November 1, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

iMPACT is being broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on Spike TV.

Recap of the loss of the TNA Championship by Sting to Kurt Angle and Jim Cornette’s decision to create a Championship match with Sting and Kevin Nash versus Sting and a partner Sting says he will be choosing at the Genesis Pay Per View. Kevin Nash got involved in Sting’s loss of the title.

Welcome to the iMPACT Zone!

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interviews: Crystal Loutham

Backstage interrogator: Jeremy Borash (JB)

Ring Valet: So Cal Val

The TNA World Tag Team Titles are on the line tonight. AJ Styles and Tomko, the current tag team champions go up against Homicide and Hernandez of the Latin American Exchange. We will also have two semi final matches in the Fight for the Right Tournament.  Kaz versus James Storm is one of the scheduled matches.  Don West informs the audience that for unknown reasons Junior Fatu will not be here tonight in the other semi final match. TNA management will decide Christian Cage’s opponent in that match.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring with his new title belt. Tenay reminds us about the match that will take place on November 11, 2007 at the Genesis pay per view  for the title belt. Tenay reminds us that Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle are not getting along. The crowd has a problem listening to Angle and drown him out with “Angle Sucks!” chants. Oh, I almost forgot – Kurt brought the Mrs. along to the ring with him. Kurt is doing what he does best which is bitching about the match he is going to have at Genesis. Since Kurt didn’t listen to the first chant the audience brought up, they begin “We Want Nash!” chants, which, unfortunately for the viewing audience, Kurt ignores. Kurt is also complaining that he doesn’t know who Sting’s partner will be at Genesis.  The crowd begins the “Angle Sucks!” chants again.  Will Kurt catch on to the fact the crowd doesn’t really want to hear him? 

Kurt’s response is to insult the crowd, but then we see Sting at the top of the entrance ramp. The audience is now screaming for Sting and Kurt really has to yell to be heard over them. Kurt is telling Sting that he will know by the end of the night who Sting’s mystery partner is.

Sting makes fun of Kurt’s phys ed degree. Then Sting gives Kurt a clue about who his partner is going to be. Sting says that he is a champion’s champion, that he has been a champion in WWE and in WCW and he doesn’t like Kurt. Wow, that narrows it down a little, doesn’t it Sting? Is your partner one of tonight's audience members? Down the other entrance ramp, Kevin Nash enters.

Nash tells Kurt he is a jackass and the audience agrees. Nash tells Kurt not to worry about Sting’s partner…he should worry about who his own partner is. Kurt says he is tired of running from Nash and that he can take him.  Kurt tells him not to sing it, but to bring it. Nash heads toward the ring. The audience is thrilled. Kurt bails out almost as quickly as his Mrs. does, but he backs into Sting who turns him around and nails him with a series of fists. Sting sends Kurt back into Nash in the ring and Nash takes his turn. Nash and Sting play ping-pong with Kurt in the ring before Kurt manages to bail out. Nash and Sting are separated by security in the ring.

Tenay tells us that there will be an interview with Kevin Nash tonight. We are again reminded about the three big matches scheduled for tonight.

Fight for the Right

Semi Final Contestants

James Storm


Christian Cage

Junior Fatu – who is not here tonight.

Semi Final Match, Fight for the Right

Cowboy James Storm from Tennessee

accompanied to the ring by The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore


Kaz from Anaheim, CA

Storm defeated Showtime Eric Young last week and Kaz defeated Lance Hoyt last week. Please don’t make me choose between these two wrestlers.  I like them both. I like Storm in the ring, in front of the mic and in the bars. I like Kaz in the ring – I haven't seen him much in front of the mic and I've never seen him in the bars.

The match opens with Storm going after Kaz before the bell. Kaz tosses Storm out on the floor and then takes a nice dive over the top rope to take him down to the floor again. Kaz tosses Storm back into the ring and Jackie manages to distract Kaz giving Storm time to get to his feet. Storm hits Kaz with a boot before he can get into the ring and then Storm gets Kaz with a DDT. Storm then nails Kaz with the eye of the storm and goes for the cover. Storm gets a two count. Storm nails Kaz in the head with a nice high kick. He tries again for a cover and gets another two count. Storm then takes Kaz down with a high knee, goes for a pin again and gets a one count. The audience appears to be pro Kaz but Kaz is getting a real beat down by Storm. Or maybe Kaz was just playing possum.  Storm gets caught when Kaz goes over him holding the top ropes, gets a roll up and a three count.  That was a really nice roll up, too.

Kaz wins the match and continues in the Fight for the Right tournament.

