Rob's Wrestling / Wed Oct 25

7:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Linda Mc Mahon, on Bloomberg TV today, confirmed that the WWF has been in negotiations with WCW, saying the WWF is always looking to broaden its scope..... Jim Ross and Steve Blackman signed copies of the WWF cookbook @ WWFNY this afternoon..... Kevin Nash has cancelled his appearance on Politically Incorrect tomorrow night.... Goldberg on Regis Nov 17 to promote his book..... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Dudleys d Hardys by DQ. Malenko/Benoit d HHH/Road Dogg. Jericho d Angle by DQ. Albert d Crash. Rock/Gunn/Chyna d RTC. Raven d Snow. Phatu d 2 Cool...... This Sun on WWF heat: Blackman d Regal by DQ. Hardys/Lita d T & A/ Trish. Eddie Guererro flirts with the Kat..... Oct 31 National Examiner takes a photographic look @ wrestling weddings..... Flex Mag's top 5 physiques in wrestling: Scott Steiner, HHH, Goldberg Nash and Ken Shamrock..... ECW November To Remember card is up in the satellite section....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........... Viacom has come out strongly against the WWFE Inc-WCW merger, citing union with competitor Ted Turner as the reasoning......Speculating on what would appear to be the impending sale, insiders have said that WCW would not be seen as the inferior organization. Mc Mahon would send some of the major talent to stabilize the promotion and, over a period of time, continue to run the WWF and WCW separately. A build-up to an annual cross-promotional date would be targeted. Much like baseball has the National League and the American League, so wrestling would have the WWF and WCW.....Steve Austin has been scripting his own program in the WWF.....Plans had Yokozuna returning to the WWF.....Rena Mero on the cover of the Dec Muscular Development, with a 3-page poster pullout.....Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy will appear on WWF heat this coming Sun night.

Tuesday October 24