Rob's Wrestling Daily / Wed Jan 3

6:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Rob Van Dam is booked for UPW's "California Collision" in Costa Mesa on Jan 31 in the ME vs Christopher Daniels.....Discovery re-airs The UPW special this Fri night....WWC has named Mike Rotundo as the replacement for Jeff Jarrett in its weekend shows, leading up to the Sat show in San Juan.....Jesse Ventura's XFL contract specifies pre-event and post-game wrap-ups..... Mikey has chosen May 31, 2002 as his date to retire. You can find out why at At Mikey Whipwreck . Com..... FLEX magazine has an editorial by Joe Weider putting over HHH..... Scott Hall spent the holidays in prison, and was released yesterday..... WWF Raw bounced back this past Mon night, posting a 4.5. With NFL Mon Night Football ending, Raw should go up even more..... Look for Jerry Lynn to enter the WWF sooner than later..... The Urban Wrestling Alliance has hired The Rock's dad, Rocky Johnson, as its booker...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Wrestling Cage presents Destiny.... Raven hosts the WWF Smackdown party @ WWF NY tomorrow night..... Sid may be invited to be the fourth man in the mix for the WCW title @ WCW Sin..... Rumored to replace Mark Madden on WCW Nitro are either Stevie Ray or Konan..... U.K. channel 5 has opted to renew WCW Worldwide, returning it to Friday nights beginning Jan 12..... Paul E has "guaranteed" a blockbuster announcement for this Sun night @ ECW Guilty As Charged.

Tuesday January 2
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