Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

November 19, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

And if you didn't know...
It's official: Jericho returns as Saviour
Winnipeg native heads back to WWE in a big way
Sat Nov 17 2007
By Mike McIntyre
CHRIS JERICHO is coming back to save pro wrestling. The Winnipeg native -- who gained international fame as one of the top superstars in the squared circle -- is about to make his much-anticipated return to World Wrestling Entertainment.
Jericho stunned his fans when he walked away from the ring two years ago, seemingly in the prime of his career.
But he was a man with a plan, which included focusing on his rock band Fozzy, showing his acting chops on film and on stage and even penning an autobiography that recently hit the New York Times bestseller list.
Now Jericho is going back to his true love, backed by a slick WWE ad campaign that has been dropping hints for several weeks about the return of a Saviour during their highly rated Monday Night Raw program.
"It's been the worst-kept secret in pro wrestling," Jericho says with a chuckle about his long-rumoured return, which has become the source of intense discussion on wrestling websites and message boards.
He sat down with the Free Press for dinner Thursday evening during a brief stop in Winnipeg, where he was ending a whirlwind month-long book tour.
Jericho said he always planned to return to wrestling but wanted it to be on his terms. He said writing his book -- A Lion's Tale: Around The World In Spandex -- made him realize what he was missing.
"After 15 years in the business I was burned out. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. (Writing) really helped me remember the past, remember how much fun I had doing it," said Jericho.
"So about six months ago I had an idea come to me about coming back."
It's no coincidence Jericho began thinking about returning around the time wrestling was experiencing its darkest hour. WWE star -- and Alberta native -- Chris Benoit murdered his wife and young son before killing himself this past summer, triggering a tabloid media feeding frenzy and investigation by the U.S. Congress.
Jericho considered Benoit to be one of his closest friends -- both in and out of the ring -- and was as stunned as anyone by what happened.
He still can't explain what drove Benoit to kill but believes a combination of steroid abuse and brain damage caused by excessive head trauma in the ring were factors.
Jericho welcomes some changes Vince McMahon has introduced to WWE, including a more stringent drug-testing policy that includes suspending and publicly identifying offenders. More than a dozen wrestlers have already been caught in recent months.
Jericho's career could have taken a different path -- he's a graduate of the Creative Communications program at Red River College and briefly interned as a reporter at both the Free Press and Winnipeg Sun in the early 1990s.
"I had finished high school at 17 and wanted to get into a wrestling camp, but they wouldn't take me because I was too young. So I needed something to fill time, and I always remember Jesse "The Body" Ventura saying to make sure you have something to fall back on," said Jericho.
"A friend of mine told me about CreCom and I got in. But it wasn't long until I realized I didn't want to be the guy writing -- I wanted to be the guy being written about."
Jericho, 36, isn't sure how long his return will last but won't overstay his welcome, saying he wants to ensure both his body and mind remain healthy. He calls wrestling "show business boot camp" and hopes to continue with acting, singing and writing down the road.
"I'll never be a 9-to-5 guy," he said. "But I've learned never to take anything for
Survivor Series Matches and Results
ECW Championship Match - 3 Way
CM Punk ECW Champion
John Morrison vs. The Miz
(Morrison and Miz are the current WWE Tag Team Champions.)
Winner:  CM Punk who retains the ECW Championship
10 Diva Tag Team Match
The Glamazon Beth Phoenix
WWE Women's Champion
Jillian Hall & Victoria & Melina & Layla
Torrie Wilson & Kelly Kelly & Maria & Michelle McCool & Mickie James
Winners: Torrie Wilson, Kelley Kelly, Maria, Michelle McCool & Mickie James
WWE World Tag Team Championship Match
Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Current WWE World Tag Team Champions
Winners:  Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch who retain the Tag Team Championships.
It is announced that Matt Hardy will not be a part of Team Triple H for the Survivor Series Elimination Match.
Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Umaga
Ugama, Mr. Kennedy, Finlay, Big Daddy V & MVP
Team Triple H
Triple H, Kane, Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy
*Matt Hardy unable to compete due to injuries sustained on Smackdown.
Winners:  Jeff Hardy & Triple H 
Team Triple H
as Umaga is the last man eliminated when Jeff Hardy gets the pin and the three count.
The Great Khali
accompanied to the ring by his Interpreter
Winner: I don't know -- I read the recap and Finlay came out to save Hornswoggle but I didn't read a decision one way or the other. 
Now the report is saying the match was rendered a No Contest.
WWE World Title Match
HBK Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton
WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Winner: Randy Orton who retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Hell in a Cell
The Undertaker
Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Winner: Batista who retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This is the first RAW since the Survivor Series pay per view. For those of you who have not heard, Edge made his return by interfering in Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Batista for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Due to Edge’s interference, Batista retained the title.

