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Indy News Bytes

Indy News Bytes

November 7, 2007

by Sassy





Southern Ohio Indy wrestler Chuck Chronic severely burned in fire

Posted on 11/02/107 by Jerry Davis

Southern Ohio Indy wrestler Chuck Chronic (real name Chuck Richards) was severely burned by amalfunctioning stove earlier this week.

I don't have alot of details but he is on a ventilator and they hadto do a skin graft.

A friend of his family is posting updates at the link below.

He is a heck of a nice guy, he and his family could sure use everyone's prayers.

Latest Update:

Posted on 11/05/107 by Jerry Davis

Thought I'd pass along an update on Chuck "Chronic" Richards from

RCW's own Chuck Chronic (Chuck Richards) was involved in an accident last week that left him with severe burns on 35% of his body.

From what we are told theburns are pretty severe and have done considerable damage to Chuck's hands and neck area. He is currently on a ventilator and dosed heavily because of the pain.

Over the weekend Chuck also came down with pneumonia.Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chuck, his family and friends.

At last Saturday's show we had a notebook forthe fans to sign Get Well messages to Chuck. We will have that notebook again this Saturday at Otway and encourage all of our fans that come out to sign it and help lift Chuck's spirits as he has a long, scary road ahead. You can mail cards and letters to:


718 Sherman Rd.

Portsmouth, OH 45662

We will make sure that Chuck receives everyone's cardsand letters. Thanks to Sara Daniels for keeping us updated on the Fan Forum.

Nigel McGuinness Injury

Source - PWInsider, Wrestling Observer

We now have an update on Ring of Honor champion Nigel McGuinness. According to Mike Johnson McGuinness has been diagnosed with a torn bicep. This will put him out of the ring until at least the end of the year, thus he will miss the big ROH Glory by Honor weekend and a tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH. Right now doctors are hoping that rest and rehab will heal the injury without having to do surgery.

Aaron “The Idol” Stevens Available For Indy Bookings

Former WWE star Aaron “The Idol” Stevens’ 90 day no-compete clause is about to expire. He will be available for independent bookings at

Nicolas Cage At Ring of Honor Event

Nicolas Cage is backstage at the Ring of Honor event in New York City, researching his lead role for upcoming independent feature film "The Wrestler." Source:

Teddy Hart and Jack Evans

There is talk of AAA using Teddy Hart and Jack Evans as a tag team in Mexico. John Laurinaitis told Hart when he was recently released to wrestle in Japan and Mexico so he could learn more ring psychology. Source: Pro Wrestling Fans.

ECW Superstar Retires From Wrestling


ECW superstar CW Anderson has surprisingly announced his retirement November 4, 2007,  in a phone call conversation. It is believed that Anderson wants to focus on his new job outside of the business as well as spend more time with his family, reports Mike Johnson. Anderson stated, "I'm done. It's over. I won't be taking any additional bookings."


"Best of CHIKARA" DVD hits retail store shelves everywhere this week!

 On Tuesday, November 6th, Big Vision Entertainment's hand-picked "Best of CHIKARA" is released all throughout North America, and we wanted to give fans, new and old alike, a look at all the places across Canada and the United States that will be carrying our newest DVD! You can find the DVD at:

-Best Buy


-Virgin Music

-Suncoast Video

-Camelot Music



-Select Blockbuster Video and Frys

 And find it online through and Netflix!

 Each copy of the "Best of CHIKARA" comes with a free CHIKARA trading card, and contains nine of our finest bouts from 2005 and 2006! This swank collection has a running time of just over two hours, and has a suggested retail price of less than ten bucks! Giddyup already!


Obituary for infant son of Jason Cross

The obituary from the Macon Telegraph:

“Nickolas Jason Massengale -IVEY - Nickolas Jason Massengale, was two months and five days old, when he passed away on October 29, 2007 at Children's Hospital of Atlanta-Egleston. He battled since birth with a serious heart defect, "Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome".

Nick is survived by his Mother, Tara Lyn Tapley Massengale; and Father William Jason Massengale; His Sister, Kaylyn A. Tabor of Ivey and family. -Services will be held Thursday, November 1, 2007 at 11A.M. in the Gordon First Baptist Church. Burial will be in the Ivey Baptist Church Cemetery. Rev. Maxie Threatt will officiate. -Donations may be made to the Ronald McDonald House at Egleston. For more information, visit Ronald McDonald House Atlanta online. -Couey-Reece-Stanley Funeral Home in Gordon has charge of arrangements. N. Massengale” You can sign the online guestbook at

The Fabulous Moolah

Lillian "The Fabulous Moolah" Ellison died at her home in Columbia, SC last Friday at age 84. Moolah was a lot more than the comedy figure seen with Mae Young in recent years on WWE television.

She began her career as "Slave Girl" Moolah, valet for "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers. Moolah won her first Women's Title in 1956 in a tournament held in Baltimore, MD.

She was billed as "undefeated women's champion for nearly 30 years" for Moolah had, in fact, lost her title at least four times; to Betty Boucher in 1957, Yukiko Tomoe in Japan in March 1968, Sue Green (ironically enough, at Madison Square Garden) in 1976 and Evelyn Stevens in Dallas on October 1978.

Ellison appeared for various NWA territories as well as WWWF shows, until Vince McMahon, Jr. went nationwide with WWF in 1983, and offered Ellison an exclusive deal, where she literally sold her rights to the Women's World Title to the World Wrestling Federation (she owned the belt and title outright at the time).

She finally lost her title at the 1984 Wrestlemania in a match against Wendi Richter (who had Cyndi Lauper in her corner). 15 months later, after Richter and WWF developed an impasse, WWE and Moolah pulled off a doublecross that pre-dated the infamous Bret Hart Montreal screwjob by 12 years; as she donned a mask as the Spider Lady, and regained the belt in November, 1985

Moolah held the WWF title (with the exception of another non-recognized loss to Velvet McIntyre during a tour of Australia in 1986) until passing the torch to Sherri Martel on July 24, 1987.

Moolah was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame in 1995, the first female performer to receive this honor. Moolah was seen again on WWF TV in 1999 after taking a guitar shot from Jeff Jarrett. Moolah, along with longtime friend Mae Young, made numerous appearances over the next several years as a comedy figure; with one final eight day interlude as WWE Woman's Champion in October 1999, defeating Ivory and the 76-year old Moolah defeated Ivory to regain the Women's Title, thus becoming the oldest WWE Women's Champion ever.

Vince McMahon then promised her a match appearance on her 80th birthday, which became a match against Victoria, followed by Randy Orton nailing her with a RKO.

Moolah's final mainstream hurrah came along with many 1950s era women's wrestlers in the 2004 film "Lipstick and Dynamite", a documentary about the women wrestlers from the 1950s era. She and Mae Young even promoted the film on the Tonight Show, and got these two some of the respect they've deserved for years.

Moolah made her final WWF/E appearance at SummerSlam 2007 in a segment with Vince McMahon and William Regal.



Ringside Collectibles presents Ringsidefest with Sid Vicious and Bret Hart on November 10


NEW YORK, NY -- Ringside Collectibles presents the fourth annual RINGSIDE FEST, scheduled for Saturday, November 10th at Carolines on Broadway in Times Square, New York City.

Sid Vicious has just been signed to appear to celebrate the release of his new Classic Superstars 16 action figure! Tammy "Sunny" Sytch has also just been added celebrating her signing with the Jakks Pacific Classic Superstars line! Both will be signing autographs and participating in a Q&A Session.

The Hart Foundation will reunite for 1 day only! Bret “Hitman” Hart will be on hand celebrating the release of his long awaited autobiography “Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling.” Bret will be signing autographs and participating in a Question and Answer session with fans!

Bret's book will be available for purchase at the event imported from Canada!

The rest of the Hart Foundation, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart will also be signing autographs and participating in a Question and Answer session with fans!

Jakks Pacific WWE Figure collectors do not want to miss the limited edition Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin Classic Superstars 2-Pack that is exclusively available at Ringside Fest!

Jeremy Padawer and Peter Skourtis from Jakks Pacific will be on hand at Ringside Fest to meet with fans to answer questions and find out what YOU want to see in the Jakks WWE Figure line in 2008. Jakks will also have a few surprises on display.

Tickets are on-sale NOW. Click here to order your tickets today!

Ringside Collectibles, Inc. is the #1 on-line retailer of Jakks Pacific WWE Figures.

CONTACT: Ringside Collectibles, Inc. 516-593-5413 

Trash Talking Radio

Dickie Rodz, Sara Del Rey & 3AW on 10/29 TTRS

Posted by: "Mike Trash" 

Dickie Rodz, Sara Del Rey & 3AW on 10/29 TTRS

Last week we had on Tommy Cairo, Austin Creed and Sabian. Check them out in the archives.

Tune into this Tuesday's show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.

Stream Connection:

Chat Room: 

Dickie Rodz

He has been a part of NYWC for a long time and has held their belt. It wasn't long ago when he suffered what was believed to be a career ending injury, but he has persevered and come back stronger than ever. This week we talk to him about his time in the business and how he has been able to stay on top.

Sara Del Rey

She is one of the most beautiful women in the sport today, but also very lethal. We bring to the show this Shimmer and Lucha Libre Femenil Star. She has also been featured in ROH, Chikara and All Pro Wrestling as well as many others including Wrestling Society X. This week we find out more about her and where she goes from here

3AW Commissioner

There is a new Sheriff in town, ok a new Promotion in town and they are about to have their first show in Chambersburg, PA. This week we will talk to Mike Black as he goes over the participants in this promotion and find out what makes this one stand out from the rest.


Eric Gargiulo (Pro Wrestling Radio)

Alex Balboa

Coming Soon


More Information on AWA

Supreme Championship Wrestling Drops AWA

Posted by: "Bill Taylor" a1a5g6 

Date: Wed Oct 31, 2007 4:47 pm ((PDT))


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Supreme Championship Wrestling drops AWA!

This is a warning to anyone considering using the AWA sanctioning. It also is to let people know where we stand and how the AWA operates.

In 2003 I received a letter from AWA promising me that if I join I would only have to a pay $199 a year and by getting in on the "ground floor" this would be a "lock in rate" that would never change. They made promises that they could get talent here for a discounted rate and dropped a few names. They made promises that if someone were to "invade my territory" that they would be here and co-promote using their stars until the problem was solved. They talked of their lineage to the old AWA mentioning Lawler, Henning, and Bockwinkle. All the while claiming to be the legit grandson of Verne Gagne, and claiming that he was indeed a legit Gagne.

This all sounded good, but really all I wanted was the legal right to the logo. Early into my sanctioning, I discovered that the talent at a discounted rate was a lie. The names they mentioned Honky-Tonk Man, King Kong Bundy, and Larry Zybisco just to name a few all gave me a price when I called them, but when I told the I was an AWA sanctioned territory they laughed and actually a few of them actually said they would want MORE money from an AWA territory. Zybisco went into to detail how Mr. "Gagne" was a scam artist. I guess I kind of knew this, but didn't care.

In about 2005, I had a problem with an outlaw show coming in, tearing my flyers down, and replacing them with their own. I called "Mr. Gagne" who told me that I just need to keep providing a quality show and I will overcome the other promotion. I did, he was right, but that was not what our agreement said he would do in this situation.

Twice AWA has ran their "big shows" in Indianapolis and didn't invite any members of AWA-Supreme to the shows, which is ridiculous since we were the Indiana Sanctioned AWA.

2005 sanctioning fees came out and they $250 not the $199 I was promised. 2006 it went up to $300, and 2007 $350, and now they are asking for $500 in 2008. Not a chance! This guy's real name is Dale Ganger, which is where the middle initial in his gimmick name comes from (Dale R. Gagne). I was later to find out that Dale had no rights to the lineage to the old AWA, all he has is copyright to the logo. Through all this, I had no heat with him. Even if he was a con man, and even if he was trying to "work the workers". Everything this man had promised was a lie, but I really liked that logo.

I called Dale yesterday, after he had called me several times. He was calling me leaving messages wanting me to re-sanction for 2008. I was calling him to tell him that I was NOT going to re-sanction. I told him why I didn't re-sanction; I was nice and polite about it. He even said if I change my mind, AWA would welcome us back anytime. Through the years, we were part of AWA; he emailed and called me often to tell me how great we were doing, and how we were a staple in the AWA being the longest running sanctioned promotion. Now saying all this here is where the heat starts. Dale had the balls today to post a message on AWA-Supreme's website saying that they released us, as if it was HIS CHOICE. It was MY choice to drop the AWA, NOT the AWA's choice to drop us

For those who didn't know, the rights to the old AWA history belongs to Vince McMahon and The WWE. Not to Dale Gagner. If you are an associate with AWA, I strongly suggest you put a lot of thought into it every year before you send your sanctioning fees in. I know that if you just want to be a part of "something bigger" or sanctioned by a "world-wide sanctioning body" that there are better ones. Cheaper ones.

I think sanctioning is a great idea. I think having a "World Champion" representing several promotions is a good idea. I have looked into another, cheaper, and newer sanctioning body. I will talk more about this later, once I get the details.


1 Pro Wrestling


Second Anniversary Show, 2007

October 13, 2007 at the Doncaster Dome, Doncaster

Best of Three Deciding Match

Mark Sloan def. Wade Fitzgerald

James Wallace def. Gary Player

Six-Man "Survival of the Sickest" Tag Match

Keith Myatt, El Ligero & Iceman def. Darkside, Stixx & Bad Bones

Three-Way Match

Larry Sweeney def. Delirious & Mad Man Manson

Scorpio def. Martin Stone

Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick) def. Iron Lions

Iron Man Match for the 1PW Open Weight Championship

Darren Burridge vs. Nigel McGuiness ended as a draw (as a result, Burridge retains the title)

1PW Tag Team Championship Match

Damned Nation (Dragon Aisu & Majik) def. Luke Phoenix & Spud to win the titles

Steel Cage Match for the 1PW Heavyweight Championship

Sterling James Keenan def. Ulf Herman to win the title.


1PW Underground #4

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Granby, Edlington

Doors open at 5:30pm, show starts at 6:30pm

Tickets priced £7.00 to £12.00

1PW "A Very Merry Christmas Show"

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Granby, Edlington

Tickets details to be confirmed...

1PW "No Regrets" super-show

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Doncaster Dome, Doncaster

Doors open at 5:00pm, show starts at 6:00pm

Tickets priced £15.00 upwards

1PW Underground #5

Saturday, January 28, 2008

The Granby, Edlington

Doors open at 5:30pm, show starts at 6:30pm

Ticket details to be confirmed...

1PW Underground #6

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Granby, Edlington

Doors open at 5:30pm, show starts at 6:30pm

Ticket details to be confirmed...




Opening match

Morgan Lane Def. Rottn Randy and now Randy has to be San Francisco Treat Valet for two month

2nd Match - MidEvil took on Chris Steel and get's the pinfall in their debut in ASWF

3rd. Match. San Francisco Treat w/ Rottn Randy vs Lucky

Treat over by pinfall  Randy had his new makeup on and a pink sash around his neck

4th.  CCR (Wild Bill & Cody Murdock w Mr. X) vs Degenerates (X-Kaliber & Morgan Lane)

Degenerates over by pinfall but after the match Wild Bill and Mr. X Attacks Cody and leaves him laying in the ring

5th. ASWF Tag Team Non-Title Match:

Acid & Scott Fury vs Mac Daddy & Seth Sabor

Mac Daddy & Seth made their debut in ASWF but came up short against the champions as Acid & Scott win by Pinfall

6th  X-Title Match:

Chuck Fears vs Justin Smart

very good match Austin Lane was at ringside and trying several times to get involved in this match but it back fired Chuck gets the pinfall win.

Semi-Main Event: Ladies Match

Nikki Lane vs Jazz

Nikki get on the mic and said she has chosen Austin Lane as the Referee

before the Match started we had moment of silent toll the bell 10 times for the legendary the Fabulous Moolah (Lillian Ellison) who past away early in the day she was a pioneer in Ladies Professional Wrestling

Nikki Lane wins by Pinfall with small package only after Jazz had a small package on Nikki herself but Austin roll them over and quick count to give Nikki Lane the Win over Jazz

After the Match Jazz has mic and tell Nikki tha on Nov 17th it want be that eazy call her a chicken S##T and the Sl$t will not have her way on the Nov 17th.   Jazz was fired up

Main Event  ASWF Title

Austin Lane vs Rodney Mack

Lane & Mack gave the fans a great match but but when it look like Austin was not going to pull it out Justin comes out and help Austin get the pinfall win.

After the match Austin & Justin try to hang Mack but Rodney battles out of it he take the mic and challenge the Entourage to and Tag Team Match and he'll have a Tag Partner non other than the "Atomic Dog" Ali Steven

So two big return matches have been signed for the November Rain Tour on Nov 17th.

The Posse was set to return to the Valiant Arena but due to Cirumstances beyond both our control they could not make the show but ask to reschedule their dates after the first of the year.  which has been done.


Our next stop this weekend Nov 10th

Kamala Jr. is coming into ASWF  plus CJ Popp

Partner vs Partner as Wild Bill w/Mr.X takes on Cody Murdock

The Leprechauns return to action

Acid & Scott Fury Defend the Tag Title

ASWF Title vs X-Title

Austin Lane vs Chuck Fears

San Francisco Treat vs Tim Hanson

Degenerates (X-Kaliaber & Morgan Lane) vs

Mac Daddy & Seth Sabor

 Special Note

Arkansas Bikers Remember

Sat Nov, 10th

The 3rd. Allen Nagel Memorial Bike Ride for the Toys for Tots

Meet at the Mall Parking Lot in Newport Ar.

at: 2pm.

To Ride to Tuckerman Fire Dept to Deliver the Toys

for more info call Rickey Rowland

(870) 349-5554

As most of you have heard by now The Posse was not at the show this past weekend, Cirumstances beyond our control kept them from being at them show. I later found out that Lil Chris had a Death in his Family, Our Prayers go with him and his Family.  They will be re-book after the first of the year.

Our Prayers are with Tim Hanson and Family this week as he lost a love one over the weekend too.

American Championship Pro Wrestling


American Championship Pro Wrestling and Wild Card Pro Wrestling join together to bring you Crucial Decisions this Saturday


November 10th

Northeast Community Center

2840 Holme Ave

Philadelphia, PA

Doors open at 6pm

Belltime is 7pm

GA tickets are 15$

Kids 13 and under are 10$

ACPW and WCPW will bring you to for the first time ever, the Crucial Decision battle royal! Superstars will enter the battle royal ever 30 seconds til all the competitors are in the ring.

The final 4 competitors will then get to choose one envelope out of 4. The envelopes will reveal what title shot that person receives. Whoever stayed in the battle royal the longest gets to choose his envelope first. So, you can expect the unexpected this Saturday. None of the champions know who their title defenses will be against.

So you could very well get Gemini vs Kwame, or Franky Frizzo vs Korpse. You never know what to expect at Crucial Decisions!

Scheduled to appear on Saturday night:

ACPW Heavyweight Champion Kwame, WCPW Heavyweight Champion Greg Spitz, ACPW Internet TV Champion Korpse, Mark Mest, ACPW Tag Team Champions The Gemini Trojans (Josh & Jeremy), Ed House, Ian Cross, Patch, Winky Lexington, Tyler Hyman Cloud aka THC, CJ O'Doyle, Franky Frizzo, Troy Mest, Cory Kastle, Gemini, Bash, Buddha, and many many more!



ACW Presents: War of Attrition night 1

November 17th 2007

“The Venue”

800 Lexington

San Antonio, TX

Belltime: 5pm Doors open at 4:30



Atomic Championship Wrestling invades Denver, PA on November 23

Atomic Championship Wrestling invades the Smokestown Fire Company, located at 860 Smokestown Road, Denver, PA on Friday, November 23rd, with a 7pm belltime and doors open at 630pm, tickets are $15.00

Main Event

ACW Champion Kage Defends vs. former ECW STAR The Mad Man From The Badlands Glen Osburne

ACW Welterweight Champion Trixter defends vs. Former TNA ECW Star Julio Dinero

BWO World Champion Rockin Rebel defends vs. IB GREEN

Twisted Tate vs. Rebecca Payne in a Hardcore Match

New ACW Tag Champions will be crowned as Sick Rick Havoc and Shatter Take on Louis G Rich and Kitt

Massive Mike vs. Alan Cross

Pretty Fly and Frank the Tank vs Mikey X and JKM

BOY BOY vs. Joey Manson

Also appearing Even Leppy, The ECW Hat Guy, Din Mak, Dark Angel, Dan Marx, Sinner, Arkham, Dave Curly, and Bill Bain


The Park Place Diner (Rt 272 Reading Denver PA)

The Denver Supply (Main Street Denver PA)

Mohler Fitness (Rt 272 Reading Road, Ephrata)




Event Held At: The Factory Theatre, Enmore, NSW

Date: 21st October 2007

Attendance: 70  

Il Cognito & Massive Q defeated Mike Vandall & Chris X

AWF Title Match:  TNT & Billy Flyswat No Contest

AWF Young Lions Title Match:  Powerhouse Theo defeated Jay Law

AWF Tag Team Titles Match:  Surf Club defeated The Captain & Rob “The Scientist” Best

Conan Stephens defeated Lebo Ceda

Gauntlet Match:

Raven with Bodacious Bo defeated Kid Dynamite, Steve Ravenous and JT Robinson.

Notes: Small crowd of hardcore fans in a fantastic venue. Unfortunately Sydney city will probably not get another AWF event for a while because of the low turn out.

The AWF Title bout between TNT and Billy Flyswat ended with both men being attacked and layed out by the Platinum Players who they have had escalated issues with over recent shows.

Powerhouse Theo pinned Jay Law in their intensifying feud. Law was seething after the bout and was petitioning officials for a rematch.

Surf Club retained the Tag Team Titles when The Captain & The Scientist argued, leading to Best being wiped out.

Conan Stephens pinned Lebo Ceda in a battle of the giants after a slam attempt that was blocked by Ceda, and countered by Stephens with an elbow driver for the win.

In the Raven’s Rules Guantlet, Kid Dynamite mouthed off at the start of the bout, leading to Bodacious Bo being Raven’s partner. Bo ended up pinning Dynamite with the DDT to take the first fall. Ravenous entered next, taking it to Raven a bit until he was pinned next. Ravenous then grabbed Bo and started spanking her, and Billy Flyswat came in to try to save her. Flyswat was cut off, then TNT entered and slammed Ravenous with the AWF belt, and drilled Dynamite with a helicopter neck breaker. Flyswat and TNT then dived on Dyno and Ravenous on the outside, and Raven bout JT back into the ring and delivered the Even Flow DDT for the win. After the bout JT was left in the ring and scored another DDT, while Raven chewed out some disgruntled fans. In the end TNT & Flyswat threw out JT and the fans thanked Raven for coming to AWF.



Date: 1st December 2007 - 7.00pm

Location: Minto Indoor Sports Centre, Minto


(Niagara Park)

Date: 2nd December 2007 - 6.00pm

Location: Central Coast Youth Club, Niagara Park



October 20, 2007

Commissioner Jeremy Bevins announced that this week Chaos Theory (Chris Blayze & Karma) would face the Rock & Roll Express on an out of town show for the SCW Tag Titles. Custom Made (Nic Noble & Eric Draven) came out complaining about this since they are the number one contenders. Bevins made a match to decide this later in the show. Draven then stated that the commissioner has no qualifications for his job. Bevins responded by saying that he was a college grad in Business Management and a 4-Time NCAA champion.

Ambassador Morris came out and added him and “Mr. 812” Jake Fulton to the nights Main Event.

Lil' Loco pinned Chip Daley.

Apollo pinned Tommie “T-Dogg” Foreman to become the new TV Champion.

The Primetime Outlaws (Roger Blade & Chuck McRoberts) won a 4-Corners Tag Team Match against Live Wire & Yukon, Wildman Rogers & Madd-Dawg Murphy, and The Jones Brothers.

The Amazing Pokey beat Convict Rocco by pinfall then beat him with a rubber chicken.

Chaos Theory & Jeremy Bevins beat Custom Made & “Mr. 812” Jake Fulton when Bevins put Mr. 812 out with a Sleeper Hold.


Every Saturday

821 Main Street

Madison, IN

Belltime 7:30PM

Blackball’d Wrestling


Blackball'd Wrestling Organization returned to Phoenixville, PA at Top Gun

Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut Street on October 27th for Blackball'd Wrestling

Organization returned to Phoenixville, PA at Top Gun Wrestling Academy, 373

Walnut Street on October 27th for "The Witching Hour" with the following


Salvation 2K7 over Hard Candy by DQ after promos by both.

Pelle Primeau over Kryptic in one helluva match!

The "Wifebeater" over Shawn Fury when Wifebeater used a low blow to incapacitate


Mikey X over Pretty Fly 4 a White Guy

Bazooka Joe over Vinnie the Fixxer

Blahdeggo new Interstate Champion over Antonio Blanca, Mat Bomboy and Din Mak

Money Shot with Louis G Rich formed a new faction of Eric Cooper, Twisted Tate,

Louis Rich, Alan Cross, Jason Gotti, Ashley Nicely after taking Massive Mike

out. Rockin Rebel, Rebecca Payne and Killer Kramer come out for the save and

this leads to:

Rebel/Payne/Kramer over Cooper/Rich/Tate. Gotti and Cross come in to help take

out Rebel and company but Massive Mike comes in with ref Zac Carlucci to even

the odds. Gotta love the refs getting into the act!

