November 15, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

If you missed Genesis and have not seen this site’s play by play recap, here are the matches and the results:

Black Reign Shop of Horrors Match

Black Reign from the Deepest Darkest Corner of His Mind, accompanied to the ring by Misty the Rat and James Mitchell

Vs.The Monster Abyss, 6’8” weighing 350 lbs., from the Black Hole

Winner: The Monster Abyss

Debut: Crimson Blood, now known in TNA as Rellick

The Motor City Machineguns from Detroit, MI, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

Vs.Team 3D from New York City, Brother Ray and Brother Devon

Winners: The Motor City Machineguns

NOTE: Team 3D have taken the X Division Title Belt hostage.

TNA Women’s (Knockout) Championship Match

First Title Defense for the Champion

Roxxi Laveaux of Voodoo Kin Mafia from New Orleans, LA, accompanied to the ring by BG & Kip James of VKM Vs. Angel Williams from Ontario, Canada Vs., ODB from Minneapolis, MN, accompanied to the ring by her flask (and I’m not kidding!)

Vs. Gail Kim from Tampa, FL, Current TNA Women’s (Knockout) Champion

Winner and still TNA Women’s Champion: Gail Kim

TNA X Division Championship Match

The Guru Sonjay Dutt from Bombay, India Vs. Black Machismo Jay Lethal from Elizabeth, NJ, Current TNA X Division Champion

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Black Machismo Jay Lethal

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

The Steiner Brothers from Detroit, MI, The Dog Faced Gremlin Rick Steiner

&  Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner Vs. Tomko from Jacksonville, FL & The Phenomenal AJ Styles from Gainesville, GA, TNA World Tag Team Champions

Winners and still TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Phenomenal AJ Styles & Tomko

Robert Roode from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY, accompanied to the ring by Ms. Brooks Vs.The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe from American Samoa

Winner: The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe

Fight For The Right Tournament Final

Ladder Match

The Instant Classic Christian Cage from Tampa FL by way of Tornoto, Ontario, Canada

Vs. Kaz from Anaheim, CA

Winner of the Fight For The Right Tournament: Kaz

**Voted Best Match of Genesis By Yours Truly**

World Heavyweight Drinking Championship

Cowboy James Storm

World Heavyweight Drinking Champion


Showtime Eric Young


Referee: The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore

Winner: Showtime Eric Young as declared by Showtime Eric Young.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Tag Team Match, Only One Winner

The Silver Fox from Detroit, MI & Kurt Angle from Pittsburgh, PA

Vs. Sting from Venice Beach, CA & Booker T

Winner – and I should use the word WEINER – and still “I can’t win a match with my own abilities” TNA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle with a MAJOR assist from AJ Styles & Tomko.

Debuts: Kevin Nash in the ring again & Booker T with Sharmell

And no Judas Mesias or Scott Hall at Genesis.

We open with Jim Cornette telling Mike Tenay and Don West that they, along with the rest of the TNA staff are prohibited from mentioning the name of two of the participants in the main event.  Those two particular individuals wrestled in the TNA contract before they signed a contract.  Those contracts have still not been signed.  However, we, the fans, know that the two individuals Cornette is referring to Booker T and Sharmell.

Cornette says he is going to find those two individuals and try to have a contract signing on iMPACT tonight.


Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interview: Jeremy Borash and Crystal Loutham

Mike Tenay announces there will be match tonight between Abyss, Black Reign and the debut of Rillek (Killer spelled backward) and the Main Event will be a championship match between the winner of the Fight For the Right Tournament, Kaz, winner of the Fight For the Right Tournament and Kurt Angle.

As if you didn't see enough of them at Genesis, Kurt Angle and the Mrs. and AJ Styles and Tomko enter the ring.

Angle is introduced as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion but I’m more inclined to believe that AJ Styles or Tomko should be wearing that belt due to the interference on their part that ensured Angle retained the title. Angle is doing is usual bragging about being champion. And he has added more people to his “family” – AJ Styles and Tomko – calling them part of the Angle Alliance.  He thanks everyone in the ring for their work and Kevin Nash enters the arena. Nash and Angle exchange words before Angle invites Nash into the ring. Nash enters the ring with Angle, AJ and Tomko and the three of them battle it out before Nash is saved by the members of the X Division: Black Machismo Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, Shark Boy, Wildcat Harris, Hernandez and Homicide. And Angle, AJ and Tomko make a quick exit out of the ring.

