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Fallen Idol

Anyone who has an interest in wrestling has followed the horrendous story of the Benoit family. It is clear that Chris Benoit murdered his wife and child and then took his own life. What is not clear - and what may never be known - is why it happened. Everyone has theories, and the internet is overflowing with them. And we have nothing but speculation. I was a Benoit fan. It is difficult to reflect on the terrible person he became in the last few days of his life. However, it cannot be ignored. He was a large part of the wrestling world. Children idolized him. Adults appreciated his ability and his showmanship. Chris Benoit is not the first wrestler to die young nor is he the first wrestler to take his own life. He is, however, the first wrestler who took his family with him. It is heartbreaking for the families and it is sad for those of us who watched him rise to the top. There can never be a logical reason for what happened. There is no excuse. He had no right to take the lives of Nancy and Daniel. The blame has been tossed in the direction of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Benoit's doctor and the fans. Could WWE have developed a better plan to stop the abuse of drugs? Yes. Could they have arranged different scheduling that was less exhausting to their employees? Yes. The only interview I watched after this tragedy was Vince McMahon, Jr of WWE. I was amazed at how determined he was to alleviate WWE of any responsibility. I saw no caring, no sorrow, just a blanket spin from the CEO of a big company. I wonder if he even knew Chris Benoit as a person and not a percentage of WWE's earnings. Could the DEA have acted in a more expedient manner and snatched Benoit up before anything bad happened? I am not familiar with the intricacies of the DEA, but I don't believe they were sitting on this case just because they could. I believe they were unaware that such violence was lurking so close to the surface. Should Benoit's doctor be held accountable? By all means he should.When doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, they promise to do no harm. If he was handing out drugs as stated in the indictment, then he should be in jail for a long time. He should not be licensed to practice medicine. He would have been aware of what damage could be caused by the drugs he was prescribing. Are the fans to blame for what happened? To an extent, I believe we are. We demand bigger and better wrestlers. We demand constant and dangerous performances. The greater the risk, the better the sales. We put the biggest and best on pedestals and turn our backs if they fail. Chris Benoit was 40 years old. He had been wrestling since his teens and he had been injured repeatedly. Still, he kept going at the cost of his body and, obviously, his mind. He is not an idol. He is not a hero. He is a murderer. His final actions have erased the memory of a great wrestler. The body count for professional wrestlers under the age of 50 is increasing at an alarming rate. To all those pros out there, if you are using substances you know can harm your body, please seek professional help. Even if we, the fans, are incapable of loving you with smaller muscles and less airtime, are you going to tell your family that your job is worth dying for?

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