November 8, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

We are beginning iMPACT like a weekly series.

"Previously on iMPACT": We see Kurt Angle telling Sting he will find out who his mystery partner is. Then we see the interrogations of the other TNA roster members. Then we see Sting tell us about his mystery partner. Then we see Kevin Nash tell Kurt that Sting’s mystery partner and then we hear the announcer’s voice: “Tonight, the return of an Outsider. Scott Hall is back in TNA

We see Scott Hall in the parking lot getting out of his vehicle. Mike Tenay asks if Scott Hall will be Sting’s mystery partner? We will find out the answer tonight.

Welcome to the iMPACT Zone!

iMPACT is being broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL, on Spike TV.

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interview: Jeremy Borash and Crystal Loutham


Tenay tells us that this Sunday, Kurt Angle’s TNA Championship is on the line in a tag team match. It is Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash versus Sting and Sting’s mystery partner.

West tells us that tonight on iMPACT, we have a six man tag team match:  It will be Robert Roode and Cowboy James Storm and Kurt Angle versus Showtime Eric Young and Samoa Joe and the Icon Sting. We will also see Scott Hall and Kevin Nash face to face. We have the final match in the Fight for the Right tournament.  It will be Kaz facing Christian Cage. The winner of this match will get a shot at the championship. Tenay tells us that “injuries” forced Jim Cornette to allow Christian Cage into the contest, however, we were never told that it was an “injury” that kept Junior Fatu out of the ring.  We have heard that Junior Fatu left TNA in a dispute over money and that his contract had never been finalized.

Fight for the Right Tournament Final Match

The Instant Classic Christian Cage, from Tampa, FL, by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Kaz from Anaheim, CA

Winner: Christian Cage with a little help from the outside.

Change announced in the ring regarding winner of match!

Winner: NO CONTEST per Matt Morgan –

Rematch to be held at the Genesis Pay Per View this Sunday.

Christian Cage brings one of his trademark ladders to the ring.  The audience is pumped up for Kaz.  Christian got the same enthusiasm in the form of jeers. Last week Christian defeated Wildcat Chris Harris – by using the ropes to get the pin – to advance in the tournament.  Kaz defeated Lance Hoyt in order to advance in the tournament. I have my fingers crossed that Kaz will manage to defeat Christian for the title shot.  I like Christian even when I’m booing him, but Kaz deserves a title shot. The opening of the match involves wrestling holds.  Kaz looks good in the beginning of this match. Christian just looks too confident here. Watch yourself, Kaz.  We know Christian will cheat if he has to. Christian gets a little overly confident, Kaz sidesteps and Christian goes out onto the floor. Christian doesn’t look happy and he comes back to get in Kaz’s face. Christian slaps Kaz and Kaz decides to attack, which is a mistake.  Christian set Kaz up to lose his temper. Showmanship may be Christian’s downfall.  Stopping to play the audience gives Kaz time to come back at Christian. Kaz executes a beautiful leg drop off the second rope. Christian must have forgotten Kaz is a high flier. Both men are out on the apron and Christian always manages to have an edge on the apron. Not this time, Kaz takes Christian down to the floor but it appears Kaz may have injured his right leg. And, of course, we go to



Back from commercial break, don’t forget TNA’s new MELTDOWN CD with all of your favorite wrestler’s entrance themes will be available November 20.

