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Thinking of You, South Rowan...

Welcome to Robsroom, DAWN MARIE


Dixie Classic Fair Runs Oct 1-10


You've found Robsroom...I'm David Roberson

I teach English and Theatre Arts
at East Forsyth High School
2500 West Mountain Street
in Kernersville, N.C. U.S.A.

I'm 41 years old, single, and tan

Here are a few of my favorites:

Car- My Ford Thunderbird
Drink- Aquafina or Sprite
Food- Seafood or Italian
Candy- Payday or Skittles
Athlete- Nature Boy Ric Flair
Female Athlete- Brandi Collins
Radio Station- 98.7 The Point or 107.5 KZL
Morning Radio Duo- Bob and Sheri
Arena- The Greensboro ( N.C. ) Coliseum
Mall- Hanes Mall; Winston-Salem, N.C.
Color for clothes- Black
Magazine- MAXIM
Restaurant- O'Charley's; Winston-Salem, N.C.
Fast Food- Wendy's or Arby's
Musical Artist- Kenny G
Female Musical Artist- Shania Twain or Mariah Carey
Decade- The '90's
TV Shows- WCW, WWF, ECW, Ent. Tonight, Felicity
Male names- Seth or Thomas
Female names- Autumn or Dawn
Calendar Model- Kathy Ireland
Place to get a tan- Carolina Tans; Winston-Salem

I Remember New York...

A Thought...

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
Let him step to the music which he hears, however
measured or far away..."

- Henry David Thoreau


Friday October 1 - 12:00 am

The first issue of the school newspaper, The Talon,
hit the campus this week. Few people know that, when I was a senior at East, I was the editor of The
Talon. In the issue released this past week, Rob was
profiled, along with the other 27 new staffers at
East. ACTS was recognized as the new drama program.
ECW in Asheville tonight; I'm going to try to be
there. Picnic in the park for ACTS tomorrow; bowling
afterward..it's been awhile since Rob bowled, but I
seem to remember that I wasn't too bad...indie
wrestling for me tomorrow night in Thomasville..
or High Point...leading to a nice, quiet Sunday...
I will try to update on Sat and Sun, but if
inergy refuses to give me access, please know that
I am looking into other carriers. Hope your weekend
is a nice one; let me hear from you; thank you for
being with me here in Robsroom.

Thursday September 30 - 7:00 pm

Practice is going well for Twelve Angry Men. It was good to hear from Ryan and Kindrae again, and nice to
talk with Mrs. Luther and Mrs. Peck-Harris last week.
Thank you for staying with me through my problems with inergy.com...I'm looking into another server.
As always, your comments are welcome..thank you for
being with me here in Robsroom.

Tuesday September 28 - 7:00 pm ET

I've been unable to access my website since this past Thursday at midnight. I now have come to the conclusion that I have a decision to make. Either I
move ROBSROOM to another publisher, or I resign myself to the fact that I no longer have at-will
acessibilty to update the site for you and I.
The decision has not yet been made; however, I am taking a number of steps to update/clean up the site
a bit. For those of you who have been following the
Journal, it remains, but only current by ten days or so. For those of you who are into the wrestling,
I am dropping the individual federations in favor of
a dated board. I will continue to update as often as possible. The calendar will continue to be updated,
as well. The current date will be dropped; in its
place, I will date and time the last update. As
always, thank you for your patience..mine is spent
with inergy.com; thank you for being with me here in

What's ON with ACTS ?

The Acting Company of Theatre and Stage was founded
at South Rowan High School in the fall of 1987.
This fall, ACTS moves to East Forsyth High School.
The theatre program at East will continue a tradition of
excellence and dominance on the secondary level.
I invite you to stay tuned to this space for developments. I
hope you will be able to join us
for a fall production and spring musical.

Production dates for "12 Angry Men " run Thu-Sat,
Nov 4-5-6 at the East Forsyth auditorium,
beginning at the traditional time of 8:01 p.m.

Congratulations to the following persons, who have been
selected to appear onstage in "12 Angry Men" :

Andy Cissna (Judge's Voice), Kristen Crutchfield ( Clerk ),
Katie Fleming ( Guard ), Season Hughes ( Foreman ),
Stephen King ( #2 ), Jen McCormack ( #3 ),
Danielle Morlier ( #4 ), Beth Samia ( #5 ),
Nathan Bocanegra ( #6 ), Amy Dunmire ( #7 ),
Eugene Snead ( # 8 ), Mike Bowers ( # 9 ),
Robyn Teague ( # 10 ), Angela Crum ( # 11 ),
and Leslie Mesic ( # 12 )........

