November 13, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

Today would have been my Dadís 78th birthday. 

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Letís hope ECW makes it a memorable occasion!

ECW is being broadcast from Wichita, KS, on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Ringside announcers:  Joey Styles & Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

Survivor Series is this Sunday on pay per view.

The Hardys at a combined weight of 461lbs., from Cameron, NC

Jeff Hardy, WWE Intercontinental Champion


Matt Hardy, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions


MVP, weighing 248 lbs, from Miami, FL, one half of the WWE Tag Champions &

WWE United States Champion


Mr. Kennedy, weighing 235 lbs., from Green Bay, WI

Audience favorites: The Hardys

My favorites: The Hardys and MVP

Winners: MVP and Mr. Kennedy

The Hardys together again! Thatís a plus.  And we werenít forced to listen to Kennedy announce himself several times.  This could be a difficult match for MVP since he has done his best to avoid being up against Matt but I think Matt wants to get in the ring and face MVP. The match begins with Matt facing Kennedy in the middle of the ring. Matt even breaks clean when he has Kennedy against the corner post. Be careful, Matt. Kennedy does not play fair. Kennedy tries early on for a pin but doesnít get it. The audience is all about the Hardy brothers and for good reason.  Matt tags in Jeff and he goes for a cover but doesnít get the three count. Kennedy gets to his corner and tags in MVP. I keep waiting for Kennedy and MVP to get into it since they both have such massive egos. Kennedy and MVP try for a double team but itís a no go and Jeff manages to send them both out of the ring and then does a spectacular dive over the top rope to take them down to the floor. Kennedy is back in the ring and Jeff tags in Matt.

Matt works on Kennedy and then tags back in Jeff. Kennedy makes it across the ring to tag in MVP. MVP sends Jeff out to the floor with a kick to the head and then goes out after him. Thatís a mistake because Matt is standing over Jeff ready to protect his brother. Matt tells MVP Jeff is his brother and MVP backs away and we go to


Back from commercial break, MVP and Jeff are back in the ring and Jeff appears to need a tag in the worst way. Heís in the wrong corner to tag. MVP tries for a cover but Jeff gets a foot on the ropes. The audience is trying hard to will Jeff back to his corner. MVP tags in Kennedy and Jeff is down on the mat. Jeff manages to send Kennedy to the mat with an arm drag. Kennedy lands between Jeff and Matt. Jeff makes it to Matt for the tag and Matt gets his foot caught on the ropes as he tries to get into the ring. Matt recovers quickly and goes after Kennedy. Címon Kennedy Ė get the tag and bring in MVP. Matt comes off the top rope and sends an elbow into Kennedyís shoulder. Matt slams Kennedy back to the mat and goes for the cover but does not get the three count. Matt tags in Jeff and Jeff goes up to the top for the swanton bomb but Kennedy gets out of the way and Jeff hits the mat. Kennedy goes for the pin. He gets a two count. Kennedy tags in MVP and MVP slams Jeff to the mat before dropping an elbow onto his chest. MVP works on Jeffís back and trash talks Jeff while heís down. Jeff manages to take MVP down with a Russian leg sweep. MVP is back to his feet before Jeff and he tags in Kennedy who drops a leg on Jeff and goes for the cover. He does not get the three count. Kennedy again tags in MVP and Jeff is down on the mat. MVP sends Jeff to the corner and goes for the kick, but Jeff gets out of the way. MVP is favoring the leg he got hung up on the top rope but he goes back after Jeff. Jeff manages to drop MVP, and then sends him down with a clothesline. MVP sends Jeff over the top rope. Jeff lands on the ring apron but heís too close to Kennedy and Kennedy knocks Jeff off onto the floor. MVP is going out of the ring after Jeff and Matt is coming around the side of the ring on the floor. The ref stops Matt from going around to the action and MVP sends Jeff back in the ring, covers him and gets the three count. 

Matt is mad at MVP and he comes into the ring to tell him about it face to face. Kennedy comes up behind Matt with a chair but as he swings it, MVP shoves Matt out of the way and grabs the chair. MVP tells Kennedy that Matt is MVPís partner and MVP is in Kennedyís face. MVP threatens Kennedy with the chair before Kennedy rolls out of the ring. MVP throws down the chair and tells Matt he did it for him. Jeff is still down in the ring as MVP goes up the ramp and out of the arena. I never know whether to love or hate MVP. He is one of those guys that stands out in the ring and even though his wrestling talent is not the same as the Hardys, he makes up for it with his in and out of the ring antics. This was a great match and all four men did a good job in the ring. The Hardy brothers always manage to thrill the audience and MVP worked hard to keep the match interesting and entertaining.

Styles is telling us about the talent exchange between Smackdown and ECW and then we see part of the match from last weekís Smackdown between CM Punk and Jamie Noble. Noble managed to take down Punk after The Miz attacked Punk and then John Morrison attacked Punk.  A match is scheduled tonight between Jamie Noble and CM Punk.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a Survivor Series Classic, from Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, OH. The men I see involved in this match are Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant, Paul Orndorff, King Kong Bundy, Bobby Heenan Ė as a manager, and Bam Bam Bigelow. Andre the Giant wins the match.