We see Christian Cage has entered the parking lot.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for Turning Point.

Kevin Nash is backstage on his cell phone and Crystal Loutham is standing by. Nash says something to Crystal but I can’t catch what he says.

Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave

accompanied to the ring by Christy Hemme


Homicide & Hernandez, The Latin American Exchange

Referee: Rudy Charles

Winners: Jimmy Rave & Lance Hoyt

with a little help from Christy Hemme.

Here it is: I don’t think on their best day Lance & Rave could beat LAX. Homicide & Hernandez have worked together in the ring too long and are too good at what they do to be taken out by a tag team that hasn’t spent that much time together in the ring. Barring any outside interference by Christy – and remember, LAX as a masked member that keeps appearing out of nowhere – LAX should win this match.

The match begins when Hernandez goes across the ring to send Lance through the ropes while Lance is busy leaning through the ropes giving Christy instructions – I’ll bet he’s telling her keep her nose out of the match. Homicide goes after Rave and we have a fast paced wrestling match to begin iMPACT. Rave is stuck on the wrong side of the ring and Hernandez and Homicide take advantage of the situation. Hernandez goes for the pin but Lance enters the ring and hits Hernandez with a boot to break the cover. The ref admonishes Lance for entering the ring. Rave is in a bad place again but he manages to catch Homicide with a boot to the face and tags in Lance. Now it’s Lance and Homicide in the ring. Homicide fights back but Lance takes him down with a clothesline and tries for a pin. Homicide powers out and Lance climbs up on the top to fly off the top turnbuckle with a leg drop. Homicide rolls out of the way and Lance meets the mat. Lance tags in Rave and Homicide is ready for him. Rave sends Homicide toward the ropes, Homicide throws out his hand and tags in Hernandez. As Homicide enters the ring, Rave backs up with his hands in the air. Lance comes into the ring and takes a swipe at Hernandez, but Hernandez the clothesline and Lance goes across the ring and into the ropes. Now it’s Hernandez versus Lance and Rave in the ring. Hernandez tosses Rave around the ring like a rag doll, ducks Lance’s boot aimed at his face, and powers Lance down to the mat. Hernandez picks up Rave and brings him down to the mat with a power bomb, calls in Homicide and goes to work on Lance. The odds are even as Homicide and Hernandez work on Lance. Homicide heads up to the top turnbuckle, Hernandez takes down Lance and Lance rolls himself out of the ring and onto the floor. Hernandez bounces up and down, goes against the ropes, and charges to dive over the top rope and onto Lance on the floor.  Hernandez is fired up and he hops up to say so to the camera. Nice dive, Hernandez! Homicide has Rave up on his shoulders but Christy is up on the ring apron distracting the ref. Homicide takes a swipe at Christy as she leaps from the ring apron to the floor. Rave comes up  behind Homicide, gets him in a roll up, and he gets the three count.

Homicide and Hernandez are both in the ring working over Rave after the match. Christy enters the ring and tries to help Rave but the mystery LAX member is now in the area and enters the ring behind Christy and takes Christy out.

Team 3D is backstage with a mic and Ray wants everyone to know that the Motor City Machineguns cheated to beat Team 3D at Genesis.  I saw the Genesis match and thought it was fantastic and no, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin did NOT cheat to take out Team 3D. Ray and Devon have taken an X Division member hostage but we don’t know who that member is because there is a hood over his head. Ray has a list of demands for Shelley, Sabin and the rest of the X Division. The demands must be met in order or Team 3D will not return the X Division title belt to Black Machismo Jay Lethal.

