanks to the interference of Mitch Ryder.

4. Chuck Taylor used his Omega Driver to defeat Passion Hasegawa.

5. Claudio Castagnoli pinned MIYAWAKI.

6. Mitch Ryder & Robbie Ellis & Gran Akuma & Icarus defeated the quartet of Mike Quackenbush & Tim Donst & Player Uno & Stupified

when Ryder pinned Uno.

7. Young Lions Cup Match: Helios retained his cup over Fire Ant.

8. Lucha de Apuesta: Chris Hero defended his hair and won the mask of Equinox via CHIKARA Special.

9. Campeonatos de Parejas Match: Incoherence retained the belts over Cheech & Cloudy, two falls to one.

NOVEMBER 16th @ The Riverside

(Reading, PA)

1. Mike Quackenbush & The Colony defeated

The Orisian Portal & F.I.S.T. when Fire Ant delivered the Beach Break to Ophidian.

2. Chuck Taylor prevailed over Shane Storm.

3. Sara Del Rey beat Portia Perez.

4. Brodie Lee pinned Passion Hasegawa.

5. Lince Dorado & Pantera defeated the The Olsen Twins to pick up their 3rd point.

6. MIYAWAKI beat UltraMantis Black.

7. Mitch Ryder & Robbie Ellis & Larry Sweeney were victorious over the trio Jigsaw & Los Ice Creams when Ryder pinned Ice Cream, Jr. following a Piledriver.

8. Claudio Castagnoli & Equinox defeated the duo of Shayne Hawke & Chris Hero when Equinox pinned Hero.

9. Young Lions Cup Match: Helios retained the Cup over


10. Incoherence & Tim Donst won the main event match over Eddie Kingston & Sabian & Joker when Donst pinned Kingston.


"Stephen Colbert > Bill O'Reilly"

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Penn State Main Campus - Alumni Hall

129 HUB-Robeson Center    State College, PA 16802


Let's Try This Again!

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero

First Time Ever!

Tim Donst vs. Mitch Ryder

Wacky Trios Goodness!

The Colony vs. The Order of the Solar Temple

Doors open at 3:30 pm! Bell at 4:00 pm!

Admission is FREE! Ya can't beat that!



November 17, 2007


Spiderman defeated Kris Korvis

Shomari defeated PJ Flowers

Shomari defeated Commissioner Tim

Big Chuck Wagon defeated Margera

Jack Thriller defeated Gutter

Conrad Kennedy III defeated "Explicit" Xavier Justice, 2 falls to 1, to retain the CIW United States Title in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

and Nitro & The Warrior defeated Pat Tanaka & Shomari & CIW World Heavyweight Champion Dave DuPonte in a 3 on 2 handicap match




Combat Zone Wrestling Presents Cage of Death IX on Saturday night, December 8th at the ECW Arena.

Combat Zone Wrestling will hold its third annual Toys for Tots collection at the show. CZW is asking fans to bring an new, unwrapped toy to the show and drop it in the boxes at the front door of the ECW Arena.


TEAM CZW - "The Psycho Shooter" Drake Younger, Danny Havoc, The Necro Butcher, & "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein vs. THE MBA - Ultraviolent Underground Champion Brain Damage, "The Lariat" DJ Hyde, Scotty Vortekz, & "Diehard" Dustin Lee


"The Black Jesus" Sabian vs. "The Missionary of Violence" LuFisto


The Miracle Ultraviolence Connection of Brodie Lee, Cheech, & Cloudy vs. Team AnDrew - Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak and the in-ring return of Nate Hatred


"The One Man Army" Lobo vs. Maven T. Bentley, Esq.


Derek Frazier and Niles Young (with Noel Harlow) defend their titles against Danny Demanto and Jon Dahmer

Tickets: CZW Tickets are: Front row SOLD OUT/second row $35/third row $30/$25 General Admission.

You can order your tickets online CZW's online ticket site.




Romero Contreras def. Pork Chop

Blake Albright def. Tim Rockwell

Tag Team Champion Sudden Impact 1 def. Michael York (w/ Shadow of Death)

Canadian Luchadore (w/ Shadow of Death) def. Tag Team Champion Sudden Impact 2

ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion Bernard Funk def. Cold Blooded Chris

Shane Morbid (w/ Boss Campbell) def. El Super Colibri, earning him the right to enter last in the Oklahoma Stampede.


Romero Contreras def. Jesus Rodriguez

Shane Morbid (w/ Boss Campbell) def. Pork Chop

El Super Colibiri def. Tag Team Champion Sudden Impact 2

Tag Team Champion Sudden Impact 1 def. The Canadian Red Devil

Blake Albright def. The Candian Luchadore (w/ The Shadow of Death)

Tim Rockwell def. Michael York (w/ The Shadow of Death)

Romero Contreras won a 16-man Oklahoma Stampede, earning a shot at the COMPOUND Title






11/18 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara

1. Depredador/Exterminador/Valentin Mayo beat El Gallo/Lider/Mach-1 after Mach turned on his partners.

2. Torneo Cibernetico por la Copa Diablo Velasco – Atlantis eliminated Sagrado to win. Order of Elimination: Asesino Negro/Malefico/Satanico/Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Universo Dos Mil/Toxico/Emilio Charles Jr./Sagrado

3. L.A. Par-K & Super Parka defeated Mr. Aguila & Damian 666 when Par-K fouled Damian behind the ref’s back.

11/19 – Arena Puebla

1. Espiritu Maligno & Karissma beat Blue Center & King Jaguar

2. Centella de Oro/The Tiger/Tigre Rojo defeated Furia Chicana/Mr. Rafaga/Siki Osama

3. Pequeno Damian 666/Pequeno Halloween/Pierrothito beat Mascarita Dorada/Shockercito/Tzuki

4. La Triada del Terror (Averno/Ephesto/Mephisto) defeated Sagrado/La Sombra/Volador Jr. – Triada wanted a shot at the Mexican National Trios Titles after the match.

5. Marco Corleone/Mistico/Rey Bucanero beat Los Guerreros del Atlantida (Atlantis/Black Warrior/Toscano)

11/20 – Arena Mexico

1. Fire & Pequeno Violencia beat Electrico & Mini Fantasy

2. Luna Magica/Marcela/Princesa Blanca defeated La Nazi/Raven Hiroka/Mima Shimoda

3. Metalico/Mictlan/Tigre Blanco beat Diamante Negro Jr./Escandalo/Nitro – Escandalo was stretchered out.

4. CMLL Minis Title: Pequeno Damian 666 defeated Pequeno Olimpico to win the title.

5. Felino/La Sombra/Stuka Jr. beat Hijo del Texano/Misterioso II/Hajime Ohara – Sombra pinned Ohara again and challenged for a shot at the NWA Welterweight Title again.

6. Los Guerreros del Atlantida (Atlantis/Olimpico/Ultimo Guerrero) defeated Blue Panther/Alex Koslov/Negro Casas

EMLL 11/23 – Arena Mexico

1. Astro Boy & Super Nova beat Caligula & Messala

2. Amapola/Medusa/Princesa Sugei defeated Dark Angel/Lady Apache/Marcela

3. La Mascara/Mascara Purpura/La Sombra beat Ephesto/Misterioso II/Sangre Azteca

4. Perro Aguayo Jr./Los Villanos IV y V defeated Dos Caras Jr./Marco Corleone/Volador Jr. when Perrito fouled Dos behind the ref’s back.

5. Averno/Black Warrior/Toscano beat Mistico/Rey Bucanero

EMLL 11/25 – Arena Coliseo (Last show here until construction is finished)

1. Sombra de Plata & Trueno beat Artillero & Super Comando

2. Lady Apache/Marcela/Princesa Blanca defeated Amapola/Rosa Negra/La Seductora – Apache challenged Amapola to a shot at her CMLL Femenil Title after the match.

3. Fabian el Gitano/Leono/Mictlan beat Apocalipsis/Mr. Mexico/Nosferatu – Mictlan suffered a broken clavicle and is out 6 weeks.

4. Los Villanos (III/IV/V) defeated Alex Koslov/Sagrado/Volador Jr.

5. Blue Panther/Marco Corleone/Rey Bucanero beat Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero/Virus



Sunday December 2nd 2007 - TV Taping

Saturday December 15th 2007 - DPW Presents: DARK TIDINGS



Darien, GA, on November 24:

Jay Stevens over Ugly Kid Joe & the Unknown Artist

Ryan Savage over the Dirty Player

Sage over C.J. & Sebastian Troy

Fear over Ash Kristansen

Night Train & the Ghetto Superstar over E-Dogg & Camo

Dallas Riley over Lance Alonte & Johnny Romano in a ladder match

Morbid Angel over T-Money

Cameron LaRue over Teddy Baddstreet.