Autumn Breeze with Holly Hottie over Michael

Frank the Tank over Boy Boy w/Holly Hottie and Chris Brown in a Loser Leaves BWO

match. Chris Brown is no longer with BWO and left to the crowd singing Na Na Na

Na, Hey Hey Hey, Good Bye!!!

TWF returned to Phoenixville, PA for "Mangled & Dismembered" Dismembered"

Big Lou over Dave Segan

Twisted Tate w/Sir Reginald Royce v Massive Mike went to a double DQ when

both men pushed the ref.

Rematch at the BWO show on 11/24.

Warriors of Wrestling 3 Way Dance:

The Wifebeater over Angel of Death and All Star Lou. Post match The

Wifebeater started arguing with Rebel about and wound up getting a rematch at the BWO

11/24 show.

Mat Bomboy and Kriptic over Shawn Fury and E. L. Stanley

Tiger Wylde and Shaka over Amadeus and American Nightmare

Rockin Rebel/Killer Kramer/Rebecca Payne over Frank the Tank/Sick Rick

Havoc/Alan Cross. Post match Frank the Tank and Rick Havoc get into it which

called for a match at the BWO 11/24 show.

Kid Kaos over Blahdeggo to become the new BWO Interstate Champion. Rematch

at the BWO show on 11/24

Big Lou over Mike Morrone.


Blackball'd Wrestling Organization returns to Phoenixville, PA at Top Gun Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut Street on November 24th for "Thanksgiving Thunder" with an 8:00 pm Bell Time. Tickets $10.00!

Announced so far:

BWO Heavyweight Title Match:

Rockin Rebel vs Eric Cooper

No DQ Match:

Hard Candy v Salvation 2K7

Gender Bender Match:

Autumn Breeze vs Boy Boy

8 Man Battle Royal:

Killer Kramer/Rebecca Payne/Massive Mike/? partner vs Twisted Tate/Louis Rich/Jason Gotti/Alan Cross

Bazooka Joe and "The Wifebeater" v Shawn Fury and Vinnie the Fixxer

Frank the Tank has an open challenge to anyone in the locker room!

Also appearing: Mikey X, Pretty Fly 4 A White Guy, Kryptic and many others

More matches to be announced!! 

*card subject to change*

TICKET INFO: 610-933-8550

Next TWF show 12/17 at Top Gun Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut St.,

Phoenixville PA



Sunday, November 11th

Nelson Jordan Center

Corner of 13th & Jacob Street

Wheeling, WV

6:00 PM Bell Time

Admission $6.00



Blood, Sweat, and Ears 10/28 Brampton, ON results

* "Au Naturel" Kelly Couture won the Lucky 13 Battle Royal

* The All Starters defeated the Suicide Kidz

* Kobra Kai and Dangerboy Derek Wylde went to a 15 minute draw

* TNT retained the tag team championships over the Revoluchas in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

* Black Machismo Jay Lethal and Kelly Couture defeated the Blackouts

* James Champagne and Ash were victorious over Kris Chambers and Frankie the Mobster

Detailed Results Blood Sweat and Ears: Devil's Night 2007

The spirits rose as all hallows eve was upon us, and Blood Sweat and Ears brought the nightmares and screams to the Raxx Entertainment Complex on Sunday October 28th.

To start the show, Ash came out to address the fans and management of BSE. All in attendance were shocked to find out that Ash has decided to sue BSE and has enlisted the help of colour commentator and apparent legal aficionado "Bloodthirsty" Bob Kapur! Kapur and his new client have asked for a one on one match with Don Payson at Xtreme Xmas on Dec 9th.

Ash will put up his career vs. Don Payson's Adrenaline Cup in a Last Man Standing Match. If Payson accepts, then the lawsuit against BSE will be dropped.

BSE awaits a response from Don Payson.

The show was kicked off by the first Battle Royal in BSE history. The Lucky 13 Battle Royal. This match featured BSE starts such as Big Brian Youngblood, Sebastian Suave, Anton Arakis, Pierre Shadows, TNA X Division Champion Black Machismo Jay Lethal, Bang Bang Pete and more. "Au Natural" Kelly Couture shocked the world by eliminating Vane of the Blackouts to gain the victory.

The Blackouts took it personally and were about to put away Kelly with their signature move, "Light's Out" When Black Machismo Jay Lethal made the save. The Blackouts issued a challenge to Lethal to find a partner and battle them in a tag match later in the evening. Lethal kept the surprises coming by choosing Kelly as his tag team partner!

The next match of the evening saw Former BSE tag team champions the Suicide Kidz battled a team on the rise in the All Starters. Two teams hoping to fight towards a title match in the tag team division put it all on the line. In the end, the Suicide Kidz were upset as a double pin led to an All Starters victory!

The next contest had Kobra Kai facing off against a man who after a two and half year absence made his return to BSE, Dangerboy Derek Wylde. The styles were matched and the ground game took over as both men battled to a 15 minute draw

The heavily bandaged Revoluchas challenged the tag team champs TNT to a 2 out of 3 falls match. The Revoluchas decided to attempt to beat TNT at their own game by adding a No Disqualification stipulation to the contest. The Revoluchas won the first fall and remained inches away from the tag titles for the rest of the bout.

The match saw tables, chairs, blood, broken bones and the fight being taken all around the building. after a series of near falls going both ways, the Tag champs Dux and Tornado retained the title by winning the next two falls. A match of the year candidate for certain!

Up next, the unimaginable tag team of Kelly Couture and TNA X Division Champ "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal were victorious over the Blackouts.

In the Main Event The "Vanilla Killa" James Champagne teamed up with Ash to battle their respective nemesis' Kris Chambers and Six Pack Champ Frankie the Mobster.

Referee Dave Linton was taken out of the match which seemingly unexplained brought out the Blackouts to attack Frankie. This brought out Kobra Kai to even the odds. When out of nowhere, Kai attacked Frankie bringing the Blackouts in to make it a 3 on 1 beatdown of the Six Pack Champ. James Champagne pinned Frankie after the annihilation of the champ.

Is there a new powerhouse group in BSE? Will Ash get his A Cup challenge? What is next for the Suicide Kidz after a devastating loss? Where will the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels fit into the mix?


Many new questions have be asked and hopefully all will be answered at the third annual BSE Xtreme Xmas on December 9th at the RAXX Entertainment Complex.

Tickets are on sale now for $15 each at  

For more info on this, and other events, check out 



On Saturday Night, November 10, 2007, the stars of Blue Water Championship Wrestling will descend upon the Blue Water Sports Complex (2210 Beard St. Port Huron, MI). Bell time is set for 8pm. Tickets are just $15 for Front Row, $12 for Ringside and $10 for General Admission. You may purchase tickets at Legendz Nightclub or Legendary Lanes by calling 810-987-0856 or Andrew at 810-357-6057. On this great night of action you will see such stars as:

3 TIME FORMER WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPION: Demolition Smash as he is scheduled to take on Sexx Factor Members Sugar n Spice ("Candyman" Kevin Baker & "Edible" Michael Barnes)

BWCW Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as reigning champion "Explicit" Xavier Justice will take on a Mystery Opponent from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in a Gutcheck Challenge/Lumberjack Match.

The Xtreme Bombshells of Wrestling Title will be on the line as well when reigning Champion "The One and Only" Jaime D defends against Haley Rogers.

All that and a whole lot more to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

For more information visit

Card Subject to Change.



October 6th, 2007

Steve Off defeated Killian White

Tommy Face defeated Tyrel

'Pretty Boy' Eric Hiller was defeated by 'The Modern Day Enforcer' Eric Cooper

Darksyde & Dinyed defeated Vince Steel and Evan Myers to become the number contenders for the World Tag Team Championship

Kekoa 'The Flyin Hawaiian" defeated Chad Adams to become the number one contender for the US Championship

'The Lone Wolf' Evan Myers defeated Chaos by pin-fall

Section 8 defeated 'The Puerto Rican Prodigy' Chrono Chris to retain the BWO World Championship


In Conjunction with Squared Circle Entertainment & BODYSLAM Wrestling Organization present to you:

BWO Southern State

Gold Rush '07

Friday November 30th, 2007

American Legion Post 148

895 Route 130 North

Hightstown, New Jersey 08520

Bell time - 8:00 PM

Doors - 7:30 PM

$10 For ALL Seats !

*All Proceeds to benefit the Toys For Tots Foundation ! *

Tickets available now!!


BWO Southern State Officials have announced that a BWO Southern State Heavyweight Champion will be decided on this evening! It is also known that four men will be battling for the belt!

The four men have been decided and they are:

* "Dirty" Don Montoya

* Reckless Youth

* "Latin Terror" Anhell Gonzales

* Hightstown's Own "Modern Day Enforcer" Eric Cooper

These four men met at the debut show in an epic tag team match, and BWO Southern State officials decided based off of that match that these are the four men they want to battle for the top prize. It is not known who will square off against who, but it will be a one night four man tournament with two first round matches, then the winners facing in the main event of the evening!


BWO Southern State officials have also added a second title, known as The BWO Southern State Phoenix Championship. How is the Phoenix division going to be different from the rest? Very Simple.

Here is a small list of rules that the Phoenix Division will follow:

* 15 minute time Limit for _ALL_ Phoenix Championship & Phoenix division matches!

* If a winner is not decided in that 15 minutes, then there will be a 1 minute rest period, followed by a 5 minute sudden death round. If there is not a winner in that sudden death period, the match will then be declared a draw!

* The Phoenix Championship and Phoenix Division matches will not be decided based on Disqualification and/or Count-outs. It will be decided based on Pin-fall/Submission/Knock-out/Referee's stoppage!

The Phoenix division is going to bring the sports aspect that Professional Wrestling is most known for. The Phoenix Championship will be crowned in an Elimination Style Fatal Four Way. It is not known who the four men will be, but officials did release the first three names:

"Canadian Shooter" Tommy Force w/ JADEN

Vinny "The Fixxer" Rosa

JUST ADDED - Draven Blaze

These three men both left the debut show victorious, and for their efforts were placed into this match. The final spot is yet to still be determined.


"Lone Wolf" Evan Myers


Steve 'The Jerk' Off

These are two of the young lions in the whole territory of BODYSLAM Wrestling Organization. They have been making huge waves up in Northern New Jersey, whether it is Steve Off capturing the Liberty Wrestling Organization Heavyweight title, or Evan Myers in his violent blood feud with Eric Cooper, these men are both coming to BWO Southern State to make an impact!


BWO Southern State Officials wanted to also take it to the air on this evening and have gone out and signed another four way dance. This one however has different rules:

* One fall to a finish

* No Tags are necessary like in other Fatal Four Ways

This match promises to be high-flying and extremely action packed! Also whoever wins this match will be in a definite line for a future BWO Southern State Phoenix title shot! The four men in this match will be:

"Puerto Rican Prodigy" Chrono Chris


"Pretty Boy" Eric Hiller


"CK" Corey Kastle


Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiian!


Making his Southern State debut: Rockin' Rebel, Richie Rotten & Chaos, "Da Remix of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele, The Sensational One (S-1), "Dangerous" Danny Danger and more!

Bodyslam Wrestling Organization announces 20 dates for 2008

As of today, Bodyslam Wrestling Organization and our sister company, Liberty WrestlingOrganization, have officially booked over twenty plus show dates for the year 2008. These dates do not include shows already planned for BWO Northern State and BWO Southern State as we plan on adding even more dates to this already filled calender year of 2008. Keep your eyes opened for special ticket offers as well!

The entire 2008 event calendar can be seen by clicking on the "events" section at and we again must stress that these dates are only the beginning. 2008 plans on being the biggest year yet for the BODYSLAM Wrestling Organization. Also remember BODYSLAM Wrestling returns to action Friday Night November 16th at Garfield High School in Garfield NJ with our biggest show of the year with 4 MAIN EVENT MATCHES!!! Here are the matches.


Ladder Match for the BWO World Heavyweight Championship

Section 8 (c) vs. "The Leader of La Famiglia" Tommy Face


In their final battle

"I Quit Rules"

"The Lone Wolf" Evan Myers vs. "The Modern Day Enforcer" Eric Cooper


Hardcore Tag Team Warfare

Richie Rotten and Chaos vs. JAPW Hall of Famer Magic and Vince Steele


BWO World Tag Team Championship Match

La Famiglia vs. Darysyde and DiNyEd

More to come!!!!

keep checking back to our myspace (

and for future updates

For more info/directions & tickets email



AWA-BCW returns to the BCW Arena inside the AMF Entertainment Center, 901 Northview Rd in Waukesha on Friday, November 9. Bell time is set for 8pm, doors open at 7pm and tickets are $18. Tickets can be purchased on the website at via PAY PAL or at the door the night of the show.

Former WWF World Tag Team Champions

"THE DREAM TEAM" Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine will reunite to take on AWA-BCW Tag Team Champions, Dinn T. More & Brandon Tatum.

Also...making his return to AWA-BCW will be none other than Keith "Venom" Walker as he will take on AWA-BCW Champion, Darin Waid.

Already signed for that night!


Darin Waid (C) -vs- "The Human Massacre" Keith Walker


Dinn T. More & Brandon Tatum (C) -vs- The Dream Team (Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

8 Man Tag Team Challenge Match

"American History Next" ("Metalhead" Steve Stone, "Hardcore" Craig, Brandon Blaze & Rasche "Skullkrusher" Brown) -vs- "Urban Horsemen" (TC Washington & Chris Black) & Soul Shooters ("Poison" Appollo Starr & Drew "The Don" Johnson)

Arya Daivari -vs- Derek St. Holmes, Esq.


Katie Syren -vs- ???

The "Real American Idol" Jazon Parxxz -vs- Mario Ferrari

The Russian Assassin -vs- Derek Mack



Aftermath October 6th 2007

*Jihad defeated The Beast to earn a North American title shot at Vendetta.

*Kobane successfully defended his Hardcore title against Super Sweet, Vince Vertigo and Richard P Guille.

*The Inner Circle retained their Tag Team titles aginst the duo of El Americano and Kid America

*Senor Grande and Moco Loco got into a scuffle and the end saw Senor Grande make his manager tap out.

*GPS held on to the World title in a Repercussion rematch against Reiko DMF.

*Steve Corino captured the North American title when he defeated Tommy Thunda.


November 10th, 2007

Play Ball Sports

Morganville, New Jersey, USA

North American title match

Steve Corino Vs Jihad

After both men had huge victories at Aftermath, these two will take each other on at Vendetta. Jihad choked out the massive Beast, while Steve Corino took the North American title from Tommy Thunda. This one is sure to be a classic.

World title match

GPS Vs Reiko DMF

Reiko DMF's current lawyer Richard P Guille III has threatened B4W with a lawsuit if he did not get ANOTHER rematch for the World title. For the 3rd match in this trilogy these two will go at it. If Reiko DMF does not walk away with the title he does not get another rematch until GPS loses the title.

Hardcore title match

Kobane Vs The Beast

Kobane is upset with the Beast, for reasons he would not explain and demanded a match with the Beast. With the title on the line the Beast gladly accepted. We believe Kobane's issues with the Beast may stem from the flag that Kobane carries around, but that's just a guess.

#1 contender for the Hardcore title

Vince Vertigo Vs Super Sweet

Super Sweet and Vince Vertigo both came close to winning the Hardcore title at Aftermath, however, by beating one another down at that event they took each other out of the match allowing Kobane to retain the title. This time, it's one on one, in Hardcore rules.

#1 contender match

El Americano Vs Denver Street

Both El Americano and Kid America must emerge victorious in their matches and if they are successful they will get a tag team title rematch on December 8th.

#1 contender match

Kid America Vs TLD

Both El Americano and Kid America must emerge victorious in their matches and if they are successful they will get a tag team title rematch on December 8th.

Tommy Thunda Vs Ricky Landell

Tommy Thunda has been blaming everyone but himself for losing the North American title to Steve Corino. At the next show he will take on Steve Corino's student, Ricky Landell in an attempt to prove it was a fluke.



C*4: Capital City Championship Combat is a new promotion in Ottawa, and it runs its first show


Saturday, November 10th at 260 McArthur Road.

Scheduled matches include:

Max Boyer vs. Eddie Kingston;

Damian & Viking vs. Super Smash Brothers;

Sexxxy Eddy vs. Exess;

2. O vs. Ultramantis Black & Crossbones;

Michael Von Payton vs. Equinox;

Twiggy vs. Shayne Hawke vs.Rahim Ali;

James Kraven vs. Deeno vs. Chaz Lovely vs. Virus;

Team Player vs. Kenny the Bastard & Big Van Voltage.



It's the hottest online wrestling show in West Virginia! Championship Pro Wrestling's semi-monthly internet television program, "CPW Showdown", is up on and on Google Video. If you missed

the last live event, or want to know more what's going on in CPW, there's no better way to get caught up.

Episode 51 features one of the biggest CPW matches of the year, as former WWE superstar THE BARBARIAN takes on the debuting MAN-THING! Plus, see the controversial footage from the main event of Fan Appreciation Night. Did LESLIE LEATHERMAN go too far in injuring "SEXY" SHANE SHADOWS?

Visit the CPW Showdown page. 



October 20, 2007- Romney, WV

In a Fatal Four Way match, Griffen defeated Bob Keller, Jake Davis and Leslie Leatherman to capture the CPW Heavyweight Title.

CPW Tag Team Champions Damage Inc. defeated Keemo the Samoan and Tommy Kirkland when Slayer pinned Kirkland.

CPW West Virginia Champion Hyjinx pinned Warlock.

Deuce Donatelli and Bill Bain fought to a double countout.

Lexi Lane pinned Sassy Stephi.

Robby Starr pinned Jeff Cannon.


Saturday night, November 17th, Championship Pro Wrestling holds its final show of 2007 at the Keyser Middle Schhol in Keyser, West Virginia. It's "Legends of the Fall". Bell time is 7:30 PM. After thirteen years of dishing out punishment, former three-time CPW champion SWITCHBLADE will wrestle his final match. All three titles will be on the line, and WWE Hall of Famer JIMMY VALIANT will be making

a special appearance. Advance tickets are as low as $6!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Keyser Middle School - 700 Harley Staggers Drive

Keyser, WV - 7:30 PM Bell Time

The End Of An Era.


"Chairman of CPW" Switchblade vs. "Baltimore Butcher" Blood

Switchblade's retirement match - win, lose or draw.


Hall of Famer Jimmy Valiant calls out Leslie Leatherman


Griffen (CPW Heavyweight Champion) & Hyjinx (CPW WV Champion)

vs. Damage Incorporated (CPW Tag Team Champions)


Deuce Donatelli w/ Miss Ginger vs. "One Man Warning" Bill Bain

RETURN MATCH - Stipulations To Be Announced

"True Talent" Bobby Shields vs. "Jackpot" Jimmy Jessup


Jake "The Machine" Davis

The Warlock

"Deadhead" Bryan Johnson

Keemo the Samoan w/ Brooke Lynn

and much more!

CPW Ticket Outlets

DJ's Out Back Tavern, 410 West Piedmont Street, Keyser

Good As New, 52 Armstrong Street, Keyser

This and That Varietys, 128 N. Main Street, Moorefield

Video Magic, 315 S. Main Street, Moorefield



Results from Chaotic Wrestling's return to Lowell on Friday, November 2nd!

Big Rick Fuller (w/ Fred "Bonecrusher" Sampson) defeated Max Bauer (w/ Cherry Payne)

"Lost Soul" Scott Reed defeated Brandon Locke

CW Tag Team Champions The Blowout Boys (Danny E. & Tommy T., w/ Lexxus) defeated Kid Mikaze & Kung Fu Psycho

Maverick Wild (w/ Dr. Heresy) defeated Fred "Bonecrusher" Sampson (w/ Big Rick Fuller)

Nikki Roxx defeated Lexxus and "Portuguese Princess" Ariel in a Women's Triple Threat Match

"Straight Edge" Brian Fury defeated Matt Logan

Handsome Johnny defeated Chase Del Monte

CW Heavyweight Champion Bryan Logan defeated CW New England Champion "Golden Greek" Alex Arion (w/ Cherry Payne)


Friday, November 30, 2007 - Derry, New Hampshire

Veterans Memorial Hall

31 West Broadway

Derry, NH

Doors open at 7:15PM

Show Starts at 8:00PM

Friday, December 14, 2007 - Lowell, Massachusetts

Polish American Veterans Club

200 Coburn Street

Lowell, MA

Doors open at 7:15PM

Show Starts at 8:00PM



OCTOBER 27th @ Ryan Township Fire Hall

(Barnesville, PA)

1. In a Parejas Increibles match, Jigsaw & Hydra defeated UltraMantis Black & Shane Storm.

2. New Star Navigation: Soldier Ant prevailed over Crossbones.

3. New Star Navigation: Tim Donst upset Icarus with the CHIKARA Special.

4. New Star Navigation: Brodie Lee beat Worker Ant with the Niagara Driver.

5. New Star Navigation: Hallowicked & Delirious defeated the duo of Ophidian & Amasis.

6. Young Lions Cup Match: Helios won the Cup from Chuck Taylor.

7. New Star Navigation: Fire Ant pinned Dragon Yuki with a Prawn Hold.

8. Claudio Castagnoli used his Ricola Bomb to pin Larry Sweeney.

9. Cheech & Cloudy picked up their 3rd point at the expense of The Olsen Twins.

10. New Star Navigation: Lince Dorado pinned Mitch Ryder with a Rolling Reverse Prawn Hold. After the match, challenges were issued back and forth, until Leonard F. Chikarason made official a lucha de apuesta to take place November 18th, pitting the mask of Lince Dorado against the hair of Mitch Ryder.

OCTOBER 26th @ The Riverside

(Reading, PA)

1. UltraMantis Black & Hydra & Crossbones beat the trio of Dragon Dragon, USApe & Moscow when Hydra pinned USApe.

2. Jigsaw scored the win over Dragon Yuki.

3. Cheech & Cloudy picked up their second point by defeating Ophidian & Amasis.

4. The Colony were victorious over The Olsen Twins & Brodie Lee when Worker Ant hit a Victory Roll on Colin.

5. Claudio Castagnoli used his Ricola Bomb to pin Chuck Taylor.

6. Mitch Ryder defeated Equinox.

7. NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: The bout between Mike Quackenbush and Lince Dorado was declared a No Contest after Mitch Ryder fouled Quackenbush, and then lashed Dorado with a leather belt.

8. Eddie Kingston defeated Tim Donst in a hard-fought contest.

9. Campeonatos de Parejas Title Match: Hallowicked & Delirious won the titles from Icarus & Chuck Taylor, two falls to one. Taylor was made to substitute for the injured Gran Akuma by ruling of Leonard F. Chikarason.


Final 2007 event in Hellertown on Saturday Nov. 17th!

 The 2007 CHIKARA season, our sixth and biggest by far, is coming to a close. So don't miss out on our huge 3-part season finale that kicks off in Reading, rolls through Hellertown and ends up in Philly! We're closing out Hellertown for the year with a stacked card filled with special guests, and a host of CHIKARA favorites as well! Six of the card's nine bouts are already announced:


Hallowicked & Delirious (Campeones de Parejas) vs. Cheech & Cloudy (Challengers)

 ~ONE ON ONE~ Chris Hero vs. Equinox


Mike Quackenbush & Tim Donst & Super Smash Bros.


Mitch Ryder & Robbie Ellis & Gran Akuma & Icarus

 ~SINGLES ACTION!~Soldier Ant vs. Shayne Hawke

 ~INTERNATIONAL TAG EXPLOSION!~El Pantera & Lince Dorado vs. The Osirian Portal

 ~FIRST TIME EVER~Chuck Taylor vs. Toryumon star Passion Hasegawa

Advance tickets are already on sale (in our online store) and complete information is available at!  

"The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence"

Saturday night, November 17th, 2007

Live @ The American Legion Hall!

935 Main Street

in Hellertown, PA!

All seats just $15.00!

Doors open at 6:30 pm. Bell time is 7:00 pm.

"Chapter 11"

Sunday afternoon, November 18th, 2007

Live @ The New Alhambra (ECW Arena)!

7 Ritner St. on the corner of Swanson

in South Philadelphia, PA!

All seats just $15.00!

Doors open at 3:30 pm. Bell time is 4:00 pm.

CHIKARA: 2007 Season Finale in Philadelphia on Sunday, Nov. 18!

The 2007 CHIKARA season, our sixth and biggest by far, is coming to a close. So don't miss out on our huge 3-part season finale that kicks off in Reading, rolls through Hellertown and ends up in Philly! We're closing out the year with a stacked card filled with special guests, and capping it off with a triple main event! Six of the card's nine bouts are already announced:

 ~MASK vs. HAIR!~Lince Dorado vs. Mitch Ryder

 ~FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE~Hallowicked vs. Eddie Kingston



Delirious & Cheech & Cloudy vs. MIYAWAKI & El Pantera & Passion Hasegawa

 ~FIRST TIME EVER!~Robbie Ellis vs. Hydra

 ~TECNICO TRIOS EXPLOSION!~The Colony vs. Super Smash Bros. & Shayne Hawke

Advance tickets are already on sale (in our online store) and complete information is available at!  And if you haven't seen our website lately, you haven't seen us at all! Check out our totally revamped homepage with tons of new photos, original artwork, info and hoo-ha! Join the rest of the CHIKARMY and come see us live; keep up to date with all things CHIKARA by subscribing to our free, weekly podcast !

