AUGUST 12, 2007

by Sassy

 Commentary by Sassy in italics

We open with Kurt Angle and his promo to remind us how great he is in the wrestling world finishing with Karen Angle informing Kurt their marriage is over and Joe chiming in to tell Kurt how finished he will be after Hard Justice.



Mike Tenay and Don West are the announcers for the evening.

Switch to the entrance earlier in the day into the parking lot of Adam “Pacman” Jones and his entourage.  Pacman arrives with his entourage of two in a big black bad Hummer.  The audience greets the film short with appropriate jeers. 

Tenay tells us how much mainstream media coverage TNA has received due to the signing of Pacman and we are shown his promo video and to remind us how controversial he is in the sports world at the present time. The promo shows Pacman with Jeff Jarrett, and calling wrestling Pacman’s “childhood passion”, the promo ends.

Three Way X Division Tag Team Match

Black Machismo Jay Lethal (5’10”, 225 lb) from Elizabeth, NJ &  

The Guru Sonjay Dutt (5’8”, 200 lb) from Bombay, India


The Motor City Machineguns both from Detroit, MI

 Chris Sabin (6’0”, 220 lb) &

Alex Shelley (5’10”, 200 lb)


Triple X 

The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (6'0". 225 lb) & 

The Warrior Senshi (5'8", 215 lb

accompanied by Elix Skipper 

With all opponents still in the ring, the bell rings, and it’s a free for all. Senshi goes out on the floor as Lethal and Sonjay double team Daniels in the ring.  Jawbreaker by Sonjay, clothesline by Lethal and Daniels is on the mat. Shelley enters the ring and blows mist in the face of Lethal sending him out of the ring.  Shelley turns his attention to Sonjay but Sonjay takes Shelley down with a kick to the leg. Sonjay misses the next kick to Shelley, but Shelley is up with a kick to Sonjay’s head. Sonjay spins and comes back with a kick to Shelley’s face, sending Shelley to the mat and out of the ring. 

The camera pans to the audience area and we see numerous men in black shirts standing with their arms crossed and the word POLICE on each shirt. We are told this is for Adam "Pacman" Jones protection.

Back in the ring and it’s Sonjay and Sabin grappling Sonjay delivers a head scissors take over to Sabin and sends him to the mat.  Sonjay works the crowd and gives Daniels time to enter the ring behind Sonjay. Daniels delivers a fist to the back of the head and sends Sonjay to the mat.  Daniels delivers several boots to Sonjay and motions for Senshi to assist.  Senshi and Daniels work on Sonjay as Skipper enters the ring to distract the referee.  Daniels and Senshi go to argue with the referee giving Lethal time to come to Sonjay’s aid. Lethal faces off with Senshi as Sonjay takes on Daniels. Double into the ropes and Lethal and Sonjay deliver drop kicks taking down their opponents.  Senshi rolls out of the ring and Lethal goes back to his corner leaving Sonjay and Daniels in the ring. Sonjay has control of the match as he delivers a boot to Daniels before tagging in Lethal. Sonjay and Lethal flip over Daniels and head straight to Shelley and Sabin knocking them off the ring apron. Lethal and Daniels are now in the ring.  Lethal delivers a body slam to Daniels before going back to tag Sonjay into the ring.  Another flip over Daniels and they head back to Sabin and Shelley but this time they are ready and get out of the way.  Back to Daniels, double fists, then back to Sabin and Shelley this time connecting them and sending them to the floor. Sonjay goes back to Daniels but Daniels catches him in the midsection with a knee and tags in Shelley.  Sonjay sends Shelley to the mat with a drop toehold, rolls and lands on Shelley’s back, flips over landing on Shelley and goes for the pin. Shelley kicks out after a two count Sonjay has Shelley in a headlock as he goes to his corner and tags in Lethal. Lethal delivers several fists to Shelley but stops to showboat for the crowd and gets caught by Shelley’s knee in to the stomach. Shelley tags in Sabin, Sabin off the top rope but Lethal is too quick to get caught, forcing Sabin to leap over Shelley to avoid taking him out.  Lethal with an arm drag to Sabin, then another. Sabin gets to his feet, then uses Lethal’s hair to back him into the ropes, sends Lethal off the ropes toward Daniels but Lethal greets Daniels with a fist sending Daniels to the floor.  Sabin hits Lethal from behind sending him to the floor and into the guardrail. Sonjay attempts to get into the ring drawing the referee’s attention while Senshi is on the floor with Lethal and takes the opportunity to body slam Lethal on the floor. Daniels picks Lethal up and tosses him back into the ring following him in and working the boots to Lethal’s back. The referee send Daniels back out onto the apron ring as Sabin picks up Lethal by the hair and sends him into Shelley’s waiting boots.  Sabin tags in Shelley, double team on Lethal, elbows and slam to the floor, Shelley off the ropes, boot to Lethal’s head, Sabin off the ropes, boot to Lethal’s head. Shelley goes for the pin but Lethal kicks out. Shelley stands on Lethal’s hair and pulls Lethal’s arms, then scrapes his boots across the sides of Lethal’s face. Shelley gets Lethal up to his knees and Lethal cuts loose with fists to Shelley’s abdomen.  Lethal off the ropes running into Shelley’s elbow. Senshi slaps Shelley on the back tagging himself into the match. Senshi sends Lethal into the ropes and meets him with a drop kick as he comes off.  Senshi goes for the pin but Sabin and Shelley come in to stop it.  Senshi comes up off the mat to meet them and they go back to their corner. Senshi body slams Lethal then tags off to Daniels. Daniels picks up Senshi and drops him leg first onto Lethal’s neck area. Daniels goes for the pin but only gets a two count before Lethal manages to kick out. Daniels delivers a knee to Lethal’s head .  Lethal trying to back Daniels off with fists to the abdomen as Lethal tries to get to Sonjay for the tag.  Daniels gets Lethal back into the corner and into the boot of Senshi.  Daniels tags in Senshi. Senshi slams Lethal to the mat then come off the rope delivering boots to the side of Lethal’s head and goes for the pin getting a two count. Lethal reaches for Sonjay but can’t make the tag.  Senshi goes to work on Lethal’s neck with a chin lock in the middle of the ring.  Lethal is up on his feet delivering elbows to Senshi.  Lethal comes off the ropes and runs into Senshi’s waiting elbow. Senshi takes Lethal back to the corner with Daniels and sends him into the ropes.  Daniels goes to the top rope and stands on Lethal’s neck and back. Daniels gives the audience the Triple X sign.  Daniels is tagged in, goes for the pin, and gets a two count before Lethal manages to power out. Daniels has Lethal down on the mat still working on his neck and throat.  Lethal is back to his feet and he unloads with fists again trying to make Daniels break the hold.  Daniels throws Lethal into the corner post, but Lethal catches the top rope and goes up and comes out over Daniels.  Daniels swings at Lethal but Lethal ducks out of the way and catches Daniels with an elbow.  Lethal off the top rope, taking Daniels down to the mat.  Lethal is down as well but managed to get to Sonjay for the tag. Sonjay takes down Daniels with a hurricanrana then shoves Senshi off the ring apron to the floor.  Sabin and Shelley don’t waste time and are in the ring before Sonjay turns around.  Double team by Sabin and Shelley, Sonjay off the ropes and he ducks the double clothesline, spring off the ropes and he lands on Sabin and Shelley sending them to the mat. Daniels back in and Sonjay meets him, grabbing his hand and heading for the ropes.  Sonjay walks the top rope, taking Daniels down with a flying head scissors off the top rope.  Sonjay goes for the pin but only gets a two count.  Sonjay grabs for Daniels but Daniels sends him off the ropes, Sonjay ducks the move by Daniels and shoves Daniels into the ropes, coming off the ropes with Daniels and executes the camel clutch.  Shelley comes through the ropes and delivers a boot to Sonjay’s skull breaking the hold. Shelley has Sonjay up on his shoulders but Sonjay works his way free and rolls Shelley over him, Shelley comes at him with a boot.  Sonjay ducks the boot, rolls Shelley over again and comes up to meet the back of Shelley’s head with his boot. Senshi enters the ring and takes Sonjay down with a clothesline.  Lethal enters the ring from the opposite side and catches a slap to the chest from Senshi.  Senshi off the ropes but Lethal manages to throw Senshi over into a slam, delivers a drop kick to Senshi.  Daniels is in the ring, sending Lethal into the ropes.  Daniels misses the clothesline to Lethal, Lethal comes off the opposite ropes and ducks another clothesline by Daniels.  Lethal comes off the ropes again and is met by Daniels and Sabin.  All three men go down to the mat. Sonjay is up and goes for the baseball slide to Shelley outside of the ring.  Shelley sidesteps the maneuver and Sonjay is caught in an abdominal stretch delivered by Shelley outside of the ring on the floor.  Lethal comes off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and goes through the ropes sending himself in a suicide dive onto Shelley.  Daniels is on the ring apron and he delivers a kick to Lethal before going up to the top rope, bouncing off and coming down on Lethal sending him to the floor. Senshi and Sabin are in the ring exchanging fists. Senshi delivers a kick to Sabin then turns to take care of Lethal trying to enter the ring as Sabin goes after Daniels trying to enter the ring.  Sabin and Senshi go over the top rope, Sabin taking out Daniels on the floor and Senshi taking out Lethal.  Sonjay is back in the ring, goes over the top rope and lands on the ring apron, up to the top rope to perform a moonsault, landing on  everyone on the floor.  Daniels and Sonjay are the first men to their feet. Daniels sends Sonjay into the guardrail then throws Sabin into the ring and goes in after him.  Sabin into the corner, Daniels goes after him but Sabin steps out of the way sending Daniels into the corner post. Sabin comes across the ring and delivers a high boot to Daniels head. Sabin hangs Daniels upside down in the corner and the referee is trying to get Daniels back down.  Sabin jumps up on the opposite corner ropes and as he comes down Skipper who has entered the ring behind the referee’s back meets him.  Skipper crotches Sabin on the top rope then climbs up to the top rope, walks across and brings Sabin crashing to the mat with a head scissors. The referee has gotten Daniels down and Daniels goes for the pin on Sabin.  Two count only and Sabin kicks out. Daniels tries to set up Sabin and Shelley comes off the top rope to take out Daniels. Senshi comes off the top ropes and takes Shelley out with an elbow.  Lethal off the top rope and into Senshi with a double sledge.  Sabin off the top rope into Lethal.  Sonjay springs off the top rope and lands on Sabin’s chest. Daniels springboards off the top rope coming after Sonjay but Sonjay sees him coming and Daniels lands face first on the mat. Lethal sends Daniels into the corner to meet Sonjay’s boot, Daniels turns and is hit by a boot from Lethal. Sonjay delivers a DDT to Daniels, flips onto his chest, Lethal goes for the pin, and gets a two count before Sabin and Shelley break it up. Sabin springs off Shelley’s back taking out Sonjay, Shelley takes Lethal up in the air and sends him to the mat.  Double team by Sabin and Shelley, sending Lethal off the ropes and into waiting boots, then they deliver a sandwich, knee to the head, Sabin takes Lethal down for the pin before Sonjay breaks it up. Shelley rakes the eyes of Sonjay, holds him while Sabin goes up on the top rope and comes down on Sonjay and Lethal.  Sabin goes for the pin on Lethal but Senshi hits Sabin jumps and delivers boots to Sabin’s back breaking the hold. Senshi goes for Shelley, but is met by a boot to the head. Shelley walks up the ropes but Senshi sets Shelley up for a power slam. Senshi goes to the top ropes, but Sonjay goes up and takes him down then climbs the ropes to bring Senshi down to the mat.  Daniels takes out Shelley before coming to the aid of Senshi. Daniels has Sonjay on shoulders, Senshi on the top rope comes off on Sonjay before delivering his boots to Shelley on the mat. Daniels takes down Sonjay, covers him for the pin, and gets to two before Lethal and Sabin break it up. Senshi is back up going after Sabin as Daniels works on Lethal. Shelley is tossed out to the floor. Daniels takes Lethal up, Senshi springboards off the ropes and takes Lethal down to the mat. Daniels motions for Senshi to go to the ropes as he picks Lethal up off of the mat.  Lethal shoves Daniels into Senshi knocking him off the top turnbuckle, Lethal rolls up Daniels for the pin and the winners are Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal.  Daniels shoves Lethal who shoves back before the referee and Sonjay Dutt break it up.