  1. The letter X no longer exists in the English language. Therefore there can no longer be an “X” Division and Ray suggests they call themselves the S Division because they suck.
  2. The fans in the iMPACT Zone must stop chanting “that was awesome” because if they don’t Ray and Devon will come out into the audience and shut them up.
  3. X Division wrestlers are no longer allowed to go home and hide behind their keyboards and go on the Internet and put themselves over under some fake name.
  4. Ray and Devon want 10 cases – Ray stops to confer with Devon --  make that 12 cases, of Ding Dongs because they like Ding Dongs.
  5. 5 cases of Yoohoo – I don’t know if I spelled that right because I don’t know what it is – and Ray wants the original, not the new formula, the old one that was full of chocolatey goodness that made Ray feel oh so swell. Devon laughs and Ray tells him to stop laughing.
  6. Last but not least, effective immediately, the X Division will turn over all of the rats. Team 3D means all of the ones who sit in the front row of the iMPACT Zone and their mothers.

If their demands are not met, the X Division will never see the X Division title belt again or the X Division member they are holding hostage and they have one hour.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Crystal is backstage with Christian. She reminds Christian of his loss to Kaz at Genesis and then the problem of AJ Styles and Tomko joining the Angle alliance. Christian tells Crystal to “shut the hell up” and then says he has not spoken to Tomko and AJ since Genesis and then wants everyone to look at his face and tells them about the epic battle he went through against Kaz at Genesis (and for once, Christian Cage is telling the truth – that was the GREATEST match at Genesis!) Christian says he has previously been undefeated and it was AJ and Tomko’s fault because they showed up at ringside and distracted him causing Christian to lose the number one title shot and then AJ and Tomko helped Angle win his match. And Christian is now out to get AJ and Tomko.

Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks from Wall Street, Manhattan, NY


Gail Kim, TNA Women’s Division Champion, from Tampa, FL


Wildcat Chris Harris from Fort Wright, KY

Referee: Shane Sewell

Winners: Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks

with the help of a steel chair.

I was surprised Ms. Brooks wasn’t involved in the Women’s Title Match at Genesis.  According to a person who was at the live Genesis event, Ms. Brooks was injured during the Robert Roode/Samoa Joe match when she was hit by a cameraman. Another waste of talent I have complained about recently is Wildcat Chris Harris.  Not one thing has been done to push him since the break up of America’s Most Wanted unless you count the storyline of Dustin Rhodes becoming his alter ego, Black Reign, because of Harris.

Robert Roode’s Number One Fan is in the audience again with her sign and Ms. Brooks spends a little time staring her down. The Fan returns the glares.

The match begins with Gail and Ms. Brooks in the ring. Both of these women are athletic and the match begins as a wrestling match. Gail seems to have the upper hand and Ms. Brooks tags in Roode who sends Ms. Brooks to a chair at ringside claiming he will handle the match by himself. What’s he gonna do, beat up on Gail Kim? Roode goes back into the ring and grabs Gail who is still in the ring and when she protests, Roode said she did not tag in Wildcat. Gail puts up her hand and Roode puts up his hand, then Gail kicks him in the knee then tags in Wildcat who comes off the top turnbuckle to deliver a flying clothesline to Roode. We now have a power house match and Wildcat takes Roode down for a pin attempt. He doesn’t get it and Roode tosses Wildcat out of the ring.



Back from commercial break, we see a promo for TNA’s new music DVD.

Roode is now in control in the ring. Roode attempts a cover but doesn’t get the three count. Roode has Wildcat down in the ring and again goes for the cover but doesn’t get the win. Wildcat is back to his feet and he manages to come off the ropes and take Roode down with a clothesline before sending Roode into the ropes to deliver a back body drop. Wildcat takes Roode down with a vertical suplex but he does not get the three count. Roode hits Wildcat with a DDT, goes for the cover, gets a two count. Roode wants Ms. Brooks to hand him the chair she is sitting on but she teases him with the chair before Roode grabs the chair and nails Wildcat on the head while Gail is trying to tell the ref what is going on. Roode gets the pin and the three count. Roode chases Gail Kim out of the ring and hits Wildcat in the back with the chair. Ms. Brooks enters the ring to stop him from causing more damage to Wildcat when Roode tries to break Wildcat’s arm. Ms. Brooks puts herself between Roode and Wildcat. Roode gets in her face and she gets right back in his as the ref is checking on Wildcat. Ms. Brooks shoves Roode across the ring before she gets out of the ring to the floor. As she goes by the Fan, she grabs the Fan’s sign and tears it up before she grabs the Fan by the hair and drags her out to the floor. Roode looks on from the ring and laughs at the cat fight going on before security breaks it up.

