Wrestling Wednesday / November 21

Taping results from Fayetteville, NC, last night: This Sun on WWF Heat : Billy Gunn/ Chuck Palumbo d The APA...Jackie d Lita... Spike d Crash...Tajiri d Saturn... Tomorow night on WWF Smackdown : Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole at Ringside... RIC FLAIR and Vince Mc Mahon set matches for WWF Vengeance: The Rock v. Chris Jericho and Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle, with the winners facing each other in a ME to unify the WWF and World Titles... Test d Scotty 2 Hotty...Sharmel Sullivan (Paisley) interviews Tazz...Big Show d Tazz..'Taker goes to a NC with Angle...Wm Regal and the former memebers of the Alliance attack Steve Austin...Trish d Stacy in a gimmicked match involving turkey and gravy...Edge d Christian by DQ after Test interferes...ME: The Dudley Boyz/ Chris Jericho d Rob Van Dam/ The Rock.

Wrestling Tuesday / November 20
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