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TNA News Bytes

August 6, 2007

by Sassy

SUPER SCOOP! Samoa Joe may not be much for tag teams in the ring but he will have to make adjustments at home.  Joe was married this past weekend.  Best wishes to the bride and groom.  And speaking of tag teams, has Joe picked a tag team partner in order to defend that tag team title belt he now holds? 

Konan may no longer be involved with TNA but I am concerned about his medical condition. Konan underwent kidney transplant surgery and last reports indicate that his body is rejecting the donor kidney.  Konan fans and haters alike send best wishes to Konan and pray that his health improves and for his speedy recovery.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, One and All 

Come See TNA in Action!

Word from the TNA camp is spreading the word they will be doing house shows across the country next year.  They recently were in Iowa and Kansas.  I was unable to attend the matches for personal reasons -- certainly not because I didn't want to -- but I did read a recap of the Iowa show.  The men and women of TNA didn't mince on their performance for the audience.  Keep an eye on TNA's website for further news regarding house shows and when they will be coming to a six-sided ring near you. Televised matches are great, matches seen in person is better than any adrenalin rush you can imagine.

Word is also trickling down about TNA being able to begin a two-hour iMPACT for the TNA fans' enjoyment in the near future. New information regarding the new extended iMPACT will be added to the News Bytes as soon as it becomes available.  

This Is Only a Test

TNA's latest roster acquisition is none other than The Punisher aka Andrew "Test" Martin. He appeared this week as one of the good guys.  I should know.  I found last week's spoilers. Martin did appear on iMPACT last Thursday (see recap on this site).  Martin has been working the ropes for a few years now.  It will be interesting to see what twists and turns his character will take in the weeks to come.  Martin hails from Canada.  I've watched him in action before and I believe he will bring additional action and energy to the six-sided ring. 

What About Dustin?

Since Dustin Rhodes came in to TNA in a round about way, I didn't mention him last week.  I would be remiss by not mentioning this superstar.  I recently read a transcript of an interview of Dustin on a radio station.  For any non-wrestling fans or new wrestling fans, Dustin is the son of Dusty Rhodes, real surname Runnells.   Dustin fans may remember his previous persona Goldust.  Rumor has it that Dustin will be using a similar gimmick in TNA.  Everyone will love that, but I like Dustin as Dustin. Don't get me wrong; Dustin did a magnificent job with that character. However, Iím a Dusty Rhodes fans from way back and Dustin reminds me a lot of his Daddy.  Dustin can talk the talk and walk the walk inside and outside of the ring. I was very impressed when Dustin thanked the fans at least twice during the interview.  He was respectful when speaking of everyone even former employers. There is no doubt Dustin will take anything the TNA writers hand him and run with it.   Dustin's brother, Cody Rhodes, is presently employed by WWE.  Dustin, I do have to tell you that it is impolite to make fun of your brother's neon bright ring attire.  Obviously he too has a little bit of your Dad's wrestling flare.

The Naturals to WWE?

It has been posted on several sites, including one of the Natural's home pages; the Naturals are getting a WWE tryout.  We heard the information was removed from The Natural's site at the request of the WWE.  The Naturals are treating TNA as a stepping-stone -- to what?  Obviously they aren't interested in staying with TNA and helping the organization grow.  Getting the word out prior to any match may have put a jinx on The Natural's plans.  Maybe they can ask Roxxi Leveaux to help them counter the hex.  Unlike Lance Hoyt, Naturals posted their own news.   

And Team 3D

Rumors are floating around Team 3D regarding their possible move from TNA.  I find nothing from Team 3D denying or confirming this rumor. I would hate to see TNA lose these two.  This site will keep you posted.

Drug Testing and TNA

TNA has been posting they have an appropriate drug testing policy in place, however, sources say TNA may have been asked or will be asked for the same information WWE is to provide to the powers in Washington.  


Last Week's Bytes Follow Up:

The NFL and TNA

The rumor mill suggests that Vince Russo was not the one responsible for the Pacman angle.  It's been blamed on Jeff Jarrett himself.  Just when I was enjoying everything TNA has been doing and the new talent they have brought in as of late in addition to the greats already on the TNA roster, someone does something like this. Jeff or whoever thought this one up -- what were you thinking? Or maybe I should ask if the guilty party was thinking at all.  Were you going to use his mug shot on the TNA roster page?  I did not see one positive comment posted anywhere regarding TNA's signing of this banned NFL player. I thoroughly enjoyed the baseball player angle TNA used a short time ago.  Those players weren't suspended from their jobs for violence. The TNA fans would like nothing better than to see iMPACT ratings go through the roof but this is not the way to go.  Stick with the good guys, Jeff.  TNA's fans will appreciate it.

One for the books:  The following was found on

Jimmy Hart has been smacking TNA for having anything to do with Pacman.  This may be the first and only time that Jimmy Hart and I agree on anything.


Sabu may be back with TNA was posted to  It has been reported at that Sabu will be at an UXW event in Orlando, FL on September 29.  Does that mean he will have time to drop by and visit TNA's office?

Angle's Alleged Addiction

I read part of an interview in which Kurt Angle talked about Chris Benoit and that no one was to blame for what happened to Benoit and his family but Benoit.  Kurt also stated that his own addiction to pain pills was no one's fault but his own. I admire Kurt for stepping up and admitting he had an addiction.  I could not tell by the transcript if Kurt presently has an addiction to pain pills or if someone caught part of this interview and made his/her own suppositions. After watching Karen and Kurt Angle on iMPACT, I felt like sending Karen a case of tequila.

And speaking of Kurt and Karenís Angleís gimmick Ė it has been reported there have been complaints made about the domestic issues involved.  Some have even gone as far as to compare this to the Benoit situation.  First of all, I see no correlation between the two.  Second of all, this gimmick has been used before by a major wrestling organization.  I am a grown up and understand the difference between the real thing and the gimmick.  If you feel this storyline is out of line, please feel free to let TNA know. 

Leticia Cline in Playboy

I have not found information regarding the exact scheduled release date for Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door. All I find is September 2007.  I'll post the as soon as I find it.  In the meantime you can drop in and see Leticia at MySpace.

New Members of TNA

I have not seen any further news regarding Brian Christopher, Rikishi, or A-Train/Bernard coming on board.  There have been no additional reports about Nidia and Ariel. did report Matt Morgan and The Warlord were backstage at TNA tapings.

Some sites are hinting that Ricky Banderas has leaked a major spoiler regarding his TNA involvement.  Stay tuned.

Old Members of TNA?

The grapevine tells us that Damaja may be out of TNA due to missing the iMPACT taping for which he was scheduled.  If anyone out there has heard news, please contact the Webmaster.


Something in error? New news you can add?  Please contact the Webmaster with corrections or additional information.









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