November 20, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Personal comments by Sassy are marked in italics.

BREAKING NEWS:  Matt Hardy underwent an emergency appendectomy last night. He did not wrestle at Survivor Series due to ďknee injuries sustained during an attack by his former tag team partner MVPĒ. It was most likely in Mattís best interest to have not been involved in the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match as a member of Team Triple H.

This is the first ECW since Survivor Series.

See this sites Monday Night Raw recap for a full list of matches and winners for Survivor Series.  Here are a few highlights:

Team Triple H defeated Team Umaga when Jeff Hardy pinned Umaga. Big Daddy V was on the losing team. Kelly Kelly was on the winning team and Layla was on the losing team of the 10 Women Diva Match.

The 3-way battle for the ECW Championship Title involving Champion CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz ended with CM Punk getting the win and retaining the ECW title. GO CM PUNK!

However, on last Friday nightís Smackdown, Morrison and Miz managed to win the WWE Tag Team Titles from Matt Hardy and MVP, not once, but twice. Matt and MVP both had sustained injuries and MVP invoked their rematch clause immediately. Iím still choking over this win.

Edge made his return The Undertaker vs. Batista Hell in a Cell match at Survivor Series, interfering and giving Batista the win.

Chris Jericho aka Y2J made his return on Monday Night Raw vowing to take the WWE Championship Title from Randy Orton.

On to tonightís ECWÖ

ECW is being broadcast from Tampa, FL on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Ring announcers: Joey Styles and Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

For whatever reason, my TV did a switch to another channel (gotta love high tech stuff!) and I missed the first three minutes or so of tonightís ECW. The following match is already in progress:

CM Punk

ECW Champion


Kenny Dykstra

Audience favorite: Iím sure itís CM Punk

My favorite: CM Punk

Winner: Punk

with a GTS.

I do not know if this is a title match. If it is, Iím not sure why Dykstra is getting a shot at the ECW title and itís impossible to know who is on what brand roster unless one goes to the WWE website and looks. Everyone keeps switching and we donít know if it is permanent or temporary. Dykstra is a good wrestler but not as good as Punk and I donít recall Dykstra being big on high risk maneuvers Ė Punk is extreme.

