Wrestling Wednesday / June 12

After learning that Steve Austin left the building on Mon without informing management, Vince Mc Mahon approached Ric Flair with the idea to turn Flair face to take over as Austin's replacement at the upcoming house shows. In order to do this, Flair agreed to lose the ownership to Vince. There is speculation that a new ownership angle may be done, but there are no hard plans in place for that now. The promotion will continue to be run as two separates, with the Raw crew and the Smackdown crew.....TAPING RESULTS FROM LAST NIGHT IN GREENVILLE, SC : WWE Velocity : Billy/ Chuck d Orton/ Henry... Angle d Hardcore Holly... Knoble d Funaki... Rikishi d Albert.....WWE Smackdown : 'Taker and HHH sign the contract for the ME @ KOTR... HHH remains in the ring with a sledgehammer... KOTR Qualifier : Test d Hurricane... KOTR Qualifier : Hardcore Holly d Tajiri... Venis/ Kidman d Jericho/ Storm... Hogan challenges Angle to a match @ KOTR... Farooq d D-von... Trish/ Linda d Ivory/ Jackie... Vince tells Stacy that, from now on, he is Mr Mc Mahon... 'Taker and Angle attack Hogan... ME: Angle/'Taker d HHH/ Hogan by DQ.... Note: A scene with Dawn Marie knocking on Mc Mahon's door was re-shot and will be included in the program....NOTE: Before the tapings began, Diamond Dallas Page met with Mc Mahon and, upon advice from his doctor, retired from active ring competition.

Wrestling Tuesday / June 11
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