Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown

November 16, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

Survivor Series is this Sunday.

Before the show begins, we see Batista reminding Mark Henry that he has not forgotten about him or what he has done to him.

Smackdown is being broadcast from Wichita, KS, on the CW Network.

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

Tonight Batista takes on Mark Henry in a No Disqualifications Match.

Finlay, weighing 233 lbs., from Belfast, Northern Ireland


Jeff Hardy, weighing 225 lbs., from Cameron, NC

WWE Intercontinental Champion

Audience favorite: Jeff Hardy

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: Jeff Hardy via disqualification.

Before Finlay’s opponent is introduced, we see a recap of the match between Finlay and Mysterio last week. Finlay won the match with the Celtic cross. I’m finally getting used to Jeff’s hair. Before the match begins, we see the match last week between Jeff & Matt Hardy and MVP & Mr. Kennedy. I know Finlay may be able to take Jeff out but I have faith in Jeff’s ability and he should do well unless Finlay manages to keep him on the mat. The one thing we don’t see Finlay do is any high-risk maneuvers.  He’s a mat worker. I thought there was a larger difference in weight. Finlay gives the referee a clean break. The two wrestle but Jeff sends Finlay over the ropes and then dives out to take Finlay down to the floor. Back in the ring, Jeff goes for a cover but doesn’t get the three count. Finlay sends Jeff shoulder first into the corner post and Jeff goes out onto the floor. Finlay is outside and rolls Jeff back into the ring, then delivers a kick to Jeff’s skull. Finlay goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Finlay has caught on and is keeping Jeff from using the ropes to work the ring. Finlay tries twice more for a pin but can’t get more than a two count. Finlay is using clotheslines to keep Jeff down on the mat and headlock maneuvers once Jeff is down. Jeff delivers a jawbreaker to Finlay but Finlay manages to dropkick Jeff back down. Finlay again tries to pin Jeff but can’t get the count. Finlay still has Jeff down and he delivers a couple of knees before locking Jeff back into the headlock. Jeff is back down to his feet, but Finlay pulls Jeff’s hair and takes him back down again. Finlay sends Jeff to the ring post. Jeff goes up and delivers the whisper in the wind and takes Finlay down. Jeff is fighting back and the audience approves. Jeff hits Finlay with one dropkick and then another. Finlay has his weapon, but the ref catches Finlay. Finlay goes after Jeff with the weapon and the ref rings the bell. Jeff sends Finlay over the ropes and to the floor as the ref raises Jeff’s hand as the winner of the match, disqualifying Finlay.

The Undertaker is in the arena and he will appear after the commercial break.

We see a Hell in a Cell Match from October 5, 1997 between The Undertaker and HBK Shawn Michaels.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a repeat of The Undertaker and Batista when Undertaker requests a rematch and makes it Hell in a Cell.

The Undertaker enters the arena and makes his way to the ring. Cole reminds us The Undertaker will take on Batista for the fifth time this year for the championship and the match at Survivor Series will be Hell in a Cell. Undertaker has been in Hell in a Cell matches seven times before. The Undertaker is in the ring to tell everyone about Hell in a Cell and how many times he has been in such a match. Undertaker calls it The Deadman’s Playground. Undertaker tells Batista he will lose the heavyweight championship in the match this Sunday. Undertaker tells Batista he will Rest in Peace.

Cole reminds us that Batista takes on Mark Henry tonight in a No DQ match.

We see a promo for John Cena’s new DVD.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for Survivor Series.  There will be a weigh in tonight for Hornswoggle and The Great Khali. Tonight there will be a match between Rey Mysterio from Friday Night Smackdown and Mr. Kennedy from Monday Night Raw.

Diva Tag Team Match

Torrie Wilson from Boise, ID & Mickie James from Richmond, VA


Victoria from Los Angeles, CA & Beth Phoenix from Buffalo, NY,

the WWE Women’s Champion.

Audience favorites: Torrie & Mickie

My favorites: Mickie, Beth & Victoria

Winners: Beth Phoenix & Victoria

Before the opponents are introduced, Cole reminds us there will be a 10 Diva Tag Team Match at Survivor Series. I would rather see a one on one match with Beth Phoenix and Mickie James to see how well Mickie would do against The Glamazon. Victoria and Mickie start the match and Mickie goes for a roll up pin earlier but she doesn’t get the three count. Mickie has to fight off Beth when she is up against the ropes. Victoria tags in Beth and they double team Mickie until the ref demands Victoria leave the ring. Beth is very strong and she proves it. Mickie manages to tag in Torrie. I don’t feel that Torrie is great in the ring but she is going a good job in the ring with Beth. She gets caught in a sidewalk slam and Victoria and Mickie end up outside the ring as Beth takes down Torrie inside the ring. Beth covers and gets the three count. I swear Beth never messes up her hair in these matches.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are backstage. Jeff says he is leaving the arena and Matt wants to know what kind of plans Jeff has. Jeff wishes Matt good luck and tells him he will see him later.  Cole tells us Matt is on his way to the ring to be a guest at MVP’s VIP lounge.