Punk takes Dykstra down with a suplex and then comes off the ropes, delivering a leg drop. Punk goes for the pin and gets a two count. Punk does not let Dykstra off the mat but gets him in an arm lock. Dykstra gets back to his feet and using Punkíís hair, takes him back against the ropes. The ref calls for a clean break but Dykstra brings a knee up and nails Punk in the midsection, sends a forearm to the back and sends Punk across the ring. Punk comes off the opposite ropes and brings an elbow down on Dykstraís back before bringing him up in the air and bringing him down on a back breaker. Punk goes for the cover and again gets a two count. Punk has Dykstra up against the corner post and tries to send him across to the opposite post. Dykstra gets the switch and Punk goes into the corner, grabs the ropes, comes up in the air and over the top of Dykstra. Dykstra catches Punk in mid air but Punk manages to slide down Dykstraís back. Punk has Dykstra up on his shoulders and he appears to be setting him up for the GTS but Dykstra breaks free and lands behind Punk. As Punk turns, Dykstra delivers a hard clothesline sending Punk to the mat. Dykstra comes of the ropes and nails Punk with an arm before standing up to stomp on Punk who is still down on the canvas. Dykstra goes after Punk with numerous elbow shots then goes for the pin. Style says itís a two count but if it was it was a quick count. Dykstra delivers an elbow to Punkís right shoulder, then delivers another and locks his hands around Punkís chin. Punk is trying to get to his feet and he does, but Dykstra goes to work on Punkís lower back and Punk is down again. Dykstra still has the chin locked in and a knee to Punkís lower back. Punk manages to get up enough to drop Dykstra down to one knee with a jawbreaker. Punk comes off the ropes and delivers an elbow to Dykstraís skull. Dykstra comes back with an elbow to Punkís abdomen, then uses fists and knees to take Punk down to the mat. Dykstra continues to use Punk as a punching bag and the ref is trying to get him to stop. When Dykstra does stop using his fists, he grabs Punk by the hair and begins slamming the back of Punkís head into the mat. Again the ref tells him to stop and Dykstra goes for the cover. He gets a two count. Dykstra locks in the chin lock again, with a knee in Punkís back. The audience has been chanting for Punk and he works his way to his feet again. He manages to roll over and take Dykstra down with him, but Dykstra does not break the hold. Again Punk rolls and Dykstra does not lose his grip. Dykstra has switched to a side headlock. Punk is back on his feet and he sends an elbow to Dykstraís gut. Dykstra responds by grabbing Punk by the hair and delivering a knee to Punkís forehead. Dykstra slams Punk into the corner post and then hits him with shoulder blocks. Dykstra sets Punk up on the top turnbuckle, grabs Punkís hair and holds him down to deliver forearms to Punkís spine. The ref makes Dykstra let go of Punkís hair and Dykstra climbs up to the top with Punk on the turnbuckle. Dykstra tries to suplex Punk off the top but Punk blocks the move, sends a few fists to Dykstraís abdomen and then slams Dykstra down face first onto the mat. Punk does a high dive off the top turnbuckle and lands a cross body block, going for the pin. Punk only gets a two count. Dykstra comes up with a clothesline but Punk ducks, coming back to send Dykstra down to the mat with a shove to the chest. Punk sends Dykstra off the ropes and delivers a leg to Dykstra as he comes off the ropes. Punk again goes for the cover and again gets only a two count before Dykstra powers out. Punk delivers boots to Dykstraís forehead. Dykstra is up against the ring post and Punk charges but Dykstra catches Punk and sends him over the top rope to land on the ring apron. Dykstra turns to nail Punk with a fist but Punk blocks it and delivers his own fist to Dykstraís skull. Punk springboards off the top rope and slams into Dykstra with a clothesline. Punk goes for the pin and we have another two count. Punk is slow to get up and it appears that his neck may be hurting. Punk sends Dykstra into the corner post and hits him with a high knee. Punk goes for the bulldog but Dykstra turns Punk around and sends him left shoulder first into the corner post. Dykstra goes for the cover but Punk powers out at the count of two. Dykstra again nails a downed Punk with boots to the body and fist to the face and head. Dykstra goes up to the top turnbuckle but Punk hits the ropes with a boot and Dykstra lands on the top turnbuckle. Punk picks up Dykstra off the top turnbuckle and delivers the GTS, covers Dykstra and gets the three count. Dykstra doesnít look like he landed right when Punk hit the GTS and he is still down in the ring.

Nice match with Dykstra getting to do more than he normally does in the ring. Dykstra, usually accompanied to the ring by Victoria, has getting beat up by Chuck Palumbo in every match as of late. Punk always holds the audienceís attention no matter who he happens to be in the ring with and he did a good job again tonight. I did not see Survivor Series and do not know how grueling the match Punk had might have been but Iím sure he came out of it with a few scrapes and bruises.

Styles introduces a video of Matt Striker, minus Big Daddy V, getting himself taken out by Kane last week on ECW. Striker in his suit gets choke slammed by Kane in the middle of the ring. Tonight there will be a handicap match Ė at Strikerís request Ė it will be Kane vs. Big Daddy V and Matt Striker.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Elijah Burke, with mic in hand, stands in the middle of the ring telling the audience that he will be changing ECW wrestling again. He says that he has convinced a close personal friend to come and join him at ECW. Elijah introduces his friend, Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin and Burke hug in the middle of the ring.

Tommy Dreamer, weighing 255 lbs., from Yonkers, NY


Shelton Benjamin

Audience favorite: Tommy Dreamer

My favorite: Tommy Dreamer

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Iím surprised Benjamin wasnít introduced prior the match with his stats. I know that Benjamin can wrestle.  He can also fight down and dirty but Dreamer, as one of the ECW originals, should be able to hold his own.