Select items will be on sale next week in our online store. Drop by and visit us between Monday and Friday to save some serious bucks on your favorite CHIKARA swag!

Our homebase:  

For our free, weekly video podcast : 

On MySpace!

CWF Mid-Atlantic


Results from CWF Mid-Atlantic's "A Date With Destiny" held Saturday, October 20th, in Burlington, NC

Destiny dissolves in a night filled with unexpected twists!

The following results are from the CWF Mid-Atlantic's "A Date With Destiny" event held Saturday, October 20th, at the Carolina Sports Arena located in Burlington, NC.

1. Trent Wylde defeated Zakk Elliott by submission in singles action (5:55)

2. The Neon Lions (Lee Valiant & Chris Collins) defeated "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel & "Handsome" Mitch Connor w/manager Brad Stutts by pinfall in tag team action (10:23)

3. Otto Schwanz defeated Jerry Wayne by pinfall in singles action (9:50)

4. Sheik Lumpkin & Gregory Vercetti defeated Alex Adonis & Marcellus King by pinfall in tag team action (9:00)

5. Tank Lawson & Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride destroyed "Jersey" Nick Richards & Michael McAllister with baseball bats in retaliation for their arrests

6. Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Jesse Ortega & Gemini Kid defeated Kamakazi Kid & Xsiris by pinfall to retain the titles (21:29)

7. 6 Man Street Fight with Special Stipulations: If any member of Team Cross is pinned, all three will have to leave CWF for 90 days. If any member of Team Destiny is pinned, the person scoring the pinfall wins that persons title.

Team Cross' Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens pinned Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion "Infamous Icon" Joey Silvia as former Commissioner William L. Cross pinned current CWF Commissioner Ty

Dillinger defeating Team Destiny by double pinfall to win the main event six-man street fight. Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens wins the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title and William L. Cross wins the title of

Commissioner of CWF Mid Atlantic (19:19)

Officials: Charles Richardson, Katie Kincaid, Redd Jones & Chris Troxler


"Rock N Roll" Matty Dee was introduced by a video from Mikael Yamaha only to be interrupted by Fatback Enterprises' Stutts, Edsel & Connor. Taking offense to comments made by the 2007 CWF Rumble winner, Stutts pointed out that both of his men were former CWF Rumble winners as well (2004 & 2006) and took exception, ordering his men to take Dee apart, which they did. The Neon Lions rushed to the aid of Matty Dee, helping him to the back, sending Stutts into a tirade about their

interference in his plans and watching as a referee is ordered to the ring and the Lions were introduced as tag team opponents.

Sheik Lumpkin & Gregory Vercetti kept making light of the fact that Marcellus "Mid Atlantic" King wouldn't be at ringside due to an"unfortunate clumsy accident" he had in the parking lot earlier in the evening. Without a partner, Alex Adonis answered the bell and battled both Vercetti & Lumpkin in handicap action until about the eight minute mark. At that point, a bloodied and bandaged King limped to the ring, climbed onto the ring apron and held his hand out for the tag. When Adonis finally made the tag, King entered the ring and cleared out his own partner with a surprise attack out of nowhere. Lumpkin celebrated the addition of the big King to his arsenal as Adonis was being helped from the ring.

"Jersey" Nick Richards took the house mic and introduced a video of former CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Champions Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride& Tank Lawson being arrested in the home of Lawson by Sheriff's deputies for larceny. The stolen items in question, the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title straps, were reported stolen by Gemini Kid & Jesse Ortega after McBride & Lawson left Gibsonville NC's Fall

Festival with the straps after defeating the champions in the center of the ring. The former champions entered the ring through the front door with baseball bats in hand, climbing into the ring. Commissioner Assisstant Michael McAllister rushed to the ring to demand the former champions leave the arena or he would be forced to "escort them from the building." A beatdown ensued, with both Richards and McAllister suffereing from numerous blows with the aluminum bats.

Brass Munkey returned to the ring on crutches to inform the fans that he's been put on the shelf by a knee injury until sometime in January."Gate City Sinner" Trent Wylde made his way to the ring and basically announced that Munkey was afraid of him and was faking his injury to keep from having to "finish what they started" at the CWF Rumble. Wylde attacked the injured star, twisting and turning his knee every way imaginable before order was restored by the CWF Mid Atlantic officials.

Pandemonium broke loose in the closing moments of the main event Six-Man Street Fight with Everything On The Line. After the official announcements of the new Heavyweight Champion and new CWF Commissioner, the VIPs (Gemini & Ortega) hit the ring and began verbally abusing the losing members of Destiny on the house mic. Gemini blamed the loss of the company on Joey Silvia and kicked him out of the VIPs, unleashing Jesse Ortega to beat down the bloody Silvia as punishment. Ty Dillinger jumped on the back of Ortega to help his friend, which resulted in Gemini pulling him off and kicking him out of the VIPs as well, after punching Dillinger in the mouth.

"Simply" Steve Greene returned to the ring with a chair to scatter Gemini and Ortega to the cheers of the fans, but Greene then crashed the chair over the head of Silvia, dissolving Destiny, and staying with the VIPs. As Greene beat down Silvia more, eventually wrapping a chain around his neck, and forcing him to watch as Ortega and Gemini powerbombed Dillinger off the top ropes through a table!


Nov 17 (Sat., 7:30pm)

Ultimate Survivor V

Carolina Sports Arena - Burlington, NC

Dec 1 (Sat., 7:30pm)

The Road to BattleCade

Carolina Sports Arena - Burlington, NC

Dec 15 (Sat., 7:30pm)

BattleCade VIII

Carolina Sports Arena - Burlington, NC

Combat Zone Wrestling


Combat Zone Wrestling returns to the ECW Arena with a loaded ultraviolent show in South Philadelphia on Saturday, November 10.


"The One Man Army" Lobo has declared that not only will CZW Promoter Maven Bentley be banned from ringside at CZW NIGHT OF INFAMY on November 10th, but Bentley's charges, The MBA, will all have their work cut out for them.

Lobo has just delivered a blockbuster announcement to CZW News Update! Lobo had promised to put the "combat" back into Combat Zone Wrestling, and chooses to do so at NIGHT OF INFAMY, an event that historically has been a bloody reminder of what CZW's most ultraviolent stars are capable of. So who better to put in the ring, 1-on-1, at NIGHT OF INFAMY than the unstoppable machine, the unbreakable cyborg, the Ultraviolent Underground Champion Brain Damage and the sadistic Necro Butcher, as they will settle their issue once and for all!

Necro Butcher and Brain Damage have been, arguably, the two most vicious members of the CZW roster in the past several years. Their tolerance for pain is well-documented, and Necro surely will never forget getting knocked out by Damage at TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 2006, a moment that really cemented Brain Damage as a lethal force in CZW.

With Maven Bentley banned from ringside, we should finally see Necro and Damage stand face-to-face one time, for all times, in Combat Zone Wrestling.

Will The Necro Butcher claim the UVU Title and deal a serious blow to The MBA?

Can Brain Damage knockout Necro one more time?

Find out at CZW NIGHT OF INFAMY on November 10th!

4 Corners of Death match

"The Psycho Shooter" Drake Younger & ? vs. Naptown Dragons ("Diehard" Dustin Lee & Scotty Vortekz)

Ruckus to defend CZW World Title at CZW NIGHT OF INFAMY on November 10th!

3-Time CZW World Champuion Ruckus has declared that he's tired of all the games and wants to flat-out prove that the Combat Zone Wrestling World Title should be regarded as THE championship to wear in professional wrestling.

In a town like Philadelphia, with the most critical and passionate fans, where stars have been born, Ruckus has declared that if someone wants to take the crown jewel of CZW, then he is laying out open contracts for any EX-CHAMPIONS who have worn title belts in the ECW Arena.

Ruckus, who will be speaking about this on Combat Zone Video next week, is putting his money where his mouth is when he says he is the greatest champion to ever compete in the building. The champ, fresh off of turning back the challenges of "The Notorious 187" Homicide and The Human Tornado, is possessed to not only deliver the best World Title matches, but show that he is capable of winning each & every one of them.

The first of these open contracts has been issued for CZW NIGHT OF INFAMY on November 10th. What ex-champ will be deemed the most worthy on the 10th?

Again, Ruckus will be appearing on COMBAT ZONE VIDEO at next week to address the fans about his third title reign.

CZW World Tag Team Championship - Niles Young & Derek Frazier (with Noel Harlow) Vs. "The Son of 1,000 Maniacs" Jon Dahmer & "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto

Team AnDrew - Drew Gulak & Andy Sumner will team up against Cheech & Brodie Lee



Blue Ridge Summit, PA, November 10, 2007


Damn That's Wrestling Quick Results from 11-3-07at The Landis Intermediate School in Vineland, New Jersey. Attendance: Almost 600 (525 paid)

Joey Spades defeated Jackyl

Patch destroyed Big Louie Q.

Problem Child & Cory Kastle defeated Self Employed (JD Smooth & Funky White Boy) when Problem Child rolled up Smooth for the 1 2 3

"Canadian Shooter" Tommy Force made Johnny Maxx submit to the Stampede Stranglehold

Sabian beat "Top Prospect" Eric Alverado

Chio Frost defeated The White Lotus

In the Main event Tommy Golden, The Gemini Trojans & Infamous defeated Jo Jo, Jose Rivera Jr, Patch & Breaker Morant when Golden pinned Morant.. After the match Jo Jo,Patch, Breaker & Jose assaulted Tommy Golden with a cinderblock & a Steel Chair.. They Also tried to assault Tommy Golden's wife until the Trojans & Infamous made the save

Notes: Crowd was so hot though out the night, especially during the main event.. Notables in the crowd checking out the action were Atticus Rheighns from VINTAGE, John Sollog of F-1PW, Roxie Cotton & CJ O'Doyle.. Frankie G did ring announcing.. JADEN did commentating.. The referees were Mike Walker & Spanky 1.2.3.. The next show will be in January. For more information check them out on Myspace at



Down South Hardcore Wrestling will debut at the Mutiplex in Darien, GA, on November 24, with matches getting underway at 6:15 PM. Email for more info.


A death match between Cameron LaRue versus Teddy Baddstreet, with fans asked to bring the weapons;

a four-way ladder match with Dallas Riley, Lance Alonte, Johnny Romano, and Jorge Estrada;

Ryan Savage versus the Dirty Player;

E-Dawg versus the Ghetto Superstar; and

Fear versus Ash Kristianson.



Take a look at a brand new ElitePro highlight reel  packed with TONS of action that you'll only see in ElitePro.

This is your last chance this year to become a member of the #1 training school for pro wrestling in the Mid-West.

The ElitePro Dojo is taking four more students for our fall session. If your interested, just click the link above and fill out the form. Our trainers will be making call backs this week

On Saturday Dec. 15th at  12:00 am, Elite Pro Wrestling will debt its new "Super Site" on the world wide web. Stay tuned to our website for more details.

New DVDs Added To

Three new dvds now avalibale at And don't forget you can get all ElitePro dvds for only $10.00 at all of our live events.

Emergence of the Elite

June '06

Feturing Brandon Thomaselli, Jayson Reign, Jay Jensen, The Iron Saints, Egotistico Fantastico, Jay Ryan, Adam Evens, and many more

Pay The Price

Sept. '06

Feturing: The Straight up Villians, Silas Young, Abbadon, Machine, Acid Jazz, Jason Dukes, Bobby Valentino, Synn and many more

Prelude to Gold


Feturing the Iron Saints, Maverick, Synn, Chase "The Face" Richards, Brandon Thomaselli, Acid Jazz and many more

We'd like to thank everyone for sticking with us this year. We have some big plans in the works so stay tuned to the website for all your ElitePro news. Hope to see everyone this Saturday.

The Crew

Elite Professional Wrestling 


Results From Oct. 13th, 2007

1. Jason Hades def. Lucky with the Killswitch to give ElitePro an 1-0 lead.

Lucky was subbing for a sick Billy Roc who couldn't make it. Ian yelled at both Lucky and Devon Moore (for saying that Lucky would be a suitable replacement for Billy in the match).

2. Deranged def. Jay Jensen with the pumphandle into the powerbomb to tie the challenge at 1-1.

3. Rob Conway def. Joey "Magnum" Ryan in the FSM match.

Ryan did a top rope flying cross body and Conway rolled through and trapped Ryan in an arm lockout submission for the victory.

4. Mickie Knuckles def. Kimberley Kash to give IWA a 2-1 lead with the running shining kick to the face.

Kash Incorporated comes back out to the ring with Night Breed present despite being told to stay away by Ian Rotten. They are out with Dysfunction and Ian comes to the ring. He tells them that they can stay and have a 6 man tag.

5. Dysfunction & Night Breed (Kash Inc.) def. Ricochet, Eddie Kingston & Devon Moore to tie the challenge at 2-2. Devon missed the shooting star press and Dysfunction picked him up and hit the Rubik's Cube for the win. Michael Elgin comes from commentary and gets into the ring and into the face of Eddie Kingston. He challenges Kingston and this brings Roderick Strong to the ring. A pull apart ensues between Kingston and Elgin that eventually leads to Ian saying to hell with it and making it a three way dance on the anniversary show later in the evening between Kingston, Elgin & Roderick.

6. Acid def. Chuck Taylor with the Spanish Fly to give ElitePro a 3-2 advantage in the best of 7

7. The Iron Saints def. Team Taliban with the Pendulum Double Foot Stomp to tie the challenge at 3-3.

8. Brandon Thomaselli def. Ian Rotten to win the challenge 4-3 for ElitePro.

Vito stopped Brandon from using brass knuckles and took the knucks and then turned around and blasted Ian with the knucks to give Brandon the win. Sal was not pleased and it led to arguing back and forth and set up a match for Simply the Best - Ian Rotten & Sal Thomaselli vs. Brandon & Vito Thomaselli.



October 14, Results 

*  Andy Santos beat MIA

* "Jigsaw" won a Halloween battle royal after Leatherface chased everyone else off with his chainsaw.participants also included:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Herman Munster,

The Grinch, Cat in the Hat, Bart Simpson, Spiderman, Jason, Freddy, Michael Jackson, Michael Myers, Red Devil

* Nate Phoenix & Wildman Rogers beat Craig Poling & Hank Calhoun

* New Era Title:  Just Justin (c) beat Chip Daley

* Ames & Able beat Hillbilly Jed & Joey "Kidd" Owens

* EWF Title:  Big Ric Cannon (c) beat General Lee and Osyris in a 3 way


EWF returns to action on Friday Night, November 9 at the EWF Arena on 3400 S. Adams St in Marion, IN.

Bell Time is 7:30 PM. $15 VIP Ringside, $12 General Admission. Kids 5 and under are free with paid adult. Order advance tickets online.

Former WWE Star Nick "U-GENE" Dinsmore will be in action!

More details coming soon.

Attention wrestlers: Nick Dinsmore will be conducting a wrestling clinic in the afternoon before the show. This is your chance to learn from one of the OVW trainers. Space is limited, for more info email us.

Upcoming events:

Saturday, December 1: Former WWE, ECW, WCW star 2 COLD SCORPIO. Tickets are $12 VIP Ringside, $10 General Admission. Kids 5 and under are free with paid adult. Order advance tickets online.

Saturday, January 5, 2008: Former WWE, ECW, WCW star THE SANDMAN

Visit us online at



Far North Wrestling 11/2 Butler, PA results

FNW Cruiserweight Champion Shiima Xion def. Jason Gory

Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist) def. the Gentleman's Club (Scott Fowler & Chris Cronus)

Brodie Lee def. Sebastian

Sterling James Keenan def. "Fabulous" John McChesney

Bubba the Bulldog def. Super Oprah

NWA National Champion Pepper Parks def. Josh Daniels

Sterling James Keenan won a 20-man over the top rope invitational battle royal to be crowned the new FNW Heavyweight Champion, last eliminating Pepper Parks

(Also in the battle royal: Joker, Jake Garrett, Michael Blade, Facade, Mantis, Chris LeRusso, Scott Fowler, Chris Cronus, Dave Crist, Jake Crist, John McChesney, Milwaukee Mauler, Brodie Lee, Kato, Bubba the Bulldog, Super Oprah, Sebastian, & Shiima Xion)

FNW returned to the Butler Days inn with a great crowd and 7 huge matches on Friday November 2nd. Unfortunately, M-Dogg20 was unable to make the show due to a groin injury suffered in New Jersey, but FNW officials were able to sign New England stand-out Josh Daniels to appear in his place!

Starting the show was the rematch everybody wanted to see. Shiima Xion defended his FNW Cruiserweight Title against Jason Gory. These two top young Pittsburgh wrestling stars showed just the kind of action FNW is all about. Gory almost had the belt in hand, but Shiima was able to drop Gory on his head with From Lust To Dust to retain his title.

Tag team action was on the plate next as it was time for the Gentleman's Club challenging Irish Airborne. The Crists brought the fast and furious action to Gentleman Joe's team. But eventually, Fowler & Cronus slowed the pace down to their speed. However, Cronus appeared to be put off by Gentleman Joe's attempts at interference, and the Airborne were able to capitalize on the distraction for the win.

Sporting a new look and a new attitude, "The Big Rig" Brodie Lee took on Sebastian. Often touted as one of the top rising stars in the area, Sebastian brought the fight to the 6'5" towering Lee. Usually, Lee is able to bully his opponents and use his power to his advantage for the win, but Sebas must have been too much for him, because Brodie resorted to putting his feet on the ropes for the win.

Next up was the Battle of the Best in the Burgh. Two of Pittsburgh's brightest stars did battle once again as Sterling James Keenan, draped in the 1PW Heavyweight & Ballpark Brawl Natural Titles, took on the debuting "Fabulous" John McChesney. These two are no strangers to each other, as both men have battled many times from Pittsburgh to New York to Philadelphia to New Jersey, and back again. McChesney kept avoiding contact, but when SJK got his hands on the "Fabulous One", the match was what some called "the best of the night". SJK was able to pick up the win with an overhead backbreaker in what proved to be a very successful night for him.

After intermission, things got weird. Star 100.7 radio personality and longtime Pittsburgh wrestling veteran Bubba the Bulldog took on the crowd favorite and... interesting individual known as Super Oprah. Bubba seemed disgusted at everything Oprah did in and out of the ring. But he realized that Oprah was no slouch in the ring. It took Bubba using Oprah's incredibly heavy purse as an illegal object to get the win.

The NWA National Championship was on the line next as Pepper Parks took on Josh Daniels, replacing the injured "M-Dogg20" Matt Cross. This was a great mat-based contest between two men making their FNW debuts. Parks was able to get the win with a unique flying clothesline off the top as he looked to capture more gold later in the night.

The main event was the 20-man over the top rope invitational battle royal. The winner was set to receive the vacated FNW Heavyweight Title. The stars filled the ring before the bell: John McChesney, Dave & Jake Crist, Scott Fowler, Chris Cronus, Pepper Parks, Bubba the Bulldog, Super Oprah, Sterling James Keenan, The Mantis, Facade, Chris LeRusso, Michael Blade, Joker, Jake Garrett, Milwaukee Mauler, Shiima Xion, Brodie Lee, Sebastian, and Kato. Bodies were flying and it was great to see all these young, hungry FNW stars battling it out for that top prize. It finally came down to Sterling James Keenan and Pepper Parks, both successful in their singles matches earlier in the night. Parks came close several times to throwing SJK over the top. But he made the one cardinal mistake in a battle royal: never go to the top rope. SJK was able to dropkick him off and knock him to the floor to win the FNW Heavyweight Title!


FNW returns to the Butler Days Inn!

Friday, January 18th, 2008

139 Pittsburgh Rd.

Butler, PA 16001

Belltime: 8:00 PM

Ringside Tickets: $15.00

General Admission Tickets: $13.00

Kids Under 12: $8.00


Check back for more information on this huge live event!

For ticket information, e-mail Tanya at 



The 2008 FCW Event Schedule has just been announced.  They are as listed:

FCW Rage Live, November 10th 2007 at Patriots Park.

FCW To The Point Live, November 17th 2007 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, December 1st 2007 at Patriots Park.

FCW Silent Nightmares Live, December 15th 2007 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, January 12th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Battle For The Gold Live, January 26th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, February 9th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW No Remorse Live, February 23rd 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, March 8th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW's The Big Damned Event 5 Live, March 22nd 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Spring Break Live, April 5th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, April 19th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, May 3rd 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW In Your Face Live, May 17th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, June 7th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Heat Stroke Live, June 21st 2007 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, July 12th 2007 at Patriots Park.

FCW The Right To Bare Arms Live, July 26th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, August 9th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Idle Hands Live, August 23rd 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, September 6th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Delinquency Live, September 20th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, October 11th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Ring of Horror Live, October 25th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, November 8th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Point of No Return Live, November 22nd 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Rage Live, December 6th 2008 at Patriots Park.

FCW Seasons Beatings Live, December 13th 2008 at Patriots Park.

The venues may change as we are currently looking into different places to perform.  I hope to see you all ate EVERY FCW Event.


Daniel E. Mayne

Flatline Championship Wrestling



Florida Championship Wrestling holds shows every Tuesday night at Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey FL. FCW is an official developmental territory to World Wrestling Entertainment. The shows will begin at 8:30pm with tickets at 7 dollars.


Last week FCW Heavyweight champion Afa Jr. nearly lost the title to Ted DiBiase Jr. when Afa’s new friend the Giant Titan saved him. But no one expected “the Mastodon of Mayhem” G-Rilla to come out saving DiBiase from the double team beating. This week FCW officials have made a tag team match between Afa Jr /Titan taking on G-Rilla/DiBiase under Texas Tornado Rules, which means all four men in the ring at the same time!!!


Come out this Tuesday to see those athletes plus Kofi Kingston, “Handsome” Heath Miller, “The Professional” Mike Mondo, “The Natural” Nick Nemeth, Sinn Bowdee, Vade Hansen, Moose Madison, TJ Wilson, Jake Hager, “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne, Johnny Curtis, Steve Lewington, Sheamus O’Shaunessy, Mariousz Jablonski, Rycklon, Robert Anthony, and the British Lions (Chris Grey and Tommy Taylor). Don’t forget the gorgeous FCW Diva’s Victoria Crawford, Lacey Von Erich and the Bella Twins (Nicole and Bri) and always be on the lookout for some surprises guests.

Check out for more information. 

FCW will return to the Jewish Community Center on Saturday December 1st. ticket and event information will be available in the coming days.

Florida Championship Wrestling returns to its roots in Citrus County. On Saturday November 10th FCW will be at the Lecanto High School 3810 W. Educational Path, Lecanto, FL 34461. FCW will be part of the “David Williams Celebrity Tribute to Jesse’s Place.” A percentage of funds raised will go to Jesse's Place, a child advocacy center created in the memory of Jessica Lunsford. For more information please log onto

Doors open at 7 PM and the show starts at 8 PM. Tickets are $10. They are on sale day of the event or by visiting the Citrus County Sheriff’s office and the front offices of Lecanto HS and Homosassa Elementary School. For other Citrus Co. locations, contact the sheriff’s office at (352) 726-4488. Media inquiries please ask for Heather Yates or email her @

Just announced former WWE World Tag Team champions and current Friday night Smackdown superstars Deuce and Domino with their manager Cherry will be in attendance! Plus Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Tackle #95 Chris Hovan, Offensive Guard #72 Dan Buenning and Hall of Fame inductee, the one and only Big Nasty! They will join the FCW superstars for this extraordinary chance to help out a great charity.

The FCW roster boasts several 3rd generation wrestlers including FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Afa Jr. (WWE Hall of Famer’s the Wild Samoans), Ted DiBiase Jr. (son of the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase) and Lacy Von Erich (daughter of “the Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich.)

They are part of an excellent roster of athletes that includes: Kofi Kingston, “Handsome” Heath Miller, “The Professional” Mike Mondo, “The Natural” Nick Nemeth, Rycklon, Jake Hager, “the Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee, Vade Hansen, Moose Madison, “the Mastodon of Mayhem” G-Rilla, “Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson, “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne, Johnny Curtis, Steve Lewington, The 7ft Giant Titan, Sheamus O’Shaunessy, Mariousz Jablonski, Rycklon, Robert Anthony, and the British Lions (Chris Grey and Tommy Taylor). Don’t forget the gorgeous FCW Diva’s Victoria Crawford and the Bella Twins (Nicole and Brianna) Please log onto



Georgia Wrestling Promotions has announced some schedule changed for their upcoming events. They had originally planned to move into their own arena in Jasper, GA, later this month, but that has changed. GWP will still be in Waleska, GA, on November 10. However, all previously announced dates beyond that have changed. More details to come later.


Bill & Jamie Dundee headline for Georgia Wrestling Promotions on November 10, 2007 in Waleska, GA at the Ballpark

Cherokee Recreation and Parks Agency Building, Woodstock, GA, December 8, 2007

Hot Wheels Skate Center, Woodstock, GA, December 23, 2007.