Christian and Kaz are punching, elbowing and trying to take each other down in the middle of the ring. Christian forgot about those flying feet of Kaz but he gets another lesson and is down on the mat. We then see that during the commercial break, Christian goes into the steel steps courtesy of Kaz and back in the ring Kaz meets the ring post courtesy of Christian. Christian again slows down to the play the audience and Kaz manages to keep himself from being thrown out of the ring. Christian goes up on the top rope and meets a flying kick by Kaz and both men are down on the mat. Every time Kaz goes for a cover, I hold my breath.  Christian is asking for a time out. High kick by Kaz off the top turnbuckle, goes for the cover and I SWEAR that should have been a three count, but the referee says two. Kaz completes a slingshot DDT and again goes for the cover. It’s still only a two count.  Can this ref count to three? Kaz goes out on the apron and up on the top turnbuckle. Kaz goes for a high leg drop but Christian rolls out of the way.  West says Kaz lands on his hip wrong and I think West may be right. Christian is going up top as well but Kaz is up on his feet and climbs up after Christian. Christian bites Kaz on the ear, shoves him back to the mat, Christian goes for the frog splash and hits it. Christian goes for the pin and Kaz gets his shoulder up before the ref counts to three. Come ON Kaz!  Kaz slams Christian down to the mat, goes for the cover and only gets a T W O count!  Christian is out on the floor and AJ Styles comes down the entrance ramp. Kaz hits AJ with a suicide dive through the ropes, sending AJ to the floor. AJ was trying to climb up on the ring apron and why doesn’t the ref stop the match for interference? Kaz picks up AJ and tosses him into the ring. Christian gets the ladder as Kaz works on AJ in the ring. Tomko comes out and climbs up on the ring apron. Kaz hits Tomko with a drop kick, sending him into the guardrail. Tenay says the ref’s hands are tied and he can’t disqualify Christian Cage because Kaz started the fight and brought AJ into the ring.  That has got to be a joke Tenay! Kaz is outnumbered as the ref gets caught up with AJ and Tomko hits Kaz in the back. As Kaz staggers across the ring, Christian brings the ladder up in the air and smacks Kaz in the face, sending him down to the mat. Christian is back in the ring, goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Before I can say “You have GOT to be kidding me!”, Matt Morgan comes down the entrance ramp applauding. NOTE: Jim Cornette is on his honeymoon and we understand that Matt will be taking Cornette’s place during his absence. Mic in hand, Matt comes out to congratulate Christian and encourages the audience to applaud Christian Cage. Christian applauds himself, of course, while the audience boos. Matt says we should call it what it is and that is another instant screw job. Matt then reminds Christian that he is in charge of TNA management and he is throwing this match out and declaring it a no contest.  Go, Matt, go! Matt tells Christian he will get his match at the Genesis pay per view.  It will be Christian Cage versus Kaz in a ladder match. Matt says there is one more thing: “And if you don’t know, now you know”.

JB is in the back with – who else – the Angles and Kevin Nash. Kurt blames Nash for making Hall mad and causing him to show up at the iMPACT Zone tonight. Kurt’s Mrs. says she is going to go talk to Hall and find out why he is in the building tonight.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Crystal is backstage with Christian, AJ and Tomko. Christian wants to know who put Matt Morgan in charge. Christian is also enraged because he beat Kaz and Matt is making him face Kaz again. Tomko stops Christian and asks him who is number one guy is – AJ or Tomko.  Tomko has been with Christian since day one. Christian tells Tomko he told him not to think and until Tomko gets that straight AJ is in charge when Christian is not around. AJ is very pleased that he is in charge. AJ then challenges Scott Steiner to a real wrestling match.

Gail Kim from Tampa, FL

TNA Women’s Champion


Alexa Jade

Winner:   Gail Kim via pinfall.

Who is Alexa Jade and why is Gail Kim in the ring with her?  The audience is very up on Gail Kim and so am I. These two women are close in size and Alexa appears to be wrestling savvy. Alexa wants to play dirty and I hope Gail decides to counter Alexa’s moves with her own. Gail can play dirty, too, in the sneakiest of ways. Fireman’s carry by Gail Kim. Gail drops Alexa on her head and gets the win.

Voodoo Kin Mafia, BG & Kip James, show up while Gail is still in the ring. BG tells Gail she will not have the title after her match at Genesis.  Roxxi Laveaux is sneaking up behind Gail in the ring and our brave ref is bailing out onto the floor. Roxxi takes out Gail and holds the belt high in the air. Angel Williams shows up and takes down Roxxi before picking up the belt in the middle of the ring. ODB is now in the ring taking down Williams and grabbing the belt – until Gail comes off the top rope and sends ODB to the mat with a missile drop kick. Three women are down in the ring and Gail Kim stands in the middle of the ring, holding her Women’s title belt high in the air.

Gail Kim will defend her championship belt at Genesis.. She will be facing  Roxxi Laveaux, ODB, and Angel Williams. While Roxxi is excellent in the ring, ODB is the one I’m worried about. I don’t think Williams will be a problem for Gail.

