Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown

November 23, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy are noted in italics.

Matt Hardy underwent an emergency appendectomy in Florida this week. Matt will be out of action for eight to ten weeks as of the latest report.

We see a recap of the Hell in a Cell match between Batista, the Champion, and The Undertaker, the challenger. Edge made his return to WWE at the Survivor Series match and interfered, ensuring that Batista retained the WWE Heavyweight Championship title.

We are backstage with Vicky Guerrero and Edge. It begins with Vicky reprimanding Edge for what he did at Survivor Series and then tells Edge in order to punish Edge; she will give him a World Title Match against Batista on Smackdown. The end of the “talk” is that Vicky and Edge now have a relationship going on.

Okay, and that’s enough. Kristal Marshall may have been correct in that she refused to do a degrading story line and got canned by WWE. I can’t believe Vicky Guerrero is going along with this one. It has nothing to do with Vicky being Eddie Guerrero’s widow – everyone has to have a life. It has to do with the lack of taste and the unbelievably lousy storylines WWE continues to throw at their fans. No offense WWE fans but I will not be relating parts of this storyline anymore than I have to in order to report the show. 

Someone should but Vince McMahon – or his writers – subscriptions to the soap opera channel.  Then they can watch sappy stories and perhaps we, the fans, will be able to watch wrestling without the excess garbage.

Smackdown is being broadcast from Tampa, FL on the CW Network.

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole and JBL

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

Cole tells the audience that tonight Edge will be hosting The Cutting Edge and Batista will be his guest. Hornswoggle has a match scheduled against The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry.

JBL is in the ring. He calls out MVP, WWE’s United States Champion. JBL wants to award a United Nations diamond ring to MVP. Cole tells the audience that Matt Hardy is out indefinitely due to a knee injury sustained after an attack by MVP. MVP accepts the ring and tells the audience why he dumped Matt as a tag team partner. We see a video replay of what MVP did to Matt Hardy on Smackdown last week. JBL leaves the ring and as MVP continues to brag about MVP, Rey Mysterio enters the arena and the ring to confront MVP. Mysterio wants to teach MVP respect and he challenges MVP to a match tonight.

MVP does play a great heel but I liked the comedy connection he had with Matt Hardy.

We see John Morrison and The Miz, the new WWE Tag Team Champions, coming toward the arena.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a replay of the match where Morrison and Miz won the titles – not once, but twice – from Matt Hardy and MVP.

The Miz, weighing 231 lbs., from Cleveland, OH


John Morrison, weighing 219 lbs., from Los Angeles, CA

WWE Tag Team Champions


Brett and Brian Major, The Major Brothers, at a combined weight of 435 lbs., from NY

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: The Major Brothers

Winners: John Morrison and The Miz

I haven’t gotten over the fact that Morrison and Miz have the title belts. When Morrison gets back in the ring after the match is over, he has blood on his chest. I have no idea what he hit or how he hit or where he is even injured, but it appears to be on the chest.

We are now backstage with McMahon and Finlay and McMahon hints that he wants Finlay to help out Hornswoggle in his match with Henry. It will be a handicap match: Finlay and Hornswoggle versus The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry.

Another case of a big waste of time and talent. Finlay needs to be in the ring working his magic, not backstage with McMahon.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

The Big Red Machine, weighing 323 lbs.


Big Daddy V, weighing 487 lbs., from Harlem, NY

accompanied to the ring by Matt Striker

Audience favorite: Kane

My favorite: Kane

Winner: Kane by disqualification

I still don’t understand why Striker is running around behind V when he could be working in the ring as a wrestler. Like I don’t understand the feud between Kane and V. Kane can do a good job in the ring, but it’s difficult to shine against someone that doesn’t wrestle.

We see Rey Mysterio heading for the arena and his match against MVP.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, the camera pans the audience and Baseball Hall of Famer, Wade Boggs is in the front row.

MVP, weighing 248 lbs., from Miami, FL


Rey Mysterio, weighing

Audience favorite: Rey Mysterio

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: MVP by cheating and holding the ropes to pin Mysterio

During this match there seemed to be some dissension between Cole and JBL. JBL became subdued after yelling over Cole when Cole was attempting to talk. After that, JBL only responded when Cole directly asked him a question until after the commercial break. The camera was not on the announcer’s table when the exchange occurred, so we aren’t certain what happened between the two of them.





Back from commercial break.

