Rob's Wrestling / Wed Nov 22

11:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Tonight on WCW Thunder: Jindrak/O'Haire NC Meng. CEO Ric Flair issues a restraining order for Booker T and Scott Steiner until Sun @ Mayhem. Yang d Shannon Moore/Evan Karagias. Bryan Clark d Rey Jr/ Kidman. Goldberg serves notice to WCW champ Booker T. Douglas/Jarrett d Bagwell/The Cat. Scott Steiner d Big Vito. Bigelow/Reno d Crowbar/Awesome. ME: Lumberjack Match: Shawn Stasiak d D D Page. ........... 8:00 PM ET UPDATE........ No advance word on WCW Thunder for tonight. The Thunder report will be here after the telecast....MTV has bombed with Sun Night Heat. The format may be changed due to poor #'s. Chyna guest hosts this weekend.....WCW Starrcade poster reads, "The Ending You Can't Miss.".... TGGOAW had a discussion recently with Vince Mc Mahon about finishing his career in the WWF. The conversation was said to have gone well, with a framework laid. HOG-an would have to agree to a salary cut and a reduced role within he company.....The WWFE/ Score Network deal is confirmed for 3 years and includes broadcast rights to WWF Smackdown, WWF Metal and the XFL.... This Sun night on WWF Heat: RTC d 2 Cool. Edge d Al Snow. Saturn/ Malenko d The Hardyz..... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: B Gunn d E Guererro TO WIN THE IC TITLE. T & A d Crash/ Hardcore. Venis d K Kwik. The Rock d Wm Regal. Raven d Tazz. Molly d Trish. ME: Jericho/Austin d Kane/Benoit..... Survivor Susan Hawk will second Mancow this weekend @ WCW Mayhem..... features a huge update...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE.........WWF Raw over WCW Nitro on Mon night, 5.0 to 2.3...Thunder/ Smackdwon spoilers up later today....Plans to televise the EMLL ppv from Mexico in the States have fallen throgh....IWA Puerto Rico has the annual Bruiser Brody Memorial Cup scheduled for tomorrrow night in Carolina....The new interviewer in WCW is Lanita Erickson. Some of the guys are saying tht she bears a striking resemblance to Missy Hyatt....The WWF banned media coverage from Huntington, WV recently, thwarting the plans of the local NBC affiliate to highlight the show.....More pics of Jasmin are up on's silver top is now up for bids at's autographed....XX00, Lita.....A change for the WCW Nitro set soon.....Time-Warner may just decide to keep WCW after all. Brad Seigel, the real CEO, has been given the nod to trim $16 million from the budget by restructuring contracts......

Tuesday November 21