JB is in the back with Kurt’s Mrs. outside Scott Hall’s dressing room. She lets herself into the room while Hall is on his cell phone.  She introduces herself and Scott Hall introduces himself. The Mrs. makes Hall an offer and after she whispers in his ear, Hall asks her if she isn’t married and she says that she is but he can trust her. Hall asks her if she is talking to him about trust? She says she is and Hall says maybe she should go have a conference with her old man because he needs to smarten her up about the wrestling business and about trust.  Hall says you can’t trust the other wrestlers, you can’t trust the office, you can’t trust the promoters, a lot of times you can’t trust rats – indicating the Mrs. – Hall says he is at TNA for one reason and that is 6’11” Big Kevin. It’s between Hall and Nash.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JB is still back stage with the Mrs. She goes into the Men’s Room. Tenay reminds us about Scott Hall being in the iMPACT Zone tonight.

Team 3D, Brother Ray & Brother Devon, from New York City


Black Machismo Jay Lethal, from Elizabethtown, NJ

TNA X Division Champion


The Monster Abyss, 6’8”, 350 lbs.

Winner: Team 3D after Black Reign attacks Abyss and Lethal is hit with a low blow delivered by Devon.

Before the team facing Team 3D’s opponents are introduced, we see a video clip of Team 3D earlier today in the lunchroom going after Shark Boy and Petey Williams. Naturally before it is over, Shark and Petey are put through tables – lunchroom tables no less. I am not sure about Shark Boy’s abilities in the ring but I have seen Petey in action and can’t believe TNA continues to use him in these silly side skits versus putting him in the ring to do what he does best – wrestle. Before Abyss is introduced, Matt Morgan walks to the announcer’s table with a special announcement.  He hands the envelope to Tenay and leaves the arena.

At least Lethal is in the ring with someone larger than the members of Team 3D. Lethal locks up with Ray in the ring as the bell sounds.

Tenay breaks into the match to tell us that Matt’s announcement is an X Division Championship Match scheduled for the Genesis Pay Per View. It will be the current X Division Champion, Black Machismo Jay Lethal, defending his title against The Guru Sonjay Dutt. That took my attention away from what was going on in the ring.  Sonjay is actually going to get to work a one on one full match at the Genesis?  That works for me!

Back to the match, it’s still Lethal and Ray in the ring. Lethal keeps Ray on his toes by going for those high maneuvers Lethal does so well.  Poor Ray can’t keep up with him and ends up on the mat several times from nicely executed arm drags to a hurricanerana. C’mon Ray, you know you can’t keep up with an X Division champion. Ray tags in Devon and they try for a double team, but Lethal again uses his high-risk moves to take down the brothers. Lethal makes a tag to Abyss and Abyss delivers a double clothesline sending them both to the mat. Ray exits the ring and Abyss sidewalk slams Devon to the mat. He goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Abyss tags in Lethal again. Lethal practices his boxing maneuvers on Devon until Ray manages to crotch Lethal on the ring post. While Ray plays “not guilty”, Lethal is in trouble in the ring with Devon. Devon tags in Ray and Lethal is still in trouble. Ray uses Lethal’s head as a punching bag then puts him up on the top turnbuckle and continues the beat down. Lethal receives a neck breaker from Ray before Ray tags in Devon. Lethal makes a comeback, but Devon manages to toss Lethal in the air and drops him onto the mat. Lethal is down. As Lethal gets back to his feet, he manages to hit Devon with a drop kick and now both men are down. Abyss is reaching to Lethal to get the tag. Lethal makes it to the corner and Ray enters the ring. Abyss drops both men with clotheslines.  When Ray is back to his feet, Abyss sends him to the mat with a body slam and then sends Devon to the mat with a spine buster. Abyss is having a wonderful time working these two men over. Ray is now out of the ring and Abyss sends Devon down with a choke slam. Lethal is on the top turnbuckle begging for the tag and Abyss obliges.  Lethal goes more than half way across the ring to hit Devon with a flying elbow, goes for the cover but only gets a two count before Devon gets his shoulder up. Abyss is suddenly yanked off the ring apron by none other than Black Reign accompanied by James Mitchell and the two of them battle it out outside of the ring and into the audience, leaving Lethal alone with Team 3D. Lethal tries to pin Devon but only gets a two count. Devon hits Lethal with a low blow and then Lethal is the victim of the 3D. As we see Abyss and Black Reign fighting each other in the backstage area, Ray and Devon decide to deliver more punishment to Lethal. They set him up on a table and deliver blows with their belts. To the rescue is The Motor City Machineguns, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin who will face Team 3D at Genesis. Shelley and Sabin take down Ray and Devon and send them out of the ring.

