TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

November 14, 2007

by Sassy


Since this Bytes will be forwarded prior to the Genesis Pay Per View so I can have time to do the play by play, we still aren’t certain who Sting’s mystery partner will be. Every source I can locate is guessing that Booker T will make his TNA debut at Genesis.  Scott Hall has already appeared on iMPACT and told us that he will not be wrestling with Sting. Booker T was not released from WWE until October 16.  If his contract has a 30-day no compete clause, he would not be eligible to wrestle.  The latest rumor posted at indicates Big Show’s name has been mentioned. It has also been said that whoever the mystery partner is, he has never set foot in a TNA ring before. I’m still praying that Judas Mesias will make a surprise appearance but he has previously been in the ring -- although he could be involved in the Abyss-Black Reign match along with James Mitchell.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Kurt Angle(c) & Kevin Nash vs. Sting & a Mystery Partner

My pick: Sting

TNA X Division Championship Match

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt

My pick: It’s going to be a close match -- I like them both...

TNA World Tag-Team Championship Match

AJ Styles & Tomko (c) vs. The Steiner Brothers

My pick: AJ Styles & Tomko but the Steiners do have a chance.

TNA Women’s Championship Match

Gail Kim (c) vs. Roxxi Laveaux vs. ODB vs. Angel Williams

My pick: Gail Kim with ODB a close second.

Fight For The Right Tournament Final Ladder Match

Kaz vs. “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage

My pick: Kaz but Christian has the advantage with the ladder.

Shop Of Horrors Match

Abyss vs. Black Reign

My pick: Abyss barring outside interference by Mitchell or Judas Mesias.

Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode w/ Ms. Brooks

My pick: Samoa Joe -- I don't think Roode can beat him.

Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machineguns

My pick: The Motor City Machineguns -- they  may need help from other X                Division members.

I Don’t Think So

A TV Guide preview for this weekend's TNA Genesis pay-per-view lists Rhino, AJ Styles, Raven, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy as stars who will be appearing at the show. Obviously, this is just an error. Jeff Hardy hasn't been a part of the TNA roster in almost two years. I like Jeff Hardy and was sorry to see him leave TNA but he wasn’t getting any push and he wasn’t allowed to showcase his talent while working with TNA. He’d be great X Division material.

NOTE: Several TNA wrestlers will be making appearances at Booker T’s promotion in Texas.  Abyss and Christian will be there on November 17. It could be that Booker T is working with TNA in order to promote his own wrestling arena and perhaps become a developmental territory for TNA.  WWE refused to use Booker’s promotion as a developmental territory for WWE.

In True Don West “You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me” Fashion

TNA has decided to send “cryptic messages” via it’s official website regarding who Sting’s mystery partner will be at Genesis.  I have nothing personal against cryptic messages but this appears to be a blatant rip off of what WWE has been doing with their Save Us 222 video.  If the TNA writers MUST rip off what WWE is doing, at least be subtler about it!


It seems the return of Scott Hall on the November 8 show helped iMPACT’s rating, drawing 1.5 million viewers, with a 1.04 cable rating. This is the highest rating since iMPACT began two-hour shows.  Last week’s rating did a 1.0

Speaking of Scott Hall

Rumors are rampant that TNA is working to get Scott Hall on iMPACT more often…Hall has been working in Puerto Rico and TNA will have to schedule him around his Puerto Rico wrestling appearances. If you haven’t seen any of his Puerto Rico matches, you can catch a few of them here:

TNA Tours

As previously reported, TNA has cancelled it’s scheduled appearances in Tel Aviv, Israel.  The tour scheduled for Mexico is still a go.  You can find out more regarding the December Mexico tour by going to

Awesome Austin Creed

Now known as Rasheed Lucius “Consequences” Creed, he appeared on for in depth interview.  You can hear the entire interview by following this link: For more information on Creed, visit his MySpace site:

TNA X Division Players Looking to AAA in Mexico

A few of the X Division wrestlers inquired about getting full-time work in the Mexican AAA promotion. They were told they may bring in wrestlers for TV tapings and big shows, but they aren't looking to sign any new Americans to full-time deals. Source:

Monday Night Mayhem Presents The Instant Classic

Christian Cage was a guest on Monday Night Mayhem last week.  Here are some excerpts from the interview:

The man who is responsible for the fifth-best selling sports/recreation DVD on the Billboard charts this past week, Christian Cage joined The Big Mosh & Blade for his first appearance On The Mayhem since late 2005, and plenty has happened in the life of "The Instant Classic" over the past two years.