There have been rumors that Carlito has requested a release from WWE.  Carlito is still being shown in the RAW opening number.

There have also been rumors that Y2J will be making his return to the WWE ring on RAW tonight.

Monday Night Raw is being broadcast from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on the USA Network.

Ringside announcers: JR and Jerry Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

Backstage interviews: Todd Grisham

The show opens with HBK Shawn Michaels entering the arena. (HBK was unsuccessful in his bid for Randy Orton’s WWE title at Survivor Series.) HBK has mic in hand and is addressing the audience. HBK says the better man won last night – and the audience boos that remark. HBK says he wants to invite Orton, the WWE Champion, to the ring so that HBK can shake Orton’s hand.  The crowd is chanting for “sweet chin music” and Orton appears on the monitor. Orton refuses to come to the ring and wants everyone to see the bruise on his forehead and says that it is there because of another super kick. HBK says that he was going to kick Orton if he came to the ring and the audience cheers. HBK said he wasn’t going to kick Orton until after he challenged him to a rematch for the WWE Championship. Orton says he won’t dignify his response to a request for a challenge. Orton makes a reference to the guy we saw before the opening number carrying a torch to Ft. Lauderdale. Orton said HBK had his chance and he won’t get another one.

Mr. Kennedy enters the arena while HBK is still in the ring. Shall we assume he wants a title shot now? Kennedy puts his hands up like he’s waiting for a mic to drop from the ceiling and HBK drops Kennedy He sends Kennedy over the top rope and Kennedy pulls HBK out of the ring. HBK gets send into the ring post and then Kennedy is back in the ring and he has the mic. Kennedy says it is his turn but HBK drags Kennedy out of the ring.

HBK is back in the ring and he tells Kennedy to come back in and they will have a match right now. Kennedy seems to be having a problem making his way back into the ring and then he goes to the announcer’s table to grab a mic and to trash talks HBK. Kennedy calls HBK a loser and William Regal, RAW’s General Manager, enters the arena and tells the two wrestlers if they want to have a match they have to do it properly and Regal then calls for a referee to come to the ring. Regal tells the timekeeper to ring the bell

HBK Shawn Michaels


Mr. Kennedy

Audience favorite: HBK Shawn Michaels

My favorite: HBK Shawn Michaels

Winner: HBK

won the match that wasn’t a match because the bell never sounded.

And, we go to…

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, HBK and Kennedy are in a match but they are on the entrance ramp and outside the ring. JR says the bell has not sounded because the two men have not been in the ring. HBK seems to have the upper hand and Kennedy is down on the floor as the ref tries to get the men in the ring. Kennedy gets in the ring and then gets back out. HBK goes out after him but Kennedy is ready for him and they both go over the guardrail and into an area near the audience seating. HBK slams Kennedy’s head into the announcer’s table and then they are in the ring announcer’s seats. Kennedy slams HBK back first into the ring apron and the ref is yelling at Kennedy to get in the ring. HBK is in the ring and Kennedy goes after a steel chair to get into the ring. As the ref tries to get Kennedy to drop the chair, HBK delivers a super kick to the chair sending Kennedy back onto the floor. The bell still has not rung and Kennedy is now out on the floor. Since the bell did not sound and the match was never under way, HBK must have won the NON-match.

