Indy News Bytes

Indy News Bytes

October 31, 2007

by Sassy  

Happy Halloween



Minneapolis, MN, October 30, 2007, /PRNewswire/ - In a landmark announcement made today, AWA Chairman of the Board Dale R. Gagne announced that the American Wrestling Association (AWA) will no longer sanction independent territories effective immediately. Over three years ago, the AWA started an "open door policy" welcoming top independent wrestling organizations to represent it's brand both nationally and internationally. Within a year, the AWA had gained momentum with over 25 affiliate promotions from Hawaii to Japan. During the recent AWA Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gagne and Vice-President Jon Stewart addressed representatives from participating territories regarding the impending future of the sanctioning program. "Quite honestly", stated Gagne, "the sanctioning of independent territories never reached the success we had hoped for". "We never intended on our brand being represented in bars, out-of-date military bases or American Legion halls", continued Gagne. "There may very well be a market for independent wrestling in these types of facilities but it certainly isn't a part of the AWA's future".

Vice-President Jon Stewart further stated that the AWA will continue to look for effective and professional promoters to represent it's brand but there will be obvious differences in what local organizations present and what the AWA will produce. Where does this leave the territories currently representing the AWA brand? According to Gagne and Stewart, each promotion will be individually assessed. Those territories sharing a vision different than the AWA's new model, will be released by the end of the year. The Board of Directors and figurehead President will be dissolved accordingly. For updates on this developing story, go to .

All Japan

All Japan announced their teams for the 2007 Real World Tag League today. The tournament starts November 23 and the finals take place on December 9. Here are the teams:

    a.. Keiji Muto & Joe Doering

    b.. Kensuke Sasaki & X

    c.. Osamu Nishimura & Masanobu Fuchi

    d.. Taiyo Kea & Hawaiian Lion

    e.. Abdullah The Butcher & Minoru Suzuki

    f.. Nobutaka Araya & Touru Owashi

    g.. Satoshi Kojima & Suwama

    h.. TARU & The Zodiac

All-Star Wrestling Network

Rich Tate

All-Star Wrestling Network will be back in Fort Valley, GA, on November 3, at the Wrestleplex, beginning at 8:15 PM. Email for more info.

Advertised: Rick Michaels versus Simon Sermon in a loser leaves match and

J-Rod & the Slaughter Pit versus Shawn Hunter & Killer Instinct.

Company: AWW

Oliver Newman

Date: Thursday 25th October 2007

Time: 8:00pm

Attendance: 123

Price: £5

Location: Irish Centre, Digbeth, Birmingham, West Midlands.

Stu Smith is your Ring Announcer for the evening.

Tommy Gunn vs. ‘Desirable’ Danny D

The fans show who they support right from the very start with “Tranny D” chants at Danny D (Danny still wears the dress he was forced to wear months earlier) and “Tommy Gunn” chants for Gunn. Lock up, Danny pushes Gunn off. “I don’t hit girls” Gunn retorts, Danny replies with punches that floor Gunn. Danny whips Gunn into the ropes, Gunn ducks the clothesline and returns with a hurracanrana and a head scissors in quick succession. Gunn then low bridges Danny to chants of “Easy” from the AWW fans. The fans continue to rally behind Gunn with chants of “Tommy, Tommy”, Gunn responds with punches and a leg lariat to Danny’s face. A clothesline, drop toe hold and 6-1-9 follow and with a springboard splash Gunn has it won! No it’s only a two count, Danny returns with a vicious clothesline that flips Gunn in the air and sets up for a tombstone piledriver but somehow Gunn reverses into a pin for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 10 minutes

Winner: Tommy Gunn

My Thoughts:

Good opening match which the AWW fans seemed to enjoy! Gunn and Danny put forth a good display and it transferred into a good match. Gunn has a lot of potential as both a single’s wrestler and tag team wrestler (with Geraden as The Young Gunns), Danny is a good wrestler in his own right and the character works well. I was disappointed that Geraden was missing from the show after The Young Gunns strong showing against Ronin and Derice Coffie last month.

8 Man Battle Royal (For the last spot in Rumble at Aston University)

Mark Clarke vs. Matt Clarke vs. Jekkel vs. El Nacho vs. Lord Graham Thomas vs. Lee Hunter vs. Derice Coffie vs. Nick Knight

This match was fast and furious with action all over the ring! Matt Clarke tries but fails to eliminate Knight, Coffie hit’s a vicious high knee in the corner and then is gorilla pressed and thrown out of the ring by Jekkel!

Derice Coffie has been eliminated.

Jekkel tries to eliminate both Clarke’s but they low bridge him and he too is eliminated.

Jekkel has been eliminated.

LGT quickly eliminates El Nacho

Knight eliminates Matt Clarke shortly after.

Knight is alone with Mark Clarke & Lee Hunter. The fans show their disrespect to Knight by chanting “You fat f***” Knight shows his power advantage by gorilla pressing and the slamming on Clarke, a face wash follows (on both men). Before Knight summoning his Cruiserweight power hits two awe inspiring tumbling splashes on Clarke & Hunter! Knight calls for a power bomb but only receives a step up Enzuguri from Hunter, two double dropkicks follow on Knight and he to is eliminated.

Nick Knight has been eliminated.

Hunter pie faces Clarke leading to both men trading punches, Hunter atomic drops Clarke almost over the top rope. Clarke returns with a leg lariat and a power slam on Clarke, before throwing Hunter but not eliminating him. Hunter replies with a leg lariat of his own and tries to eliminate Clarke. Clarke summons strength and back body drops Hunter over the top rope to win the Battle Royal.

Lee Hunter has been eliminated.

Match Time: 9 minutes

Winner: ‘Star man’ Mark Clarke

My Thoughts:

Well that was chaotic! With so much action going on it was very difficult to keep up with it all, most of the eliminations were blink and you might miss it. All the competitors put forth a good performance especially Nick Knight, Clarke and Hunter showed intensity that I haven’t seen before in the finale between the two. With the match going 9 minutes (for 8 men) it was never going to be a classic, with more time a better match could have happened for sure, with that said this was fun and a different element to the show.

‘The Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine vs. British Born Steele

Devine attacks BBS before the bell even sounds, BBS rallies and hits a few chops as the fans chant “BBS”. Devine backs off and even pleads with BBS for a sportsman like handshake, BBS asks the crowd and then shakes Devine’s hand. Devine tries to gain an advantage but BBS catches his boot and swings to the ref before kicking Devine’s leg and taking him down to the mat. Devine locks in the Boston Crab but BBS manages to get the escape via a rope break. Devine comes back with a sunset flip for a two count, BBS returns with his finishing move (The back-cracker) but doesn’t have enough left to cover Devine and when he does it’s only a close near fall. BBS shows frustration by pulling Devine’s hair and sets up for a victory roll but Devine reverses and with his feet on the ropes takes the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 10 minutes

Winner: ‘The Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine


BBS takes the microphone and asks the referee “What the bloody hell was that” before pushing him down! He continues “It’s been 8 months since I last won a match here” The fans show their disdain with “Who are ya” chants, BBS retorts with “Shut your mouth son”. BBS continues “I was the 1st ever AWW Champion, you should respect me! You fans haven’t helped me regain MY title so I’ll get it myself!”

My Thoughts:

I have to say I was disappointed with this match, because I expected a wrestling clinic based on the superb match Devine and BBS contested last month! Don’t get me wrong it was still a good match, with great story-telling (BBS’s growing frustration, Devine’s cheating and then BBS turning his back on the fans). For me BBS and Devine are two of the best pure wrestlers in the Midlands (If not the entire UK), they could have produced a classic but with a 10 minute time limit they produced a good match which the fans seemed to enjoy! It will be interesting to see where BBS goes from here, and that is something I will be watching intently.

Chained Match (First to touch all 4 Corners, wins the match)

Mad Dog Maxx vs. Dan Ryder

Maxx tells the fans “Ryder’s going down, scumbags!” the fans chant “Mad Dog has rabies” Maxx retorts “Mad Dog doesn’t have rabies, swig your point and watch wrestling!”. The fans start chanting “Ryder, Ryder”, there is a feeling out period to start the match with neither man wanting to make a mistake. Punches are traded with Ryder getting the best of it, ramming Maxx head first into the steel ring post. Ryder follows up with a clothesline and a hurracanrana before he touches 3 out of the 4 Corners, Maxx cuts him off with a chain assisted throat chop. Ryder blocks a clothesline and returns with a couple of his own, following with a 10 punch in the corner and a monkey flip. Ryder follows with a back body drop but misses the resulting 450, both men are down Mad Dog has something in his hand! FIREBALL to Ryder!! Maxx then touches all 4 corners for the win. Maxx then continues the assault and drags Ryder by the chain away.

Match Time: 12 minutes

Winner: Mad Dog Maxx

My Thoughts:

That was a very good match, the best of the night thus far! It was intense, had comedy-esque moments, good wrestling and a truly WOW finish to the match. The fans are a little fickle in AWW, when I lsaw Ryder in April he was the biggest star in the company. The fans went crazy for him, now he’s competing for cheers with Maxx and at times is losing out. I’m slightly fearful for Ryder as the fans seem to be slowly turning their back on him. Maxx was exceptional once more proving that he is a very good wrestler with a great character (The fans seem to love him for the latter). The finish came out of nowhere and brings an even higher level of intensity to the most intense feud of 2007 in AWW.


Ronin vs. Carnage

The wrestlers lock up, with Ronin getting the best of it (pushing Carnage down). Second time around neither man budges so they say “Sumo” and in sumo stance try to knock each other down. A test of strength proceeds which Ronin gets the advantage of and with a kick downs Carnage. Carnage rolls out to strategise, and comes back with kicks to Ronin’s leg trying to knot it up. Ronin attempts the 10 punch in the corner but Carnage power bombs him to the mat! Carnage quickly follows up with a leg drop and top rope elbow drop but can only get a two count. Spud enters and spits at Carnage, Ronin hits Carnage with his Singapore Cane and with a big splash it’s over 1, 2, and 3.

Match Time: 9 minutes

Winner: Ronin

My Thoughts:

That wasn’t a very good match, both styles clashed and in the end I was glad the match was over. Ronin’s more of a Character than a Wrestler so it’s understandable that his wrestling skills aren’t as good as say a Danny Devine or BBS. Carnage is use to wrestling good ‘pure’ wrestlers and this wasn’t the case tonight. On the plus side the ending to the match has advanced the Spud vs. Carnage storyline and that is good for AWW.

Moralez vs. Marcus Kool

Morales shows complete disrespect for Kool by slapping him across the face, it turned out to be mistake as it just fired up Kool! Who returned with a slap and punch of his own, a clothesline and dropkick followed in quick succession. Kool drop toe holds Moralez but when attempting the 6-1-9, Moralez rolls to the outside. Kool not perturbed quickly follows with a slingshot splash over the ropes, then the two competitors take the match around the Irish Centre. Kool calls for “Sweet chin music baby!” Moralez blocks but Kool reverses into a side effect for a close near fall. Kool goes up top but misses with a Swanton Bomb, Moralez makes Kool pay with a vicious club and sit-down power bomb but Kool kicks out! Moralez sets up another power bomb but Kool reverses Moralez onto the middle rope, and quickly follows with a 6-1-9 but that only gets a 2 count (Kool can’t believe it!) Moralez goes for Kool but he ducks, Moralez viciously clubs him to the back and gets the 1, 2 and 3. The fans show their appreciation to Kool with loud clapping as he leaves the ring.

Match Time: 12 minutes

Winners: Moralez

My Thoughts:

That was a superb match! I wasn’t sure what match of the night would be but it’s going to be incredibly hard to top this match. Kool and Moralez brought their ‘A’ game to the Irish Centre on this night and produced a breathless match for the fans in attendance. The near falls towards the end of this match made the fans gasp, and move to the edge of seats. Moralez showed why he is one of the best big men in the UK and Kool shows why he has potential to become one of the best in the UK also. That was a match that made me proud to report on Professional Wrestling, and I would love to see a rematch at some point down the road.

Spud vs. ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm

Duelling chant between the two bands that are playing at AWW’s Aston University show, “1 inch pisser” chant was once more directed at Spud. Then duelling chants of “Emo and Spud for champ”. Storm takes the microphone “It’s good to be back in AWW and Spud has a 1 inch pisser” Fans speculate it may be smaller with “½ inch pisser” chants, even a “Super Gran” chant starts up after a lady attacks Spud. Storm and Spud contest a hiptoss, reversing until Spud goes over the top rope to the floor below. Spud runs away from Storm, Storm catches up with him and after an arm drag applies the armlock, paint brushing Spud’s head as he does, hilariously Spud tells the referee “It hurts!”. An aeroplane spin knocks the ref down, Spud hit’s a jumping DDT but when he covers the ref is down, he blows snot on Storm! Storm replies with a wonder whirl but once again the ref is still down. Spud low blows Storm and hits with a Stunner, Carnage enters allowing Storm to roll Spud up for the 1, 2 and 3. “½ inch pisser chants once more” Spud chokes the ref and then hilariously trips himself up as he leaves the ring.

Match Time: 13 minutes

Winner: ’The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm

My Thoughts:

Another electric atmosphere created by the AWW fans, the duelling chants and entire noise made it difficult for me to think! Spud and Storm took part in a fine contest and a good way to finish the wrestling action for the night. Spud’s Rockstar character is like a breath of fresh air and Storm was just his usual entertaining self. Once again the Spud vs. Carnage storyline has been progressed, so this match had good wrestling and booking which is just what the fans want from Pro Wrestling show.

Dan Ryder’s Announcement:

Ryder comes out with a bandage over his eye and takes the microphone “I’ve never had my face burnt! I have been given opportunity to pick the match of choice, Hardcore (nope), TLC (loud cheer) not that either, at Aston University Me vs. Mad Dog Maxx in a Steel Cage!” The fans love that. Maxx interrupts and with a lariat levels Ryder! “You’re a silly little piss-ant Ryder” Maxx shouts, “Dan Ryder you have just signed your death warrant” Maxx concludes.

My Thoughts:

That was an effective segment, Ryder showed no fear by challenging Maxx to a Cage Match. Maxx’s beat down was pretty brutal including the lariat that flipped Ryder. Ryder is a crazy S.O.B. in the ring and I can’t even imagine what he will do in his quest to beat Maxx in the Cage Match (30th November 2007). In a match I will be watching with baited breath.

Overall Thoughts:

Tommy Gunn has a lot of potential and Danny D’s entertaining as hell creating a good match between to two. I hope to see the Young Gunn’s (Geraden/Gunn) tagging once more soon though! The battle royal was rushed but produced some WOW moments like Knight’s tumbling splash. BBS vs. Devine wasn’t as good as last month’s perfect match, but it was good in its own merit and I wonder where BBS will go (after he turned his back on fans). Ryder vs. Maxx was intense and had a WOW finish to end the match, Moralez vs. Kool was a superb match with incredible near falls. Spud vs. Storm was a good match with an electric atmosphere, to end the wrestling on the show. Maxx vs. Ryder in a Cage should be a treat come (30th November), another very good show put forth by AWW. They also deserve to be congratulated for the increase in attendance from 72 (last month) to 123 this month!

Match of the Night:

Moralez vs. Marcus Kool

Next Show:

Thursday 15th November 2007

14-20 High Street Derit End,

Irish Centre,



West Midlands,

B12 0LT

For more information on AWW check out their website:  or 

Feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated! I'm on myspace:


At the inauguration of the new Funking Conservatory Event Center the Fighting Heart Award was presented to Rocky Johnson.

"If how your kids turn out is a measure of yourself as a person, then our recipient of the Fighting Heart Award is one of the biggest guy on Earth."

Johnny Magnum (U.S. Heavyweight Champion) defeated Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell with Sandii Skye with a cargo drop.

Shane Chung (Funking Conservatory World Champion) wrestled Blain Rage to a time limit draw.

Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell (Florida Champion) with Sandii Skye won over Elvis Sharp with a supper kick to the chin.

The Claw, Claudia Reiff won over Kim Dakota to regain the Funking Conservatory Women's Championship.

In a three way battle for the European Championship, Elvis Sharp won over Mario Benedetti and Will Power

Blain Rage defended the TV Championship with a victory over Johnny Romano

Our next show in the New Funking Event Center is Sunday November 25th, Support the Troops 21, "WrestleFeast"

If you would like to become a professional wrestler and appear on !BANG! TV, Call now - 352-895-4658 or visit our website at

Dory Funk Jr. - Coach of the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School

Black Ball’d Wrestling

Blackball'd Wrestling Organization returned to Phoenixville, PA at Top Gun Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut Street on October 27th for Blackball'd Wrestling Organization returned to Phoenixville, PA at Top Gun Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut Street on October 27th for "The Witching Hour" with the following results:

Salvation 2K7 over Hard Candy by DQ after promos by both.

Pelle Primeau over Kryptic in one helluva match!

The "Wifebeater" over Shawn Fury when Wifebeater used a low blow to incapacitate Fury.

Mikey X over Pretty Fly 4 a White Guy

Bazooka Joe over Vinnie the Fixxer

Blahdeggo new Interstate Champion over Antonio Blanca,

Mat Bomboy and Din Mak

Money Shot with Louis G Rich formed a new faction of Eric Cooper, Twisted Tate, Louis Rich, Alan Cross, Jason Gotti, Ashley Nicely after taking Massive Mike out.

Rockin Rebel, Rebecca Payne and Killer Kramer come out for the save and this leads to:

Rebel/Payne/Kramer over Cooper/Rich/Tate. Gotti and Cross come in to help take out Rebel and company but Massive Mike comes in with ref Zac Carlucci to even the odds. Gotta love the refs getting into the act!

Autumn Breeze with Holly Hottie over Michael

Frank the Tank over Boy Boy w/Holly Hottie and Chris Brown in a Loser Leaves BWO match.

Chris Brown is no longer with BWO and left to the crowd singing Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Good Bye!!!

Next show November 24th! Tickets on sale now!!

Blackball'd Wrestling Organization returns to Phoenixville, PA at Top Gun Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut Street on November 24th for "Thanksgiving Thunder" with an 8:00 pm Bell Time. Tickets $10.00!