Mosh & Blade started off the interviews by asking Christian if his new DVD was something he had been hoping would come to fruition for a lengthy period of time. Christian commented by saying he was very pleased with the finished product, and credits the timing of the release being the most important thing. He was asked for his creative input, gave his ideas, & hopes the fans enjoy what that they will be seeing from it -- especially the different side of Christian Cage...both inside & outside of the ring.

Blade mentioned the "old-school" promos of Christian & a young Adam Copeland (Edge), and Christian went on to say that he had rummaged through some of his old tapes at his parents place in Canada, and had no problems adding that to the DVD's finished product. He also added that might very well have been his first real promo (found on the DVD) shows the evolution & progression as a performer.

Next on Christian's agenda is a Ladder Match against Kaz this Sunday night at the TNA Genesis Pay-Per-View, in the Finals for the "Fight For The Right" Tournament. Throughout Christian's career, his use of ladders is well-documented (between his Ladder Matches & TLC Matches in his WWE run). Starting with his match on Sunday, Christian is very excited to be working with one of the talents he calls the future of the business (in Kaz), as well as other performers on the current TNA roster. One of the main reasons he made the transition from World Wrestling Entertainment to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was because of the "untapped talent" that TNA had. Christian Cage seems focused & ready to become the next #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Christian is celebrating his two-year anniversary with TNA this weekend, as he debuted two years ago, in truly one of the most-talked about nights in recent wrestling history. Looking back on his time in TNA, Christian defines his time there as "great." He has had the opportunity to give plenty of input into his character, as well as having his ideas taken into consideration by the creative side of things within the company. Not to mention, he says he has actually wrestled more shows this year than in his first year in TNA, and has been able to find a good balance of time away from the ring & at home, along with his in-ring commitments. "It has been a great ride so far."

Next week, Christian Cage will be stepping into the squared circle with one of his former colleagues in the WWE & a gentleman whose name is swirling when it comes to the possible mystery tag team partner for Sting this upcoming Sunday night at Genesis...Booker T (as part of Booker's PWA promotion in Houston, TX). Mosh asked Christian what would Booker bring to the TNA fold if he does land up signing with the company. "You have a household name, a guy that has been on top, & a guy who has been heavyweight champion several times over. Automatically, he brings credibility to the company. Not only is he a great in-ring performer, he has a ton of charisma he brings to the table." Based on this & other qualities, Christian solidly believes that Booker can also give back to a lot of the younger, up-and-coming stars on the TNA roster.

We have seen Christian Cage's latest in his career over the past few months, leading his own personal pack with "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles & Tomko. Responding to Mosh's mention of Chris Jericho calling himself "the Madonna of professional wrestling" in a recent interview, Christian feels that it is vital to his career right now to not become stagnant, and keep things fresh for the wrestling fans. He does not wish to be a "one-trick-pony" as he calls it. Whether it be a new nickname, the way you dress, new moves, new music, or a new persona altogether, Christian admitted that all of these are necessary at some point in time in your career to keep your career fresh, even though most wrestling fans know the base of what they are getting when a particular talent walks out & performs in front of the crowd.

TNA as a company, has received some criticism of their bringing in certain former WWE superstars into their company...and some of those talents not fitting right within the organization. Replying to that criticism that "TNA only likes to bring in WWE guys because they were WWE guys," Christian Cage would like to think that TNA is more inclined to bring in someone if they are talented & can give something to the company as a whole, and not 100% go off their name value from the past. "There has to be a mix of talent," both with established names from several years ago, as well as the stars of today & the future.

With regards to Christian Cage's former partner in the WWE & close friend, Adam "Edge" Copeland, what will the fans see when he returns to World Wrestling Entertainment? Christian feels that Edge is truly one of the most-hated heels on the roster that the company has. "He is exactly where he should be, and he will be able to pick up where he left off & do great things there."

