August 9, 2007

Commentary by Sassy in italics

Before I dig into the iMPACT recap for this week,  I wanted to let fans of Konnan know that he has more medical problems.  His body is rejecting the donor kidney.  It is my understanding he has gone to California for additional medical treatment.  TNA fans want Konnan to know we are thinking of him and pray for his health to improve.  If anyone has an address, email, website or otherwise that can be published so fans can send cards or best wishes, please email the Webmaster.

There has been a lot of pre-iMPACT hype this week regarding the newest members of TNA including Adam “Pacman” Jones and Matt Morgan.  Last week we were visited by Andrew “Test” Martin now known as The Punisher who has aligned himself with Sting and Abyss much to the dismay of Christian Cage. This iMPACT will be a lead in to Hard Justice this Sunday.   Don’t forget to watch The Road to Hard Justice Saturday night on Spike TV.

We open with Leticia Cline and Jim Cornette in Cornette’s office.  Standing off to the side is a tall gentleman in suit and sunglasses. Leticia is asking Cornette if he has heard from Abyss regarding the stipulations in his match with Christian Cage at Hard Justice.  Cornette says he has heard from Abyss and he will be making an announcement in the ring and is promptly interrupted by Team 3D.  As Brother Ray goes into his tirade, he asks Cornette what Matt Morgan – the guy in the suit and sunglasses -- is doing in the office.  Cornette says they were doing business until Team 3D butted in and asks what Team 3D wants.  Ray says Cornette knows what they want.  He calls Cornette an “old man” showing us that Ray has not learned much about respect for TNA management. Ray tells Cornette they have 30 days to get a rematch for the tag team titles and they want it.  Ray tells Cornette to get Samoa Joe a partner because as soon as Brother Devon and Kip James get done with “the employee of the month” (bleep here) Homicide (bleep here) and that “nobody cares about” Rick Steiner, Team 3D is going to get what is rightfully theirs.  And, Ray states, they are not asking Cornette, they are telling him to do it.  Cornette tells Ray he doesn’t understand why everyone says Ray doesn’t exercise because Ray’s jaw is getting a workout right now.  Cornette tells Team 3D they are not running the company, Cornette is, and the company is not doing anything with the tag team titles until after Hard Justice.  Cornette says he has an announcement to make in the ring right now, tells Matt Morgan to come with him, and tells Team 3D to turn the lights out when they are done. Cornette and Morgan exit the office.  Devon tells Ray they aren’t going to wait for anything, they are going to do things the way they always do them and Devon exits the office.  Ray turns to Leticia and calls her a tramp.

We now see a recap of Ladder to Get the Contract Match from last week including the introduction of Andrew Martin as well a recap of Karen Angle telling Kurt their marriage is officially over. 

Cornette is in the ring, with Matt Morgan standing outside the ring, to announce the main event at the Hard Justice Pay-per-view.  Abyss, Sting and The Punisher Andrew Martin have laid down the following stipulations for that six-man tag team match…and who should interrupt Cornette but Christian Cage, AJ Styles, and Tomko who make their way to the ring.  Christian pushes his luck immediately by calling Cornette “Jimbo”.  Christian tells Cornette that tag matches are not his thing and Christian is the true heavy weight champion.  He said that his fans want to know when he is going to get the chance to regain the title that he never really lost in the first place.  Cornette tells him not to worry about rematches but to worry about his health and his career.  He reminds Christian that he has made Abyss so angry that not only is he now speaking but also he is asking for matches and Abyss has come up with a doozie.  Cornette says he knows Abyss is a mental case and this match is a little strange, but Cornette likes it so he is going to let Abyss go with it.  The six-man tag team match for Hard Justice is called The Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match.  Christian wants to know what that is and Cornette tells him it is the ramblings of an insane man who wants to break Christian’s neck.  Cornette then goes on to explain that the rules of the match are real simple:  The match will take place inside the six sides of steel but Cornette also says he knows Christian likes to run and AJ can climb like a chimpanzee so just in case they decide to try to escape, there will be barbed wire wrapped around the top, post to post and corner to corner.  The only way to win the match is to pin your opponent but before you can pin your opponent you must use Abyss’s specialty and that is to make your opponent bleed.  The winner of the match, no matter who it is, will get the TNA title shot at the September pay-per-view, No Surrender, against the winner of the Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle match at Hard Justice. Christian proceeds to tell Cornette that he is tired of Cornette trying to shove things like this down his throat and Christian doesn’t like to be stuck inside a steel cage but he will win the match at Hard Justice.  He says it is just like Sting, Abyss and Andrew Martin because they don’t have the guts to come out and tell Christian and his men this news but instead send Cornette to do it for them.  Christian then tells Cornette that if he and his partners see any of them before the match at Hard Justice there is going to be hell to pay. The lights suddenly go off and when they come back on Abyss, Sting and Martin are in the ring behind Christian, AJ and Tomko.  Cornette has managed to get out of the ring and we see a free for all between the six men.