For not being a real match it wasn’t a bad brawl. Most of the fighting was done outside of the ring but HBK seemed to be in top form.

JR tells the audience there will be a match tonight between Jeff Hardy, the WWE Intercontinental Champion, and Umaga.  At Survivor Series, Team Triple H beat Team Umaga when Jeff got the pin and the three count. I believe Umaga was the only member of his team left in the match at the end.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for The Hives who did the official theme song for Survivor Series.

Santino Marella, weighing 227 lbs., residing in Patterson, NJ


Jerry “The King” Lawler, weighing 224 lbs., from Memphis,TN

Audience favorite: I'm not sure.

My favorite: I'm not sure.

Winner: Jerry The King Lawler

Before Lawler is introduced, we see the match from last week between Marella and Lawler where Lawler beat Marella. Marella has some nice tattoos. 

We have some trouble getting the match under way because Marella is telling the ref how to ref the match. Then Marella begins to trash talk Lawler, but Lawler delivers a drop kick and sends Marella across the ring. The two lock up and Lawler has Marella in the corner. Lawler breaks clean but Marella backs Lawler in the corner and Marella does not break clean. Lawler gets a little over confident and gets himself down on the mat with Marella working on Lawler’s arm and back. Marella goes outside the ring to the announcer’s table and puts on Lawler’s crown and then goes back into the ring with the mic to make fun of Lawler who is still down on the mat. Lawler gets back to his knees and slaps Marella down before getting back to his feet to work over Marella with a few fists. Marella goes back to Lawler’s arm. Lawler goes for the backslide pin, gets the three count and the win.

Not a bad little match but I think Marella isn’t getting any sort of push in WWE. I assume he has some wrestling talent or he wouldn’t be on the payroll but I haven’t seen him do anything worth doing in the ring.

Surprise, surprise (and it really isn’t a surprise which is why this gimmick has gotten so stale), Orton enters the ring and RKO’s Lawler. Marella disappears out of the ring and the arena while Orton is running around looking for a mic so that he can address a booing audience. Orton says he has an update on the status of “his” torch runner and he is running right by the arena where Orton beat HBK. Orton is waiting for the “official passing of the torch” when the torch runner makes it to the arena in Ft. Lauderdale. May I just say – whatever.

JR reminds us again about the match between Jeff Hardy and Umaga tonight and then we will see a ceremony for Orton – something about the passing of the torch.  Again – whatever.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the torch runner on the monitor.

Todd is backstage with Kennedy and wants to know about what happened tonight between Kennedy and HBK. Kennedy said he only went out to the ring to show HBK some respect. But that didn’t happen because HBK super kicked a chair into Kennedy’s face. The chair to the face doesn’t seem to have done any damage to Kennedy’s jaw. 

JR tells us about the match last night at Survivor Series between Hornswoggle and The Great Khali. Vince and Shane McMahon were both in the ring area when the match took place. We see a video of the match from Survivor Series. Hornswoggle throws his hat at Khali, goes outside of the ring and takes on Khali’s interpreter, goes back into the ring with a weapon but is smacked down by Khali. Shane gets out of his seat to help Hornswoggle but Vince sends him back to his seat at ringside. Khali is going for the vice grip when Finlay shows up with his weapon and takes out Khali then takes Hornswoggle up the ramp and out of the arena.

Are we certain about that DNA test? Finlay and Hornswoggle DO sort of look alike…

McMahon is backstage with Regal and Jonathan Coachman and he wants to know what the two of them thought about Survivor Series. Both of them discuss the Hornswoggle speeches and nervous actions before the match and then during the match between Hornswoggle and The Great Khali. And then they bring up Finlay.