First rehearsal is Tuesday, September 14.......

Tech staff has been released:

Set design : Andy Cissna
Light design : Jade Holbrook
Asst Director : Jen McCormack / Danielle Morlier
Stage Mgr.: Becky Stettler / Amber Washam
Sound Chief : Jim Hemann / Michael Blanks; R McKenzie
Light Chief : Jade Holbrook / C Samia; Mark Start
Make-Up : Sarajane / Caroline Vincent; Erika Spong
Costume Chief : Sarah Smith/ Stacy Hartman
Props Chief : Jason Collett
House Chief : Eva Letchworth/ April Lewis
Publicity Chief:Kristina Wilde/E Hinsdale;S Bonasera
Backstage Organization : Rachel Frazier


How To Find Rob At East...

Here's how to find East Forsyth :

From Rowan County, take I-85 North to Highway 52
North ( "Winston-Salem"). Follow Highway 52 North
into Winston-Salem. Exit onto I-40 East ( the GREEN
one ) ("Greensboro"). Follow I-40 until you exit off
onto Linville Road. Turn right, then another right at the stoplight. You will be on West Mountain Street.
East Forsyth High is a few miles down the road
on the right. Look for the "Home of the Fighting


High School Underground
Buster's Page

Let's Talk..

Thank you for spending some time with me. I would
appreciate hearing from you. You may write to me at:
P.O. Box 1150, Walkertown, N.C. 27051 or send me
an e-mail by clicking on the button below:

Dear David:

AIWF Calendar

Special thanks to the Baron for the AIWF Calendar.

Saturday August 14
Bradshaw, WV

Friday August 20
Wentworth, NC

Saturday August 21
Elkin, NC

Friday August 27
Bassett, Va

Saturday August 28
Graham, NC

Fri-Sat September 17-18
Wentworth, NC

Friday September 24
Greeneville, Tn

Saturday September 25
Elizabethton, Tn

Saturday October 9
Nitro, WV

Saturday October 16
Graham, NC

Saturday October 23
Elkin, NC

Let's Visit Backyard Sports


Mooneyham's Weekly Column from Charleston SC

Sunday Sep 26 - Flair Deserves WCW Reins
Sunday Sep 19 - Bischoff's Position Changes..
Sunday Sep 12 - Hildebrand Stood Tall
Saturday Sep 11 - Bischoff Steps Down
Sunday Sep 5 - Jericho Doesn't Regret......
Sunday Aug 29 - Bischoff is Playing ..
Sunday Aug 22 - WCW Didn't Anticipate...
Sunday Aug 15 - Ventura Fires Verbal Blast...
Sunday Aug 8 - Buy A Piece of Pro Wrestling
Sunday Aug 1 - HOG-an's Knee Injury

The Wrestling Headlines....

Sunday October 3

Welcome to Robsroom, Dawn Marie. This past Fri afternoon, I took the drive to Asheville to catch
ECW. For those of you who are regular readers, you know that Rob loves Dawn Marie. While talking to
a friend who had come from Greensboro to see the show, he introduced me to Paul Heyman. We were
talking about my website when I asked about
Dawn Marie. Paul E introduced us, and we chatted for
a few minutes...Rob left her a web card. Interesting
person, with a lot of goals....speaking of which, that's another one of mine accomplished....on to the
update....the WNWA satellite show has been delayed
again. Scheduled to go today, the group has run into
$$$ problems....