Announced so far:

BWO Heavyweight Title Match:

Rockin Rebel vs Eric Cooper

No DQ Match:

Hard Candy v Salvation 2K7

Gender Bender Match:

Autumn Breeze vs Boy Boy

8 Man Battle Royal:

Killer Kramer/Rebecca Payne/Massive Mike/? partner vs Twisted Tate/Louis Rich/Jason Gotti/Alan Cross

Bazooka Joe and "The Wifebeater" v Shawn Fury and Vinnie the Fixxer

Frank the Tank has an open challenge to anyone in the locker room!

Also appearing: Mikey X, Pretty Fly 4 A White Guy, Kryptic and many others

More matches to be announced!!

TICKET INFO: 610-933-8550


*card subject to change*

Do you have the desire to be a Professional Wrestler? BWO is proud to announce Top Gun Wrestling Academy, Inc. in Phoenixville, PA!

All Training is done by Professional Wrestling & Fitness Trainers. Our Trainers have wrestling experience in countries all over the world.

Come visit and check us out at 373 Walnut Street, Phoenixville, PA - just blocks from the Vale Rio Diner and Phoenixville Hospital. New Classes always opening!

We offer everything you need to become a Star in the Professional Wrestling World today and are just minutes from Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

Call today (610) 933-8550 or email for a tryout, hours, rates and information on our programs and unleash the Wrestler in YOU!!!!

Celtic Pro Wrestling


Celtic Pro Wrestling returns to the Good Counsel GAA Club in Drimnagh, Dublin, Ireland on Saturday November 3, 2007.

Slated to appear at this show so far are Lenny Hanna and Darragh Galligan, The Amazing Insano, D4, and International wrestling star "The American Rockstar" CJ Summers

The CPW is proud to be a family-oriented company and a strong supporter of our community; a promotion that brings together top talent to put on a show for the entire family to enjoy, bringing pro wrestling back as family entertainment. Doors open at 6:45pm and the show starts at 7:00pm. Admission is $10.00

For further information on CPW visit the website at .

Chaotic Wrestling

Friday, November 2, 2007

Polish American Veterans Club, Lowell, MA

BRYAN LOGAN (CW Heavyweight Champion) vs."GOLDEN GREEK" ALEX ARION (CW New England Champion)








Plus CW Tag Team Champions The Blowout Boys (Danny E. & Tommy T.), Psycho, Kid Mikaze, Dr. Reginald Heresy, Brandon Locke, Scott Reed, and more!

Don't miss your chance to see great Chaotic Wrestling action this Friday night at the Polish American Veterans Club on 200 Coburn Street in Lowell, Massachusetts. Order your tickets now at our online store — you can get tickets at a very special $12 discounted rate if you order online by 2pm on Friday afternoon. You can also reserve your $12 discounted tickets at the door by e-mailing (be sure to include your name and number of tickets to reserve). Tickets will also be available at the door for the price of $15 at the time of the show. Don't miss out!

Card Subject to Change


Chikara Wrestle Factory "Bruised" Results

October 26th 2007 - Riverside Beneficial Assoc. Building, Reading, PA

1. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (UltraMantis Black, Crossbones & Hydra) def. USApe, Dragon Dragon & MosCow by pinfall when Hydra pinned USApe. Mantis was sporting a swank new robe. Hydra has bulked up even more (somehow). Simple and wacky opener.

2. Jigsaw def. Dragon Yuki by submission. Yuki was sporting pink ring attire. Jigsaw played the rudo. Nothing memorable.

3. Cheech & Cloudy [1] def. The Osirian Portal [1] (Amasis & Ophidian) by pinfall when Cloudy pinned Amasis after the knee powerbomb/top rope shining wizard double team. Cheech & Cloudy now have 2 points. Cloudy has cut the emo mullet hair. Amasis somehow became greater with rudo antics. Awesome match.

4. The Colony (Worker Ant, Soldier Ant & Fire Ant) def. The Olsen Twins (Jimmy Olsen & Colin Olsen) & Brodie Lee by pinfall when Worker attained victory via victory roll on Colin! The ants are awesome. Brodie Lee is a great man. Simple, fun little spotfest.

5. Claudio Castagnoli def. Chuck Taylor in a non-title match by pinfall with the Ricola Bomb. gIt was as good a match as youfd expect, and if you didnft expect great, you expected wrong.h

6. Mitch Ryder def. Equinox by pinfall with a piledriver. A good little slaying. Before the match Mitch claimed we would never see Equinox again after the beating he would give him.

7. NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Mike Quackenbush (c) NC Lince Dorado after interference from Mitch Ryder and Chuck Taylor. Chuck handcuffed Quackenbush while Mitch strapped the crap out of Dorado with a leather belt. Brutal beatdown. Mitch cut a hell of a promo about how the fans and Chikarason were responsible for this because of their support for Lince Dorado.

8. Grudge Match: Eddie Kingston def. Tim Donst with the spinning backfist. Fantastic match. Donst managed to counter his way through a lot of the moves that killed him last time, including ducking the lariat on the floor and hitting one on Kingston.

9. Los Campeonatos de Parejas: Incoherence (Delirious & Hallowicked) def. Icarus & Chuck Taylor (c) 2 falls to 1 to become the 3rd champions. Gran Akuma was at ringside on crutches due to a knee injury, so Chuck replaced him. Akuma sat in his teamfs corner.

a) Chuck Taylor & Icarus won the first fall following a confusing rollup a few seconds into the fall.

b) Incoherence won the second fall to level it up when Delirious pinned Chuck Taylor. Really good stuff thus far.

c) Incoherence won the third fall to win the match and the titles.

Chikara Wrestle Factory "New Star Navigation" Results

October 27th , 2007 Ryan Township Fire Hall Barnesville, PA

1. Parejas Increibles: Jigsaw & Hydra def. Shane Storm & UltraMantis Black by pinfall when Jigsaw pinned Storm with a nasty superkick. Confusing in a fun way. UMB attempted to win the match with a finger poke of doom but Jiggy broke it up. Hydra made his entrance to gRehabh.

2. Soldier Ant def. Crossbones by pinfall with a flying salutebutt. Decent match. 1-0 for the rookies.

3. Tim Donst def. Icarus by submission with the CHIKARA Special. Donst took an Irish whip into a wall and left a large hole. He also sported red, white and blue ring attire! 2-0 for the rookies.

4. Brodie Lee def. Worker Ant by pinfall with the running Liger Bomb in a squash. 2-1 rookies.

5. Incoherence (Delirious & Hallowicked) def. The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) by pinfall when Hallowicked used the Graveyard Smash on Amasis. Amasis kicked out of Shadows Over Hell. Incoherence broke the youngsters INTO THE BIZ~! with many chops. Good match. 2-2!

6. Young Lions Cup: Helios def. Chuck Taylor (c) by pinfall with a move similar to the Chocolate Rain, followed by a standing shooting star press, winning the cup. Chuck claimed Helios was Ricochet, but to no avail. Helios is a young, masked dark-skinned man with long, straightened hair. 3-2 rookies.

7. Fire Ant def. Dragon Yuki by pinfall with a rollup. Uneventful. 4-2 rookies.

8. Claudio Castagnoli def. Larry Sweeney by pinfall with the Ricola Bomb. After the match, Claudio said Chris Hero is next. Really good match.

9. Cheech & Cloudy [2] def. The Olsen Twins [0] (Jimmy Olsen & Colin Olsen) by pinfall when Cloudy used a sunset flip on Colin. Despite a lot to live up to, still a fantastic match, with lots of great spots, old and new. As a result of their victory, Cheech & Cloudy are eligible for a Campeonatos de Parejas shot against Incoherence.

10. Lince Dorado def. Mitch Ryder by pinfall with a flash rollup. Lince looked better than he has in a while. He also had nasty welts on his back from last nightfs show. After the match they announced Mitch vs. Lince at gChapter 11 in Philadelphia: MASK VS. HAIR~! Rookies end up overall at 5-2.

CHIKARA: 2007 Season Finale begins in Reading on Nov. 16th!

The 2007 CHIKARA season, our sixth and biggest by far, is coming to a close. So don't miss out on our huge 3-part season finale that kicks off in Reading, rolls through Hellertown and ends up in Philly! We're continuing the proud Ben Folds tradition with "Battle of Who Could Care Less" on Friday, November 16, and a host of CHIKARA favorites will be on hand! Six of the card's ten bouts are confirmed as of this afternoon:


Hallowicked & Delirious (Campeones de Parejas) & Tim Donst  vs.

Eddie Kingston & Sabian & Joker

 ~YOUNG LIONS CUP TITLE MATCH~Helios (c) vs. Hydra

 ~INTERNATIONAL SHOWDOWN~ Kaientai Dojo's MIYAWAKI vs. CHIKARA's UltraMantis Black

 ~LADIES ACTION!~Sara Del Rey vs. Portia Perez

 ~TRIOS BOUT!~ Los Ice Creams & Jigsaw vs. Mitch Ryder & Robbie Ellis & Larry Sweeney


Chuck Taylor vs. Shane Storm

Advance tickets are already on sale (in our online store) and complete information is available at!  And if you haven't seen our website lately, you haven't seen us at all! Check out our totally revamped homepage with tons of new photos, original artwork, info and hoo-ha! Join the rest of the CHIKARMY and come see us live; keep up to date with all things CHIKARA by subscribing to our free, weekly podcast !

Remember, the "Best of CHIKARA" commercial DVD hits retail outlets across North America on Tuesday, November 6th!

 "Battle of Who Could Care Less"

Friday night, November 16th, 2007

Live @ The Riverside Beneficial Assoc.!

1742 Pear Street

in Reading, PA!

All seats just $15.00!

Doors open at 7:00 pm. Bell time is 7:30 pm.

"The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence"

Saturday night, November 17th, 2007

Live @ The American Legion Hall!

935 Main Street

in Hellertown, PA!

All seats just $15.00!

Doors open at 6:30 pm. Bell time is 7:00 pm.

"Chapter 11"

Sunday afternoon, November 18th, 2007

Live @ The New Alhambra (ECW Arena)!

7 Ritner St. on the corner of Swanson

in South Philadelphia, PA!

All seats just $15.00!

Doors open at 3:30 pm. Bell time is 4:00 pm.

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Combat Zone Wrestling

Combat Zone Wrestling returns to the ECW Arena with a loaded ultraviolent show in South Philadelphia on Saturday, November 10.


"The One Man Army" Lobo has declared that not only will CZW Promoter Maven Bentley be banned from ringside at CZW NIGHT OF INFAMY on November 10th, but Bentley's charges, The MBA, will all have their work cut out for them.

Lobo has just delivered a blockbuster announcement to CZW News Update! Lobo had promised to put the "combat" back into Combat Zone Wrestling, and chooses to do so at NIGHT OF INFAMY, an event that historically has been a bloody reminder of what CZW's most ultraviolent stars are capable of. So who better to put in the ring, 1-on-1, at NIGHT OF INFAMY than the unstoppable machine, the unbreakable cyborg, the Ultraviolent Underground Champion Brain Damage and the sadistic Necro Butcher, as they will settle their issue once and for all!

Necro Butcher and Brain Damage have been, arguably, the two most vicious members of the CZW roster in the past several years. Their tolerance for pain is well-documented, and Necro surely will never forget getting knocked out by Damage at TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 2006, a moment that really cemented Brain Damage as a lethal force in CZW.

With Maven Bentley banned from ringside, we should finally see Necro and Damage stand face-to-face one time, for all times, in Combat Zone Wrestling.

Will The Necro Butcher claim the UVU Title and deal a serious blow to The MBA?

Can Brain Damage knockout Necro one more time?

Find out at CZW NIGHT OF INFAMY on November 10th!

4 Corners of Death match

"The Psycho Shooter" Drake Younger & ? vs. Naptown Dragons ("Diehard" Dustin Lee & Scotty Vortekz)

Ruckus to defend CZW World Title at CZW NIGHT OF INFAMY on November 10th!

3-Time CZW World Champuion Ruckus has declared that he's tired of all the games and wants to flat-out prove that the Combat Zone Wrestling World Title should be regarded as THE championship to wear in professional wrestling.

In a town like Philadelphia, with the most critical and passionate fans, where stars have been born, Ruckus has declared that if someone wants to take the crown jewel of CZW, then he is laying out open contracts for any EX-CHAMPIONS who have worn title belts in the ECW Arena.

Ruckus, who will be speaking about this on Combat Zone Video next week, is putting his money where his mouth is when he says he is the greatest champion to ever compete in the building. The champ, fresh off of turning back the challenges of "The Notorious 187" Homicide and The Human Tornado, is possessed to not only deliver the best World Title matches, but show that he is capable of winning each & every one of them.

The first of these open contracts has been issued for CZW NIGHT OF INFAMY on November 10th. What ex-champ will be deemed the most worthy on the 10th?

Again, Ruckus will be appearing on COMBAT ZONE VIDEO at  next week to address the fans about his third title reign.

CZW World Tag Team Championship - Niles Young & Derek Frazier (with Noel Harlow) Vs. "The Son of 1,000 Maniacs" Jon Dahmer & "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto

Compound Pro Wrestling

October 27th Results

The Compound Arena Tulsa, OK

ComPro Champion "All Action" Anthony "Splash" "The G.O.A.T." Jackson def.

The Canadian Red Devil

Bernard Funk def. El Super Colibri

ComPro Tag Team Champions Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & Sudden Impact

2) def. Mr. Michael York & The Canadian Luchadore

"Terrific" Tim Rockwell def. Matt Emerald

"The Broken Arrow Bad Boy" Justin Lee def. ComPro Oklahoma X Division

Champion "Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid (w/ Boss Campbell) in a Broken

Arrow Street Fight for the title

Dragon Gate

Dragon Gate results from the Dragon Gate Arena in Japan on October 27:

Super Shisa and Shisa BOY defeated Jorge Rivera and Hornet.

K-ness defeated Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa, Jackson Florida and Johnson Florida in a "4 Person Leave-3 Person Give Up" match.

Masaaki Mochizuki defeated APE Kimata.

Shingo Takagi defeated m.c.KZ.

YAMATO, BxB Hulk and Cyber Kong defeated Katsuo, Dragon Kid and Susumu Yokosuka


Surrey, BC - October 26th, 2007

"Brilliant" Billy Suede defeated "The Bollywood Don" Harv Sihra


Sid Sylum & Nikki Matthews defeated Rick The Weapon X & Veronika Vice

Ice defeated Amazing Halo

Fast Freddy Funk & Volcano defeated Models Inc


Cole Bishop defeated "Rocket" Randy Tyler and Kurt Sterling by disqualification to retain the title



Greatness On Demand (Disco Fury, Johnny Canuck & Moondog Manson) defeated Fight Club (Aaron Idol, "Sweet Daddy" Robin Logan & Kyle O'Reilly), Chill Town (Scotty Mac, DK Roc & Sid Sylum) and The Rejected (Abbadon, Cremator & "Nasty" Nate Daniels) to retain the title

Friday, November 16th - TBA

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Bridgeview Hall

Surrey, BC

8 PM Belltime, Doors Open At 7:30 PM

Saturday, November 24th - TBA

Friday, November 30th - Vancouver, BC

Saturday, December 1st - Nanaimo, BC

Saturday, December 15th - Vancouver, BC

E.T. Stanton Obituary

Long time wrestler from the Al Tomko All-Star Wrestling days, E.T. Stanton passed away early this morning (October 22nd) after a long battle with cancer. E.T. helped many wrestlers get their start in the Pacific Northwest including "Gorgeous" Michelle Starr who E.T. introduced to Tomko back in 1988.

Starr wrote on the Kayfabe Memories message board: "He was a good man who went through hell the last couple of years of his life due to his battle with cancer. I am sure he is at peace now and looking down on his family and friends. E.T. we are going to miss you."

The funeral will be this Wednesday, 11am at the Rutland Seventh-day Adventist Church, 130 Gerstmar Road off Hwy 33 in Kelowna, BC.

Stanton is survived by his wife Debbie, son James and daughter Candis and sons Tom and Brian living in New Jersey. In lieu of flowers, any financial support to the family would be greatly appreciated. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting  or calling (250) 860-6440.

All of us at ECCW wish E.T.'s family and friends all the best during this difficult time.

For information on upcoming events, past results, roster talent and more, visit


EWA on Saturday night in Gardner, MA:

Kid Krazy b Kid Mikaze, Chunky but

Funky b Panther Martin & Guthrie O'Dwyer,

Nick Steele b Vain,

Dr. Heresy & Kid Krazy b Psycho & Jimmy James,

Christian Angers b Shayne Sharpe,

Maverick Wild b Antonio Thomas

East Carolina Wrestling Association

East Carolina Wrestling Association from Saturday night in Jacksonville, NC before 100 fans:

Charlie Dreamer b Caleb Konley,

Derek Ryze & Stoney Hooker b Jesse Ortega & Marcellus King,

K.C. McKnight b Xsiris,

Persephone b Allison Danger,

Jake Manning b Joey Silvia in a cage match (thanks to Thomas Simpson)

Eastern Wrestling Alliance 

Collission Course '07 Results (10/28/07 Arbutus, MD)

Doyle Day & Prodigy attacked Ryan McBride after McBride turned down Doyles offer to join him and his "Boss"

Greg Excellence defeated Alex Lunar

EWA Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak and Ray Alexander went to a time limit draw.

Goldthumb defeated Mr E Machine

EWA Tag Team Champions Rehoboth Beach Crew defeated "The Best Around" TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell.

Jim Christian defeated Darth X

Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma defeated Eagle & Champ Champagne

Niles Young defeated DJ Hyde after interference by Noel Harlow

MMA Exhibition saw Raphael Silva defeat Tim Donst via ref stoppage

EWA Heavyweight Champion Derek Frazier defeated Core after interference by Noel Harlow.

***ANNOUNCED FOR OUR NEXT SHOW, "COLD FURY" on December 2nd at the Arbutus Fire Hall***

EWA Cruiserweight Title Match: No Time Limit: Champion Drew Gulak vs Ray Alexander

CZW Tag Team Champions Niles Young & Derek Frazier with Noel Harlow vs DJ Hyde & Core: If Core or Hyde pin Frazier, they will get a heavyweight title shot on our January show. If either one of them pins Young, they will get 5 minutes in the ring with Noel Harlow that night.

