October 25, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

We see a recap of last week’s iMPACT, including Fight for the Right, Team 3D, Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Christian Cage.

iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on Spike TV.

We are in the back with Jeremy Borash, Kurt Angle and Mrs. Angle.  They are waiting for Kevin Nash to arrive. Nash arrives but is not interested in dealing with the Angle family. Amen to that, Nash!

Welcome to the iMPACT Zone!

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash and Crystal Loutham

Ringside Valet: So Cal Val

West tells us that we are going to have a championship match with Kurt Angle versus Sting, as well as more Fight for the Right matches.

BG James & Kip James, Voodoo Kin Mafia

accompanied to the ring by Roxxi & Laveaux


Tomko & The Phenomenal AJ Styles

The TNA World Tag Team Champions


Homicide & Hernandez, The Latin American Exchange


The Steiner Brothers, Rick and Scott Steiner

We have one ring full of multi talented wrestlers. I like Homicide and Hernandez more and more every time I see them in the ring. One of the announcers mentioned what I had already noticed – LAX and Tomko & Styles are very much alike as a tag team, including size and speed. Hernandez seems to be more agile and goes higher in the ring than Tomko but they could be amazing opponents in a match. Homicide and Styles could put on one great match in one on one competition. I like VKM and the Steiners but LAX and the tag team champs were the headliners in this match. The winners of the match are LAX and the Steiner Brothers thanks to a new member of LAX who showed up with weapon to hand off to Homicide.

Crystal is backstage with Sting and wants to talk about Sting’s match against Kurt tonight. Then the camera switches to JB with the Angles.  Kurt does the manly thing – he hands the Mrs. off to Nash.  Do you think we can get any more disgusting with this storyline?  I don’t think we can.

Fight for the Right Lineup

Eric Young

James Storm

Robert Roode

Junior Fatu

Kaz and Christian Cage are already in the semi finals.

Cowboy James Storm

accompanied to the ring by The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore


Showtime Eric Young, residing in an undisclosed location

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

The bell rings. Eric tries to shake hands with Storm and gets a shot to the eyes for his troubles. Both of these men are good in the ring.  I am surprised at how much Storm can do in the ring when he gets around to doing so. Eric does so well as the clown from his fear of the pyros when he comes to the ring and throughout most of his matches one tends to forget that he can work as a wrestler in the ring as well. Jackie is active in this match with interference, which ultimately costs her a slug from Storm when Eric gets out of the way. Storm almost had us believing he cared about Jackie, unfortunately, he was not as concerned as Eric and that costs Eric the match. Storm hits Eric with the last call and pins Eric for the win. Jackie does manage to talk Storm into tossing Eric the spare beer they have and Eric opens it up and takes a few swigs. I like to watch Jackie in the ring but she does such a great job working with Storm it’s impossible to not want to see them together.

Cowboy James Storm advances in the Fight for the Right tournament, along with Kaz and Christian Cage.

We are now backstage with JB, the cameraman, Mrs. Angle and Nash as the Mrs. puts the moves on Nash. Nash doesn’t want the Mrs. and her enhancements – fortunately for the iMPACT viewing audience.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see an interview Tenay did with Team 3D earlier in the day. Team 3D continues their assault on the X Division because the X Division are, according to Team 3D, boys in a man’s world and because they can. Tenay did a great job of looking nervous being in the same area as Team 3D.  Sabin and Shelley were assaulted by Team 3D because they interfered in Team 3D’s match against The Steiners at Bound for Glory, costing Team 3D the match. I don’t think Team 3D would be great candidates for the X Division, not just because of size but because they don’t have the same abilities as the X Division wrestlers.  Are we jealous of their ability Team 3D?

Four Way X Division Match

The Guru Sonjay Dutt, from Bombay, India


Sharkboy, from The Deep Blue Sea


The Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams


Havok representing Seratonin

Dutt makes his way to the ring with this tambourine collecting donations for “the cause”. Fans drop money in and he stops to hug a few fans before entering the ring. Sharkboy comes to the ring in a neck brace courtesy of an attack by Judas Mesias several weeks ago followed up with an attack by Team 3D as Sharkboy was sent through a table. Havok has come to the ring with a kendo stick much to the dismay of the other three wrestlers in the ring. I like all the wrestlers in this match, but am afraid I know what is coming before the match begins – Team 3D and I am not wrong.  However, the men do manage to get in some great action prior to being interrupted  by Brothers Devon and Ray. I’d have to vote for Dutt as the best leap off of the ropes and into the three wrestlers on the floor.