There is a knock on the door and Carlito enters, apple in hand. Carlito said he was there to show McMahon his appreciation on how McMahon treated Hornswoggle last night. McMahon wants to know how tough Carlito is. McMahon wants to know what would happen if Carlito took on a four foot McMahon. McMahon is scheduling a match tonight between Hornswoggle and Carlito. Carlito is laughing and everyone wishes Carlito luck.

Jeff Hardy, weighing 225 lbs., from Cameron, NC

WWE Intercontinental Champion


Umaga, weighing 350 lbs., from the Isle of Samoa

Audience favorite: Jeff Hardy

My favorite: Jeff Hardy

Winner: Jeff Hardy

due to interference by Snitsky – who wasn’t in the match.

Before Umaga is introduced, we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the end of the Traditional Survivor Series match in which Jeff Hardy pins Umaga for the three count. I’m not sure how Jeff did it last night but I’d like to see him take down Umaga again. I have nothing in particular against Umaga but Jeff is one of the greatest high-risk takers in WWE. Jeff starts out with fists flying but Umaga doesn’t even notice. Jeff manages to send Umaga out of the ring and then makes the mistake of going out after him. Fortunately, as Umaga gets back in the ring, Jeff hits him with a low drop kick, goes for the pin but doesn’t get the three count. Jeff is working off the ropes but gets caught and is now down on the mat. Umaga picks Jeff up off the mat with the audience chanting for Jeff. Umaga has a nerve hold on Jeff, which works on Jeff’s right arm. Jeff is working his way back to his feet but Umaga applies more pressure and Jeff is back down again. Jeff tries again to get to his feet and he does, but Umaga takes him down by pulling his hair. Umaga has Jeff in the same nerve hold again. Jeff tries to get to his feet and goes, but Umaga slams Jeff in the back then sends him head first into the corner turnbuckle. Umaga backs up and charges, but Jeff gets out of the way and Umaga meets the ring post. Jeff hits the DDT and then goes off on the ring apron to climb up to the top rope. Umaga is back on his feet and he sends Jeff flying straight into the guardrail and we go to…


Back from commercial break, both men are back in the ring and again Umaga has Jeff in the nerve hold. We see what happened during commercial break and it was all about Jeff taking a beating courtesy of Umaga. Jeff is now down on the mat but the audience is trying to get him back to his feet. Jeff is back up and tries to body slam Umaga and does pick him up, but Umaga goes down on top of Jeff and Umaga gets a two count. Jeff is again back in the nerve hold and is down on the mat. Jeff is trying to get to the rope but can’t quite reach it. Jeff is back to his feet, comes off the ropes and gets sent over Umaga’s head in a back body drop. Umaga comes off the ropes and drops a leg on Jeff and goes for a cover but Jeff powers out of the pin. Umaga gets a two count. Umaga delivers kicks to Jeff’s head and back. Umaga goes for the cover but again only gets a two count. He goes for the pin again and gets a two count. Umaga picks Jeff up off of the mat by his hair and delivers a blow to Jeff’s forehead. Something lands in the ring and the ref throws it out – I couldn’t see what it was – Umaga picks Jeff up again by the hair and Jeff rolls out on the ring apron. He manages to send grab Umaga as he drops down to the floor off the ring apron catching Umaga on the top rope. As Umaga staggers back, Jeff goes to the top turnbuckle, flies off and gets caught in  mid air by Umaga. Umaga slams Jeff to the mat and goes for the cover but once again Umaga only gets a two count before Jeff manages to power his way out of the cover. Jeff is down and Umaga is back on his feet. Umaga jumps off the ropes and lands on Jeff. Jeff is still down and Umaga gets Jeff in the nerve hold. Jeff is back to his feet and comes off the top rope to meet Umaga’s foot. Umaga goes up in the corner and dives but Jeff manages to roll out of the way and now Umaga is down as is Jeff. The ref is counting and he gets to four before both men are back up. Umaga sends Jeff back down to the mat and proceeds to punch him with fists before the ref breaks it up. Umaga goes back and charges at Jeff in the corner. Jeff rolls out of the way, Umaga smashes into the ring post, Jeff goes across the ring and comes off the top turnbuckle to deliver a flying twist of fate sending Umaga to the mat. Jeff goes for the pin and gets a two count. Both men are back to their feet and Jeff is using the ropes to try to take Umaga down. Jeff tries for the twist of fate but Umaga shoves Jeff into the corner. Jeff sends a boot to Umaga, Umaga catches the boot but Jeff comes off the floor and sends the other boot into Umaga. Umaga is still on his feet. He charges Jeff in the corner, Jeff sidesteps and Umaga goes shoulder first into the corner post. Jeff goes to the top turnbuckle to deliver the swanton bomb. Umaga rolls out of the way and Jeff hits the mat. Umaga takes Jeff down with a Samoan drop and then he gets ready to deliver the Samoan spike but Jeff ducks under the spike, delivers a kick to Umaga’s midsection, hits the twist of fate and Umaga rolls out of the ring. Jeff hits Umaga with a baseball slide that sends Umaga into the announcer’s table. Jeff springs over the top rope and takes Umaga down to the floor. Jeff rolls back into the ring while the ref starts the count on Umaga. As Jeff turns around in the ring, Snitsky attacks him and the ref rings the bell ending the match.