EWA Tag Team Champions Rehoboth Beach Crew vs Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma


EWF from Friday night in Covina, CA:

Rocky Romero b Karl Anderson, Black Pearl b Dave the Bruiser,

Aggravated Assault b Featured Attraction,

La Ola Del Mal & Bino Gambino b Dan Kobrick & Terex & Sonny Samson-DQ,

Maximo b Ryan Taylor,

Carla Jade b Candice LaRae,

Mikey Nicholls b T.J. Perkins,

Gambino won Battle Royal

Force One Pro Wrestling

"Full Force" Quick Results

253 Fans packed the Fannie Rittenburg School (Hamilton Hall) at 528 PHILADELPHIA AVE in beautiful Egg Harbor City, New Jersey for an amazing night of Force One Pro Wrestling action.. Here are the quick results

"Canada's Greatest Athlete" Tommy Force w/ JADEN won over Steve the Teacher via submission with a side naked choke

Panther beat newcomer Dark Star

Patch w/ JADEN defeated "The Sure Thing" Ryan Wing (Ryan Wing's chest looked like raw hamburger after the vicious chops from Patch )

"The Midnight Idol" Nicky Benz and "Hot Shot" Mike Reid wrestled to a 10 minute draw, Then went to a draw again after 5 more minutes was awarded

F-1PW Light Heavyweight Champion Diego DiMarco w/Millionaire Ted Jr. defeated Judas Young to retain the Force One Light Heavyweight title.

In the match of the night, Former F-1PW Light Heavyweight Champion the White Lotus defeated Crazii Shea with a Lotus Blossom Driver off the top rope

High Impact (Chiki Cortes & Ricky Vega) w/ Angel defeated the team of R and R (Ryu Lee & Razor Rivera) w/Jennifer Lynn.

In the Main Event for the F-1PW Iron League Heavyweight Champion "Puerto Rican Bad Boy" Danny Pagan Defeated Breaker Morant to retain the Force One Heavyweight Championship.

Georgia Wrestling Federation

Rich Tate

Georgia Wrestling Federation results from Summerville, GA, on October 26:

Rob Adonis over Dustin Powers;

Alex Michaels & K.T. Hamill over Team 1440 (Talon Williams & Korrupt);

Josh Frost over Chris Lightning & Kevin Ages in a three-way match;

Stupid (w/ Tweety) over Da Jag by disqualification;

Jay Bird (w/ Fast Freddie) over Chris Payne;

Destruction & the Invader (w/ Mr. SSF) over Brian Rivers & Chip Hazard;

Chad Stevens & Alex Michaels over the Bad Boys 69; and 

Gangsta Nation over the Factors (w/ Mr. SSF).

Georgia Wrestling Promotions 

Results from Waleska, GA, on October 27:

Kid Ego, Jr., over Chris Lightning;

Big Head Hansen & the Hellbillies (Timbo Bryant & Jessco Blue) over Jay Clinton, Talent & Money (J.T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III);

D.L. Norris over Danny Horne; Shadow Jackson and Nemesis were both counted out; Shaun Tempers (w/ the Rev and Kayla Kaos) over Slim J to retain the GWP Southern Heavyweight Title in a casket match;

Regular Guys (Tyler Smith & Bobby Hill) over the Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) (w/ Jeff G. Bailey) in a barbed wire cage match to retain the GWP Southern Tag Team Title.

It was reported that 55 were in attendance for this card, held outdoors in cold weather. Chris Ganz was credited as being a referee for this card.

Tempers and the Rev were both seen screaming at a weeping Kaos on the way to the dressing room, as she nearly cost Tempers the match with Slim J. Nemesis was a mystery opponent chosen by Aaron Voight for the match against Jackson. Nemesis was later seen trying to run over Jackson with his car in the parking lot.

Georgia Wrestling Promotions will be back in Waleska, GA, on November 10 at the Waleska Ballpark, with a bell time of 2:00 PM. This is their final show in Waleska before moving into their own arena in Jasper, GA. ‘Superstar’ Bill Dundee, along with son ‘Iceman’ Jamie Dundee are scheduled to appear and sign autographs. If fans bring a can of food for their Feed-the-Hungry drive, they get $2.00 off the ticket price. Call (770) 296-5290 for more info.

Advertised: a four-corners-of-pain match with Danny Horne versus D.L. Norris;

Shaun Tempers; Iceberg; the Regular Guys; the Hollywood Brunettes; the Hellbillies; Kid Ego, Jr.; Chris Lightning; Big Head Hansen; Jay Clinton; and J.T. Talent.

Great Championship Wrestling 

Results from Phenix City, AL, on October 27:

Thug Rowe over David Young:

the Hooligans (Mason & Devin Cutter) over Michael Cook & "That 80s Guy";

in another GCW Tag Team Title Tournament match, Hot Like Lava (Shaun Banks & Cru Jones) (w/ Quentin Michaels) over the NOW (Vik Dalishus & Hale Collins);

Scotty Beach over Reuben James (w/ Randall Johnson);

Tex Monroe (w/ Frankie Valentine) over Randall Johnson (w/ Reuben James);

Orion Bishop (w/ Wicked Nemesis) over GCW Interstate Heavyweight Champion A.J. Steele by countout in a title match – Steele retains title;

and Johnny Swinger over Sonny Siaki in a casket match.

It was reported that 100 were in attendance for this card.

The RJ Connection (Randall Johnson & Reuben James) attacked Frankie Valentine & Tex Monroe in the parking lot before the show, leaving the latter team unable to appear in the tournament match. They were replaced by the NOW against Hot Like Lava.

Great Plains Championship Wrestling

October 27th Results

Kiowa Tribal Complex

Carnegie, OK

Li'l Joe def. Matt Garza

Sir Thomas Knight (w/ GPCW Light Heavyweight Champion Jeff Knight) def.


Outlaw vs. Kevin Morgan ended in a Double DQ

Kareem Sadat def. Shane Sanchez and Damien Morte in a Triple Threat

Hardcore match

Martin Justice def. Rick Payne

Martin Justice was awarded the GPCW Light Heavyweight Champion when Jeff

Knight was stripped of the title

"Party Man" Rick Garrett def. 3rd Rail

Tom Jones won a 15-Man Battle Royal

Impact Zone Wrestling

October 27th Results

The Impact Arena Oklahoma City, OK

Bad Brad Michaels def. Striker in a 1st round Impact Division Title

Tournament Match

Tyson James def. Damon Windsor

Tommy Revell def. Kenny Campbell

IZW Tag Team Champion Bernie Donderwitz def. Dustin Heritage in a 1st

round Impact Division Title Tournament Match

IZW Champion "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry vs. Dexter "Hardtimes"

Hardaway ended in a No-Contest when Tommy Revell and Kenny Campbell

interfered. It was then changed to an impromptu tag team match

Kenny Campbell & IZW Champion "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry def.

Tommy Revell & Dexter "Hardtimes" Hardaway 

Independent Wrestling Federation




IWF Evil Intentions Weekend Day 1

Saturday, October 27, 2007 @ IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. IWF Junior Heavyweight Champion Antonio Rivera defeated Chris Steeler to retain the title.

2. Frank Scoleri defeated Jana & Dan Marques & Kareem West in a Fatal-Four-Way Gauntlet Elimination Match.

3. Biggie Biggs defeated Bryan Harley in a Strap Match.

4. Justin Corino defeated Steve Camacho in an Amateur Wrestling Challenge.

5. WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana & Tony Torres & Kevin Knight defeated Franciz & Travis Blake & Aaron Stride w/ Rich Ross in a Six-Man-Tag.

IWF Evil Intentions Weekend Day 2

Sunday, October 28, 2007 @ IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. Justin Corino & Frank Scoleri defeated Mike Durnin & Steve Camacho to win the IWF Tag Team Titles.

2. Chris Steeler defeated Kareem West.

3. Dan Schwartz defeated Jason Roberts.

4. IWF American Champion Kevin Knight defeated Travis Blake in a Submission Match to retain the title.

5. WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana & Biggie Biggs & Antonio Rivera defeated Justin Corino & Frank Scoleri & Bryan Harley in a Six-Man-Tag.

6. IWF Heavyweight Champion Tony Torres defeated Franciz to retain the title.

For more information, visit


Independent Wrestling Federation


Thanksgiving Thunder Weekend

Saturday, November 17, 2007, 7:30 pm

& Sunday, November 18, 2007, 4:00 pm

@ IWF Centre, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson, NJ


IWF Heavyweight Champion Tony Torres, IWF American Champion Kevin Knight, IWF Tag Team Champions Justin Corino & Frank Scoleri, IWF Junior Champion Antonio Rivera, Travis Blake, Franciz, Commissioner Rich Ross, Biggie Biggs, Bryan Harley, Chris Steeler, Jana, Dan Schwartz, Jason Roberts, Dan Marques, Kareem West, Mike Jenkins, Matt Bennett & more.

For more information, visit

Insanity Pro Wrestling

Proudly Presents..

The 2007 IPW Super Jr Heavyweight Tournament

"12 Men - 1 Winner"

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fountain Square Salvation Army Community Center

1337 S Shelby Street

Indianapolis, IN

Doors Open 6:00 PM, Bell Time 7:00 PM

Admission $12.00

Kids 10 and Under $7.00

Purchase advance tickets online for only $10

This years tournament will feature 12 of the best high flying Jr Heavyweights in the Midwest in a single elimination tournament. There will be 6 first round singles matches, followed by 2 three way matches for the second round single pinfall, and the finals will feature the sole winners of the 3 way to determine the best Junior Heavyweight in IPW.

Here are the first round matches:

1) Dustin Rayz vs "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc

2) Josh Abercrombie vs Jake Crist

3) Scotty Vortekz vs xOMGx

4) Die Hard vs. "The New Horror" Sami Callihan

5) Louis Linaris vs Dave Crist

6) Hex Gage vs Drake Younger


Champion "Simply the Best" CARLTON KAZ vs. "Simply Spectacular" DAVE DAVIDSON

(Osyris is banned from the building!)



Plus much more to be announced!

Note: Hallowicked had to pull out of the show due to unforeseen circumstances and JC Bailey has been removed due to personal problems.

(card subject to change)

Visit us online at

IWA Mid-South

Here are the results from Friday night October 26th in Plainfield, IN

for the Double Death Tag Team Death Match Tournament:

Full spool of Barbwire around the ropes-

Vulgar Display of Power defeated Freakshow and Prophet. Prophet was

put away with what I think was a piledriver on the floor from Brain

Damage. Freakshow got eliminated with the knockout punch by Brain

Damage then pinned.

Barbwire stayed up plus 2 Barbwire boards-

The Bloody Brothers def. Mickie Knuckles & Storm. Storm was taken out

with a con-chair-to by the Brothers. Insane Lane was pinned after a

stiff Shining Kawada kick to the face. Mickie attempted the Shining

Kawada on Ian but Ian grabbed her and put her in an ankle lock, which

forced her to tap.

-Barbwire stayed up and deathmatch bats-

Drake Younger and Corey Shaddix def. Naptown Dragons.

Shaddix was eliminated after a Scotty Vortekz double stomp over two

open chairs then followed up by a tumbleweed from Diehard. Diehard

was eliminated after Drake hit a butterfly piles driver on two open

chairs. Scotty Vortekz was eliminated after the Drake's Landing

(Copkilla) on a pile of chairs.

-Barbwire stayed up plus TLC rules-

Devon Moore and Joker def. CJ Otis and xOMGx.

CJ Otis was pinned with a rollup by Joker after miscommunication with

xOMGx. xOMGx was then pinned with a powerbomb/neckbreak er combo to be

eliminated. After the match, Otis gave xOMGx a burning hammer through

a table piece and was going for another one until the Naptown Dragons

ran him off. xOMGx chant after the match.


-Fans bring the weapons-

The Bloody Brothers (Insane Lane and Ian Rotten) def. Joker and Devon


Moore was eliminated after Ian Rotten hit a B-Boy dropkick with

lighttubes then hit the Rotten Rush. Joker was eliminated after Lane

hit a suplex through about 10 lighttubes and a somersault by Ian.

-Fans bring the weapons-

Vulgar Display of Power (Deranged and Brain Damage) def. Drake

Younger & Corey Shaddix.

Deranged was hit with a chair and fell onto a pack of exploding

firecrackers as they were going off. However, Brain Damage with his

destructive knockout punches sends down Corey Shaddix and then drills

Drake as he was entering the ring to get the final elimation to move

VDOP into the finals.

Intermission to put up the cage.

Bloody Brothers vs. Vulgar Display of Power in a House of Horrors

match (lighttubes hanging from the top of the cage).

Insane Lane has been eliminated after Deranged hits a moonsault from

the top rope. CRUSHED Lane.

Deranged is pinned after a giant headbutt.

Down to Ian/Brain Damage. Ian worked over Damage's hand with tubes

and using the barbwire cage. Ian even pulled off Damage's MMA glove

to do further damage.

Brain Damage hits one of his hardest knockout punches (left handed)

to get the pin over Ian.

Vulgar Display of Power are your Double Death Tag Champions.

Here are the results for Saturday night October 27th in Plainfield,

IN for the Queen of the Death Matches:

There is only 6 women to compete in the house. So the matches will be

round robin style.

-Barbwire around the ropes/thumbtack death match-

Roxie Cotton vs. BB Walls (BB stands for Bad Bitch) vs. LuFisto.

BB Walls was eliminated after a buzzsaw kick from LuFisto.

LuFisto def. Roxie Cotton with an Island Driver (Emerald Fusion) to

advance to the winners bracket.

-Barbwire around the ropes/barbwire bats.

Misty Heat vs. Storm vs. Mickie Knuckles

Misty Heat eliminated by a shining Kawada kick by Mickie with a

barbwire bat held infront of her face by Storm.

Storm put the bat down Mickie's shirt and hit a kick into the chest

with it. Mickie fought back and hit a kick of her own with the

barbwire bat held infront of her foot to Storm, below the belt.

Mickie climbs to the middle rope for a Vader bomb on the fallen Storm

with the barbwire bat on her. LuFisto comes out and distracts Mickie.

Storm hits Mickie in the back with a forearm then hits a huge sitout

powerbomb to pin Mickie.

That means it'll be LuFisto vs. Storm in the winners bracket.


-Barbwire stayed up/Deathmatch bats-

BB Walls vs Mickie Knuckles.

Mickie Knuckles def. BB Walls after a stiff kick to the face with a

thumbtack bat infront of it.

-Barbwire stayed up/Barbwire Ladder-

Misty Heat vs. Roxie Cotton

Roxie Cotton def. Misty Heat after an avalanche in the corner with

the barbwire ladder followed up with a back senton from the 2nd rope.

-Barbwire 4 Corner of Pain

LuFisto vs Storm

LuFisto def. Storm with a double underhook DDT on a pile of chairs.

-Barbwire Taipei Deathmatch-

Mickie Knuckles vs. Roxie Cotton

Mickie Knuckles def. Roxie Cotton with a wicked palm strike in a hard

fought match.

Mickie Knuckles vs. LuFisto for the finals.

-Non Tournament Action/Revolution Strong Style tournament qualifier

CJ Otis vs. Deranged

CJ Otis def. Deranged. Deranged was on the apron and doing running

kicks to CJ's head. Hit one then hit a brutual one, on the third one,

CJ reversed it into a dragon screw leg whip, causing Deranged to hit

his head on the floor, CJ pinned him to get the victory.

-Intermission to set up the no rope barbwire/electrifie d lightbulbs

and electried lighttubes-

-No rope barbwire/electrifie d lightbulbs and electried lighttubes-

Mickie Knuckles vs. LuFisto

LuFisto jumped Mickie before the bell. They've hit each other with

the electrified lightbulbs and LuFisto just northern light suplex

Mickie through a bunch of tubes. I'm blocked now from the fans

standing infront of me but I'll update as soon as possible.

LuFisto just hit a huge knee to the face of a sitting Mickie then she

swung a bundle of electrified lightbulbs at her back. Mickie just set

up chairs and now they are "bar fighting" with each other. They go

back and forth and both level each other with a shot that knocks each

other out of the chairs.

LuFisto defeats Mickie Knuckles with a burning hammer through the

electrified lighttubes sitting on 2 chairs.

LuFisto is your 2007 Queen of the Deathmatch Champion.

The newest information:

Show added to Plainfield, IN on November 16th to make Dec. 7th the

500th show.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston

in a 4 way Elimination match for the IWA World Heavyweight Title has

been added to the lineup for the #500th show in Plainfield, IN on

December 7th.

Be sure to keep up with the latest IWA Mid-South news by going to 

or by visiting the IWA Mid-South message board at

http://iwamidsouth.proboards19. com/index.cgi?board= IWA   

You can purchase tickets to any event by going to  and

sending payment to   . You can also pay via check or

money order made payable to MICKIE KNUCKLES if it is far enough away

from the shows:

IWA Mid-South

PO BOX 21476

Louisville, KY 40221-0476

Be with us as we make out countdown to #500 shows in IWA Mid-South's



The IWS has a show Saturday, November 3rd at Bogey's, 3250 Cremazie East, in Montreal.

The main event pits Christopher Daniels vs. IWS Canadian champion Max Boyer.

Other matches include:

The Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno and Stupefied) vs. 2.0 (Shane Matthews & Jagged);

Kid Kamikaze vs. Jimmy K;

The Missionaries of Violence (Eddy and Lufisto) vs. EXesS and Tomassino. 

Jersey All Pro Wrestling

Jersey All Pro Wrestling from last night in Rahway, NJ before a crowd announced at more than 1,100 (our live report from Mike Omansky said he counted and said it looked to be 700 and the place was full) for a four-hour show:

Magic, Don Montoya and Charlie & Russ Haas were inducted into the JAPW Hall of Fame.

Charlie Haas was there, gave a great speech talking about wrestlers who he knew from JAPW, noting he stays in touch with some and keeps up with them by watching them on TNA.

