Rob's Wrestling / Wed Oct 18

2:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Vince Russo has been diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome and will be out of action until Nov 16, when he has a re-evaluation. In his absence, Terry Taylor, Ed Ferrara, Bill Banks and Jeremy Borash will write Nitro and Thunder...... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Blackman d Tazz. Regal d Snow. Road Dogg d Raven. Hardys/Jericho NC Edge/Christian/X-Pac. Trish-Lita brawl. Benoit/Angle d HHH/Rock..... This Sun night on WWF HeAT: Chris ___ d Aguillera. Jackie d Mona. Blackman d Crash. Saturn d Snow. Kane d Road Dogg........... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE............ Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that the WWF will purchase WCW and that the sale will be announced this Mon. Eric Bischoff and Mandalay Bay Sports are no longer being considered as buyers, as Bischoff is now out of favor with WCW executives. The WWF buyout would see WCW run as a separate company, with Jim Ross as the president reporting to owner Vince McMahon..... The WWF's Los Conquistadores are two developmental wrestlers, Christopher Daniels and Hardcore Kid..... Nora Greenwald, aka WCW's Mona, jobbed to Ivory Mon night @ the Raw tapings in a dark match.... features new pix of Torrie, Midajah and Pamela.....The real driver of the car which hit Austin has yet to be revealed, and may not be for some time.

Tuesday October 17