Friday, November 30th, 7:30pm Bell time

Wayne P.A.L. Building, 1 P.A.L. Drive, Wayne, NJ


War Games Match (2 Rings inside 1 Cell) Team ECPW vs. Team Black Hand

Jimmy Snuka vs. Salvatore Sincere

ECPW Heavyweight Title Match: Mike Reed (c) vs. Paul E. Normous

Flag Match: The Patriot vs. Big Dan

ECPW TV Title Match: Jersey Devil (c) vs Crowbar

ECPW Tag Team Title Match: The Repeat Offenders (c) vs. Jay Santana & X-Dogg

ECPW Light Hvy. Title Match: Abunai (c) vs. Mario Zuto

Gauntlet Match: Jeff Coleman vs. The Army of Darkness

Creeper vs. Mark Smart

2 ring 30-man Battle Royal: 15 Superstars from Adrenaline & 15 Superstars from Showcase



$25 - Golden Ringside, $20 - Ringside, $15 - General Admission

Available at:

Wayne P.A.L., 1 P.A.L. Drive, Wayne, NJ

Bagel Stop, 570 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ

Super Mart, 96 Mountain View Blvd., Wayne, NJ

Universal Sporting Goods, Pequannock, NJ

Tickets available online:





November 10, 2007, Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club, Newark, Delaware

Super 8 Official Opening Ceremony

Ace Darling (Super 8 1997) & Andrew Ryker (Super 8 2005) were introduced.

The following Super 8 Competitors were introduced and came to the ring.

Billy Bax, Brian Fury, Matt Logan, Human Tornado, Rob Conway, Rob Eckos, Sonjay Dutt

Jerry Lynn

ECWA Super 8 Tournament Opening Rounds

Rob Eckos defeated Billy Bax

Matt Logan defeated Rob Conway

Jerry Lynn defeated Brian Fury

Sonjay Dutt defeated Human Tornado by submission

ECWA Super 8 Tournament Semi-Final Rounds

Sonay Dutt pinned Rob Eckos

Jerry Lynn pinned Matt Logan

Prince Nana won the Annual ECWA Summit Royal Rumble.

ECWA Super 8 Tournament Finals

Jerry Lynn defeated Sonjay Dutt to become the 2008 ECW Super 8 Champion


Saturday evening, December 1, 2007

Greater Newark Boys' & Girls' Club, 109 Glasgow Drive, Rt. 40 & #1 Positive Place, Newark, DE 19702, Doors open: 6:30 p.m., Showtime: 7:30 p.m.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW ! For info and reserved seating call (302) 325-1592 or e-mail at: 




Saturday night 11/24/07, Westerly Armory, Westerly, Rhode Island

Benefit event for the Westerly Armory Restoration Fund.

Ring Announcer: Shawn O'Vincent

Referees: Dan Tanaka and Amber Rae

Timekeeper: Danny Ricardo

1. Simultensity (Ian Conley & "The Giant" Rob Aruajo) over Lukas Sharp & Jason Snyper.

2. The 330 pound monster Congo (with Marshall McNeil) over Nick Westgate in possible record time. Nick started off with the upper hand, but Congo battled back very quickly.

3. "Trouble Walkin" Thom Kane over The Elite's Anthony Pacitto (with Marshall McNeil) in a Chokeslam Challenge. Pacitto was taking the place of "The Egomaniac" Johnny Idol for this evening. Pacitto claimed that Thom was nowhere to be found and was scared to compete in the match. However, Thom ran into the Armory from the back door, attacked Pacitto, and finished him off with a chokeslam.

4. "Nightmare" Nick Steel over "Switchblade" Shane Sharpe by submission.

5. Steven "The Turtle" Weiner over The Main Event by submission. After the match, Steven said he wants to cash in on his shot at any EPW championship that he earned in Seekonk over the summer. He wants his chance at the Television Championship at their next Westerly event in February 2008.

6. In a championship match, Television Champ "Bad Karma" Christian Angers (with Marshall McNeil) and "Chocolate Sapphire" Rocco Abruzzi battled to a time limit draw (Angers retained the championship).

7. Chunky But Funky (Sonny Goodspeed & D.J. Baron) over The Winter Hill Gang (Clip O'Reilly & Sid Reeves) to become the new Tag Team Champions. The championship had been declared vacant, and these two teams were the top contenders. Clip left the ring a bloody mess with a pretty large gash on his forehead.

8. Dan Freitas, Ray Diamond, Owen Graichen, & "The Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr. over Heavyweight Champ Brutal Bob Evans, "Revolution" Chris Venom, & The Winter Hill Gang (Clip O'Reilly & Sid Reeves) in an 8-man War Games-style steel cage match. At one point, the 330 pound monster Congo forced his way into the cage, squashed Dan Freitas, and dragged him out of the cage. Dan had to be helped to the locker room by Amber Rae. Owen and Bob were the last two in the ring, and Owen gained a pinfall victory. Owen was so confident after the win, he challenged Bob to a Heavyweight Championship match on their next Westerly event in February 2008. Fred was very supportive of his tag team partner and fellow Westerly native.


EPW's next event is scheduled for November 30 at the American Legion in White

River Junction, Vermont.




COLD FURY '07 Lineup

December 2, 2007, Doors open at 6pm

Arbutus Volunteer Fire Hall, 5200 Southwestern Blvd., Arbutus, MD 21227 443-858-2755


Derek Frazier & Niles Young w/ Noel Harlow vs Dj Hyde & Core

If Hyde or Core pin Frazier, they will get an EWA Heavyweight Ttitle Shot in January

If Hyde or Core pin Young, they will get 5 minutes alone in the ring with Noel immediately after the match

EWA Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak will defend his title vs Ray Alexander

No Time Limit Rematch

EWA Tag Team Champions The Rehoboth Beach Crew will defend against Teddy Stigma & Ryan McBride

Goldthumb vs Darth X

"The Best Around" TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell vs Alex Lunar & Steve Diaz


Champ Champagne

Greg Excellence

Tim Donst

CALL 443-858-2755 for directions or to reserve your tickets

Call Now to reserve tickets! We will be accepting ticket reservations over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Ringsides are $15.00 and General Admission are $12.00

Please call us at 443-858-2755 to reserve your tickets.

Directions to Arbutus Fire Hall

If you need directions to the Arbutus Fire Hall, please call us at 443-858-2755 or call the Fire Hall directly at (410) 242-6601 or (410) 887-1471



1/05/08, Steger, IL, The VFW Hall

2/02/08, Oak Forest, IL, Oak Forest Park District

3/08/08, Oak Forest, IL, Oak Forest Park District




Sunday, December 9, 2007 Covina, CA Knights Of Columbus

Saturday, December 15, 2007 San Bernardino, CA 

Friday, December 21, 2007 Covina, CA Knights Of Columbus




Company: Extreme 2 Wrestling, Date: Friday 23rd November 200, Time: 7:30pm

Attendance: 27 (Including Spud and Dave Moralez)

Price: £5, Location: Quarry Bank Community Centre, Sheffield Street, Quarry Bank, West Midlands DY5 2AA.  Posted by Oliver Newman,

Kris Godsize welcomes the crowd to E2W.

“The Mad Man From Japan” Wedow Wonchow Vs Geraden (w/ Corri)

Lock up with Wonchow transitioning into the headlock on Geraden, Geraden reverses out and rakes Wonchow’s head on the ropes. Geraden follows up with a suplex on Wonchow as Corri distracts the referee handing Geraden the whip (she carried to the ring). Wonchow steals the whip and whips Corri’s ass and throws whip back at Geraden! Corri believes Geraden whipped her and chases him around the ring, Geraden runs into Wonchow who suplexes him and manages to get the 3 count. Match Time: 4 minutes Winner: “The Mad Man From Japan” Wedow Wonchow

My Thoughts: WOW! That was a blink and you might miss it match. Geraden showed he is more than a good wrestler, because of his working on a good character also. Wonchow was hilarious as was the match, nice sequence with who whipped Corri but a suplex ending a match made Geraden look pretty weak.