Here are the results from Hoosier Pro Wrestling’s “NOVEMBER KNOCKOUTS” held on Saturday, November 3rd at the HPW Arena:

“Bad Boy” Bobby Black with Troy Van Zant and Big John Wall defeated Tom Van Zant

“Bad Attitude” Brian Beach w/ Cricket defeated “Average White Guy” Mike Winters (photo 2)

Amber Monroe defeated Josie

Pastor Pain made short work of “Bad Boy” Bobby Saxton

Little Hank Dalton defeated Cricket

“Warfare” Jeremy Hadley defeated “Main Attraction” Donny Idol in a NO DQ match to become the NEW HPW Cruiserweight Champion

What started out as a 3 on 1 but ended up being a 6 man tag match: “Diceman” Ronnie Vegas, Tom Van Zant, and HPW Owner/ Promoter Jerry Wilson defeated

Troy Van Zant, Bobby Black, and Big John Wall

Zodiac and Aku defeated Cousin Cooter and Ox Harley to retain their HPW Tag Team Championship


HPW’s next big event will be on Saturday, December 1st. Matches already signed:

Brian Beach vs. Little Hank Dalton

Rematch: Jeremy Hadley vs. Donny Idol for the Cruiserweight Belt

Ox Harley vs. Pastor Pain in a fans bring the weapons match

For more information on HPW, go to the website at:



Smart Mark Video has put together an awesome trailer to preview the

just finished Double Death Tag Team Death Match Tournament. The DVD

will be available soon through SMV and IWA Mid-South directly. If

you want to check out the 1:11 video trailer, go to the following



#498 - November 16, 2007

Capital Sports Center

1915 Gladden Road

Plainfield, IN

Bell Time: 8 pm

All Tickets: $15

#499 - November 24, 2007 - "Revolution Strong Style Tournament"

Don Preston Recreational Center

14500 Kostner Avenue

Midlothian, IL

Bell TIme: 7:30 pm; Doors Open: 6:45 pm

Ticket Prices: $25, $20 & $15

-Eddie Kingston - 2006 SST champion

-Too Cold Scorpio

-Brent Albright

-C.J. Otis

-NWA World Women's Title Match - Amazing Kong defends vs. Mickie Knuckles

#500 - December 7, 2007

Capital Sports Center

1915 Gladden Road

Plainfield, IN

8 pm bell time

Tickets $30, $25 & $20 - on sale now

-Ian Rotten vs. Mickie Knuckles - IAN ROTTEN"S RETIREMENT MATCH

-Mike Quackenbush vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero -

4 Way Elimination Match for the IWA World Heavyweight Title

also appearing...

-Former WWE/ECW/WCW Superstar - Sandman

-Former WWE/ECW/WCW Superstar - Too Cold Scorpio/Flash Funk



Impact Zone Wrestling, an Arizona based pro-wrestling organization in conjunction with the IZW wrestling school, has signed 8 individuals to WWE including Melina, Luther Reigns, Mike Knox, and Justin Roberts. Various superstars such as John Cena, The Miz, A-Train, Tito Santana, Big Bossman, Greg Valentine, Jimmy Snuka, Deuce (of Deuce and Domino) and more have performed in the IZW ring. The Arizona New Times newspaper named IZW and the Sets the best place to catch a rising WWE superstar; and that is no joke!



Here are the Results from the 2007 IPW Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament held in Indianapolis on 11/3/07:

Dave Crist def. Louis Linaris

Diehard def. Sami Callahan

Hex Gage def. Drake Younger

Scotty Vortekz def. xOMGx

Josh Abercrombie def. Jake Crist

Billy Roc def. Dustin Rayz

Ryan Rich def. Joey "Kidd" Owens

Hex Gage def. Diehard and Dave Crist

Billy Roc def. Scotty Vortekz and Josh Abercrombie

Dave Davidson def. Osyris by countout

Billy Roc def. Hex Gage to become the 2007 IPW SJHT CHAMPION!


IPW's next show is "Hardcore Holiday" on December 1st. Already announced:



Also announced Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked, and Gran Akuma will be returning to IPW on January 5th.

For more information on Insanity Pro Wrestling, visit their website at:



10/13/07 - Court Time Sports Center - Elizabeth, PA - Revengeace 4!

"Balls Hot" Troy Lords def. Azrieal to earn a Super Indy Title shot

The Hollywood Balds (Vendetta & "DeeeeLicious" Jimmy DeMarco) def. BabyFace Fire (Jason Gory & Shiima Xion)

"The Shooter" Brent Albright def. Super Hentai

IWC Tag Team Champions The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) def. Sexual Harassment (Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy)

IWC Super Indy Champion "Fabulous" John McChesney def. Davey Richards

Faith In Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) def. Michael Facade & Johnny Gargano

Bubba the Bulldog def. J-Rocc

Ricky Reyes def. Raymond Rowe via ref stoppage

IWC World Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory def. Claudio Castagnoli



Court Time Sports Center

95 Enterprise St.

Elizabeth, PA 15037


Ringside Tickets: $20 .00

General Admission: $15.00

Kids Under 10 GA: $7.00

IWC World Heavyweight Title Match:

Dennis Gregory defends against Chris Hero

IWC World Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory will defend his title on November 10th against Chris Hero! Oddly enough, even though Hero has been competing for IWC since its second ever event (under different promotion) in April of 2001, this will be his first ever shot at the IWC World Heavyweight Title. Hero has wrestled all over the country, has held countless titles from California to Philadelphia, including holding three different tag team titles at one time with partner Claudio Castagnoli. Back in July, Hero was brought back to IWC by Dennis Gregory after a year of inactivity in the company, to take out Jon Bolen. After Gregory brutally attacked Hero's friend and Kings of Wrestling partner "Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney, Hero went after Gregory and the two brawled out into the crowd. Hero demanded a title match, but Gregory refused. He had title matches with Abyss and Sterling James Keenan lined up, and then in October, Hero was unable to make it to IWC. In stepped Claudio Castagnoli, Hero's frequent tag partner. His best attempts to take out Gregory failed, as Denny was able to roll up Claudio to win. But Gregory can't run anymore. The match has been signed, and Dennis Gregory vs. Chris Hero will happen at November Pain 3!

IWC Super Indy Title Match:

"Fabulous" John McChesney defends against "Balls Hot" Troy Lords

The history between these two men has been well-documented. It all started as a few friendly contests for the IWC Super Indy Title. At A New Beginning in January 2006, Lords took McChesney to the 20-minute time limit. The next year, they met once again at A New Beginning Too. Once again, Lords took McChesney to the 20-minute time limit. However, IWC Promoter Norm Connors refused to let the match end like that. He gave them five more minutes, and Lords was able to pick up the win and his first IWC Super Indy Title win. The then-fan-favorite McChesney became irate, and this loss began his descent into madness. His obsession with the gold became obvious, as he demanded shot after shot at the belt. February 2007, he lost once again to Lords with no time limit. March 2007, he lost to Lords with the stipulation being, he would never get another shot one-on-one with Lords. May 2007, Super Indy Second Chance title match, McChesney pins Lords, but is subsequently eliminated by Jason Gory, pinning the champion but not winning the belt. July 2007, McChesney gets a shot at the new champion "Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney and Dennis Gregory helps him win the belt. McChesney joins the War Machine and the rest, they say, is history. Now, Lords is back on the title hunt, and he has proven that he can pin McChesney on several occasions, especially when the pressure is on. Will McChesney be able to pull out the win? Or will we be crowning Troy Lords as the new 2-time Super Indy Champion?

Non Title Tag Team Street Fight :

The Gambino Brothers vs. BabyFace Fire

Originally, this was scheduled to be a six-man tag with the Gambinos & their cousin Jimmy DeMarco taking on BabyFace Fire and a partner of their choosing. However, due to recent actions by The Family members Marshall & Viki Gambino, DeMarco, and Flexor, IWC officials are changing things up. As seen on, they attacked Jason Gory and several Halloween partygoers in Gory's home. The attack was sickening and disgusting, and left Gory bloody and out of sorts after several tazer shots. The war between these two teams has been brewing for several months now, with the Gambinos executing several despicable acts against the former champions. IWC officials have signed it, and now the Gambino Brothers will now take on BabyFace Fire in a non-title street fight! We've seen the Gambinos in street fights before, and they've even won the IWC Tag Team Titles with this stipulation. We haven't seen BFF in a street fight before, but they are out for blood and will stop at nothing to get revenge for the recent attacks on them! This is a volatile situation, and it seems these two teams will stop at nothing to destroy each other!

Winner Receives a Super Indy Title Shot on December 8th:

Davey Richards vs. "Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney vs. "Da Good Guy" Azrieal

On November 10th, 2007, IWC fans will be treated to a rarely-seen occurrence in an IWC ring: the Three-Way Dance! On the rare occasion that the singles three-way dance is broken out in IWC, it results in one of the best matches of the year, and gives IWC fans a chance to see 3 of the best singles talents in America live and in person, three of which might not have been seen in the same ring together, or wrestling each other at the same time. This time, three stars of IWC rings that we're pretty sure have never been in the same ring at the same time will do battle with one goal in mind: a shot at the IWC Super Indy Title on December 8th! If the title shot wasn't enough, it's on IWC's biggest show yet, the 2nd day of A Call To Arms 4, IWC's 100th Show Celebration! The three men competing will be former IWC Super Indy Champion "Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney, IWC newcomer Davey Richards, and Super Indy VI semi-finalist "Da Good Guy" Azrieal! Azrieal has come so close to that Super Indy Title shot without actually getting a shot at the title. Sweeney, on the other hand, has held the gold. He's been the champion in the past. The Super Indy VI champion went through three men in the tournament to win the belt. But, his title reign was cut short by John McChesney and the War Machine. Sweeney never fully got his revenge on McChesney, and intends to do anything he can to get his hands on the champ. Then there's Davey Richards, the wild card in the match. Neither man has really been able to scout Richards in IWC, because he's not a regular IWC competitor. He's had one match in the company, a Super Indy Title shot against McChesney at Revengeance 4! in October. War Machine member Sebastian Dark ran to the ring and helped McChesney win the match. Richards isn't going to take this loss lying down. He hopes to score the win to get some revenge on McChesney by defeating two of IWC's top Super Indy division stars!

Winner Becomes Top Contender to the IWC World Heavyweight Title After December:

"The Baddest Man in IWC" Raymond Rowe vs. "The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes

At No Excuses 3, "The Baddest Man in IWC" Raymond Rowe took on former IWC World Heavyweight Champion "The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes. Reyes was a dominant IWC Champion for 8 months after these two first met in the semi-finals of the IWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament at Boiling Point 2. Reyes was able to make Rowe pass out following a dragon sleeper, but Rowe was already in bad shape after the Unholy Alliance knocked him out with an alcohol-soaked rag in the opening round. When they met on August 4th, Rowe wasn't at 100% once again. After being out for 3 weeks with broken ribs, Rowe made his return to the ring for the first time since taking on Samoa Joe. It was an incredible contest between Rowe and Reyes, and some have called it the best match of the evening. Rowe picked up the win with several consecutive powerbombs. Then, they had a rematch at Revengeance 4! on October 13th. Reyes brought an unrelenting fight to Rowe, the likes of which we've never seen before. Reyes used his mixed martial arts training and was able to floor Rowe with several brutal elbow and knee strikes before referee Bobby Williams finally brought an end to the match. This time, there's a prize on the line that both men desire: becoming the top contender to the IWC World Heavyweight Title. Rowe has been on a tear through 2007 and some say he would have won the title at Boiling Point 2 if it weren't for the Unholy Alliance. Reyes practically had the title stolen from him by the War Machine and Dennis Gregory. Rowe has proven he can pin the former champion. Reyes did the unthinkable and knocked Rowe out with strikes. Who will be in line for a title shot after November Pain 3?!

Super Hentai & Delirious vs. "The Shooter" Brent Albright & Sebastian Dark has documented in the past the mutual admiration and friendship between Super Hentai and Delirious. Back when Hentai and Delirious were breaking into the wrestling business, they were both at a wrestling camp in Florida for the legendary Dory Funk, Jr. During the camp, they struck up a friendship. Rumor has it, Hentai was a big influence on the odd star from the Edge of Sanity. They kept in touch over the years and their friendship was renewed when Delirious made his IWC debut in July of 2005. However, Hentai was on a dark road with the Unholy Alliance by that point. He ended up outcasting many of his old friends. But when he was unceremoniously ousted from the group as they became the War Machine in August, Hentai had no friends to turn to... except Delirious. Hentai teamed with Delirious' friend & translator Daizee Haze at Ellsworth Basebrawl 2007 against Alex Payne & Ernie Osirus, and the duo even came out on top. Now, Hentai needs his friend once again. After Hentai lost to Brent Albright, Sebstian Dark hit the ring and both men laid the boots to Hentai. It wasn't until Troy Lords hit the ring that they scattered. However, obvious ill will still held between Hentai & Lords, and they attacked each other before the War Machine attacked them. Lords and Hentai refused to team with one another , as they both feel they can't trust the other. However, Hentai's friend Delirious stepped up, wanting to take his frustrations out on behalf of his friend, and himself, as he's been having problems with Albright in other promotions recently.

Open Contract:

Justin Idol vs. ???

It's been building for months, and IWC fans witnessed what could very well be the end of Sexual Harassment at the October 13th Revengeance show. Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy seemingly had the tag team titles won. But another distraction, this time as a result of Marshall Gambino's "Action Jackson", as he now calls it, caused a distraction that allowed the champions to retain, and solidified Sexual Harassment's reputation of coming up a little short in big matches. Ever since they made their debut in IWC, Sexual Harassment has done a great job in entertaining the fans with their unique brand of tag team wrestling. But as the losses piled up, Justin Idol has become more and more frustrated. "We should be tag team champions by now, bottom line," Idol said in an interview conducted earlier today. From the onset of the interview, it was clear Idol had a lot to get off of his chest. A major revelation was brought to light, and its one that is a surprise to even the closest IWC observers. At the August 4th show at Court Time Sports Center, Shiima Xion was injured at the hands of The Gambino Brothers. Earlier in the evening, a very serious Justin Idol took control of the 3 way tag team match, and scored the pin for Sexual Harassment, winning out over Facade & Gargano and the Hollywood Balds. Justin was trying to send a message to Eric that is was time to be serious. Instead of planning their future, Eric was too concerned with the after party. Justin was furious. With August 18th fast approaching, Jason Gory had no partner for the big event in Newville, PA. When promoter Norm Connors made that announcement to the IWC wrestlers, Eric Xtasy politicked to get Sexual Harassment into the match in Newville. But Justin Idol had something else in mind. Instead of teaming with his usual partner, he chose to fill the void left by Shiima Xion, and team with Jason Gory. Although they came up short in their bid to win the tag team titles, their outing as a duo will be remembered. One would expect Eric Xtasy to be furious that Justin would pick another man over himself. But he was nonplussed, and quickly signed on for a tag team title match with the Gambino Brothers for October. All of this brought us to Revengeance, and another loss for the team. And Justin has reached his limit. "I did what I had to do". Justin Idol has signed an open contract for a singles match for IWC's November Pain 3 on November 10th at Court Time Sports Center. To date, promoter Norm Connors has not filled the contract, but has indicated he will let everyone know as soon as the contract is signed. The agreement to a singles match in November, much to the chagrin of the fans, could spell the end of an era in the Pittsburgh independent wrestling scene. The agreement could spell the end of Sexual Harassment.

Rematch from October 13th:

Faith In Nothing vs. Johnny Gargano & Michael Facade

At Revengeance 4! on October 13th, the big bruising tag team known as Faith In Nothing made their IWC debuts against the former tag team champions Johnny Gargano & Michael "The Bomber" Facade. Vincent Nothing & Christian Faith took it to the former champs and ended up coming out on the winning end of things with some incredible double team maneuvers. After the match, Chris Maverick appeared in the entrance way and, apparently, successfully recruited Faith & Nothing to employ his managerial services. The rematch has been signed for November 10th, but what kind of difference will "The Notorious MAV" have on things?

PLUS Eric Xtasy has decided to bring back the All Male Revue! After Justin Idol decided to go it alone at November Pain 3, "The Sexual Icon" was beside himself and decided to go back to what he knows!

And all the fun and surprises you've come to expect from IWC!!!

Tickets to November Pain 3 and other IWC live events are already on sale, including:

A Call To Arms 4: Night One - December 7th, 2007 - Elizabeth, PA

Featuring: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels, and Low Ki vs. "Fabulous" John McChesney!

A Call To Arms 4: Night Two - December 8th, 2007 - Elizabeth, PA

Featuring: Samoa Joe vs. Raymond Rowe 2, the IWC return of The Sandman, and much more!

A New Beginning 2008 - January 19th, 2008 - Elizabeth, PA

Accept No Limitations 4 - February 16th, 2008 - Elizabeth, PA

Tickets can be reserved safely and security online using your credit or debit card by visiting, or by calling 412-542-5170!

The International Wrestling Cartel has been western-Pennsylvania's largest and most exciting wrestling promotion for almost 6 years, and has grown large enough to warrant a weekly local TV show as well as VHS & DVD distribution deals with and . Using a healthy dose of established talent like "The Shooter" Brent Albright, AJ Styles, Ricky Reyes, Delirious, and Low Ki (aka TNA's Senshi), along with an impressive array of fast-rising local talent such as Sterling James Keenan, The Gambino Brothers Moving Company, Jason Gory, Shiima Xion, and "Fabulous" John McChesney, IWC has grown to become one of the most successful indy promotions today. For more information go to

Japanese Wrestling


New Japan, 11/2/07


A packed house at Korakuen Hall today saw possibly New Japan's most dominant tag team since ChoTen establish itself as the immoveable force of the tag division. Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko, the IWGP Tag Team Champions, completed a 2-crown by winning the 2007 G1 Tag League today. They first defeated Makabe & Yano, revenge from the opening day when Tomko couldn't make it and Bernard had to fight the two alone, going down after a brave fight. They made short work of the GBH team, Tomko pinning Yano, who would have wanted a better result going into his big singles battle with Rhino. The other semi final was the last big lead-in to Tanahashi vs. Goto, as Tanahashi & Kanemoto achieved revenge from the group stage by beating Goto & Milano. In the group stage match, Goto laid out Tanahashi, allowing Milano to finish him, but today Tana pinned Milano to earn revenge. This set up a native vs. gaijin final, Tanahashi & Kanemoto reaching the tag league final for the second year running. But once again, they fell just short, losing a close match when Bernard drilled Kanemoto with his Bernard Driver for the trophy. This didn't follow the revenge pattern of the semis, as Bernard & Tomko defeated Tanahashi & Kanemoto in the group stage as well, so went two to nothing over them with this. Bernard & Tomko demanded the strongest challengers for a defense at the Tokyo Dome on 1/4, and challenged teams from WWE and TNA to step up. One team name that has surfaced as a possibility is The Steiner Brothers. Kanemoto almost confirmed after today's show that his mystery partner on 11/11 will be the one and only Wataru Inoue, but what sort of return will Wataru make if so, and does Kanemoto know the true mental state of the man who walked away from his bookings without any warning in July?

Naofumi Yamamoto was sent packing from New Japan in embarrassment today as Yuji Nagata used the rookie-killing crab hold to defeat the man he discipled to little effect last year. Nagata demanded Yamamoto go to the U.S. now and become strong, then return. Yamamoto knows he has fallen way behind his generation rivals, who are achieving things fast - Nakamura, Goto, and Taguchi - and wants to return in a state where he can stand with them at the top of the new New Japan. Nagata put forward his name as a candidate to face Kurt Angle after the match, which led to the arrival of Shinsuke Nakamura! Nakamura said he wants to fight Angle too, and suggested he and Nagata fight for the right on 11/11 at Sumo Hall. Nagata responded by attacking the Black Savior, sparks flying between the former allies.

NJPW, 11/2/07 (SXW)

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1,988 Fans - Super No Vacancy

1. Minoru & Prince Devitt beat Ryusuke Taguchi & Tetsuya Naito (9:50) when Devitt used the Prince's Throne on Taguchi.

2. G1 Tag League - Semi Final: Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko beat Togi Makabe & Toru Yano (6:44) when Tomko pinned Yano after the Magic Killer.

3. G1 Tag League - Semi Final: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Koji Kanemoto beat Hirooki Goto & Milano Collection AT (14:20) when Tanahashi used the High Fly Flow on Milano.

4. Tiger Mask beat Yujiro (9:13) with a Tiger suplex hold.

5. Super Strong Machine, Jushin Thunder Liger & AKIRA beat Tomohiro Ishii, Jado & Gedo (8:41) when Machine used a Devil Windmill suplex hold on Ishii.

6. Naofumi Yamamoto Farewell Match: Yuji Nagata beat Naofumi Yamamoto (11:16) with a crab hold.

7. Riki Choshu, Masahiro Chono & Akebono beat Manabu Nakanishi, Takashi Iizuka & Mitsuhide Hirasawa (10:23) when Choshu used a lariat on Iizuka.

8. G1 Tag League - Final: Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko beat Hiroshi Tanahashi & Koji Kanemoto (18:02) when Bernard used the Bernard bomb on Kanemoto.

Nagata will complete on ZERO1-MAX's 11/13 Korakuen show in a match to commemorate Shinjiro Otani's 15th anniversary as a wrestler. Of course, Otani did likewise on Nagata's 9/9 anniversary show, so Mr. Saikyo is returning the favour.


11/11 card finalized

Two more matches have been added to the 11/11 card, making it a nine match show (match order remains undetermined). One is a 5 vs. 5 NJ vs. Legend match, while the other has Kanemoto and a mystery partner opposite Taguchi & Yujiro. Will "X" be "that man" who went missing in July, or someone else?

NJPW "DESTRUCTION '07", 11/11/07 (WPW/PPV)

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

1. New Japan vs. Legend: Takashi Iizuka, Takashi Uwano, Mitsuhide Hirasawa, Tetsuya Naito & Taichi Ishikari vs. Riki Choshu, Masahiro Chono, Super Strong Machine, Jushin Thunder Liger & AKIRA

2. Koji Kanemoto & X vs. Ryusuke Taguchi & Yujiro

3. New Japan Jr. vs. TNA X Division ~J or X~: Minoru & Prince Devitt vs. Christopher Daniels  & Senshi

4. New Japan vs. TNA: Tiger Mask vs. Ron Killings

5. GBH vs. TNA ~ SPEAR or GORE: Toru Yano vs. Rhino

6. Togi Makabe vs. Milano Collection AT

7. Shinsuke Nakamura Return Match: Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Giant Bernard

8. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Dick Togo & TAKA Michinoku  (c) vs. Jado & Gedo

9. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Hirooki Goto



10th Anniversary Show

10/27/2007, Rahway Rec Center, Rahway, NJ --- Attendence: 1200+

B-Boy defeated Sal Rinauro, Seth Delay, Joker, & Matt "M-Dogg20" Cross to win the Best of the Light Heavyweights 10.

Devon Storm defeated Danny Demanto

Crime Time defeated the reuniting Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz

Eddie Kingston defeated Drake Younger

Frankie Kazarian defeated AJ Styles

Jay Lethal & Azrieal defeated Ruckus & Sabian of BLKOUT

Archadia beat Grim Reefer in a ladder match to win the JAPW NJ State Championship

Homicide forced Low Ki to tap out with an STF to win the JAPW Heavyweight Championship

POST MATCH: The 187 then asked Fat Frank for a match with them next month, Frank then said, why wait lets do it now as the crowd erupted! Frank then added a few stipulations to the match. If 187 was pinned by ANYONE, We would lose the title. If Hernandez was to be pinned they would lose the tag team titles. If any member of BLK OUT was pinned they would have to leave JAPW after just finally arriving there.

During this Brawl the Light's Went Out! When they came back on Homicide's arch enemy for life Teddy Hart was standing in the ring and received a crowd reaction that just can't be explained, peoples ears were ringing as the fans tipped the rector scale that moment.

Teddy then laid the 187 out and hit him with some flipping crazy 350 plus 280 plus 350 elbow slash moonsault etc. BLK OUT MEMBERS then placed Senshi (Low Ki) on top of the 187 for the pin, Senshi had regained the JAPW World Heavyweight Title! Senshi was still hurt an inactive due to his grueling match with Homicide 


Jersey All Pro Wrestling proudly presents the very last live event of 2007 "Seasons Beatings" Saturday, December 8th, At the Rahway Recreation Center, 275 East Milton Ave, Rahway NJ. Bell time 7:30PM doors open at 7:00.

Tickets are on sale now at, and at the door on the night of the show.

1st Row Ringside- Sold Out  2nd Row Ringside-$20  3rd Row Ringside-$15  General Admission Bleacher Seating-$15

Appearing on the card that night:

"The New Age Punisher" B-Boy vs. JAPW NJ State Champion Archadia vs. "The Suicidal Demon" Azriael

JAPW Tag Team Champions: The LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. BLKOut Members Eddie Kingston & Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Teddy Hart & JAPW Heavyweight Champion, "the World Warrior" Senshi (a.k.a. Low-Ki)

TNA Superstar Jay Lethal vs. The Human Tornado

TNA Superstar "The Future" Frankie Kazarian vs. "Dangerous" Devon Storm

TNA Superstar "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero

Bandido, Jr. vs. the Grim Reefer

Monsta Mack & Havok vs. the Christopher Street Connection

Kenny Omega vs. Kevin Matthews

In his Final match in JAPW : "The New Age Punisher" B-Boy vs. JAPW NJ State Champion, Archadia vs. "The Suicidal Demon" Azriael.

Join us as we say goodbye to a wrestler that has just about done it all in JAPW, as B-Boy takes his final bow inside a JAPW ring. B-Boy's list of accomplishments in JAPW represents the elite status he holds here, Former Tag Team Champion, Former Light-Heavyweight Champion, and the honorary title of "King of the Ouch Files".

Last month at the JAPW 10th Anniversary show. B-Boy added another major milestone to his career in JAPW, by winning the annual Battle of The Light heavyweights, defeating 5 other wrestlers in the process, and earning an automatic shot at the NJ State Title.