We go to the back with Jeremy Borash and Kurt Angle.  Kurt is walking down the hall with a sad look on his face and his shirttail partially tucked in.  Jeremy asks Kurt what happened to him and Kurt tells Jeremy that he just got off the phone with his divorce attorney.  He then asks Jeremy for a hug and doesn’t wait for an answer – he hugs Jeremy anyway.  Sniffling, Kurt says he has lost his wife and his kids and he has lost everything.  Jeremy asks Kurt when the last time was he took a bath and Kurt stops crying on Jeremy’s shoulder and calls Jeremy a heartless bastard.  Kurt asks where Kevin is and says he needs to see Kevin because Kevin is the only one that understands him.  Kurt wanders down the hallway crying.

Don West and Mike Tenay are discussing the action for the rest of the evening and Tenay reminds everyone that the biggest mainstream media story of this week has been TNA’s exclusive signing of the most controversial figure in sports, Pacman Jones.  We then see a promo for Adam Pacman Jones.  The final phrase from Jones at the end of the promo is to tell us he will be at Hard Justice and then he uses the word Redemption.


Six Man House of Fun Match

Raven, Cowboy James Storm with Miss Jackie Moore, and Robert Roode with Miss Brooks vs. Kaz, Wildcat Chris Harris, and Rhino