LGT vs. The Bouncer

LGT ducks out of The Bouncer’s lock up attempts, and heads to the back. The crowd breaks out with a chant of “Chicken” LGT barely makes it back to the ring before the 10 count (returning on 9). After breaking the count LGT takes a seat at ringside, Bouncer has seen enough and follows before throwing LGT back in. LGT punches Bouncer and then begs off as Bouncer looks to extract revenge. LGT was playing possum though and quickly throws Bouncer into the steel ring post. LGT stands on both of Bouncer’s hands, Bouncer returns with a low blow, knocking both men down as the fans clap. Bouncer follows up with a power slam and a leg drop for a two count, Bouncer kicks LGT square in the face! Before attempting the F-5, LGT skilfully reverses looking for a stunner but Bouncer rolls through into a pin for the 1, 2 and 3. Match Time: 11 minutes

Winner: The Bouncer

My Thoughts: That was a good match. LGT played the coward role well, and the fans were firmly behind The Bouncer with everything he did. This transpired into a good wrestling match as both men looked like they were one big move away from the win, in this case a skilful pin by The Bouncer ended the match.

3-Some (Dan Ryder/Danny Devine w/ Miss Ryder) vs. The Dutt-Lee Boyz (Nik Dutt/Chandler Scott Lee)

Ryder and Dutt lock up with Ryder easily able to push Dutt down, before tagging out to Devine whilst Dutt tags CSL. Devine puts an Apple in his mouth but drops it as the bigger CSL enters, CSL pushes Devine off after a lock up. Picking up the Apple before bowling it into both Devine and Ryders crotches! CSL Irish whips Devine and with a follow up splash Devine and Ryder end up a compromising position. The fans chant “3D, 3D” CSL hits Devine with an elbow drop. Ryder grabs CSL’s hair pulling him down to the mat. Ryder then attacks Dutt on the outside, Miss Ryder distracts CSL long enough for Devine to roll him up and with his feet on the ropes, manages to pick up the pinfall.

Post-Match: Dutt chases Ryder back into the ring and then he and CSL hit the 3D as the fans go crazy! Following up with one to Devine for good measure, Whaaaaaaaaatsup follows as the fans cheer. Match Time: 15 minutes Winner: 3-Some

My Thoughts: That was a good old school tag team match! What happens when you take two of the best wrestlers in the UK and give them good characters? MONEY for whichever promotion decide to book them of course, that is how I would sum up 3-Some. Dutt and Lee worked well as a team and 3-Some bring antics and good wrestling skill to any match they are in, this produced a good match which the E2W fans enjoyed.


Jay Icon (with Aphrodite) vs. ‘The Rock’ Ashton Maivia

Moralez fains throwing a cup of tea at Icon, Icon gets scared and cowers away. “Gay Icon” chant starts up, followed by a “She’s a he/she” chant directed at Aphrodite. Headlock by Icon, who quickly follows with punches, Ashton fights back with punches and a spit punch sends Icon over the top rope to the floor. Ashton follows and quickly whips Icon into the crowd, Icon returns by whipping Ashton into a wall! Ashton connects with a spine-buster before taking off his elbow pad for the people’s elbow, which he hits but can only get a two count. Ashton attempts a rock bottom but Icon cleverly reverses into a Stunner for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans chant “Gay Icon” and “She’s a crack whore”, LGT spits Beer in Icon’s face. Icon challenges LGT to go outside, LGT walks out the door. Icon changes his mind and walks to the back. The fans chant “Rocky” as Ashton returns to his feet. Match Time: 7 minutes Winner: Jay Icon

My Thoughts: That was a good match! Back and forth contest which could have gone either way, Ashton’s ‘Rock’ mannerisms were spot on and added a lot to the match, Icon put forth a good performance in his own right and with that combination, a good match transpired. The ending was much like that of Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock from Wrestlemania 15 and it worked well.

Tucker vs. Psycho

Duelling chants of “Psycho/Tucker” start this match, Tucker nips up after being knocked down by Psycho. Tucker shoulder blocks Psycho down and then they mirror each others moves with none of them connecting because they are being done at the same exact time! Stand off between the two competitors as the fans clap, Psycho follows up with a Power-slam. The two wrestlers then shake hands but Tucker uses this as opportunity to put Psycho in a headlock. Psycho connects with a suplex on Tucker but Tucker rolls through and almost steals the win (two count only), kick by Tucker who follows up with a springboard but Psycho expertly catches him in an arm-bar and somersaults over into a pin for the 1, 2 and 3. Match Time: 6 minutes Winner: Psycho

My Thoughts: Good back and forth match for the time allowed. Tucker plays the cocky but skilful wrestler well, Psycho had the hometown support and at times that allowed him to control the match. I have never seen a finish to a match like a somersault from an armbar into a pinfall, that was AMAZING!

Dr X vs. British Born Steele

Pre-match Dr X leaves and runs around the ring, before touching his toes. When the match seems scheduled to go ahead, BBS does the same as both men traded off warm up exercises.

Match: Lock up which BBS reverses out into a wristlock and then the two competitors trade wristlocks. BBS ends the sequence by dropkicking X and with a follow up DDT manages a two count. X rakes BBS’s eyes and kicks him in the head before quickly following up with a chop for a two count. X blocks the turnbuckle and connects with the dreaded stomp, BBS fights back with forearms and chops. A snap-mere follows with kicks to the chest of X. X tells the crowd that he has had enough of beating BBS’s ass and challenges him to a dance off! He hilariously asks for the music guy “Put some Michael Jackson on!” The crowd cheer for X and clap and cheer for BBS, as they are X attacks BBS from behind. A “B,B,B,B,B,S” chant starts up! BBS fights out with forearms as the fans clap, X returns with a knee to the face and a lariat for a close near fall. BBS regains his composure and from out of nowhere hits an RKO for the 1, 2 and 3.

Post-Match: The fans cheer and chant “BBS, BBS” and “One more match” X takes the microphone “This ring, same place, some time. BBS vs. Dr X 2” Match Time: 15 minutes

Winner: British Born Steele

My Thoughts: That was a good main event, and a good way to end the show! Dr X and BBS brought Comedy and good Wrestling to the main event of the evening, trading holds in the early going, before X’s cheating turned the match. The dance-off is always fun to see and added more hilarity to the match, the ending sequence was well done with both men mere seconds away from ending the match before BBS’s RKO did just that!

Overall Thoughts: Wonchow is as crazy as his name seems, Geraden is working on a good character. LGT and Bouncer wrestled a competitive match, 3-Some vs. Dutt-Lee Boyz was a good old school tag match. Icon vs. Ashton was a good comedy/wrestling match. Psycho vs. Tucker was good while it lasted with a wicked finish! Dr X vs. BBS was laugh out loud funny for the entire time it took place! A good match in its own right with great crowd interaction, dance-off and good wrestling. E2W does have it’s problems though, the ring was pretty much like a double sized bed! 20 people paying to watch a show is pretty ludicrous as well, pure Wrestling fans would have despised this show, causal Wrestling fans would have found another reason to laugh at Pro Wrestling but for the people looking for a good night out at a fun wrestling show this was superb and for entertainment I haven’t laughed so much being at a Wrestling show in my entire 16 years as a fan!

Match of the Night: Dr X vs. British Born Steele






NWA Pro Wrestling & Explosive Pro Wrestling proudly present RE-AWAKENING VI

Venville Rec Centre, Cnr 8th Ave and Guilford Rd, Maylands

Pre-Awakening Battle Royale - Winner : Jose Del Santo

NWA Tournament Qualifying Match - Damian Slater defeated AZ Vegara

3 Way Dance - Chris Vice defeated Mana &Richter

Grudge Match - Jack Burbank defeated Brad West

EPW Tag Team Championship Match - 4 Way Tables Match

The Fighting Hellfish defeated Azazal/Ferguson Block & The European Union & Dan Moore/Chase to become the new EPW Tag Team Champions

Devlin Reeves House of Pain Match - Spike Steele defeated Devlin Reeves

2 Out Of 3 Falls Match - Jimmy Payne defeated Davis Storm 2 falls to 1

EPW Championship Match - Shane Haste defeated Bobby Marshall to retain the EPW Championship

End of Year Awards

Rookie of the Year : Dan Moore

Most improved : Marcius Pitsonopolous

Event of the Year : Evolution

Match of the Year : Jimmy Payne vs Bobby Marshall Ladder Match

Wrestler of the Year : Shane Haste


Sean 'XPAC' Waltman Accepts Challenge to face Bryan Danielson in Perth!

Just days after NWA Pro announced that Bryan Danielson had been secured for their Australian Tour, an international star has stepped up to accept his open challenge.

On November 23rd 2007 at Challenge Stadium in Perth, Bryan Danielson will face off against former Degeneration X member, and WWE Superstar, Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman.

