Rob's Wrestling / Wed Nov 1

8:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Crash d T & A. 'Taker powerbombs S Richards. Ivory d Lita TO WIN THE WWF TITLE. Phatu NC Jericho. Gunn/Chyna d Guererro/Val. Snow d Tazz. Benoit NC HHH. Reformation of The Radicals, with Terri. ME: Rock NC Angle...... This Sun night on WWF heat: J Hardy d Bull. Regal d Road Dogg. M Hardy NC Edge..... Vampiro diagnosed with a "major concussion" after WCW Halloween Havoc..... Chyna will appear on MAD TV this weekend..... Neither the WWF nor the Owen Hart family are commenting on the lawsuit until a judge approves the settlement on Nov 7..... Viacom is making business difficult for its newest partner, the WWF. It seems that Viacom frowns upon the WWF's talks with the "competition," WCW..... Lovely DAWN MARIE in bikini pix on ECWWRESTLING.COM..... WCW ran Nitro this past Mon night from the 5,000 seat Bren Center in Irvine. The show attracted less than 2,000 persons, less than 800 of whom were paying. The building was padded for the cameras, and several people who bought the cheap seats wound up in ringside..... Insiders believe that the WWF does not have good intentions with its bid to acquire WCW. The goal may be to eliminate the competition..... Variety reports that USA Network dropped 29% in viewership in comparing October, 2000 with October a year ago. TNN increased viewership by 38%..... Wrestling legend Johnny Valentine is in critical condition in a Ft Worth, Tx hospital. Cards may be sent to : Life Care Hospital, 6201 Overton Blvd, Ft Worth, Tx. 76132....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE............ Vince Mc Mahon will file a lawsuit later this week against the PTC..... This weekend on WWF Metal/Jakked: Raven d Essa Rios. Blackman d Just Joe. Malenko ad Saturn win a squash.....HHH vs Kurt Angle to ME WWF Survivor Series.....Bret Hart guests with Jim Rome this Friday on "The Last Word."..... British Bulldog`has been suspended without pay from the WWF.

Tuesday October 31