Saturday October 2

The Rock heads to Hollywood Oct 13 & 14 to film an
episode of Star Trek: Voyager, which airs early next year...Mick Foley's episode of Boy Meets World aired
last night on ABC..the count of ex-wrestlers at WCW
now stands at 24-plus..Jerry Lawler's bid for mayor
of Memphis may be in jeopardy. Seems he ran over a meter maid's foot at the airport as she was ticketing his car..fine could be jailtime, which would can his
office hopes..even if he were elected...Thu Smackdown continues to improve, this week getting a 5.7 composite....say bye-bye to Vampiro for awhile..until
they can work a new gimmick for him...Lodi & Lenny
as a team have been bounced, due to the TNT censors...WCW comes to Kansas City this Mon, to the same building which saw Owen's tragedy..in honor of
Owen, the ME will feature Bret vs. Chris Benoit...
WCW security head Doug Dellingr has earned the rep as
being a stooge for Eric...Ric is pressing hard for the booker position;he's had an interview with acting
pres Busch...Ken Shamrock has a legit slipped disc...
Torrie Wilson will face a pay cut or will be axed from the WCW roster...Savage remains off of tv...
look for Goldberg to be the focus of WCW, as the
World Title is once again elevated...yes, he'll get
the strap again....WCW filming for the upcoming movie Oct 16 and 30 in Los Angeles...WWF has petitioned for
Owen's trial to be moved from KC to Connecticut....
Strictly ECW is pushing for nationwide distribution
of the upcoming LA-area release of "Beyond The Mat"..

Friday October 1

MEEEAN GENE has decided to stay with WCW..and is interested in a long-term contract. Gene Okerlund
has shared the views of Ric Flair for some time, yet
only recently spoke out. He is very satisfied that Eric Bischoff is no longer associated with the wrestling operations of Turner broadcasting.....
Remember Kimona ? She's headed to the WWF, as a valet, possibly for the big Valbowski...look for
Test and Steph to get "married," then Test to cheat
with Terri...WWF is sending The Heartbreak Kid to
Japan to keep him off of TV after his disparaging
comments against Austin...look for WCW to focus
on the WCW title, and Goldberg in particular. Goldberg will once again start a long winning streak.
Nitro Girl Storm confirms that there is no heat within the group...Medusa, off of surgery, has returned to WCW, eventually in the role of
a commentator...Ric Flair continues to be seen on
TV and is being sent to first-day kick-offs.....

Thursday September 30

Tonight on Smackdown :
Road Dogg d Jericho by DQ, Kane/X-Pac d Dudleys
and Acolytes, Edge/Christian d Hardys,
J Jarrett wrestles the ladies, HHH NC Bulldog
with the Rock as ref, HHH and Stone Cold trade
beers and stunners....

WCW Thunder on tape delay tonight, airing at
10:05, with the replay after midnight ET......

Tuesday September 28

Results from the 51st NWA convention in Charlotte this past Saturday : Team Xtreme d Brotherhood to
gain the NWA Tag Titles, Logan Caine d Twiggy Ramirez
to capture the Jr Title, Gary Steele d Ogawa and
Brian Anthony to gain the NWA Title....

Paul Heyman was pleased with Anarchy Rulz, and has no
plans to move ECW from The Odeum to the UIC...
WCW drug tested for three consecutive Mon nights....
WCW is attempting to boost first-day tic sales by sending Ric Flair to opening-day kick-offs....
The WWF restaurant in Manhattan should be open by mid-Nov....Steve Austin has taped another episode of Nash Bridges....Eric Bischoff has been replaced in the upcoming WCW movie.....WCW has cut 18 more wrestlers, including James Vandenburg, who was still on payroll but not used on TV....

Late update : for the 44th consecutive week, RAW
leveled Nitro, with a composite of 6.8 to 3.0....

14-17-21 Times A World Champion...

Rob's Tribute to the "Nature Boy"

Won By Won From City Date Fed No.

Flair Rhodes KC Mo 9-17-81 NWA 1
Race Flair S Louis 6-10-83 NWA
Flair Race Gboro 11-24-83 NWA 2
Race Flair Wel NZ 3-21-84 NWA
Flair Race Kal Sing 3-23-84 NWA 3
vErich Flair Irv Tx 5-6-84 NWA
Flair vErich YokC Jpn 5-24-84 NWA 4
Rhodes Flair Gboro 7-26-86 NWA
Flair Rhodes S Louis 8-9-86 NWA 5
RGarvin Flair Detroit 9-25-87 NWA
Flair RGarvin Chicago 11-26-87 NWA 6
RStmbt Flair Chicago 2-20-89 NWA
Flair RStmbt Nashv Tn 5-7-89 NWA 7
Sting Flair Balt Md 7-7-90 NWA
Flair Sting ERuth NJ 1-11-91 NWA 8
Flair RRumble Alb NY 1-19-92 WWF 9
Savage Flair Ind Ind 4-5-92 WWF
Flair Savage Hers Pa 9-1-92 WWF 10
BHart Flair Saskat 10-12-92 WWF
Flair BWindh Biloxi 7-18-93 NWA Int'l
Flair Vader Clotte 12-27-93 WCW 11
Hogan Flair Orl Fl 7-17-94 WCW
Flair Savage Nashv Tn 12-27-95 WCW 12
Savage Flair L Vegas 1-22-96 WCW
Flair Savage St Pete 2-11-96 WCW 13
Giant Flair Alb Ga 4-22-96 WCW
Flair Hogan Louisv Ky 3-14-99 WCW 14
DPage Flair Tacoma 4-11-99 WCW