These two world class athletes will clash on the same evening that the very first NWA Pro Australian champion is crowned.

Both of these men will also be competing the following evening in Bunbury as the NWA continues its tour on Saturday November 24th at the South West Sports Centre.

Tickets are still available for this massive event through Ticketmaster.




11/24 - Live Event Update: 2 Cold Scorpio will no longer be appearing on this Saturday's show (12/1) due to scheduling conflicts.


November 24, 2007

A 10 bell salute sounded in honor of Independent wrestler "the Natural" Mike Lawson, who passed away this week.

* "The Southern Boys" Wildman Rogers & Hank Calhoun beat Damian Michaels & Destinee Payne

After the match, it was announced this was Hank Calhoun's last match in the EWF as he is moving to Colorado. The fans sent him off with a "thank you Hank" chant...

* Matt Cavins beat M.I.A.

* Bob beat Snake

After the match, Bob continued to beat down Snake and brought a chair into the ring. Snake escaped before Bob could use the weapon.

* Midwestern Title: Nate Phoenix (c) beat Craig Poling

* Hillbilly Jedd & Joey Owens beat "The Soul Shooters" Apollo Star & Drew Johnson

Diva Michelle came out and told the fans she had a special guest here tonight. Then familiar bagpipe music hit and out comes a man with his back facing the audience in a kilt and leather jacket... when he turned around it was General Lee with a wig on over his mask...

General Lee got in the ring and claimed it was his single right punch that brought Roddy Piper to his knees last week during Piper's Pit. Lee says that he heard that Piper left shortly after the match and didn't meet with the fans. General Lee went on to say he had to make public apology to Roddy Piper because he didn't realize that Piper was such a gentleman...

Lee then went on to say how Andy Santos interfered last week when he was beating on Piper and he would be taken care of.... Santos came out and jumped Lee again.

* Andy Santos beat General Lee after Diva Michelle tried to interfere and cost Lee the match

* EWF Title: Osyris beat Big Ric Cannon (c) by Count Out

After the match, Hurricane came out and said after talking with Commissioner Tony Angelo and knowing how Cannon is, and that he knows Cannon has some time before he has to defend the title again that Cannon will have to defend the belt against Osyris at SEASONS BEATINGS on December 29th!

And to make sure Cannon can't run again that he will have to defend his title inside a steel cage!


Saturday, December 1: Former WWE, ECW, WCW star 2 COLD SCORPIO. Tickets are $12 VIP Ringside, $10 General Admission. Kids 5 and under are free with paid adult. Order advance tickets online.

December 29: Seasons Beatings

Saturday, January 5, 2008: Former WWE, ECW, WCW star THE SANDMAN




FNW returns to the Butler Days Inn! Friday, January 18th, 2008

139 Pittsburgh Rd., Butler, PA 16001

Belltime: 8:00 PM, Ringside Tickets: $15.00

General Admission: $13.00, Kids Under 10: $8.00





Check back for more information on this huge live event!

For ticket information, e-mail Tanya at




Event Name FCW's To The Point

Location Patriots Park

Bell Time 7:00 PM

Date 11/17/2007

FCW Rage

The show started off with Jeremy Cruz claiming that he did not cheat in his match against Stud McCoy last week at Rage.  Stud came down and challenged him to a rematch, which Stud won in 2 minutes... By using the ropes!  Cruz demanded a rematch, and to help him take on the "Big Greasy" Cruz called on the assistance of Scott Skyler (fellow ginger) Before the 2 on 1 attack could commence, SGT. Solitude came to the ring and leveled the playing field for the match.  Stud McCoy and SGT. Solitude took the win.

Match 2. David Yale stated that if his opp. for the night could beat him, he would not talk for 1 year!  Tony Tsunami couldn't pull out the win, Yale will talk for another year!

Match 3. The team of VIP (Brandon Paradise and Cali Casanova) came to the ring to state how cool they are and made an open challenge to anyone in the back to face them.  The team of Dustin Michaels and Vincent Chambers (Drowning In Excellence) and accepted the open challenge.  VIP took the win.

Match 4. Johnny Rokket and his new client James Hunter came to the ring to talk about what they did to Darkness.  They stated Darkness does not deserve the treatment he gets.  Darkness could take no more and came to the ring ready for a fight, James Hunter delivered it, along with a haymaker from Johnny Rokket, James Hunter took the win.

Match 5. Damoan Rashad came to the ring with a mission but before he could get a word out, Daniel E. Mayne came to the ring and demanded that he go to the back and get in the Kool Aid Jammer gear.  Damoan stated that he wouldn't not and accused Daniel E. Mayne of being a racist, Daniel, not one who likes being called a racist asked Damoan if he was familliar with the word Segregation, Damoan said of course he was, Daniel then made a match, The 1st ever FCW Segregation match, Stud McCoy was introduced as Rashad's opp. Stud said he has got someone better in mind, someone who is Steroid Free, The Common Man, Common Man came to the ring ready for action.  Daniel, seeing that two men were in the ring that had disrespected him in the past added one more stipulation the match.  The looser will be segregated from the company.  After a well fought battle, Damoan could not pull out the win over The Common Man and was promptly removed from the building. 

Match 6. FCW Rage Division Championship Match.  Chris Mayne with VIP came to the ring after Blaze.  Mayne went on to talk about how the fans to don't respect someone like him.  The fan favorite, Juggalo Johnny Blaze could not pull out the win over Chris Mayne.

Match 7. Draven pulled out the win over the B rated superstar, Brian Baldwin.

Match 8. FCW World Championship Match.  Morgan McNeal VS Devon Wright, after the bell rang, Devon Wright bailed out of the ring and said that he was not ready to cash in his #1 Contendership but he knows someone who would be glad to take on Morgan McNeal, Enter John Malice.  (Who was believed to have been paid by the team of VIP to soften up McNeal)  Malice went for the pin over McNeal but Wright and VIP broke up the pin and knocked out Jeff the Ref.  VIP took control over both the men in the ring resulting in a DQ.  The team left the arena leaving both men in shambles.


FCW Rage, Live, December 1st 2007 at Patriots Park. 

Admission is only 7 dollars and kids under 5 get in for free! Doors open at 6:30, Action begins at 7 PM

FCW Silent Nightmares, Live, December 15th 2007 at Patriots Park. 

Admission is only 7 dollars and kids under 5 get in for free! Doors open at 6:30, Action begins at 7 PM 



Badge of Honor, Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hamilton Hall, Egg Harbor City, NJ

Against All Odds, February 16, 2007

St. Marys R.C. Church, Manahawkin, NJ



FRACTURE Saturday December 1, 2007 Pre-Sale Tickets $10.00




Woodstock, GA, on December 7 at the Cherokee Recreation and Parks Agency Building, with a bell time of 8:00 PM.

Tickets are $15.00 for this show, but if you bring an unopened package containing a toy for the Toys for Tots drive, you get $3.00 off at the door.

Call (770) 296-5290 for more info.

Advertised: Manny Fernandez versus Iceberg (w/ the Rev)

Shaun Tempers (w/ the Rev) defends the GWP Southern Heavyweight Title versus Ace Rockwell the Regular Guys defend the GWP Southern Tag Team Title in a three way match against the Hellbillies and the Hollywood Brunettes.

Slim J, Kid Ego, Jr., Big Head Hansen, Jamar Acid, Jay Clinton, and even Santa Claus are also scheduled to appear.

Fernandez will be available for autographs at 7:30 PM.

Woodstock, GA, on December 23 at the Hot Wheels Skate Center, with a bell time of 8:00 PM. Call (770) 296-5290 for more info.

Advertised: Shaun Tempers (w/ the Rev) defends the GWP Southern Heavyweight Title versus Buff Bagwell

Manny Fernandez & Shadow Jackson versus Iceberg & Tank

the Hollywood Brunettes versus Bob & Brad Armstrong

the Regular Guys defend the GWP Southern Tag Team Title versus Talent & Money

Chad Parham versus Ace Rockwell.

Also scheduled to appear are Jay Clinton, Slim J, Big Head Hansen, Jamar Acid, Kid Ego, Jr, and even Santa Claus.

Fernandez, Bagwell, and the Armstrongs will participate in a meet-and-greet beginning at 7:00 PM.


Cartersville, GA, on January 19 at the Cartersville Civic Center, with a bell time of 8:00 PM.

Call (770) 296-5290 for more info.

Advertised: Gangrel versus Tank.

Also scheduled to appear are Rob Conway (w/ Nigel Sherrod), Chad Parham, Ace Rockwell, the Hellbillies, VIP (w/ Ace Heffner), Leatherface, Big Head Hansen, D.L. Norris, Danny Horne, and Jamar Acid.