Part of this match appeared to have be using the theme Follow the Leader and it worked.  This match was nothing but action, action, action!  It was fast paced, entertaining, interesting and the win was a shocker.  Don’t get me wrong…I applaud both Lethal and Sonjay for their performance.  Lethal is a hard working stand out and Sonjay was an exemplary partner. They deserved the win.  Sabin and Shelley showed their well-timed team work and Senshi and Daniels worked in sync.  I have heard rumors that TNA is thinking of disbanding the X Division.  I personally feel that would be a mistake.  Part of TNA’s draw is the X Division players and their athleticism and ability every time they work the ring. This was wonderful opening match with great wrestlers.  Look for Daniels to be after Lethal in the near future.

We go to Jeremy Borash standing outside of Samoa Joe’s locker room but when he walks in, he finds Karen Angle with someone other than Kurt – and it isn’t Joe – who she introduces as the new man in her life.  Jeremy leaves the room and begins to worry about how this is going to effect Kurt.

Raven (6’1”, 245 lbs) from the Bowery

accompanied by Havok & Martyr of Serotonin


Kaz (6’1”, 215 lb) from Anaheim, CA

Both wrestlers enter the ring with kendo sticks.  Raven sheds his jacket gets the mic and tells Kaz that he gets what he is trying to prove and Serotonin is willing to accept Kaz back into the fold.  Kaz shakes Raven’s hand, they hug, Raven raises Kaz’s arm into the air but Kaz quickly turns and nails Raven with the kendo stick. Kaz then takes down Havok and Martyr with the stick.  The bell rings and Kaz leaps high over the two downed men in the ring to get to Raven. Raven tosses him over his head, sending him into the guardrail and onto the floor taking Martyr down with him. Raven baseball slides to take Kaz out again but connects with Martyr instead. Kaz and Raven exchange blows as Havok comes off the top rope.  Kaz gets out of the way and Havok takes down Raven and Martyr. Kaz throws Martyr and Raven back into the ring but Raven comes off the opposite ropes and uses the back of Martyr to send Kaz down to the apron. Raven goes out on the floor after Kaz and sends him backward into the guardrail then does it a second time.  Raven tosses Kaz back into the ring and goes after him with knees to the abdomen and fists to the face.  Raven takes Kaz up in the air and brings Kaz down into a roll up and tries for a pin.  Raven gets a two count before Kaz kicks out. A boot to Kaz’s face from Raven then attempts to choke Kaz with the kendo stick.  Kaz and Raven again exchange blows in the ring before Raven hits Kaz in the midsection with a knee. Kaz goes down to the mat.  Raven picks him up and delivers an elbow shot to the back, sending Kaz down again. Raven backs up and delivers another knee, sending Kaz over the ropes and onto the floor. As Raven distracts the referee, Martyr and Havok work on Kaz outside the ring, then tosses Kaz back in for Raven to attempt the pin. Raven barely gets two count before Kaz kicks out.  Raven slings Kaz across the ring and into the corner post chest first, then comes off the ropes and takes Kaz down with a clothesline. Raven delivers a kick to the side of the head and stops to work the audience. Raven stands over Kaz slapping his face before bringing him up to deliver repeated arms under Kaz’s chin. Raven slaps Kaz again as Kaz attempts to get to his feet but Kaz delivers a hard right staggering Raven. Kaz repeats right hand and forearm blows before sending Raven across the ring and into the ropes. As Raven comes off the ropes, Kaz delivers a drop kick sending Raven crashing to the canvas. As the referee tends to Raven, Havok and Martyr enter the ring to take Kaz down again. As Havok holds Kaz, Martyr delivers a super again.  Once again Kaz is able to avoid the blow and Martyr takes out Havok. Raven is not happy and goes after Martyr to voice his displeasure as Kaz goes after both of them with a clothesline taking himself, Raven and Martyr over the top ropes and onto the floor. Kaz is up on the ring apron but so is Havok.  Kaz leaps from the top rope, connects with Havok and takes him to the floor with a hurricane rana. Raven is waiting with a kendo stick and catches Kaz in the head before shoving him back into the ring. Raven picks Kaz up off the mat to try for a DDT, but Kaz slips under him and heads for Martyr across the ring, sending him to the floor, comes off the ropes and catches Raven with a drop kick sending him to the mat. Kaz goes for the pin, gets the three count and the win.