B-Boy won six-way over Bandido Jr., Joker, M Dogg 20, Sal Rinauro and Seth Delay (excellent mach),

Havoc & Monsta Mack b Christopher Street Connection, Devon Storm b Danny Demento,

Cryme Tyme b Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,

Eddie Kingston b Drake Younger,

Frankie Kazarian b A.J. Styles (both were cheered evenly, best pure wrestling match on show),

Jay Lethal & Azrael b Ruckus & Sabian (also a great match),

Sara Del Rey b Nikki Roxx (Roxxi Lavaugh in TNA),

Rhino b Necro Butcher,

Archadia b Grim Reefer in a ladder match to win New Jersey title,

Homicide b Low Ki to win JAPW title (good match), Low Ki regained title over Homicide, Hernandez, Ruckus Sabian and B-Boy when the light went out and Teddy Hart showed up, laid everyone out and put Low Ki on top of Homicide to regain the title.

They announced B-Boy would have a retirement match on 12/8

 First-rate show overall. (thanks to Mike Omansky and Bob Nichnadowicz)


LWA from last night in House Springs, MO:

Brandon Aarons b Adam Rich,

Dorian Victor b Jeremy Wyatt,

Shorty Biggs b Dan Velten,

Donovan Ruddick b Johnny Greenpeace,

Adam Raw b Steven Kennedy,

Dingo b Tyler Cook,

Johnny Vinyl & Davey Vega b Evan Gelisto & Jordan Lacey,

Pierre Abernathy b Gary the Barnowl (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)

Living Legends Wrestling

Living Legends Wrestling from last night in Hamilton, ONT before 125 fans:

Flatliners b Club Sexx,

Eddie Osbourne b Samoa Moe,

Four Whoresman b Wild Stallions,

Josh Taylor b Josh Alexander,

Notorious TID b Ethan Page,

Derek Wylde b Rip Impact,

Johnny Devine b Tyson Dix 3-2 in a 60:00 Iron man match (said to be one of the best matches all year in Ontario) (thanks to Allan Cajilig and Steven Ashe)

Loco Wrestling

Perhaps you’re thinking that the innovative spirit that once made Philadelphia the center of the world has waned, that Comcast rules our destiny and politicos exploit us at every opportunity. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong, but have you heard about Loco Wrestling? From the heart of the Badlands — that’s B and Clearfield streets to you, bub — comes a bold new sport, a competition in which we see the best of ourselves and our fellow citizens, valiantly going to the mat… IN TIGHTS! Or whatever you wanna wear, really. Loco Wrestling is currently putting the finishing touches on a wrestling school — oh, but it’s much more:

For the students we provide a fully licensed and insured facility with trainers who are well experienced in the ring both in the drama aspect as well as advanced and basic wrestling moves, by the time a trainer decides that a student is ready to wrestle on one of our live shows they will know how to perform the moves safely as well as cut a promo and develop a “gimmick”.

On November 6th and November 8th Ricky Reyes will be hosting a free seminar at the Loco Wrestling Academy. Anyone even remotely interested in a career in pro wrestling is invited to attend. There will also be a lite workout after the question/answer session.

If you've ever dreamed of a career in pro wrestling this is the time for you. Ricky Reyes has trained/been involved in training some of the biggest stars in the industry. Stop on down to B and Clearfield on November 6th at 5pm.

Loco Fights Inc.

210 E. Lippincot st.

Philadelphia Pa. 19134

Entrance on B street.

Contact us at 888-369-8222 

Lucha Libre

Kris Zellner 

AAA 10/26 – Estadio de Beisbol Carlos Serdan Arechavaleta de Orizaba (TV


1. Mini Charly Manson/Mini Chessman/Mini Histeria beat Mascarita

Divina/Octagoncito/La Parkita

2. The Night Queens (Jesse/Nygma/Polvo de Estrellas/Yuriko) defeated El

Angel/Super Fly/Cassandro/Pimpinela Escarlata when Polvo fouled Pimpi behind

the ref’s back.

3. Los Bellos Stone (Alan y Chris Stone/Super Calo) beat Los Guapos VIP

(Decnis/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido) – It was announced afterwards that these teams

would meet in a hair match on 11/30 in Ciudad Madero on the Guerra de

Titanes show.

4. Elegido/Intocable/Octagon defeated Electroshock/Ozz/Kenzo Suzuki by DQ.

Zorro told Elegido before the match that he would be stretchered out and

after a martinete by Electro, he was.

5. Cibernetico & La Parka Jr. beat El Mesias & Zorro by DQ due to excessive

violence. Mesias announced he would defend his AAA Heavyweight Title against

Ciber on 11/11 in Irapuato.

EMLL 10/28 – Arena Coliseo

1. Angel Azteca Jr. & Trueno beat Polvora & Zayco

2. Molotov/Neutron/Tony Rivera defeated Apocalipsis/Arkangel de la

Muerte/Dr. X

3. Escandalo/Mr. Mexico/Shigeo Okumura beat Fabian el Gitano/Leono/Stuka Jr.

4. Felino/La Mascara/Sagrado defeated Mephisto/Misterioso II/Samurai Shiro

by DQ when Mephisto fouled Mascara. Shiro was stretchered out.

5. Blue Panther/Marco Corleone/Negro Casas beat Los Guerreros del Atlantida

(Atlantis/Black Warrior/Olimpico)

Independent 10/24 – Gimnasio Municipal de Oaxaca

1. Bam Bam & Skud beat Pequeno Violencia & Pierrothito

2. Kingo Jr./Maximo/Stuka Jr. defeated Escandalo/Loco Max/?

3. Dr. X & Nitro beat Mascara Purpura & Valiente

4. Alex Koslov/La Sombra/Valiente defeated Arkangel de la Muerte/Misterioso

II/Sangre Azteca

5. UWA Heavyweight Title: Dr. Wagner Jr. beat Ultimo Guerrero to retain his


Monterrey 10/28 – Arena Solidaridad

1. Astro Negro Jr./Dark War/Misionero beat Latino/Norteno/Orquidea Negra

2. Los Gemelos Muerte I y II defeated Atomo & Solovino

3. Apolo Estrada Jr./Estrella Dorada Jr./Monje Negro Jr. beat

Aventurero/Humberto Garza Jr./Mongol Chino

4. Los Diluvio Negros I y II/Principe Rebelde defeated Caifan Rockero I/Gato

Volador/Silver Star

5. Brazo de Oro/Brazo de Platino/L.A. Par-K beat Hator/Silver King/Vaquero


NWA Southwest 10/27 – Plaza San Miguel in Houston, Texas

1. Shawn Daivari beat Rory Fox

2. Texas Heavyweight Title: Kevin Northcutt defeated Chaz Taylor to retain

his title.

3. Cassandro & Mascarita Dorada beat Magno & Espantito

4. La Bomba Loca defeated U-Gene

5. War Games: Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)/Sicodelico Jr. beat Karl

Anderson/Adam Pearce/C. Edward Vanderpyle

6. Angel Blanco Jr. & Felino defeated Pentagon Black & TJ Perkins

7. Incognito & Sean Waltman beat Brent Albright & Ricky Romero

8. Blue Demon Jr. & Mil Mascaras defeated Atlantis & Super Parka


11/11 – Instalaciones del Inforum de Irapuato (TV Taping)

1. Mascarita Divina/Octagoncito/La Parkita vs. Mini Abismo Negro/Mini Charly

Manson/Mini Histeria

2. La Nuevo Familia de Tijuana (Extreme Tiger/Halloween/Nicho el

Millionario) vs. Cuervo/Escoria/Espiritu

3. Charly Manson & Chessman vs. Electroshock & Zorro

4. Los Bellos Stone (Alan y Chris Stone/Super Calo) vs. Los Guapos VIP

(Decnis/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido)

5. Brazo de Plata/Elegido/Super Fly vs. Abismo Negro/Ozz/Kenzo Suzuki

6. AAA World Heavyweight Title: El Mesias (c) w/Konnan vs. Cibernetico w/La

Parka Jr.


10/30 – Arena Coliseo

1. Angel Azteca Jr. & Kid Tiger vs. Polvora & Vaquero

2. Bracito de Oro/Shockercito/Tzuki vs. Los Cachorros del Mal (Mini Mr.

Aguila/Pequeno Damian 666/Pequeno Halloween)

3. Metalico/Mictlan/Tigre Blanco vs. Diamante Negro/Euforia/Nosferatu

4. Alex Koslov/La Mascara/Valiente vs. Damian 666/Hijo del Texano/Misterioso


5. Blue Panther/Mistico/Volador Jr. vs. Black Warrior/Los Villanos IV y V

10/30 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara

1. Quazar vs. Virgo

2. Idolo vs. Valentin Mayo

3. Guerrero Samurai vs. Danger

4. Metatron vs. Infierno

5. Leon Blanco vs. El Egipcio

6. Mascara Purpura & Stuka Jr. vs. Ephesto & Virus

7. Marco Corleone/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Dragon vs. Los Guerreros del Atlantida


11/2 – Arena Mexico

1. Fabian el Gitano & Leono vs. Euforia & Nosferatu

2. Maximo/Sagrado/Ultimo Dragon vs. Averno/Mephisto/Samurai Shiro

3. Rey Bucanero/Shocker/La Sombra vs. Black Warrior/Hijo del Lizmark/Toscano

4. Blue Panther/Dos Caras Jr./Marco Corleone vs. Los Perros del Mal (Perro

Aguayo Jr./Mr. Aguila/Damian el Terrible)

5. CMLL Tag Titles: Mistico & Negro Casas (c) vs. Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero

11/4 – Arena Coliseo

1. Mascarita Dorada & Pequeno Olimpico vs. Fire & Pequeno Warrior

2. Luna Magica/Marcela/Princesa Blanca vs. Amapola/Medusa/Raven Hiroka

3. Mascara Purpura/Maximo/Valiente vs. Misterioso II/Hajime Ohara/Shigeo


4. Alex Koslov/Negro Casas/Ultimo Dragon vs. Black Warrior/Samurai

Shiro/Sangre Azteca

5. Blue Panther/Marco Corleone/Rey Bucanero vs. Los Guerreros del Atlantida

(Atlantis/Hijo del Lizmark/Ultimo Guerrero)

11/4 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara

1. Golden & Virgo vs. Guero Loco & Valentin Mayo

2. Idolo & Nube Roja vs. Danger & Rey Trueno

3. El Gallo/Mach-1/Metalik vs. Angel Blanco Jr./Infierno/Toxico

4. Leon Blanco/La Mascara/La Sombra vs. Los Nuevos Infernales


5. Dos Caras Jr./Shocker/Ultimo Dragon vs. Los Perros del Mal (Mr.

Aguila/Hector Garza/Hijo del Texano)

11/5 – Arena Puebla

1. ?

2. ??

3. Mexican National Femenil Title: Marcela (c) vs. Amapola

4. La Mascara/Maximo/Sagrado vs. Escandalo/Misterioso II/Sangre Azteca

5. High Society (Alex Koslov/Rey Bucanero/Shocker) vs. Los Guerreros (Black

Warrior/Toscano/Ultimo Guerrero)


10/30 – Arena Aficion de Pachuca

1. Ragde & Violento Jack vs. Aero Boy & Konami

2. Arenita & Fantasma de la Opera vs. Cerebro Negro & Radioactivo

3. Caballeras contra Caballeras: Aspid & Luger vs. La Chona & Sexy Gemini

4. Relevos Increibles: Astro Boy & Hijo del Solitario vs. Enfermero Jr. &


5. Mistico/Sagrado/La Sombra vs. Averno/Bengala/Mephisto

10/30 – Terraza Corona de Matamoros

1. Stalker vs. X

2. Cometa Jr. & Instinto vs. Holocausto & Principe Guerrero

3. Cruz de Plata & El Maligno vs. Angel o Demonio & Kramer

4. Guerrillero Jr./Montecristo/Skam 13 vs. El Animal/Etreuss/Kaientai

5. Fantasma/Super Parka/Zar Rojo Jr. vs. Espectro Jr./Pentagon Black/Fidel



10/30 – Arena Corona de Reynosa

1. Zeus vs. Jaguar de Oro

2. Guerrero Estrella & Misterio Negro vs. Guerrero del Camino & Rey del


3. Las Imagenes I y II/Super Boy vs. Los Intachables (I/II/III)

4. Asterisco/Asterisco Jr./Rey Patriota vs. Black Danger/Ari Romero/Ari

Romero Jr.

5. Caballera vs. Caballera vs. Caballera vs. Caballera: Corazon de Barrio

vs. Estrella Dorada Jr. vs. Hator vs. Rey Infernal

Mad-Pro Wrestling 

returns to Chillicothe, Ohio

WEDNESDAY November 7th

"Pain Is Temporary, Pride Is Forever!"

LIVE @ Cardo’s Restaurant & Bar

27 West Second Street

Tickets available now at:

Valaro/Subway – 520 S. Paint St.

Custom Power Sports – 790 Western Ave.

& Cardo’s – 27 W. Second Street.

Front Row - $12 Advance / $15 @ Door

General Admission - $10 Advance / $12 @ Door


Doors Open @ 7pm – Belltime @ 7:30pm

**MPW Heavyweight Championship**


Drake Younger(c) vs. Mad Man Pondo

-No Glass Allowed!-

**MPW Crowns the FIRST EVER Tag-Team Champions**

Princes of Portugual vs. Irish Airborne

Devlin Anderson vs. Juggulator

OMG vs. Christian Vaughn w/ Minka Murder

Plus: "The New Horror" Sami Callihan, Sam Hane, Lou Roberts, Cyrus Poe, V.L. Stricklett, Josh Hayes, & MORE!!!

For more info check out WWW.MADWRESTLING.COM

Mid-South Wrestling Alliance

October 28th Results

Golden Goose Flea Market Midwest City, OK

Shane Rawls def. "Ky-ote" Joe Herell

Dexter "Hardtimes" Hardaway def. Kareem Sadat

Eric Rose (w/ Maria Starr) def. Vash Heartley and Xavior in a 3-Way

Elimination Match to become the #1 contender to the MSWA Mid-South

Cruiserweight Title

"The Mayne Event" Les Mayne def. Bryan Blade

MSWA Mid-South Champion Prince Al Farat (w/ Jin Soon) def. Doink the Clown

The South Side Soul Assassins (Tyson James & 3rd Rail) def. MSWA Mid-South

Tag Team Champions Bad Boy & MSWA Oklahoma Champion Outlaw (w/ Talon) for

the titles 

Millennium Wrestling Federation

"Halloween Horrors"

Saturday 10/27/07

Salem High School--Veterans Memorial Fieldhouse

Salem, Massachusetts

Benefit shows for Special Olympics Massachusetts

2:00 p.m. show

Ring Announcer: Rich Palladino

Referees: Tony S, Dan Tanaka, Rob Tuttle

Security: Brian Ballin

Attendance: approx. 40

1. "The Judomaster" Benny Juxx over "Black Lotus" Matt Ledge.

Promo--Mr. Johnny Fabulous comes out to insult the Salem crowd, calls all of

the women witches, and so forth. One of the Special Olympians in the front row

was so upset with Johnny Fab, he challenged him to a fight! Johnny Fab took

off his suit coat to accept the challenge, but quickly left the ring.

2. Mauka the Hawaiian Warrior over Psycho.

3. Scott Reed over Furio Falcone.

4. Jimmy Jact Cash over "The Nicest Wrestler Ever" Mike Nice.

5. Heavyweight Champ "The Sin City Saint" Todd Hanson over "The Future Legend"

Luke Robinson to retain the championship.

6. "The Executioner" Brian Milonas over Tom "The Sledge" Lidell.

7. Freight Train over TRP Interstate Champ Big Daddy Bravo in a non-title

match. Freight Train was announced as being from Super Buffet 2000 (yes, there

is a Chinese buffet restaurant in Fall River with that name). As usual,

Freight brought various snack food items to the ring.

8. Big Rick Fuller (with Bull Montana) destroyed Andrew "Big Bear" Countiss

(aka Big Bear Matoush) after several vicious chops. I don't know why Big Bear

was announced as this Andrew Countiss person.

9. "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards over Tiger Mulligan.

10. Tag Team Champ "The Dynasty" Beau Douglas won an over-the-top-rope battle

royal. Other participants were Furio Falcone, Tom "The Sledge" Lidell, "Black

Lotus" Matt Ledge, Andrew "Big Bear" Countiss (aka Big Bear Matoush), "The

Nicest Wrestler Ever" Mike Nice, Psycho, "The Executioner" Brian Milonas,

Makua the Hawaiian Warrior, Jimmy Jact Cash, Judomaster Benny Juxx, Scott

Reed, Big Daddy Bravo, "The Future Legend" Luke Robinson, and Freight Train.

Between the two shows, there was a Q&A session with Road Dogg B.G. James,

Chris Sabin, Demolition Smash, and Scotty Too Hotty...followed by an autograph

session with all four stars. During the autograph session, Mr. Johnny Fabulous

comes out to insult the crowd again...and talk about his multi-million dollar

investments in wrestlers: Jimmy Jact Cash and Television Champ Tomasso Champa.

During their bitch session, Cash and Champa beat up Johnny Fab, who had to be

carried out and taken to a local hospital.

7:00 p.m. show

Ring Announcer: Rich Palladino

Referees: Tony S., Dan Tanaka, Zac Carter

Security: Brian Ballin

Attendance: approx. 150

1. "The Future Legend" Luke Robinson over Scott Reed, "The Judomaster" Benny

Juxx and Furio Falcone in a Fatal Four Way match.

2. Television Champ Tomasso Champa over "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards to retain the

championship after Jimmy Jact Cash interfered. After the match, Jimmy said he

will pay $100,000 to any wrestler in the locker room that can beat him. Jimmy

claimed that everyone is scared of him. "Black Lotus" Matt Ledge accepts the

challenge...leads up to match #3.

3. Jimmy Jact Cash over "Black Lotus" Matt Ledge (with Special Olympian Justin


4. Freight Train (with Luscious Latasha) over Andrew "Big Bear" Countiss (aka

Big Bear Matoush), and TRP Interstate Champ Big Daddy Bravo in a Three Way

Dance. Before the match, Freight was handing out McDonald's Happy Meals to the

fans at ringside...along with Domino's Pizza and other munchies. Also, during

the match, Freight would have to take a food break! At one point, Freight and

Bravo took turns in trying to pin Big Bear. When one would pin him, the other

would break up the count. This went on for a few pinfall attempts. Bravo got

upset with Freight, and left the ring...leaving Big Bear all alone with

Freight. When Freight had Big Bear beaten, Tony the Ref would count too slow.