Gangrel will sign autographs beginning at 7:00 PM.




Saturday November 17th.

Thank You to everyone who made it out to the Pell City Civic Center tonight. If you missed this show.. you genuinely missed solid action from start to finish. 8 Great Matches in all.

Quick results from the show.

Antonio Garza defeated Viper

Jesse Pain successfully defended the GCW Championship against Chrisjen Hayme

Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell defeated Bloodlines' Billy Blade

SoulCrusher upended The INHuman Fly

Theodore Tutwiler III and Harley Wood turned back the challenge of The Newly Re-United Nasty Kritters.

Scottie Blaze fell to Muddbone

Mad Dog Dan Sawyer put the bite on Vladmir Koloff

Eugene was victorious over Seth Skyfire.


We have signed our main event for December 14th, at the Pell City Civic Center.

It gives me great pleasure to reveal to everyone that Showtime Eric Young from TNA's IMPACT will be taking on "The Worlds Greatest Wrestler" Seth Skyfire.

GCW Champion Jesse Pain will be facing off against Former Y2J Body Guard, Mr Hughes.

We have also signed a rematch for the GCW Tag Team Championship. Theodore Tutwiler III and Harley Wood will defend against The Nasty Kritters.

We are working to round out the line-up for the event, which will also include a special ladies match. We hope to have everything put together next week. We will keep you posted as situations come together.

Until Next We Meet, This is GCW Commissioner Fast Eddie Layne.. Parkin It.



GCW Heavyweight Champion Bull Buchanan will be in Japan for several more weeks.

Thug Rowe missed the 11/24 show due to a non-wrestling schedule conflict.

GCW hopes to expand their television show to an hour in the near future.

Diane Hewes said GCW plans to join NWA Anarchy in circulating petitions to protest the regulations being proposed by the Georgia Entertainment and Athletic Commission. The GAEC has scheduled a public hearing in Atlanta on December 18. The regs are set to go into effect on January 7. If they go into effect as written, it could spell the end to independent pro wrestling in Georgia.


Phenix City, AL, November 24:

That 80s Guy over Reuben James

A.J. Steele (w/ the Intern) over Randall Johnson to retain the GCW Interstate Heavyweight Title Frankie Valentine & Tex Monroe over the Hooligans (Mason & Devin Cutter)

Scotty Beach over Orion Bishop (w/ Wicked Nemesis)

David Young & Sonny Siaki over Johnny Swinger & Cru Jones (w/ Quentin Michaels).




November 24, 2007 - National Guard Armory in Jackson, Kentucky.

The Canadian Playa and Johnny Jordan went to a time limit draw

HCW International Champion J.R. Roc defeated The Chosen One in a street fight

Tony Bryant defeated Brandon Taylor

AWF Champion Shawn Christopher and HCW Champion The American Eagle battled to a double count out

The Chosen One won the "Thanksgiving Thunder Battle Royal" HPW



Hoosier Pro Wrestling returns to the HPW Arena at the 4-H Fairgrounds in Columbus, IN on Saturday, December 1st, at 7:45 pm with 7 big matches.

HPW Wrestling , "07 Chaos Ending"

Belltime 8PM open 7:00PM , 4-H Fairgounds , Columbus, IN

Main Event Fans Bring the Weapons Match

Ox Harley vs Pastor Pain

Diceman Ronnie Vegas vs Bobo Brazil Jr.

Josie vs Jill

Average White Guy vs Troy Van Zant

Bad Attitude Brian Beech vs Mr. Big

Bobby Black vs Troy Van Zant

Plus much more great action!!

HPW returns Jan. 5th, 2008 to Columbus, IN.

For information, go to or e-mail



November 24th

The Impact Arena, Oklahoma City, OK

Dustin Heritage def. Brian Grimm

Kenny Campbell def. Nathan Sensation

IZW Heavyweight Champion "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry (w/ Marianne

Albright) vs. Tommy Revell ended in a Double Countout after which a brawl

ensued and both men were removed from the building

"The Professional" John Allen (w/ Paul Lewis, attorney at law) def.

"Playboy" Damon Windsor

IZW Tag Team Champions Impact, Inc. (John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz)

def. "The Mayne Event" Les Mayne & Montego Seeka



Insanity Pro Wrestling Proudly Presents..


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fountain Square Salvation Army Community Center, 1337 S Shelby Street , Indianapolis, IN

Doors Open 6:00 PM, Bell Time 7:00 PM

Admission $12.00, Kids 10 and Under $7.00

Purchase advance tickets online for only $10






Champion BILLY ROC vs Winner of Fan Choice Poll (cast your vote on the message board, click here)



Mid-American Championship Qualifying Matches:



- The winners will advance to a gauntlet match on the February show. More qualifying matches will take place in January.

THE MAVERICKS (Allan Wasylychyn & Aaron Williams) vs THE HYBRIDS (Donovan Cain & Jayson Lyte)

More Matches to be announced in the coming weeks

Other News: CHIKARA Stars Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked, and Gran Akuma will be returning to IPW on January 5th!




International Wrestling Cartel returns to Elizabeth, PA on December 7 and 8 for 100th show celebration

Court Time Sports Center, 95 Enterprise St., Elizabeth, PA 15037

1-Day Ringside Reserved Tickets: $30.00, 2-Day Ringside Discount: $50.00

1-Day General Admission Tickets: $25.00, 2-Day General Admission Discount: $40.00

1-Day Kids Under 10 GA Tickets: $15.00, 2-Day Kids Under 10 GA Discount: $25.00

Friday December 7th, 2007, Belltime: 8:00 PM

Hell Hath No Fury 2004 Rematch:

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. "The Notorious 187" Homicide

Originally, the main event of Night One: A Tribute To Spirit was supposed to be a rematch of the 2004 Match of the Year, AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels. Whenever "The Notorious 187" Homicide heard of this, he contacted IWC officials about being inserted into the match. His reasoning? He felt that the IWC fans were wrong, and the REAL 2004 Match of the Year was the match 3 months later where Homicide, Daniels, and Styles wrestled in a three-way dance. In April of 2004, Homicide took then-Super Indy Champion Styles to the limit in his IWC debut. He gave Styles everything he had, even an incredible Cop Killa. But Styles was able to rebound and rolled up Homicide for the win. The next month, Styles had his final title defense against Daniels. One of the greatest matches in IWC history saw both men put it all on the line, and it only ended when Styles nailed the Styles Clash for the victory. The following August was the three-way dance. In that match, Homicide was eliminated first by Styles, but the two brawled for several minutes afterwards until IWC security separated them. Styles ended up winning in the end, once again pinning Daniels. Two weeks later, Styles and Homicide had a Respect Match. Homicide brought the fight to the former champion, but Styles was on a hot streak in 2004 and got the win once again. Daniels and Styles have had many wars over the last 3 years, but Homicide never got his revenge on either man. These three have feuded over tag gold in TNA but this will be the first time all three are wrestling each other since their first match in 2004!

Non-Title Match

The 2006 Feud of the Year Revisited:  Low Ki vs. "Fabulous" John McChesney

It's been called one of the greatest ri valries in IWC history. It started off as a young up-and-coming star named "Fabulous" John McChesney trying to win his first Super Indy tournament on April 29th 2005. His opponent on that night was on a tear. He not only destroyed rookie Jason Gory in the opening round, but he got the victory over his trainer and mentor, "The Notorious 187" Homicide, in the second round. Nothing could stop Low Ki on this night. That is, except his own overconfidence. He locked McChesney in a cobra clutch, but McChesney scaled the ropes, fell backwards, and Ki held on, pinning his own shoulders to the mat. McChesney had done it, he cemented himself in the upper echelon of IWC stars, becoming the sixth man to hold the IWC Super Indy Title, and only the 4th to win the Super Indy Tournament. Ten months later, both men met one more time. This time, McChesney was the confident champion, sure that he could overcome the one man he had the most trouble defeating in the past year. Unfortunately, once McChesney got hung up in the ropes and Ki delivered the Woe Is U double stomp, that was it for the champ. Ki defeated him for the Super Indy Title that slipped out of his grasp less than one year before. The following July, it was time for the so-called "rubber match". Each man had one victory over the other. McChesney was out to prove to himself, the fans, and the world that he was on the same level as men like Low Ki. With Ki several moments away from possibly winning the match, the bell rang, signaling the time limit had expired. Neither man came out on top, leaving their series tied at 1-1-1. Low Ki promised that they would meet once more. December 9th, 2006 was that once more. The night of the event, both men had agreed to make the match a decisive 2 out of 3 falls match. Or so they thought. With both men one fall up on the other, then-Unholy Alliance members Sebastian Dark & HENTAI rushed the ring to ruin the party, leaving the match at a no-contest. The match, like their series, left both men at one win, one loss, and one draw a piece. One year later, their rivalry will finally come to a head. As promised by IWC Promoter Norm Connors, IWC Super Indy Champion "Fabulous" John McChesney will have to take on Low Ki on December 7th, night one of IWC's A Call To Arms weekend. How fitting is it, at IWC's 100th show celebration, that we revisit one of IWC's biggest and best rivalries in the company's history?

