November 12, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

Ringside announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

Backstage interviews: Todd Grisham

Monday Night Raw is being broadcast from Topeka, KS, on the USA Network.

We open with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista entering the ring. Batista is from Friday night Smackdown. Survivor Series is coming up this Sunday and will be defending his title against The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match. Batista says he was invited to Raw by General Manger William Regal in order to take on some Raw competition. The Undertaker appears in the arena while Batista is talking in the ring. The Undertaker is also from Smackdown. Undertaker makes his way to the ring. He removes his coat and hat. There is a referee in the ring, however Regal enters the arena and says he invited them both for competition but it is not against each other.  They are going to be partners and will face the WWE World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch.

The Undertaker & Batista


Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Audience favorites: The Undertaker and Batista

My favorites: I like all four of them

Winners: The Undertaker and Batista – Undertaker pins Cade.

Did Lance and Trevor do something to make Regal angry? Lance and Trevor are very good in the ring, but they are outsized in the ring this time. It is a nice opening match but Undertaker decides to tag himself in and Batista looks a little surprised. Since Undertaker and Batista don’t care very much for each other, this could be a disaster in the making. Undertaker delivers the Tombstone pile driver to Lance Cade and that’s the end of that. After the match is over,  Batista delivers the Batista bomb to Trevor Murdoch and we have a stare down between Undertaker and Batista, holding his championship belt.

Another match this Sunday at Survivor Series will be HBK Shaw Michaels going against Randy Orton for the WWE Championship belt. Michaels and Orton will face each other tonight in a talkfest with Vince McMahon as the moderator.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the altercation between Santino Marella accompanied by Maria and Stone Cold Steve Austin from last week. 

The Glamazon Beth Phoenix from Buffalo, NY


Maria from Chicago, IL

Audience favorite: Maria

My favorite: Beth Phoenix

Winner: Beth Phoenix via pinfall.

Maria must be in the same boat with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch to be caught in a match with The Glamazon. This will not be a long match.

After the match, Santino Marella enters the arena and charges into the ring to check on Maria. He then goes out of the ring, takes Lillian Garcia’s mic and tells the audience that Maria is going to be okay.  He then complains about being attacked last week by Austin. And he is still complaining about “The Condemned”. Marella demands that Austin give him an apology and he demands Austin comes to the ring. Marella says that since Austin is not here, JR can give Marella an apology instead. Instead of JR, Lawler stands up instead. Marella insists that Lawler come into the ring and the audience is all for it. Marella tells Lawler if he comes in the ring, Marella will let him take the first punch. Lawler obliges, sending a right hand that sends Marella to the mat and out of the ring.

JR tells us there will be a Lumberjack Match tonight.  It will be Triple H and Kane and Jeff and Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio versus Umaga, Big Daddy V, Mr. Kennedy, MVP and Finlay.

Are there going to be enough men left in the locker room to surround the ring?

We see a promo for Survivor Series.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a repeat of the Marella getting decked by Lawler.

Todd is backstage with Marella who is still holding his jaw. Marella grabs the mic and challenges Lawler to a match on tonight’s Raw.

Lawler says he doesn’t have any wrestling gear, but he will accept the challenge.

We see a recap of the Michaels-Orton feud.  The stipulations for their match at Survivor Series states that Michaels cannot use sweet chin music in order to win and if Orton gets disqualified, he will lose the title.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Matt Hardy from Cameron, NC and from Smackdown

One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions


Rey Mysterio, from San Diego, CA and from Smackdown


Jeff Hardy from Cameron, NC

The WWE Intercontinental Champion


Commercial break before the second team is introduced.

Back from commercial break.

MVP from Miami, FL and Smackdown

One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions and the United States Champion


Finlay from Belfast, Ireland and Smackdown


Mr. Kennedy from Green Bay, WI and Smackdown

Audience favorites: The Hardys and Rey Mysterio

My favorites: The Hardys, Rey Mysterio, MVP and Finlay – I KNOW they aren’t all on the same team!

Winners: Matt & Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio.

All four of these men are scheduled for the Lumberjack Match tonight. This is a nice line up but I’m not sure I like Matt and MVP on opposite sides of the ring. It does help seeing Jeff and Matt together again. I know Finlay is one of the bad guys but I like his in ring knowledge.  His outside the ring knowledge isn’t so bad either. He has solid build and knows how to use that to his advantage. Mysterio is a lucha libre wrestler. I have recently learned more about and learned to appreciate lucha libre style. He may not be a big guy but he’s fast and he is efficient. MVP avoids getting in the ring with his tag team partner by sending Kennedy in the ring to face Matt. I hate to break it to MVP but even though he has improved greatly in the ring, Matt could beat MVP in a one on one competition.


