October 30, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

Promo prior to beginning of show:

Monster’s Mash Battle Royal

Mark Henry, Kane, The Great Khali and Big Daddy V

Elijah Burke will appear on the Sci-Fi Channel tomorrow night, Halloween, on Ghost Hunters Live, at 8 PM Central, which is being broadcast Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, one of the most haunted places on earth.

The results for Cyber Sunday were posted on Monday Night Raw’s Report. CM Punk defeated The Miz and retained his ECW Championship.  Like there was any doubt Punk could take out Miz.

ECW is being broadcast from Long Island, NY on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Ringside announcers: Joey Styles and Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

Styles announces that tonight there will be a #1 Contender Match between John Morrison and The Miz.

Elijah Burke, weighing 231 lbs., from Jacksonville, FL


Jimmy Wang Yang, weighing 200 lbs., from GA

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: Elijah Burke

Winner: Elijah Burke with the Elijah express

Burke brings on the heat when he tells Jimmy that one thing Burke doesn’t like is working class people like Jimmy. Both of these men are good in the ring.  I don’t understand why Burke hasn’t gotten more airtime lately. Jimmy give the audience some of his high flying maneuvers but is sent to the floor after having his shoulder sent into the corner post by Burke. Burke is not using wrestling skill in this match; rather he is attempting to over power his opponent. He spends most of the match working on Jimmy’s already damaged shoulder. Burke is a decent wrestler. I’d like to see more of him in wrestling action in the ring. Jimmy does a great job of working the ring with only one useful arm. Burke goes up to the top turnbuckle and is greeted by Jimmy’s leg via a backspin kick. Burke sets Jimmy up for the Elijah express, gets the pin and the three count. We get a replay of the backspin kick and the Elijah express. Burke needs to work on those facial expressions. For a second there after the match I thought he was practicing for acting school.

The big event of the night is the Monster Mash Battle Royal.  Kane tells us that he doesn’t have a problem dealing with monsters and demons and that it won’t be a nightmare.  The Monster Mash Battle Royal will be a dream come true for Kane. Kane does have a wonderful maniacal laugh.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, it’s the Raw Rebound: The handicap match made by McMahon on Monday night – Triple H versus Umaga and Randy Orton. If you saw Raw, you saw that Shawn Michaels came out and saved Triple H from his two opponents.  Shades of DX? In fact, McMahon tells William Regal that for one night only next week, it will be the return of DX.

We see Nunzio dressed as Dracula backstage with several children and they are going trick or treating.  They first find Balls Mahoney who hands out candy to all the kids. They then find CM Punk who hands out candy to all the kids. Nunzio asks what CM Punk is dressed as.  Punk says he is dressed as an ECW Champion and he has a match coming up.  Punk asks what Nunzio is supposed to be dressed like and Nunzio says he is Dracula, pulling his cape across his face.  Punk doesn’t buy it. They then find the Boogey Man who scares of Nunzio and hands out worms to all of the kids.  I may like the Boogey Man, but I absolutely hate the worm gimmick.

We see a promo for Wrestlemania XXIV, which will be live at the Citrus Bowl, Sunday, March 30, 2008.  Tickets go on sale this Saturday through Ticketmaster.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for Kasabian, the official theme music for Cyber Sunday:  Fast Fuse.

Trick or Treat Match

Extreme Rules

Nunzio, still dressed as Dracula, weighing 175 lbs., from NY


Tommy Dreamer, weighing 255 lbs., from Yonkers, NY

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: I like them both

Winner:  Tommy Dreamer with a DDT

No one seems to know what Dreamer’s costume is supposed to be, including Styles and Tazz.  I like Nunzio in the cape.  I have a bad feeling about this match. Dreamer IS ECW and Nunzio is outweighed in this match up. Not much in the way of wrestling, but Nunzio does do a good job sending Dreamer outside the ring.  Unfortunately, Nunzio misses when he tries to dive on top of Dreamer and hits the floor.  Dreamer then thrown a pumpkin on the downed Nunzio. Dreamer then heads for the pie crust and whipped crème, which he sends Nunzio’s direction. It’s a hit. Nunzio sends Dreamer into the corner post and then throws apples. Nunzio heads for Dreamer with the smashed pumpkin but slips on the slick floor and goes down. Dreamer tries to drown Nunzio with the apples before picking it up and pouring the water over himself. Now Dreamer has an empty metal bucket and he heads back into the ring with Nunzio. He sets Nunzio up on the top turnbuckle, smacks him over the head with an apple, and then does a drop kick, sending the bucket into Nunzio’s face. Dreamer hits Nunzio with a DDT and gets the pin and the win. We see a recap of the best parts of the match.