I am impressed that Kaz came back with such a quick maneuver to take out Storm. I am hoping Kaz works his way into the top position for that title shot. He deserves it. Better luck next time Storm.

The match is over, Storm and Jackie are in the ring. Showtime Eric Young enters the ring with a six-pack of beer and offers Storm a beer. Storm chugalugs the first beer and picks up a second with the audience right behind him. Storm hands Eric a beer and Eric chugalugs that beer. Storm takes another and does the same. Eric gets another one and does the same. Miss Jackie swore and it was bleeped out. Each of the men picks up a beer and they chug those. Does this mean the two are now friends?

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for The Instant Classic Christian Cage DVD that was recently released.

JB, Kurt and his Mrs. are backstage and Kurt is smoking a cigar. I guess Kurt thinks he is now a master interrogator – or something like that. Can we get back to ring action?

Crystal is with Kevin for an interview that was done earlier in the day. Crystal asks Kevin what his relationship is with Kurt Angle. Nash tells her that there is no relationship and that Nash wants the title and he has as good a chance as Kurt to win that championship match. Nash says that by the end of this evening, he will know who the third player is at Genesis.

Team 3D, Brother Ray and Brother Devon enter the arena and the ring. We get some “3D Sucks” from the audience before Ray insults Sabin and Shelley’s Moms and then starts in on the X Division players. Are we gonna talk or wrestle boys? I guess we are not going to wrestle. Ray is now insulting the audience. The Motor City Machineguns, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, come to the hop of the entrance ramp.  Shelley decides to insult Team 3D for a little while. Shelley says we are always hearing about what Team 3D hates.  Shelley said he bets Team 3D hates low carb diets, exercise, and one thing that Shelley knows they hate the X Division and the X Division hates Team 3D. Shelley calls Team 3D bullies and they are going to show Team 3D how The Motor City Machineguns and the X Division handle bullies. Shelley tells Sabin to put up his hand. Shelly tells Ray that Sabin’s hand “does not just represent Michigan, that hand doesn’t just represent Detroit –you fat pig – this is the hand of vengeance, this is the hand that is going to bleep slap the taste out of your mouth”. Devon tells them to smack this and that as far as Devon is concerned it is over and finished and they are going to end this tonight. They are going to end this the way that Team 3D normally does it. Ray tells Devon to get the tables, but when Devon looks under the ring, there are no tables. Sabin tells Team 3D they won’t find any Twinkies under the ring and The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and other X Division members come out to the entrance ramp carrying the tables. Ray wants his tables back, but Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt and The Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams attack Team 3D from behind. Ray manages to get off his belt when the rest of the X Division decide to enter the ring and take out Team 3D. Team 3D bail out of the ring before Petey Williams can use Ray’s belt on Team 3D. The Motor City Machineguns, made in Detroit, will face Team 3D at the Genesis Pay Per View. Are they crazy? Maybe they plan to have some back up...

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Kurt is interrogating The Black Machismo Jay Lethal.  We have a lot of time left for this stuff, folks. Lethal tells Kurt it will be The Ultimate Warrior, oh, he meant the Ultimate Warrior instead of Sting. Then Lethal tells Kurt the mystery partner will be Wahoo McDaniel. Okay, folks, end of interrogation. This one, anyway.

Crystal is backstage with Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave and Christy Hemme. Christy has a match tonight with Awesome Kong. Christy tells Lance that Rave is coming between her and Lance. Rave tells her she should concentrate on her match tonight.

Awesome Kong

6’1” weighing 272 3/8 lbs., residing in Tokyo, Japan


Christy Hemme from Los Angeles, CA

accompanied to the ring by Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave

Why is Kong the only woman brave enough to have her weight announced over the airwaves?

I can’t really call this a match.  If you recall the last pay per view, Kong did a number on Christy during that match. I’m not sure Lance or Rave would have any luck in trying to beat Awesome Kong. Christy didn’t learn anything from the last time in the ring with Kong. Kong again treats Christy like a soft pretzel. Sit down power bomb, count of three and the winner is Awesome Kong. I don’t see Lance and Rave diving in the ring to rescue Christy from Kong. They do manage to pull her out before we see Kong with the picture she has been carrying around of Gail Kim.

Crystal is backstage by Sting’s locker room. Eric Young is listening at the door. Eric says he just heard Sting say who it is and he whispers in Crystal’s ear. Eric says they can’t tell anybody else.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, here we go again. Kurt and JB are interrogating Robert Roode. Roode tells Kurt that he can teach him a lot about how to handle women. Roode asks where Kurt’s wife is.  Kurt says that she said she was taking care of business. Roode says she is out doing something she shouldn’t. Roode tells Kurt he is the boss and should act like one. I didn’t see mu ch interrogation there.