Benjamin shoves Dreamer back before the bell is rung. Immediately after the bell rings, Benjamin has Dreamer down on the mat and is pounding on him with fists. The ref finally gets Benjamin to break but Benjamin comes up and delivers a fist into Dreamerís ribs. Benjamin then picks Dreamer up and sends him back to the mat with a clothesline. As Dreamer tries to get back to his feet Benjamin keeps him down with a torrent of fists as the ref counts and tries to get Benjamin to back away from Dreamer. So far this hasnít been a wrestling match, itís been a one sided brawl with Benjamin beating on Dreamer. Benjamin catapults Dreamer into the bottom rope and then goes for the cover for a one count. Benjamin now has Dreamer in a chin lock. Dreamer fights to get back to his feet and as he does he proceeds to nail Benjamin with fists to the midsection trying to get him to break the hold. Benjamin sends a knee to Dreamerís abdomen and then sends him into the corner post. Dreamer hits the post and goes down on his knees on the mat. Benjamin is working on choking Dreamer and the camera pans to Burke who is watching from ringside. Benjamin again goes for the pin, again getting a one count before Dreamer gets a shoulder off the mat. Benjamin has the chin lock on Dreamer again. Dreamer back to his feet sends hard elbows into Benjaminís midsection getting Benjamin to break the hold. Dreamer goes for a clothesline but misses and Benjamin takes Dreamer down with a back breaker. Benjamin again goes for the cover and again gets only a one count before Dreamer powers out. Benjamin picks Dreamer up off the mat, sends him across the ring into the corner post, charges after Dreamer and Dreamer sidesteps sending Benjamin crashing chest first into the corner post. Dreamer follows up with a flurry of fists to the face and with a hard right sends Benjamin back into the ropes. Dreamer takes Benjamin across the ring and plants him on the canvas with a bulldog. Dreamer picks Benjamin up but Benjamin tries to set Dreamer up. Dreamer responds with elbow shots to the neck and head of Benjamin before trying to send Benjamin into the corner. Benjamin gets the switch and sends Dreamer up against the corner post and comes after him but Dreamer nails Benjamin with a boot to the face. Dreamer goes up to the second rope but Benjamin grabs his leg and sends him down to the mat on his back. Benjamin backs up and waits for Dreamer to get to his feet. Benjamin charges and takes Dreamer down, then goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Knowing that someone has to win and someone has to lose but I donít understand why ECW continues to use someone like Tommy Dreamer as a jobber. He has too much talent to be wasted bringing up the younger wrestlers in this fashion.

Burke is in the ring to raise Benjaminís hand in the air.

Styles now tells us we are seeing a video of the confrontation between Layla and Kelly Kelly that took place last week. We see Layla shoving Kelly and it appears that Kelly is shoving back but we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Deuce & Domino, at a combined weight of 465 lbs.

from the other side of the tracks

accompanied to the ring by Cherry and no nice wheels that I can see.


Jesse & Festus, at a combined weight of 505 lbs.

Audience favorites: Iím not sure

My favorite: Jesse & Festus

Winners: Jesse & Festus

Before the next tag team can be introduced, Styles tells us he and Tazz have been joined at ringside by the new WWE Tag Team Champions, John Morrison and The Miz. Iím sure Morrison and Miz will talk but I doubt that I will be writing down much of what they do talk about.

Both of these teams are from Smackdown and not from ECW. Weíve seen Deuce and Domino in action before and they donít often wrestle in the ring. Jesse and Festus can brawl just as well with Festus being the most powerful of the pair.

The bell rings and Festus is ready to kill someone. Jesse gets him back on the outside of the ring and Jesse is in the ring. Jesse tries to go for a roll up but canít get it done. He takes down his opponent with a drop toehold and then slams him back down again with an arm drag. Deuce and Domino previously held the WWE Tag Team Championship belts. Jesse is fast but not fast enough as Jesse comes off the top rope and misses the mark. He meets the mat flat on his back. The tag is made and a try for the cover but Jesse gets a shoulder up. Either of the teams in the ring should be able to take out Morrison and Miz. Jesse is fighting back in the ring, but he gets a knee to the head for his trouble. Jesse is trying to get to the corner and he does with a quick roll. Now Festus is in the ring and he is pounding away on both opponents since both of them are now in the ring. Jesse helps Festus send one man out of the ring and Jesse gets the cover and the three count.