Matt Striker is in the ring and says he has bad news.  Big Daddy V is not in the arena tonight because he has a bad cold or the flu and reminds the audience they should all get their flu shots. Striker wants us to know that this Sunday the most dominant force in the WWE will be at Survivor Series. He tells us that V will win the match he is in and will take out all of his opponents in the main event. We then hear Kaneís entrance music and here comes Kane to the ring. Oops, Striker, or is this perhaps a trap V and Striker have set for Kane? Striker is busy talking his way out of being attacked by Kane. Striker tells Kane to just walk away, but Kane instead delivers a big boot to Striker, sidewalk slams Striker and then sends him down to the mat with a nice choke slam. Not really a match, but a nice show of power by Kane.

I know that Striker is supposed to be an educated schoolteacher but Kane is no slouch in the brain arena. He has college degrees as well.

We see Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly in the backstage area walking toward the arena.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Diva Tag Team Match

Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly


Melina & Layla

Audience favorites: Iím not sure.

My favorites: Melina

Winners: Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly

I donít know why WWE insists on having Divas matches unless it is so Kelly and Layla can see who can wear the least amount of clothes. This is not a Fabulous Moolah type of match and I miss that in the wrestling ring. Melina and McCool start off the match and donít do a bad job working in the ring together. Melina is not Beth Phoenix or Mickie James competition but she is does appear to be doing a better job in the ring as does McCool. Melina misses a leap from the ropes and McCool is able to get the pin and the three count.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, The Miz has entered the arena and has seated himself at the announcerís table.  Oh, joy. Weíre going to have to listen to Miz during the next match.

Can you tell Iím not a Miz fan?

Styles reminds the audience that the ECW Championship is on the line at Survivor Series.  Itís a three-way match between CM Punk, John Morrison and Miz. Sorry, Miz, unless thereís an accident and the other two are no shows, I canít see you winning the ECW Championship. Tazz reminds us about the match between Hornswoggle and The Great Khali and Styles reminds us that the WWE Heavyweight Championship is on the line in a match between Randy Orton, the current champion, and HBK Shawn Michaels. Tazz reminds us about the ten-man elimination tag team match. Styles reminds us about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista, the current champ, and The Undertaker Ė Hell in a Cell. All of the above matches are scheduled for next Sundayís Survivor Series pay per view.

CM Punk, weighing 225 lbs., from Chicago, IL

ECW Champion


Jamie Noble, weighing 202 lbs., from Hanover, WV

Audience favorite: CM Punk

My favorite: I like them both but I think Punk will win the match barring outside interference.

Winner: CM Punk with a GTS

The audience is pro CM Punk in this match. Before Noble makes it to the ring, we see the Save Us 222 video that everyone seems to be getting tired of seeing. It says Next Monday.

Before the match can begin, we hear Morrisonís music and he enters the arena. And now that weíve wasted all of this time, we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, the match has started Ė naturally. Morrison has seated himself next to Miz at the announcerís table.  Morrison and Miz spend their time trash talking and the cameraman canít decide whether to cover the match in the ring or the mouths at the announcerís table.

In the ring, Noble has the upper hand and is working on Punk with elbows, fists, knees and boots. Punk switches things around and goes for the cover but does not get the three count. Punk delivers an extremely painful looking back breaker to Noble and again goes for the cover but he only gets a two count. Miz just canít shut up at the announcerís table while Noble and Punk are doing a great job in the ring.


Punk is down and Noble is working on his arm. Noble has great wrestling knowledge and he goes for a pin but he doesnítí get the three count. The two exchange blows before Noble takes Punk down working on Punkís arm again. Noble tries again for a pin but Punk breaks free. Punk slams Noble to the mat but Noble is back on his feet and now Punk is down. Noble is again working on Punkís left arm and Noble yells at Punk to give up. Noble drops Punk on his left arm. Punk goes to work with his knees and drops Noble with two clotheslines before slamming him to the mat when he comes off the ropes but he doesnít get the pin. Punk delivers a high knee and then a bulldog to Noble. Punk comes off the turnbuckle but Noble catches Punkís arm again. Punk delivers a kick to the side of Nobleís head and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Noble gets a switch as they come off the top rope and goes for a roll up but Punk manages to roll out. Punk tries to set Noble up for the GTS. Noble breaks free. Noble tries to pedigree Punk but Punk manages to get Noble up in the air, deliver the GTS and get the win.

In spite of the constant blah, blah, blah from the announcerís table and the camera switching back and forth, Punk and Noble put on a great match. Noble should be in line for a championship match with his in ring abilities. Punk is always good in the ring and the fans appreciate his effort. Noble is a great ring personality and does a fantastic job of putting Punk over in this match.

Morrison comes into the ring after Punk and then here comes Miz so both of them can beat on Punk.

 After such a great match, we have these two clowns in the ring messing it up.

 And if you  missed the action on Tuesday night, go to where it will be replayed at least on Wednesday.

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