Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown

November 9, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

Backstage interviews: Anastacia

We hear the Biscuits and Gravy entrance music for Jesse and Festus.

Tag Team Battle Royal

Teams are eliminated when one member goes over the top rope and both feet touch the floor.  The last team in the ring will be the winners and will have a shot at the WWE Tag Team title later tonight against the current champions, Matt Hardy and MVP.

Jesse & Festus, at a combined weight of 501 lbs.


The Major Brothers, Brett & Brian, at a combined weight of 435 lbs., from NY


Dave Taylor & Drew McIntyre, at a combined weight of 498 lbs.


Deuce & Domino, at a combined weight of 465 lbs., from the other side of the tracks.

accompanied to the ring by Cherry


Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore, at a combined weight of 410 lbs.

Audience favorites: Iím not sure

My favorites: Dave Taylor, Drew McIntyre & Shannon Moore.

Winners: The Major Brothers who eliminated Deuce & Domino

Jesse is sent through the second rope by either Deuce or Domino but Jesse is still in the match because you must go over the top rope to be eliminated. Everyone appears to be out to get Festus after he takes on Deuce and Domino.

Eliminated: Festus by every man in the ring with the exception of Jesse.

Jesse & Festus are out of the competition.

Since the bell didnít ring, Festus is ready to go back in and beat on more wrestlers. The referee tries to stop him but, fortunately, Jesse is there to pull Festus away from the ropes.

Eliminated: Jimmy Wang Yang by Dave Taylor

Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore are out of the competition.


Back from commercial break.

Eliminated: Dave Taylor by one of the Major Brothers

Dave Taylor & Drew McIntyre are out of the competition.

Eliminated: Deuce & Domino by one of the Major Brothers.

Deuce & Domino are out of the competition.

The Major Brothers have a shot at the Tag Team Titles tonight.

We are backstage with Torrie Wilson and Michelle McCool who are joined by Chuck Palumbo and then Victoria and Kenny Dykstra. Victoria makes some remark that McCool doesnít like and McCool attacks Victoria. The two men separate them. It appears that it will be Victoria and McCool in a match next.

We are reminded we have a match tonight between Rey Mysterio and Finlay.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a video recap of The Great Khaliís debut --  a match with The Undertaker. We are reminded there will be a No Holds Barred match between The Undertaker and The Great Khali.

Diva Match

Michelle McCool from Orlando, FL

accompanied to the ring by Chuck Palumbo and his motorcycle


Victoria from Los Angeles, CA

accompanied to the ring by Kenny Dykstra

Audience favorite: Michelle McCool

My favorite: Chuck Palumbo and his motorcycle

Winner: Victoria via pinfall

McCool has been practicing her wrestling moves. Victoria isnít doing her usual job in the ring these days. I know she can work the ring better than this. Chuck and Kenny get together outside the ring as Chuck decides to take out Kenny when he interferes by dragging Victoria out of the ring.

We are backstage with Antastacia and Rey Mysterio. She asks about Mysterioís match tonight against Finlay. Mysterio tells us he will take out Finlay Ė I think -- part of what he says is in Spanish and I donít speak Spanish.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the Save Us 222 video.

Vickie Guerrero is backstage with CM Punk from ECW.  Jamie Noble breaks in to thank Vickie for the Rey Mysterio DVD she gave him last week:  The Biggest Little Man.  Noble has a DVD of himself called Jamie Noble:  The Greatest Little Man and he has a copy just for Vickie. This is a special VHS with bonus footage just for Vickie. CM Punk tells Noble that his matches have been awesome the last few weeks. Noble manages to open his mouth again and tells Punk that Vickie is crazy. Noble tells Punk he could beat him any time and any place. Vickie tells them both that they will be in a match tonight.

Finlay, weighing 233 lbs., from Belfast, Northern Ireland


Rey Mysterio, weighing 165 lbs., from San Diego, CA

Audience favorite: Rey Mysterio

My favorite: I like them both.

Winner: Finlay with the Celtic Cross.

The audience is all pro Mysterio. JBL is upset because the audience is bad mouthing Finlay.


Back from commercial break, Finlay appears to be in trouble. Finlay uses power to get back in control of the match. This match has been rough on both wrestlers.  Finlay goes for his weapon, but Mysterio manages to steer clear of the weapon. There are numerous attempted covers in the match. Mysterio misses the first 619, but manages to get the second one. Finlay gets the Celtic Cross and gets the three count.

Finlay throws Mysterio out of the ring onto the floor and then proceeds to nail Mysterio in the head with a laptop compter. The ref manages to get in between the two and back Finlay off.  Finlay goes as far as to get his weapon and goes back. The ref tries to keep Finlay at bay with Mysterio on the floor and manages to make Finlay leave Mysterio alone.