Crystal is backstage with Dustin Rhodes who seems to have slipped out of his Black Reign persona at least for the moment. Dustin says he said he would not be responsible for the actions of Black Reign. Dustin says he is scared of what will happen.  In comes Abyss to take out Dustin Rhodes, sending Dustin through a wall and proceeds to beat him with whatever he can find. Abyss picks up Black Reign’s black box and slams it over Dustin’s head.  Inside the box, there is a key. Abyss picks up the key and then throws it down.


Kurt is interrogating Wildcat Chris Harris. Wildcat lays into Kurt about all of the Angle family airtime. Kurt tells Wildcat he is supposed to be interrogating him, not the other way around.  Good boy, Wildcat, go get ‘em!

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, here we go again, Kurt is interrogating Kip and BG James accompanied by Roxxi Laveaux. There for a second I thought we were going to luck out and Kip was going to break Kurt’s jaw. BG decides to psychoanalyze Kurt. Bad idea, BG. Now Kurt is crying.

Crystal is backstage with Christian Cage. Crystal says that Christian obviously showed up ready to compete in a Semi Finals match tonight but Junior Fatu, Christian’s opponent, did not show up. Christian thinks he should be able to continue in the Fight for the Right tournament since his opponent didn’t show up tonight. Christian wants to know whose idea it was to do this to him, if it was Jim Cornette or Matt Morgan.  If it was Matt, Christian is going to slap him, or better yet, he’s going to have Tomko do it. Then Christian wants to know where Tomko and AJ are.

Nash is around the corner on the phone. Crystal decides to listen in on the conversation. I’m not sure what the conversation was actually about.

Mixed Tag Team Match

Robert Roode from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY


Miss Brooks, Robert Roode’s CFO


Gail Kim from Tampa, FL

Current TNA Knockout Champion


The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe from American Samoa

Gail Kim is always my favorite – sorry Miss Brooks and Samoa Joe beats out Robert Roode every time. I’m still in shock that Joe is not in line for that championship belt. I’m putting my money on Gail and Joe in this match. I don’t think Roode could ever take out Joe.

Roode sends Miss Brooks into the ring but only to draw Joe’s attention and Roode attempts to attack Joe from behind. Not a good idea, Roode.  Joe was wise to the move and Roode ends up on the floor. Roode’s Number One Fan is in the audience again with her Pro Roode sign. The audience is very much pro Joe in this match. Miss Brooks gets tagged in and Joe tags in Gail. Roode has spent most of his in ring time out on the floor trying to get away from Joe. Good luck with that, Roode.  Brooks is good in the ring, but not as good as Gail.  Roode does expend a lot of energy telling Brooks how to work in the ring. Brooks goes for a cover but doesn’t get the three count. Roode manages to run off at the mouth long enough to distract Brooks and Gail gets a breather allowing her to take advantage of Brooks. Gail manages several of her famous high off the ropes and into the air moves. Roode avoids tagging Brooks but Roode doesn’t want to be tagged in.  Joe brings Roode in over the top rope and proceeds to do what Joe does best. Kicks Roode’s backside all over the ring. Joe locks in the rear naked choke. Brooks ends up in the ring to cheer on Joe taking out Roode, but Joe gets up and tags in Gail. Joe sends Roode out of the ring and then does a suicide dive between the ropes,sending  Roode to the floor. Gail manages a nice roll up and gets the three count.

Winners of the match are Gail Kim and Samoa Joe.

Roode grabs a mic and goes into the ring to chew out Brooks before insulting the audience. Roode begs Brooks to quit. Gail comes into the ring and slams Roode in the back.  She takes the mic away and tells off Roode. Gail slaps Roode in the face. Roode goes after Gail and Joe runs back into the ring to stop Roode from harming Gail. Roode runs into the crowd and Joe goes after him and we go to


Back from commercial break, we see Joe with a bloody face and there is blood on the camera lens as Joe goes back after Roode. Security has hit the ring area. We see what happens during the commercial break – which is Roode’s Number One Fan trying to get involved in the fight in the audience and being removed from the building before Roode sends Joe into the steel steps hence the blood all over Joe. Security is trying to break up the battle but security can’t seem to keep them separated. Joe. West says there is blood gushing from Roode as well but I haven’t seen any marks on Roode. Joe’s cut looked serious and he was losing a lot of blood.

This was a great match and Gail and Joe both were outstanding, but I’m not sure the injury Joe sustained was planned. Nothing has been said regarding how serious the cut was that he received from those steel steps.  Let’s hope it’s nothing major.