The match between Team 3D and The Motor City Machineguns at Genesis should be interesting.  Both teams have worked together for quite some time but I think Team 3D are more experienced in the ring, they have a distinct size advantage and are known for extreme wrestling. Shelly and Sabin have a speed advantage but they will need to be quick to find a way to stop Team 3D’s ability to isolate one wrestler and keep them from tagging in their partner.

We go backstage to JB who is with Kurt and his Mrs. JB blabs that the Mrs. was in the Men’s Room. Kurt gets irritated that nothing was accomplished regarding Scott Hall and he goes off to take care of Hall himself. The Mrs. throws JB out of the room since he ratted her out to Kurt.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see Kurt enter the arena.  He calls out Hall and gives him a total of ten seconds to get to the ring.  Hall does not oblige and Kurt charges to the back to find Hall. West tells us that they are trying to get cameras in position to follow Kurt in his pursuit of Hall. We now see Kurt in the back going from room to room and down hallways looking for Hall. Kurt charges into a locker room and finds Eric Young. Hall comes up behind Kurt. Kurt warns Hall to stay out of his business and Kurt turns to attack but Hall has Kurt face first in the wall. Way to go Scott Hall! Hall tells Kurt to stay out of what is between Hall and Nash. Hall looks good and sounds good 6’6” and better looking than ten movie stars.

Tenay reminds us about the matches that will be at the Genesis Pay Per View this Sunday:


TNA Women’s Championship Match

Gail Kim, Current Champion, vs. ODB vs. Roxxi Laveaux vs. Angel Williams

TNA X Division Championship

Black Machismo Jay Lethal, Current Champion vs. The Guru Sonjay Dutt

The Motor City Machineguns, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin vs. Team 3D, Brothers Ray & Devon

Fight For The Right Final: Ladder Match 

Winner Gets a Title Shot

Kaz vs. Christian Cage

Robert Roode accompanied by Ms. Brooks vs. Samoa Joe

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

AJ Styles & Tomko, Current Champions vs. The Steiner Brothers, Rick & Scott

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

 Tag Team Action

Kurt Angle, Current Champion & Kevin Nash vs. The Icon Sting & Sting’s Mystery Partner

Crystal is backstage with Scott Steiner. AJ has challenged Scott to a collegiate takedown match. Scott tells AJ that he was a wrestling champ at the University of Michigan. AJ said he went to a Georgia vo-tech school. Scott tells AJ that AJ’s girlfriend comes to see him at night after AJ is tucked away in his kiddie blankets.

Takedown Challenge: Five-Minute Time Limit

AJ Styles from Gainesville, GA

One half of the TNA Tag Team Champions


Scott Steiner from Detroit, MI

Winner: Scott Steiner, 5 to 3

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break,

TNA Road To Genesis will be Saturday at 10:30 on Spike TV.

The History of TNA: Year 1 DVD will be available November 20, 2007.

We know that AJ can’t really beat Scott Steiner in a takedown match but AJ has learned a lot from Christian Cage.  AJ brings along some powder to throw into Scott’s eyes.  AJ does get a few takedowns when Scott can’t see and after that it is all Scott. That is until Tomko interferes. A good showing of collegiate wrestling on the part of both of these men but AJ is outsized both in weight and height against Scott. Scott won’t even have to break a sweat to send AJ to the mat. Scott wins the actual takedown match without any problem, 5 to 3. Rick Steiner comes out to help his brother Scott is back to his feet and AJ and Tomko end up on the floor outside the ring.

JB is backstage with Kevin Nash and the Angle family. Kurt is yelling at Kevin because Hall is here. Nash says he will go out and find Hall so they can find out what Hall really wants.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Crystal is backstage outside of Sting’s dressing room but Scott Hall exits Sting’s dressing room and stops to flirt with Crystal before wandering off. That'll make all of Hall's female fans take a deep breath and sigh!