Crystal is in the parking area and she catches up with Scott Hall who has just arrived. Crystal says she knows Hall is at iMPACT because Kevin Nash called him earlier but Hall might be walking into a hornet’s nest. Hall says if Angle and his posse want to play, Big Kev and Hall will play.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Cornette, Crystal and Matt Morgan are backstage and Cornette tells Crystal that he has things to do before he can talk to her. Cornette reprimands Matt for signing matches and granting requests and allowing people on the pay per view who had not signed a contract with TNA. Matt says that he only did what Cornette would have done but Cornette says now he has to explain to upstairs why Matt was doing his job. Cornette tells Matt that he is on probation and that even though he is Cornette’s friend, friends and business don’t go together. Cornette tells Crytal he wants to talk about…but is interrupted by Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave. Lance asks Cornette if he just saw what happened and that TNA has a rule that men can’t put their hands on women and that LAX’s thug attacked Christy. Lance threatens to go over Cornette’s head if he doesn’t do something about it. Cornette says that he will address the situation and then he looks at the monitor and wants to know what is going on now?

Team 3D and their “hostages”, the X-Division title belt and the hooded member of the X Division have entered the ring in order to see if their demands have been met. Ray calls out Sabin and Shelley and Sabin, Shelley and Lethal enter the arena. Lethal wants his belt back and Sabin and :Shelley want to beat on Team 3D again. Sabin says that they paid extra attention to one of the demands – Ding Dongs. Sabin says Ray and Devon wrote the demands and could have asked for anything else in the world but they asked for Ding Dongs. Sabin says instead of Ding Dongs, they will give Ray and Devon a couple of ho hos because they have Ray and Devon’s mothers out back. Devon hits the hostage with his belt and when the X Division members come toward the ring, Ray says they will hit the hostage again if they come any closer. Ray says he is sure they want to know who the hostage is. The take off the hood and it is Havok, Johnny Devine. Ray tells them there is a traitor in the X Division. Shark Boy, Petey Williams and Sonjay enter the ring behind them. Lethal frees Havok and Havok jumps out of the ring, grabs a kendo stick and takes out the members of the X  Division. Obviously, Havok is the traitor.

JB is backstage with AJ and Tomko and AJ is worried about Christian being mad at him and that this is nothing but a big misunderstanding. Tomko can’t keep a straight face while AJ is trying to explain to Christian about what happened and how much pressure AJ has been under. Tomko says Christian won’t understand and AJ is afraid he will lose his spot as Captain of the Christian coalition. AJ asks JB what is under captain and when JB says co-captain, AJ smiles and says he can live with that.

We see Nash and Hall backstage talking.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a James Mitchell, Abyss and JUDAS MESIAS promo!

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall enter the arena and the ring. Nash has the mic but Hall takes it to “hey, yo” the audience and the tells Nash “it still works”. Nash says they have talked to Cornette and at Turning Point the match has been made: The Angle Coalition versus Hall and Nash and a mystery partner they will name before the end of iMPACT.

We see a recap of the Genesis match: Abyss versus Black Reign and Rellik.

Three Way Contest

Rellik, from The Depths of Hell


Black Reign, from The Deepest Darkest Corner of His Mind

accompanied to the ring by Misty, the poor little rat


The Monster Abyss, 6’8”, 350 lbs.

Referee: Rudy Charles

Winner:  The Monster Abyss

Thus far the only match won without cheating!



Rellik is one well built specimen in the ring and Abyss may have his big hands full. Black Reign and Rellik are double teaming Abyss. But I have faith in Abyss. We are now outside the ring and Black Reign and Rellik seem to have a communication problem.



