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NWA WILDSIDE NWA ARENA FRIDAY 6/13 results: TC Carniage & Martel defeated Adam Roberts & Zero ref.Mike Posey Shaun Shultz defeated Menace ref.Speedy Nelson Salvatore Rinuaro w/Ace Rockwell defeated Nick Halen ref. Mike Posey Francis defeated Todd Sexton. Orignally, ref.Speedy Nelson had awarded the match to Todd via a submission but after constant involvement on the part of Shadow Jackson Nelson reversed the decision. ref.Speedy Nelson Michael Adrian defeated Maxx Mayhem ref.Mike Posey Brandon Knight defeated Scott E.Smooth via a submission. ref.Speedy Nelson Jeremy V & Gabriel defeated Rainman & Skeeter Frost ref.Mike Posey Shadow Jackson defeated 21 other men to win the Mega Rumble for the evening. ref.Mike Posey & Speedy Nelson NWA WILDSIDE Returns to the NWA Arena in Cornelia, GA for another FRIDAY Show on 6/20...all seats $5 with kids under 12 FREE!!!!!!! Then Saturday 6/21 NWA WILDSIDE will stage another National Television Taping at the NWA Arena, seats only $10: FUTURE SHOCK defend the NWA Wildside tag team titles against THE IMPACT. RAINMAN & ICEBERG w/JEFF G BAILEY face JEREMY V & HOTSTUFF HERNANDEZ. SALVATORE RINAURO takes on ALTER BOY LUKE. JEFF LEWIS seeks revenge when he faces TODD SEXTON..... KEVIN NORTHCUTT & SLIM J will both be in action and more!!!!! Then on SATURDAY 6/28 FREEDOM FIGHT @003 with the return of WAR GAMES.....one team lead by RICK MICHAELS (JEREMY V, JIMMY RAVE, ONYX & ?????) vs a team lead by JEFF G BAILEY (ICEBERG, RAINMAN< JASON CROSS & BAILEY'S SURPRIZE), and if Michaels' team wins Michaels gets Bailey in the cage for 5 MINUTES!!!!!!! Also SALVATORE RINAURO defends his NWA WILDSIDE JUNIOR TITLE in a LADDER MATCH. LAZZ returns and faces the also returning TONY STRADLIN. In an EIGHT MAN ELIMINATION MATCH, SLIM J, JEFF LEWIS, JASON BLACKMAN, & JACEY NORTH face MURDER 1, TODD SEXTON, SHADOW & MASADA. DAVID YOUNG will be in action. The WILDSIDE TAG TEAM TITLES will be defended... And more....... Ringside $15 (available in advance using PAYPAL at WWW.NWA-WILDSIDE.COM or at the ARENA or by mail, send check or money order to SHOW BUSINESS, INC. PO BOX 941787 ATLANTA, GA 31141) General Admission day of show is $10 (Bleechers). On 7/5 it will be the 200th EPISODE TV TAPING celebration at the NWA ARENA.....All WILDSIDE TITLES Will be defended. Fans who attend the FREEDOM FIGHT show will be able to by their tickets in advance at a BIG DISCOUNT PRICE. On 7/12 NWA WILDSIDE makes it's return to ATHENS, GA with its first of new MONTHLY shows at the ATHENS ARENA (280 COMMERCE BLVD, off ATLANTA HWY accross from CIRCUIT CITY and behind CINGULAR, just down from the GEORGIA SQUARE MALL....706-353-2772) with a MAIN EVENT pitting DAVID YOUNG VS JIMMY RAVE VS JASON CROSS, and much more. Tickets will be available at the NWA ARENA, ATHENS ARENA BOX OFFICE and through TICKETMASTER....only $10. Check out the major unpades at the website by Webmaster Dave & Dan "The Dragon" Wilson.....New and updates Bios, Wildside and Beyond features on Wildside stars, interactive polls, write to your favorite star, new merchandise, and lots more.......check it out at WWW.NWA-WILDSIDE.COM. At the USA WRESTLING SHOW on FRIDAY 6/13 in GAINESVILLE, GA in a match sanctioned by NWA WILDSIDE & Bill Behrens, AJ STYLES defeated KID KASH to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title in 13:03. Like night and day compared to the rest of the show. Fans were clearly drawn in by quality of the wrestling. There were a couple of rough spots, but they covered them well. Chain wrestling until Kash leveled Styles with a clothesline at 3 minutes in. Styles sent Kash to the outside with a kip up huracanrana. Styles moonsaulted to his feet from the apron. Kash hit an awesome slingshot hurancanrana to the outside. Styles vaulted the rail and superkicked Kash with authority. Styles snapped Kash's head back with a dropkick. Kash caught Styles as he came off the top with a dropkick to the nuts. Kash busted out a Baron Von Raschke claw and a camel clutch. Styles outdid Jason Cross with his brainbuster. Styles did his version of the Novacaine. Kasn did some kind of tripped out fisherman bomb thing. They had the crowd popping for the false finishes. Kash got in ref Rudy Charles' face about not counting three. Charles shoved Kash down. Kash countered a powerbomb with a huracanrana and hit a tornado DDT. Styles barely kicked out. Kash went for a top rope huracanrana and Styles countered with a Clash off the ropes for the pin.

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