Batista is backstage with Vicky and he knows about the match he has with Edge. Batista says The Undertaker deserves the shot. Batista has a nice bandage on his forehead courtesy of The Undertaker during the Hell in a Cell match.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see recaps of Survivor Series matches in order for WWE to inform us that fans can purchase the replays of Survivor Series on pay per view.

Jesse and Festus are backstage with Festus dressed up in his John Cena outfit.  Now that’s funny! Jesse is there to push the John Cena DVD that is now available and tells us that Festus is big John Cena fan.

We see Michelle McCool backstage with Jamie Noble who decides to hit on her. Can someone find Noble a date? He hits on every girl he has seen! Noble gets slapped – again and tells her that after he beats up Chuck Palumbo he will come look for her.

Finlay and Hornswoggle are making their way to the ring. Hornswoggle stops Finlay long enough to tell him thank you for being his partner in his match against Mark Henry.

We see a replay of the Survivor Series match between Hornswoggle and The Great Khaki where Finlay comes to Hornswoggle’s rescue.

Two on One Handicap Match

The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry, weighing 392 lbs., from TX


Finlay & Hornswoggle, at a combined weight of 366 lbs.

Audience favorite: The team of Finlay & Hornswoggle

My favorite: The team of Finaly & Hornswoggle

Winner: The team of Finlay & Hornswoggle

Finlay and Hornswoggle do work well together in the ring. I have a great respect for Finlay. He’s good in the ring when he actually does want to do technical wrestling and he’s a great heel. Finlay spent most of this match protecting Hornswoggle from danger.

Unfortunately for Finlay, The Great Khali makes his way to the ring in order to pay back Finlay for interfering in his match at Survivor Series. Henry provides an assist by taking Finlay down to the mat so that Khali can power bomb Finlay to the mat. Hornswoggle wisely goes out on the ring apron, but goes back in to try to help Finlay after Khali leaves the ring. It appears McMahon has set Finlay up.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a replay of the end of the match before commercial break.

Chuck Palumbo, weighing 280 lbs., from San Diego, CA

accompanied to the ring by his motorcycle & Michelle McCool


Jamie Noble, weighing 202 lbs., from Hanover, WV

Audience favorite: Chuck Palumbo

My favorites: Chuck Palumbo, Jamie Noble and Chuck’s motorcycle

Winner: Jamie Noble

I’m not quite sure how that win happened but everyone else was surprised too. Not that I’m knocking Jamie Noble. I think he’s a great wrestler and he’s quick. McCool appeared to be trying to see if she could pop out of her top again during this match and the camera was right in there checking it out. Noble has his eyes on McCool as he leaves the ring. What is it – spring in Florida???

We see Torrie Wilson heading to the ring for a match after…

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the Raw Rebound which is the return of Y2J Chris Jericho on Monday Night Raw and we can only hope the story lines on Raw are better than what we are seeing on Smackdown these days.

Torrie Wilson from Boise, ID


Victoria from Los Angeles, CA

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: Victoria

Winner: Torrie Wilson

I don’t buy this win at all. Torrie hasn’t been working that hard in the ring to be able to take out Victoria. The only two women wrestlers in WWE who might have a chance of taking down Victoria are Beth Phoenix and Mickie James.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we again see a recap of the Hell in a Cell match at Survivor Series between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista and the Challenger The Undertaker.

Edge and Vicky Guerrero enter the arena and the ring. Edge is there for his The Cutting Edge spot. I’m not sure why Vicky is there. Edge comes back from an injury and surgery for this kind of stuff?  C’mon Edge. As great as you are, you don’t need this.

Edge introduces his guest, Batista, who Edge will face next week on Smackdown in a title match.

Edge introduces Batista who then enters the arena and the ring. Batista is angry but so is Edge because Batista has the title that Edge had to give up after he was injured. Batista shoves Edge into the ropes and then sticks a finger in Vicky’s face before he leaves the ring and the arena.

Unfortunately for the pair left in the ring, The Undertaker decides to pay a visit to The Cutting Edge – uninvited. Edge makes a break for and gets out of the ring before Undertaker can do any damage, but Vicky is left to face Undertaker’s wrath. And Undertaker decides the best thing for Vicky since Edge won’t come to her rescue, is deliver a tombstone pile driver in the middle of the ring.

Don’t tell me, let me guess. Vicky will be in a neck brace next week but will have forgiven Edge for not coming to her aid.


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