Freight got upset with Tony, and recruited Special Olympian Justin to count

the pinfall!

5. Former WWE star Scotty Too Hotty (with Special Olympian Steven Ingalls)

over Tiger Mulligan. The special guest ring announcer for this match was

Special Olympian Cory O'Keefe. After this match, almost half the crowd left!

6. The Canadian Superstars (J. Busta & Dave Cole) over "The Dynasty" Beau

Douglas & TNA star "Road Dogg" B.G. James (with Bull Montana) to win the Tag

Team Championship. Before the match, Tony the Ref told Jimmy Jact Cash leave

ringside or the Canadians would forfeit the match. Road Dogg was pinned after

Tomasso Champa interfered. Jimmy Jact Cash came back out later but was

attacked by Road Dogg and Beau for his trouble. Road Dogg was upset about the

loss and challenged the Canadians and Tomasso to a re-match, but they left

ringside anyway.

7. Sledge Robertson over "The Nicest Wrestler Ever" Mike Nice.

8. Heavyweight Champ "The Sin City Saint" Todd Hanson over TNA star Chris

Sabin to retain the championship.

9. Former WWE star Demolition Smash & Big Rick Fuller (with Bull Montana) over

Makua the Hawaiian Warrior & "The Executioner" Brian Milonas in a casket

match. Makua wound up being stuffed in the casket. After Brian got him out of

the casket, Makua was dazed and disgruntled and had to be helped back to the

locker room.

MWF's next event is scheduled for Saturday 11/24/07 at the Good Time Emporium

in Somerville, Massachusetts. Scheduled to appear are Al Snow and TNA

X-Division Champ "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal. The next event is a benefit for

a "Toys for Local Children" program.


Eric Walker

NCW®, the longest running and by far most successful promotion in Central Pennsylvania, returns THIS SATURDAY November 3rd to YORK, Pa with the One and the Only….


NCW® storms back to town, and drops anchor at The York County Technical School {Formerly known as the York Vo-Tech Senior High School} 2179 S. Queen St {immediately off the Queen St. Exit on Route 83}

Tickets for NCW's big November 3rd extravaganza with Bruno Sammartino, and “The 1st Lady of Pro Wrestling" MISSY HYATT ON SALE AT THESE OUTLETS!!

Lion Bowl 717-244-6215 located at the Corners of Martin & Pine - Red Lion

Buck's Variety Store 717-246-6404 located in the Dairyland Sq. Shopping Center on the Dallastown/Red Lion border.

The UPS Store 717-747-5599 located at 204 St. Charles in the St. Charles Way Shopping Strip, by Tailgaters and just off the Route 83 Queen St exit - York/Spry

The Collectibles Store 717-764-7021 in the West Manchester Mall – York

Fans in the Baltimore area can get tickets for NCW Events at Steel Cage Memorabilia at The North Point Flea Market in Dundalk.

Also, for the first time, you will be able to purchase tickets via phone and for delivery, using your VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER card by calling Buck's Variety Store and using the BUCKLINE at either 717-495-5819 or 717-578-8413

Remember by using the BUCKLINE, you can have your tickets mailed to you or have them waiting at the Box Office the night of the event!

For those purchasing tickets at the Lion Bowl outlet, you may now use your Visa or MasterCard as well. {Tickets from Lion Bowl are for pick-up only & will not be mailed}

MAIN EVENT!! NCW Heavyweight Championship Match!!

NCW Champion Adam Flash (6th Defense) vs. TO BE ANNOUNCED LIVE AT THE SHOW!!!

Adam Flash, making his incredible 6th Title Defense as NCW’s Longest Reigning Champion ever, literally demanded a great challenger in a recent phone call to NCW Ownership and WILL GET what he asked for. Flash stated that NCW is his hometown company and he wanted the very best challenger possible on November 3rd. It is often said however, be careful what you wish you, as Flash will get his wish. Will The Adam Flash era continue in NCW through 2008? Find out November 3rd.

UPDATE: THE SPOT IS FILLED!! If you want to figure out who it ISN’T, go look at ROH’s and PWU’s lineups, and then start guessing. NCW fans will NOT be disappointed with who has stepped forward. The individual in question made ONE comment to NCW, that Adam Flash’s FUTURE looks very bleak!


The Luvbug and Marshall Law (3rd Defense) vs. Bad Crew

Luvbug and Law have been on a roll since winning the Tag Team Championship back in April of 2006. Now, they must face the FIRST EVER NCW Tag Team Champions, The Bad Crew. Can Crazy Jake and Pauly become the first ever 3 time Champions, or will Luvbug and Marshall Law dance in celebration again on November 3rd.

NOTE: NCW will be debuting NEW Championship Belts crafted by “The King Of Belts” Reggie Parks to replace the belts Luvbug and Law sold to another promoter and the World Title held by Adam Flash that “mysteriously was misplaced” by Flash. NCW has taken the incredible step of insuring the belts, which are valued at over $10,000 and the Champions must now post a surety bond with NCW to travel with the new Championships. Also, NCW will soon debut a new Championship and that belt will be on display at the November 3rd show!! Fans can get their pictures taken with the new

belts as well on November 3rd!! Guaranteed, the belts will not “NO SHOW”.

Farewell to a Hardcore Superstar!

Cotton The Bad Butcher faces Kid Kattrell in his final match ever!

The reckless, violent, blood spewing mammoth, known to Indy wrestling fans as

Cotton the Bad Butcher has announced that his appearance on November 3rd in York Pennsylvania for NCW will be his final match inside the squared circle.

The 20-plus year veteran performer, who has both chilled & thrilled crowds from coast to coast with his animalistic style, is putting the "animal" in Cotton the Bad Butcher to rest, as the travel, the injuries, the wear, the tear, and the burden of carrying well over 400lbs on his 6 foot tall frame, are all contributing factors in the Butcher's decision.

Never one to make a big deal out of seeking title opportunities, instead remaining perfectly happy to sign on the dotted line for any kind of blood bath, the Butcher has managed to wear gold on several occasions throughout his career.

He is a former AAW tag team Champion teaming w/ a forgotten grappler by the name of The Extermination Machine. He is also the former 2-Time EWF/Hardway Hardcore Heavyweight Champion, and was the inaugural Universal Hardcore Heavyweight Champion, a belt currently held by the Hungarian Barbarian. He is also a former NCW King-of-the-Hill series champ. Most recently Cotton and tag team partner, "Tough Enough" Greg Matthews battled unsuccessfully in a series of matches for the NCW Tag Titles.

On November 3rd at The York County Technical School, 2179 S. Queen St. York Pa, Cotton hits the ring for the final time as he battles a former co-holder of the NCW tag straps, and another former King-of-the-Hill series champion, KID KATTRELL!

Cotton wants all the fans, whether they love him or hate him, to know that on November 3rd he’ll be clicking on all cylinders, and promises a wild & woolly finale and the absolute BEST of the BUTCHER!

In a short but not so sweet statement, the Butcher exclaimed "Kattrell is not planning to retire after this match. I am! But after this match, he may not have a choice. I hope he enjoys his ambulance ride to The York Hospital"


Andrew Bates faces REFEREE “Pistol” Pete McGraw APPOINTED OFFICIAL: MMA competitor Biff Walizer!

NCW officially signed a match between "Master" Andrew Bates and referee "Pistol" Pete McGraw to take place during the November 3rd show for NCW at The York County Technical Center. The Match has been titled the "Respect My Authority" Match.

The 2 individuals in the match have been the center of legitimate controversy over the last several months stemming from an incident in a Reading nightclub. This incident, where Andrew Bates allegedly struck referee Pete McGraw with a beer bottle, was apparently the result of numerous incidents between the two at various wrestling shows.

McGraw applied for and got the proper credentials to wrestle on the event. McGraw has stated he could care less about this as he feels the paperwork he signed to face Bates is "his license to pay the receipt" he owes Bates.

NCW Officials, especially Eric Walker, did not want this match to even take place because he was worried both McGraw and Bates would not "follow instructions" and the potential for serious injury would occur. Andrew Bates was also very hesitant about signing on for the match, claiming that McGraw was not a wrestler and just some referee who thinks he's something he's not. Bates also complained that all of the NCW referees would biased for "their boy" and that if he hurt McGraw that he'd file charges against him and probably sue him.

Therefore, the legal counsel of Wrestling Beltworld Entertainment which is NCW's parent company, drew up binding paperwork that both men signed which dictates the following...

1. NCW Officials will make a reasonable effort to employ another referee with no ties to NCW to referee the match, or find an individual to officiate the match as per Commission guidelines.

2. McGraw agrees to indemnify Wrestling Beltworld Entertainment from any and all claims as pertaining to performing in the match on November 3rd, 2007. McGraw will not hold Wrestling Beltworld Entertainment liable for any injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, disability claims, or any direct or indirect damages suffered as a result of performing in this match. McGraw also can not file for subrogated claims for damages through any independent insurance policies he carries as a result of any losses or injuries suffered during the match.

3. McGraw also agreed to indemnify Andrew Bates from any and all legal remedies, both civil and criminal, as a result of any injuries or damages suffered during the match or any incident prior to November 3rd, 2007 which effectively prevents him from filing criminal charges against Bates for the incident on July 26th, 2007.

4. Both individuals agree to have no contact of any form between the two between the signing of this contract, up to and including November 3rd, 2007 prior to the scheduled time of their match. Failure to adhere to this will result in the cancellation of the match and Wrestling Beltworld Entertainment seeking damages as a result of having to cancel the match, including legal fees, advertising costs, licensing costs and any indirect costs to the promotion as a result of scheduling this match.

NCW, to insure this match stays somewhat in control, has signed Penn State University Wrestling Kingpin, Red Lion Area Senior High Varsity Wrestling Coach, and former All-American BIFF WALIZER has signed to wear the stripes on November 3rd & act as trouble shooting referee for this big, big match!

Walizer is without question, a legitimate tough guy, with an incredible background in wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. NCW bookers have stated “A guy like Biff is exactly what we need in this match." "He will control the actions and emotions of these 2 , he'll take no crap, and we feel that with his local ties he'll also end up being a box office attraction"

Biff was a 4 year starter at Penn State, where he earned the distinction of All-American his senior year. He finished his college career with an incredible 101 Wins this came after a storied high school career which saw Walizer win four District 6 Tournament titles from 1991 to 1994 and four Northwest Regional Tournament titles. He earned two titles at the

PIAA Championships, winning at 125 in both his a sophomore and junior years, followed by a 4th place finish in 130 weight class as a senior. Walizer finished his high school career with a 137-7 record.

Biff now heads into his ninth season as Head Coach for the Red Lion Varsity Wrestling Team, bringing with him a 98-44 record and he is set to add to these credentials as he takes a foray into the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Other accomplishments include...

1990 USA Cadet Freestyle champion

1996 USA University Freestyle champion

1995 USA FILA Junior World Greco-Roman champion

1999 NCAA Division I All-American

2000 District 6 Hall of Fame inductee

Yes, Andrew Bates and “Pistol Pete” McGraw will finally settle this long running issue in a sanctioned wrestling match, and Biff Walizer will make sure they will “follow instructions”.


Vince Bono of WPW defends against NCW’s RAY Alexander

It's old, it's ugly, it's dirty, It's battered, it's pock marked & it's been handed around to many an athlete. No wrestling fans, it's NOT your ex; It's the WPW Light Heavyweight Title Belt.

Sometimes something that looks so bad can still mean so much! This belt has an incredible title lineage, and is sought after by every star in the sport that can slip in under the 215 lb weight limit.

On November 3rd, for the first time ever, World Professional Wrestling's Light Heavyweight Championship will be defended on an NCW Show. WPW Light Heavyweight Champion, "Playboy" Vince Bono takes on NCW main stay Ray "The Price of Admission" Alexander. This is a highly anticipated match, as Alexander the young up & comer has

engaged in a vicious feud with Bono, the long time reigning Champion.

WPW Owner Paul "Pinky" Pinkerton along with NCW officials have put into place several stipulations regarding this high throttle encounter. Not only is the match a No DQ, No Count-out, Ladder Match, a match that could favor the younger and more agile Alexander, but Alexander's Flag Bearer and Manager/Corner-man, Lu Luv will be handcuffed to ring side, as to ensure no outside interference on his behalf. On the other side of the coin, the experience, the ring time and the fact that Bono has participated numerous times in this style of match could shift the favor to the hated veteran performer. It has also been announced that long time Bono manager, The Hat Guy will be banned from the York County School of Technology ensuring that he will be of no factor in the outcome of this match. This was thrown at both Alexander and Bono and all parties involved, Saturday night in front of a packed house in Shillington, PA. Pinky Pinkerton was invited and accepted an offer to be in attendance, representing WPW. Both "Dirty Deeds" Darren Wyse, a former WPW Light title holder himself, & NCW C.E.O Eric Walker were on hand during this past Saturday's event, as all sides finalized the agreement.

Adding to the drama is that WPW has announced on November 2nd, Vince Bono will defend the belt against Ray Alexander during WPW's next show, which features a tournament for the WPW Tag Team Championship. It is possible that Alexander could come to York on November 3rd already the WPW Light Heavyweight Champion. No matter what happens on November 2nd, Bono and Alexander will meet on November 3rd in a Ladder Match for the Light Heavyweight Championship of WPW at the York County School of Technology!

Winner receives automatic NCW Championship Match!

Smasher LeBlanc vs. King Kahlua w/Jonathan Luvstruck

With so much confusion and issues surrounding the November 3rd NCW Championship Match and getting a challenger for the event, NCW has decided that the winner of this match between 20 Year Veteran King Kahlua and NCW’s “Cajun Cannon” will receive an automatic NCW Championship Match contract! King Kahlua, a well traveled veteran, has wrestled for many of the major territories in the USA. His stops have included ICW, AWA, Memphis, CWA and the NWA. LeBlanc may not have the resume Kahlua has, but has made a name for himself in NCW and many independent companies with his hardnosed brawling style and incredible toughness. Will age and treachery overcome youth and skill, or will the Cajun Cannon blast his way to a NCW Championship Match on November 3rd.

USA vs. The Evil Foreigners!

The Patriot vs. Royce Profit's "Foreign Menace"

Former GWF North American Champion The Patriot has taken on the best in the World, and is ready for any challenge. On November 3rd, Royce Profit, who has carried a vendetta against The Patriot for years, has made a deal to bring in someone he says will so throw The All American Superstar off his game by his mere look alone, that The Patriot's career will be ended on November 3rd. NCW has warned Profit that if this “Foreign Menace” does anything offensive during the show, that very bad things will happen.

Winners Get an NCW Tag Team Title Match at the Next NCW Event GUARANTEED!

“Dirty Deeds” Darren Wyse and the Hungarian Barbarian with Missy Hyatt take on CZW Originals John Dahmer and Eddie Valentine!!

The Tag Team of "Dirty Deeds" Darren Wyse and The Hungarian Barbarian, will have their wild & unruly brand of wrestling put to the test like never before as they meet former CZW Tag Team Champions, John Dahmer & Eddie Valentine. Dahmer & Valentine, without a doubt, one of the most vicious & destructive tandems to ever unite, bring years of experience, tons of past championship runs & a bad attitude that is second to none. This one will be NASTY from bell to bell.

Adding to this already potentially explosive match is that the winner of the match receives an automatic NCW Tag Team Title shot at NCW’s next event, guaranteed, you can bank on it. With brand new Tag Team Belts being presented on November 3rd, both teams know these belts mean more money and more notoriety, and will let it all hang out on November 3rd.


Mr. BET Jermaine Jubilee faces The Masked Medic

Mr. BET and The Masked Medic faced off at the last NCW Show, and despite there being a clear winner, both wrestlers decided that nothing had been settled, thus the rematch here on November 3rd. Adding intrigue to this match is the fact that Medic's manager, Judge Lawless, has abandoned his charges and left wrestling. The Masked Medic blames the stress of the long running feud between Judge Lawless and his former charge Jubilee contributed to the Judge retiring and abandoning him and Andrew Bates. Will The Medic be able to handle Jubilee on his own, or will Mr. BET send the Medic into retirement with his former Manager?

Also, NCW has taken it upon themselves to plan your entire evening on November 3rd. That's right! Fans can join the NCW crew for a private post match party, directly across the street at TAILGATER'S & SUBS UNLIMITED PLUS.

We will be occupying both sides of the Restaurant and Bar, so ALL ages will be able join in on the fun! Food & drink specials will be offered as you wind down the evening with all your favorite NCW superstars.

TONS of Information still to come! For all the action, all the additions, all the announcements, check in at WWW.NCWZONE.COM

Also feel free to E-Mail our office at


NEPW on 11/3 in Painesville, OH at the Hide Out Roller Rink

NWA Pro & NWA Midwest "Lucha Libre Mexicana"

Mitch Hartsey

Saturday November 10th

Libertad" Freedom

Hammond Civic Center

5825 Sohl Avenue

Hammond, IN 46320

Tickets available at the Hammond Civic Center Box Office (219) 853-6378

Or at Ticketmaster 

7pm Belltime


Main Event: - Blue Demon/L.A. Park V. Nicho/Atlantis

El Dandy V. Rocky Romero

Felino/Angel Blanco V. Cobra II/Magno

NWA World Tag Title Match - Anderson/Ryan V. Los Luchas

NWA World Title Match - Adam Pearce V. Sean Waltman

"Mixed Tag w/ Minis - Cassandro/Mini V. Black Tiger IV/Mini

U-Gene V. Jason Dukes

NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title Match - "Roughneck" Jay Ryan (c) V. NWA Indiana State Champion The Metal Master'

NWA Heartland States Title Match - Rasche "The Skullkrusher" (c) V. Tyler Black

New England Championship Wrestling

Sheldon Goldberg

NECW returned to the National Guard Armory in Quincy , MA this past Saturday night, October 27th for FIGHTS & FRIGHTS – a jam-packed card with tons of action and a number of big surprises.