Special Attraction Tag Team Match:

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Burning River Brigade

Three former IWC Champions and one of the top contenders to the Super Indy Title at one point will be competing in this tag match! The Motor City Machine Guns of Alex Shelley & former Super Indy Campion Chris Sabin take on former IWC Tag Team Champions Josh Prohibition & "M-Dogg20" Matt Cross, the Burning River Brigade! Sabin & Shelley, former IWC regulars and finalists in Super Indy III, have put aside their differences and teamed up to form one of the best tag teams to come along in years. They were able to capture the Zero-One Max Tag Team Titles in Japan, as well as the UWA Hardcore Tag Team Titles in Canada, and the AAW Tag Team Titles in the Chicago area. No team in recent memory has been as successful as quickly as the Motor City Machine Guns. But, two men have taken exception to their quick rise in tag team success. Josh Prohibition & Matt Cross have been climbing through the tag ranks across the world for years, and captured the IWC Tag Team Titles on 2 different occasions. They're considered to be one of the best teams in IWC history and want to prove to the "MMGs" and any wrestling fans who doubt them that not only are they one of the best in IWC history, but in wrestling history period.

One of IWC's Most Brutal & Bloody Feuds Renewed : Shirley Doe vs. Sebastian Dark

Shirley Doe made his return to IWC in grand fashion at November Pain 2 on November 11th. Helping his longtime friend & rival Super Hentai and friend Delirious in what appeared to be a handicapped match with members of the War Machine, Brent Albright, John McChesney, and Sebastian Dark. Doe and Dark immediately went after one another, brawling in the aisleway, and later, going after each other with chairs. Doe nailed Dark in the head with a chair, and finished him off with the Sillyhead 2. Later in the night, Doe made a huge impact to War Machine leader and Doe's longtime rival Dennis Gregory. He revealed Gregory's December 8th opponent to be "The Baddest Man in IWC" Raymond Rowe! Doe has come back with a vengeance and his old rival Sebastian Dark is in the cross hairs! The wars between Doe and Dark have been well documented over the years. Dark mysteriously came to IWC with the intentions of destroying Dark. But a year after their rivalry seemed to come to an end, Dark & Hentai joined with Doe as a part of the original Unholy Alliance, leaving the last 2 years of war between the three men a total mystery to everybody. But now that Doe has returned and Dark is aligned with his enemy Dennis Gregory, all bets are off and Doe is out for blood!

Non-Title Four-Way Tag Scramble :

The Gambino Brothers vs. BabyFace Fire vs. Sexual Harassment vs. The Cleveland Mafia

One of IWC's biggest attractions in the last 2 years has been its incredible tag team division. And, it all started with these four teams. IWC Tag Team Champions The Gambino Brothers went from a moving company to a dangerous Italian family with an equally dangerous ringside entourage in Jimmy DeMarco, Vendetta, Viki Gambino, Flexor, and Ferrari. They've captured the IWC Tag Titles for a record-equaling 4 times and have dominated the tag division for the last 2-3 years and plan on continuing their dominance through IWC's 100th show celebration. Longtime rivals Shiima Xion & Jason Gory put aside their differences and united based on an equal respect for the others' abilities. They overcame the odds and captured the IWC Tag Team Titles last December in another four-way tag scramble over the same three teams they face on December 7th, and get one more shot on December 8th. The IWC tag team dynasty known as Sexual Harassment made their return on August 5th, 2006 as Eric Xtasy returned to IWC with his new partner, Justin Idol. After a year and a half of fun and games, Xtasy & Idol have finally gotten a new intensity about themselves and are more focused than ever. The Cleveland Mafia are one of IWC's most brutal and boisterous tag teams. With the brains of J-Rocc and the brawn of Raymond Rowe, they've been taking over IWC one victory at a time. And the night after the tag scramble, Rowe gets his shot at singles glory as he takes on IWC Champion Dennis Gregory in a steel cage. IWC's tag team scene has been unbelievable and incredible, and it only gets better on December 7th!

First Time in IWC: "The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes vs. Davey Richards

Two of the hardest hitting men on the IWC roster will step inside the squared circle on December 7th. "The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes will take on IWC newcomer Davey Richards! These men have had run-ins on the West Coast, where both Reyes and Richards got their start. But this will be a first-time one-on-one match in IWC! The former IWC Champ Reyes is looking to get back into title contention following his series of matches with number one contender "The Baddest Man in IWC" Raymond Rowe. Richards, who will be wrestling only his third match in his IWC career, is right in the thick of the Super Indy Title scene. With the incredible action and depth of the contenders to the Super Indy Title, and Richards being only 3 matches into his IWC career, this shows you how much of an incredible athlete and wrestler Davey Richards really is! But he can't look past Reyes. Reyes has beaten men in IWC such as Low Ki, Ray Rowe, Troy Lords, Larry Sweeney, Alex Shelley, Brent Albright, and many many more. This is sure to be a stand-out match on December 7th!

2006 Match of the Year Revisited: "Balls Hot" Troy Lords vs. Super Hentai

Yet another IWC Match of the Year will be revisited at A Tribute To Spirit. Last year, at November Pain 2, "Balls Hot" Troy Lords battled it out with his rival, Super Hentai (then known only as HENTAI). With his pride on the line against his former mentor, Lords rose to the occasion and, with a top rope brainbuster, defeated the former member of the Unholy Alliance. One year passed, and HENTAI was kicked to the wayside by the War Machine when Dennis Gregory took over. But, as he was beaten down by War Machine members Brent Albright & Sebastian Dark at Revengeance 4!, who came to the save but Troy Lords. But Hentai didn't take kindly to the help of "The Hotness" and the two came to blows before long. The next month, one year removed from their Match of the Year, at November Pain 3, Lords was attacked by War Machine members Dark, Albright, and John McChesney before Hentai led a group of IWC troops to the ring. What will happen when these two top IWC stars face off once again? Will it be a hate-fueled battle like their November Pain 2 match? Or will it be a respectful match in the human game of chess?

Saturday December 8th, 2007, Belltime: 5:00 PM

IWC World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match:

Dennis Gregory defends against "The Baddest Man in IWC" Raymond Rowe

Dennis Gregory's reign of terror over IWC began in May when he revealed his true intentions to everybody. He screwed Ricky Reyes out of the IWC Title and, along with "The Shooter" Brent Albright, formed what would eventually be called The War Machine. A month later, he brought back Unholy Alliance members Steven Colter and Sebastian Dark, who were fired from IWC in December 2006. Then, later that night, he completed the five-some by adding "Fabulous" John McChesney. Their reign over IWC has been one of dominance. Adding CJ Sensation to the ranks in August did nothing more than solidify their spot on top of IWC. But one man has been forging through the war. Raymond Rowe has exploded onto the scene as one of the most popular IWC stars in the past year. He's done battle with Ricky Reyes to earn his shot at Dennis Gregory and the IWC title, but it was believed he'd earned his title shot AFTER the December double-shot. But Shirley Doe revealed to Gregory and the world that he had somehow arranged for Rowe to get his shot at Gregory sooner than expected: inside the steel cage at A Call To Arms 4: Controlled Chaos!