  As Kaz nears the ring, Raven and Storm attack him on the floor. Wildcat Chris Harris runs down the ramp to help Kaz by going after Raven. Rhino is the last man out, charging down the ramp to the ring. The bell rings and Rhino is in the ring with Storm, but is hit in the head by Roode as Storm bails out of the ring.  Raven is going after someone with a weapon but we can’t see who that is. TNA TEXT MESSAGE IN THE SAME CORNER AS RHINO – C’MON TNA, I ASKED NICELY LAST WEEK.  ONE MORE TIME AND I WILL HAVE ABYSS PAY YOU A VISIT.  Roode slams Rhino’s head into the turnbuckle then stomps his midsection several times, taking Rhino down to the mat.  Raven hits Kaz with what appears to be a trashcan lid and Kaz goes down.  Roode now has a metal crutch in his hand as a gift for Rhino and Raven goes after an already downed Kaz with a metal rod.  Back to Roode beating Rhino in the head with his fist and Storm appears on the apron ring.  Roode sends Rhino toward the ropes, but Rhino gets a switch and sends Roode into the ropes instead.  Roode comes off the ropes and Rhino tries to take him up in the air, but Roode gets behind Rhino and shoves him toward the ropes.  Rhino hits the mat and Roode goes into the ropes to meet a metal trashcan held by the Wildcat.  As Raven attempts to help Roode, Wildcat turns his attention to Raven and takes him out with the same trashcan. Wildcat is now in the ring with Raven giving Raven a kick to the stomach, then nails Raven on top of the head with the trashcan not once, twice, three, but four times before Raven goes down on the mat. Storm is behind Wildcat with a metal lid in his hand as Wildcat turns around.  Wildcat is now facing his former partner Storm and Storm is all smiles.  Wildcat reaches down and picks up a lid of his own before facing off with Storm. It is now a trading blows with lids to the head spot for Storm and Wildcat, both men go down on their knees still swinging. Wildcat perseveres and Storm goes down to the mat.  The camera pans to Raven who has been cut and is now bleeding profusely.  Roode comes into the ring with a chair, headed for Wildcat; he throws the chair at Wildcat, sending him toward the ropes.  Kaz throws a chair at Roode, sending him down to the mat.  Raven is now up and after Kaz, hits him from behind and tosses him through the ropes onto the floor.  Raven steps through the ropes still after Kaz.  Raven climbs up to the top turnbuckle from the ring apron as Roode leans across the table on the floor.  Kaz hits Roode with a fist but Roode smashes Kaz’s face into the table then sets up Kaz on the table as Raven stands on the second rope. Raven comes off the ropes, hitting Kaz with his elbow and sending Kaz through the table. Both Kaz and Raven are now down on the floor.  As we cut to commercial break, Storm is shown sitting in a chair in the middle of the ring with his hands behind his head as all the action takes place outside the six-sided ring.  Back from commercial break, Storm and Wildcat are outside on the floor and Storm sends Wildcat into the guardrail.  Kaz who is in the ring goes through the ropes after Storm, but Storm greets him with a trashcan lid to the face and Kaz is now on the floor. Raven and Rhino are in the ring.  Rhino sends Raven into the ropes and drops him face first onto a standing steel chair.  Roode comes in after Rhino and Rhino catches him with a forearm taking him down.  Rhino sends Raven out to the floor and into the guardrail and picks up a steel chair as he heads for Roode.  Rhino nails Roode in the head with the chair and we see Storm step into the ring with nunchucks in his hand.  Rhino turns to face Storm.  Storm bows and begins to swing the nunchucks around as Tenay asks if Storm has any experience with the nunchucks.  The response would be obviously not as the nunchucks going flying out of Storm’s hand and out of his reach. Rhino has a chair and Storm dives out of the ring in retreat with Rhino right behind him. Storm runs up the entrance ramp and Rhino follows him out of the arena. Kaz leaps off the top rope, heading for Roode and Raven, but Roode hits the mat getting out of the way and Kaz connects with both feet onto Raven.  Roode now has a chair and as Kaz gets up, Roode tosses the chair to Kaz, Kaz tosses it back and as Roode catches the chair, Kaz comes off the floor to kick the chair into Roode’s face. Raven comes back into the ring behind Kaz, picking up a kendo stick along the way. He hits Kaz in the back, takes him down to the mat and continues to beat him.  Wildcat is back in the ring and he takes on Raven. Raven hits Wildcat in the abdomen with the kendo stick and Roode comes in to help Raven with Wildcat.  Double team on Wildcat, Wildcat into the ropes, but ducks below and gets past Raven and Roode. Wildcat comes off the opposite ropes and takes down Raven and Rood with his own clothesline.  Wildcat is now the only one standing in the ring. Wildcat appears to be bleeding from the top of his head. Wildcat sends Roode over the ropes with a well-placed clothesline and then goes out to the floor after him. Miss Brooks attacks Wildcat. Raven and Kaz are the only ones left in the ring. Roode leaves Miss Brooks with Wildcat and goes back to help Raven in the ring. Raven has Kaz set up for a table in the corner, but Kaz turns around and drop kicks Raven into the table. Roode with a mallet in hand is behind Kaz and as Kaz turns around, he takes a shot to the abdomen. Roode executes the payoff and gets the win.