This match was supposed to have been between Raven and Kaz, however, all four men involved took some dangerous falls and tumbles both inside and outside of the ring.  Raven may be one tough guy but Kaz is so quick on his feet and agile he made everything he accomplished during this match look like it was easy. Raven has that look down from the time he first walks down the ramp and glares directly into the camera until the match is finished.  Raven has always been hardcore and you tend to look for how much damage he will inflict on any opponent unfortunate enough to be in the ring at the same time. In the top high-risk maneuver category, this match was superb and I would include Havok and Martyr as major players.

We are backstage with Jeremy Borash who has found Kurt Angle and Jeremy is trying to tell Kurt that Karen is in the building and he tells Kurt that Karen has a date but he doesn’t know who he is. Kurt tells Jeremy that Karen still loves him and that Jeremy gets paid to stir things up.  Kurt tells Jeremy that it is that menopause thing that is causing the problem and Jeremy tells Kurt that was not what he saw. Jeremy tells Kurt that Karen and her guy are drinking champagne, but Kurt says Karen doesn’t drink so he knows Jeremy is lying. Jeremy tells Kurt that Karen does drink now.  Kurt then asks where Karen and her male friend are and Jeremy tells him they are in Joe’s locker room.  Kurt then says he gets it and that it is all Joe’s fault.

We see a recap of the battle between Rhino, Rhino’s problems with alcohol,  and Cowboy James Storm and what has lead to their match tonight.

BARROOM BRAWL – Anything Goes Match

Cowboy James Storm (6’0”, 245 lb) from  Leipers Fork, TN

accompanied to the ring by The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore 


The War Machine Rhino (6’2”, 270 lb) from Detroit, MI

Rhino runs down the entrance ramp and into the ring while Storm retreats to the entrance ramp.  Rhino helps himself to a steel chair slinging it in the direction of Storm but it is a wide high miss and the chair goes directly into the audience.  Rhino is out of the ring and headed toward Storm still on the entrance ramp. They exchange blows before Rhino shoves Storm into the crowd and follows him in.  They are still fighting it out, trading punches, until Storm picks up a trash can and slams it over Rhino’s head.  Back to trading punches a Rhino takes Storm up the steps and farther up into the audience.  Storm goes directly into the crowd with Rhino behind him. Rhino slams Storm’s head into a wall as they continue through the crowd and start back down another set of stairs.  Rhino has Storm by the hair, dragging him through to stop and slam Storm’s head on a rail.  Storm is down on the ground as Rhino yells at Storm to get up and tells Storm he owns him. Rhino attempts to sling Storm into another wall but Storm gets the switch and Rhino hits the wall, knocking a large hole through the plaster. Rhino is down, Storm is on his feet.  We are back to blow exchanges before Rhino dumps Storm over the guardrail and onto the floor in front of the ring.  Rhino heads to the bar area set up outside the ring, picks up Storm and slams him face first into a barstool. Storm goes down and Rhino goes around behind the bar.  He picks up a beer, slams a fist into Storm on the opposite side of the bar, then opens the beer and decides to drink it before flinging what is left around and throwing the bottle into the air. Miss Jackie gets in Rhino’s face and Rhino picks up another beer, opens it and throws beer on Miss Jackie as she makes a hasty retreat. Storm is back up and Rhino nails him with the mannequin sitting at the bar before throwing the mannequin into the ring.  Rhino grabs a crutch and hits Storm across the back then picks up a pony keg, shakes it, opens it and goes after Miss Jackie with the spray before deciding to have another large drink. Rhino nails Storm in the abdomen with a barstool.  Rhino grabs the not quite empty keg and dumps some on Storm on the floor before picking Storm up and sticking his head into a toilet.  Storm manages an elbow to Rhino’s abdomen and as Rhino backs away, Storm hits him with the metal crutch he finds on the floor, first in the midsection and then across the back. Storm is now in control as he takes Rhino up the entrance ramp and delivers a suplex sending Rhino to the ramp. Storm yells at the camera, yells at the audience, stops to throw a bottle toward the ring, then goes back to working on Rhino.  As Storm stops to argue with the audience, Rhino lifts Storm up, throws him over his head and Storm crashes into the bar, taking it down in pieces with him. Rhino now picks up a bottle of vodka , takes a big swig, and flings some at the camera before heading over to the announcer’s table. Rhino gets another small keg and helps himself before going back give Storm another dunk into the toilet. Rhino tosses Storm back into the ring and wanders back to find a metal ladder that he slides into the ring. Rhino tries to sling Storm into the ropes but Storm gets the switch and sends Rhino across the ring. As Storm goes across after Rhino, Rhino sends Storm up and over the top rope.  Storm lands on the apron and tries for a kick to Rhino’s head, but Rhino blocks it. Rhino shoves Storm off the apron and into the guardrail then goes out onto the floor after Strom. The ladder is positioned between the guardrail and the ring.  Rhino attempts to throw Storm into the ladder but Storm ducks underneath.  As he comes toward the ladder, Rhino shoves the ladder into Storm’s midsection, doubling Storm over.  Rhino send Storm back into the ring then goes under the ring to get a table, a trashcan lid and trashcan. He nails Storm with a trashcan lid and Miss Jackie comes to Storm’s aid.  Rhino has Miss Jackie up in the air but he takes too long and gives Storm time to come to her rescue. Rhino and Storm slugs Rhino and Miss Jackie lands on her feet and makes her way back out of the ring as Storm slams a trashcan lid into Rhino’s skull. Rhino and Storm exchange blows, Rhino comes off the ropes, Storm sends him over the top rope and Rhino crashes into the ladder taking the ladder down to the floor. Storm comes out after Rhino, moves the ladder, and tosses Rhino back into the ring. Storm has Rhino down on the mat using multiple hard rights to keep him down. Rhino is up delivering a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino works at setting up the table in corner, then goes after Storm.  Storm slips out of Rhino’s grasp, Rhino delivers a spine buster, goes to the corner to s set up Storm for a gore.  Storm steps out of the way and Rhino crashes into the table.  Storm goes for the pin but only gets a two count. A frustrated Storm picks up a trashcan, waits till Rhino gets to his feet then sends him back down to the mat by smashing the trashcan over his head.  Storms repeatedly smashes Rhino’s skull with the trashcan before tossing it aside and picking up a steel chair.  Storm waits until Rhino is up before nailing him directly in the head with the chair.  He lays Rhino’s head on a chair, then picks up another chair and hits Rhino again in the head. Storm holds the chair victoriously in the air for the audience to see. Storm goes to the corner and waits for Rhino to stagger to his feet before delivering the super kick that sends Rhino back to the mat. Storm stands over Rhino for a second before he picks up a beer bottle smashing it into the back of Rhino’s head. Storm goes for the pin and gets the three count. Miss Jackie joins Storm in the ring to celebrate.

There was a lot of action in this match and both men wore themselves down to nothing to get the job done but I still don’t understand why Rhino is repeatedly the loser.  No offense to Storm – he’s great in these brawl matches – but Rhino just keeps getting beat up over and over again. Tenay tells us that it was the alcohol that rendered Rhino incapable of winning.  In spite of the action this match contained, I was disappointed in the ending. On a positive note, Rhino didn’t look as though he would be in need of a blood transfusion after this match.

Backstage with Crystal who is telling us how excited she is going to be to talk to Pacman Jones when Ron “The Truth” Killings interrupt her.  He is not impressed with Pacman, the football player. The Truth tells us that he will be after Pacman and TNA had better find Pacman before The Truth does. 

Tenay and West remind us that there are vacant chairs at ringside for Karen Angle and guest and how difficult it is going to be for Kurt to focus on his match.