To start the event, Brian Cairo interrupts ring announcer Chris Norman and says how 2007 was supposed to be the year of Team Cairo, to date it hasn’t been good “but the year ain’t over yet”. Cairo calls out Scott Osbourne, talking about for his abilities, potential and his future as a Champion. Next Cairo calls out the Canadian Superstars (J-Busta and Dave Cole). Cairo says they WERE the best team in the business, they fell apart and were unable to regain the belts they lost. Cairo blames the Canadians for being selfish, self- centered and now that they are all on the same page again, success will come. Busta and Cole began to respond and Cairo acted indignant. Dave Cole went to grab Cairo and Osbourne stepped in the way. Busta tossed Osbourne to the outside as Dave Cole threatened to punch Cairo . Instead in a shocking moment, Cole clotheslined Busta.. Osbourne returned to the ring and the two began an assault on J-Busta. Cairo then stated that he was ready to announce his newest signing to the world and seeing as Busta was still under his management, Busta would be that man’s first opponent as a Team Cairo member. Cairo then called out his “monster” Rick Fuller. This match was as brutal as it was short. Cairo seemed dedicated to having Fuller permanently injured J-Busta and may have gotten his wish. After the match, ringside personnel were required to transport Busta from the ring to a local medical facility.

Next was an NECW TV Title rematch between Max Bauer and champion “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke. As per a pre-match stipulation, “The Talent” TJ Richter was barred from ringside and any transgression from him would lead to Max’ instant disqualification and loss of any title shot opportunities for a year. As it appeared that Bauer gained a decided upper hand, for an unknown reason Richter returned to ringside leading to a disqualification. NECW President Sheldon Goldberg came to the ring and apologized to Max Bauer, but he had no choice to enforce the match stipulation. Bauer knocked out Richter and left to the solid support of the NECW fans.

The next match was an open invitational opening round match in the NECW Tag Team Title Tournament. The first team to the ring was Exotic Entertainment. Kristian Frost debuted a new member of his stable in “The Ladies’ Man” Gregory Edwards. Fans were instantly turned off by this team’s over-the-top antics and began to boo them. Their opponents, making their return to NECW after almost a 20-month absence were the NECW “super team” of former NECW Heavyweight Champions and Iron-8 Champions “The Revolution” Chris Venom and “The Pinnacle” Paul Lombardi. IN a great match, Venom and Lombardi advance to the next round after a spike piledriver on “The Ladies’ Man”

Next up was a special attraction between long-time rivals “The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks and “The Talent” TJ Richter. As Siks entered the ring, Michael Sain appeared on the Tron and talked to “The Human Nightmare”. Sain stated he was in Siks’ head and seeing him fall apart. Richter entered the ring, still showing the effects of the assault by Bauer earlier in the night and the match was on. This hard-hitting contest ended when Evan Siks hit the “Siks Sense” (Death Valley Driver) on Richter and then went for a second stating it was “for Michael Sain”. Sain appeared again on the Tron simply laughing in eerie fashion. Richter struggled to escape the grasp of Evan Siks and a schoolboy pin fall won “The Talent” the match.

After intermission in a World Women’s Wrestling Feature Match for the WWW Championship, Lexxus successfully defended her title, pinning Mistress Belmont with a reverse bulldog in a fine match.

Prior to the next match, manager of the Dynasty of Champions Sean Gorman came to the ring and explained why he had ousted Tanya Lee from the Dynasty. As she lost the WWW Championship, she was the piece of the puzzle to first fall. She caused the morale drop in the stable and Gorman blatantly scapegoated the former WWW Champ. He explained that Nikki Roxx was feeling betrayed and frustrated at her inability to regain the WWW Championship and struck a deal with the one man she knew understood that. Gorman then brought out 2-time defending Iron 8 Champion “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards. The two then began to run down “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion, who was scheduled to face Edwards but was given the night off due to the death of a family member. Brandon Locke ran out and said that Alex is one of his best friends and a mentor to him in wrestling and he’s accept the open spot in the match. Eddie Edwards then stated he would do so if the match was for the NECW TV Title. Locke agreed. In an amazing counter-for-counter match, “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke managed to counter “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards into a pinning combination and score the fall to retain the NECW TV Title twice in one night.

In the main event, DC Dillinger received his rematch against the NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion “Straight Edge” Brian Fury. This was another hard-hitting contest beginning in a huge brawl at ringside, with NECW Senior Official warning both men that if they did not bring the match into the ring to legally start the match he would throw it out. The match did get into the ring and went back and forth between Fury and Dillinger. Dillinger managed to pin Fury and to apparently become the first 2-time NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion. As Dillinger celebrated and held up the title, his former stable mate Tanya Lee came to the ring with referee JT Franks in tow. Lee stated that she had just shown Franks that Dillinger cheated in his win by having his feet on the ropes. This led to a referee’s conference and the match would be restarted. Sean Gorman approached Tanya Lee and Lee attacked her former manager as the crowd erupted. It would take 4 NECW Officials to pull the fiery woman off of the “Mouthpiece of the East”.

With the match restarted, Fury soon hoisted Dillinger up for his bridging power bomb for the three count and retained his title.

After the match Brian Cairo returned to ringside, stating that Brian Fury was afraid to defend the Triple Crown against Rick Fuller and said that if Fury was any sort of a man, he would grant Rick Fuller a title shot on November 30th in Quincy . Fury quickly complied, but stated he had a message for Rick Fuller and hit a super kick leaving Cairo unconscious in the ring as the event ended.

NECW returns to live action in Quincy with a special Friday night event on November 30th with an 8 PM bell time. Tickets for this event are on sale now at all FYE locations, K.C.'s Sportscards, 33 Temple Street in Quincy Center and online at

New Era Pro Wrestling

NEPW Presents:





Tix: $10 in advance / $12 Day of Show





LETHAL IMPACT(Ryan Miller, Jesse Burke) (C) VS.









*** Card Subject to Change ***


Advanced Tickets on Sale at:

The Hide Out- 63 W. Walnut Ave Painesville- 352-2681

Cards & Games- Mentor Ave Painesville Plaza 358-1212

Comic Heaven- Robinhood dr. Willoughby 942-6960

New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling results from Tottori Industrial Gymnasium in Japan on October 27 (G1 Tag League team totals in parenthesis):

Prince Devitt defeated Tetsuya Naito.

Tomohiro Ishii and Tomoaki Honma defeated Yujiro and Mitsuhide Hirasawa.

Jushin Thunder Liger and AKIRA defeated Tiger Mask and Taichi Ishikari.

Giant Bernard, Travis Tomko and Minoru defeated Takashi Iizuka, Naofumi Yamamoto and Ryusuke Taguchi.

G1 Tag League: Hirooki Goto and Milano Collection AT (8) defeated Jado and Gedo (6). G1 Tag League: Masahiro Chono and Akebono (6) defeated Yuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi (6).

G1 Tag League: Hiroshi Tanahashi and Koji Kanemoto (8) defeated Togi Makabe and Toru Yano (6).

New Japan Pro Wrestling results from Kobe World Hall in Japan on October 28 was to see the final two teams chosen for the G1 Climax Tag team League, but ended with four teams with eight points, setting up a semi-finals on November 2. Here are the results from the show (G1 Tag League team totals in parenthesis):

Prince Devitt defeated Taichi Ishikari. Manabu Nakanishi, Takashi Iizuka and Naofumi Yamamoto defeated Yujiro, Mitsuhide Hirasawa and Tetsuya Naito.

Jushin Thunder Liger and AKIRA defeated Tomohiro Ishii and Tomoaki Honma.

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Yuji Nagata and Tiger Mask defeated Hirooki Goto, Minoru and Milano Collection AT.

G1 Tag League: Togi Makabe and Toru Yano (8) defeated Jado & Gedo (6).

G1 Tag League: Giant Bernard and Travis Tomko (8) defeated Masahiro Chono & Akebono (6).

Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Koji Kanemoto.


Noah results from Tokyo Nippon Budokan in Japan on October 27:

Junji Izumida and Tsutomu Hirayanagi defeated Mitsuo Momota and Akihiko Ito.

Tamon Honda, Masao Inoue and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi defeated Kentaro Shiga, Kishin Kawabata and Makoto Hashi.

Takeshi Morishima, Mohammed Yone and Taiji Ishimori defeated Yoshinari Ogawa, Doug Williams and Bobby Fish.

Akitoshi Saito and TAKA Michinoku defeated Jun Akiyama and Atsushi Aoki.

Akira Taue, KENTA and Go Shiosaki defeated Yoshihiro Takayama, Takuma Sano and Ricky Marvin.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeated Mushiking Terry to win the GHC Junior Heavyweight title.

Naomichi Marufuji and Takashi Sugiura defeated D-Lo Brown and Buchanan to win the GHC Tag Team titles.

Mitsuharu Misawa defeated Samoa Joe to retain the GHC Heavyweight title.

Northeast Wrestling

Northeast Wrestling from last night in Milford, PA before a sellout 1,500 fans: 4x4 b Brian Anthony, Doink the Clown & Talia Madison b Executioner & Miss Executioner (unmasked as Alere Little Feather),

Ricky Landell b Josh Daniels, Michael Sain b Kurt Adonis, Xavier b Jason Blade,

Abyss b Romeo Roselli,

Dynamic Sensation & Jim Neidhart b Rob Eckos & Billy Baxx,

Jerry Lawler b Julio Dinero.

Next show is 11/3 in Scranton with Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage for the TNA title (thanks to Michael Barton)

Ohio Valley Wrestling

OVW from last night in Calhoun, KY before 50 fans:

Al Barone b Lennox Lightfoot,

Jaguar Jay Buritz b Al Barone,

Katie Lea b Roucka,

K.C. James b Lupe Viscera,

The Ox b Charles Evans,

Brett & Brian Major b Stu Sanders & Drew McIntyre,

Matt Sydal b Ace Steel,

Colt Cabana & Shawn Spears & Atlas DaBone b Vladimir Kozlov & Antoni Polaski & Jacob Duncan. They had people working as faces like Spears who are heels on TV, and vice versa with Duncan (thanks to Scott Staples)

Power Trip Wrestling

Here's the results from Power Trip Wrestling "Hardcore Halloween", and keep reading after for the big news announced on the night about PTW's first show...OUTSIDE of Luton!!! And what more can we say, than what a crazy wild night....certainly the loudest in PTW's history so far, and that's saying something!

PTW - "Hardcore Halloween" Results and Round-Up

PTW Owner Peter Staniforth came out to a loud reception, welcomed the fans, and was generally dealing with the business at hand; as Mikey the Pikey (formerly known as MTX), came to the ring and asked why he wasn't in the title tournament. Peter was in a jovial mood, and told Mikey that he'd let him into the tournament, if he at least had the decency to take off 'that thing'. That thing, in what must have been a wardrobe malfunction or Mikey's sense of humour; was a 1PW t-shirt!!!

PTW Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st round :

Gangster defeated Mikey The Pikey, &  Danny Stevens w/ Dan Edge to progress to the semi finals.

Sykes defeated Lucian to progress to the semi finals.

Simon Lazenby defeated Rich N' Famous by disqualification, but was physically unable to continue in the tournament due to the actions of Rich N' Famous.

Johnny Kidd defeated Shabazz to progress to the final, due to the bye situation from the prior match. Shabazz then acknowledged Johnny's win respectfully, and added that if Johnny went on to win the title; then he challenged Johnny to the first title defence.

PTW Hardcore Title - 'Last Man Standing In Luton' - PTW Owner Peter Staniforth at ringside - Four Way Match :

Jim Brooks (c) retained against Frantastic, American All-Star, and Leon X - via a no contest decision. This was just plain out havoc, nothing more or less; with even an appearance from Catastrophe the Clown, who proceeded to put a pie in the face of everyone in the match; even PTW Owner Peter Staniforth! Brooks's head hit the concrete after an over the top rope move, and that was enough for Peter to call time on the match for the safety of all concerned; in what was the hardest hitting and wildest match that PTW has ever seen.

Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match :

Beer Fuelled Violence (Bill Duffy & ArkAngel) defeated 3Some (PTW Cruiserweight Champion) Dan Ryder & Danny Devine,  Youth Gone Wild (Will Davison & Ant Lacayo), and G 'The Ghetto Superstar' & Geraden. A great match, with innovative and high flying action; and what fans are calling the match of the night.

PTW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Finals :

Gangster defeated Sykes to progress to the final.

Johnny Kidd had a bye to the final.

PTW Heavyweight Title Tournament Final :

In the match to decide who would be the first ever PTW Heavyweight Champion, and in a shock to all in attendance ; Gangster beat Johnny Kidd to win the championship. Gangster would then take the microphone in an appalling lack of respect to Kidd, and call him 'washed up'; and other insults. Sykes then came out, and surprisingly helped Gangster attack Kidd. PTW Owner Peter Staniforth begrudgingly handed Gangster the PTW Title, but managed to get some kind of revenge on Gangster by announcing - much to the fans approval - that Shabazz would be Gangster's first challenger on Saturday December 1st, when PTW return to Luton once more!


PTW's next show is entitled 'Fearless', and will be on Saturday 17th November, at Marriotts School, Telford Avenue, Stevenage, Herts, SG2 0AN. Doors will be 7pm open, and 7.30pm start. Ticket prices are the usual : Adults £8, Children/OAP/Student £5, and Family of four £20.

Announced as the main event for the evening, is Shabazz taking on American All-Star, under the rules of 'Baseball Bat is Legal'. In American All-Star's corner will be his valet Miss Vicky, and in Shabazz's corner? The boss himself, no less than PTW Owner Peter Staniforth.

More matches will be announced in the days leading up to the show, which will be PTW's first show outside of Luton - and not one you want to miss!

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

European Vacation II - Night One

26 October, 2007

Studio Jenny - Paris, France

1. Steve Douglas d. Thumbtack Jack

2. Ken'ichiro Arai d. Lupin Matsutani

3. Human Tornado d. Chris Hero

4. Jetta d. Jazzy B

5. "The Man That Gravity Forgot" PAC d. Joey Ryan

6. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Match

El Generico & "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen (c) d. Super Dragon & Davey


7. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Match

"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson (c) d. Austin Aries

European Vacation II - Night Two

27 October, 2007

The Mountbatten Centre - Portsmouth, England

1. Joey Ryan d. Spud

2. Zebra Kid d. Austin Aries

3. The Kartel (Terry Frazier & Sha Samuels) d. Aviv Maayan & L.T. Summers

4. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Match

"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson (c) d. Martin Stone

5. Andy Simmonz d. James Tighe

6. Human Tornado d. "The Man That Gravity Forgot" PAC

7. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Match

Super Dragon & Davey Richards d. El Generico & "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen


* This is Super Dragon & Davey Richards second reign as Pro Wrestling

Guerrilla World Tag Team Champions

European Vacation II - Night Three

28 October, 2007

Musik Palette - Essen, Germany

1. T-Bones (Bad Bones & Thumbtack Jack) d. Ken'ichiro Arai & Lupin Matsutani

2. 4-Man Gauntlet Match

Chris Hero d. Wesley Croton

Chris Hero d. Marc Slater via Submission

Chris Hero NC Steve Douglas (Double Count Out)

3. Human Tornado d. Marc Roudin

4. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Match

Bryan Danielson (c) d. El Generico

5. Austin Aries d. Emil Sitoci

6. wXW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Ares (c) d. Joey Ryan

7. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Match

Super Dragon & Davey Richards (c) d. "The Man That Gravity Forgot" PAC &

"Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen



Viktor Tadlock beat Jerome Daniels in a dark match.

The Dark Circle (Apocalypse & Tim Storm) beat Diamond Dave & Jiggle-O James Johnson to retain the PCW World Tag Team Titles.

Canyon beat Mace Malone, once again with the help of Paul Lewis and his briefcase.

Action Jackson beat Brett Idol in what was originally an I Quit Match, but the Busseys made it a Four-On-One Handicap Match between Jackson and Idol & the Busseys. Jackson pinned both Steven and Chris Bussey with a double-Big Booyah (Rock Bottom) to enter the Fight-Win-Survive finals next week.

Mike Foxx beat Wally Darkmon in a Coffin Match to go to the FWS finals against Action Jackson.

That wasn't enough for Foxx, though, as he nailed the coffin lid shut and then set the coffin on fire. PCW staff ran out to help Darkmon, but one staff member got a fireball and an M.F.'er (RKO) from Foxx, and another one got the "Kiss Of Death" red mist from Claudia. A fire extinguisher was used to douse the flames, and Action Jackson ran out and chased Foxx away as Darkmon. who was finally pried out of the coffin, received aid from staffers.

The show was, once again, taped for the TLC show "Rough House.

"Next week, in the Fight-Win-Survive finals, Action Jackson faces Mike Foxx in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the vacant PCW World Heavyweight Title.

Wally Darkmon and Brett Idol will square off for the vacant PCW World Television Title. There will be a Four Post Massacre Match for the vacant PCW World Cruiserweight Title, with Diamond Dave, J.T. LaMotta, James Johnson and Brandon Collins.

And, Apocalypse takes on Mace Malone.

Submitted by ROB MOORE, The Voice of PCWThe voice of PCW ...  My MySpace site  ...  Percival A. Friend's site ...

Pro Wrestling Unplugged

"Dark Night" Results, October 27, 2007

* Action started early with the PWU Wrestling Academy sponsored Gangrel seminar with over 20 attendees.

* But the night kicked off in front of the fans with the wedding of Vampire Ravenheart and Vampiress Magdalena, best man Johnny "The New Batman" Kashmere, best maid Amy Lee, & several other members of the PWU Locker Room.

* Z-Barr w/ "The Original Diva" Sunny (dressed as Catwoman) def Lucky

Despite Z-Barr's arrogant promises of becomming the first PWU TV champion, it was Lucky who caught the ire of the fans with the "New Jersey Sucks" chants. Lucky went on a fast paced attack to start, but used one too many underhanded tactics after going for a crossbody splash from the top, Z-Barr caught him with his brainbuster for the pin!

* PWU TV Title 1st Round Match: "The Immaculate" TJ Cannon def "Picture Perfect" Bruce Maxwell

It was the battle of "The Best Around" starting as Maxwell and Cannon went hold for hold, but when neither could get the advantage, it broke down to cheap shotting each other until Cannon connected with a drop toe hold. Maxwell was able to toss out Cannon, but misses a huge frogsplash to the floor! But Cannon hit a suicide dive, taking both men into the crowd! These two continued to go at it until Cannon connected with a shooting star double stomp.