Snitsky proceeds to pound on Jeff as the ref tries to get Snitsky to stop. Snitsky charges Jeff and Jeff gets out of the way, sending Snitsky into the corner post. Jeff is pounding on Snitsky. Umaga is getting back into the ring. As Snitsky sends Jeff backward, Umaga hits Jeff with a clothesline, sending Jeff crashing to the mat. Both men are now working on Jeff and they throw him out of the ring and onto the floor. As Snitsky and Umaga look down at Jeff, we hear Triple H’s music and Triple H enters the arena heading for the ring and Snitsky and Umaga. Triple H sends Snitsky to the mat before he and Umaga begin to exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Umaga sends Triple H into the corner post but when he charges, Triple H has moved out of the way and Umaga hits the ring post chest first. Triple H sends Umaga to the mat with a spine buster before taking off his shirt and sending Umaga over the top rope with a clothesline. Snitsky is back to his feet and Triple H works on Snitsky, sending him over the top rope and onto the floor. The ref goes out to check on Jeff. Jeff is back in the ring with Triple H and Lillian announces that Jeff Hardy is the winner by disqualification. Triple H and Jeff Hardy invite Umaga and Snitsky back into the ring but they don’t take them up on the offer.

Jeff held his own in this match and I was waiting for him to lay down and play dead.  I wouldn’t have blamed him one bit.  He took some hard hits in this match and coming so soon after Survivor Series, I’m sure he’s already got some sore muscles. I'm betting Umaga was a little worse for wear as well, but he certainly didn't show it.

Everyone should note that Orton didn’t make his way out to the ring to pick on HBK or on Triple H, Umaga, Snitsky or Jeff Hardy.

We see the replay of Snitsky entering the ring to interfere in the match and then Triple H entering the ring and cleaning house.

Lawler reminds us there will be a match tonight between Hornswoggle and Carlito. Lawler says that McMahon has made this match a no disqualification match. JR reminds us about the symbolic and literal “passing of the torch” somehow in reference to Orton.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, there is a replay of the match before commercial break between Jeff Hardy and Umaga with the interference of Snitsky and then Triple H.

Jeff Hardy and Triple H are backstage. When they break up, Todd steps in and asks Triple H why he would go out and help Jeff in his match. Triple H says he is the real bad ass of the WWE, not Umaga or Snitsky. Triple H then makes reference to a transvestite Todd may or may not have picked up last night at a local bar.