Team 3D does show up and stop a good match in progress. From here on out it is nothing but a beat down and not worth writing about. I will let you know that the two unfortunate wrestlers sent through the tables are Havok and Petey Williams. The match was ruled a no contest due to interference by Team 3D.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Crystal is in the back with Robert Roode and Miss Brooks. Crystal asks Roode why he did what he did to Samoa Joe last week and Roode said that he did it because it was just business. Roode says that he will be Junior Fatu and go on to win the Fight for the Right and win the TNA Championship.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Kurt Angle                                           Sting

6’1”, 235 lbs.                                       6’3”, 245 lbs.

9 years pro                                          22 years pro

Ring announcer: Jeremy Borash

Referee: Senior Official Rudy Charles

Kurt Angle, weighing 236 lbs., from Pittsburgh, PA

accompanied to the ring by Mrs. Angle


The Icon Sting, weighing 245 lbs., from Venice Beach, CA

Current TNA World Heavyweight Champion

I’m not all that crazy about another match between Kurt and Sting.  I think they have battled enough, however, the Kurt putting his hands on Sting’s son has not run its course so we are back to the same two battling for the championship. The crowd here is pro Sting and so am I. I thought Sting did a good job in this match.  I wasn’t overly impressed with Kurt’s performance but I understand that at some point during the match Kurt injured his neck, which would have caused him to be off his game. Sting executed a lot of head/neck takedowns on Kurt. Kevin Nash shows up during the match and takes a seat outside the ring right before we go to


Back from commercial break, I’m wondering how many storylines are revolving around these four persons anyway? During commercial break, Sting lost his focus because he was watching Sting. Nash did walk away when Sting was out on the floor and was not involved in the match. Sting sends Kurt outside the ring over the top rope and Sting goes out after him. Sting walks Kurt around the ring and is working on him when Sting gets shoved into Nash’s lap. Nash doesn’t do anything but Sting turns around and slugs Nash sending Nash to the floor. Sting and Angle are back in the ring but as Nash gets up off the floor outside the ring and he does not look happy. Sting has the scorpion locked in but breaks the hold when Nash decides to climb up and throws a leg over the top rope. When Sting goes after Nash, the ref gets caught in the middle.  Nash ends up back on the floor, Kurt hits the angle slam and calls for another ref.  Earl Hebner shows up and does the three count, Kurt is again the champion. Nash gets up on the apron and tries to shake Kurt’s hand but Kurt flips Nash off before leaving the ring with the Mrs. Nash is now not happy with the Angle family. In the ring, Rudy Charles and Earl Hebner are arguing and shoving each other in the ring when Jim Cornette appears to break it up and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we have three refs and Cornette in the ring all arguing about what just happened in the match. Tenay says that the fight is ridiculous and that Sting should still be champion. Cornette says that he is going to take Charles and Hebner in the back, he will take both of their statements and they will watch the video. Cornette tells the third ref to stay in the ring and officiate the next match. On the way out, Tenay has decided he has had enough and stops Cornette to tell him that Sting should be champion, not Kurt. Cornette yells at Tenay and tells him to mind his own business, which irritates Tenay.

Angel Williams from Ontario, Canada


Awesome Kong, 6’1”, weighing 272 3/8 lbs., residing in Tokyo Japan

Kong is carrying a photo around of Gail Kim, the TNA Women’s Champion. You will notice they never give the height and weight of Kong’s opponents but I can tell you that Williams is not even close to Kong in either stat. During this match, Mike Tenay starts complaining about how Cornette talks to him and goes backstage to see Cornette, leaving West in charge of commentating. Awesome Kong delivers a sitting power bomb and gets the three count.

West reminds us about what happened to Abyss last week on iMPACT with Black Reign, James Mitchell and Misty the rat.  That brings us to cameras in the back where Abyss is tearing up the backstage area, Mitchell shows up and brings Black Reign with him. Black Reign puts Abyss’s head in a vice and brings out poor little Misty again.  Abyss, make friends with Misty and kick Black Reign into the netherworld, would you please? She’s a domestic rat not a man-eating alligator. I’m certain if it was Abyss and an alligator in a match, the alligator wouldn’t have a chance. What kind of a monster is afraid of an itsy bitsy rat?