* Pro Wrestling Unplugged Women's Title Match: Annie Social def "Primetime" Amy Lee(c)

Amy Lee was ready for a fight as her challenger, Annie Social, dressed as Wonder Woman, was accompanied by "The REAL Pitbull" Gary Wolf. But a miscue from Dr. Don Bootz caused him to collide with Lee instead of Social. With Lee stunned, Social made the cover to become the NEW PWU WOMEN'S CHAMPION!

* In "The Batcave", Kashmere & "Boy Wonder" Jimmy Klydesdale welcomed special guests "Living Legend" Larry Zbysko & "Living Legend" Larry Winters. Kashmere asked the Larrys if PWU could hold TWO Living Legends. But Winters said he's found the next legends in PWU...and they are THE BEST AROUND, TJ CANNON & BRUCE MAXWELL...and he's promising to bring them to the top in three months. Zybsko made a bet - if Winters can make T.B.A. champs in three months, he'll pay him seventy five thousand dollars!

* Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine def Helter Skelter and Gangrel

Greg "The Hammer" and Gangrel started off, with Valentine & Beefcake making quick tags and used their experience to ground the international supertsar. After a cheap shot, Gangrel managed to tag in Helter Skelter, who "The Dream team" quickly punishes. Skelter narrowly escapes and tags in Gangrel, who begins choking Beefcake. After both men collide in the ring, both tag out with Valentine getting the advantage on Skelter, locking in a figure four, & tapping Skelter out!

* The Sandman def "The Panther" Tyrone Evans

A Missie Sampson began to announce the next match, a large man took the mic & announced himself as "The Panther" Tyrone Evans, who said he was there to give Philadelphia an upgrade and promised to beat anyone's ass who came to the ring...but he wasn't expecting THE SANDMAN. Evans tried to use a large chain on Sandman, but Sandman intercepted and hit the White Russian Legsweep, then cracked Evans in the head with the Singapore. Unable to get back in the ring with Sandman swinging his cane, Evans hightailed it back to Cleveland!

* PWU TV Title 1st Round Match: Aramis w/ "The REAL Pitbull" Gary Wolf def Hellfire w/ The Hoodies

Hellfire tried to use underhanded tactics & his power to try & take out Aramis. But, Aramis used his agility to win out hitting a brainbuster after a split legged moonsault for the pin. But The Hoodies attacked Aramis from behind & rushed Hellfire to the back.

* Tod Gordon announced The SATs would be stripping of their titles & that The Bosom Buddies would still challenge for the titles...against rivals, The Best Around.

* Gordon then annnounced the final five contestants for Commissioner Idol: The White Board Mafia, Chris Calloway, Stephanie, Loudfan, and The Kliq. Make sure you vote at!

* All Money Is Legal def John McChesney and Adam Flash

McChesney & both members of All Money Is Legal started off with an impressive display of unique technical wrestling. Eventually all four members squared off until AMIL removed Flash from the equation. Flash slapped McChesney for a tag, and tried to whip him into Murda, but while Adam Flash's back was turned, Murda booted McChesney in the face, and AMIL double teamed McChesney for the win. In the end, Flash blamed McChesndey for losing the match, beating the hell out of him.

* PWU TV Title 1st Round Match: Trent Acid w/ "Discount" Dewey Donovan def Justice Pain

Trent lets Pain know they helped start another extreme revolution after ECW folded and wants Pain in a no rules, anything goes match. Both went toe to toe in a viscious assault with the match quickly breaking down with both going to the outside. Pain was able to kick out after a hitting a top rope legdrop across two chairs and a Yakuza. After another Yakuza attempt, Pain hits a Death Valley Driverm then a belly to belly suplex from the top onto chairs, but Trent kicked out. After trading blows, Pain went for another death valley driver, but Trent rolled him up with a crucifix pin.

* Pro Wrestling Unplugged Tag Team Championship Match

The Bosom Buddies def The Best Around w/ "Living Legend" Larry Winters

The Arena was filled with U-S-A chants in support of The Bosom Buddies. But the early advantage Fine had was taken away by the involvement of Larry Winters. T.B.A. & Winters then used every underhanded tactic in the book. But when Cannon went for the Shooting Star Double Stomp, Fine moved & hit a HUGE lariat. The Bosom Buddies then kept on the attack, finally hitting a combination powerbomb crossbody splash to get the three count to become the NEW PWU TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

* Pro Wrestling Unplugged World Heavyweight Championship Match: Devon Moore def Too Cold Scorpio(c)

Moore says he doesn't trust any PWU referee, so Tod Gordon asks Zbysko to officiate...WHO ACCEPTS! A technical star broke down quick into a vicious back & forth assault. The two began trading high flying action both in & outside of the ring. Moore & Scorpio tore each other apart with an array of violent strikes. Zbysko though caught Moore trying to use brass knux. When Scorpio regained the advantage, his adrenaline blinded him and accidentally hit Zbysko when trying to pull Too Cold out of the corner. Distracted, Moore took advantage, rolling Scorpio up for an unbelievably FAST three-count to become the NEW PWU WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Power Surge TV Tapings, November 3, 2007, Feasterville, PA

* Tod Gordon announced that next Saturday in Feasterville it will be Too Cold Scorpio vs. Devon Moore in a Steel Cage for the PWU World Heavyweight Title...with Tod Gordon as special guest referee!

* PWU World Heavyweight Title, Steel Cage Match w/ Tod Gordon as referee: champion Devon Moore vs. Too Cold Scorpio

* Blue Meanie vs. Hellfire w/ The Hoodies

* 20 Man Battle Royal

* "Backseat Birthday Bash" Batcave

* WHACKS Wrestling Debut

* Survival Rate Zero to perform

* Also featuring Scotty 2 Hotty, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Gangrel, Sunny, Justice Pain, The Backseat Boyz, "Pitbull" Gary Wold, PWU Women's champion Annie Social, Amy Lee, All Money Is Legal, & More

Get all the latest news, roster information, results – including photos of Dark Night -- and more. Visit

Pure Wrestling Association

Thomas from Canada

Pure Wrestling Association presents Welcome Back

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Bakers Street Bar

26 Hobson St.

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door, $5 for kids under 10

Available at the Nutrition House in the Cambridge Centre

Doors Open @ 7 PM

Bell Time @ 7:30 PM


Main Event

Ruffy Silverstein w/Jessy Jones vs. Steve Corino

Pure Wrestling Championship

Ricky Reyes vs. Reggie Marley (c)

Pure Violence Championship

Rico Montana vs. George Terzis (c)

Eddie Osbourne vs. Notorious TID

Ring of Honor

October 30th: The big announcement made on the main page of is that Mitsuharu Misawa will put his GHC Heavyweight Title on the line in this Saturday in Manhattan against KENTA!!! It doesn't get any bigger than this for NOAH. Now "Glory By Honor VI" weekend has even more international importance. Check the main page of for the article with all the details on this huge title match. The best part is that the legendary Joe Higuchi will be in attendance to give you the authentic NOAH experience. Former World Champion Harley Race will also be in Manhattan as a special guest. You will never see this many hall of famers under one roof again. Get your tickets now at and save 10%.

October 30th: You will be able to meet Misawa this weekend in both Philly and Manhattan. Misawa specifically said he is coming to America to meet the fans that have watched him on videotape and DVD for so long. There will an autograph signing in both Philly and Manhattan at intermission with Misawa, Marufuji, Morishima and KENTA. Autograph tickets will be sold at the merchandise table and are $20 for Misawa and $10 for each KENTA, Marufuji and Morishima. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Misawa!!!

October 30th: ROH officials have used two tournaments in the second half of this year to test all the rising talent. Now ROH officials have decided that this year will be marked by a trilogy of tournaments. The trigger has been pulled for the much anticipated "Trios Tournament 2007" and it will take place on 12/1 in Chicago. This tourney will have a unique format. There will be six trio teams. They will face off in regular first round matches. The three winning teams will then advance to a THREE TEAM SCRAMBLE and the winners will be crowned the best faction in ROH. As is tradition, each member of the winning team will then get to book himself in any match he wants. It is like having money in the bank! The first three trios have been announced:

-The Vulture Squad of Jack Evans, Ruckus & Jigsaw

-No Remorse Corps of Roderick Strong, Davey Richards & Rocky Romero

-The Age Of The Fall of Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black & The Necro Butcher with Lacey

-Get GA tix for only $10 as part of The Big 10 Sale now at

October 30th: We have big news for fans in Dayton. ROH PPV will be taped in Dayton on 11/30!!! Jay & Mark Briscoe were not able to compete on ROH's fourth PPV taping earlier this month due to Mark's foot injury. Now Mark will be back to 100% in Dayton. ROH will broadcast The Briscoes vs. Davey Richards & Rocky Romero across the entire nation after it is taped on 11/30 in Dayton. If The Briscoes are still ROH World Tag Team Champions after this weekend then they will put the belts on the line in Dayton. $10 tickets are available for a limited time at Witness this huge tag match before the rest of the nation for only $10!!!

October 30th: Check out the main page of right now for all the info on The Big 10 Sale. You can now get over 100 ROH show, Best Of or Straight Shootin' DVDs for only $10 each. This is a great chance to fill in some of the shows you are missing from your collection for longtime fans or pick up some of ROH's all time classics if you are a new fan. There is something on every ROH show worth $10. You can also save 10% on all orders and combine the 10% sale with the other $10 sales for even more savings. Also out now at is ROH's second PPV "Driven" on a double DVD with limited edition packaging. The first DVD has the entire "Driven" PPV with the Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness match of the year candidate. The show earned over 97% thumbs up in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reader's poll. The second disc has all the bonus matches that were taped on 6/23/07 after the PPV taping including a four camera edit of the Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA bout that fans live were raving about. Other bonus matches include: Daizee Haze & MsChif vs. Lacey & Rain; Takeshi Morishima vs. Adam Pearce and Nigel McGuinness vs. Chris Hero. Order now for immediate delivery at and save 10%.

October 30th: There have been some cryptic blogs by Tyler Black at  including a rallying cry for this weekend.

October 30th: Don't think Misawa or KENTA will hold anything back this Friday in Philadelphia when they team to take on former ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima & current GHC Tag Team Champion and former GHC Heavyweight Champion Naomichi Marufuji. This is a Budokan Hall level tag team main event and features arguably NOAH's best modern rivalry for the first time in ROH. KENTA vs. Marufuji is a classic in Japan for innovative, hard-hitting, athletic matches. Now for the first time ROH fans will be able to witness these two clash live. Pride will be on the line with for all four. Misawa knows what Philly means to United States wrestling and he is coming to secure his legacy. The best part is that GA tickets are only $10 for a limited time at That's right, you can see Misawa & KENTA vs. Morishima & Marufuji in the comfortable National Guard Armory for only $10. Can you really pass up this live experience for only $10? Just think, this is only one match on what is going to be a loaded card and you can witness it all for only $10 if you act now at Hold on, you can also save 10% on your entire order so tickets are really less than $10. Are you going to miss this for under $10?

October 30th: The next Newswire will be released after we get ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness' MRI results. We will have a full report on the injury as well as new matches for Philly and NYC in the next Newswire.


Ring of Honor begins the Mitsuharu Misawa weekend in Philadelphia, PA for "Glory by Honor, Night 1" on Friday, November 2, at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory, located at 2700 Southampton Road, Philadelphia, PA


Tickets available at ,  or by calling 215-781-2500.


Main Event

GHC Heavyweight Champion Mitsuharu Misawa and KENTA vs. Takeshi Morishima and Naomichi Marufuji

ROH World Title Match

Nigel McGuinness (if still champion) will defend vs. a top challenger to be announced

Third Match In Best Of Three Series

Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries

Tag Team Scramble

Jack Evans, Ruckus, and Jigsaw with Julius Smokes vs. Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, and The Necro Butcher with Lacey

Roderick Strong vs. ?

Brent Albright and BJ Whitmer of The Hangmen Three take on Kevin Steen and El Generico

Plus more to be announced with: Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney; Davey Richards & Rocky Romero of No Remorse Corps; Delirious; plus others will be announced!!!

Ring Of Honor then returns to Manhattan on Saturday, November 3 (7:30 pm belltime) at the Manhattan Center (Grand Ballroom), located at 311 West 34th Street, New York, NY


Tickets are available via or by calling (215) 781-2500.


Main Event

Mitsuharu Misawa vs. KENTA

ROH World Title Match

Nigel McGuinness (if still champion) defends vs. Bryan Danielson/Austin Aries winner

Special Challenge Match

Takeshi Morishima vs. Bryan Danielson/Austin Aries loser


Claudio Castagnoli takes on Naomichi Marufuji

Scheduled to appear: ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe; No Remorse Corps of Roderick Strong, Rocky Romero & Davey Richards; Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney, Sara Del Rey & Bobby Dempsey; BJ Whitmer; Jimmy Jacobs; The Vulture Squad of Jack Evans & Ruckus with Julius Smokes plus


The Gangstas had a surprise reunion yesterday on the SPW show in Sacramento. New Jack was there to promote his DVD and Mustafa lives in the area and came to the show. They did a promo together and buried their old issues.


John Martin & Josh Robertson b Tom Celsious & Danger Dan Daniels,

Mr. Frost won Costume Battle Royal,

Suburban Commandos b Ryan Drago & Luster the Legend & Wage,

Mike Rayne b Timothy Thatcher,

Sir Samurai & Mr. Frost b Pogo the Clown,

J.D. Bishop won four-way over Dante,

Virgil Flynn and Chupacabra, Adam Thornstowe b Rik Luxury in an Iron man match (thanks to Joshua Littell)

Showcase Pro Wrestling

Ireland Mortgage, LLC Presented Showcase Pro Wrestling

Saturday October 27, 2007

Bell Time 7:47 PM

Firefighter Memorial Hall

3 Morgan Avenue, Newbury, MA

"H20" Ryan Waters and Cameron Matthews went to a 15 minute

time limit draw. After that match Matthews challenged

Waters to 2 out of 3 falls match later in the night.

"School Boy" Derek Destiny with his Teacher Ms. Moore was

defeated by MIA. Mrs. Moore stated that the “School Boy”

did not follow her lesson plans and failed to pay

attention in class. He was sent from detention for the

next week.

A Special Luchadore matches Featured The Crazy Mexican,

The Wander, El Loco, and Avartarraz. The match ended as

all four “The Luchadores” pinned Referee Matt Casey.

Intermission - Pictures with “Narcisstic" Nicholas Night

and The Wander.

Prior to the 2 out 3 Match, Referee “Cowboy” Matt Casey

came out in his wrestling attire and grabbed the mike and

started to complain that he was a wrestler not a referee

and demanded to have match. Showcase Pro Wrestling’s owner

Chris Blackheart came to ring stated to Casey that he was

hired tonight to ref not to be a wrestler and to be a

professional an honor his booking commitment as a referee.

Again, Casey started to bad mouth Showcase and bitch about

not wrestling. Blackheart stated if you referee

Matthews/Waters match you will have a match afterwards.

Casey agrees.

“H20” Ryan Waters defeated by Cameron Matthews in 2 out of

3 in fall match. This was a great match. This was their

first match against each other.

Chris Blackheart comes out with “School Boy” Derek Destiny

as a referee and wrestled “Cowboy” Matt Casey. Blackheart

scored a win via submission. Blackheart and Casey shock

hands after ways. Casey was offered a position on the

roster full time.

"Narcisstic" Nicholas Night was looking to confront the

person or people responsible for interrupting his

interview time. Last time at Newbury the building kept

going dark every time he used the word "freak". Night

stated that this was going to be his kind of match a “No

DQ Match”. The “Freak” was Master Flesh with his smoking

pumpkins and 2 Halloween Vixxens. Flesh defeats Night

after Night tried to use a chair to knock out Master

Flesh. Instead he missed Master Flesh and hit himself with

the chair. A stunned Night on rubber legs was finished by

Master Flesh with a smashing pumpkin to the head. Nights

was layed out for 10 minutes after the match, stating that

he did not remember what happen.

Gotcha, The Showcase Gorilla made his return to Newbury

for this special Trick or Treat Show. The kids had fun

Halloween customs. Connor from Maine in his “Puppy”

costume was best costume.

November 2nd- Mansfield Sportsplex, Mansfield, MA -

Partial Benefit to Lung Cancer Alliance

November 17th- Mill Street Brews, Southbridge, MA

December 8th- Firefighter Memorial Hall, Newbury, MA-

Partial Benefit to Newbury Fire Department  

Showcase Pro Wrestling, LLC is not affiliated with any

other wrestling promotion or companies. We reserve the

right to refuse any patrons. Talent and card are subject to change.


TWF on 11/3 in Phoenxville, PA also at the Top Gun Wrestling Academy

Tri-State Wrestling

Tri-State Wrestling from Friday night in Rutland, VT before a sellout 400 fans:

Bathory b Chaz Byrd,

Pierre Vachon b Good Lord Willing,

Militia b Timmy Aiight,

Vince Beach b Troy Buchanan,

Barbie won three-way over Miss Deville and Roxxi,

Shockwave b Bobby Flamingo,

Thornn b Swinger Sidusky,

Maxx Burton b Northern Studd,

Guillame Desade & Bobby Oceans b Shane & Eric Alden and Steve Kruz & Steve McKenzie in a three-way,

Jim Tanner & Punk & Bert Williams b Sledge & Libolt & Diablo Santiago (thanks to Jacqueline Tremont)


USWO from Friday night in Nashville before 64 fans:

Arrick Andrews b Drake Craven,

Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b New York Gangster & White Tiger,

L.T. Falk & Mark Anthony b Slade & J.,C. Crowe,

Petey Wright b Damien Payne,

Kevin Dunn b Tim Renesto-DQ,

Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b L.T. Falk & Mark Anthony,

Michael Jablonski b A.M. Vision in a street fight (thanks to Jimmie Daniel)

Ultimate Christian Wrestling

Rich Tate

Ultimate Christian Wrestling results from Canton, GA, on October 27:

Rick Steiner over Jeremy Vain;

Brian Lawler & Billy Jack over the Apocalypse (War Daddy & Mad Dog) to win the UCW Tag Team Title;

Bruce Biggins over Damien Synn;

Truitt Fields over Big Bank Barfield;

Jeremy Vain & Colt Derringer over Rob Adonis & Glacier;

Enigma over Alexander Phoenix in a last man standing match; and

Dustin Powers over Justin Dirt to retain the UCW Heavyweight Title in a ladder match.