In closing, Christian wanted to let his fans around the world know what's in store for him going into the new year of 2008 in TNA: "We need to continue to give the fans what they want: more wrestling. With the implementation of a two-hour edition of iMPACT on Spike TV, he hopes that the company can do just that. And his own personal goal for '08 is simple: to become a three-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

This interview with Christian also includes his uncensored thoughts/comments on taking TNA on the road into 2008 (including upcoming shows in Mexico, as well as a possible edition of iMPACT in Tokyo, Japan), his best "November To Remember" match/moment from his career, Kurt Angle's future within TNA, the Save Us 222 promos airing on WWE television & whether he thinks the internet is a positive or negative thing when it comes to spoiling angles/storylines, and an interesting story of "The Instant Classic" meeting one of his fans from Switzerland at a mall in Florida. A second home-run for Christian Cage on Monday Night Mayhem!

Make sure you head on over to for how you can pick up a copy of the all-new "Instant Classic" Christian Cage DVD (also available at most retail stores), in addition to all of the late-breaking details on this weekend's TNA Genesis PPV, the brand-new TNA Street Team, & the return of Total Nonstop Action to Mexico. Also, don't miss "The Road To Genesis" special, this Saturday night (November 10th), at 10:30PM ET -- only on Spike TV.


Story Line Is History

The story line TNA’s creative team had been working regarding Robert Roode, Ms. Brooks and Kaz has been dropped. Suddenly creative didn’t want Kaz and Ms. Brooks together so the story line has been deleted. Rumor has it the same story line may come back with James Storm, Eric Young and Ms. Brooks as the players. Source: Rajah.

Another Tennessee Titans Player at TNA?

It has been reported that Kyle Vanden Bosch of the Tennessee Titans was at TNA headquarters on November 6, 2007. I can't imagine TNA will be using Bosch.  I can't find any source that tells me he's been arrested for anything.

Current TNA Events

TNA: Year One and No Surrender 2007 will be released on DVD on November 20, 2007.

Due to the holidays TNA will taping 3 days in a row at Universal Studios in December on

the 3rd, 4th and 5th.

TNA Wrestling will hold house shows on December 14th and December 15th in Mexico. The December 14th show will be in Arena Monterrey and the December 15th show will be in Mexico City at the Plaza de Toros. Names advertised for the show include TNA Champion Kurt Angle, Sting, Abyss, Judas Mesias, Christian Cage, The Steiners, Tomko, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, LAX, XXX's Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels, Black Reign, Chris Harris, James Storm, Rhino, Jackie Moore, and Gail Kim and Abismo Negro is being advertised for the 14th Event in Mexico City. Abismo Negro works in AAA along with El Mesias aka Ricky Banderas in AAA (TNA’s Judas Mesias). has announced that the Final Resolution PPV on January 6, 2008 will take place in Orlando, FL.

For all news, roster information and events, visit TNA's official website:

Current TNA Talent Events

El Mesias aka Judas Mesias will be in the AAA ring in Mexico on November 11, 2007. The card reads: El Mesias with Konnan versus Cibernetico with LaParka, Jr. The card does not indicate this is a championship match. 

M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross is now officially being replaced by TNA's Sonjay Dutt, who will join Jerry Lynn, Rob Conway, Billy Bax, Rob Eckos, Matt Logan, Human Tornado, and Brian Fury in the Super 8 tournament. See this site’s Indy News Bytes for Super 8 news and information! Source: Whoever wins Super 8 stands to get a lot of exposure, as past Super 8 competitors has read like a "Who's Who" of up and coming stars over the years, including: Simon Diamond, Devon Storm, Reckless Youth, Scott "2 Hotty" Taylor, Mike Quackenbush, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Christian York, Christopher Daniels, Low Ki (Senshi), Bryan Danielson, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, A.J. Styles, Robert Rhoode, Matt Stryker, Frank Kazarian, Chris Sabin, Roderick Strong, Psichosis, Austin Aries, Daivari, Petey Williams, Alex Shelley, and Charlie Haas.

