TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

November 5, 2007

by Sassy


TNA has cancelled shows scheduled for Tel Aviv, Israel on November 15 and 17, 2007.  No word yet on the actual reason for the cancellation, however, we have heard that ticket sales were not impressive.

No news on whether or not the Mexico tour is still a go.

Injury Updates

Judas Mesias is obviously expected back at TNA by December. His photo, along with Aybss and Black Reign, graces the Turning Point Pay Per View poster. Turning Point is December 2, 2007 and will be held in Orlando, FL. Mesias is still working with AAA in Mexico (as El Mesias) but is not active in the ring since his tumble from a ladder in the AAA ring in September. He is scheduled for a match on November 30, 2007 with AAA: Three Way Match for the AAA World Heavyweight Title: El Mesias, current champion, versus Cibernetico versus Zorro.

We reported on last week’s Bytes that Sonjay Dutt had suffered an in ring injury while filming for TNA’s new game. No word on whether he is still having problems.

We reported on last week’s Bytes that Kurt had injured his neck in a match with Sting.  That injury did not, however, affect Kurt’s jaw.

About The Turning Point Poster

“A silent night massacre is about to unfold and evil will be unleashed! An un-holy reckoning is upon us. Prepare yourself as TNA Wrestling presents Turning Point Live! Sunday December 2nd on Pay per View.”

Kinda gives you goose bumps all over, doesn’t it? I’m just picturing the carnage in a match with the three monsters on this poster.

If you have not seen the new poster, you can view it here:

Junior Fatu Goes Missing

The rumor is that Fatu wanted more money than TNA was willing to pay him for his work. We don’t know if he actually had a contract or if he was still working without one when he left.

Leticia Cline Gone

Cline requested her release from TNA and received it. She will release a statement shortly regarding the release. She will be able to work elsewhere most likely after 30 days. Her profile and photos have been removed from TNA’s official site.

And The Release We Have All Been Waiting For is reporting that Adam "Pacman" Jones is done with TNA. His contract expired at Bound for Glory, and TNA opted not to renew his deal. is also reporting that Jones was apparently uncooperative about doing media locally for the show, which got people in TNA upset, since he was earning so much per shot (rumored to be around $25,000 per appearance). On a per match basis, Jones was the highest paid guy in the company.

And TNA couldn’t pay Junior Fatu to stick around?

Awesome Kong Is In

Kong’s profile has been added to TNA’s roster at

A lot of people including Samoa Joe, Senshi, Mike Tenay and writer Dutch Mantell pushed hard to bring in Awesome/Amazing Kong for a long-term deal. Source: It is probable that Samoa Joe and Senshi saw Kong wrestling in Japan.  I believe she used the name Amazing Kong at that time. I understand she also worked for Shimmer wrestling.

Carter Wants Sting

And is willing to pay to get him. The latest rumor has Sting making $500,000.00 a year doing strictly PPV and iMPACT tapings if he signs with TNA for another year. Has anyone started a betting pool on this rumor yet?

Scott Hall Makes an iMPACT!

On last Thursday’s iMPACT Kevin Nash promised that Scott Hall would be on the show next week.  Kevin Nash was not joking. Scott Hall was at the most recent TNA tapings and we found the photos to prove it! You can see the photos here:

Don’t forget to click on the complete gallery underneath the photo. I know Scott is wearing baggy clothing but he looks good. I can’t wait to see him in action.

Joey Mercury and Johnny Swinger Not Signed

TNA hasn't made a decision yet on hiring Joey Matthews aka Joey Mercury and Johnny Swinger. They haven't been used since the pay-per-view a few weeks ago. Management wasn't particularly impressed with their work at the pay-per-view. Matthews' chances of getting hired appear to be low because he was let go by WWE over drug issues, but it probably depends as much if they have a storyline for him. Source: Rajah.

Jim Cornette Married

Cornette was married on last week to his long time girlfriend, Stacy. Best wishes to the couple. Rumor has it Matt Morgan will be stepping in to fill Cornette’s shoes while he is on his honeymoon. 

Tomko Likes Japan

Tomko is pushing for the January 4 Tokyo Dome show to feature a TNA television taping. TNA wrestlers are already scheduled to appear at the New Japan Pro Wrestling show. Source: Tomko does hold one half of the tag team championship title in Japan at this time.

Rumors About iMPACT Tapings


Facts About New Faces

Rumors were out that Booker T and Scott Hall were both at the iMPACT tapings on October 30, 2007.  We understand that the report on Booker T was false, but Scott Hall was there. 

It is being reported that Scott Hall made an on camera appearance with Kevin Nash (please see above Scott Hall report) at the latest iMPACT tapings.  That taping will air November 8, 2007. Hall said he was not Sting’s mystery partner.

It is further noted that unless plans change, Booker T is scheduled to be Sting’s mystery partner at the Genesis Pay Per View this month. Source:

Dutch Mantell Issues

Dutch is said to be negative about the fact that nobody knows who the heels are and who the faces are in TNA. In the past, Vince Russo has said that faces and heels are passe. Source: Dutch worked in Puerto Rico at one time and I believe the faces and heels are important issues in Puerto Rican and Mexican wrestling. Dutch may be right.  There does seem to be a problem with good guys versus bad guys in TNA.

Kurt Angle Likes To Talk

TNA finally allowed Kurt to do his first interview since his run in with the law on a DUI charge.

TNA World champion Kurt Angle was interviewed this week and spoke about the identity of Sting's mystery partner at TNA Genesis.

Angle said that TNA just signed a new superstar and he'll debut at the Genesis PPV. Angle said this superstar will definitely help TNA's star power and the ratings.

"You can probably make the guess. Who left WWE and who's available at this time."

