Wrestling Daily / Wed Mar 7

The WB will be folded in with Turner Cable Networks w/ WB Net founder Jamie Kellner in charge as Turner has absorbed the WB...... WWF The Music Vol 5 drops from # 2 to # 9 next week on the Billboard charts...... New York Post today is reporting that the WWF may bail out of the XFL at the end of the season if the numbers don't go up..... WCW ref Nick Partick returns to action next week after being out to rehab his knee. Patrick has been acting as an agent...... Jerry Lawler, on Mancow this morning, said that a new statement will be up soon on www. KingLawler . com..... HHH on Fox News this afternoon pushing "Wrestlemania : The Official Inside Story"..... A young boy in Detroit threw his 18-month old sister to the floor yesterday, causing arm and head damage. When asked why, he said he "learned it on wrestling'" Here we go again...... This Sun night on WWF Heat: Raven d Crash. Ninja Girl is unmasked as Tori. X-Pac d B Gunn. S Blackman d Kaientai....... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Hardyz d Dudleyz. C Jericho d V Venis. C Benoit d Saturn. E Guererro d C Benoit. Vince & Trish make out for Linda. K Angle d Test. W Regal d A Snow to earn commissionership. ME: Rock d Phatu/ Haku............ Paul Heyman was @ the WWF Smackdown tapings last night. His role within the company, for now, seems to be that of Raw commentator although he may wind up as a manager. He sat in on the production meeting earlier in the day..... HHH is in NY today from 12-2 pm ET @ WWFNY to sign copies of The History of Wrestlemania..... Buff Bagwell suffered neck injuries @ the Nitro taping Mon night and did not work Thunder. Booker T suffered a jolt to the side of the head courtesy of Rick Steiner. He was able to compete on both shows.

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