Kurt is still at it backstage and he has JB interrogating Angel Williams and Talia Madison. The girls say they know who Sting’s partner is going to be because Eric told them and Eric heard Sting talking about it over the phone. Kurt wants to know who it is but Talia wants to know what is in it for them if they tell. JB offers them the key to his hotel room. Angel says it sounds like a deal but they can only tell JB. They are going to whisper it in JB’s ear – before Talia nails JB. Kurt wants to interrogate Eric next.

According to Tenay, Roode and Joe fought all the way to the back of the arena before they were separated and at Genesis it will be Robert Roode versus Samoa Joe. Hey, TNA! We at home would have liked to have seen the entire brawl between Joe and Roode. It might have made us anticipate the match at Genesis between these two  that much more.

Semi Final Match, Fight for the Right

The Instant Classic Christian Cage from Tampa, FL

by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Wildcat Chris Harris from Fort Wright, KY

I like Christian Cage but PLEASE let the Wildcat win this match! I am so tired of Wildcat being on the edge and never really making his way to the top. I know he can do it. I don’t understand why TNA doesn’t see it.

Christian brought a ladder to the ring and I’m not sure how much experience the Wildcat has with ladder matches.  Christian is ladder matches. Just when we thought Wildcat was ahead of the game, he got out on the apron ring with Christian.  Christian has always managed to stay ahead on that ring apron and as Wildcat is on the floor, we go to


Back from commercial break, Christian is on the top turnbuckle. He dives for Wildcat in the ring but misses. We see what happened during commercial break. Christian has the ladder and Wildcat is up against the steel steps. Referee Rudy Charles gets in the middle and does not allow Christian to use the ladder on Wildcat. Harris is again in control in the ring, spine buster and covers, but doesn’t get the three count. Christian hits Wildcat with an uppercut off the ropes, goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Christian is back in control, goes up on the second rope and Wildcat catches him in mid air. Wildcat and Christian are both down in the ring. Back to their feet and Wildcat is impressive with the moves he is using building up to another cover.  Again there is only a two count. Christian hits Wildcat with an inverted DDT and still can’t get a three count. Wildcat delivers a spear, goes for the pin and only gets a two count.  Wildcat is holding his left shoulder. Christian tries for the unprettier but Wildcat turns it around. He still doesn’t get a three count. Wildcat rolls up, gets a two count, Christian flips the roll up and uses the top rope to win the  match.

Winner of the match and advancing in the Fight for the Right Tournament, Christian Cage.

Wildcat tries to convince the ref that Christian used the ropes and Christian makes his way into the ring with the ladder which he uses to take out Wildcat. Christian then sets the ladder up in the ring, pulls Wildcat over and sends the ref running from the ring. Christian goes up to the top of the ladder and hits Wildcat with a frog splash. I told you Christian was the King of Ladder Matches.

Fight for the Right Finals

Kaz versus Christian Cage.

This match will be next week on iMPACT.

Crystal is backstage with Nash. She wants to know about the phone call she overheard earlier when Nash was on the phone. Nash says that he has to go talk to Kurt right now.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see Kurt yelling at Eric – or interrogating him as the case may be. JB stops Kurt from hitting Eric again and Kurt yells at JB.

Matches Scheduled for the Genesis Pay Per View

A Four Way Match

ODB vs. Roxxi Laveaux vs. Gail Kim vs. Angel Williams

Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machineguns

Robert Roode vs. Samoa Joe

Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash


Sting & Sting’s mystery partner.

We see the big screen and it’s Black Reign. Black Reign tells Abyss he should have taken the key because now at Genesis, Abyss’s worst nightmare is about to be unleashed.

Main Event

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

Tomko & The Phenomenal AJ Styles

Current TNA Tag Team Champions

Tomko is one half of the IWPG Tag Team Champions


Homicide & Hernandez from the Latino Nation,

The Latin American Exchange

There TNA goes again putting four of my favorites in the ring at the same time. I have always liked AJ for his X Division abilities.  Tomko and Christian paired together in the WWE. Tomko is more of a brute force in the ring. Homicide has developed into an X Division player and Hernandez does a fantastic job in the ring as both powerful and highflying maneuvers. I’m going to have a hard time deciding which team to cheer for in this match.