Flair has actually held a version of the world
title 14, 17 or 21 times, depending upon your
point of view. Losses to the Midnight Rider
on Feb 9, 1983 ( and subsequent return of the
belt ), Jack Veneno in the Dominican
Republic in late 1982 or early 1983, Carlos Colon
in Puerto Rico in Dec 1983, Dusty Rhodes on
Nov 28, 1985 in Atlanta and Tatsumi Fujinami
on March 21, 1991 in Tokyo ( with return to
Flair on May 19, 1991 in St Petersburg, Flo )
are factored into these numbers. The list
above comes from The Pro Wrestling Illustrated
Almanac and Book of Facts, 1999 edition.



In this section, I attempt to list every live pro
wrestling event within these five organizations:

World Championship Wrestling ( WCW ),
World Wrestling Federation ( WWF ),
Extreme Championship Wrestling ( ECW ),
NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (MACW ),and
NWA World Wide Wrestling ( NWA WW ).

Also listed are known dates for fourteen independent
promotions throughout the Carolinas region:

American Championship Wrestling (ACW ),
Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling (NC) ( ACCW ),
American Independent Wrestling Federation ( AIWF ),
Central Carolina Pro Wrestling ( CCPW ),
Independent Championship Wrestling ( ICW ),
National Championship Wrestling ( NCW ),
New Dimension Wrestling ( NDW ),
Professional Wrestling Federation ( PWF ),
Southern Championship Wrestling ( SCW ),
Southern Wrestling Alliance ( SWA ),
Tarheel Championship Wrestling ( TCW ),
World Wrestling Organization ( WWO ),
World Wrestling Promotions ( WWP ), and
Yadkin Wrestling Alliance ( YWA ).

I welcome your imput; please e-mail me
with additions or corrections.

Sat Oct 2

WCW - Tulsa
WWF - Birmingham, UK Satellite
ECW - Rock Hill SC
NWA WW - Nashville
NDW - Altavsta Va
TWC - High Point NC
WWP - Thomasville, NC
PWF - Marion NC

Sun Oct 3

WCW - Oklahoma City
WWF - Ft Myers
WNWA - Las Vegas Satellite DEBUT
IWA - Wilson NC (weekly Sundays)

Mon Oct 4

WCW - Kansas City NITRO
WWF - E Rutherford NJ RAW

Tue Oct 5

WWF - Uniondale NY SMACKDOWN TV Taping

Wed Oct 6

WWF - Trenton NJ

Thu Oct 7

ECW - Baton Rouge La

Fri Oct 8

ECW - Houma La TNN TV Taping
PWF - Kings Mountain NC

Sat Oct 9

ECW - New Orleans
NDW - Thomasville NC TV Taping
ICW - Shallotte NC
PWF - Mooresville NC

Sun Oct 10

WWF - Miami
WWF - Ft Myers

Mon Oct 11

WCW - Biloxi NITRO
WWF - Atlanta RAW

Tue Oct 12

WCW - Thibodeaux La TBS Sat Night TV Taping
WWF - Birmingham SMACKDOWN TV Taping

Wed Oct 13

Thu Oct 14

WCW - Baton Rouge THUNDER
NWA WW - Loganville Ga

Fri Oct 15

WCW - Bethlehem Pa
ECW - Fall River Ma
PWF - Monroe NC

Sat Oct 16

WCW - Fairfax Va
WWF - Dayton Oh
ECW - Worcester
NDW - Greensboro
PWF - Albemarle NC