"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Originally, "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe was set to take on "The Baddest Man in IWC" Raymond Rowe on December 8th at A Call To Arms 4: Controlled Chaos. When Rowe defeated Ricky Reyes and became the number one contender to the IWC World Heavyweight Title, that all changed. Samoa Joe was still booked for December 8th, but he had no opponent. He contacted IWC's offices, enraged because he was looking forward to taking Rowe to the limit and having a great wrestling match, like their July 7th encounter. IWC Promoter Norm Connors met with other IWC officials and they decided to sign a former WWE, WCW, and ECW star to take on Joe. A man who would no-doubt provide him with incredible competition, a fantastic match, and a man the IWC crowd has expressed a desire to see compete for IWC. IWC has officially signed... Samoa Joe vs. 2 Cold Scorpio! Fans may know Scorpio as a former WCW Tag Team Champion with his partner, a young Marcus "Buff" Bagwell. He is a former 4-time ECW Television Champion and former ECW Tag Team Champion with The Sandman. He is a former 2-time GHC Tag Team Champion for the NOAH promotion in Japan. And he is a former WWE star known to many as Flash Funk. However, Scorpio is best known as one of the forefathers of the aerial style seen all throughout wrestling today. His incredible in-ring style had never been seen across America before Scorpio stepped in the ring. Anytime you see a 450 Splash and a Tumbleweed (top rope corkscrew legdrop), Scorpio is the man who brought it to the forefront in professional wrestling. Still currently active across the US and Europe, Scorpio will be making his IWC debut at A Call To Arms 4: Controlled Chaos!

IWC Super Indy Title Steel Cage Match:

"Fabulous" John McChesney defends against "Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney

The feud between John McChesney and Larry Sweeney began at Super Indy VI. Larry Sweeney had just gone through Jay Lethal, Azrieal, and Shiima Xion on his way to becoming the Super Indy VI winner and IWC Super Indy Champion. All of a sudden, "The Fabulous One" appeared at ringside, attempting to spoil the victory of the new champion. Obsessed with the Super Indy gold, McChesney was incensed that Sweeney had won the title and he hadn't. He demanded a shot at the title at the next IWC event, and he got it. Sweeney defended the belt against McChesney in July at Summer Sizzler 4 when Dennis Gregory hit the ring and bloodied Sweeney. That set in motion a series of events that led to Sweeney losing the Super Indy Title to McChesney. One month later, McChesney and Sweeney did battle in a baseball bat match, where McChesney once again cheated to win. Sweeney returned to IWC in November in a three-way dance to determine who would earn a shot at McChesney on December 8th. Davey Richards wanted to get revenge at McChesney for the events in his title match at Revengeance 4! in October, and Justin Idol was looking to break out into the IWC singles scene. But Sweeney had blood on his mind. Sweeney was the one with the most to gain, and after a 12 Large Elbow to Idol, he earned his shot. Sweeney demanded that his title match be held inside the 15-foot-high steel cage to stop any interference from the War Machine, and IWC Promoter Norm Connors granted it! Will Sweeney get his revenge on McChesney? Or will "Fabulous" prove he really is as good as he says he is?

IWC Tag Team Title Steel Cage Match:

The Gambino Brothers defend against BabyFace Fire

Mickey & Marshall Gambino and Jason Gory & Shiima Xion have been at war for months. After The Gambinos lost their Tag Team Titles to BabyFace Fire in the four-way scramble at A Call To Arms 3 in December 2006, they seem to have put a bullseye on BFF. They won the titles back in March and have dominated the tag division since then. All throughout 8-man tags and more, the Gambinos seem to dominate BFF no matter what situation they're put into. In August, the Gambinos defeated BabyFace Fire, but during a champagne celebration, BFF attacked them and poured champagne all over Viki Gambino. This proved to be a big mistake, as Marshall then smashed a bottle over the face of Xion. Two months later, BFF looked for revenge against members of The Family, the Hollywood Balds. After Shiima Xion got the win, the Gambinos hit the ring with a billy club. Jimmy DeMarco & Vendetta went a little overboard, brutalizing both men with the billy club until senior official Bobby Williams suspended Vendetta for 60 days. In probably the most disgusting act, DeMarco, Marshall, Viki, and Flexor invaded the home of Jason Gory on Halloween, attacked Gory and his friends, and bloodied & tazed Gory on his own pool table. At November Pain 3, BFF and the Gambinos did battle in a street fight. The Gambinos proved their brutality, destroying BFF in a pile of thumbtacks. But their overzealous cousin Jimmy DeMarco proved to be more of a nuisance than anything. The Gambinos refused to grant BFF a tag title match inside the steel cage on December 8th. But when Jimmy D remained in the ring to continue using a tazer on Gory & Xion, Gory was able to take the tazer and hold DeMarco "ransom" of sorts. Gory demanded the cage match of else there'd be a "death in The Family". The Gambinos granted it, and Gory got a measure of revenge and tazed DeMarco anyways! The war will finally come to an end on December 8th inside the steel cage!

Battle of IWC Characters: Delirious w/ Daizee Haze vs. "Showtime" Eric Young

Eric Young returns to IWC on December 8th! Hailing from his "undisclosed location", Eric Young told IWC officials he would be in attendance on December 8th and wanted a match with one of the top IWC stars in the last few years. "Showtime" wanted to prove that he could hang with some of the best IWC has to offer. Enter.... Delirious. Delirious is a former IWC Super Indy Champion and the winner of the Super Indy V tournament. He's defeated the likes of John McChesney, Troy Lords, Matt Sydal, Glenn Spectre, and Christopher Daniels during his Super Indy Title reign, and teamed up with Shirley Doe & Super Hentai to defeat The War Machine on November 11th of this year. "The Pied Piper of TNA" was one of the most popular performers who debuted for IWC this year. On the other hand, Delirious was one of the most hated men in 2006 IWC, but in recent months, he's proven to be one of the IWC crowd's favorite wrestlers. Obviously, the match between this two will border on the line of sane and ridiculous, but there is no doubt these two will perform to the best of their ability. How will the constantly paranoid Young react to the antics of the ridiculously crazy man from the Edge of Sanity?!


"The Hardcore Icon" The Sandman

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas

"The Original Wild-Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers

the in-ring return of "Snapshot" CJ Sensation

and much much more!

And, several IWC stars from the past return, including:

first-ever IWC Champion POWERHOUSE HUGHES!

former IWC Champion ORION!

former 2-time IWC Champion JIMMY VEGA$!

former 2-time IWC Tag Team Champion GLENN SPECTRE! and many more!

Plus all the fun and surprises you've come to expect from IWC!!!

Tickets to A Call To Arms 4 and other IWC live events are already on sale, including:

A New Beginning 2008 - January 19th, 2008 - Elizabeth, PA

Accept No Limitations 4 - February 16th, 2008 - Elizabeth, PA

TBA - March 22nd, 2008 - Elizabeth, PA

Tickets can be reserved safely and security online using your credit or debit card by visiting or by calling 412-542-5170! INTERNATIONAL WRESTLING SYNDICATE



Download IWS Season’s Beatings Bloodstream from here:  

I would warn people that Bloodstream is Not Safe For Work, but really it's Not Safe For ANYWHERE!

Our DVDs for each show are released through  Our biggest recent release is Un F’N Sanctioned 2007 featuring then NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage -  Our best-selling DVD from last year is Un F’N Sanctioned 2006 featuring Sabu’s last match in the indies before his re-debut on Raw (two nights later) as well as the crazy hardcore Fans Bring the Weapons match -


Season’s Greetings and Season’s Beatings!

Last IWS show of the year, December 1st

On behalf of the extended International Wrestling Syndicate family, I would like to extend the best wishes of the season to all our fans, friends and the readers of this newsletter.

The holiday season is the ideal time for family and friends (and wrestling fans) to get together to reflect on another year about to pass, to look forward to another year, to drink a few beers...and to hit each other over the head with chairs.

Well, you have your holiday traditions, and at the IWS we have ours!

Please, please, leave the actual hitting and being hit over the head with chairs to trained professionals. Don’t do it and tell people that Llakor told you to.

This year, the IWS owner and (sadly) Champion, PCP Crazy F’N Manny has decided in the spirit of the season to offer one lucky IWS Superstar a shot at the IWS belt. That Superstar? None other than the reigning Canadian King of Death Match and the reigning IWA-MS Queen of the Death Match, the First Lady of Hardcore, Lufisto.

This would be the moment where I channel Dana Carvey’s Church Lady to observe that “Santa” and “Satan” are not far apart, and that Manny may be pretending to be playing Santa Manny and offering Lufisto a gift, when really he is busy playing at being Satan Manny.

The most astonishing thing about this scenario? Not that Manny has an ulterior motive; Manny ALWAYS has an ulterior motive. The astonishing thing is that Lufisto knows that this is a trap and doesn’t care. In fact she is downright pleased.

“All I have ever asked in the wrestling business is the chance to prove that I can wrestle as well or better than anyone, any woman, but especially any man. The IWS title is the most important belt in Canada, and one of the most important on the independent wrestling scene anywhere in the world. It will be my pleasure to win it, and my honour to defend it. I know what you are going to say Llakor. You are worried that Manny is going to hurt me. I am not worried. I know that Manny will hurt me. The only thing is: I am gong to hurt Manny worse than he is going to hurt me. And that’s why I will win.”