But for his final match, B-Boy contacted JAPW management, and asked that in place of that automatic title shot, that he be given the unique opportunity to select his final opponents in a JAPW ring: a request that was granted.

B-Boy selected current JAPW NJ State Champion Archadia, and "The Suicidal Demon" Azriael to be those opponents.

"I don't care if Archadia puts the title on the line, or not…I'm picking him because he is one of the innovative guys on the JAPW roster, no matter how bad his attitude has become. And Azriael? There are very few people in JAPW that are as talented as he is in the ring and I want the fans in JAPW to see me for the last time in one of the greatest matches in my career."

"It's not about Titles, it's not about feuds, it's not about stables or any of that crap…Its about respect, its about being the best you can be, and I know that both of these guys will bring out the best in B-Boy".

In a 3 way match for the JAPW Tag Team Titles:

JAPW Tag Team Champions: The LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. BLKOut Members, Eddie Kingston & Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Teddy Hart & JAPW Heavyweight Champion, "the World Warrior" Senshi (a.k.a. Low-Ki)

After winning the JAPW Title for the unprecedented 8th time at 10th Anniversary show, Homicide seemed on top of the world.

He held not only the Tag Team Titles with his partner in LAX, Hernandez, but he had just won a hard fought, respectful match against his greatest student, Senshi, Injuring Senshi's leg in the process and forcing him to submit for the first time in a JAPW ring.

But the celebration of his latest title reign would be short lived as renegade BLKOut stable attacked, causing JAPW management to make an impromptu match between everyone in the ring, with the stipulation that if anyone in that ring pinned Homicide, they would become the JAPW champion, if anyone in that ring pinned Hernandez, they would become the JAPW Tag Team Champions, and if anyone was to pin any member of BLKOut, they would be banned from JAPW forever.

The action in the ring was fast and furious, but Homicide seemingly had things under control after Hernandez took out most of BLKOut almost single handedly, and Homicide had delivered the "Gringo-Killa" to BLKOut Member Ruckus. The Referee counted 1…2….but 3 never came…as the lights went out, and when they came back on, in the ring was standing Homicide's greatest enemy, Teddy Hart!

Homicide tried to attack Hart, but the wear of fighting two grueling battles in such a short amount of time was too much for the newly crowned champion to endure and one "Hart Attack 2.0" later, Homicide was down on the mat. But instead of leaving Homicide laying, Teddy Hart did something that JAPW management still do not understand, He placed Senshi, who was still in the ring, but injured from his match, on top of the champion. Hart then disappeared into the crowd.

Since the stipulation was that "anyone in that ring" that pinned Homicide would become JAPW Champion, the referee had no choice to count to 3 and award Senshi the title. Senshi then limped off with the JAPW belt, and did not stop to explain his actions to his longtime stable mates Homicide, B-Boy & Hernandez who were left in the ring to wonder: "what happened"?

JAPW management has decided that while it was not in the spirit of the stipulation, Senshi's regaining of the JAPW will stand.

Homicide was livid, and demanded that he be given a match against Teddy Hart, but LAX have been ordered to defend the JAPW Tag team titles at Seasons Beatings, so a singles match is out of the question at this time. If Homicide wants to get his hands on Hart, it will have to be in a Tag Match, and because of his unorthodox "defeat" of Homicide, JAPW champion Senshi has been selected by JAPW management to be Teddy's partner.

No request to be teamed came from either Teddy Hart or Senshi, but since neither has explained exactly just what happened in the ring during the anniversary show, JAPW management decided to pair both of these controversial superstars to get to the bottom of this situation.

Adding another dimension to this match, BLKOut members Eddie Kingston and Slyk Wagner Brown petitioned the championship committee for shot at the JAPW Tag Team Titles, and were granted this match due to the confusion that reigned over what happened at the end of the Anniversary show.

Eddie Kingston had this to say about the subject: "JAPW owes BLKOut a shot, and while the rest of the team will be taking care of business elsewhere that night, me and SWB will step up. While Homicide is busy beating the snot out of Teddy Hart, we'll wait for our chance to pin one of the LAX and walk out the new champs."

JAPW Promoter Frank Iadevia said "Look, what happened at the anniversary surprised us as much as it surprised our fans, and since these guys seem to hate each other so much, the only way we seem to be able to get any of this stuff resolved is to get them all in a ring and let them kill each other. Senshi has alot of explaining to do, but if you know the man, he speaks with his actions not his words."

"Who ever is left alive enough to pin someone's shoulders to the mat will become the champs, but whatever happens before that, is up to those in the ring. I don't know the deal between Teddy and Senshi, they may be working together, or they may destroy each other….that's not my problem and if BLKOut wants in on this match, the more the merrier. I can only imagine what will happen when Homicide gets his hands on Teddy and feeds him to that big gorilla Hernandez, Teddy better pray that Senshi is truly on his side, because that's his only chance of getting out of this alive! And knowing what has happened between Teddy and Homicide in the past, JAPW fans shouldn't miss this for the world."

So will the questions be answered, or will only more questions be created? One thing is for certain; this match will be an all out war!

Jay Lethal vs. The Human Tornado

2 of the charismatic superstars in professional wrestling today face off in singles action, as the Human Tornado makes his return to JAPW against current TNA X Division Champion, and JAPW original, Jay Lethal. Will "Black Machismo" make an appearance? And even if he does, will it be enough to "stop the Pimpin'?"

"The Future" Frankie Kazarian vs. "Dangerous" Devon Storm

Ever since his return to a JAPW ring, Frankie Kazarian has been on quite a tear, defeating the likes of Chris Hero and AJ Styles. But now he faces the unpredictable "Dangerous" Devon Storm, who is fresh off a big win at the 10th Anniversary show, and Storm is looking to make a big impression on the JAPW Fans. Storm can mat wrestle, fly and take things hardcore if he has to. With his experience he gained during his time with Raven, Kazarian will get his hands dirty just as much as Storm is willing to.

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero

What more can be said about the wrestler known as "the Phenomenal 1"? AJ Styles has held every belt that TNA has at one point or another, and ranks as one of the greatest in the world today. He squares off against indy sensation Chris Hero. And while he has a great reputation elsewhere, Hero still has alot to prove in a JAPW ring, and a win over Styles will go a long way to cementing his status here.

Bandito, Jr. vs. the Grim Reefer

Get ready for highflying action, as Bandito Jr. takes on former NJ State Champion, The Grim Reefer. Reefer was cheated out of his championship last show, and a win here will put him right back in line for a rematch. If Bandito's impressive performance at the Battle of the Light Heavyweights is any indication of what he is truly capable, Reefer better prepare himself for a hard match.

Monsta Mack & Havok vs. the Christopher Street Connection

Last show, The Christopher Streets were blindsided by the deadly combination of Monsta Mack & Havok, and were given a beating that they won't soon forget. Now they go head to head on equal ground without any surprises, will that be enough for the "Pride of the East Village"? Or will they just meet defeat again by the D-Factor's latest killing machines?

Kenny Omega vs Kevin Matthews

Despite a loss to Danny Demanto, Canadian Standout, Kenny Omega wowed JAPW fans in his debut at Calm Before The Storm, and the fans promptly asked for his return. The Fans get their request as Omega faces off against Kevin Matthews. Both Matthews and Omega are former WWE development talents, and know each other well from their time spent in the trenches of the developmental system. The difference maker here may be Matthew's membership in the D-Factor and manager Jonny D's penchant for getting involved in his charges matches. Omega will have to have eyes in the back of his head in order to get thru this match in one piece.

More information about this show will be announced in the coming weeks, Stay tuned to for more JAPW news and information as it develops.

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Remember the old list will be deleted, if you do not rejoin you will not receive our new weekly news letter via email.

Thanks for the support

Fat Frank



KAPOW Wrestling ran November 3, 2007, in Lenoir City, TN and here are the results

Edward Idol b Trooper T

Devin Hart & The Ayatollah b Isacc Cain & Rip O'Kelly

Matt Cruise b Primetime Allen and Bodacious Nick in a triple threat match

Buggy Boy b Dillinger

Shane Williams b Matt Boyce w/Christopher Love

Wayne Adkins b Travis Sawyer by DQ

Robbie Race b Donovan Daniels in a hair vs hair match



Legends Wrestling League. That was TAG Wrestling! By Oliver Newman

Company: Legends Wrestling League

Date: Tuesday 30th October 2007

Time: 7:30pm

Attendance: 162

Price: Adults £5, £4 with LWL Flyer (Downloadable from Kids £3. £1 off if you wear Fancy dress to this show.

Location: Legends Members Club, Oxley Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1QN.

The Ring Announcer welcomes the crowd to LWL’s 2nd Anniversary and comments on how there is only standing room inside the Legend’s Members Club this evening.

Platinum Paige vs. Kris Navarro

The contest starts with an arm-drag by Navarro, followed quickly by a couple of hip-tosses and an Enzuguri. The fans clap, Paige cuts Navarro off with a short elbow, and chokes him with his boot. Kicks to the back and chops to front and back follow as he starts to control the match, a snap suplex gets the first pinfall attempt of the night (for a two count). Paige knees Navarro in the back and applies a chin-lock “You’re not cheering for him now” the fans start clapping and slamming against the tables. Paige locks Navarro in a mid-ring sleeper hold, after Navarro’s hand drops twice he fights back. Ducking two clothesline attempts before hitting a flying head scissors and a wheelbarrow into an arm-drag. Following up with a Spear but that only manages a two count (as Paige gets his foot on the ropes). A second Spear misses and Paige quickly follows up with a German suplex for a close near fall, and a huge T-Bone suplex but that gets 2 also (so he berates the referee for the lack of 3 count). Paige sets up for his Impaler finisher but Navarro rolls him up for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 9 minutes

Winner: Kris Navarro

My Thoughts:

That was a good back and forth match to start LWL’s 2YA show! Navarro’s performance was good once again and Paige showed a good improvement over last month’s slightly shaky match. I was gutted about no Sykes vs. Navarro 2 after they put on a fantastic match last month, and to be honest I still am (hope to see that feud continued at some point down the line) but this was a good way to kick off the show.

‘Mr #1’ Jonny Costello vs. Sik Nik Dutt

Costello plays limbo with the microphone cable, the match starts with a clap-off which Dutt wins. Lock up Costello with power advantage pushes Dutt down, second time around Dutt reverses and shoulder-blocks and hip-tosses Costello down to the mat. Costello rolls out of the ring and rings the bell! Dutt follows with a dropkick through the ropes, Costello steals a fan’s water bottle and then pulls Dutt out. Costello hits Dutt with a throat chop and another before chopping the steel ring post! Dutt takes control slamming Costello’s hand on tables, etc. Costello kicks the rope as Dutt returns “I’m a Champion/You’re a Bell-End” shouting contest. Costello clotheslines Dutt right on the bridge of the nose, so Dutt in return drops him on his head with a Hurracanrana for a two count. Dutt follows up with a whip/bulldog and splash combination for another two count as Costello’s foot is on the ropes. Dutt attempts the tornado DDT but Costello reverses into a full nelson slam for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans clap for Dutt as he leaves.

Match Time: 12 minutes

Winner: ‘Mr #1’ Jonny Costello

My Thoughts:

Another enjoyable match, good back and forth contest between the two competitors. Mis-timed clothesline and hurrancanrana added a lot to intensity of the match and were real OUCH moments! Costello showed he can wrestle and brawl as well as he wrestles comedy matches. Dutt put forth another good performance and that made another good match for the LWL fans to enjoy.

Mad Dog Maxx w/ ‘Mr #1’ Jonny Costello vs. Tracy Smothers

Pre match:

Maxx endears himself to the crowd “Shut your stinking mouths up! I’ll kick your teeth down your throat” Smothers enters to a huge roar from the crowd, causing Maxx & Costello to roll out to the floor. Maxx is both cheered and booed as he takes the microphone “I’m a wrestler/you’re a fat t***” he shouts at a fan. “If he (Smothers) touches my s***, kill him” he tells Costello. “Shut your mouth and listen to me! You may have wrestled 3 bears but tonight you’re wrestling a Mad Dog. You’re a rebel, a cheat and scummy. But you’re a great wrestler and the king of the dance-off” Fans start a “Tracy Smothers, Tracy Smothers” chant, Tracy takes the mic “Are you all having a good time! Is it good to be alive and in Wolverhampton, Tonight!” The fans cheer loudly, “Was that the biggest piece of crap you have ever heard! You Costello are a transplant rebel and I’m going to put your head up you’re ass. By the time this match is done you’ll have a different respect for me and all these fans”.


Fans chant “Tracy, Tracy” once more as Maxx rolls out. “Mad Dog sucks” chant starts up “Mad Dog doesn’t suck” he replies. “Old poodle” is shouted out by a fan! Smothers and Maxx lock up and after a clean break Maxx accuses Smothers of pulling his hair (which he hasn’t done). Waist-locks are traded with Smothers adding a snap-mere once again Maxx complains of hair pulling. The fans clap and after reversing an arm-lock Maxx pulls Smothers by the hair to the mat! “Cheat” chant starts up, Wrist-lock once more this time Smothers gets the advantage and pulls Maxx’s hair. Maxx shouts “Tracy’s been pulling my hair, tights, poking my eyes and punching my balls!” and then challenges him to a dance off. The first 2 vs. 1 dance-off I have seen, Maxx and Costello have some moves (but the fans still boo), Smothers is the king and wins yet another dance-off. Smothers misses a back elbow and gets caught by a vicious lariat by Maxx for a close near-fall. Smothers pokes Maxx in the eyes and hits a Flatliner for a two count. Maxx returns with a spine buster of his own “I swear to god it’s over!” but it isn’t. Costello tries to distract Smothers but gets forearmed for his troubles, he has distracted Smothers long enough for Maxx to hit a chain assisted lariat for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans boo loudly at Maxx & Costello and cheer loudly for Smothers with “Tracy, Tracy and Please don’t go” chants.

Match Time: 23 minutes

Winner: Mad Dog Maxx

My Thoughts:

Well that was just superb! Not the most complex match but it didn’t need to be. Smothers and Maxx showed just how to play with a crowd’s emotions to the best effect with the match produced. The best atmosphere I have experienced since I have covered LWL shows, Maxx and Smothers put on a good wrestling match, with great crowd interaction and a dance-off. That left a lot of fans very happy and the fans that had strangely never heard of Tracy Smothers before, now have a new hero! Great stuff all around.


Dan Ryder & Marcus Kool vs. Steve Valentino & ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine

Valentino jaws with the crowd “Old woman bow down, before me”, “Your both faggots” chant starts up directed at Devine & Valentino. “Emo” chant is directed at Valentino and a “Let’s go Ryder” chant also. Valentino kicks Ryder and Judo throws him to the canvas, “Valentino/He’s an emo” duelling chant. Valentino applies the arm-lock, Ryder skilfully turns it into a swinging arm-lock and reverses out! Ryder quickly follows up with a Japanese arm-drag and an arm-lock of his own before Valentino tags in Devine and Ryder tags in Kool. Kool hit’s the 6-1-9 on Devine or so he thought, Devine amazingly catches Kool and applies the Sharpshooter! It’s not locked in for long though, due to a Ryder Enzuguri, Valentino kicks Ryder’s injured leg and Devine locks in the Sharpshooter on Ryder. Kool connects with a Superkick on Devine knocking him into the ropes for a 6-1-9 which Kool hits this time, Ryder struggling through the pain climbs up to the top rope and connects with a picture perfect 450 splash for the 1, 2 and 3. Kool rolls Devine out of the ring and the fans clap Ryder & Kool.

Match Time: 19 minutes

Winner: Dan Ryder & Marcus Kool

My Thoughts:

Well that was an absolutely tremendous tag team match! From bell to bell it had everything a great tag match has, energy, isolation of one man (Ryder in this match), old school tag wrestling and a great finish (Devine’s reversal of 6-1-9 into a Sharpshooter was a personal highlight!). One of the best tag matches I have seen based on action and atmosphere and only second behind The Briscoe’s vs. Shingo & Doi (ROH in Liverpool in March ’07) as the best tag team match I’ve seen this year and a good contender for British Wrestling’s match of the year also. The best compliment I can give this match is it’s the kind of match that makes my efforts to publicise British Wrestling worth while!

Christian Lees:

The fans chant “Who and who are ya” as Lees makes his way to the ring. Lees asks “Are you enjoying the show?” The fans cheer in approval “I’m not” Lees replies causing the fans to boo loudly. “Get a haircut” chant starts up, Lees continues “The use of Tracy Smothers signifies to me this is a B-Show” The fans disagree with chants of “Shut the f*** up!” “I’m from the LWL academy like Kris Navarro (huge cheer) but I’m seen as second string!” Fans respond by chanting “What and Christian is a w*****”. The fans boo as Lees leaves.

My Thoughts:

Well I went from wondering who Lees was to having a good understanding of him, so I say job done. It was difficult to hear what he was saying over crowd noise though, he made the fans take notice of who he is and what he is about, now I await to see him wrestle.

TGR w/The Boss vs. Chandler Scott Lee

TGR berates CSL “You like, all of this scum (points at fans) are nothing”. Slaps are traded between the two, TGR hilariously shouts “That hurt!” punches and clotheslines by CSL follow as the fans chant “Only one Paul Bearer” at The Boss. CSL fains hitting TGR and instead connects with a dropkick, TGR chokes CSL in the ropes and The Boss chokes him further with his tie. A nonchalant cover by TGR isn’t enough to put CSL away though. CSL whips TGR into the corner and goes for the 10 punch but TGR reverses into a running power bomb but only manages to get a two count! So he berates the referee, CSL hits a bulldog on TGR and goes to attack The Boss (he ducks down) and connects with his organiser to CSL’s head and with a Flatliner this match is over, 1, 2 and 3 count follows. The fans boo TGR who spits water at a kid in the audience.

Match Time: 11 minutes

Winner: TGR

My Thoughts:

Not a bad match by any means. TGR and CSL put forth a solid wrestling performance, the fan interaction was there also but this was at the point where a normal LWL show would be coming to a close, so that took a little away from the match. Solid match though, so definitely not a downer on a great show thus far!

Darkstar vs. Donny The Bull

Darkstar spits in Bull’s face (not a smart idea!), Bull takes revenge by showing that Darkstar isn’t tall enough for a test of strength with him. Bull continues with chops causing Darkstar to hilariously scream “Ahhhhhhhh and oh my god” The fans clap as Bull slingshot senton’s over the top rope! A Bull-Hole Slam follows and finally a big splash for the 1, 2 and 3. Darkstar falls down between the ring and stage!

Match Time: 3 minutes

Winner: Donny The Bull

My Thoughts:

Well that was short, sweet and to the point! Darkstar’s hilarious shouting added a lot to this match, Bull has potential and is incredibly agile (slingshot senton) for a big man. So this match got across Bull as new monster of LWL (if that is the case), so from that perspective not a bad match to have just before the main event.

Hardcore Rules Wolverhampton Street Fight for LWL Championship

Sykes vs. Mat Mensa ©

Official ring introductions for both men, “Wearing a Mensa shirt eh Granddad” Says Sykes to a fan in the crowd. “Let’s go Mensa” chant starts up, “This isn’t a popularity contest” retorts Sykes who then wipes himself all over with towel and throws into Mensa’s face. A fan shouts obscenities at Sykes, so Sykes confronts him the fans show support for Sykes by shouting “T*** him”. The fans rally back behind Mensa once more with “Let’s go Mensa”

chants, Sykes seamlessly turns a lock up into a headlock from the very start. Mensa reverses out into a wrist-lock of his own, Sykes trips Mensa and hits an STO before tying Mensa’s ankle up. Sykes climbs to the top rope and attempts a Senton but misses, Maxx appears and straight away attacks Mensa, Dutt comes out to even the odds. Maxx & Sykes hit a 3D on Dutt. Costello interjects making it 3 on 2 until Smothers enters! Smothers helps but is shortly afterwards low bridged out of the ring. Sykes dances like Smothers (taking his eye of Mensa) who locks in the Perfect-plex for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans cheer Mensa, Smothers and Dutt. Mensa invites Sykes back in but with the prospect of a 3 on 1 beat down Sykes thinks better of it. Fans cheer for Mensa once again as Smothers starts up an “LWL, LWL” chant to conclude the show.

Match Time: 16 minutes

Winner and STILL LWL Champion: Mat Mensa

My Thoughts:

That was a very good main event to end the show! Sykes and Mensa wrestled a good match and only used weapons infrequently during the match (including a KILLER Chair shot to Mensa by Sykes!!). Sykes took full advantage of the NO DQ rules by cheating right in front of the referee on numerous occasions. Mensa showed he has skills to be able to carry the LWL Title into the future. Good way to end a fantastic show!

Overall Thoughts:

Navarro vs. Paige was a good back and forth match to open the show, I still need to see Sykes vs. Navarro 2 though! Dutt vs. Costello was a good follow up match with two OUCH moments. Maxx vs. Smothers was basic but garnered the best crowd reaction I have heard in LWL thus far, tag match was one of the most intense, energetic and enthralling I have ever seen! Christian Lees Promo was ok I look forward to seeing him wrestle, TGR vs. CSL was a solid match in it’s own right. Donny The Bull looked impressive and Darkstar’s hilarious, Sykes and Mensa wrestled a very good main event with one KILLER chair shot and a crowd pleasing ending. The Ring Announcer did a great job, and I think just under 3 hours is a good time for a show. Congratulations to LWL on improving their attendance one again from 62 (last month) to a tremendous 162 (this month).

Match of the Night:

Dan Ryder & Marcus Kool vs. Steve Valentino & ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine

For more information on LWL check out our website: or


LWL Winter Warfare, November 20, 2007

LWL Christmas Conflict, December 18, 2007


Loco Wrestling, the newest professional wrestling venture in the Philadelphia area, presented jointly by Locofights Inc. and TV By Demand, has announced a special offer for all those interested in testing their limits and finding out if they have what it takes to survive the strict professional wrestling training regimen of the internationally-renowned Ricky Reyes.

The official training center of Loco Wrestling will hold a special seminar FREE of charge, hosted by Ricky Reyes, open to all interested parties on November 6th and 8th from 5-8 pm. The seminar will serve as an introduction, both verbally and physically, to the world of Loco Wrestling and the ongoing development of its training center and wrestling promotion. Attendees should expect a crash course on what is to be expected of them under the Loco Wrestling umbrella, and a light workout is to be expected as well. This seminar is open to all who may be interested, whether you have experience in the professional wrestling world or have merely been contemplating a career inside the squared circle. Loco Wrestling’s training center will offer a diverse array of ringed-sport training as head trainer Ricky Reyes’ worldwide experience and training will help him refine your skills in professional wrestling, mixed martial arts, jujitsu, and other styles of combat. You can learn more information, or register online today at  Space is limited so act now, be a part of Loco Wrestling on the ground floor!

Remember, Loco Wrestling’s training school will be headed by one of the most focused, intense, and successful athletes in the game today: The Rottweiler and The Havana Pitbull, Ricky Reyes, who has studied the art of professional wrestling all over the world and competed for and/or been scouted by every single major wrestling promotion in North America. Reyes will no doubt bring a very strict yet rewarding style to training his students, and this is your opportunity to be among the first to call themselves Loco Wrestling graduates.

The official Loco Wrestling training school will be located at B Street & East Clearfield Street in Philadelphia PA. For those who think they have what it takes to survive training with the “Rottweiler” Ricky Reyes, and who thinks they have what it takes to make it as a professional wrestler, more information is available right now at  or by calling 888-369-8222.

More information on any and all other matters in relation to Loco Wrestling are also available at Stay posted to the official website of Loco Wrestling and this website for ongoing news, announcements, events, and media in relation to Loco Wrestling. For more information on TV By Demand please visit  

For more information on this press release, or if you have a professional wrestling website and would like to be added to the official press release mailing list, please contact



Saturday, 03 November 2007 

GUAPITO INJURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

El Guapito suffered a serious arm injury on Wednesday night in Celaya after a botched move with Scorpio Jr. and there is fear that it could be a fracture.


10/27 – Arena Lopez Mateos

1. Chico de Barrio & Violento beat Aguila Guerrera & Rey Kristal

2. Los Tortuguillo Ninjas I y II defeated Blasfemia & Herejia

3. Psicopata/Rafael/Robin Maravilla beat Epitafio/Heavy Boy/Misterio

4. King Star Tiger/Kung Fu Jr./Yakuza defeated El Federal/Rey


5. Rey Bucanero/Terry Dos Mil/Ultimo Dragon beat Mr. Aguila/Sadico/Rocky


6. Blue Panther/Dos Caras Jr./Marco Corleone defeated Averno/Olimpico/Ultimo


10/29 – Arena Puebla

1. Blue Center & The Tiger beat Ares & Murcielago

2. Los Payasos Tricolor (Coco Blanco/Coco Rojo/Coco Verde) defeated Fuerza

Chicana/Siki Osama Jr./Toro Bill

3. Amapola/Medusa/La Nazi beat Luna Magica/Marcela/Rosa Negra

4. Damian el Terrible/Los Villanos III y V defeated Felino/Sagrado/Valiente

when Terrible fouled Sagrado behind the ref’s back.