Six Man Tag Team Match

Cowboy James Storm from TN

accompanied by The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore


Robert Roode from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY

accompanied to the ring by Ms. Brooks


Kurt Angle from Pittsburgh, PA

Current TNA Heavyweight Champion


Showtime Eric Young Residing at an Undisclosed Location


The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe from American Samoa


The Icon Sting from Venice Beach, CA

Winners: Showtime Eric Young, Samoa Joe & Sting courtesy of the scorpion.

We see Robert Roode’s Number One Fan in the audience with her pro Roode sign held high.  She was removed from the iMPACT Zone last week when she attempted to get involved in the Roode versus Samoa Joe match that ended up in the audience. Ms. Brooks is wearing a dress and heels – not really prepared to do battle – but she does stop to stare down the Roode’s fan. Eric again has fear factor problems when his pyros go off but he stops before entering the ring to work the fans. Eric enters the ring and then realizes that his tag teammates are not there and he is alone in the ring so out he goes to the ring apron. Joe doesn’t have a problem entering the ring alone even with the three opponents out on the floor.  As usual, Joe is ready for a fight! Kurt looks a little afraid of Sting. Sting stops for a second or two to work the audience before entering the ring. Eric is happy to see everyone and hugs Sting prior the match starting.

Before the bell rings, Sting is staring down Kurt and Joe flies across the ring after Roode who hops off the ring apron and out of harms’ way. Roode faces off with Sting in the ring as the bell sounds. Sting tags in Joe but Roode goes across the ring and bails out again. Roode has tagged in Storm to avoid Joe. Storm tries to hop over Joe, but Joe takes him to the mat. Joe runs into Storm’s elbow.  Storm goes up on the ropes to drive on Joe, but Joe walks away and Storm hits the mat face first. Joe sends a boot in the direction of Storm’s head, but Storm takes himself out of the ring. Joe tags in Eric and Storm has tagged in Kurt. Joe whispers something in Eric’s ear before Eric heads to the center of the ring to face Kurt. Kurt sends Eric across the ring and Eric goes over the top rope, landing on the ring apron. Eric comes through the ropes with a shoulder block. Eric goes under the ropes and under Kurt. Eric then sends Kurt over the top ropes and onto the floor. Eric goes out on the floor and under the ring and brings out a telephone book. As Kurt gets to his feet and turns around, Eric nails Kurt in the head with the…phone book? Kurt is back down on the floor. Eric picks Kurt up and sends him back into the ring. Eric goes for the cover but only gets a two count before Kurt gets a shoulder up. We now have a split screen. One side shows Kevin Nash backstage while on the other screen, Eric gets a hit to the back by one of Kurt’s teammates. Kurt sends Eric to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex and we are back to one screen again. Kurt goes for the pin but only gets a one count. Kurt’s Mrs. comes walking down the entrance ramp to the ring.  Is there a reason for this? Kurt proceeds to punch away on Eric before tagging in Roode and we go to