These six man matches are wild.  Every one of these wrestlers gave this match everything they had.  I couldn’t tell if there was more action in the ring than out.  Kaz and Raven did their share of flying around the ring, Storm and Wildcat had some great one on one moments and Rhino and Roode stayed right in there with the rest. Raven is one tough fighter and he doesn’t seem to mind bleeding all over his opponents.  Kaz is showing himself to be about as tough as Raven.  I don’t know what happened to Miss Jackie but I’m betting she got in a few licks out of camera range. Here’s hoping that Rhino caught Storm in the back and that all of these men have time to rest up before Hard Justice. This was intense and I thoroughly enjoyed it – with the exception of the winner of course. If this is a preview of what is coming to Hard Justice it will be worth the buy.

Leticia is backstage with Samoa Joe and is trying to find out who is special guest is going to be on the show tonight.  She knocks on the locker room door, opens it, closes the door, laughs and says there is now way that can be Joe’s special guest. 


We get a promo of Black Reign coming to Hard Justice.

After the commercial break, we are with Jeremy Borash, Kevin Nash on the couch, and Kurt Angle sitting in a chair.  Kurt is crying and asking where he went wrong.  Kurt claims Samoa Joe took everything from him.  He took his marriage, his livelihood, and his man ship.  Nash comes off the couch and screams in Kurt’s face telling him that he is Kurt Angle, Olympic gold medallist, TNA world champion and that there is nothing wrong with Kurt.  Kurt is perfect, everyone else is at fault. Kurt agrees with Nash that he is perfect. Jeremy reminds Kurt that Joe has a surprise guest for him tonight and Kurt is in tears again. Nash escorts Jeremy to the door, telling Kurt nobody cares who the guest is, then asks Jeremy who the guest is and Jeremy whispers in Nash’s ear. Nash then says Kurt doesn’t need that out loud so that Kurt can hear him, which only upsets Kurt more.

Kip James of VKM with Roxxi Laveaux and Brother Devon vs. Homicide of LAX and Rick Steiner

Homicide and Kip face off in the ring, Kip goes after Homicide, but Homicide ducks out of the way sending Kip toward the ring post.  Kip stops himself, turns around and catches two rights thrown by Homicide. Kip knocks Homicide down, but Homicide comes back up off of the mat and trips Kip sending him down to the mat. Homicide comes off the ropes and meets Kip’s face with a boot. Kip attempts to swing Homicide into the ropes but Homicide comes around and slides under Kip. Homicide brings Kip down into a jawbreaker and then swings himself off the ropes toward Kip, ducks under Kip’s clothesline, comes back into a tilt a whirl head scissors, taking Kip down again. Kip rolls to his corner and signals for a time out.  Homicide tags in Rick who enters the ring ready to fight.  Kip gets Rick with a shot to the midsection and attempts to send him head first into the corner post.  Rick stops himself with a boot and sends Kip head first into the turnbuckle, then takes him down to the mat with a clothesline. Rick lands on top of Kip, slamming fists into the back of his head. Rick gets involved with Devon who is making noise on the ring apron.  He turns back around and gets a boot in the face delivered by Kip. With Rick down, Kip tags in Devon. Devon picks Rick up and delivers a hard right to the head, sending Rick back down to the mat. Rick is in the ropes but Devon doesn’t let up on Rick. Back from the commercial break, Devon still has Rick on the mat.  Devon comes off the ropes and nails Rick from behind then goes for the pin. Devon gets a two count before Rick kicks out. Devon picks Rick up and delivers a jawbreaker. Devon sends Rick off the ropes, but Rick ducks the clothesline waiting for him, comes off the opposite ropes, picks up Devon and slams him to the mat. Both men are down.  Devon tags in Kip first, with Rick tagging Homicide next.  Kip and Homicide bounce off the ropes and Homicide takes Kip down with a clothesline. Homicide comes off the ropes again and takes Kip down with an elbow, comes off the ropes, ducks under Kip’s arm and comes back at Kip to take him down again and try for the pin. No pin, but Homicide now has Kip in the corner and his beating him down with his fists.  Devon has been after Rick and now comes after Homicide who gets out of the way and Devon smashes into his own partner. We see Homicide on the top turnbuckle, flying off to take Devon down to the mat. Homicide rolls off of Devon and gets up to face him again but Kip is up in the opposite corner and makes a dive for Homicide.  Homicide again ducks out of the way and Kip runs into Devon, sending Devon to the floor. Kip turns around to a fist from Homicide who then goes off the ropes, but gets caught by Devon and goes down to the mat.  Rick shows up to take care of Devon. Kip takes Homicide down with a leg to the back of the head and gets the pin and the win.   Rick comes in after Kip, but Devon comes in after Rick.  Devon pounds on Rick as Brother Ray and BG James come in to help.  Scott Steiner and Hernandez enter the ring, clearing the others out.