Booker T will face Christian Cage at his PWA show on November 17th in Beaumont, Texas. TNA’s Abyss will also work for Booker’s PWA promotion at a show on November 28th. For ticket information check out Source:

Judas Mesias, wrestling as El Mesias, is scheduled for a match on November 30, 2007 with AAA: Centro de Convenciones de Ciudad Madero (TV taping = Guerra de Titanes) - Three Way Match for the AAA World Heavyweight Title: El Mesias, current champion, versus Cibernetico versus Zorro.

A DVD release titled "The Notorious Jewel De'Nyle & Shelly Martinez" is scheduled to be released in January 2008. It is a "Bettie Page-like" fetish film featuring the former WWE Diva.

The Steiner Brothers will challenge Tomko and Giant Bernard for the IWGP Tag Team Titles on January 4, 2008 at the New Japan Pro Wrestling event at the Tokyo Dome.

NOTE: When TNA talent makes appearances in Independent Promotions, you will find them in the Indy News Bytes Section. All efforts are made to highlight the names of your TNA favorites in the Indy Section.

Not Necessarily TNA News

John Cena’s Media Attention

John Cena did a media call November 8, 2007 where he said he was disappointed in the piece that aired on CNN regarding wrestling, drugs and premature deaths. When asked if he watched TNA, he said "I am loyal and only watch WWE". He went on to say “Is TNA still running are they still on TV?" He did put over Joe, Christopher Daniels and Kaz as great talents. Source: TNA Wrestling News. McMahon can be very finicky, Cena. You may be looking for employment down the road.  Not a good idea to kick the newest wrestling game in town.

NFL versus Adam Pacman Jones

The NFL has refused to give Pacman an early end to his NFL suspension.  I am not overly fond of football but kudos to the NFL for not backing down. Rumors are that Pacman’s TNA stint did not endear him to the NFL head honchos, but my guess is they understand football fans are tired of these players walking away unscathed when they get in legal trouble.

Former wrestler accused of forcing women into prostitution

POSTED: 5:27 pm EST November 5, 2007

UPDATED: 5:56 pm EST November 5, 2007

ATLANTA -- A former wrestling star charged with forcing women into prostitution is representing himself in federal court.

Harrison Norris, Jr. was known as "Hard Body Harrison" during his wrestling days. He wrestled for the WCW franchise -- World Championship Wrestling -- from 1994 to 1999. Now, he is charged with holding six women against their will and forcing them to become prostitutes.

Norris stood before the jury Monday, still wearing his orange prison jumpsuit, and laid out his case on why he shouldn't be convicted of what essentially amounts to slavery. He is acting as his own attorney, something that even his court-appointed standby council says is very risky. "In terms of criminal prosecution this is the top of the food chain. Lawyers go through law school, years of experience to be able to try cases at this level so he is relatively inexperienced at it and it's obviously very risky," said Akil Secret, Norris' standby council.

Norris was arrested in 2005 after authorities raided his Bartow County home. What emerged was a tale of abduction, forced prostitution and threats of violence against six women the government says were held against their will.

But even with the resources of the federal government behind the prosecution, Norris decided to represent himself. His mother supports him. "If he thinks he can do it himself then oh well. I think he's the best person for the job," said Lucille Norris.

But if he fails, Norris could be facing life behind bars. "I would be concerned about any person trying to represent themselves in this kind of complex criminal procedure," said Secret.


Where Are They Now

Ryan Wilson The Wrestler Formerly Known as Titus

WWE has released developmental talent Ryan Wilson, who had been wrestling under the ring name of Jacob Duncan. Wilson competed in TNA as Titus, and later became Tytus in Ohio Valley Wrestling. On October 29, 2006, Wilson (as Duncan) captured the OVW heavyweight title. Source:



The match scheduled for November 11, 2007 in Mexico IS for the AAA World Heavyweight Title:

El Mesias, TNA's Judas Mesias, current AAA World Heavyweight Champion, with Konnan versus Cibernetico with La Parka, Jr.

Source: information submitted by Kris Zellner

There is no word on whether or not the previous match scheduled for November 30, 2007, will be a rematch if Cibernetico gains the title.

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