Voodoo Kin Mafia (VKM)

BG James (6’2”, 261 lb) &

Kip James (6’3”, 260 lb)

accompanied by Roxxi Leveaux 


Latin American Exchange (LAX)

Hernandez (6’2”, 295 lb) &

Homicide (5’10”, 220 lb)

Homicide and Hernandez stop on their way down the entrance ramp to point their fingers at Hector Guerrero who is sitting at the Hispanic announcer’s table.

The bell rings and Homicide and BJ face off.  They grapple until Homicide  delivers a fist to BJ and then does a little BJ dance imitation. They lock up and BG takes Homicide back into the corner where Kip is waiting, Kip is in and they double team Homicide.  Hernandez comes in to help and shoves BG across the ring, then goes after Kip. Several slugs to Kip and Hernandez heads back across the ring after BG but BG is heading for his own corner and trying to stay out of the way. As the referee tries to get Hernandez out of the ring, VKM again double-teams Homicide before BG gets out of the ring.  Kip slingshots Homicide across the ring and then goes down to the mat. Homicide hits the corner post hard and goes face down to the mat. Kip sends Homicide to the opposite ring post, then picks him up and slams him to the mat. Tag to BG who works on the lower back of Homicide, then takes him down to the mat to work on his back and neck. Tag to Kip who takes Homicide up in the air, holds him and then body slams him to the mat, goes for the pin but doesn’t get it.  Kip applies a bear hug to Homicides lower back in the middle of the ring.  Homicide slams his forearms into the sides of Kip’s head to break the hold, goes back into the ropes, comes off and gets caught once again in a bear hug. Homicide breaks free, goes into the ropes, comes off and gets slammed to the mat courtesy of Kip. Tag to BG, BG picks up Homicide, goes for a clothesline, misses and Homicide goes under BG to tag in Hernandez. BG tags in Kip and Hernandez comes over the top rope taking both VKM down with a double clothesline. Hernandez delivers a forearm to BG and follows up with a forearm for Kip, throws BG through the air and to the mat before picking up Kip and holding him for Homicide to deliver first a blow then off the ropes to land on Kip’s chest. Hernandez rips off his own shirt, Homicide has the referee’s attention.  Hernandez has BG up in the air and as he moves past VKM’s corner, Roxxi delivers a shot of powder to Hernandez’s face blinding him. Boot to the midsection from BG, Kip enters the ring, knee to the back of Hernandez’s head and Kip gets the pin and the win.  Unfortunately for VKM, Hector Guerrero gets into the ring and explains to the referee that powder was used and shows him where powder spilled on the ring apron. The referee declares the win invalid and starts the match again. Kip is in Hector’s face when the bell rings, Homicide gets the drop on Kip, Hernandez takes down BG outside the ring, roll up by Homicide and LAX gets the win.

Could this mean Hector Guerrero has aligned himself with LAX or was he just doing what was right?  We may find out on next week’s iMPACT.  All in all this was a good match.  I didn’t think we saw enough of Hernandez but when he and Homicide work as a team they do it right.  Kip and BG are a great tag team and are working in the real heel direction especially with the addition of Roxxi. Hernandez did one of those high leaps over the ropes that tend to make us all wonder how he does that.  I am still singing Homicide’s praises in the ring.  The more we see the better he becomes.  I’d like to see him spend more time honing his skills in the X Division. Those of us who enjoy seeing the good guys win appreciate the stand up Hector Guerrero siding with what is right. 

We go to a recap of the reasons we are having a Humiliation Match between Eric Young and Robert Roode. Eric is with Jeremy in the back telling Jeremy how difficult his high school years were in the form of humiliation. 

Kurt shows up to complain to Jeremy that he couldn’t find Karen in Joe’s locker room and wants to know if Jeremy is seeing Karen. Jeremy assures Kurt he is not seeing Karen. Eric is grinning and Kurt wants to know if Eric is Karen’s new boy toy and Eric says that he is way out of Karen’s league and besides the guy Karen is with is much better looking than he is.  Kurt wants to know if Eric has seen them but Jeremy breaks up the conversation and reminds Kurt that he has a match tonight.  Kurt says that Dr. Nash is the only person who understands him but he knows that this isn’t like Karen and she wouldn’t bring another man around him and this is Joe’s idea, not Karen’s idea.



Robert Roode (6’0”, 230 lb) from Wall Street in Manhattan

accompanied by Miss Brooks


Showtime Eric Young (6’0”, 225 lb) from Freedomland, USA

The camera pans the audience area and shows us several men in black shirts, arms crossed, with POLICE written on their shirts.  West says they had to bring in outside security because of the media coverage regarding Pacman Jones.

The bell rings and Roode goes across the ring after Eric applying several forearms to the back and sending him head first into the turnbuckle. Roode slams Eric in the face with a fist before yelling at the referee.  Miss Brooks is yelling at the audience from her spot in the corner. Roode sends Eric across to the corner post, but Eric gets a grip on the top ropes, goes up in the air and comes down behind Roode, across the ring, slides under Roode, then takes Roode down swinging fists at his face before getting him up and sending him over the ropes. Eric takes a moment to work the audience before going outside the ring where Miss Brooks is standing back doing much screaming at Eric. Eric gives Roode a right fist to the head, follows him around the ring and gives him another fist to the face. Eric throws Roode back into the ring as Miss Brooks follows both men around the ring screaming at Eric.  When Eric challenges her, she turns and goes the other way.  Eric heads into the ring but Miss Brooks has him by the leg.  Roode charges at Eric who is standing on the ring apron and sends Eric flying off into the guardrail.  Miss Brooks begins hitting Eric with the heel of her shoe as Roode comes out after Eric.  Roode picks Eric up and drops him face first onto the guardrail, then give him a short arm clothesline sending Eric to the floor.  Roode picks up Eric and tosses him back into the ring, follows him in and uses his boots to keep Eric on the mat and close to the ropes.  Eric gets to his feet but Roode greets him with a fist, slings him into the ropes and gives Eric a back body drop onto the mat. Roode comes out of the corner across the ring and clotheslines Eric against the ring post sending Eric to the mat again.  Roode goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Roode keeps Eric on the mat with an arm lock around Eric’s throat.  Eric gets to his feet and gets Roode by the hands.  Eric jumps up and kicks Roode in the chest sending him across the ring. Fists to Roode’s forehead, Eric tries to send Roode across the ring into the turnbuckle but Roode turns it around.  Eric grabs the top rope and sends himself into the air.  Roode, one step ahead of Eric, grabs him by the legs and slams him hard to the mat. Roode picks Eric up and gives him a body slam back on the mat.  Roode slides his kneepad down and goes up to a sitting position on the top rope.  Standing on the second rope, Roode dives down and hits Eric’s throat with the unpadded knee. Roode tries for the pin again but Eric kicks out after the count of two, Roode goes for the pin once more and gets another two count. Roode gets in the referee’s face arguing about the count and gives Eric time to get to his knees.  Roode slaps at Eric before driving a fist into the side of his head. Eric comes back with a hard right and they are trading fists in the middle of the ring, both men swing and connect and both men go to the mat. Eric is on his knees and then on his feet.  Eric charges Roode but Roode connects with an elbow knocking Eric backward. Roode charges Eric and Eric delivers a back body drop.  Roode back up and gets Eric’s forearm across his chest sending him back down to the mat. Eric slings Roode toward the ropes, Roode gets the switch sending Eric into the ropes but Eric comes off the ropes with a kick to Roode’s chest. Eric rolls Roode up but Roode kicks out. Roode throws Eric into the corner and Eric goes up and over the top rope landing on his feet on the apron. Roode charges Eric and is greeted by a shoulder block from Eric to Roode’s abdomen. Eric slides under the ropes and Roode to get back into the ring planting Roode on the canvas with a belly-to-belly suplex. He goes for the pin, doesn’t get it and Roode rakes the eyes as Eric stands up. Again Roode goes for Eric’s eyes and then Roode steps out onto the ring apron. Roode goes up to the top turnbuckle as Eric gets to his feet in the ring. Eric is dazed and backs into the turnbuckle, knocking Roode to a sitting position. The crowd again gives Eric approval for his actions and he gives Roode a quick fist before turning to see Miss Brooks enter the ring.  Eric slingshots Miss Brooks into Roode who is still sitting on the top turnbuckle, Eric then picks up Miss Brooks and uses her as a battering ram before loading Roode on top of Miss Brooks and has them both on his shoulders.  Roode comes off the top and lands a blow to Eric sending him down to the mat.  Roode tries for the pay off but Eric breaks out of the hold, Roode tries for a clothesline and Eric manages a roll up.  Unfortunately the referee is still busy checking on Miss Brooks and doesn’t get to start the count right away.  When he does, Eric only gets a two count before Roode kicks out.  Eric heads toward Roode the in the corner and connects with Roode’s boot.  Roode again goes up to the top turnbuckle and comes down with a neck breaker then goes for the pin. Roode gets a two count before Eric gets a shoulder off the mat.  As the referee checks on Eric, Roode motions to Miss Brooks who then tries to hand Roode a set of brass knuckles.  Roode can’t get them on, drops them and Miss Brooks retrieves them.  Eric again goes for Roode but Eric sends Roode into the corner,  and as Eric goes after Roode, Roode sends Eric up and over the top rope landing on the ring apron. As Roode turns, Eric catches him with a fist. Eric is up on the top turnbuckle, but Miss Brooks is up and after him.  Eric knocks Miss Brooks to the floor and goes off the top rope towards Roode.  The referee gets pushed and Roode delivers a low blow to Eric. With the referee’s attention on Eric in the middle of the ring, Miss Brooks tosses the brass knuckles in to Roode who then uses them to deliver a hard right to Eric sending him down to the mat.  Roode hides the knuckles in his tights and goes for the pin.  Roode gets the three count and wins the match.  Roode and Miss Brooks are in the ring celebrating their win before Roode drags Eric out onto the floor.  Roode goes after the microphone to announce that they will humiliate Eric Young.  Gail Kim runs down the ramp and around the ring, covering Eric in order to keep Roode away from him. Roode grabs Gail by the hair, calls her a bitch, and Gail slaps him.  Miss Brooks attacks Gail from behind. Roode has Gail by the hair again and instructs Miss Brooks to hold her.  Roode draws back a fist to hit Gail, but Gail ducks and Roode takes out Miss Brooks instead.  Gail goes after Roode with fists flying and has her down on the floor as Eric who has regained his composure, goes after a bent over Roode with a low blow kick. Eric takes the microphone and tells the audience that Miss Brooks will be the one who will be humiliated.  Eric and Gail proceed to tar and feather Miss Brooks as Roode stays safely out of the way toward the top of the entrance ramp.