5. High Society (Alex Koslov/Marco Corleone/Shocker) beat Los Guerreros

(Black Warrior/Hijo del Lizmark/Ultimo Guerrero)

10/30 – Arena Coliseo

1. Angel Azteca Jr. & Kid Tiger beat Polvora & Vaquero

2. Bracito de Oro/Mini Fantasy/Pequeno Olimpico defeated Pequeno Black

Warrior/Pequeno Damian 666/Pequeno Halloween)

3. Metalico/Mictlan/Tigre Blanco beat Diamante Negro/Euforia/Nosferatu

4. Alex Koslov/La Mascara/Valiente defeated Damian 666/Hijo del

Texano/Misterioso II

5. Black Warrior/Los Villanos IV y V beat Blue Panther/Mistico/Volador Jr.

10/27 – Plaza de Toros el Cortijo

1. Antaris/Skayde Jr./Triple-X beat Beta/Gatubelo/Vampiro Metalico

2. Dr. Cerebro/Hermano Muerte I/Nuclear defeated Arkanos/Black Man II/Black


3. Batman/Coco Blanco/Coco Negro/Principe Magico beat


4. La Mascara/Maximo/Valiente defeated Misterioso II/Nitro/Sangre Azteca

5. Groon XXX/Heavy Metal/Shocker beat Black Warrior/Pierroth/Toscano by DQ

when El Black fouled Groon.

10/29 – Domo de la Feria de Leon

1. ?

2. Fabian el Gitano/Leono/Tony Rivera beat Euforia/Hijo del Texano/Virus

3. Torneo de Bajio 2007 – Semifinals: Mistico & Negro Casas defeated Heavy

Metal & Rey Bucanero

4. Torneo de Bajio 2007 – Semifinals: Atlantis & Averno beat Perro Aguayo

Jr. & Hector Garza by DQ due to mask ripping

5. Torneo de Bajio 2007 – Finals: Mistico & Negro Casas defeated Atlantis &


10/29 – Lienzo Charro Ignacio Leon Ornelas de Irapuato

1. Chico Infernal & Dark Dragon beat Dragon del Jinete & Spyder Black

2. Los Perros Callejeros I y II defeated Dr. Polux & Super Payaso

3. Raven Hiroka & Mima Shimoda beat India Sioux & Princesa Blanca

4. Mascara Purpura/Maximo/Stuka Jr. defeated Ephesto/La Morgue/Sangre Azteca

5. Blue Panther/Mistico/Negro Casas beat Averno/Olimpico/Toscano

10/28 – Arena Naucalpan

1. Akuma & Rockero del Diablo beat Latin Brother & Zella

2. Los Tortuguillo Ninjas I y II defeated Macho II & Pandemonium

3. Dr. Mortus/Judas el Traidor/Radioactivo beat Filoso/Kid Tiger/Puma King

4. Black Terry/Fierro/Yamato defeated Fantasma de la Opera/Freelance/Veneno

5. Bogeman/Negro Navarro/Rayo de Jalisco Jr. beat Cerebro Negro/Hijo del

Cien Caras/Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr.

10/31 – Palenque del Hipodromo de Tijuana

1. ?

2. ??

3. Angel Negro Jr. & Ricochet beat Enfermero Jr. & Memo Velasquez

4. 3 Way Dance: Los Locos del Ring (Arandu/Mortiz/TJ Boy) defeated La Ola

del Terror (Scream/Tazmania/Viernes 13) & La Familia del Mexicali (Guerrero

Rojo/Humilde/Negro Azteca)

5. El Dandy/Mistico/Super Astro beat Los Nuevos Infernales



11/2 – Arena Mexico

1. Euforia & Nosferatu beat Fabian el Gitano & Leono

2. Maximo/Sagrado/Ultimo Dragon defeated Averno/Mephisto/Olimpico

3. Black Warrior/Hijo del Lizmark/Toscano beat Rey Bucanero/Shocker/La Sombra

4. Blue Panther/Dos Caras Jr./Marco Corleone defeated Los Perros del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr./Mr. Aguila/Damian el Terrible)

5. CMLL Tag Titles: Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero beat Mistico & Negro Casas to win the titles.


11/30 – Centro de Convenciones de Ciudad Madero (TV taping = Guerra de


1. La Fuerza Aerea (Aero Star/Rey Cometa/Super Fly) vs. Cuervo/Escoria/Ozz

2. AAA Mixed Tag Titles: Oriental & Cinthia Moreno (c) vs. Billy Boy & Fabi

Apache vs. Gran y Mari Apache vs. Mr. Niebla & Ayako Hamada

3. 4 Way Extreme Dance for the AAA Tag Titles: Crazy Boy & Joe Lider (c) vs.

Charly Manson & Chessman vs. Jack Evans & Teddy Hart vs. Extreme Tiger &


4. Bull Terrier Match for the Mexican National Tag Titles: Octagon & La

Parka Jr. (c) w/Laredo Kid vs. Electroshock & Kenzo Suzuki w/Konnan

5. Steel Cage Match where the last man in will lose his hair: Alan

Stone/Intocable/Super Calo w/Chris Stone vs. Los Guaops VIP (Decnis/Scorpio

Jr./Zumbido w/Guapito

6. 3 Way Dance for the AAA World Heavyweight Title: El Mesias (c) vs.

Cibernetico vs. Zorro

For current Lucha Libre News, Results and Events:

Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance/Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling


MISSOURIST. LOUIS-Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance/Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling at the South BroadwayAthletic Club, St. Louis, MO:

Angel defeated Eric Brewer

Brandon Espinosa wrestled Dave Vaughn to a 15-minutetime-limit draw

Johnny Courageous pinned The BigTexan (w/ Waco) in a career vs. mask match

Gary Jackson won a triple threat falls-count-anywhere matchwith Heavyweight Champion Shaft and Jeremy Lightfootto win the title

Kahyman beat Waco (w/ The BigTexan) by DQ when Texan interfered

Jr. Heavyweight Champion A.J. Williams defeated Brian Scrilla

The Lumberjacks & Mr. Bibbs defeated Phil E. Blunt, Jerome Cody, & Tommy Knight.(11-03-07)

Minnesota Independent Wrestling


1. Matt Burns beat The Altarboy VS Matt Burns

2. The Main Attraction James Thomas beat Beautiful Bobby Jay.

3. Playboy Pete Huge pinned Mikey Miracle after a low blow

4. Mitch Paradise beat Zack Mercury.

5. MIW Heavyweight Champion Big Brody Hoofer retained his title pinning Irish Mickey McCoy .

6. #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match for a title shot at Hoofer's Championship belt. Pete Huge beat Matt Burns & James Thomas.

Mountain State Wrestling


11/4/2007 NWA MSW TV

Kris King DEF Zachary Shane

Ricky Shane DEF Tommy Hawk

Jason "The Gift" Kincaid DEF Billy Lit by DQ

Johnny Blast and El Diablo Jr. DEF War Machine and Derik Billings

10/28/2007 NWA MSW TV

War Machine and Derik Billings DEF Zachary Shane and Tommy Hawk

Sean O'Sullivan DEF J.C. Dykes Jr. by DQ

Johnny Blast and El Diablo Jr. DEF Billy Lit and "Raw Talent" Ricky Shane

Jason "The Gift" Kincaid DEF Kris King

10/21/2007    NWA MSW TV






November 9, 2007

Princeton Rec. Center, Princeton, WV

Belltime 7:30PM

November 10, 2007

Summers County Memorial Building, Hinton, WV

Belltime 7:30PM

November 16, 2007

Mount Hope Community Center, Mount Hope, WV

Belltime 7:30PM

November 17, 2007

Bud Pow Wow Center, Bud, WV

Belltime 7:30PM


North American Wrestling



We would like to thank the sold out crowd for attending "Autumn Ambush" in Milford, PA on Saturday October 27th.

4x4 pinned Brian Anthony

Doink the Clown & Talia beat The Masked Executioner #2 and Miss. Executioner in a mixed tag team match.

Ricky Landell pinned Josh Daniels

"Maniac" Michael Sane beat Kurt Adonis

Xavier pinned Jason Blade with a 450 splash through a table to retain the NEW Heavyweight Championship

Dynamic Sensation Gus Harlacher & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart beat Rob Eckos & Billy Baxx

"The Monster" Abyss pinned Romeo Roselli

"World Champion" Kurt Angle ankle locked "Maniac" Michael Sane

Jerry "The King" Lawler beat Julio Dinero w/ Miss Michelle


November 9th, 2007 - 7:30 PM

Memorial Auditorium

Fresno, California, USA

The Suburban Commandos vs. Joey Ryan & Karl Anderson

Ladder Match: Mike Hayashi vs. Sheik Khan Abadi

Markus Riot vs. Funnybone vs. Billy Blade vs. Frankie Kazarian

Best 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match: Rik Luxury vs. ???

Sir Samurai vs. The Stepfather

Mortis vs. Kenny The Pitbull

Virgil vs. Charles Mercury vs. Jardi Frantz

NWA Anarchy


The 10/28 WGW show at the Columbus Civic Center turned out to be a total scam. The promoter advertised Public Enemy and “Nature’s Boy” as appearing on the show. I was told that Ted Petty and Johnny Grunge were pictured in the television ads. In any case, the promoter got local businesses to sponsor the show to the tune of 10K. No show ever took place. Apparently, the scumbag put down a deposit on the building, ran some ads, and then left town with the rest of the money.


NWA Anarchy ran their bimonthly television taping at the NWA Arena in Cornelia Saturday night, drawing 200+ for the third consecutive show since Fright Night. I don’t believe that’s ever happened in the history of wrestling in Cornelia.

It was a decent show, heavy on storyline advancement and relatively light on the wrestling end. It wasn’t as good as the October tapings. That was a hell of a tough standard to maintain.

The highlight was an explosive segment involving Shadow Jackson and Nemesis, which produced the most heated confrontation since the Rejects/NWA Elite feud took off.

(1) World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) & Derrick Driver & Steven Walters beat Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix & Adam Roberts & Don Matthews) in 12:39. There was a lot to like about this match. Terrific heat. The crowd was going nuts for Delay. Roberts and Chase were at odds. It’s cool the way the members of Anger Alliance have carved out distinct roles. Chase and Roberts want to slit each other’s throats. Matthews plays peacemaker while Phoenix, the cold-blooded suplex machine, ignores the drama. Alliance did a lot more selling this time around. Rather than the usual opening where each babyface gets a chance to shine (and nobody stands out), Driver came across as the offensive star. He did a satellite headscissors on Chase followed by a kick up side the head for a near fall. Walters and Driver hit stereo enzuigiris and the heels collided. Driver hit a missile dropkick on Matthews for a near fall. Roberts poked Hawkins in the eyes to start the heat. As per usual, Chase was the glory hog. He added to his arsenal of pumphandle moves with a Blue Thunder Bomb variation. Roberts tagged himself in and hit a sky high powerbomb. Hawkins kicked out. Moments later, Hawkins hit the Extreme Makeover (Unprettier) on Roberts for the pin. The babyfaces pulled the heels off the apron (late – the only glitch in the entire match and it had to come on the finish) to prevent the save.

Postmatch, Anger Alliance gave the faces the beatdown. The ref crew made a show of force to get Alliance out of the ring. Chase was bitching about Roberts not being a team player. Matthews tried to shout Chase down.

On the WrestleVision, NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer and Greg Hunter were backstage. Palmer told Hunter he was sorry about what Hunter had to go through two weeks ago at the hands of Jeremy Vain and Rob Adonis. Palmer had a mind to suspend the lowly vermin, but Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) busted in. The Attraction said they were fighting champions, and told Palmer he was giving Vain and Adonis the easy way out. Palmer said have it your way, but you need to be the fighting attraction tonight.

(2) Talent & Money (J. T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) beat Regular Guys (Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith) in 3:59. Regular Guys were bland city in their Anarchy debut. They’re better in the ring than they showed here, and it’s back to the drawing board on the look. The do rag headbands ain’t it. I asked for a female opinion and was told their britches were up too high. Pendleton hit the “That’s Money” neckbreaker. Hill took the heat. Hill managed to fight his way out of the heel corner. The crowd was utterly silent for Smith’s hot tag. Talent pinned Hill after a double STO.

(3) Billy Buck pinned Todd Sexton at 3:36 after distraction by Wesley Grissom. Similar to Sexton’s match two weeks ago. The babyface wrestles him even, but lets his guard down for a split-second, and Sexton pounces. Buck rallied with a leg lariat for a near fall before Sexton took his face off with a kick. Sexton was distracted by Grissom’s presence at ringside. He turned around and ate a superkick for the 1-2-3.

(4) Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis beat Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) via DQ at 12:09 when Palmer pulled the ref out. Solid performances all the way around, especially Young and Adonis. Young showed more than he has a in a while. Adonis did well in his most high profile match since coming to Anarchy. Atttraction was successful in using their speed to offset the strength and size of Adonis. Young blitzed Adonis with strikes, dropkicked him from behind (for a face bump into the buckles), and dropped a Vader bomb elbow. Creed was on fire against Vain. Atttraction did an elevated legdrop combo on Vain for a near fall. Adonis caught Young with an overhead belly to belly suplex to make him the babyface-in-peril. Adonis used a spinebuster for a near fall. Young made some great comebacks building to a spinning enzuigiri. Attraction dispatched Adonis to the outside. Young hit a pescado on Adonis. Meanwhile, Vain blasted Creed with his title belt. Vain made the cover, but Palmer pulled referee Harold James out of the ring. James disqualified Awesome Attraction. Vain and Adonis celebrated victory. Palmer was beside himself.

(5) Jesse Emerson versus Chris King ended as a no contest in 2:32. It was more than a bit suspicious seeing these guys come out in the main event position. The crowd was about two minutes past caring when Nemesis hit the ring and flattened the gibronis. A lot of fans popped at the sight of Nemesis putting them out of their misery. Nemesis wanted to use the noose on Emerson. Referee Ken Wallace tried to stop him and got decked.

Shadow Jackson appeared on the ramp for the pop of the night. As Jackson advanced toward the ring, the dressing room emptied to keep the former partners apart. This got a long and very loud chant of “let them go.” This was as heated as anything this building has seen in quite a while. The great thing was the fans were itching to see UAS tear each other apart, and there was super intensity between them, but they never touched. The crowd chanted “Shadow, Shadow, Shadow.” Nemesis was using a piece of the trophy, the piece he jabbed into Jackson’s head four weeks ago, to ward off security. Nemesis got into a physical altercation with the big security dude as he was being ushered out the front door.

(6) Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers with Reverend Dan Wilson) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) in 6:51. The crowd treated Rejects as the babyfaces against the Brunettes. Wilson was wearing biker attire instead of the usual wizard robe. The leather look worked just fine. Alexander and Azrael opened with chain wrestling. That was a surprise. Azrael lit Matthews up with the two most devastating chops of the night. That was not a surprise. Azrael applied his pet cutthroat choke submission, and Tempers stomped the stuffing out of him. Alexander used hair gel to blind Tempers and give Brunettes the advantage. Brunettes appeared to have things going there way when Tempers hit the Temperpedic to incapacitate Alexander. Rejects went right to the Hellhammer on Matthews for the pin.

Backstage, Salvatore Rinauro was dispensing some veteran type advice to Wesley Grissom. Rinauro told Grissom he had the “bald retard” Sexton’s attention. Santorelli interrupted them to demand a rematch with Rinauro. They went back and forth until Rinauro said Santorelli could have a match with Grissom. An enraged Melissa Coates busted in on them. She accused Santorelli of being the secret admirer. “I’m going to kick asses and break hearts.” Coates marched into the next room where she found Anger Alliance. Coates asked Chase if he wanted a piece of her. Chase told her to be more specific. Coates stormed off. The camera cut to a close up of Matthews gazing at Coates’ assets. His facial expression was priceless.

(7) Melissa Coates pinned Aaron Lee in 2:15. The crowd was hating on Lee. After enduring his horrible entrance music (not Lee’s fault), all the crowd needed was one look at his pasty, Pillsbury dough boy body. If they wanted to turn Coates babyface, this was the way to do it, although I’m not sure that was the intended direction. Match was not good. For Coates’ ass kicking amazon gimmick to be effective, the guy needs to get off his feet for her offense and bump big. Lee did neither. At one point, Coates pulled out a Diamond Cutter. She once again used the Facelift as her finisher.

Tony Santorelli versus Wesley Grissom never happened. Sexton attacked Grissom before he ever made it into the ring. Santorelli offered to make it a two on one beatdown. They hit the X-Bomb and were setting up for another T-N-T trademark, the Spike Cradle Piledriver, when Rinauro dumped Santorelli and cleared the ring. The crowd popped for the visual of Rinauro and Grissom standing tall in the middle of the ring.

(8) Truitt Fields beat Patrick Bentley (with Reverend Wilson) to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Title in 7:55 with the help of Slim J. Ring announcer Eddie Rich called it the NWA World Television Title. With the syndication, NWA Anarchy TV probably does have the most television exposure in the NWA. This was a good match. Dueling chants with the guys for Bentley and the girls for Fields. It was Fields dominating with power early. He gave Bentley a hellacious powerbomb into the turnbuckles. Bentley came back with an impressive strength move of his own, hoisting Fields onto his shoulder and dropping him into a backbreaker.

Wilson said those steroids wouldn’t help Fields now. Bentley used a hammerlock/rope swing lariat. Bentley worked on the back of Fields. He tripped Fields and dropped an elbow to the back, but Fields kicked out at one. Fields dropped Bentley on his neck with a dangerous spinning power slam that was almost a Northern Lights Bomb. Fields launched his comeback with a sky high back drop for a near fall. Bentley answered with the spring action kick. While Bentley kept the ref occupied, Wilson was ready to nail Fields with the Staff of Righteousness. But J intervened at the last split second. Bentley got distracted and was a sitting duck for the Killing Fields.

Azrael and Tempers attacked. They were trying to set J up for the Hellhammer but Fields came to the rescue with a ring clearing save.

Mikal Judas versus Iceberg never happened. It was originally listed as the main event, but then changed to a “colossal collision” with no match specified. Jeff Lewis hit the ring and called out Kory Chavis. Attorney Jeff G. Bailey came out with Shatter. Bailey said this business with Lewis was getting tiresome. Bailey allowed that Lewis might still be delirious from the last time, but be that as it may, “The Universal Soldier” would give Lewis a beating. Lewis and Shatter started going at it. Bailey tripped up Lewis. Shatter gave Lewis two PTSDs to leave him laying. Enter Mikal Judas. He clotheslined Shatter out of the ring. Iceberg clubbed Judas from behind. Judas sent Iceberg through the ropes with the Kick of Death. Shatter then blindsided Judas with the title belt to leave him flat on his back. Shatter and Iceberg got up on the apron on opposite sides of the ring. Judas sat up. Shatter and Iceberg backed off from whence they came. The crowd popped as Judas made his way towards the front door. The triangular tension between the three monsters was captivating stuff. The deal where they enter and exit from three separate directions adds something. Still, it felt like something was missing without a match.


Anarchy returns to Cornelia on 11/17 with TNT (Tony & Todd) vs. Rinauro & Grissom,

Devils Rejects vs. Slim J & Fields, Iceberg vs. Judas, Vain & Adonis vs. Awesome Attraction, Shatter vs. Lewis, Anger Alliance vs. King & Buck & Emerson, Talent & Money vs. Walters & Driver, and the return of Chavis.

Bill and Jamie Dundee are booked for the 11/10 GWP show at Waleska Ballpark with a 2pm bell time.

Their were issues with the venue, so the 11/24 show in Jasper in off.

GWP announced two dates for Woodstock:

12/8 at the Cherokee County Rec Building and

The Hot Wheels Skate Center on 12/23.

NWA Midwest


NWA Pro brings their unique wrestling spectacle to Hammond, Indiana on Sat, November 10th. This will be the first wrestling event at the Hammond Civic Center in several years. Historically speaking, the building has a rich wrestling history dating back fifty years. We are excited to expose our "hybrid" style of wrestling to the Chicagoland market. Signed for the 10th...

Main Event - Demon's Revenge On Nicho Continues!

Blue Demon & L.A. Park (aka the Original La Parka) vs. Nicho (aka the Original Psicosis) & Super Parka

3 Way Dance:

Cassandro vs. Cobra II vs. Rocky Romero

NWA World Tag Titles:

Karl Anderson & Joey Ryan

(c) vs. Los Luchas

NWA World Title:

Adam Pearce (c) vs. "X-pac" Sean Waltman

Lucha Spectacular!

Misterioso & Magno vs. El Dandy & Incognito

NWA Midwest X-Division Title

"Special E" U-Gene Dinsmore vs. Jason Dukes(c)

Jay Ryan vs. The Metal Master

Skullkrusher vs. Tyler Black

NWA Quebec


Here are the NWA Quebec/Green Mountain Championship Wrestling Results from October 26th in St. Albans, Vermont:

Cory Baxster beat The Adams Boys & La Park III;

NWA Irish Champion Phil Boyd successfully defending his title against Justin White;

Dru Onyx defeated Paul Tracy for NWA British Commonwealth Hvy.Wt.Title;

NWA Canadian Tag Team Champions Trauma Unit defeated Hellraiser & Phil Boyd; Hybrid Rain defeated NWA Vermont Champion Mathieu St.Jacques;

Jeremy Powers defeated Shane Anderson.

Source: A1 Wrestling



Wayne Defeats Pharaoh, Unifies NWA North American & Virginia State Titles! RETRIBUTION set for Saturday at Ground Xero!

(King and Queen County, Va) What a successful night. Don't trust the words, though, check out the video! 

Results from King and Queen County Elementary School, King and Queen County, Va:

In front of a near capacity crowd the NWA brought another night of fantastic wrestling to the great fans of King and Queen County!

North American Tag Team Champions The Old School Empire defeated The River City Rogues by pinfall following a double piledriver.

Chris Escobar came out to DEMAND a title match against someone. Since his partner Rex Sterling was injured, he demanded to replace Jefferson Early in the Alpha Championship Ladder match. Escobar stated that Early hadn't earned the shot, but that HE had since he has been in the NWA for several years and hasn't received his share of title shots. Grail came out and accepted the challenge.

Mark Bravura defeated 'The Tank' Sid Thomas.

Newcomer Tiger Blue was the last man standing in a Gauntlet Match for a future shot at the Alpha Championship. Match started with Jefferson Early and Peter Spade. After 4 minutes, Tiger Blue entered the match. He survived several double teaming assaults and eliminated Early. Shorty Smalls then entered the ring, accompied by Kasey Carlisle. Tiger Blue then eliminated Peter Spade, and despite overwhelming odds, the fan favorite Tiger Blue eliminated Smalls. Before Blue was announced as the winner, Pharaoh entered the ring and utterly DESTROYED Blue, and then his manager Shiek Ali Akbar went on a rant about how Pharaoh was tired of Damien Wayne, the fans of King and Queen County, and everyone in general. Akbar then predicted that Pharaoh would once again walk out of King and Queen County Elementary School with a title belt strapped around his waist.

After intermission, the ladders were set up, and Grail and Escobar went at it. In what fans describe as a brutal match, Alpha Champion Grail defeated Chris Escobar! Grail locked in his version of the sharpshooter while on top of the ladders and was able to grab the Alpha Championship.

In the MAIN EVENT, North American Champion Damien Wayne defeated Virginia State Champion Pharaoh to unify the straps! Wayne went on to challenge World Champion Adam Pearce for a match in Saluda in February! Pharaoh spoke about how he was going to regain the glory of Championship gold and vowed to dismantle Grail!


NWA Line up for November 10 at Ground Xero Pro Wrestling School, 2305 Hungary Road, Richmond

North American and Va State Champion Damien Wayne battles Brandon Day

Alpha Champion Grail battles Pharaoh, with Shiek Ali Akbar

North American Tag Team Champions The Old School Empire battle The Geordie Bulldogs!

Mark Bravura battles Vulstag

7 foot MALICIOUS will make his NWA debut! Mike Vaughn will be in action! Mikkie McMasters and DP Holliday will clash and MORE!!

ALL of this for ONLY $10!



A hot crowd of easily over 250 packed the newly renovated Middletown, NJ VFW Hall on Friday night November 2nd as National Wrestling Superstars returned to the Bayshore area, heating up the chilly night with hot wrestling action.

J.D. Smooth & "Jumping" Joey Janella defeated Antonio Malave & Corrupted Youth. Janella was congratulated on his first victory in NWS. "America's Hero" The Patriot defeated "The Outlaw" Shane O'Brien. Dan Rageous defeated Mikey Pacifica, using a chair shot while the referee was knocked out, to win the NWS Cruiserweight Title. Commissioner Gino Moore could not reverse the referee's decision, but he announced a Hardcore Last Man Standing Match between Rageous and Pacifica in Long Branch on December 28th.

In the "Battle of the Bullies", The Baghdad Bullies (Saddam Insane & T.N.T) were scheduled to face The Bayshore Bullies (Corey Havoc & Michael Reigns), but Reigns had car trouble and didn't make the show. Three wrestlers, Nate Mustang, The Jersey Cowboy, and Beautiful Bobby (not Bobby Eaton) each came out to try and stand in for Reigns, but The Baghdad Bullies beat up each one and threw them out. Finally, The Patriot volunteered to be Havoc's partner, and the match was under way. The Patriot & Hovoc appeared to have the upper hand, but while the referee was distracted by Rocco Dorsey, The Psychedelic Sissies (Nicky Oceans & Ace Darling) & Julio Dinero attacked Corey Havoc, and T.N.T threw a fireball at Havoc and pinned him.

They were eventually chased away from the ring by Scotty Too Hotty. As the injured Havoc was helped out of the ring, Commissioner Moore announced that T.N.T would face Havoc one-on-one in Long Branch on December 28th.