Hardcore Holly, weighing 243 lbs., from Mobile, AL


Cody Rhodes, weighing 232 lbs., from Charlotte, NC

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes faced Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch at Survivor Series for the WWE Tag Team Titles.  Cade and Murdoch won the match and retained the title belts.

The two men lock up and end up in the corner. The ref calls for a clean break and Code breaks clean. Holly turns Cody around and proceeds to pound on him, then goes for a roll up but Cody powers out. The two men are face to face with each other. Holly body slams Cody to the mat and then chokes Cody on the ropes. Holly now has Cody in a headlock. The two exchange slugs before Holly sends Cody to the mat. Cody comes back swinging, delivers a side leg sweep and goes for the cover but doesn’t get the three count. Holly sets Cody up for the Alabama slam but Cody manages to break free and he send Holly down to the mat. Cody delivers a DDT, gets the cover and the three count.

Holly has the in ring experience but Cody has wrestling in his blood. Holly is always entertaining and he although he has been known to fight a little on the dirty side, he’s good in the ring. Cody needs to learn to be a little more underhanded but I can’t complain about his in ring performance.

And then who but Orton should show up to take Cody down with an RKO? And NOW, Orton has the mic but he does drop it in order to take out Holly with an RKO as Holly gets to his feet. Orton says he has an update on the status of his torch runner. We see the torch runner who is passing the Ft. Lauderdale sign. Orton says it is only a matter of time before he gets the respect he deserves. Orton must still be on drugs – and great drugs at that. I guess that's how it works when you are not punished like everyone else on the WWE roster who got caught.

Commercial break – not soon enough.

Back from commercial break, we see a replay of what happened right before the commercial break – with Orton.

JR says we will now see a Randy Orton tribute video. Now would be a great time to get a drink, walk the dog, go to the bathroom, throw something through your television, etc., etc., etc. JR tells us the passing of the torch ceremony is live tonight.

McMahon is backstage and he turns to run into Finlay. They rehash the “surprise” that happened with the Hornswoggle match last night. Finlay asks where McMahon was born – Finlay was born in Ireland. Finlay makes fun of McMahon’s age. I’m not sure what that entire exchange was about.

We see Maria and Mickie James heading to the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo telling us that Rick Flair will be on next Monday night’s RAW.

Tag Team Match

Melina & Jillian Hall


Mickie James & Mickie James

Audience favorites: I’m not sure

My favorites: Mickie James and Melina

Winners: Mickie James & Maria

Before Mickie and Maria are introduced, Melina takes Liliian’s mic and then Jillian takes the mic away from Melina. Jillian tells everyone that John Secada (I hope I spelled that right!) is in the audience tonight. He is there to support Lillian Garcia’s album and that he did a duet with Lillian.  Jillian then proceeds to trash Lillian’s singing. I’m afraid Jillian is going to sing – MUTE BUTTON, MUTE BUTTON! Even Melina has to cover her ears. Jillian then gets in Lillian’s face and shoves the mic back at her. 

Mickie James was the winner of the 10 Diva Elimination match at Survivor Series last night.  She kissed someone in order to get the win.

Mickie James has been showing her abilities in this match but they are limited by her opponent’s abilities. Mickie decides to kiss Jillian (that’s just gross – that’s the same mouth Jillian attempts to sing with!), then delivers a kick to the head and gets the pin and the three count.

I’m a little confused. Wasn’t just a week or so ago Mickie James was hitting on Trevor Murdoch?  THAT was quite a change of er, um, well, you know…

I have a real issue with women’s wrestling in WWE. They say they do but they don’t. Most of the women in WWE aren’t wrestlers and I’m not certain any of them really intend to be. There are any number of women working the independent circuits that can and do wrestle.  WWE just doesn’t seem to be keen on hiring them. Mickie James, Victoria and Beth Phoenix are the women who appear to have made a career out of wrestling and Victoria doesn’t get matches that aren’t jokes and Beth doesn’t have any one of her size and caliber on the roster. Mickie is very good in the ring but even she gets short changed with ridiculous story lines.