We see a clip of Hell in a Cell with the Undertaker against Mick Foley on June 28, 1998.

We again see that Batista has a match against Mark Henry in a NO DQ match tonight.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, MVP is in the ring in his VIP Lounge.

“MVP is in the ring and that can only mean one thing – Big things poppin’ and little things stoppin’”. MVP introduces his guest tonight – MVP’s friend and his tag team partner. Matt gets the approval of the fans as he enters the arena and the ring with his tag team belt. MVP invites Matt to have a seat and then tells everyone that the two men will be on opposing sides at Survivor Series. MVP wants Matt to know that being tag team partner with Matt has been one of the highlights of MVP’s career. Matt asks MVP to explain why MVP allows Matt’s brother Jeff to be slammed off the ring apron by Mr. Kennedy and then MVP took advantage and pinned Jeff Hardy for the win. MVP says that it is easily explained – MVP was in a wrestling match and he had to do what he had to do and that was to win the match. Matt says that MVP did have a choice to do the right thing. MVP says his choice was to keep Matt from getting his head cracked open by Mr. Kennedy when Mr. Kennedy had the steel chair in his hand. Matt wants to talk about competition. Matt wants to know when the last time was MVP defended his United States Championship against Matt. Matt says they should have a match tonight with Matt versus MVP for the United States Championship. MVP doesn’t want to do that and he says that he and Matt are not only tag team champions, they are friends. Matt tells MVP they are not friends, they have never been friends and they never will be friends. Matt wants a yes or no about the United States Championship match. MVP doesn’t even want to be against Matt at Survivor Series.  Matt says it isn’t always about what someone wants. It’s about the United States Championship and Matt wants his shot at the title right here and right now. MVP says that he can’t. MVP says he has already scheduled a match right now to defend the Tag Team Titles and he needs someone to come out and clear out the VIP Lounge and he needs a referee in the ring. Matt wants to know whom they are defending their titles against.

John Morrison of ECW enters the arena.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

John Morrison, weighing 219 lbs., from Los Angeles, CA

& The Miz, weighing 231 lbs., from Cleveland, OH


MVP & Matt Hardy

The WWE Tag Team Champions

Audience favorites: Matt Hardy & MVP

My favorites: MVP & Matt Hardy

Winners: John Morrison & The Miz, new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Morrison and Miz are in a triple threat match for the ECW title against CM Punk at Survivor Series. We see a recap of the match between Punk and Jamie Noble in which Morrison and Miz interfered to take out CM Punk. NOTE: There was an altercation backstage between JBL, Morrison and Miz after the match because of the way Morrison and Miz talked about Punk at the announcer’s table during that match.

