Rob's Wrestling / Wed Oct 4

7:00 PM ET UPDATE........ reports that a news conference is scheduled for the AstroArena in Houston on Nov 8 to announce the on-sale date and ME for WM 17. Tix go on sale Nov 11......The New York Post covered the rumored WCW buyout in today's editions on the Entertainment page. To access the article, click the NY Post link at DR .com.....Vince Russo has refused to accompany the WCW on the upcoming tour of Australia...... 2:00 PM ET UPDATE: Rocky Johnson is under investigation in Flo for harassment and theft.... Tonight on WCW Thunder: Duggan d AWOL. Sanders d Storm. Jindrak/O'Haire d Awesome/Crowbar. Douglas d. Sting...... This weekend on WCW Worldwide: Kwee Wee d. Chris Daniels. Rage d. Joe___. Animals d. 3 Count...... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Lowdown/Jackie d. Hardyz/Lita. Snow d X-Pac. Tazz/Raven d. Dudleys. Eddie Guererro/APA d. RTC. Angle/ Edge/ Christian d. Phatu/ 2 Cool. Blackman d. Albert. Jericho NC Benoit. Kane d The Rock by DQ..... This weekend on WWF HeAT: Hardyz d. MSP. X-Pac d. Test. Eddie Guererro d. Goodfather. HHH d. Saturn....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: "Klondike Bill" Soloweyko passed away Tues of a neuromuscular disease similar to Lou Gehrig's. He was a well-known wrestler of the 60's and 70's, and recently was the ring crew chief for WCW..... Time Warner is looking to dump WCW before its merger with AOL, as WCW is the only money-losing division. Mandalay Sports has made an offer, and a deal is expected within thirty days. Mandalay is headed by Jason Hervey and has Eric Bischoff as a board member. It produces reality-based shows for television. If the move is made, expect to see TGGOAW, Scott Hall, Kanyon and D D Page, but NOT Vince Russo, who would more than likely be out of a job.

Tuesday October 3