Back from commercial break, it is Roode and Eric in the ring.  Roode has Eric against the ropes. Roode sends Eric across the ropes and sends him high into the air to deliver a back body drop. Roode goes for the cover but Joe hits the ring and breaks up the pin, knocking the ref down in the process. Kurt gets a tag and now he has Eric down in the center of the ring. Kurt delivers a back breaker to Eric and goes for the pin but doesn’t get the three count. Kurt now has Eric in leg scissors. The audience is cheering Eric. I may have to mute the sound because the screeching of Kurt’s Mrs. is getting on my nerves. Eric is back to his feet and he tries to fight back but Kurt hugs Eric with an elbow as he comes off the ropes. Kurt stops to annoy Sting who decides to enter the ring. The ref stops him. Eric is again down on the mat and Kurt has him in a headlock. Eric is again back on his feet and fighting back. Kurt sets Eric up for a suplex but Eric breaks free and falls into his own corner, tagging in Joe. Joe enters the ring and so does Storm. Joe sends Storm to the mat with a right fist, takes Kurt down with a clothesline and then sends Storm to the mat with a clothesline. Roode stands up on the bottom ropes and Joe sends Roode crashing to the floor. Joe is still working on both Kurt and Storm in the ring. Joe sets Kurt up on the top turnbuckle – it could be muscle buster time – but instead Joe sends a high boot to the side of Kurt’s head. Kurt falls face first to the mat. He delivers an inverted atomic drop to Storm who has staggered back to his feet. Joe heads for the ropes but Roode grabs Joe’s ankle and takes him down to the mat. Storm is up and working on Joe. Storm sends Joe into the ropes, Joe ducks’ Storm’s clothesline, Storm is against the ropes and Joe heads to the opposite ropes. Storm delivers a high knee as Joe comes back into the center of the ring. Storm is blatantly choking Joe and the ref gets Storm to break the hold. Storm tags in Roode and Roode starts with fists on Joe but Joe comes back with fists of his own. Roode delivers an elbow and then comes off the ropes and delivers a clothesline sending Joe to the mat. We see Roode’s Number One Fan in the audience cheering on Roode. Roode goes for the pin and Joe powers out. Roode has Joe in a chin lock but Joe is back to his feet. Roode sends Joe to the corner and gets caught by an elbow from Joe and a boot to the face. Joe is up on the top turnbuckle and he comes off with a powerful highflying leg drop that takes Roode down. Ms. Brooks appears to be enjoying the beating Roode just took at the hands of Joe and Sting is leaning into the ring trying to get Joe to make the tag. Joe tags in Sting and Roode tags in Storm. Roode and Storm are both in the ring and Sting takes them both down with clotheslines, elbows and fists. Sting steps across the ring and sends a right hand to Kurt’s face sending him crashing to the floor. Stinger delivers a stinger splash to Storm and then one to Roode across the ring. Sting executes the scorpion death drop to Storm and goes for the cover. Roode breaks it up after the count of two. Joe uses the opportunity to enter the ring and go after Roode. Kurt is coming back into the ring as Roode is trying to get out of the ring and away from Joe. Kurt sends Sting to the mat with an Olympic slam and as Kurt gets himself psyched up to take out Sting, Eric enters the ring and takes Kurt down with a clothesline. Kurt rolls out of the ring and Eric follows him out. Joe and Roode are also outside the ring on the floor leaving Sting and Storm in the ring. Storm is on his feet as Sting struggles to get up off the mat. Eric is taking Kurt around the outside of the ring. In the ring, Storm brings up a boot to nail Sting, but Sting catches Storm’s leg and goes for the scorpion. Storm taps out in the center of the ring. Kurt is sitting with the Mrs. on the entrance ramp crying about the loss he just suffered at the hands of Sting. Eric is in the ring celebrating with Sting.

JB is backstage with Nash and Nash is going out to the ring to face Scott Hall.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see Kevin Nash enter the arena and the ring with a mic in his hand. Nash and Hall have been friends for sixteen years and Tenay is of the opinion that Hall is out to get Nash because Nash turned his back on Hall when Hall was in trouble. We hear Hall’s entrance theme and Scott Hall enters the arena to a cheering crowd. All I can say is YESSSSSSS!  Scott Hall still has it in looks and talk.  I can’t wait to see what he does in the ring!  Hall says “Hey, yo!” The fans are chanting “Welcome back!”. Halls says he didn’t get the memo about the dress code (Nash is in a suit, Hall is in t-shirt and jeans) and that he thought they were still dying their hair (referring to Nash’s gray hair). Hall says he didn’t know we got real mature all of a sudden. Nash says we all have to grow up sometime. Hall says so we can get older but what if he is still immature? Hall has questions for Nash and wants to know why suddenly Nash was no longer easy to find. Hall wants to know why when Hall is in the gutter he looks around and can’t find Big Sexy. Nash says there is a point in everyone’s life that you have to straighten up. Nash apologizes for not being a friend to Hall. Hall says it’s good to see Nash and for everybody who cares, Hall says he is not Sting’s partner, never has been, never will be. Hall and Nash hug in the ring and who should interrupt the reunion but Kurt who is still worried about Sting’s mystery partner. Kurt says he is confused – what else is new? – Nash is Kurt’s partner at Genesis and Nash wants to kill Kurt.  Hall attacks Kurt backstage and Hall is not Sting’s partner. Kurt wants to know who Sting’s mystery partner will be. Sting enters the arena but Sting just stands there and does not say a word, including who his mystery partner will be at Genesis.







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