We see Carlito backstage walking to the arena.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

No Disqualification Match

Hornswoggle, who enters from Under The Ring


Carlito, weighing 220 lbs.

Audience favorite: Hornswoggle

My favorite: I like them both.

Winner: Hornswoggle

with an assist from Finlay

Carlito comes to the ring laughing. He enters the ring and has to “warm up” before the match begins. He pokes at Hornswoggle a few times, the puts his hand up in the air for Hornswoggle to grab his hand but, of course, Hornswoggle can’t reach that high. Carlito drops down to his knees and then teases Hornswoggle by putting up first one hand and then the other as Hornswoggle puts up his hands. Carlito shoves Hornswoggle backward and Hornswoggle hits the mat.  As Carlito stands up, laughing, Hornswoggle decides to take a bite out of Carlito’s backside, and then slaps Carlito in the face. Carlito goes after Hornswoggle but he hides behind the ref, then Hornswoggle runs out of the ring with Carlito in pursuit. Hornswoggle makes it to the announcer’s table and steals JR’s hat which he then puts on before going across the announcer’s table to put the hat on Lillian Garcia. Every time Carlito gets close to Hornswoggle, Hornswoggle goes between Carlito’s legs and makes a getaway. Carlito chases Hornswoggle under the ring but Carlito gets in the ring and sneaks across to the other side. As Carlito waits for Hornswoggle to reappear, Hornswoggle comes out from the opposite side with a bucket full of water. As Carlito stands up, Hornswoggle dumps the water on Carlito’s head, Carlito slips and falls to the mat.  Hornswoggle is out on the ring apron and he dives at Carlito, but Carlito catches Hornswoggle, carries him up to the ring apron and dumps him unceremoniously onto the mat. (Did anyone else notice that Carlito’s hair appears to be shedding water?) Carlito comes back out to ringside and grabs his apple. He stands in the ring taking bites out of the apple but before he can spit on Hornswoggle, Finlay is in the ring turning Carlito around. Carlito decides to spit the apple in Finlay’s face and Finlay smiles, looks around, and then sends Carlito to the mat with a clothesline.  Finlay picks up Hornswoggle and body slams him onto Carlito.  Carlito gets the pin and the three count. Finlay hands Hornswoggle the apple and Hornswoggle takes a bite out of the apple, chews it up and spits apple on Carlito.

While this was a cute match and I do like Hornswoggle, I am certain this is not the career Carlito was looking for when he came to WWE.  I have not seen Carlito in a realistic match in a long time and although there are rumors that he is making trouble for himself in WWE, I can’t imagine WWE continues to not use Carlito for his wrestling abilities in and out of the ring.

We see the marathon runner outside of the arena.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Lawler reports that next week Triple H will team with Jeff Hardy to meet the team of Umaga and Snitsky. 

As Orton enters the ring to talk about Orton and to wait for Orton’s “torch”, Orton tells us that there is no one else left for him to beat.  (Has Orton beaten Snitsky and Umaga?  I can’t recall.) We see the runner outside the arena on the monitor and suddenly the runner is taken out by a clothesline…and then we see the video of Save Us 222 and 2nd Coming and all that -- guess who appears after the countdown?  (You can’t mistake the stance and the look, even from the back.)  None other than Y2J Chris Jericho.  He looks like he’s lost a little weight, his hair is much shorter but he sounds like the same Y2J. It seems Y2J has come along to “save us” from Orton. Jericho got a standing ovation and there was no physical contact – in fact Jericho never left the top of the entrance ramp and Orton never left the ring. It will be interesting to see how Jericho handles himself in the ring after being out of action for so long.

It is now RAW IS JERICHO! And this is the second coming of Y2J. Y2J wants Orton’s title belt and once he has it, he proclaims: It will Never, Never, Never, EVER be the same again.

Y2J celebrates with the fans staying at the tope of the entrance ramp and the show is over.




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