Mysterio is on the floor with his mask off but his face is covered with a towel. Mysterio landed hard on his shoulder earlier but his head may have taken a direct hit with the laptop.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

CM Punk, weighing 222 lbs., from Chicago, IL and ECW

ECW Champion


Jamie Noble, weighing 202 lbs., from Hanover, WV

Audience Favorite: CM Punk

My favorite: I like them both.

Winner: No winner was announced, interference by Miz and Morrison.

At least Noble is getting more and more matches in his height and weight area. If Noble decided to actually wrestle in the ring, I think this could be a great match. There were some good wrestling moves by both men in this match and Punkís use of boots and the ropes keeps matches alive and moving. I thought when Punk delivered a suicide dive to Noble on the floor, Punk might have injured his knee, but it appeared to have cleared up before the match was over. And before the match was over, The Miz showed up to attack Punk in the ring just as he was about to deliver the GTS to Noble and win the match. Punk and Miz punch it out in the middle of the ring until Punk delivers a boot to the side of Mizís head and sends him to the mat. As Punk gets back to his feet, who else should show up to attack him from behind but John Morrison? Punk drops Morrison with the GTS and then Noble attacks Punk from behind. I know the ref rang the bell as soon as Miz hit the ring. Noble takes Punk down with two knees into the stomach and now all three Survivor Series contestants for the ECW Championship are down the ring as Noble walks out.

We see Batista in the back area and headed to the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we are reminded that Batista has a hell in a cell match with Undertaker at Survivor Series. Batista enters the arena and heads to the ring. JBL gets up out of his announcerís chair, claims he has a cell phone call and climbs over the guardrail into the audience. Avoiding Batista perhaps? Batista has come out to address his match at Survivor Series and The Undertaker. He is wishing Undertaker good luck in his match tonight with The Great Khali. JBL stays on his cell phone the entire time Batista is in the ring.

We are reminded that The Major Brothers will get a shot at the tag team title tonight against Matt Hardy and MVP.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JBL is back at ringside with Cole.

MVP, weighing 248 lbs., from Miami, FL

United States Champion & one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions

Matt Hardy, weighing 236 lbs., from Cameron, NC

One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions


Brett & Brian, The Major Brothers, at a combined weight of 435 lbs., from NY

Audience favorite: Matt Hardy & MVP

My favorites: Matt Hardy & MVP

Winners: MVP & Matt Hardy when MVP got the pin and the win.

Please donít break up the best comedy team in WWE! Matt is back for the first time after receiving a nasty gash in the head in a tag team match with MVP against Rey Mysterio and Finlay. Iím a little surprised the Major Brothers managed to beat Deuce and Domino to get the title shot. MVP showboated this match Ė as he always does Ė by tagging himself in and getting the pin and the win. Matt is obviously not happy with the way the match went and MVP and Matt leave the match after a little tiff.

This wasnít a very long match but it did give us a chance to see MVP and Matt in action in the ring. I have always thought Matt was a better wrestler than MVP but MVP has shown a lot of improvement as of late. We didnít get the usual comedy relief we get with these two men but they put on a good show just the same.

We see a video of a match between Batista and The Great Khali and are reminded about the match Undertaker has with The Great Khali tonight.

Cole reminds us about the passing of Lillian Ellison, The Fabulous Moolah. We see a video tribute to Moolah. And she was Fabulous.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Cole and JBL give us a run down of the matches scheduled for Survivor Series pay per view.

No Holds Barred Match

No count outs and no disqualification.

The Great Khali, 7í0Ē tall, weighing 420 lbs, from India

accompanied to the ring by his Interpreter


The Undertaker weighing 299 lbs., from Death Valley

Audience favorite: The Undertaker

My favorite: The Undertaker

Winner: The Undertaker with the triangle choke making Khali tap out.

Iím not sure why Undertaker requested a No Holds Barred match with Khali. Undertaker is going to need more than a little voodoo to take Khali down in the ring. JBL is worried because Undertaker keeps staring at JBL at the announcerís table. Undertaker manages to take Khali down with a choke slam but does not get the pin. Khaliís interpreter gets up on the ring apron and comes dangerously close to meeting the Undertaker up close and personal.


Just a guess, but I believe Smackdown holds the record for most commercial breaks DURING matches in a two hour time slot.

Back from commercial break, Khali appears to be in charge of the match and has Undertaker backed into a corner. Undertaker manages to get out of Khaliís vice grip and delivers another choke slam again but does not get the three count. Undertaker looks like heís going to go for the tombstone pile driver but Khali counters the move. Undertaker tries for the triangle choke on Khali and gets it locked in. Khali taps out and Undertaker wins the match. Undertaker is getting a great warm up for the World Championship match he has with Batista at Survivor series.

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