Eric Young has got to be one of the greatest crowd pleasers in the business.  No matter how bad or how good he is in the ring everyone in the crowd cheers for Eric.  He didn’t disappoint anyone in this match up although I think Robert Roode could have done better along the wrestling lines versus just plain fighting dirty. Miss Brooks spent most of the match screaming and trying not to pop out of her top which looked precariously close to snapping loose if she took a deep breath.  Gail Kim had the crowd on her side as she went after Roode.  She always shows spunk and fire and is one of the reasons I believe TNA should get women’s wrestling up and running.  This match wasn’t the best I have seen for Eric and Roode but they did a good job and kept the audience entertained.  Look for more Roode & Brooks versus Eric and Gail matches in the near future.

We get a recap of the history between Wildcat Chris Harris and Dustin Rhodes now calling himself Black Reign.  We then go to the back with Crystal and the Wildcat as Wildcat tells Dustin that he did not take Dustin’s spot in TNA, that Dustin did it all by himself. 

Wildcat Chris Harris (6’4”, 260 lb) from Fort Wright, KY


Black Reign Dustin Rhodes (6’6”, 260 lb*) from the Deepest Darkest Corner of His Mind

Wildcat is in the middle of the ring waiting for Dustin to make his entrance.  Dustin comes down the ramp behind Wildcat. Dustin attacks Wildcat from behind, sending him through the ropes and out to the floor.  He picks Wildcat up and delivers a hard right to Wildcat’s head.  Dustin places his own handcuffs on the bottom rope and goes after Wildcat again. He gives Wildcat several boots and fists to the back before picking Wildcat up and delivering another fist.  Wildcat is back down on the floor and Dustin picks him up and sends him flying into the guardrail.  We see Wildcat’s face which is now covered with blood. Dustin gets in Wildcat’s face and continues to use his fist on Wildcat’s head.  He again sends Wildcat back into the guardrail. Wildcat is on the stairs and Dustin is still using his fists on Wildcat’s head and face.  Dustin shoves the referee out of the way when he tries to break things up then Dustin picks Wildcat up and runs him into the corner post. Wildcat tries to get to his feet outside of the ring but Dustin reaches out and pulls Wildcat into the ring. Dustin snaps Wildcat’s neck while he is halfway through the ropes and uses his fists again as another referee comes out to take the downed ref’s place.  Dustin grabs his handcuffs and proceeds to use them against the head and face of Wildcat.  As the second referee attempts to stop him, he hits the referee with a clothesline sending him to the mat. Wildcat is now inside the ring and Dustin continues to hit him with the handcuffs, then chokes him.  Dustin takes Wildcat across the ring and executes a bulldog.  As Wildcat again tries to get tot his feet, Dustin uses the handcuffs to choke Wildcat.  A third referee is out in the ring and Dustin shoves him back when he tries to intervene. Dustin appears to be biting Wildcat’s bleeding forehead as the referee rings the bell and stops the match.  The match is awarded to Wildcat due to disqualification and as Dustin stands up, the referee exists the ring. Wildcat is still on the mat and as he gets to his feet, Dustin handcuffs Wildcat to the ropes and continues to pummel him. Four members of security enter the ring at different times and Dustin throws them all out. Dustin has a weapon resembling some sort of spike and he climbs to the top rope behind Wildcat, Dustin screams and hits Wildcat with the steel end of the weapon. Kaz, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt enter the ring and block Dustin from getting to Wildcat. Dustin exists the ring and the match is over.

I was looking forward to the match between Wildcat Chris Harris and Black Reign Dustin Rhodes.  I can honestly say I was very disappointed.  It wasn’t a match, it was a blood bath with the Wildcat getting to do nothing except crawl around and bleed. Although I have seen Dustin Rhodes take on and deliver some fantastic characters in his wrestling career, Black Reign does not appear to be one of those. The makeup was terrible, the movements were sluggish – there was nothing resembling a ring talent shining through. Both of these men are talented.  I do not understand why such talent is wasted on something like this.

We see a recap of the history between the Steiner Brothers and Team 3D.  We then go backstage to Crystal with the Steiner Brothers along with another wrestler that Scott calls his partner and says they will be wrestling in Japan. We switch to Jeremy with Team 3D where Brother Ray makes fun of the injury Scott sustained in Puerto Rico and they threaten to send Scott back to the hospital.



The Steiner Brothers, both from Detroit, MI

Rick (5’11”, 253 lb*)

& Scott (6’1”, 285 lb)


Team 3D,  both from New York City, NY

Brother Devon (6’2”, 270 lb)

& Brother Ray (6’4”, 280 lb)