It was interesting to watch Jesse move around inside and outside the ring. He is fast in the ring, especially next to the slow moves of Festus.

V and Striker are backstage and Striker tells Kane that he warned him last week about making V mad when Kane put his hands on Striker.

Styles again shows us a portion of the disagreement between Layla and Kelly - again.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a recap of some of the Survivor Series matches including the return of Edge and his interference in the Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Batista. This Friday Edge will host The Cutting Edge and his guest will be Batista.

Kevin Thorn, weighing 270 lbs.


Nunzio, weighing 170 lbs., from NY

Audience favorite: Iím not sure

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: Kevin Thorn

Thorn has a new look including different wrestling attire and short spiky hair.  I like the wrestling gear but am not crazy about the new hair look. Thorn did a great vampire routine. No word on the reason for the change. Poor Nunzio is going to get beat up again.  Here is another wrestler that can work in the ring when he is given a chance but those chances are few and far between in ECW.

It starts out as a power game with Thorn taking Nunzio all over the ring. Thorn misses a leg drop but makes up for it by sending Nunzio down to the mat. Nunzio is now on Thornís shoulders in a back breaker before he slams Nunzio to the mat. Thorn is not interested in covering Nunzio but in beating him up. Finally Thorn goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Tazz is asking Styles if he saw what happened with Layla and Kelly after ECW went off the air last week. So now we get to see the shoving match that turns into a slapping match and then a coffee, tea or me match and then they are broken up by refs who were conveniently hanging around.

Note for anyone watching wrestling strictly for the Divas. It is being rumored that Mr. McMahon wants to tone down the divas and make it a little less over sexed in order to create a better family show. It has been noted he requested this type of change once before but it did not last long.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for Ric Flair and note that he should be back on Monday Night Raw next week.

Styles tells the audience that the band Seether is in the ECW audience tonight Ė front row seats, of course.

Layla enters the arena with a mic. Kelly comes up behind Layla and delivers a pie to the face and the food fight is on. These two girls donít seem to have toned down their outfits any. They must not have received Vince's memo prior to the ECW taping. Now we have two refs in the mess as well and all four of them are down on the floor. Next week there will be a wrestling match between Kelly Kelly and Layla - I'm not sure these two can actually wrestle.

Raw Rebound: The return of Y2J, Chris Jericho who has promised to take Ortonís title belt.  Save_Us Y2J and now it is Raw is Jericho.  Jericho has already been added to the Raw roster page.

Two on One Handicap Match

Big Daddy V & Matt Striker, at a combined weight of 705 lbs.


Commercial break before Kane is introduced.

Back from commercial break,

The Big Red Machine Kane, weighing 323 lbs.

Audience favorite: Kane

My favorite: Kane

Winner: Kane

Kane has his hands full with Big Daddy V even though Kane is much faster in the ring than V. Iím not sure why Striker wants to put himself in the middle of this match. He could get taken out and in a big way. V manhandles Kane and in the worst way. V gets done beating on Kane and sends Striker to cover Kane for the pin but Kane powers out and comes back after V. Kane goes up on the top turnbuckle and takes V down with a clothesline but canít get past the two count. Kane delivers a sidewalk slam to Striker but V breaks up the count before Kane can win the match. Kane sends a boot to Vís face and sends him to the mat then choke slams Striker to get the three count and the win. That does not, however, stop V from taking Kane down and smashing him to the boos of the audience. V does the drop again just for good measure.

During this hour long show, CM Punk appeared to have the audience eating out of his hand.  Tommy Dreamer and Kane came in a nice second.  Otherwise the fans at the ECW taping didnít have much enthusiasm for the event. It doesnít say much for the show if only three men out of the entire ECW and Smackdown roster are the only ones the audience came to see.

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