In a non-title match, Rob Eckos & "G.Q." Mike Quest (formerly Gavin Quest) upset NWS Tag-Team Champions The Psychedelic Sissies (Nicky Oceans & Ace Darling) after The Patriot pushed Ace off the top rope and into a Rob Eckos superkick. Manager Rocco Dorsey demanded a rematch, and Commissioner Moore granted him one of sorts, announcing that the champs would have a non-title match against The Patriot & his partner, former ECW star The Blue Meanie, in Long Branch on December 28th. Rocco demanded a referee of his choosing, and chose Saddam Insane. Commissioner Moore said that due to Saddam's language barrier, he was appointing an extra enforcer, none other than WWE hall of famer The Iron Sheik.

In the main event, former WWE star Scotty Too Hotty defeated former ECW & TNA star Julio Dinero. Julio was sporting a black eye which he claimed was from a match with Scotty a week ago in another federation, and was looking for revenge. Julio's fiancee & manager Michelle attempted to throw powder into Scotty's face, but it backfired when Scotty kicked her hand and the powder went in her face instead. Scotty then bulldogged Julio and hit the Worm finisher, sending the crowd home happy.


NWS returns to action next weekend with two shows, Friday night November 9th at the Sayreville, NJ Knights of Columbus Hall, and Saturday night November 10th at the Ridgefield Park, NJ Knights of Columbus Hall.



Northern Wrestling Federation

Saturday, November 3, 2007

BoneKrushers National Pro Wrestling Training Center

Cincinnati, OH

Stewie Backlund & Tiny Tim defeated The Zodiacs (with Jac Attack).

Astonishing Aaron Williams defeated The Warlock.

Roger Ruffen claimed he was going to end Muldoon's career in Ft. Wright next Saturday.

Unified Champion Christopher Michael Lotus defeated Dr. Melvin Winkleman. After the match, Benjamin Kimera walked down into the entrance area, distracting Lotus, and allowing Winkleman to hit Lotus from behind. Melvin has yet to explain his recent actions!

Benjamin Kimera defeated The American Eagle & Austin Meddler in a Triple Threat match.

The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant defeated "Honest" Brett Michaels.

The Hippies (Pompano Joe & Jesse Hyde) defeated The Crybaby & T-Money (with InGe).

NWF Champion Ryan Stone defeated Danny "Monte" Montgomery in a non-title match.

Muldoon & The Buffalo Bad Boy Brian Jennings defeated Jarred West & Jon Moxley.


Saturday, November 10th

Ft. Wright, KY


8 PM Bell Time

Ryan Stone vs. Wildcat Chris Harris,

Jon Moxley vs. Buffalo Bad Boy Brian Jennings,

Muldoon vs. Roger Ruffen,

The Hippies vs. The Hayes Brothers,

The Thugs vs. Stewie Backlund & Tiny Tim,

Jarred West & The Zodiacs vs. Freaks & Geeks & Danny Montgomery,

Ice vs. Anthony Bryant,

Christopher Michael Lotus vs. Kimera, and more!

Advance Discount Tickets available at Disc ‘N Dat on Turfway Road in Florence for $8, $10 at the door. Doors open at 7, pre-show will begin prior to 8 PM.

Saturday, November 17th

Buford, OH

Community Center

8 PM Bell Time

Ryan Stone & Roger Ruffen vs. Stewie Backlund & Tiny Tim in a Buford Tornado Match,

a Ladies Match,

Christopher Michael Lotus vs. The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant, plus much more


Wednesday November 21st

Fairfield, OH

UAW Hall

8 PM Bell Time

Roger Ruffen vs. Wildcat Chris Harris,

Ryan Stone & Jon Moxley vs. Muldoon & The Buffalo Bad Boy Brian Jennings, and much more!

Advanced Discount tickets are available at Hooterville Sports Cards on Pleasant Avenue, event sponsored by the Fairfield-Lindewald Domino's and Rooster's Bar and Grill. Come to the official NWF Afterparty at Roosters immediately following the event!


Saturday, November 24th

Walton, KY

National Guard Armory

8 PM Bell Time

Buffalo Bad Boy Brian Jennings vs. Benjamin Kimera,

Ice vs. Jon Moxley in a Stretcher Match,

Sin D & The Hippies vs. InGe & The Thugs, and much more

Advance Discount Tickets at Disc 'N Dat on Turfway Road in Florence, KY

Saturday, December 1st

Cincinnati, OH

BoneKrushers National Pro Wrestling Training Center

8 PM Bell Time

Admission is $5, seating is limited.


Saturday, December 8th

Wilmington, OH

Clinton County Fairgrounds

8 PM Bell Time

The NWF Title on the line inside a steel cage . . . and 8 men will battle it out for the belt!

Advance Discount Tickets at Peterson & Daugherty Law Offices for $6, $8 at the door, $4 kids tickets

Check out or call (513) 588-4NWF for more information about all upcoming NWF events!

Northern Wrestling Federation

2616 Colerain Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45214

(513) 588-4NWF



November 24, 2007, Ohio National Guard Armory, Newark, Ohio

January 12, 2008, Hopewell School, Coshocton, Ohio

Feburary 16, 2008, Ohio National Guard Armory, Newark, Ohio

March 8, 2008, Hopewell School, Coshocton, Ohio

April 19, 2008, Ohio National Guard Armory, Newark, Ohio

May 10, 2008, Hopewell School, Coshocton, Ohi



Ohio Championship Wrestling 11/3 Ashland, KY results

Xcalibur defeated Ice

"Adorable" Danny Ray defeated Dark Shadow

*Womens Match

Sin-D defeated Nevaeh

*Special Attraction Match

JD Michaels defeated Damian Adams

*OCW Tag Team Title Match

(C) Maddox Bros. defeated Chris Michaels and Sergio w/Kari to retain the Tag Team Titles

*OCW Heavyweight Title Match

(C) "Sexy" Sean Casey w/Samantha defeated Apocolypse to retain the OCW Heavyweight Title


Ohio Championship Wrestling returns to Ashland, Kentucky on December 8, 2007 

PCW – Planet Championship Wrestling


PCW Pro Wrestling in Sarasota: Match Just Added and Line-Up of match  


Former Partners Collide, Grudge Match:

Kevin Sullivan vs King Haku

Planet Championship Wrestling presents:

"No Turning Back" Tour

Saturday, November 24th

Bell time: 7:00 PM, Doors open at: 6:00 PM

Robarts Arena

3000 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, Florida

Ringside: $25.00, General Admission: $20.00. We're also offering VIP


which get you into our event, plus our VIP lounge.

For more info: 941-580-1861


Main Event #1: PCW Heavyweight Title Match:

Apollo (champion) vs. "The Original" Brent Dail (challenger)

Main Event #2: Hardcore Match:

Sabu (former ECW champion) vs. Eddie Colon

Tag Team Match: Nasty Boys vs. Norman Smiley and Hack Myers

Special Challenge Match: Big Vito Vs Kip James

Grudge Match: Kevin Sullivan vs King Haku

Tag Team Match: Rico Suave and Hurricane Castillo Vs The Shane Twins managed by "Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi

Cuban Heavyweight Title Match:

Fidel Sierra "the Cuban Assassin" (champion) w/Fantasy Vs the Glamour Boy Shane (challenger)

Battle of the Giants: "Jungle" Jim Steel Vs Navy Seal

Ricky Santana Vs "Mr. Technical" Barry Horowitz

Hector Guerrero Vs "Superhero" Mark Zout

Ring Announcer: Shannon Rose

Also, check out the Planet Championship Wrestling Divas, Ms Tiffany,

Diamante, and The New Age Hollywood Ms Fluffy.

This is going to be a wrestling extravaganza you don't want to miss.

So remember bring you, your friends, and your family out to Robarts

Arena on November 24th

For more info and how to obtain tickets log onto or call our official PCW ticket

hotline at 941-580-1861

Get your tickets early!



We are now proud to announce that PTW is sponsored by The Squared Circle Wrestling store, who can be found at - for all your WWE, TNA, ECW needs; and much much more - visit the official website or the Ebay Store at; PTW dvd's and other PTW merchandise are also stocked!


For all your graphical needs, logo's, posters, website design, and much more; visit Coldchain Productions  can be emailed at for all enquries of a business nature.


PTW are happy to announce it has a deal with a professional photographer to take photos at our shows that are for sale afterwards. The website can be viewed at, and all action photo's from our shows can be bought from there! All photo's of shows are available on a cd, it's only £2 a cd for over 150 photos, and they can be ordered by emailing 


All you need to do, is search for "power trip wrestling" on, for an array of music videos and interview segments from past shows! 


Power Trip Wrestling present "Fearless", Sat 17th November, Stevenag

As the cold winter air comes through the window of the PTW Office, we lead into all the latest news and happenings here at Power Trip Wrestling...


As of today, the PTW Hardcore Title has been declared vacant. Due to recent events that were considered thoroughly unacceptable by PTW, former champion Jim Brooks has been stripped of the belt, and will also no longer be working for Power Trip Wrestling; effective immediately. PTW has no further comment on the matter, barring that there will be some kind of clarification on the status of the PTW Hardcore Title in the upcoming weeks and months.


On a positive note, PTW can announce that our next show will be our first outside of Luton. Saturday 17th November, will see us in Stevenage for the first time! Here's the matches that have been booked already, with the venue address and ticket prices below that!


Shabazz w/Peter Staniforth  vs  American All-Star w/Miss Vicky


Gangster (c)   vs   Spatch


G 'The Ghetto Superstar' & Geraden   vs   '3Some' (PTW Cruiserweight Champion) Dan Ryder & Danny Devine


Brian Braddock   vs   Frantastic


'Team Woo' Leon X & Jay Cool w/Peter Staniforth   vs   'Mean And Green' Anton Green & Maverick w/Mr Tenacious


'The Players Club' Rich N' Famous & Kyle Kraze!


Seb Drea!

Paul McSherry!

And more!


What :

Power Trip Wrestling - "Fearless"

When :

Saturday 17th November 2007.

Where :

Marriotts School, Telford Avenue, Stevenage, Herts, SG2 0AN.

Doors :

Doors Open : 7.00pm

Show Starts : 7.30pm

Tickets :

Adults £8, Children/OAP/Student £5, and Family of four £20


You can order/reserve tickets for PTW's next show on Saturday November 17th, right now by calling the PTW Box Office now on 07856 164285; or via email at 




Shock 'N' Awe - October 6, 2007

Charles Town, WV

Scotty McKeever (with Ken Doll) pinned Bill Bain

Tank Thomas defeated Mark Bravura

Bobby Shields and Kermon the German fought to a double disqualification

Tommy Hawk defeated Switchblade in a chain match

Brock Singleton & Zachary Shane (with Candie) defeated "The Solution" Scott

Fowler & Zubov in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

PCW Champion Jimmy Jannetty pinned Julio Dinero


Primal Conflict Wrestling returns to Charles Town, WV on December 1

Primal Conflict Wrestling returns to the Jefferson County Community Center in Charles Town, West Virginia on Saturday night, December 1 for "Christmas Chaos". Bell time is 7:30, with doors opening at 6:45 for autograph sessions with all your PCW favorites. The JCCC is located just minutes from Charles Town Races & Slots, so come early and make a day of it.

Primal Conflict Wrestling

"Christmas Chaos"

Saturday, December 1,2004

7:30 Bell time

6:45 Autograph Session

Jefferson County Community Center

at Sam Michael's Park

1516 Job Corps Road

Shenandoah Junction, WV (for MapQuest, GPS purposes)

In Action:

"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, one half of the legendary Midnight Express, has stated that he will be in action at "Christmas Chaos". But what are his intentions? Who is his target? We'll all find out on December 1.

PCW Champion Jimmy Jannetty has stated that his lawyers have ensured him that he "can defend the PCW Championship when and where I want and that I don't feel like defending it in Chuck Town, WV, but since it's the Holiday season, I'll be gracious enough to grace those hillbillies with the presence of PCW's very own Messiah". Is Jannetty holding the PCW Championship hostage and what clout does he have with PCW officials?

Matches signed:

"The Solution" Scott Fowler vs "Southern Hearthrob" Brad Thomas

Tommy Hawk vs Ramblin' Rich

Also in action: Brock Singleton, Zachary Shane (with Candie), "The Suntan Iceman" Tank Thomas, "Hillary Clinton's Favorite Wrestler" Mark Bravura, Bill Bain, and many more.

Ticket Info: Reserved ringside-$15; General Admission-$10

All tickets $5 More at the door

Advance tickets can be purchased at John's Sporting Goods, 602 N. Mildred St in Ranson, WV, or at Pit Stop Racing, located in the Fredericktowne Mall in Frederick, MD.

You may also reserve tickets by e-mailing




Aaron Eagle beat Nobe Bryant by disqualification

J.T. LaMotta beat Diamond Dave,

Robert Evans and Jiggle-O James Johnson in a Four Post Massacre Match to become the new PCW Cruiserweight ChampionShadow beat Apocalypse

Brett Idol beat Wally Darkmon in a Save The Knockout Match to become the new PCW Television Champion Action

Jackson beat Mike Foxx in a TLC Match to become the new PCW Heavyweight Champion


The card was taped for the forthcoming TLC series "Rough House". Kim Bussey and the PCW Knockouts greeted the crowd and then brought out Ring Announcer Travis Baxter, who introduced TV commentators Kody Kox and Rob Moore.


"SUCCESS STORY IN THE MAKING" AARON EAGLE beat "The REAL DEAL" NOBE BRYANT by disqualification when Bryant hit Eagle in the knee with the ring bell hammer. After the match, Bryant continued to work over Eagle's knee, putting him in a hanging Figure Four Leglock around the ringpost. Eagle needed help getting to the back.PCW Owners Thomas & Chris Bussey, assistant Steven Bussey and Brett Idol came out. The Busseys introduced former WWE Diva Search contestant Jessica Hatch. The Busseys then got in Jessica's face and demanded obnoxiously that she should respect them and do whatever they tell her to do. Jessica would have none of that, though, and she slapped Chris. Thomas grabbed her from behind, but, before the Busseys could do anything to her, Action Jackson ran out and chased the Busseys off. Jackson promised to win the PCW World Heavyweight Title later in the Fight-Win-Survive finals. Jackson and Jessica then left together.


"The MIND OF WRESTLING" J.T. LaMOTTA beat "DYNAMIC" DIAMOND DAVE, "The ESSENCE OF EXCELLENCE" ROBERT EVANS and "HUNK FOR HIRE" JIGGLE-O JAMES JOHNSON to win the vacant belt--Each wrestler had a flag posted at each of the four ringposts. Every time a wrestler executed a successful top rope maneuver, his flag would be taken down from that post, and the first wrestler to have all four of his flags pulled would win. This ensured lots of high flying from all four men as the flags came down one by one. The end came with LaMotta climbing to the top turnbuckle for a move against Evans, and Johnson shoved LaMotta off the top. On the way down, LaMotta managed to hit the Blockbuster on Evans, eliminating LaMotta's fourth flag and getting him the win and the belt.Mike Foxx, with Claudia and Katie Angel by his side, came out and said Action Jackson chokes under pressure, and Foxx will be the new PCW World Heavyweight Champion later in the night.

SHADOW beat APOCALYPSE of the DARK CIRCLE--Apocalypse came out by himself, but it wasn't long before partners Tim Storm and Franco D'Angelo came out and interfered at every opportunity. Shadow had enough of that and hit a slingshot plancha on all four Dark Circle members. Thomas and Chris Bussey came out to attack Shadow, but the big man slammed their heads together. Apocalypse got back in the ring and went for the End Of Days (Death Valley Driver), but Shadow slammed him and then, shockingly, went to the top rope and executed a Swanton, nailing Apoc and scoring the 1-2-3.

At the beginning of intermission, Travis Baxter gave recognition to a visiting legend and 2005 PCW Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Killer Karl Kox.


BRETT IDOL beat WALLY DARKMON to win the vacant belt

Two of the PCW Knockouts, one in a blue Fight-Win-Survive T-shirt and the other in a red T-shirt, were cuffed to one ringpost each with zip ties, and a pair of pliers was hidden in one of the turnbuckles. To win the match and the belt, a wrestler had to find the pliers and then cut the ties holding his team's Knockout. It took some time before Idol finally found the pliers, but Darkmon prevented him from going out and releasing the Knockout in red. Darkmon got possession of the pliers, but, when he went to release the blue-shirted Knockout, she slapped his face. Just as he grabbed her, Idol attacked Darkmon, and, when both men were back in the ring, Idol took a running start and jabbed Darkmon in the head with the pliers. Idol then freed the red-shirted Knockout, ending the match. He cut the blue-shirted Knockout loose, and the Busseys came out and carried Idol around the ring on their shoulders as both girls followed the group around.



Foxx, who brought a tire iron to the ring, was accompanied by Claudia and Katie Angel, and Jackson was accompanied by Jessica Hatch, but the women all left ringside as the match got underway. Tables, ladders and chairs were all legal as weapons. Foxx went after Jackson's heavily taped, oft-injured right arm, sandwiching it in a steel chair and slamming a large weight plate onto it. Foxx also drove the wedge end of the tire iron into Jackson's arm. Jackson tried coming back, but his right-handed punches only accented his pain. Foxx bridged a table from the ring to the railing and put Jackson on it, but the table collapsed under the "Texas Legend's" weight. Foxx set up another table inside a corner of the ring, threw Jackson back in, and went to spear him through the table. Jackson put a foot up, stopping Foxx with a kick to the face. Claudia and Katie came back out, and, with Foxx woozy in front of the table and Jackson preparing to charge in, Claudia climbed into the ring and pushed Foxx out of the way. Unfortunately for her, she was right in the path of the onrushing Jackson, who speared Claudia through the table! As ring crew carried Claudia to the back, Katie got in the ring and low-blowed Jackson from behind. As Katie went out to the apron, Jessica ran out and yanked her to the floor, and the two women fought like wildcats all the way up the ramp and to the back. In the ring, Foxx hit Jackson's own Big Booyah (Rock Bottom) on A.J., but the "Texas Legend" kicked out. Jackson retaliated with Foxx's own M.F.'er (RKO), but Foxx kicked out. Finally, Jackson hit the Booyah ... and another Booyah ... and covered Foxx. Three seconds later, PCW finally had a new World Heavyweight Champion, and it was a very emotional moment for the 20+ year veteran. As Katie came back out to help Foxx to the back, Wally Darkmon, Robert Evans, James Johnson and Jessica came out to congratulate Jackson, who dedicated the match to his late mother, whom he said was looking down from above. Fans were on their feet as they shared in Jackson's victory.


PCW Full Throttle's next card will be held Saturday, November 10 at PCW Arena.

The next major card will be Heroes II Legends on Saturday, November 17. PCW Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented to "Sweet Brown Sugar" Skip Young and, posthumously, Bronko Lubich, who will be represented by members of his family.

Visit for more information about PCW, including upcoming shows, bios, photos, columns, Match of the Week and Move of the Week videos, and merchandise, including DVD's and VHS tapes of past PCW shows, including major show DVD's and videos featuring nationally known talent that have either passed through PCW or been part of the PCW talent roster, including some who are currently with either WWE or TNA. DVD's of PCW's weekly television show are available at the arena and through PCW's website.

Submitted by ROB MOORE, The Voice of PCWThe voice of PCW  My MySpace site 



TV Taping, Feasterville, PA, November 17, 2007

TV Taping, Feasterville, PA, December 15, 2007

TV Taping, Feasterville, PA, December 29, 2007



Pure Wrestling Association

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Bakers Street Bar

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

 “Welcome Back” Results

Rip Impact defeated El Militar De Paz by pinfall.

Paul Wright defeated Nick Paradise by pinfall.

Notorious TID defeated Rees Reynolds by submission.

GT Dynamite defeated Rico Montana by pinfall to retain the Pure Violence Title.

Lak Siddartha defeated Joey Allen, David Ducker & Twitch Wood in a fatal 4-way. The match ended when Siddartha pinned Wood.

Eddie Osbourne tried to get Steve Corino to wrestle Father Blob, but Corino refused. Osbourne then revealed that he was joking.

Steve Corino defeated Eddie Osbourne by disqualification. Osbourne was disqualified because Ricky Reyes interfered. After the match, Reyes & Osbourne assaulted Corino until Reggie Marley made the save.

Steve Corino & Reggie Marley defeated Eddie Osbourne & Ricky Reyes. The match ended when Marley pinned Osbourne. After the match, Father Blob splashed Osbourne multiple times. &

RCW-Revolutionary Championship Wrestling



Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 11/4/07

Many fans are calling last night's Uncivil War....."BLACK SATURDAY". Almost all of RCW's fan favorites were destroyed in some capacity last night. From the grueling 8-Man Uncivil Wargames match to the Battle Royal and beyond. The action was fierce and brutal and the Jackson fans were hot on their feet to witness Revolutionary Championship Wrestling. Here's the rundown of what happened:


Announcer David Lanning brought out the new RCW Commissioner, Exotic E. Even though Exotic E has been playing by the rules as of late, the RCW fans clearly do not like nor trust the new Commissioner. Exotic E brought out the participants in the 8-man Uncivil Wargames match and stated that he had an idea for a match to give one team the draw advantage for the night. Ace Gigolo would take on Chris Smith in a 1-on-1 match. The winner's team would then get the advantage on the draw for match later. All other members for both teams were ordered to the back.

Ace Gigolo defeated "Livewire" Chris Smith after Trik Nasty started to come to ringside distracting both the referee and the Commissioner allowing Gigolo to grab his "flex-stick" and use it on Smith thus getting the 3 count. After the match IOU attacked Smith and then Tank and the American Idol came to his rescue. Exotic E ordered the fighting to stop.

Mastermind and Ricochet confronted Onyx. Onyx sent the rest of IOU to the back saying that he would take care of the situation. Mastermind wanted to know what was up with Onyx. Was he still a member of the Army of Darkness or IOU. Ricochet was angry over the situation. Onyx hit Ricochet from behind and left him laying in the ring. Mastermind said that he was sick and tired of teams walking out on him so he was hereby quitting RCW. Mastermind walked out. Tyson Rogers, Ranger Bob, And Wes Cannon came to the ring for Tyson's match against Ricochet.

Tyson Rogers defeated Ricochet after a powerslam. Ricochet's ribs were previously injured by Onyx and Tyson capitalized. The crowd let Tyson know their thought as they covered Rogers and The WOMD in toilet paper.

An impromptu Triple Threat Match was up next. The crowd was told of the awful news regarding Chuck Chronic which will cover more in depth this week. Nikki Tyler was not in attendance due to his father being in a life threatening car crash. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both Chuck Chronic and Nikki Tyler. The Triple Threat match would be The Juggulator VS Wes Cannon VS Matt Taylor with Ms. McKenzie. Taylor put up a good fight as it seemed the odds were stacked against him at times. Juggulator came out on top in this contest getting the pin on Taylor.

The Battle Royal to determine one of the people in the #1 contenders match at FC5 took place next. Exotic E said that after much investigation into the Loony-Gate situation....he believed that Mike Horton had an accomplice. That person would be entered into the Battle Royal even though this person is not a wrestler. That person was Hollie Wood. To everyone's surprise Hollie Wood did put up a good fight in the Battle Royal but in the end it came down to Tyson Rogers and his opponent earlier in the night Ricochet. Ricochet took a scary fall to the outside allowing Tyson Rogers to pick up the win and enter the #1 contenders match at FC5. Ricochet was tended to my EMTs and later cleared.

Flash Fury and Judas Thorn stole the show with an exciting match that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Fury was also accompanied by a lovely lady whose name has not yet been identified. Fury came out on top in the match via DQ when the Juggulator interfered.

The UNCIVIL WARGAMES match was a brutal contest that saw both teams in a bloody mess. The order of the draw was: 1.Tank Runyon 2.C.O. Hustler 3.Ace Gigolo 4.Onyx 5. Randy Allen 6.Trik Nasty 7.Chris Smith 8.Dirk Extreme IOU (Nasty, Gigolo, Onyx, & Hustler) got the pin over Tank after they handcuffed the other members of the opposing team allowing a 4 on 1 assault.


What will happen this Saturday in Otway?????? Don't miss Final Countdown this Saturday, November 10th in Otway, OH. For more info....see below.


November 10th, 2007

Old Otway School

6864 Main St.

Otway, OH

Show time: 7:30pm

Admission: $8 Presale or $10 at the door

Kids 4 and under Free



December 1st, 2007

Elk's City Lodge

Portsmouth, OH

Show time: 7:30pm

Admission: $10 Presale $12 at the Door


Kids 4 and under Free



11/2 Philadelphia, PA results:

Nigel McGuinness defends title;

Misawa, KENTA, Marifuji, and Morishima draw packed house for main event

by Bob Magee

Ring Of Honor returned last night to Philadelphia before a packed crowd at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory. Both bleachers were opened for the show.


Alex Payne defeated Kyle Durdin by pinfall with a fisherman suplex.

Shane Hagadorn defeated Rhett Titus holding the ropes on a sunset flip reversal. Lots of blown spots in this one.

Main Show

Kevin Steen and El Generico defeated Brent Albright and BJ Whitmer with a Swanton Bomb on Whitmer. Hangmen 3 hit the ring for a post-match beatdown.

Claudio Castagnoli defeated Hallowicked with a European Uppercut. We saw the first of Larry Sweeney for the night, as he did his superagent shtick, "offering to buy out Claudio's contract" so he can go to WWE "like Matt Sydal" but Castagnol blows him off.