The bell rings and it is Rick facing off with Devon. Ray distracts Rick and Devon blindsides him and sends him down to the mat. Devon uses fists and forearms to keep Rick down on the mat in Team 3D’s corner.  Devon sends Rick into the ropes, Rick ducks the clothesline waiting for him and slams Devon to the mat then goes for the pin. Ray comes in to stop the count but Rick hangs onto Ray’s leg and appears to be biting him as Scott comes to Rick’s aid. Scott sends Ray into the ropes then delivers a back body drop as Ray comes off the ropes.  Devon is sent into the ropes and gets the same service.  Team 3D is now out on the floor and the Steiner Brothers are in the ring. Team 3D start up the ramp to leave, but the Steiners go after them.  Scott throws Devon into the announcer table, then the guardrail.  Rick is working on Ray and gets him back in the ring.  Ray calls for a time out, comes up and rakes Rick’s eyes, then turns to go after Scott.  Rick tags in Scott.  Ray backs Scott into the ropes but Scott ducks the fist coming at him, pushes Ray into the corner and delivers a series of chops to Ray’s chest. Ray into the ropes and Scott flattens him with a clothesline before delivering an elbow.  Scott starts to go for the pin but stops to show the audience his trademark push-ups.  Ray is back on his feet and manages to deliver a chop to Scott’s chest, then lifts Scott up and drops him on the mat. Ray goes for the pin but Scott kicks out.  Ray tags in Devon and they send Scott into the ropes.  Scott comes off the ropes and takes Team 3D down with a double clothesline. Scott picks up Devon, tries to send him into the corner but Devon tosses Scott into the corner instead.  Devon charges Scott and meets Scott’s boot.  Scott delivers a belly-to-belly suplex then tags in Rick to take over. Rick has Devon down on the mat, working on his head with fists. Rick tags in Scott and Devon sends Scott to the corner.  Devon charges Scott who gets a boot up but as Devon distracts the referee, Ray works on Scott’s arm, stretching it over the ropes. Scott is down holding his arm. Devon works on the scar on Scott’s back and side with his boot, using the ropes for leverage. The audience sides with the Steiners and Devon stops to argue with the crowd. As Rick and Devon keep the referee at bay, Ray again works on Scott’s arm from outside the ring. Team 3D has Scott in the corner with Devon holding down Scott so that Ray can inflict damage on Scott’s already injured arm. Ray turns over a set of steel steps and deals with the booing crowd before going back to his corner. Devon applies an abdominal stretch to Scott as Ray points out that Rick is trying to enter the ring.  As soon as the referee turns his back to get Rick back outside, Ray is in the ring helping Devon work on Scott. Devon tags in Ray then holds Scott so Ray can deliver a fist to Scott’s side.  Ray has Scott down and is delivering closed fists to the scar on Scott’s back as Rick attempts to enter the ring to help his brother.  The referee gets in front of Rick but the referee gets knocked down and Rick goes after Ray. Rick gets in a few fists before the referee heads him back to his corner but now Devon is in the ring working on Scott who is still down on the mat. Ray tags in Devon and it’s a double team on Scott as they toss Scott into the opposite corner post.  Devon dives at Scott but Scott manages to get out of the way and goes after Ray with a clothesline taking Ray down.  Rick is trying to get Scott to the corner to get a pin and Rick is in the match.  He alternately punches and clotheslines Devon and Ray before sending Ray into the ropes and delivering a back body drop. Rick does the same for Devon before sending Ray into the air for a belly-to-belly suplex then doing the same for Devon. Rick sets Devon up on the turnbuckle then tags in Scott.  Scott works on Devon as Rick goes out onto the floor to take care of Ray.  Scott sets Devon up for and manages to pull off a belly-to-belly suplex off the ropes.  Scott goes for the pin but only gets a two count before Devon gets a shoulder off the mat. Scott gets Devon in the corner, Scott climbs the ropes and pounds on Devon before Ray goes after the scar area on his back. Ray has Scott on his shoulders as Devon climbs to the top rope, dives off and takes Scott down with a mid air clothesline. Devon goes for the pin.  Scott gets a shoulder up.  Rick is back in the ring but Ray delivers a body slam sending Rick to the mat. Devon goes to the top ropes again but Scott takes out Ray with a fist to the back of the head then goes up the ropes after Devon.  Scott goes to the top rope and takes Devon down with the frankensteiner. From the mat, Scott sets up Devon for the Steiner recliner submission move but Ray breaks it up before Devon taps out. Ray goes after Rick with a few fists before turning his attention back to Scott.  Devon and Ray double team Scott and drop him to the mat.  Rick is back on his feet swinging at Devon and Ray but they send Rick into the ropes.  Rick comes off the ropes and takes Devon down with a clothesline the delivers a few fists to Ray before picking him up and dropping him over his shoulder. Devon gets Rick in the corner, goes up the ropes to work on Rick but Scott breaks the hold and gets Devon on his shoulders.  Rick climbs to the top rope and comes off to take Devon out with a bulldog.  Scott goes for the pin as Rick keeps Ray out of the ring.  Scott gets the pin and the Steiner Brothers get the win.

If you know anything about me, you know I love those highflying X Division matches but there is nothing like the Steiner Brothers in the ring.  The fact that Team 3D was the opponent just made the match that much sweeter.  Scott and Rick are big and brutal as are Devon and Ray.  With all the boys in the ring, that’s close to a thousand pound of pure strength. I read a preview somewhere on the Internet where someone was complained it would have been better if both of these teams were in their prime.  Step in the ring with any one of these wrestlers.  If you saw this match, you saw the best. As tough as Scott was in the ring, I have to wonder how much that black and blue area on his back and side were hurting when the match was over.  Thanks guys for a spectacular job.

We are backstage with Jeremy and Kurt at the door to Kevin Nash’s office.  They enter and Kurt drops his belts on the floor falling face first on the couch to cry about his losses outside of the ring. Kevin reprimands Jeremy for starting things and tells Kurt there are things more important than his family, the first being him, Dr. Nash. Dr. Nash reminds Kurt about how great he is and what a champion he is.  He tells Kurt to pull it together tonight so he can beat Samoa Joe in the ring.  Dr. Nash makes Kurt repeat eye of the tiger before he wanders off and leaves Kurt crying on his couch.

Tenay is in the ring telling us about the mainstream media coverage that TNA has gotten regarding Adam “Pacman” Jones. Pacman’s music begins and he comes to the ring slapping a few of the fan’s hands on his way to the ring. West is telling us what a great football player Jones is.  Jones refuses to shake Tenay’s hand in the ring and stares out at the audience.  West tells us that everyone wants to know what goes through that man’s mind. Tenay says it is the moment we have been waiting for and it is time to get some answers from Pacman Jones.  Pacman tells Tenay he is there because he liked wrestling as a kid and he always wanted to step in the ring one day. Tenay asks him why TNA and Pacman says TNA is a trendsetter and Pacman is a trendsetter. Tenay asks Pacman what his goal in TNA is and Pacman says he wants to show the world that he is the greatest team player that ever lived.

We hear the music of Ron “The Truth” Killings and The Truth comes down the ramp with his “What’s Up!” then says to cut the music.  He cuts loose on Pacman and tells him that professional wrestling is not a team sport, it’s about individuality. He tells Pacman he got his ass in a sling because his contract says he can’t touch anyone or be touched by anyone. Pacman takes the microphone and climbs up the ropes as The Truth is still telling him how it’s going to be. The Truth says he is at the top of the list of superstars that want to take Pacman out.  He tells Pacman he better watch his back here, at home, in the showers and he better watch his ass.  Pacman laughs and tells The Truth that he doesn’t talk the talk, he walks the walk.  The Truth loses his shirt and heads to the ring but doesn’t make it because Pacman’s special security has The Truth held back.  Pacman says to let him go.  Pacman then tells The Truth that he’ll see him in a little while, he will be in the back later.

You have no idea how grateful I am that I wasn’t holding my breath for this “interview”.  Pacman should go back to football, maybe try some baseball or even bowling but if he insists on staying in the six sided ring, he needs to ask for a writer that makes him sound like he has some level of intelligence. The one great thing about this was seeing The Truth come down that ramp .  The Truth is a great talent and TNA should be scrambling to make sure he stays.  I don’t just enjoy him in the ring, I enjoy his dancing and his music. Thanks for breaking up the monotony of the Pacman “interview” Ron.

Build up for the Abyss specialty match. Crystal is backstage with Christian, AJ and Tomko.  Christian tells everyone what a ridiculous idea Abyss’s match is and he does not intend to bleed but he does intend to win. AJ asks Tomko what Christian meant about AJ’s blood and holds up a box of Band-Aids as he tells Tomko they both know AJ was not bleeding tonight.  Tomko tells AJ he still doesn’t get it, band-aids only stop bleeding, they don’t prevent the bleeding. AJ tells Crystal when Christian gets out of the cage, he will be right behind him.

Tenay and West are discussing the Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle match then about Pacman and the controversy surrounding him.  Tenay asks West if he is getting what Tenay is getting in his headset and West says that he is.  We go to the camera in the back where Pacman is on the floor and West tells us there is blood over Pacman’s right eye. Suddenly there are Security men everywhere blocking the camera.  West and Tenay hint that The Truth is the guilty party since he said he would be first in line to get Pacman.  West says that Pacman appeared to be holding his left shoulder as well. 