It may not be politically correct, it may not be chivalrous, but wrestling has the most extreme form of equality, of fairness that you can find anywhere. This Saturday, on December 1st, at Season’s Beatings, Manny will treat Lufisto the way that he would treat any wrestler trying to take his belt – he will do his level best to beat the ever-living hell out of her. And in the spirit of fairness and equality, Lufisto will prove, as she has proved since the start of her career, that she deserves to be in the same ring as a man, by beating the ever-living hell out of Manny.

Cue Llakor knocking furiously on wood.

Season’s Beatings 2007 Card , Quick and Dirty

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Bogey’s 3250 Cremazie East, (Corner Cremazie and St-Michel), Metro St-Michel

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

IWS Title: IWS Champion PCP Crazy F’N Manny vs. Lufisto

IWS Canadian Title: IWS Canadian Champion Max Boyer vs. Damian

Gangsta vs. Mobster: Franky the Mobster vs. Eddie Kingston

Tag Scramble Elimination: (Non Title)

IWS Tag Team Champions Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno and Stupefied)

vs. The Untouchables (Dan Paysan and Jimmy Stone) vs. The Special Ks (Kid Kamikaze and Jimmy K) vs. Twiggy and Vanessa Kraven

2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews) vs. Up in Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy)

Three-Way Dance for an IWS Roster Spot: Three Mystery Wrestlers will fight with the winner getting a spot on the IWS Roster.

Detailed Preview

In Max Boyer’s ongoing quest to prove that he is the best technical wrestler in Canada, and especially better than Kevin Steen, Max finds himself butting heads with a man who has pushed Kevin Steen to the best (and most violent) matches of his career: The God of War, Damian. He is quite prepared to give Max Boyer the match of his life. Damian is also prepared to make this match, his own personal Christmas gift to himself. With a show at the Medley coming up, Damian would like nothing better than to enter the New Year as the New IWS Canadian Champion.

Philadelphia’s Gangsta Number One Eddie Kingston will be coming to Montreal to face Quebec’s Number One Mobster, the man they call Franky. Assuming of course that a Gangsta can get some love at the border. Personally, I am hoping that the border guards wave Eddie and Bryce right through. Franky is already threatening to haul IWS staff into the ring if Eddie can’t make it and I’m not certain if he will stop with broom boys. (Actually hoping may not be a strong enough word. Praying to God, maybe PLEADING with God is more like it.)

The IWS Tag Team division is heating up as three new teams, The Untouchables, The Special Ks and the oddest ball couple of odd ball couples, Twiggy and Vanessa Kraven are all going to try and prove that they deserve a shot at the IWS Tag Team Title while the IWS Tag Team Champs try to prove that they deserve to stay on top of the mountain. Throw in the fact that Twiggy is as angry as a beaver with a toothache after having the IWS Title slip out of his grasp at Freedom to Fight 2007 during his match against Manny, AND that the Untouchables and the Special Ks have a beef with each other after Dan Paysan and Jimmy Stone attacked Jimmy K last show taking out Jimmy’s then opponent Kid Kamikaze in the process, well the match might get a little heated, like chestnuts roasting over an open fire heated.

Also, looking to prove that they deserve a title shot are the former champions, 2.0, hoping to make a statement (and end their losing streak) by beating up on the Ganja Generals, Up in Smoke, Cheech and Cloudy. As for the Reefer Rasslers? Normally, I might make a joke about their lack of motivation, but if there is one thing that Cheech and Cloudy love better than coming to Montreal, it is coming to Montreal when the IWS is having a downtown party at the Medley. The best way for them to force the IWS to invite them back for January 26th? Beating 2.0.

Finally, IWS management has decided to give a shot to three guys who have been begging for a chance to prove what they can do for years, in a three-way dance where the stakes are simple: Winner gets a spot on the IWS Roster and the Losers get nothing. Who will be in this match? Well, that would be telling. Come to Season’s Beatings and find out.


All of this and the usual gang of maniacs will also be in attendance including EXesS, Kenny the Bastard, Kevin Steen, IWS ring announcer Patrick Lono, manager to the stars Joey Soprano, IWS Play by Play dude Mikhail Q. Rotchy Esquire and others…

I am supposed to say that Shit-Hawke will be there and wrestling, but I don’t feel like plugging the annoying maudit roux.

The Llakor Christmas Ticket Special: Buy a VIP Ticket for Season’s Beatings and Praise the Violence for $40. OR Buy a VIP Ticket for Season’s Beatings and Praise the Violence, plus any (one) IWS DVD and a Freedom to Fight poster signed by Christopher Daniels and Max Boyer for $65 (While supplies of signed posters last.)

The IWS presents: Season’s Beatings, Saturday, December 1st, 2007 at Bogey’s World Bar & Billiard, 3250 Cremazie Est (corner of Cremazie and St-Michel near the St-Michel metro), Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 pm, show starts at 9:00 pm, tickets are $20 for VIP, $15 for Regular. 18+, card and times subject to change. For more information go to or e-mail .


The IWS proudly presents: Praise the Violence, Saturday, January 26th, 2008 featuring Sylvain Grenier at the beautiful, downtown Medley, 1170 St-Denis, near the Berri-UQAM Metro. Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 PM, show starts at 9 PM. VIP tickets are $30, Regular tickets are $25. VIP ticket holders admitted first. VIP tickets are almost sold out so order them today. No reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at the Medley box office. 18+. Card and times subject to change. For more information go to or e-mail  IWA



IWA Deep South Wrestling presents "2007 Carnage Cup" on Saturday December 1, 2007 at the Nick Gulas Sports Arena (located inside the Old Armory Building, 634 East College Street, Pulaski, TN with a 7 PM belltime.

"12 Men, One Night, One Cup"

The tournament set up will be:

- The First Round will consist of four 3-way matches which will each end when one man is eliminated and the remaining two men will advance to the second round, so 4 men will be eliminated and 8 men will move on

- The Second Round will consist of 4 singles matches

- The Finals will be a 4 way elimination match

So there will be 9 big death matches making up this year's Carnage Cup.

The first round will be set up like the old CZW Best of the Best style bracketing, but the difference will be in the second round where the men who advanced from each match will not face each other in the second round, they will face someone new so there will be lots of different matchups throughout the tournament. The 8 men who move on to round 2 will basically be re-shuffled as we feel this will give fans the opportunity to see many different and unique matchups.

Here are your first round matchups:

1. Ian Rotten vs. FreakShow vs. Insane Lane - Ian and Show have been waging war all year long all over the country, so we figured on our biggest show of the year, why not let them settle it once and for all since this will be the last time they meet as Ian is retiring a week after this show. These two have tried to kill each other and I'm sure it will be no different on December 1st. Now the x-factor in the match is Insane Lane, as he has been friends and teamed with both men throughout the year. He originally joined with FreakShow to battle IWA Mid-South, but felt Show was taking it too far and had a slight falling out with Show over that and teamed up with Ian on some shows. However Lane is Deep South to the core, so it will be interesting to see where he stands in this match. This should be a fantastic first round match as all three men have been picked by fans to win the whole thing but one of them won't make it out of the first round.

2. Sexxxy Eddy vs. UltraMantis Black vs. Scotty Vortekz - this should be an interesting match as you have one man, Eddy, trying to show everyone that he is still one of the craziest hardcore guys out there and was no one tournament wonder...another, Vortekz, who is the young up and comer in the death match scene trying to get to that next level...and lastly, Mantis, who no one really knows what to expect from him in the death match world but with his Order of the Neo-Solar Temple trying to take over the world, I'm sure he will stop at nothing to conquer the death match world.

3. Danny Havoc vs. Deranged vs. Tank - this should be another classic as you have Tank, who won the whole thing 2 years ago...Deranged, one of the craziest and most hard-hitting guys out there who will do anything to win his first death match tournament....and Havoc, the up and coming death match star who gets better and farther each tournament he has been in, but he is giving up lots of size to the two behemoths he'll be in the ring with. This should be a good one.

4. Drake Younger vs. WHACKS vs. Viking - this match also kind of fits the mold of the other matches as you have the man with lots of death match tournament experience in Drake...the man new to the scene in WHACKS....and a man who the others don't really know what to expect from in Viking as he's been tearing it up in Canada, but is venturing into the U.S. death match scene for the first time. 3 men who fear nothing should make for another first round classic.

Tickets: $15.00 each, Call (256) 507-0278 for advance tickets

For more information visit  IWA


Wrestling Bodyslam . Com