I have a feeling Morrison and Miz won’t have a chance against MVP and Matt. The match begins with MVP facing Miz in the middle of the ring. MVP manages to send his boot to Miz’s head early on but MVP appears to have injured his knee doing so. MVP tags in Matt and Matt goes for the cover but he doesn’t get the three count. Matt delivers a bulldog but still can’t get the win. Miz sends Matt back to the corner with Morrison and Morrison gets the tag into the match. Morrison works on Matt’s knee and keeps Matt down on the mat. Morrison tags Miz back into the match. Miz goes outside the ring to ram Matt’s knee into the ring post. Miz goes for the cover and Matt powers out. Miz tags Morrison back into the ring. Matt delivers a clothesline to Morrison but he still can’t get to the corner to tag in MVP. Morrison has Matt back in the corner with Miz and Miz is back in the ring. Miz covers Matt and gets the three count. Miz and Morrison are now the WWE Tag Team Champions. This has got to be a joke.  Miz couldn’t wrestle his way anywhere and WWE has taken away the best comedy team in the WWE – MVP and Matt Hardy. Matt is down on the mat with an injured knee and MVP is leaning over him and looking for a mic. MVP tells Morrison and Miz to hold on and tells him to come back. MVP says they have a rematch clause in their contract and he wants to invoke it right now. Miz and Morrison go back toward the ring and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we have a rematch for the tag team titles.  It is MVP and Miz in the ring. MVP is having trouble with his knee and so is Matt. MVP makes the tag and Miz drags Matt back into the ring to work on Matt’s injured knee. Miz tags in Morrison and we have a little double team before the ref makes Miz get out of the ring. MVP is calling for Matt to get back to the corner to get the tag but Matt can’t walk. Miz gets tagged back in and Matt tries to fight back. Miz gets the cover but Matt manages to get his foot on the rope and the ref makes Miz break the hold. Miz tags in Morrison and Morrison goes to work on Matt’s knee. Matt makes it to the ropes and the ref forces Morrison to break the hold, but as soon as Matt is back in the ring, Morrison goes back to work on Matt’s leg. Matt has to tag out and again Morrison and Miz are the tag team champions. Matt is again down in the ring and MVP is again leaning over an injured Matt. Matt has to compete at Survivor Series. So will MVP. Not a good idea to have a rematch so soon after both competitors are injured. MVP is trying to help Matt back to his feet. MVP holds Matt’s hand up in the air and then attacks him with the United States Championship belt and then goes to work on Matt’s injured knee as the ref tries to get MVP to back away. MVP removes the knee brace from Matt’s knee before going to work on the injured knee himself. MVP goes as far as to smash Matt’s leg with the steel steps. MVP, as JBL notices, is not limping and JBL believes that MVP is taking Matt out of the running for the United States Championship. MVP puts part of the steel steps in the ring and then drops Matt, injured knee first, on the steel steps. MVP leaves the arena to the boos and jeers of the audience, holding his Championship Belt high in the air.

We see a promo for the Survivor Series Elimination Match.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the Save Us 222 video that everyone seems to be growing tired of and then we see a recap of the damage MVP does to Matt Hardy’s leg after they lose the WWE Tag Team Championships not once, but twice, in one night. Then we see the ref’s assisting Matt out of the arena.

We see a Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Rikishi on December 10, 2000 and we are reminded of the Hell in a Cell match this Sunday at Survivor Series between Batista and The Undertaker for the WWE Worlds Championship match. We will have the official weigh in for the match at Survivor Series between Hornswoggle and The Great Khali.  We are reminded there will be a match for the ECW Championship between CM Punk, John Morrison and The Miz and we are reminded that Morrison and Miz are now WWE Tag Team Champions. We are reminded about the Survivor Series match between Randy Orton and HBK Shawn Michaels for the championship with special rules – HBK can’t use sweet chin music or he will be disqualified and Orton can’t try to get disqualified or he will automatically lose the belt and of the  Triple H’s team versus Umaga’s team in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match.

Cole reminds us there will be a match tonight with Mr. Kennedy versus Rey Mysterio and that match is up next after commercial break.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the WWE Smack of the Night – Triple H versus Umaga in a Lumberjack Match last week that ended up in a DQ for Umaga courtesy of Finlay and then we had a brawl.

Mr. Kennedy, weighing 235 lbs., from Green Bay, WI and Monday Night Raw


Rey Mysterio, weighing 165 lbs., from San Diego, CA

Audience favorite: Rey Mysterio

My favorite: Rey Mysterio

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is a major fan favorite. He takes longer getting to the ring just because he stops to greet the fans that are there to see him. We see a recap of the match last week between Rey Mysterio and Finlay. Finlay won the match with the Celtic cross and then decked Mysterio outside the ring with a laptop Finlay picked up from the announcer’s table. Mysterio is a risk taker and Kennedy is not.  If Kennedy keeps Mysterio grounded, he will be out of the running in this match. We begin with wrestling maneuvers until Mysterio sends Kennedy to the mat with an arm drag and Kennedy resorts to fists to take Mysterio down.  Off the ropes and Mysterio takes Kennedy down with a hurricanrana before going after one of Kennedy’s legs to bring him down to the mat. Mysterio gets sent off the ropes and then he sets Kennedy up for the 619 but Kennedy rolls out of the ring and we go to