I ran my DVR backward and forward and slow motion and fast motion and I didn’t see any blood. I did see Pacman hugging himself and it could have been from an injured shoulder.  Don West must have had a better view of all that blood from where he was sitting.




Team Number One

 The Instant Classic Christian Cage (6’1”, 240 lb) from Tampa, FL by way of Ontario, Canada

The Phenomenal AJ Styles (5’10”, 215 lb) from Gainesville, GA &

Tomko (6’6”,286 lb*) from Jacksonville, FL 


Team Number Two

The Monster Abyss (6’8”, 350 lb) from Parts Unknown

The Punisher Andrew Martin (6’6”, 320 lb) from Tampa, FL

& Sting (6’2”, 255 lb) from Venice Beach, CA

As Abyss nears the ring, Christian and company attack Abyss, Martin is next down the ramp to Abyss’s rescue.  The bell rings as Martin cleans house and ends up taking Christian down with a fist.  Martin faces the ring and sees Tomko waiting in the ring as the lights dim and when the lights go up, Sting with a chair in his hand, is in the ring with Tomko. Sting takes Tomko out with the chair then heads out of the ring to help Abyss and Martin. Abyss throws AJ in the ring and goes in after him. AJ uses his feet to work on Abyss’s legs.  In the meantime, Sting has slammed Tomko’s head into the announcer’s table drawing blood. Sting slams Tomko’s head into the table again.  Abyss is still in the ring with AJ and has AJ over his head , steps backward and drops AJ on his face.  AJ gets to his feet and Abyss takes him back to the mat with a clothesline. Sting has Tomko down on the floor, AJ hits Abyss with a high kick sending him out of the ring and onto the steel steps. Abyss throws a set of steps as AJ flies out of the ring and takes Abyss down to the floor. The referee comes outside of the ring to check on everyone on the floor.  Sting is caught between Tomko and Christian.  Sting delivers jabs to Christian backing him up into the guardrail then heads back toward the ring. Someone swings the big cage door at Sting’s head but he manages to catch the door and stop it before it hits.  He is back after Tomko who is next to AJ on the floor.  Tomko and Sting trade blows as Martin gets Christian in the ring. Martin works on Christian in the corner alternating elbows and boots. Tomko, on the floor with Sting, manages to swing the cage door and catch Sting in the head this time.  Martin picks up Christian and drops him head first on the top turnbuckle. As Christian turns around, Martin catches him with a running boot to the face. Martin slams Christian again to the mat and goes for the pin.  The referee points out that Christian is not bleeding and per the rules a pin does not count. Martin attempts to correct the problem by slamming Christian’s face into the steel cage surrounding the ring but Tomko comes in and slams into Martin from behind.

**West informs Tenay that there is something going on backstage.  The camera shows us Pacman in a neck brace with a bandage around his head with what might be blood on a stretcher being put into an ambulance. **

Back in the ring, Christian is climbing up the side of the steel cage .  It appears that AJ is on his back on the mat. Abyss is back in the ring after Christian, pulling him down off the cage, bouncing him off the ropes on his way down then slinging him across to the other side to bounce off the steel cage, then back again to the other side. Tomko, who has been down on the mat, is getting up and Martin is getting ready to help Abyss with Christian. They have Christian set up for a double choke slam when Tomko nails Martin in the back with a steel chair. As Martin goes down, Abyss turns and gets caught in the head with a chair shot from Tomko. Sting has been locked out of the cage and cannot get in to help his partners. Sting finally gets the door open but is prevented from entering  by Christian, AJ and Tomko.  Sting is kicked hard by Tomko and lands on the floor as the door to the cage is shut again as Christian and AJ work to lock the door in order to keep Sting out for the duration of the match. Abyss is down on the mat and Tomko is working on Martin across the ring. AJ goes to work with his boots on Abyss and Tomko takes Martin down to the mat with a fist. AJ and Martin exchange blows as Christian digs around in the bag Abyss brought to the ring.  He pulls out a large piece of glass and uses it to open up Abyss’s forehead, then goes after his left arm. Christian goes for the pin on Abyss but doesn’t’ get the count. Tomko is working on Martin with a chair before AJ sends fists into his face.  Christian is working on a bleeding Abyss as Tomko power slams Martin to the mat. Abyss is down in the corner.  Martin is being tripled teamed in the middle of the ring by Christian, AJ and Tomko. Martin fights back but is outnumbered.  Sting climbs to the top of the cage and uses wire cutters to cut the barbed wire away so he can climb into the ring.  AJ and Christian climb up the inside to stop Sting from entering.  Sting hits AJ on the head with the wire cutters and manages to climb inside.  Sting crotches Tomko on the ropes and takes AJ down to the mat the hard way. Christian comes after Sting and is taken out by a punch, Sting throws Christian across the ring and brings him down with a clothesline. Sting uses a fist to keep AJ out of the action then tosses Christian into Tomko in the opposite corner before applying a stinger splash for both of them.  He then uses the splash on AJ and goes after Christian for a pin.  Tomko slams a chair into Sting’s back, sending him to the canvas. Abyss sets up Tomko for a choke slam, but Tomko breaks free and slams Abyss into a chair on the mat. AJ goes up to the top rope to frog splash onto Abyss.  In the opposite corner Christian follows up with another frog splash and goes for the pin.  Abyss throw Christian off of him nearly throwing him on top of the referee. Christian has the bag of glass and he empties it onto the floor then tries to set up Abyss to drop on the broken glass.   Tomko rescues Christian as Abyss gets the upper hand.  Tomko goes for the chair and as he turns around, Martin catches the chair with his boot sending it face first into Tomko and Tomko is down on the mat and some of the broken glass. Christian tries to climb up the side of the steel cage.  As Sting makes a grab for Christian, AJ manages to take Sting back down to the canvas.  AJ goes up the side of the cage after Christian who has already made it over the top and is heading down the outside of the cage. Sting pulls AJ back into the ring as Christian makes his way up the ramp.  Martin throws AJ into the ropes and the side of the cage.  Abyss has Tomko on the mat. Abyss has AJ up in the air and slams him onto the broken glass.  Abyss goes for the pin and gets the win for his team.  Abyss is now the number one contender for the world heavyweight championship.

Abyss certainly knows how to pick a match for a pay per view.  This was such an action packed match it was hard to find all the players especially when they were still outside the ring.  A great win for Abyss and a good showing from everyone involved. Abyss either has an extremely high pain tolerance or no nerve endings in that massive body.  It is hard to watch him get sliced by broken glass. You hold your breath waiting for him to get angry and get the guy, in this case Christian, who did the damage. I spend many Abyss matches yelling OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! generally for the guy Abyss is beating up.  This time my sympathy was for The Monster.

What TNA should not have done was break into this hectic match for the backstage Pacman on a stretcher bit.  I am watching Martin and Tomko and then the camera is backstage and I have no idea what I have missed in the ring.  How unfair to take the cameras away from the six men scheduled to entertain the pay per view audience.  This little news flash could have been set up directly before or directly after the match without taking time away from the great contestants in the ring.


We see a recap of Kurt Angle, Karen Angle and Samoa Joe and the conflict leading up to tonight’s match.

Crystal interviews Joe prior to the match and Joe tells us that he is focused and Kurt is not and that Joe is coming after Kurt’s championship belts.


X Division Title, World Tag Team Championship Title (Samoa Joe presently holds), TNA World Heavyweight Championship (Kurt Angle presently holds) are on the line.


Kurt Angle (6’1”, 235 lb, 9 yrs Pro) from Philadelphia, PA


The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe (6’2”, 280 lb, 7 yrs Pro) from the Isle of Samoa

Kurt Angle enters the arena slowly with his head down appearing completely dejected.

Samoa Joe enters with his Samoan dancers and Joe dances with them. Audience reaction for Joe is vocal and positive.

