Wrestling Wednesday / June 20

WWF Taping results from Orlando last night: For WWF Sunday Night Heat, to air on June 24: APA d The Hollys... Raven d Haku... Steve Blackman d K-Kwik.....For WWF Smackdown, to air tomorrow night: The show opens with a preview to the ME, as Edge, Christian, Kurt Angle and Rhyno brawl... The Big Show d Spike Dudley. Spike may have been hurt legit; look for the fall at the end of the match... Rhyno/ Angle d Edge/ Christian... Steve Austin comes to ringside and harrasses Michael Cole... Test d Saturn... 'Taker & Sarah come to the ring; video airs of DD Page, who is @ 'Taker's house... Tajiri d Taka... ME: The Dudley Boyz d Chris Benoit/ Chris Jericho TO WIN THE WWF TAG TEAM TITLES..... Notes : Christopher Daniels and Scoot Andrews are in dark matches.

Wrestling Tuesday / June 19
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