Angle went on to repeat the hint given by Don West on - that the superstar has been a World champion in all major promotions. He said the mystery partner is one of the best all around wrestlers in the world overall with acting, promos, wrestling and athleticism. Source: Rajah.

iMPACT Ratings

Last week’s iMPACT rating was 1.1. The prior week was a 1.0.

Raven is SO Raven

Raven filed a notice of opposition over TNA Wrestling’s registration of the 'RAVEN' trademark, in October last year. Almost a year later, in September, TNA sent an answer responding to claims that Raven issued in his opposition. TNA wants the judge to dismiss Raven’s notice and allow them to register the trademark.

My take: Didn’t TNA have issues with WWE slapping a trademark on the Dudley Boys name? Raven has been Raven for as long as I have been watching him in the ring. He was Raven in ECW and WWE.  He IS Raven and TNA should not be allowed to “steal” his ring name.

Genesis Pay Per View Lineup

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash vs. Sting and a Mystery Partner

Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode accompanied by Ms. Brooks

Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machineguns

TNA Knockout Championship

Gail Kim vs. Roxxi Laveaux vs. ODB vs. Angel Williams

Shop Of Horrors

Abyss vs. Black Reign

After watching this week’s iMPACT and having Abyss find the “key” that Black Reign was keeping in his little black box, I wonder if Judas Mesias may be making an earlier return than we anticipated.

Not Necessarily TNA News

Lex Luger &

A Statement From Lex Luger To His Fans Around The World

"First, I want everyone to know that I truly appreciate all of the prayers & support. People ask me at the hospital, How are your spirits so good? I tell them because I have Jesus Christ in my life. The doctors are absolutely puzzled on how this happened, and if it is going to be permanent. They did see inflamation in the x-ray around a disk near the spinal cord."

"I want everyone to continue to pray that God's will be carried out through this time. If God's plan for me is to be a paraplegic, then I am seriously happy with that. God is in control, and since he is the creator, and I am the creature, then why should I question His decisions?"

"Finally, I want you all to know that life is fragile, and we need not to take it for granted. Life is a Gift from God, and we must live everyday for him dude. Think about this for a minute, if you drive a Ford (or any car) and you put water in the gas tank, what's going to happen? You will ruin the car. When Ford designed that car, they designed it to work properly only if you put gas in the engine. It's the same with life! God made us & designed us, so if we don't fill ourselves with Christ, then our lives are not going to go the way they were designed to. That's why their is so many problems in our world. We are not filling ourselves with the one thing that makes us operate the way we designed to. Well, that's enough preaching. Thank you so much for the prayers & the continued support."

"If you have any questions or you would like help support in anyway, please call my manager, Graham "Tony" Tchividjian, at (877) Lex-Luger or (954) 675-0552. Graham happens to be the Rev. Billy Graham's grandson, and he has an agency in Pompano Beach, FL called GT Agency, LLC (official website: He loves the Lord, and his main priority is finding ways to win people to Christ, not money."

"I am going to tell everyone that they need to read Proverbs 3,4 & 6. That is why I am in such great spirits. Love you all."




Current TNA Events

TNA: Year One and No Surrender 2007 will be released on DVD on November 20, 2007.

Due to the holidays TNA will taping 3 days in a row at Universal Studios in December on

the 3rd, 4th and 5th. Source: Pro Wrestling Fans. has announced that the Final Resolution PPV on January 6, 2008 will take place in Orlando, FL. There had been reports that the event would be held outside in Orlando in possibly Ohio or Virginia but those reports proved false.

TNA has signed a deal with rapper "Brickman Raw" and his music will be featured on upcoming events as well as the Bound for Glory 07 DVD. The Bound for Glory 07 DVD will be released January 15, 2008.

 For all news, roster information and events, visit TNA's official website:

Current TNA Talent Events

The weekend of October 27, 2007, some of TNA Wrestling's top stars appeared on a wrestling card in Japan. A huge crowd of over 14,000 fans packed the  Budokan arena to see Japanese legend Mitsuharu Misawa successfully defended his title against Samoa Joe. Misawa beat Joe after 17 minutes with an elbow smash to the back of the head. Also on that card, recently signed TNA star D-Lo Brown & his tag partner, former WWE star, Buchanan lost their tag titles in their first defense against the team of Naomichi Marufuji & Takashi Sugiura. Source: Rajah.

Judas Mesias, wrestling as El Mesias, is scheduled for a match on November 30, 2007 with AAA: Centro de Convenciones de Ciudad Madero (TV taping = Guerra de

Titanes) - Three Way Match for the AAA World Heavyweight Title: El Mesias, current champion, versus Cibernetico versus Zorro. I can’t get AAA wrestling in my area and have to depend on matches taped and posted at to see how TNA’s Judas Mesias is doing. For Lucha Libre results, including AAA matches, see this site’s Indy News Bytes every week.

The TNA Fan Fest the day before Bound For Glory drew between 400 and 500 people. The best selling shirt at the Fan Fest was the Motor City Machine Guns shirt. Source: Rajah. Nice push for Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin – especially since their shirts outsold Team 3D shirts.

Former ECW diva Shelly Martinez (who was recently working in TNA as the female member of the Latino Nation) was eliminated over the weekend from FOX Reality's "Search for the Next Elvira." A panel of judges decided that the former diva did have strong enough acting skills in a funeral scene. The same episode featured Martinez shopping for lingerie. Source:

A DVD release titled "The Notorious Jewel De'Nyle & Shelly Martinez" is scheduled to be released in January 2008. It is a "Bettie Page-like" fetish film featuring the former WWE Diva. Source:

NOTE: When TNA talent makes appearances in Independent Promotions, you will find them in the Indy News Bytes Section. All efforts are made to highlight the names of your TNA favorites in the Indy Section.








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