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for the Genesis pay per view. Note: Jeff Jarrett is in the promo for Genesis.

We are backstage where Cornette is with an office full of people, Charles, Hebner, Tenay Matt Morgan, and then Crystal enters with Kevin Nash. Nash is mad and wants to get his hands on Kurt Angle and wants a match with Kurt. Nash threatens Cornette and Matt gets in the middle along with the referees. Cornette says that he will address Nash’s problem after he figures out what happened in the championship match this evening. Cornette reminds Nash since he was at ringside, the problem could be partially his fault. Nash says that he will then be partially responsible for what happens if Cornette does not give him a match with Angle.

Fight for the Right Line Up

In the semi finals are

Cowboy James Storm


Christian Cage

The match to decide the last wrestler in the semi finals is:

Robert Roode and Junior Fatu.

Next week, the matches will be Cowboy James Storm versus Kaz


Christian Cage against the winner of tonight’s match, Roode or Fatu

Robert Roode, from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY

accompanied to the ring by Miss Brooks


Junior Fatu, from the Isle of Samoa

I’m a Fatu fan but Roode works the ring well.  He’s a little outweighed in this match but I’m not guessing who the winner might be. The audience prefers Fatu in this match up. Before the match begins, Christian Cage shows up to take Tenay’s empty spot at the ringside announcer’s table and brings a ladder with him. Fatu laughs when he sees the ladder. Before the match begins, Fatu plays the audience in order to get cheers for himself and boos for Roode. Christian says that he has brought the ladder symbolizes the match Christian made famous – the ladder match. Christian says that he would like to challenge Fatu to a ladder match. Miss Brooks watches the match from a chair ringside. Christian did a decent job as a commentator even though he spent most of the time talking about himself - The Instant Classic Christian Cage.

We have another commercial break in the middle of the match!

Back from commercial break, Fatu and Roode are still fighting in the ring. Roode is trying very hard to overtake Fatu and win the match. Christian manages to make a plug – and he says that is what he was doing – for his new DVD that will be available, The Instant Classic Christian Cage. I can’t decide whether I prefer Christian in the ring or in front of the mic. Miss Brooks appears to enjoy Roode getting worked over by Fatu.  In case you missed it earlier, there is a fan in the audience rooting for Robert Roode. She has been around the last few time Roode has been in the ring. West says that he has heard there is some sort of altercation backstage between Nash and Kurt and they are trying to get cameras backstage so that we can find out what is going on. Roode manages to get out of Fatu’s way and the ref gets knocked down, but Fatu manages to knock Roode down in front of Roode and Roode is the recipient of the stink face. Roode is furious that anyone would have the nerve to do that to him and it forces him to deliver a low blow to Fatu. He then goes to get the chair Miss Brooks is sitting on, but she refuses and Roode shoves Miss Brooks off the chair onto the floor and takes the chair back into the ring. Samoa Joe makes a sudden appearance, takes the chair away from Roode and when Roode comes back after the chair, Joe smacks Roode in the head.  Christian is protesting from the announcer’s table about Joe’s interference in the match. In the ring, Fatu delivers a pile driver, gets the pin and the win. Joe stares down Christian and then goes over the announcer’s table after Christian who takes off in a hurry.

We are backstage with JB and Nash who is chasing after the Angle family.  Kurt makes it into his car and takes off leaving the Mrs. on foot.

We are back to the arena where Cornette and Tenay enter the ring. Cornette has made his decision regarding the championship match tonight. Cornette apologizes to Tenay for the way he spoke to him earlier. Tenay wants to know what Cornette’s decision is regarding Kurt and Sting. Cornette says that Kurt was the winner with mitigating circumstances according to Hebner. Charles wants to disqualify Kurt for Nash’s interference. Cornette says the problem with that is that Nash didn’t attack Sting, Sting attacked Nash.  Therefore, Kurt is officially the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  And I won’t say what I am thinking here.  But I can think it if I want to. And I have a feeling the audience is thinking the same thing. Cornette says Kurt will defend his title at the Genesis pay per view event. Cornette says that the match will be a tag team match with Kurt and Nash as partners versus Sting and…but the arena goes black and Sting is in the ring when the lights come back on. Sting says that he will pick his own partner. He doesn’t want Cornette choosing his partner. Cornette reminds Sting that the title will be on the line in that tag team match and the winner by pin fall or submission will be the champion. Sting promises that Kurt will not be the champion after Genesis.

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