It was reported that 270 were in attendance for this card.

Union of Independent Wrestlers -  Canada


~ CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 2K7 is just days away!!!

~ Reserve your place today for the Steve Corino Training Seminar


The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS is ready to crown its first Heavyweight champion in over 3 years and it all happens THIS SATURDAY in Toronto as UIPW presents "CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 2K7". The most important night in the history of The UNION takes place at Royal Canadian Legion Hall #101 (at 3850 Lake Shore Blvd West at Browns Line in Etobicoke).

The Legion Hall is located directly adjacent to both the Long Branch GO station and the TTC's Long Branch Loop. Doors open at 630pm. Bell time is 7pm.

An eight-man, one-night tournament will be held to crown the new Union Heavyweight champion. Here now are the official first round match-ups:

"The King of Old School" STEVE CORINO vs. "Impact" EDDIE OSBOURNE

"Fabulous" JOHN McCHESNEY vs. "The High Risk Hero" RIP IMPACT



In addition, there will be a non-tournament showcase match featuring the Northern Lights Cruiserweight division. UNION Workers already signed for this special match include SHIIMA XION, COLIN and JIMMY OLSEN, ROBIN KNIGHTWING and KEVIN GRACE.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW in person at the Legion Hall and online via the "UNION SHOP" at . The event is open to ALL AGES, but for those 19 and older, the Legion Hall includes a FULLY LICENSED BAR. Fans are reminded to bring valid ID and encouraged to use public transit if they plan to purchase alcohol.


The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS is pleased to announce that the first in an ongoing series of pro wrestling seminars will be held on Saturday afternoon November 3rd, hosted by former ECW World champion STEVE CORINO. Corino, a 12-year veteran of the squared circle, has traveled the world over and faced off against some of the biggest names the sport has to offer. Now, in this intimate classroom setting, the "King of Old School" will pass on his knowledge to you.

Topics to be covered during this exciting 3-hour session include:

The Psychology of Pro Wrestling

Telling the Story

Slowing Down

Getting the Most out of the Least


Facial Expressions

Being a True Heel

Being a Believable Babyface

Cutting an Effective Promo

Marketing and Exposure


After the seminar, there will be a series of in-ring tryouts for established indy wrestlers from which 2 students will be chosen for a match on that evening's UIPW event. The cost of the seminar is $50 per participant and is open to anyone who would like to learn more about the art and business of professional wrestling. Contact The Union at for information on reserving your spot at the seminar today!


Looking for more Union-related fun online? The Union is expanding its presence on the internet and we're hoping you'll join us. Check out photos and videos. Connect with Union Workers and fans. Get frequent updates about Union events and merchandise. And have your say about the Union by leaving a comment.

Official website:   




Saturday November 3rd - CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 2K7 (featuring the Union World Heavyweight title tournament)

Saturday December 15th - END OF DAYS

The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS is an exciting new wrestling promotion based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Union features a diverse mix of homegrown talent (including Eddie Osbourne, Rip Impact and The All-Knighters) and international stars (including Steve Corino, Sterling James Keenan and Ricky Reyes). UIPW maintains partnerships with promotions in Canada and around the world. For more information about THE UNION, please visit our official website at

United Wrestling Federation

For Immediate Release

October 30, 2007


Event Will Raise Money for HCHS Wrestling Team

Big time professional wrestling is coming to South Boston as the UWF LIVE!, sponsored by Boyd of South Hill, invades the Halifax County High School on Saturday, December 1.

The event will serve as a fundraiser for the HCHS Wrestling Team and will feature some of the biggest names in professional wrestling, including former WWE Star D-Lo Brown, Women's Champion Gail Kim, Bull Buchanan, Scotty Too Hotty, Samoa Joe, former WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury, and many more stars.

Tickets start at just $10.00 for students, $15.00 for adults, and are available at Boyd of South Hill, the Short Stop in Scottsburg, the Country Mart in Alton, and Nationwide Insurance, Halifax County Chamber of Commerce and Halifax County High School, all located in South Boston.

For more event and ticket information, visit the UWF online at

Universal Wrestling Federation

October 27th Results

The Washington Theater Ardmore, OK

Montego Seeka & "Hellacious" Javi Hernandez def. Eric Rose & El Culo Intruso

UWF Violent Division Champion Kuna Keeyoh def. Bundy in a Hardcore Casket


El Moro vs. El Dorado ended in a No-Contest

UWF Texhoma Area Champion "The Great" Dane Griffin (w/ Frankie Dee) def.

"The Mayne Event" Les Mayne. Mayne immediately challenged for a rematch.

"The Mayne Event" Les Mayne def. UWF Texhoma Area Champion "The Great"

Dane Griffin (w/ Frankie Dee) for the title

Thomas Trump (w/ Tasha) vs. Prince Al Farat ended in a Double Countout

Shane Rawls def. "Ky-ote" Joe Herell and UWF Heavyweight Champion Jerry

"The Boss" Bostic in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the title 

World Class Extreme

World Class Extreme Wrestling

"Fear No Evil"

Sunday October 28th, 2007

Darlington South Carolina


* KC Mc Knight Defeated Tracy Gilbert by pinfall...

* 1st Round Match of Extreme Title Tournament - ScrapYard Dog Defeated "Dr Luv" Daniel Messina...

* 1st Round Match of Extreme Title Tournament - Kid Evil Defeated "Cowboy" Cletus Bass...

* Charlie Dreamer Defeated WCEW New Comer Dyce...

* "The Shaq Attack" Shaq Knox Defeated Los Hobos #2...

* Aaron "BY GOD" Devil and Dick Foley Defeated "The Dark Secret" ScrapYard Dog & Kid Evil when Evil was pinned after Foley's MR SOCKO...

* 1st Round Match of Extreme Title Tournament - SPECIAL LADDER MATCH - Tommy Vandal Defeated Johnny Vandal...

Return date to Darlington and the BA Gary Complex Gym is Sunday, December 9th...

The Wrestling Federation presents "MANGLED AND DISMEMBERED”

on November 3, 2007 at the Top Gun Wrestling Academy, 373 Walnut Street, Phoenixville, PA. Belltime: 7:30 pm. Tickets: $10.

Announced so far:

Mangle vs. Big Lou

Also appearing: Rockin Rebel, Blahdeggo, Kid Kaos, Twisted Tate, Rebecca Payne, Killer Kramer, Dave Segan, Mike Morrone, Massive Mike, Alan Cross w/Ashley Nicely and many more!

TICKET INFO: 610-933-8550


World Professional Wrestling

World Professional Wrestling presents: The Flamingo Cup Invitational Tag Team Tournament this Friday, November 2nd 2007, Belltime: 7:30 pm at the Riverside Beneficial Association, 1742 Pear Street, Reading, PA.

Non-Tournament Match/Women's Tag Team Match

Debbie Sue & Belladawna vs. Autumn Breeze & Kylie Pearce

Belladawna has informed WPW that Debbie Sue has apologized for her outrageous behavior at Sweet Revenge; they have patched up their differences and are ready to team together again. This time they will face off against the women who cost Belladawna her championship at Army of Darkness: the current WPW Women's Champion, Autumn Breeze and the current number one contender, Kylie Pearce. Kylie and Autumn have agreed to team together to take Debbie Sue and Belladawna out of the title picture for good before resuming their feud. This match will determine whether these grapplers can truly set aside old grudges or if naked ambition will drive them apart once again.

Light-Heavyweight Championship/Pinfalls Count Anywhere

"The Puerto Rican Sensation" Ray Alexander vs. "Playboy" Vince Bono (c) w/Hat Guy

The bad blood between the WPW LW Champion, Vince Bono, and the NCW LW Champ, Ray Alexander, has reached it's boiling point. Neither willing to cede an inch to the other, they will only put their titles on the line on their respective turfs. First on November 2nd at WPW in Reading PA, these two exceptional lightweights will face off in a Pinfalls Count Anywhere match where the homefield advantage will rest solely with the Playboy.

Then on November 3rd at NCW in York PA, Ray Alexander's home base, they will compete in a ladder match. There will be no holding back for either of these gladiators as they seek to unify the titles in the most brutal fashion imaginable. Only time will tell who will be able to gain an edge over their equally skilled opponent and vanquish them. Only one will reign supreme in championship glory, and take the bragging rights to go with it.

8 Team Tag Tournament

After the savage and hellish no-holds-barred match between the WarGods, VD and KFC at Army of Darkness concluded in a controversial finish, WPW owner Pinky made the decision to hold up the tag team titles for a tournament. This is the Flamingo Cup, where eight of the best tag teams in independent wrestling will compete not only for the trophy, but for the WPW Tag Team Championship as well.

Eight tag team specialists will square off, pitting technical superiority against vicious animal cunning, raw power against phenomal speed, and spectacular aerial assaults against brutal ground attacks; all for the chance to become the first ever Flamingo Cup winners and new WPW Tag Champions. Six teams have been signed already, with two more soon to follow:

Sinister X & Pinky

The Pink and Black Attack, Sinister X and Pinky are two of WPW's most celebrated and accomplished competitors. Sinister X, the former WPW Heavyweight Champion and holder of numerous championships on the wrestling circuit, has forged a successful partnership with the flamboyant and unforgettable Pinky, former WPW U.S. Champion and also former champion of various promotions. This accomplished duo was forced together due to circumstances involving the WarGods but have since been working to turn themselves into a potent and coordinated attack machine. Their abilities individually are incomparable and have left countless opponents laid low. This may be enough to carry them to them to the winner's circle of the tournament, and their relative lack of time together as a team would be the only hurdle left to overcome.

Himalaya Playas

Ron Starr and Dr. Ruthless, former WPW champions who have held numerous tag team championships are looking to make their return to WPW a triumphant one by winning the Flamingo Cup and the Tag Championships in one fell swoop. Using a combination of power and experience the Playas can go toe-to-toe with anyone and come out on top of the heap. They are looking to re-assert themselves as a true force come November 2nd.


One of the hottest prospects in wrestling today, TeamAndrew is looking to capitalize on their recent successes and incredible momentum to burn a path for themselves to the top of the WPW ladder. Brilliant mat technicians who employ a debilitating offense of locks, holds and suplexes, Team AnDrew has all the skills they need to come out winners and champions.

Some may say their lack of experience in comparison to other teams in the tournament will be a detriment, but talent, passion, and unpredictability could easily end up giving TeamAndrew the edge they need to succeed.


One of the greatest stables ever formed in professional wrestling, BlkOut has reigned supreme in every promotion they've ever competed in. Considered by many to be the early odds-on favorite to win the Flamingo Cup Tournament and become the next WPW Tag Champions, BlkOut has held innumerable championships in promotions such as CZW, PWU, IWA-MS, MCW, UWA, and WXW.

Their skills and unparalleled success are enough to leave anyone awed and intimidated. Now they aim to be considered the greatest talents in WPW as well. When asked what they thought their odds of winning the tournament were, Sabian responded simply, "Always bet on black!"

The WarGods

Glen Osbourne, Nate Hatred, and the Cremator. Madmen...Beasts...Juggernauts of Violence...undefeated, and unrelenting in their crusade to rule all of WPW with a fist of iron. Their desire to crush all opposition beneath a boot of tyranny, regardless of the consequences, makes this team the most dangerous in the tournament. Sociopaths with deadly intellect combined with the size, power and experience to impose their will on any team in wrestling today, the WarGods are looking to cement their superiority by taking the trophy and the tag belts with brute force, then make their vanquished foes bow down and worship at their feet.


Eddie Valentine and Jon Dahmer. After years of laying dormant, VD reformed with a vengeance, quickly reasserting themselves as champions of the highest caliber. All-around experts in tag warfare, these competitors have fought every possible style of team, and won. There is nothing they have not seen, and there is nothing they aren't willing to do to succeed.

Attacking opponent's strengths and exploiting their weaknesses with precision, innovation, and an unlimited assortment of bone-breaking manuevers, VD know what needs to be done to counter any team's offense and proceed to grind them into the dust. Angry over the backstabbing ambushes and politics they felt caused them to lose the belts at Army of Darkness, VD is looking to quickly regain the titles and gain their revenge in the process.


Cory Kastle and Rick Feinberg. After years of not being taken seriously, KFC has proven that they belong in the upper tier of tag team competition. Bold, brazen, and completely unpredictable, they have established themselves as competitors of the first order. Refusing to take a back seat to anyone and with utter contempt for their rivals, they demand respect and recognition of their abiities. This exceptional team utilizes an unorthodox style, combining speed and skill with intimidating psychological attacks to demoralize and unbalance opponents before striking hard and fast for the win. They will do whatever it takes to win the Cup and the tag championship; to silence their critics once and for all and reap the rewards that come with glory.

The Lumberjacks

Jack and Jake Molsonn. These two massive competitors have been using their size and brutal tactics to make an impact on the wrestling circuit for the past decade. Jake Molsonn made his WPW return at Vendetta to give his brother Jack the edge he needed to win the WPW Heavyweight Championship from Sinister X. These goliaths are now looking to add the tournament trophy and the WPW Tag Championship to their already-impressive list of title reigns and accomplishments. Their brawling skills are second to none and could easily carry them to the top of the WPW mountain. They see the Flamingo Cup as their oppurtunity to ascend and will not let anything stand in their path.

First Round Matchups

1) VD vs. TeamAnDrew

2) BlkOut vs. KFC

3) The Lumberjacks vs. Sinister X & Pinky

4) The WarGods vs. Himalaya Playas

Tickets available @


2275 Lancaster Pike

Shillington, PA


400 Morgantown Rd.

Reading, PA

Tickets are $10.00 in advance/$15 at the door

For any questions,comments, or concerns you can e-mail 

World Wide Wrestling Alliance

Venetian Social Club

Philadelphia, PA

As WWWA President was addressing the fans, 03 Capone interrupted, and

demanded that Wolfman come to ringside. Instead of Wolf, Armageddon Wolfs Tag partner came out. 03 stated he had a restraining order against Wolf, and her was

going to get one on Armageddon as well. Armageddon knocked 03 on his Ass, and then

gave him another timber slam. After that, Wolfman did come to the ring, and

threw candy for Halloween to the fans, and then dumped dumb dumb lollipops on

03 who was out cold in the center of the ring.

Match 1) High Impact Match

Rodney X defeated JC Riley, Whack O Lantern, & Rob Dream Catcher. Rodney

pinned J.C Riley w/ a Reverse Diamond Cutter. This match was nothing but

spectacular all 4 wrestlers stepped it up, and gave the fans 110%,

Match 2) Ykushi defeated Armageddon by pin fall after Ykushi Manager Hat Guy

hit Armageddon with nunchaku as the referee was distracted by Ykushi.

Match 3) I.C Title Match

Champion, Ravage defeated Johnny Law by pinfall, after giving Law a front

Russian Leg sweep, and then a splash off the top rope.

Match 4) Ladies Title Match

Cindy Rogers defeated Alexa Thatcher with a TCB submission to capture the

vacant Ladies Title. These two ladies matched move for move power for power, and

made this title match one to remember.

Match 5) Slambo the Clown & the Wolfman defeated Sexy Adrian Bliss & Evan

Nemo by pinfall Slambo pinned Nemo after giving him the Big Top Drop.

Slambo was in the ring and Wolfman was announced. Out from the curtains came

a Wolfman impostor. As Slambo was complaining about not wrestling the real

Wolfman, Evan Nemo made his way to ring side, and the impostor Wolfman, Adrian

Bliss, along w/ Evan Nemo attacked Slambo. The REAL Wolfman came to Slambo's

aid, and then WWWA Commissioner Stu Mc Kenzie took the mic, and ordered Bliss *

Nemo to wrestle Slambo and Wolfie. Most of the match Nemo and Bliss double

teamed Slambo. When Wolfman did get into the match he cleaned house, and turned it

back over the Slambo, As Wolfman had his foot on Sex Adrian Bliss out side

the ring, Slambo finished off Nemo, and pinned him.

After the Match WWWA President, Dino Sanna and SR. Referee, Dan Haney entered

the ring to thank Slambo for the many years he has wrestled and thrilled the

fan-in the WWWA. This was Slambos retirement match, and will be hanging up the

clown outfit. Then in a show of respect. the wrestlers came out to bid Slambo

a good-bye.

Match 6) Hall of Fame super star Nikolai Volkoff defeated Demetrius Arion by

DQ when Arion cold cocked Referee Ben Dover. Commissioner Stu Mc Kenzie gave

Arion a $5,000 fine for hitting referee Ben Dover.

Match 7) World Title Match

Champion, Kage defeated Heartbreaker Tyler Syms, Shatter, & Out Patient

Scotty Ice.

Kage pinned Syms after giving him a choke slam.

Heartbreaker & Kage were scheduled, but just before the bell were to be rung,

Shatter came to the ring, and demanded to be included in this title match.

The 03 Capone said well if this freak was included then why not included the

ultimate freak Out Patient Scotty Ice. The fans started Chanting Scotties name,

and WWWA President Dino Sanna made it a 4 way for the World title. He also

added another twist, by giving Sr. Referee Dan Haney the rest of the night off,

and said he would referee the match.

With 4 big guys in the ring this match was without a doubt the hottest of the

night, and the fans were treated to fights in and out of the ring.

Next WWWA event, Sat Nov 3rd Kimberton, PA @ the Kimberton Fire Company (Near

Phoenixville, PA)

For more information, results, roster member info and more, visit

We visit the websites of Indy organizations every week and are signed up for weekly and daily news items.  If you are in a hurry for Indy news before we publish our weekly Indy News Bytes, visit and Both have tons of Indy information and many other features for wrestling fans and post new information daily. Visit our main World Wide Wrestling Organizations page to find your favorite organizations official website or MySpace page to get the latest news, events and results.

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