Intros are done and the bell rings.  Initial lock up and Joe has Kurt against the ropes.  Joe gives Kurt a slap on release.  Hip toss by Kurt and Joe is on the mat. Both men back to their feet and Joe takes Kurt into the ropes, releases him into the ropes on the opposite side and drops him with a shoulder block.  Both men on their feet, Kurt shoves Joe, Joe shoves back and Angle hits the mat and rolls of the ring.  Karen and the new man in her life enter the audience area and take their reserved seats. Kurt goes back into the ring after seeing Karen and friend. Kurt takes Joe down with an arm drag and has him in a wristlock.  Kurt uses Joe’s hair to take him to the mat then Kurt bails out of the ring. Kurt is back in the ring.  Joe has Kurt in a headlock, switch attempt by Kurt, again pulling Joe’s hair and taking him to the mat.  Kurt immediately bails out of the ring.  Kurt back in the ring, tie up again, Kurt acts like he is again going for the Joe’s hair.  Joe points this out to the referee and then uses Kurt’s shoulder straps to take Kurt down to the mat. Lock up between the men again, Samoa Joe works Kurt into a side headlock, Kurt takes Joe back into the ropes and sends him to the ropes on the opposite side.  Joe comes off the ropes and takes Kurt right back into the headlock. Again Kurt sends Joe into the ropes but this time Joe hangs onto Kurt’s shoulder straps taking him right back into the side headlock. Kurt backs Joe into the corner and does a clean break.  Kurt decides the shoulder straps he is wearing are a hindrance and takes them down to get them out of the way. Kurt delivers a kick to Joe’s midsection and a right to Joe’s head, then backs Joe up to the ropes and sends him across the ring.  Joe comes off the ropes going down to the mat beneath Kurt before taking Kurt’s trunks down far enough for an X rated show. Kurt grabs his trunks and bails out of the ring. Kurt notices Karen and friend laughing at him and heads over to confront them.  Karen and friend are immediately out of their seats, face to face with Joe.  Karen throws her drink in Kurt’s face and Kurt turns to get a chest chop courtesy of Joe who has come out to face Kurt outside of the ring. Joe slams Kurt into the corner post before tossing him back in the ring and going in after him. Joe delivers chops and kicks to a downed Kurt before coming off the ropes and delivering a well place knee in Kurt’s throat area.  Joe goes for a pin but only gets a two count before Kurt kicks out. Kurt is up and in the corner as Joe goes into a boxing stance and delivers two fists. Joe to throw Kurt into the opposite corner but Kurt gets the switch and sends Joe into the corner instead.  Kurt heads after Joe, but Joe gets out of the way and sends Kurt left shoulder first into the ring post. Kurt is down on the mat but Joe picks him and throws several punches into Kurt’s chest and face.  Kurt is down on the mat and Joe uses his boots across Kurt’s head several times before coming off the opposite rope and hitting Kurt’s head full force. Joe again goes for the pin but only gets a one count before Kurt gets a shoulder up. Joe has Kurt against the ropes and delivers a chop.  Joe is going to take Kurt across the ring again, but Kurt gets switches it and delivers a hard suplex. Kurt is back on his feet first, picking Joe up and delivering a forearm under the chin.  Kurt goes into delivering first a series of fits and then a series of boots to take Joe down to the mat.  Kurt executes a suplex and goes for the pin, gets a two count. Kurt has Joe in a chin lock but Joe gets to his feet. Joe attempts to elbow his way out of the hold, breaks free but Kurt is back on him. Kurt delivers a series of two suplexes and is attempting to go for the third but Joe gets behind Kurt and delivers what was supposed to have been suplex but Kurt goes all the way over before hitting the mat. Both men are now down, both men to their feet at the same time.  Kurt delivers a right and the men are now exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. Joe goes for a big hit but Kurt ducks it and has Joe back in suplex territory.  Joe delivers an elbow to free himself then hits the ropes to take Kurt down with a clothesline.  Joe goes off the opposite ropes and again delivers the clothesline. Kurt nails Joe with an upper cut forearm and sends Joe across the ring.  Joe takes Angle down with a snap slam and then goes for the pin, two count only. Kurt is up in the corner, Joe sends him across the ring to the opposite corner and Kurt hits him with a forearm.  Kurt goes up to the second rope and Joe delivers a kick to the head taking Kurt back down. Joe goes for the pin and gets a two count before Kurt manages to get his shoulder off the mat. Joe brings Kurt off the mat, but Kurt rakes his eyes and then sets him up for a German suplex. Kurt is off the mat waiting for Joe to attempt the Angle slam.  Joe slides off, delivers several slaps to Kurt’s face, Joe tries to send Kurt into the corner, but Kurt reverses and sends Joe into the corner instead. Kurt charges at Joe but Joe gets Kurt across the shoulders and slams him down again.  Joe goes for the pin, only gets a two count. *The audience is chanting Joe.*  Joe to his feet first, sits Kurt up on the top turnbuckle and gets Kurt on his shoulders.  Kurt goes down and manages to get the ankle lock on Joe. Joe rolls over, sending Kurt into the second turnbuckle of the corner post. Joe tries to lock in the rear naked clutch, but Kurt trips him down to the mat and sets up for the angle lock again. Joe rolls over, sending Kurt into the ropes.  As Kurt comes off the ropes, Joe, still on the mat, goes for a roll up, getting a two count.  Exchange of blows in the ring and Kurt sends Joe to the mat with the Angle slam. Kurt goes for the pin getting a two count.  Kurt is first to his feet, picks up Joe, forearm to Joe’s chin and he sets Joe up on the top turnbuckle, delivers a series of punches, and tries to set Joe up for the belly-to-belly suplex.  Joe delivers a series of head butts and shoves Kurt off the ropes to the mat. Joe goes up to the top rope but Angle is up the ropes and delivers a belly to belly. Kurt goes for the pin but only gets a two count. *Again the audience even louder than before is chanting Joe*.  Kurt is on his feet, looking at Karen and friend, screaming at them before turning back to Joe. Kurt is now working the audience and he gets a positive reaction. Kurt goes up to the top rope and goes for the moonsault but Joe rolls out of the way and Kurt hits the mat. Joe has Kurt in the corner and sits him up on the top turnbuckle, delivers a chop and takes Kurt down with the muscle buster. Joe goes for the pin, gets almost a three count before Kurt gets a shoulder off the mat. Joe is up and goes after Kurt with the rear naked clutch in the middle of the ring. Kurt breaks the hold by biting Joe’s hand, rolls over and gets the ankle lock on Joe. Joe rolls, Kurt still has the hold applied, Joe gets Kurt back down and again gets the rear naked clutch. Kurt manages to get a foot on the ropes and the referee makes Joe break the hold. Joe to his feet first, delivering punches to Kurt in the corner. Joe tries to send Kurt across the ring but Kurt switches and delivers a clothesline but Joe ducks and it connects with the referee.  The referee is down.  Joe has Kurt back in the rear naked choke and Kurt is tapping out.  Joe releases the hold and goes to wake the referee up. The referee does not come to and as Joe turns he receives a low blow courtesy of Kurt. Both men are down on the mat and the camera pans to show Karen folding up a steel chair and heading to the outside of the ring.  She motions for Joe to come over and as soon as he gets to the chair, Karen pulls it back out of the ring. Kurt trips Joe and he goes down to the mat. Karen hands the chair to Kurt who nails Joe in the head before throwing the chair out of the ring. Kurt runs to revive the referee, pins Joe, getting the win. Karen is in the ring with her arms around Kurt and Karen’s friend is in the ring applauding Joe. Kurt now has all of the gold belts.

Both of these men went all out in this match.  I was impressed with both of them, their skill, their durability, and their showmanship.  Kurt and Joe never disappoint us with their skill in and out of the ring, which made up for the so-so story line that had evolved. I am always amazed at Joe’s athletic ability considering his size and I like his entrance theme. If you a wrestling fan, Kurt is the man to watch. No matter how much story lines attempt to trivialize what Kurt has accomplished, he did win the gold at the Olympics and he is an accomplished wrestler.   When Kurt made the move to TNA I felt he would bring skill and ability and that big mouth he has learned to use so well to make the audience both love and hate him and he has done exactly that. He and Joe work hard in every match and are great opponents. This may have been a good story line for some people but I wasn’t impressed with the Kurt and Karen Angle against Samoa Joe gimmick. I did not include all the times the camera went to Karen Angle and the new man in her life.  That was not the major part of this match up. I realize TNA has been catching some heat because of the continued Kurt/Joe feud and they needed something new to fuel the fire but I hope the next gimmick is a little more wrestling oriented.




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