Back from commercial break, both men are back in the ring and Kennedy has Mysterio in a side headlock. Mysterio sends Kennedy off the ropes and Kennedy takes Mysterio down with a shoulder block then delivers a few boots before trying to take off Mysterio’s mask.  Mysterio fights back and as Kennedy sends Mysterio off the ropes, Mysterio comes back with a boot to stun Kennedy. Mysterio comes off the ropes again and goes high but Kennedy drops him to the mat face first. Kennedy is to his feet and he drags Mysterio back into the middle of the ring, goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Kennedy is now working on Mysterio’s ribs. The ref back Kennedy out of the corner but Kennedy comes back in and sends Mysterio face first into the opposite corner post. Kennedy goes for the cover again and again gets a two count. Kennedy locks in the leg scissors and a headlock. Kennedy gets turned and has Mysterio’s shoulders on the mat for a two count before Mysterio gets a shoulder up. Mysterio is trying to get to the bottom rope and he does, making Kennedy break the hold. Mysterio is out of the ring but so is Kennedy and he sends Mysterio into the guardrail, ribs first. Kennedy rolls Mysterio back into the ring and goes for the cover but again gets a two count. Kennedy puts Mysterio up on his shoulders and works on the ribs. Mysterio manages to flip Kennedy over and gets a roll up but only gets a two count. Mysterio springboards off the second rope, Kennedy catches him in mid air. Mysterio delivers a DDT. Both men are now down on the mat. The ref counts to eight before both men struggle to their feet. Mysterio charges Kennedy, Kennedy sends Mysterio over the top rope. Mysterio lands on the apron, goes over the ropes and takes Kennedy down with a hurricanrana. Mysterio comes off the ropes with a lateral press and goes for the pin. He gets a two count. Mysterio comes off the top ropes and goes for a cover but can’t get it done. Both men back to their feet, Mysterio sends a kick to Kennedy’s head and again gets a two count. Mysterio comes off the ropes, gets a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Mysterio and again Kennedy only gets a two count. Kennedy picks Mysterio up, Mysterio breaks free, Msyterio sets Kennedy up for the 619, he hits it and Mysterio is still on the ring apron. Kennedy is too far across the ring for Mysterio to dive off the ropes. Mysterio goes for a hurricanrana off the top rope, gets the pin and the win.

Cole reminds us that we will see a weigh in tonight for Hornswoggle and The Great Khali in preparation for their match at Survivor Series.  Batista will face Mark Henry in a No DQ match tonight and Batista will face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at Survivor Series on Sunday night.

We see a Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Randy Orton with interference by Bob Orton on December 18, 2005.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Cole is in the ring to announce the official weigh in and photo opportunity:

Hornswoggle, 4’4” tall, weighing in at 138 lbs.

The Great Khali, 7’0”, weighing in at – the scale appears to have broken when Khali stands on it. He generally weighs at 420 lbs.

accompanied to the ring by his interpreter.

There will be a weight differential of over 280 lbs.

Cole weighs in Hornswoggle first. Hornswoggle looks a little nervous around The Great Khali. Cole asks Khali if he has anything to say to his opponent. Khali speaks but we have to wait for the interpreter to tell us what he has said. The interpreter tells us that The Great Khali says he has watched the mockery this last Monday night on Raw of The Great Khali. The Great Khali has beaten every one and this Sunday it doesn’t matter whether Hornswoggle is a McMahon or not, Hornswoggle’s name will be added to the list of those The Great Khali has defeated.

Hornswoggle and The Great Khali must come to the front of the ring together so the photographers can take photos of the two of them. Hornswoggle looks like he’s going to cry and the audience is chanting “Khali sucks”. Khali takes Hornswoggle’s hat, crushes it and drops it to the mat.

We are again reminded of the No DQ match between Batista and Mark Henry coming up.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

No Disqualification Match

The Animal Batista, weighing 290 lbs., from Washington, DC


The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry, weighing 392 lbs., from TX

Audience favorite: Batista

My favorite: Batista

Winner: Batista

I’m not sure why Batista would face Mark Henry so close to Survivor Series, however, Henry is the one who took out Batista before and we can only guess that Batista is after a little revenge. The match opens with Batista working on Henry immediately and Henry seems to be having some trouble getting a foothold in this match. Batista slams Henry’s arm into the ring post and then sends Henry face first into the post. Batista has Henry back in the ring and continues to work on the damaged arm. Henry manages to toss Batista backward, but Batista hits Henry in a Batista bomb. He does not, however, go for the pin. Batista goes out of the ring to grab the championship belt and reenter the ring. As Henry stands up, Batista nails Henry in the skull with the belt.  Batista then goes for the cover, gets the pin and the win. This was an extremely short match, however, as the two men are outside the ring, Batista continues the attack. He sends Henry into the steel steps, the guardrail and then begins pounding on Henry with his fists.  He continues trying to choke Batista with a cord at ringside, takes him back to the ring and sends him head first into the ring post. As Henry turns around, Batista hits Henry with a spear sending him to the floor. Batista has a steel chair and he beats Henry across the back with the chair over and over again.

We hear The Undertaker’s entrance theme as Batista stands in the ring with his arms raised. Undertaker is on the monitor and

The show is over.

I will not be purchasing the Survivor Series Pay Per View,

but will post results on the Monday Night Raw recap.

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