Davey Richards defeated Delirious via submission.

Jay and Mark Briscoe defeated No Remorse Corps (Roderick Strong and Rocky Romero) to retain their Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles after a springboard doomsday on Roderick Strong for the pinfall.

The Age Of The Fall jumped The Briscoes post-match, followed by a Vulture Squad save, which led into...

The Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black and The Necro Butcher with Lacey) defeats The Vulture Squad (Jack Evans, Ruckus, and Jigsaw with Julius Smokes) in a great match with Jimmy Jacobs locking Jigsaw in the guillotine choke for the submission.

Then began the post-match massive cluster#$@, begun by The Age Of The Fall who jumped The Briscoes post-match; followed by brawling by No Remorse Corps, Briscoes, Delirious, Hangmen 3, Kevin Steen and El Generico, and Daizee Haze, followed with a series of ringdives that had the crowd going nuts into intermission; featured by Necrobutcher doing a senton, and The Vulture Squad doing simultaneous ringdives on three sides of the ring.

A thought: it's increasingly obvious with this match that no matter the booking or promotion, that Necrobutcher won't be treated as a heel in Philadelphia even if he barbecues an infant mid-ring.

Intermission featured LOTS of merchandise sales and an autograph session with the Japanese contingent.

Post-intermission, Eddie Osiris defeats Mitch Franklin vs for the Top of the Class Trophy

In a tremendous match, Austin Aries defeats Bryan Danielson to win the best of 3 #1 contenders series with a 450 splash. If you want an illustration of why wrestling just by itself can get over, watch a match like this.

Ring announcer Bobby Cruise then comes out to announce the main event with great buildup, actually starting to introduce the match, and is interrupted by "Superagent" Larry Sweeney. Sweeney says since Chris Hero won the Survival of the Fittest in Las Vegas, he is entitled to a Ring of Honor title shot "anytime he wants it" ..and he wants it NOW, even with Nigel McGuinness's injured bicep.

As it turns out, this match became a great play by Gabe Sapolsky who seems to delight in confounding people who assume they can figure out what's going to happen next. People in the crowd started assuming that McGuinness's bicep was injured worse than they'd heard and that the belt was being taken off of McGuinness.

In what had to be an incredibly hard match to work, Nigel McGuinness defeated Chris Hero to retain his Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title. A Dusty finish with Hero winitially winning the match by submission, but post-pinfall the referee saw that McGuinness had his foot on the ropes and the match was restarted. McGuinness then somehow throws a lariat, followed by an armbar, followed by a Hero submission.

Global Honored Crown Heavyweight Champion Mitsuharu Misawa and KENTA and Takeshi Morishima and Naomichi Marufuji ended in a 30 minute time limit draw.

Misawa looked every bit of his age and wear from his classic matches over the years, and was (to be honest) methodical, not doing that much (somehow I think the crowd would have come unglued if he's pulled out a elbow suicida), but it was enough for the Philadelphia crowd to see him. KENTA and Marufuji tore down the house as you'd expect during their exchanges.


Ring Of Honor returns to Philadelphia on March 15, 2008.



SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES News for 11.02.07

Courtesy of the SHIMMER Yahoo Group 


- SHIMMER t-shirt sale ends tomorrow!

- updates!

- Fan Questionnaire at the Forums!

- 190 North segment now on the web!

- Thousands of 10/13 photos at!

- SHIMMER in the PWI 500!


The big SHIMMER t-shirt sale ends tomorrow, Saturday, 11/3, at 12pm Central. Until then, you can pick up the new SHIMMER logo t-shirt for just $5 (yes, only five bucks!) plus shipping ($5 in the U.S. & Canada, or $8 elsewhere in the world). After the sale ends, the t-shirt price goes back up to $10 each, so take advantage of this offer and get 50% off shirts while you have the opportunity! All of the details can be found at the link below.  

To check out images of the shirts, visit the following image links... 


VIP Members Area Opens

We’re happy to announce that our VIP Members Area has completed it’s beta phase and is going strong. Here is how it works…

- Click the Join Now link below and select a VIP package. Four unique packages are available.

#1 - Male vs. Male (men’s matches only)

#2 - Female vs. Female (female matches only)

#3- Inter-gender (mixed male/female matches only)

#4- All Matches (combination of all matches).

-Check your email for login information and access the VIP Members area.

-Download the “Match of the Day” and save to your computer for viewing anytime.

-Return daily, new matches are released each day at noon.

Special pricing to celebrate the launch is only $19.99 a month. This is a $300 value as you get a match every day of the month. Sign up now and let us know your thoughts!

Click the link below to join...  

ClickWrestle Video Share Enters Beta

Now that the VIP section has gond live, our next project is ready to enter beta testing. ClickWrestle Video Share is a community of wrestling fans sharing their favorite video clips and highlights. This site allows fans to upload their favorite (non-copyritten) videos and share with the world. Already, some great videos have been uploaded, including never-before seen footage of Cheerleader Melissa and Taylor from MTV’s Tough Enough as they hang out in Japan with the girls from ARSION.

Drop by ClickWrestle Video Share and post your favorite clips! 


With over 2,100 members of The SHIMMER Forums, we've posted a Fan Questionnaire over there to learn more about each of our fans, and get some feedback from each of you concerning SHIMMER's first two years of operation (next week will be our 2nd anniversary)! Take a few minutes and fill out your responses to the Fan Questionnaire in the following thread at The SHIMMER Forums... 


The SHIMMER feature on WLS-TV ABC 7's "190 North" program which aired on 10/28 in Chicago is available to view on the "190 North" web site. Check out the video at... 


Photographer Walter Lippmann has posted literally thousands of ringside photos taken at the 10/13 SHIMMER tapings in Berwyn, IL! They are now up at the brand new web site. Check 'em out!

Post your thoughts about Wally's shots from 10/13 in the following thread at The SHIMMER Forums... 


Over 30 of ringside photographer Buddy LaMantia's shots from the 10/13 SHIMMER tapings in Berwyn, IL are now available to view online at The SHIMMER Forums. Check out these brand new photos and share your thoughts in the following thread... 

Additionally, several new shots from 10/13 taken by posed photographer Jill McKee can also be viewed at The SHIMMER Forums... 


Pro Wrestling Illustrated devoted six pages of this year's edition of the PWI 500 issue of the magazine to profiling SHIMMER! The article, written by Bill Meltzer, is an introduction to what SHIMMER is all about to fans who may not be aware of us yet. Several of photographer George Tahinos's shots from the June 1st & 2nd weekend of tapings will appear along with the article's text.

You can read the text of the article on PWI's web site, at the following link... 

We couldn't have hoped to be included in a higher profile edition of PWI than the 500. A big thank you to everyone at Pro Wrestling Illustrated for helping spread the word about SHIMMER to wrestling fans everywhere!


Nykk of The SHIMMER Forums put together a brand new SHIMMER intro video, which debuted on the video screen on 10/13 for the live crowd before the taping kicked off in Berwyn. You can check it out online at the following locations...

High Quality: 

Low Quality: 


The tenth DVD release from SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES is now available for immediate worldwide shipping from It is a Region 0 DVD, which means it will play anywhere in the world.

Featured on the Volume 10 DVD is a main event of Sara Del Rey taking on Nikki Roxx, in Nikki's first ever SHIMMER main event matchup! Plus Daizee Haze tries to use her quickness to battle the size and power of Amazing Kong, Cheerleader Melissa takes on Lacey, the UK's "Jezebel" Eden Black battles Canada's Tiana Ringer, and much more!

The DVD artwork can be viewed here... 


Item# SH010


1. Portia Perez vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel

2. Alexa Thatcher vs. Rain vs. Malia Hosaka vs. Josie

3. Allison Danger vs. Cindy Rogers

4. Lexie Fyfe vs. Serena Deeb

5. Amber O'Neal vs. MsChif (w/ Daffney)

6. Tiana Ringer vs. Eden Black

7. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Lacey

8. Daizee Haze vs. Amazing Kong

9. Sara Del Rey vs. Nikki Roxx


Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Click the link below to order. 


The ninth release from SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES is available for immediate worldwide shipping from This DVD features the much talked about match between MsChif and Amazing Kong! Plus, Cheerleader Melissa and Sara Del Rey square off in the other half of the double main event!


Item# SH009


1. Rain vs. Eden Black

2. Ariel vs. Alexa Thatcher

3. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Allison Danger & Cindy Rogers

4. Portia Perez vs. Josie

5. Daizee Haze vs. Amber O'Neal

6. Tiana Ringer vs. Nikki Roxx

7. Lacey vs. Serena Deeb

8. MsChif vs. Amazing Kong

9. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sara Del Rey


Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

SALE! $14.95

Click the link below to order. 

Call the SHIMMER Hotline!


Call the RINGSIDE REPORT Hotline!



Visit the RING OF HONOR web site! 

Watch SHIMMER matches online! 

Visit the SHIMMER web site!



Ultimate Christian Wrestling results on October 27, 2007, in Canton, Ga before 270 fans: Rick Steiner b Jeremy Vain,

Brian Lawler & Billy Jack b War Daddy & Mad Dog,

Bruce Biggins b Damien Synn,

Truitt Fields b Big Bank Barfield,

Jeremy Vain & Colt Derringer b Rob Adonis & Glacier,

Enigma b Alexander Phoenix,

Dustin Powers b Justin dirt in a ladder match


NOVEMBER, SATURDAY the 10th 8:00 p.m. Free Admission Canton National Guard Armory

DECEMBER, SATURDAY the 8th 8:00 p.m. Free Admission Canton National Guard Armory

JANUARY, SATURDAY the 12th 8:00 p.m. Free Admission Canton National Guard Armory

FEBRUARY, SATURDAY the 23rd 8:00 p.m. Free Admission Canton National Guard Armory

MARCH, SATURDAY the 8th 8:00 p.m. Free Admission Canton National Guard Armory

APRIL, SATURDAY the 12th 8:00 p.m. Free Admission Canton National Guard Armory

MAY, SATURDAY the 10th 8:00 p.m. Free Admission Canton National Guard Armory



The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS presented the third of its monthly events in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this past Saturday night with "CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 2K7". The show featured the 8-man tournament to crown the new UNION Heavyweight champion. Here are the results...




RICKY REYES defeated JOSH ALEXANDER by submission



STEVE CORINO defeated PEPPER PARKS by ref stoppage






STEVE CORINO is the new UNION Heavyweight champion. After a long night and 3 grueling matches, "The King of Old School" caught "The Fabulous One" with not one, but two massive lariats to score the pinfall victory and the title. The celebration didn't last very long, however, thanks to SEBASTIAN DARK.

Dark, one of the founding members of BloodDeathSexMagic, was accompanied by CHASE, the BDSM's valet. At the beginning of the show, Dark had claimed he had been personally sent to Toronto by the injured STERLING JAMES KEENAN to take Keenan's spot in the tournament. Sebastian was reminded that he was denied entry into the tournament because he had lost a qualifying match in October to McChesney and Keenan spot in the tournament was given to highly-touted newcomer JOSH ALEXANDER.

Dark and Chase returned to the ring at the end of the night and Dark issued a challenge to Corino for a title shot. Corino launched into a fire-and-brimstone sermon about wanting to build the integrity and prestige of the Union Heavyweight title and how it was his responsibility "to keep the title away from scumbags" like Sebastian Dark. Dark agreed to leave peacefully but when the lovely young Chase distracted Corino by starting to remove her top, Dark attacked Corino from behind.

Dark covered Corino's head with a plastic bag in an attempt to suffocate and do serious injury to the new champion. In all it took almost a dozen wrestlers, referees and officials to free Corino and get Dark out of the ring. Screaming "Am I worthy of a title shot now, big man?", Dark was hauled out of the building. Several long, scary minutes later, Corino was helped back to his feet and he demanded that his title defense on Saturday December 15th be against Sebastian Dark.


Hatred and jealousy boiled over at last night's CE2K7 show, when Steve Corino won the UNION Heavyweight title only to be attacked by Sebastian Dark. Now, these two men will face each other one-on-one with championship gold on the line.


The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS returns to Royal Canadian Legion Hall #101 in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday December 15th for "END OF DAYS", our year-ending event. Doors open at 630pm. Bell time is 7pm.

Already scheduled to appear at END OF DAYS:

"Havana Pitbull" RICKY REYES




"The High Risk Hero" RIP IMPACT and members of the JONES OMNISPORT CORPORATION

More big names and more big matches will be announced in the next few weeks.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW in person at the Legion Hall and online via the "UNION SHOP" at  The Legion Hall is located at 3850 Lake Shore Blvd West, midway between Dixie Road and Brown's Line and directly adjacent to both the Long Branch GO station and the TTC's Long Branch Loop. The event is open to ALL AGES, but for those 19 and older, the Legion Hall includes a FULLY LICENSED BAR. Fans are reminded to bring valid ID and encouraged to use public transit if they plan to purchase alcohol.

The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS is an exciting new wrestling promotion based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Union features a diverse mix of homegrown talent (including Eddie Osbourne, Rip Impact and The All-Knighters) and international stars (including Steve Corino, Sterling James Keenan and Ricky Reyes). UIPW maintains partnerships with promotions in Canada and around the world. For more information about THE UNION, please visit our official website at 



November 30th, 2007 - 7:30 PM

Greensville County High School

Emporia, Virginia, USA

Samoa Joe vs. Joey Matthews

Team Macktion vs. Bull Buchanan & David Young

Sonjay Dutt vs. Elix Skipper

Gail Kim & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Jake Manning & Daffney

Eric Young vs. Joey Silvia

Ruckus vs. Caleb Konley vs. Charlie Dreamer

Also appearing will be D-Lo Brown & Abyss!



VPW Returns To

Long Island On

Saturday Night

December 1, 2007

VPW Presents:

Pro Wrestling Live

7:30pm Bell Time

7:00pm Doors Open

V.F.W. Post 4927

31 Horseblock Road

Centereach, NY 11720

Tel. 631-585-7390

Advance tickets are available at V.F.W. Post 4927 and at the VPW Wrestling School in Deer Park, Long Island



World Class Extreme Wrestling

"WAR in Wadesboro"

Saturday November 3rd, 2007

Harvest Ministries Outreach Center

Wadesboro North Carolina

* The Show Kicked off with Stephen B Esquire III coming out with "Money Clip" Members Juang Lo and Buddy Langley. Esquire Challenged anyone in the back to fight 1/2 of the Osaka Assassins and the challenge was met by none other than WCEW Heavyweight Champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel (who had words with WCEW Commissioner Richie Blaisdell before entering he ring) as after a hard fought contest, successfully defended his WCEW Title...

* Kid Evil came out and said after last month's embarassment where "The Dark Secret" tried to hand Hangtime to Aaron Devil "on a silver platter" and he turned his back on them and helped Hangtime, that he now wanted a piece of the Devil.

Aaron Devil came out a house of fire and got a quick win over The Kid he brought in the business. After the match DZ Hyde and Scrapyard Dog hit the ring and looked like there would be a 3 on 1 attack on Devil until Hangtime hit the ring with a steel chair to even the odds. Hangtime appologized to Devil for their disagreement last show and then told "The Dark Secret" that in the main event, Secret or not they were going down....

* Tyron Knox and Tito Rain defeated NEW "Money Clip" members The Bravado Brothers w/Stephen B Esquire III...

* Team Florida Member Jon Davis came out, said he bought Tracy Gilbert's spot in the Extreme Title Tournament so he could take the Title back to Florida where it belongs, BUT he fell short as "The Hardcore Hero" Dick Foley eliminated Davis to advance to the Semi-Finals of the Tournament...

* Commissioner Blaisdell then came to the ring to acknowledge a former WCEW Heavyweight Champion, Hardcore Champion and Former WCEW Commissioner Robert "The Big Law Man" Sheryl in the building (Sheryl, a Anson Co. Deputy was patroling the area and had stopped by to say hello to some friends), Blaisdell then got Law Man to come to the ring but then began insulting the Former Commissioner and telling him he was the NEW Man in Charge and asking Law Man just what was his reasons for being there. Law Man responded knocking Blaisdell to the mat and telling him next month he will find out just what his intentions are...

* "The One and Only" Tracy Gilbert w/Esquire and Buddy Langley Defeated "The Diamond" KC McKnight with the help of a blind Ref and assistance from Esquire and Langley, FANS I'm sure KC will be looking for revenge down the road...

* Team Florida's Johnny Vandal w/"The Bad Boy" Keith Blonde Defeated Chaotic Chris by submission to a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!, after the match Johnny and Blonde continued to beat down Chris until Tommy Vandal made the save...

* In a Loser Leaves WCEW Match, Tommy Vandal Defeated "The Bad Boy" Keith Blonde after a superkick, then another to D1PW Ref Chuck which lead to WCEW Ref Peanut Parker coming out and using Ref Chuck's hand to make the 1-2-3....

* In The Main Event, "The Dark Secret" Kid Evil, ScrapYard Dog and DZ Hyde Defeated Team Hangtime (Hangtime, Shaq Knox and Cowboy Cletus) in a NO DQ Match... (Around the 6 Minute mark, SYD Caught Cletus with a nasty shot to the head with his chain which busted The Cowboy opening leaving him unable to continue causing the match to go to a 2 on 3. Shaq Knox also took a beating until he finally got a tag to Hangtime who came in like a tornado and eventually took out Hyde, Evil, Ref Parker and his own partner Shaq on the floor with a HUGE over the top rope leap. Back in the ring, Hangtime and Scrap both collided leaving everyone in the match down.

Aaron Devil then ran out to the ring, Fans assuming to aid his friend Hangtime. Devil hooked SYD with the Devil's End, but then pushed SYD to the side and hooked Hangtime with the Devil's End and flattened his former friend, allowing SYD to get the pin when Ref Chad rushed to the ring to take Parker's place. Devil then stood over Hangtime and said there was no more "Dark Secret" and that the new "Messiah" Aaron Devil has given WCEW just a taste of "Bad Religion".

The locker room then emptied (Tyron Knox, Dick Foley, Tito Rain, and Tommy Vandal) and all HELL broke loose. Tito Rain and SYD came to blows and had to be separated. Dick Foley got on the mic and expressed his feelings on "The Messiah", Tommy Vandal said he had enough and lead the troops to fight "The Messiah" and his "Bad Religion" co-horts to the locker room...


- WCEW Heavyweight Champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel defeated Juang Lo w/Esquire and Langley...

- Aaron Devil Defeated Kid Evil with the "Devil's End"...

- Tyron Knox and Tito Rain Defeated The Bravado Brothers w/Esquire...

- Dick Foley Defeated Team Florida's Jon Davis to advance into the Semi Finals of the Extreme Title Tournament...

- Tracy Gilbert w/Esquire and Langley Defeated KC McKnight...

- Team Florida's Johnny Vandal w/Keith Blonde Defeated Chaotic Chris with a Figure 4 Leg lock...

- In a Loser Leaves WCEW Match, Tommy Vandal Defeated Keith Blonde...

- "The Dark Secret" Kid Evil, ScrapYard Dog and DZ Hyde Defeated Team Hangtime (Hangtime, Shaq Knox and Cletus Bass)...


Next Events are December 8th in Wadesboro NC

December 9th in Darlington SC

WCEW's "Holiday SmackDown" Weekend




WXW’s 2007 Elite 8 Women’s Tournament is Saturday night, November 10th in Coplay, PA…details at, and anticipation is already at an all-time high. This year’s tournament will be the most competitive ever, thanks to “Selection Captains” MERCEDES MARTINEZ and ALICIA…not to mention wrestling’s ORIGINAL diva, SUNNY! Here’s how it all shakes out…

This year, WXW officials have appointed former Elite 8 winners Alicia and Mercedes Martinez as “Selection Captains”, allowing them each four picks to make up the eight-woman tournament.

Alicia, ever the “Diva”, has chosen four of the hottest women in wrestling, including:




The popular JANA

Martinez, meanwhile, has selected four hard-nosed, down-and-dirty athletes who want to prove that determination and work ethic can beat out beauty…they include:

“The Definition of Technician” CINDY ROGERS

The Wild Samoan Training Center’s powerhouse MONIQUE


The freaky DISCHORD

While each woman will be competing for personal glory, all eight will also be fighting to answer this age-old question: who IS better, wrestlers or diva’s?

If that wasn’t enough, WXW has appointed one of the hottest, most popular women in wrestling as the special guest official for the finals of the tournament…SUNNY! Known as the original diva, will she play favorites or call it right down the middle? We will all find out together on November 10th!

Plus, WXW Women’s Champion KACEE KARLISLE will defend her title…but against who??? Could history be made on November 10th in Coplay?

As an added bonus, International Pro Wrestler/Fitness Expert ERICA PORTER will join us at the Elite 8. Porter will be appearing in support of her book, “Eat That Monkey: Now Is The Time To Change Your Life!”

Both ringside and theatre-style seating will be available for this historic evening of women's action, so make your plans now to join us in Coplay, PA on Saturday night, November 10th for the Elite 8!

XWA Wrestling



Recently The Visitor newspaper in Morecambe broke the devastating news that due to council cutbacks, men in suits are set to meet to decide the future of The Morecambe Dome and that it will be demolished at some point in the next few years. The only question is, when?

The Dome could close at the end of 2008 - after all, the XWA has dates booked in until the end of next year. Or it could receive a stay of execution for a good few years to come. Or at the very worst case scenario, the council may decide to close it down at the end of this year, meaning Saturday November 24 2007 could very well be the last time the XWA is able to hold a live wrestling event at one of the British scene's best and most historic venues.

With the future uncertain, the XWA has pulled out all the stops to make sure that on Saturday November 24 we will host one of the strongest cards The Morecambe Dome has ever seen  - just in case it turns out to truly be the Last Fight At The Prom.


Zak Zodiac made an open challenge last week for anyone to face him at XWA Last Fight At The Prom - but surely the masked teenager couldn't have predicted the identity of the man who has accepted his offer.

Because returning to the XWA on Saturday November 24 at The Dome, for his first appearance in Morecambe since 2004, will be one of British wrestling's biggest names and most talented, hard-hitting performers, and Zak Zodiac's elder brother - The Zebra Kid!

The Zebra Kid is a former All-England Champion - in fact he lost that very title to former ECW star Chris Hamrick in one of the greatest matches ever seen at The Morecambe Dome in April 2003 - who has recently signed to make his return to Morecambe and the XWA. His last appearance at The Dome came in June 2004 when he battled 'The Anarchist' Doug Williams and James Tighe in a three-way match for the British Heavyweight Title. So this guy has pedigree, and Zak Zodiac - who knows ZK only too well - surely won't be happy at having to share a ring with him. But the cocky youngster made his bed, and now he'll have to lie in it!

The Zebra Kid v Zak Zodiac has been added to the card for Last Fight At The Prom which is shaping up to be one of the strongest and most exciting line-ups of all-time at The Morecambe Dome, including:

THE MAIN EVENT - for the British Heavyweight Championship

'The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm v 'The Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere

Storm returns to The Dome for his first title defence of the championship he fought for so long to attain against the Battle of Britain tournament winner who has been on an absolute roll in 2007, and claims he will round off the Year of Phere by lifting the biggest prize of them all. Jonny has had some amazing nights in The Dome over the years - it's the place where his FWA career was nearly ended when he lost to James Tighe in May 2004, and it's where he captured the British Heavyweight Title from Robbie Brookside earlier this year. As for Phere, The Dome is where he made his FWA debut against WWE star Paul Burchill in 2004, and where he has gone on an unstoppable winning streak in 2007. Saturday November 24 will see the established star take on the insanely hungry up-and-comer for the biggest prize of all, and something has got to give!


Sam Slam and 'The Pukka 1' Darren Burridge v

'Mr Deal or No Deal' Stevie Knight and 'Rowdy' Ricky Knight

As both Sam Slam and Darren Burridge have scores to settle with the loathed egomaniac Stevie Knight and his namesake The Rowdy One, the only solution is to put all four of them in the ring together. Expect the heat to be intense in The Dome as Burridge and Slam form an unlikely team hell-bent on revenge!

MEXICAN STREETFIGHT for the British Flyweight Championship

'The Bombay Dream' Ross Jordan v 'The UK Luchador' El Ligero

El Ligero has his best chance yet of a fair shot at the conniving 'Crown Prince of Bollywood' in this wild anything-goes, No DQ environment and the masked Mexican's speciality match. Can Jordan escape with the title once again or this time, will Ligero prove he truly has 'The Bombay Dream's number?


'Dangerous' Damon Leigh v Simon Valour

Damon Leigh is back in the XWA with a new bad attitude and claims he will dominate the new

Best of the North West Division. His victory in the division's debut on September 30 saw DDL steal Si Valour's moment of glory, leading to a one-on-one bout where we hope to find out who truly is the best.


The Manchester Massive v ?

A mystery team has challenged Declan O'Connor and Joey Hayes - who have actually been winning matches of late. But who will it turn out to be?


'The Bombay Dream' invites all XWA fans to experience an evening of culture in Morecambe and the launch party for his latest Bollywood blockbuster, 'Bend It Like Jordan'.


Could this be the last time we see the Biggest Cult Experience in British Wrestling in the place where it all started?

XWA Last Fight At The Prom 2007 is on Saturday, November 24 at The Dome, Marine Road Central, Morecambe, Lancs. Doors 7pm, bell time 7.30pm. Tickets £15 for ringside, £10 adults, £8 children, £32 for a family. Box office number, 01524 58280