Back from commercial break, and the three wrestlers are in the ring again. Abyss is down on the mat but as Rellik picks Abyss up, Black Reign comes off the top turnbuckle, Abyss ducks and Black Reign takes down Rellik. Abyss has both men down, choke slams Rellik, goes for the cover but Black Reign breaks up the count. Abyss manages to sidestep the blackout by Black Reign and delivers a black hole slam to Rellick, gets the cover and the three count. Black Reign picks up his darkness falls weapon and nails Abyss in the head after the match. Rellik goes out to get a steel chair to slam the chair over Abyss’s head. Black Reign delivers the blackout to Abyss on the chair. The War Machine Rhino is in the ring to save Abyss from further damage.

JB is in the back with Angle. He asks Angle about the match at Turning Point with Nash, Hall and their mystery partner. Angle says they are not the “Outsiders”, they are the “Over the Hillers”. Dream on, Kurt, Nash and Hall will show you they are not “Over the Hill” when they bury you at Turning Point.

Commercial break – not soon enough!

Back from commercial break.

Already in the ring: Alexa Jade (who wrestled Gail Kim a week or so back)


Awesome Kong, 6’1”, 272 3/8 lbs., residing Tokyo, Japan

Referee: Shane Sewell

Winner: Awesome Kong

Another match won without cheating!

Another NO MATCH!  There isn’t a woman in the TNA women’s division who can possibly take out Awesome Kong.  She is one big woman and stronger than most of the male TNA roster. Kong could eat the X Division for breakfast and go after Team 3D for lunch. It’s a very short lived match with Kong breaking Jade in half like a soft pretzel before sending her to the mat with a power bomb, a pin and a three count.

Kong is still carrying around the photograph of Gail Kim, current TNA Women’s Champion. Gail enters the arena with her belt in hand and tells Kong she can stop carrying around Gail’s picture because she is right here. Referees Earl Hebner and Rudy Charles send Gail back up the ramp, but she turns and runs into the ring past ref Shane Sewell, even though he does make a grab for her, and hits the ring going after Kong. All three refs are now in the ring trying to separate the women – and now we have FOUR refs in the ring that can’t seem to handle the two women. Gail shoves a ref down and Kong takes the opportunity to nail Gail and send her to the mat. All four refs are out of the ring and Kong picks up Gail to power bomb her to the mat. It appears the referees have been taking bravery lessons from Kurt Angle (and I say that with a smirk).

JB tells us that behind a door marked TNA – TNA Guests – that the two newest acquisitions are waiting for the contract signing which will be next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Jim Cornette is in the ring. He is there for the contract signing Tenay says we have all been waiting for. Cornette introduces the two new talents to sign their contracts tonight: Booker T accompanied by his wife, Sharmell.

Booker T and Sharmell enter the ring with the praise of the fans. Booker T takes the mic and tells the fans thank you for the welcome. Cornette says that they first have to take care of business which is the contract signing.  The audience chants “Thank you Booker”. Cornette asks Sharmell to sign her contract first and she signs her contract. Cornette then asks Booker to sign his contract and Booker says before it’s over with everyone will be calling him Booker TNA. Booker signs his contract as well. Cornette asks Booker what his plans and goals are but they are interrupted by The Instant Classic Christian Cage. Christian is not dressed in wrestling attire. Cornette yells at Christian and asks him what he wants. Christian says he just wants to come out and say hello to an old friend of his – Booker T. Christian says Booker is at TNA for the same reason everyone else is here – he’s here to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champions. Christian tells Booker that he, Christian Cage, is the king. Christian tells Booker that he is the champ and the true number one contender and he wants Booker to go to the back of the line and I think Christian may have said something derogatory about Sharmell (it was bleeped out) because Booker throws a right and Christian is down on the mat with Cornette moving fast to get out of the ring and out of the way. Booker proceeds to take Christian apart in the ring, sending him out to the floor and sending Christian running up up the ramp. Booker tells Christian he just took his number one contender’s spot.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a recap of the match between Kaz and Christian at Genesis. Kaz wins his first heavyweight title shot at Genesis. And if you did not see the ladder match between Kaz and Christian, you missed a fantastic match.  In my opinion it was the greatest match I have seen on a TNA pay per view for quite some time. Kaz and Christian both gave the match one hundred percent and as much as I like Christian, Kaz deserves the title shot.