Homicide continues to impress me each time he is in the ring.  He is either getting better and better or he is just getting the airtime to showcase his talents. Rick is always great in a bar room brawl sort of way. Devon and Kip worked well together.  I can say that even though I was cheering for the other side. 

Leticia is in the back with Samoa Joe who tells Kurt that last week he ruined his marriage and this week he is going to ruin his life. Leticia tells Joe that Team 3D has been making threats and Joe tells them he isn’t hard to find.

Back from commercial break, we see Samoa Joe come down the ramp and enter the ring. Joe introduces his guest, the former Mrs. Kurt Angle, Karen.  Joe tells Karen he wants her to sit in the front row at Hard Justice so she can watch him give Kurt the BEEP kicking he deserves.  Kurt Angle comes down the ramp toward the ring looking as bad as he looked at the first of the show.  Kurt tells Joe he wants to talk to his wife and Joe says he can talk to his former wife. Kurt tells Karen the last 12 years was not Kurt Angle and he has made a lot of mistakes.  He wants to make them better and he wants Karen to give him another chance. The audience vocalizes in the negative but Kurt is on his knees begging for another chance, offering to melt down his gold to make her a bracelet.  Karen tells Kurt she wants to believe him and Kurt promises he will do better.  Kurt tells Karen not to listen to the fans, they don’t even know her.  Kurt asks her to do it for the kids if not for him.  Karen says that she will do this for the kids.  She is thinking of her kids when she says this marriage is over and then Karen exits the ring. Joe can’t resist goading Kurt a little more since he has lost his clothes, his wife, his children, and that he will lose his IWGP championship and the TNA world championship to Joe.  Kurt sits crying in the ring and Joe tells him that Kurt brought this all on himself. 

Before Joe can exit the ring, Team 3D comes out and Brother Ray tells Joe that he is a home wrecker and that Kurt is a good man.  Ray said that Joe stole the titles from them and they are there to get it back.  Ray and Devon enter the ring to tell Joe he is going to hand over the titles to them by laying them at their feet and then Ray calls Joe “boy” – another lesson in how not to be respectful.  Joe lays them down, and then takes the microphone from Ray.  Joe tells them he has laid them down, but they will have a hard time picking them up.  We now have a boxing match between Joe and Ray and Devon until Kurt gets an ankle lock locked in and Ray and Devon beat down on Joe with the belts.  Devon comes in with steel chair and hits Joe over the head as the Steiner Brothers come running to Joe’s rescue. Kurt has disappeared from the ring and is heading up the ramp as the Steiner Brothers remove Team 3D from the ring.

There may have been a lot of talk during this iMPACT but the two matches were fantastic and I don’t have any complaints. Kurt’s story line as a bully who forced his wife to walk out on him and his crybaby gimmick after she is gone is good. Kurt does cry well and a lot. I am not sure exactly where Joe is headed here but know that he continues to provide excellent entertainment for TNA fans. He teeters between being a good guy and suddenly he has that smirk on his face and we all know he’s really a bad boy deep down inside. It is always good to see the Steiner Brothers in the ring. I am anticipating the Abyss camp versus the Christian camp. Not that I care about seeing my favorite wrestlers bleed but it wouldn’t be an Abyss match without it a little blood somewhere.  This was a great lead in to Hard Justice.  I believe it will be a pay-per-view worth having on your screen this Sunday. 




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