Sun Oct 17

WWF - Cleveland Satellite
ECW - Boston

Mon Oct 18

WCW - Philadelphia NITRO
WWF - Columbus Oh RAW

Tue Oct 19

WWF - Louisville, Ky SMACKDOWN TV Taping

Thu Oct 21

ECW - Schenectady NY
ICW - Wilmington NC
NWA WW - Gainesville Ga

Fri Oct 22

ECW - Poughkeepsie NY TNN TV Taping
WCW - Oakland

Sat Oct 23

NWA Mid-Atl - Gastonia NC
PWF - Gastonia NC
WWF - Chicago
ECW - Philadelphia
NDW - Burlington NC
NDW - Richlands Va
YWA - Elkin NC

Sun Oct 24

WCW - Las Vegas Satellite
WWF - St Louis

Mon Oct 25

WCW - Phoenix NITRO
WWF - Providence RI RAW

Tue Oct 26

WCW - San Bernandino TBS Sat Night TV Taping
WWF - Springfield Ma Smackdown TV Taping

Wed Oct 27

Thu Oct 28

WCW - San Diego Thunder TV Taping

Fri Oct 29

ECW - Syracuse

Sat Oct 30

WWF - New York NY
NDW - Ferrum Va
PWF - Spartanburg SC

Sun Oct 31

WWF - New Haven
ECW - Brockport NY

Mon Nov 1

WCW - Minn Minn NITRO
WWF - Washington DC RAW

Tue Nov 2

WWF - Philadelphia Smackdown TV Taping

Fri Nov 5

WWF - Lexington Ky

Sat Nov 6

WWF - Raleigh NC
NDW - Thomasville NC TV Taping

Sun Nov 7

WWF - Hershey Pa

Mon Nov 8

WWF - University Park Pa RAW

Tue Nov 9

WCW - Champaign Il TBS TV Taping
WWF - Baltimore Samckdown TV Taping

Thu Nov 11


Fri Nov 12

WCW - London Eng

Sat Nov 13

WCW - Birmingham Eng
NDW - Laredo Tx
TCW - Asheboro NC
YWA - Yadkinville NC

Sun Nov 14

WCW - Manchester Eng
WWF - Detroit Satellite

Mon Nov 15

WCW - Little Rock NITRO
WWF - Pittsburgh RAW

Tue Nov 16

WWF - Cincinatti Smackdown TV Taping

Fri Nov 19

WCW - Cleveland Oh

Sat Nov 20

WWF - Toronto
NDW - Burlington NC

Sun Nov 21

WCW - Montreal Satellite

Mon Nov 22

WCW - Auburn Hills NITRO
WWF - Buffalo NY RAW

Tue Nov 23

WCW - Toledo Oh TBS TV Taping
WWF - Rochester NY Smackown TV Taping

Wed Nov 24

WCW - Kalamazoo Mi

Thu Nov 25

NDW - Thomasville NC TV Taping

Fri Nov 26

WCW - San Angelo Tx

Sat Nov 27

WWF - San Jose
WCW - Belton Tx
ECW - Philadelphia

Sun Nov 28

WCW - Midland Tx

Mon Nov 29

WCW - Denver NITRO

Tue Nov 30

WCW - Vail Co TBS TV Taping
WWF - Anaheim Cal Smackdown TV Taping

Wed Dec 1

WCW - Lincoln

Thu Dec 2

WCW - Topeka

Fri Dec 3

WCW - Salina

Sat Dec 4

WCW - Cedar Rapids
NDW - Marietta Oh

Sun Dec 5

WCW - Chicago

Mon Dec 6

WCW - Milwaukee NITRO
WWF - Worcester RAW

Tue Dec 7

WWF - Boston Smackdown TV Taping

Sun Dec 12

WWF - Miami Satellite

Mon Dec 13

WCW - New Orleans NITRO
WWF - Tampa RAW

Tue Dec 14

WCW - Monroe La TBS TV Taping
WWF - Tallahassee Smackdown TV Taping

Thu Dec 16

WCW - Jacksonville Fl THUNDER

Fri Dec 17

WCW - Daytona Beach

Sun Dec 19

WCW - Washington DC Satellite

Mon Dec 20

WCW - Baltimore NITRO
WWF - Houston RAW

Tue Dec 21

WWF - Dallas Smackdwn TV Taping

Sat Dec 25

NDW - Thomasville NC TV Taping

Sun Dec 26

WWF - Charlotte, NC

Mon Dec 27

WCW - Houston NITRO
WWF - Greensboro RAW

Tue Dec 28

WCW - Beaumont Tx TBS TV Taping

Thu Dec 30

WCW - Roanoke Va THUNDER

Fri Dec 31

WCW - Tempe, Az satellite

Mon Jan 3 2000

WWF - Miami RAW

Sun Jan 23

WWF - NYC Satellite

Sat Mar 18

NDW - Manteo NC

Tue Mar 21

WWF - Mlwaukee Smackdown TV Taping

