Rob's Wrestling / Wed Nov 29

4:00 PM ET UPDATE..... NWA champ Sabu faces Mike Rapada in Tampa on Dec 12, in Nashville on Dec 22 and in Illinois on Dec 23.....WWF RAW over WCW Nitro this past Mon night, 5.0 to 2.4.....Six ex-BYU players are headed to the XFL.....TBS may leave the wrestling business due to a continued slide in the ratings. The Turner Networks would continue to air WCW.....a lenghthy rebuttal is up on 1 Wrestling placing the blame for the ECW Tex cancellation squarely on the shoulders of Paul E.....Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: The Radicals d The Hardyz/Lita. RTC d Road Dogg/ K Kwik. W Regal d S 2 Hotty. Kane/ Benoit d Jericho/ B Gunn. Lowdown d The Dudleys/ Blackman. H Holly d Raven. 'Taker/ Rock d Edge/ Christian/ Angle....... Sun night on WWF Heat: Lowdown d The Dudleys. Test d Al Snow. The Hollys d Venis/ Ivory......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ A Fyre/ Teri Byrne Gallery, from 4 Wrestling... Tix are on sale for WWF AXXESS weekend, Mar 30 through Apr 1 in Houston. To reserve, go to Chyna starts filming Terminator 3 in April..... Negotiations have fallen through and the WCW/Battledome angle is history...for now..... The Minnesota state Attorney General is looking into Jesse Ventura's latest job with the XFL... checking for improper actions..... The next update will include ratings from Mon night, along with Smackdown taping results, but may be late, as I will be in Greensboro Wed night for the Styx-REO concert.......

Tuesday November 28
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