Back from commercial break, Kennedy tags in Finlay and Matt tags in Mysterio. The audience is very much behind Mysterio, however, Finlay gets Mysterio down on the mat and Finlay tags in MVP. MVP tags Finlay back in to take on the still downed Mysterio. Finlay attacks Matt and Jeff and Jeff charges into the ring after Finlay until the ref gets control and sends Jeff back out on the ring apron. In the meantime, Finlay has tagged in Kennedy again and Mysterio is still down and needing a tag. Kennedy tags in MVP but Mysterio is lucky enough to take MVP down in a DDT. Mysterio makes it to the corner and tags in Jeff who comes out like a whirlwind. Mysterio is still in the ring and manages to nail MVP and Kennedy with the 619. Jeff hits MVP with the swanton bomb and goes for the cover. Guess who wins? Fantastic work by the Hardys and Mysterio.

We see McMahon in the backstage area. We see the Save Us 222 video.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, McMahon is in the ring to remind us who he is and what is job is with WWE. He is moderating HBK and Orton in a face off.

HBK Shawn Michaels enters the arena to the applause of the fans.

Randy Orton enters the arena to the jeers of the fans. (YES! Topeka did NOT let me down!)

I won’t got into depth since this is just talk and not a wrestling match.  Please remember we had a commercial break in the middle of a good match in order to have more talk on Monday Night Raw. The only thing I like about Orton is his entrance theme. We can cross our fingers and hope that HBK can manage to get in a round of sweet chin music before he leaves the ring. McMahon tells both men he wants to physical confrontations in the ring at this time. HBK reminds Orton that he has nailed him with sweet chin music five weeks in a row. The audience enjoys breaking into HBK chants during the “debate”. McMahon stops HBK from confronting Orton and Orton takes HBK down to the mat to beat on him. Orton kicks HBK in the ribs and backs up to send a kick to HBK’s head but McMahon stops Orton and tells him he can do that this Sunday. HBK is back to his feet, but Orton hits him with an RKO. Even though HBK is down, the audience is still chanting for him and booing Orton when he holds his title belt up in the air.

That was a waste of time and effort. HBK didn’t get to take out Orton or McMahon.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for tomorrow night’s ECW. We then see a repeat of what happened between HBK and Orton before the commercial break.

Six Diva Tag Team Match

Melina & Jillian Hall & Layla


Mickie James &.Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly

Audience favorites: I’m not sure

My favorites: Mickie James – period.

Winners: Mickie James, Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly

Is it my imagination or is Melina putting on weight? The only woman in the ring who can really wrestle is Mickie James.  My second choice for one of them knowing how to work in the ring would be Melina. I’m not sure why Victoria is not in this match.  She can wrestle. Layla and Kelly are terrible ring workers. We don’t seem to be having a wrestling match.  We are having a battle royal. Mickie James kisses(?) Layla gives her a high kick to the head, covers her and gets the three count.  Almost as short a match as the Beth Phoenix-Maria match we saw earlier.

JR asks Lawler if he is sure he wants to be in a match with Marella since Lawler doesn’t even have any wrestling gear. Lawler says that after watching the Diva’s match, he was fired up and ready to go.  Standard Lawler talk. Before we go to commercial break, Lawler takes off his shirt and JR takes his watch.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a Classic 1998 match between The Rock and Mick Foley accompanied by Mr. Socko. Rock delivers the Rock bottom, gives the people the eyebrow and then delivers the sharpshooter, winning the match. McMahon enters the ring and calls him “The Corporate Champion”.

We then see a Snitsky promo. I’m not sure why we don’t have Snitsky in real matches but he seems to be doing a lot of lackey work these days. His character certainly doesn’t appear to have appealed to the fans. 

Challenge Match

Jerry The King Lawler, from Memphis, TN


Santino Marella, weighing 227 lbs., residing in Patterson, NJ

Audience favorite: Lawler

My favorite: I’m not sure

Winner: Jerry Lawler with a roll up and a three count.