Sun Apr 2

WWF - Anaheim Satellite

Sat May 6

WWF - London Eng UK Satellite

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Satellite Events

World Championship Wrestling

WCW Fall Brawl
Sunday September 12, 1999
Winston-Salem, N.C.

WCW Title - TGGOAW HOG-an loses belt to Sting
Goldberg d D D Page
WCW Tag Title - W Tex Rednecks lose to Harlem Heat
Vampiro/ICP lose to The Filthy Animals
No DQ - S Douglas/Malenko lose to Knobbs/Morrus
US Title - Benoit loses title to Sid Vicious
Berlyn d Hacksaw Duggan, subbing for Buffy Bagwell
TV Title - R Steiner d Saturn
Cruiser Title - L Lane d K Hayashi

Next Events:

WCW Halloween Havoc - Las Vegas - Sun Oct 24, 1999

WCW Title - HOG-an vs Sting
US Title - Sid vs Goldberg

WCW Mayhem - Toronto - Sun Nov 21, 1999
WCW Starrcade - Washington DC - Sun Dec 19, 1999

World Wrestling Federation

WWF Unforgiven
Sunday September 26, 1999
Charlotte, NC

Val Venis d Steve Blackman
D-Lo Brown d Mark Henry to win European Title
J Jarrett won on rev dec to retain IC over Chyna
Acolytes d The Dudley Boyz
Ivory d Luna to retain Ladies Title
NA Outlaws retain Tag Titles over Edge and Christian
Al Snow retains Hardcore Title over Bossman
X-Pac d Jericho
HHH wins the 6 pack challenge for the WWF Title

Next Events:

WWF No Mercy Columbus Oh Sunday Oct 17, 1999

WWF - HHH vs Austin vs The Rock
IC - J Jarrett vs Chyna
Acolytes vs X-Pac/Kane
Women's Title - Ivory vs Fab Moolah

WWF Survivor - Detroit - Sunday Nov 14, 1999
WWF Armageddon - Ft Lauderdale - Sun Dec 12, 1999

WWF Royal Rumble - NYC - Sunday Jan 23, 2000

Extreme Championship Wrestling

ECW Anarchy Rulz
Sunday September 19, 1999
Chicago, Ill

Lance Storm ( w/ Dawn Marie ) d Jerry Lynn
New Jack cleaned the ring with jobbers
Tajiri d Guido & Crazzy
Justin Credible ( W/ Jason ) d Sabu ( W/ Fonzie )
ECW Title- Mike Awesome d Masao Tanaka & Taz
ECW Tag Title - Dreamer & Raven d Rhino & Corrino
ECW TV Title- Rob vandam ( w/ Fonzie ) d Balls Mahoney

Next Event :

ECW November to Remember ------- Sunday, November 7, 1999

A Tradition..

"To BE the man, you have to BEAT the man.."

- "Nature Boy" Ric Flair


ROB VAN DAM on the cover of the Dec ECW MAGAZINE
STEVE AUSTIN on the cover of WOW #7 for November
Bikini pics of DAWN MARIE in Dec ECW Magazine
HEROES OF WRESTLING satellite set for Sun Oct 10
MANKIND on G v E Sun Oct 10
'Taker vs Austin on CELEB DEATHMATCH Oct 14
AUSTIN & FOLEY this fall on A&E Biography
THE BIG SHOW on UPN's Shasta McNasty this fall
OWEN's BIOGRAPHY on A & E in December
Lawler's MAN ON THE MOON opens December 25

Let's Visit...

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Let's Talk..

Thank you for spending some time with me. I would
appreciate hearing from you. You may write to me
at: PO. Box 1150, Walkertown, N.C. 27051, or
send me an e-mail by clicking on the button below.

Dear David:

A Promise...

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only
begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him
should not perish, but have everlasting life."

- Jesus Christ


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