Rob's Wrestling / Wed Oct 11

8:00 PM ET UPDATE..... 1 Wrestling reports that last Friday's ECW broadcast on TNN was its last. TNN pulled the plug after consistently low numbers, citing them as the reason for cancellation. For the final program, ECW did a .6..... WWF Raw did a 5.4 for the third straight week on TNN this past Mon night. WCW Nitro proved to be no opposition, doing a 2.5, down from the week before..... Mandalay Sports sent a press release on the Business Wire this morning denying intent to purchase WCW. Some are speculating that this is a swerve, or that Mandalay could act as a broker..... Vince Mc Mahon reportedly now has lost interest in the Boston Red Sox, if he ever had any interest in the first place..... AOL has received the European Commission's approval to merge with Time-Warner..... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: The Dudleys d. Lowdown. Eddie Guererro d. Chris Jericho / X-Pac. Al Snow d. Albert. HHH / Road Dogg d. Benoit / Saturn. The Hardyz d. Tazz / Raven. Angle d. Kane. ME: The Rock d. Val Venis...... This Sun night on WWF HEAT: 2 Cool d. Edge/ Christian. Chris Jericho d. William Regal. Chris Benoit d. Road Dogg....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Chyna appears with Jay Leno tonight. She is expected to answer questions regarding her relationship with HHH and her Playboy photo shoot.....

Tuesday October 10