Wrestling Wednesday / March 21

Sources are reporting that Fusient Media has pulled out of the WCW deal as of Tues afternoon, due to the promotion losing its Turner connection. The outside party referred to as having interest has been revealed as the WWF. At this point, Vince Mc Mahon appears to be the only potential buyer, with interest, and incentive, unknown. WWF spokesperson Gary Davis, in the New York Post :" We are holding discussions with AOL Time Warner about the possiblity of acquriing WCW." All WCW references were removed from the Fusient website today. Here's my take : Again, it could all be a work, but with the Associated Press jumping on the story this afternoon, we must allow for the possiblity that it is not. If it is a shoot, then the WWF could run WCW as a separate company, using TNN. In that case, the competitive market on a national level would be gone, and wrestlers who wanted the national exposure would have to work for the WWF. Too, the WWF could offer any salary it wanted to, and, doubtlessly, many salaries would be cut. The statement from Fusient reads this way: "Fusient Media Ventures has terminated its efforts to purchase WCW as a result of the decision by Turner Broadcasting Systems to longer carry wrestling programming on its networks." The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the WCW name and trademarks will be sold to the WWF within a week and a half. It would appear that the deal is, in fact, done.

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