Lawler hasn’t been spending time in the ring. He doesn’t appear to have lost his touch, even having to wrestle in his street clothes. Unfortunately for Lawler, he gets a little too much confidence and gets himself into a headlock. Lawler manages to break free and spends a few seconds pounding on Marella. Lawler may just win this match.  Wouldn’t that be embarrassing for Marella? And Lawler rolls Marella up for a three count. Lawler is out of the ring and back in his seat with his head set to talk to JR about the Diva’s match.

JR reminds us again about the Lumberjack Match coming up.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the Save Us 222 video again.

JR tells us that earlier today William Regal, Raw General Manager, insisted that Jonathan Coachman spend some quality time with McMahon’s son, Hornswoggle, to train him for his match against The Great Khali at Survivor Series.

William Regal is in the ring (no audience) with a mic and tells us that McMahon has put him in charge of Hornswoggle’s training.  Lillian Garcia makes the introductions.



Lillian introduces

The Great Khali, weighing 420 lbs. And over 7 feet tall, 

accompanied to the ring by his interpreter.

Jonathan Coachman comes out in a black wig with somebody as his an interpreter (also in a bad wig) and enters the ring.

Coach throws down the wig and says he isn’t going to wear it. Regal tells him to put the wig on immediately and the Coach does. The interpreter speaks a few words. The interpreter was a little funny. We have a ref in the ring that gives both men the rules and Regal says to remember that this is a training session.  Regal tells Coach to remember that he is a dummy - one huge worthless tackling dummy. He tells Coach he is not to lay a hand on Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle kicks Coach several times in the leg before Coach sticks his finger in Hornswoggle’s face. Hornswoggle then bites his finger, pulls down his pants, trips him, then goes up on the top rope and delivers a tadpole splash and gets the pin.  Hornswoggle is the winner. Hornswoggle then goes over, takes Coach’s wig and puts his green hat on Coach’s head.

This may be the best match of the night.

Lawler and JR reminds us that Hornswoggle will face The Great Khali at Survivor Series. Orton will face HBK in a Championship match, Batista will face The Undertaker in a Championship match – Hell in a Cell, and there will be a traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match – one team headed by Triple H, the other team headed by Umaga.

Grisham is backstage with Triple H. Triple H tells everyone that Survivor Series is about who will survive and that if there is only one man standing, it will be Triple H. Triple H says Umaga may not make it to Survivor Series because they are facing each other tonight in a Lumberjack match.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a Survivor Series classic. It appears to be Jerry the King Lawler and his team versus the Clowns and midgets(?). Lawler receives a pie to the face courtesy of Doink the Clown.

Lumberjack Match

Triple H, weighing 255 lbs., from Greenwich, CT

accompanied to the ring by the Lumberjacks: Jeff & Matt Hard, Kane & Rey Mysterio


Umaga, weighing 350 lbs., from the Isle of Samoa

accompanied to the ring by the Lumberjacks: Mr. Kennedy, Finlay, MVP, Matt Striker & Big Daddy V

Audience favorite: Triple H

My favorite: Umaga

Winner: A winner was not announced. Finlay entered the ring and the ref rang the bell so we can assume Umaga was disqualified and Triple H won the match.

Now I get it...The "team leaders" bring their own lumberjacks to the ring...unlike the original lumberjack matches where wrestlers from the back were brought in as lumberjacks.

I have a feeling we may see more fighting between the lumberjacks than from the opponents in the ring. I realize that Triple H is tough, however, I think Umaga may have the edge in this match. One thing that may be holding Umaga back is a lack of ring experience considering Triple H’s ring experience. Triple H seems to be spending a little time working on Umaga’s lumberjacks outside the ring. Unfortunately for the game, Umaga throws him over the ropes and must be rescued by his Lumberjacks.



Back from commercial break, Umaga and Triple H are back in the ring exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Umaga seems to be in charge and Triple H is now down on the mat. Umaga intends to keep him there. What Umaga isn’t doing to Triple H, Umaga’s Lumberjacks are doing for him when the ref’s back is turned. Umaga pins Triple H but only gets a two count. A second pin attempt by Umaga and again a two count. Triple H needs to get a second wind or Umaga will win this match. Triple H finds his second wind and hits Umaga with a DDT.  Triple H goes for the pin and gets a two count. Umaga gets back on his feet and Triple H tries for another move, but Umaga manages to get the switch and nails him with a Samoan drop. As Umaga goes for the Samoan spike, Triple H ducks and hits Umaga with a spine buster. Finlay is in the ring and the ref rings the bell. Did I say something earlier about a free for all? That’s what we have now both in and out of the ring.

And the show is over.

Survivor Series is this Sunday on pay per view.


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