AJ and Hernandez face off in the ring. Hernandez throws AJ around like a small toy. When AJ fails to move Hernandez, he decides to talk him down in the ring before tagging in Tomko. Tomko hits Hernandez and we have a smack per smack go around before Hernandez sends Tomko out to the floor. I knew Hernandez was tough but I didn’t know he was that tough! AJ tries to help out by diving off the top turnbuckle. Hernandez catches AJ in mid air. Hernandez carries AJ over to the LAX side of the ring and tags in Homicide, and then Hernandez walks back across the ring and sends AJ over the top rope next to Tomko. Tomko attempts to catch AJ on his way down to the floor. Homicide goes against the ropes and executes a well-done suicide dive through the ropes taking down Tomko and AJ before going over to the table and looking at the championship belts. Homicide slaps West’s hand before going back to the ring. Hernandez comes back out to help Homicide and we go to






Back from commercial break, Homicide and AJ are facing off in the ring. Homicide goes for the cover but the referee is outside the ring trying to break up Tomko and Hernandez on the floor. Homicide gets up and goes to the ropes to get the ref back in the ring but the ref stays on the floor. Homicide again takes AJ down and tries for the cover – no ref in the ring. Homicide then tries for the gringo killer but AJ breaks free and delivers a low blow to Homicide. Tomko is back in the ring and Homicide gets tossed over Tomko’s head. Tomko goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Tenay tells us that Tomko should actually be the legal man in the ring. Tomko tags in AJ after tossing Homicide into their corner. I’ve noticed in this match AJ isn’t spending as much time showing off for the audience. He’s taking the team of LAX seriously. Homicide finally manages to take AJ down and tries to get to the corner. AJ grabs Homicide’s leg, but Homicide sends AJ into the ropes and gets the tag to Hernandez. Hernandez leaps over the top rope and takes down AJ with a heavy shoulder block. I am always amazed at how easily Hernandez leaps over those ropes. Tomko makes his way back into the ring and it’s all about Hernandez as he works over AJ and Tomko. Hernandez has Styles up on his shoulders setting him up for the border toss, but he has taken too long and Tomko delivers a kick to Hernandez’s midsection. Homicide is back in the ring to help Hernandez and he sends Tomko back with a drop kick. Hernandez sends Tomko out of the ring again. Homicide delivers a suplex to AJ, then Hernandez drops AJ onto his shoulder back first and goes for the pin. AJ gets his shoulder up after a two count. Hernandez sets AJ up on his shoulders and Homicide climbs to the top turnbuckle. Tomko has made it back into the ring and he breaks up the move by going after Hernandez. AJ manages to send Homicide through the ropes and onto the floor against the guardrail. Hernandez comes off the ropes at Tomko, but Tomko takes him down with a clothesline as AJ goes out on the ring apron. AJ springboards off the top rope and hits Hernandez with a moonsault, goes for the cover, gets the pin and the three count.

Winners of the match and still TNA World Tag Team Champions are AJ Styles and Tomko.

RUMOR: The grapevine says that unknown LAX member is really Shelly Martinez. Stay tuned…

As Tomko and AJ show off their title belts, Homicide is back in the ring checking on Hernandez who is still down on the mat. Tomko decides that the match wasn’t enough and he and AJ go after LAX while they are down on the mat. A member of LAX shows up and hands a weapon to Homicide but Tomko bails out of the ring and Hernandez sends AJ out to the floor. As Tomko and AJ back up the entrance ramp, The Steiner Brothers, Rick and Scott, appear and we have a free for all on the floor with Scott taking on Tomko and Rick taking on AJ.

I have to say this about the match I just witnessed.  These four men worked hard to bring us great action. I am sorry that LAX lost but did want to see AJ and Tomko retain the titles for just a little while longer.  All four wrestlers did a fantastic job.

With this action going on outside the ring after the match, TNA has the nerve to drag us back to the interrogation room with the Angle family.  Give us a break already, TNA.  No one wants to hear any more Kurt Angle tonight. We want to see what happened between Samoa Joe and Robert Roode and we want to see what is happening between Rick and Scott Steiner and AJ Styles and Tomko!

JB, Kurt and Kurt’s Mrs. are back in the interrogation room. Kurt accuses the Mrs. of cheating on him – I don’t know Kurt, it’s a possibility. We all hear she takes her clothes off for anyone with a camera -- and Kevin Nash shows up. Kurt hides behind the Mrs. and Nash tells him that he knows who Sting’s partner will be at the Genesis Pay Per View. Kurt asks who it is and Nash says Scott. Kurt asks Scott who and Nash says Scott Hall. Kurt asks if he gets any worse than that and Nash says yes it does because Scott Hall will be here next week.

Yeah, baby! Kevin Nash AND Scott Hall.  Can it get any better than that? I understand that Scott has been working in Puerto Rico lately and has been doing a great job in the ring. Kevin Nash has not been seen in the ring for some time.  With any luck, Nash and Hall will get a chance to work together in the ring.  Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen in at the Genesis match and cause Kurt to keep the title.

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