JB is backstage with Kaz and he wants to discuss the match at Genesis and the match that he has tonight against the Angle. JB wants to know if Kaz can do it. Kaz says he will give everything he has in this match and I believe him! I know this match was taped before Thursday night and I don’t know how Kaz is still able walk around like he wasn’t in that hard fought match at Genesis!

Kaz                                          Kurt Angle

6’0” – 220 lbs.                         6’1” – 235 lbs.

Years Pro: 6                            Years Pro: 9

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Kaz, weighing 220 lbs., from Anaheim, CA

Winner of the Fight for the Right Tournament


Kurt Angle, weighing 235 lbs., from Pittsburgh, PA

Current TNA World Champion

Referee: Earl Hebner

Winner: Gee, who do YOU think won?  Who else but the "I can't win a match on my own, without outside interference or without cheating" Kurt Angle?

Somehow I just know Kaz isn’t going to win and I hate that.  Kaz worked so hard at Genesis while Angle’s performance was lukewarm and that’s a generous description. Angle brings the Mrs. along to the ring with him – as ususal.  I’m not sure Kaz can cheat as neatly as Angle can but anyone facing Angle should worry about who might show up in the ring when they face Angle in a match.

We start of with wrestling maneuvers and Kaz is doing a great job.  I am now muting the sound so I don’t have to have my ears assaulted by Screaming Mimi during this match.  I hope the live audience had earplugs. Angle refuses to break clean but Kaz comes back and Kurt finds himself shoulder first in a ring post. Kaz is very quick in the ring and he may just be able to make this happen barring any and all outside interference. Kaz is getting covers but he just can’t get the three count. Kurt throws Kaz over the top rope and onto the floor.  Kaz landed hard on his leg and hip.



Back from commercial break, both men are back in the ring. Angle delivers a release overhead suplex and Kaz is down on the mat. No clean breaks when the ref calls for it, throwing your opponent over the top rope to the floor – signs of a true champion – whatever. Kaz is down against a corner post. Angle picks him up and sends him down again with a suplex but Angle can’t get the three count. Angle has Kaz down on the mat – GET UP KAZ, GET UP! – Kaz does get up and they hit each other with clotheslines. The ref is counting and he is up to 6 before both men start to get tot their feet. Kaz comes off the ropes with a springboard dropkick off the top ropes but does not get the count. Angle goes for the ankle lock but Kaz manages to kick Angle back. Kaz gets hit by another suplex and Kaz is down on the mat again. Angle goes for the Olympic slam and Kaz gets a dropkick, covers and gets a two count. Kaz hits the wave of the future and the bitch -- and I'm not going to ask you to pardon my language --  is on the ring apron while Kaz has Angle covered. And now Angle does what Angle does best –- hits Kaz with a low blow – and if Jim Cornette doesn’t put a stop to this garbage, I’m going to turn OFF my television during any match that involves anyone with the last name of Angle. Angle takes Kaz down but he can’t get a three count. Angle picks up Kaz again and goes up to the top turnbuckle. Kaz is back to his feet and he kicks Angle in the side of the head. Nice high kick, too. Kaz goes up to the top and he takes Angle down to the mat, goes for the cover and only gets a two count! Can the ref count PAST TWO??? I take that back.  In what I thought was a FAST three count, the ref gives Angle the win.

For some reason, Angle doesn’t take kindly to the fact that Kaz WOULD have kicked his ass if the big mouth he brings along to ringside had stayed off the ring apron and out of the match. Angle is now back in the ring but along comes Nash and Hall to the ring – entering behind Angle. Nash taps Angle on the back and guess who? Kaz appears to have been in on this by keeping Angle occupied while Nash and Hall entered the ring. Good job, Kaz! Nash and Hall take turns with Angle but AJ and Tomko enter the ring going after Nash and Hall. And then we hear – Samoa Joe’s entrance theme and Joe is in to make the save. Joe takes out the Angle group and I do believe this means Samoa Joe will be Nash and Hall’s partner at Turning Point. 

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