We see again that we will have a #1 Contenders Match tonight.  The winner of this match will face CM Punk for the title next week on ECW.

We see a video of The Great Khali, the Punjabi Nightmare. Khali will be in the Monster Mash Battle Royal tonight.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo of DX, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold Steve Austin who will all be on next Monday Night Raw. Austin was the referee at a Cyber Sunday match.

The camera pans the audience, most of which are dressed in costumes for Halloween. Tazz says that Austin is going to kill Santino Marella. Styles says that things didn’t work out well for Kelly Kelly on Monday Night Raw after she won the WWE Diva’s Halloween Battle Royal and then got taken out by Beth Phoenix. We then see a video recap of the battle royal match.

#1 Contender Match

Winner faces CM Punk in a championship match next week.

The Miz, weighing 231 lbs., from Cleveland, OH


John Morrison, weighing 220 lbs., from Los Angeles, CA

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: John Morrison

Winner: John Morrison with a corkscrew neck breaker.

I have a problem believing that Miz can beat Morrison any more than he could beat Punk in a match. I don’t seen near the wrestling talent in Miz I see in Morrison. Morrison is more athletic, works high in the ring and is a better wrestler. Miz gets mad early in the match and punches Morrison.  Morrison reacts too quickly and gets taken down with a drop toe hold by Miz. Morrison goes out on the apron and uses the ring to send Miz to the mat but Miz sends Morrison to the floor. Morrison takes Miz down and they both end up back in the ring. Morrison goes for a high kick off the second rope and misses, giving Miz an opportunity to send him into the corner post and then running and smashing against him. Miz goes after Morrison with a knee, but misses. Both try for a roll up but neither gets the three count. Morrison lands a corkscrew neck breaker, gets the pin and the win. Morrison will face CM Punk next week in a title match. We see a replay of the end of the match.

Styles reminds us again about the Monster Mash Battle Royal that we will see tonight.

We see a promo of Mark Henry, the World’s Strongest Man, who will be in the battle royal.

We see another recap of Cyber Sunday.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a video of Big Daddy V who will be in the Monster Mash Battle tonight.

John Morrison is at ringside with Styles and Tazz.

CM Punk, weighing 225 lbs., from Chicago, IL

ECW Champion


James Curtis, weighing 240 lbs., from Minneapolis, MN

Audience favorite: CM Punk

My favorite: CM Punk

Winner: CM Punk with a GTS

I’m not familiar with James Curtis and neither is Morrison. Morrison wants to know why Punk is staring at him. Curtis is a well built wrestler but he is more ready to use power versus wrestling maneuvers in the ring. Punk does wrestle well, but he can power play too and he proves it. Punk delivers a bull dog, goes up on the top turnbuckle and takes out Curtis with a clothesline off the top rope, delivers the GTS and gets the three count.

Morrison is suddenly in the ring attacking Punk while he is still down after winning the match. Morrison delivers the corkscrew neck breaker to Punk and leaves him down in the ring.

We are reminded again about the Monster Mash Battle Royal and that there will be nearly 1 ton of weight in the ring.

We see a promo of The Undertaker’s DVD – Undertaker 15-0.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

We are reminded that next week John Morrison gets a title shot against CM Punk next week.

Monster Mash Battle Royal

To be eliminated, you must be thrown over the top rope and both feet must touch the floor.

The Great Khali, 7’0”, weighing 420 lbs., from India

accompanied to the ring by his interpreter


The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, weighing 390 lbs., from TX


Big Daddy V, weighing 487 lbs, from Harlem, NY


Kane, weighing 323 lbs.

Audience favorite: Kane

My favorite: Kane

Winner: The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry after he eliminates Kane.

For the first time ever I think I feel sorry for Kane.  He’s the smallest guy in the ring.  V may be the heaviest, but Khali, 50 pounds lighter, has a better build. V and Henry take each other on in the ring and end up giving each other a clothesline while Khali works on Kane in the corner. Kane may be the smallest but he is the quickest and can climb and leap when he gets the chance. We now have Khali and Henry facing off and Kane and V facing off in opposite corners of the ring. V smashes Henry and Khali in the corner. He tries to smash Kane, but Kane gets out of the way and uses it to his advantage.

Big Daddy V is eliminated by Kane.

The Great Khali is eliminated by Kane and Henry

This is the closest in weight and size of the four men in the ring. Kane may have a chance to pull this off. Kane tries to pick up Henry and send him over the top rope but he doesn’t get the job done. Henry goes after Kane who is on the ropes but Kane delivers a boot to Henry and backs him up.  Kane goes out on the apron and up on the top turnbuckle and flies right into a bear hug from Henry who then sends Kane over the top rope.

The Big Red Machine Kane is eliminated by The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry.




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