Rob's Wrestling Daily / Wed Jan 31

6:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Pam Paulshock is WWF-bound..... Dave Scherer blasts Chris Cruise on 1 Wrestling... DD Page put WCW over on the Mancow show this morning..... Davey Boy Smith heads to court on July 17, with charges that he threatened his brother-in-law, Bruce Hart..... A & E reruns the HOG-an bio tomorrow night.... The guy who charged the railing @ Nitro Mon night was Benny Thompson, Special Teams coach for the Baltimore Ravens..... Chyna on Good Morning America this morning.... This Sun night on WWF Heat: Test d Saturn. H Holly/ Blackman d RTC. Albert d Kwik. Benoit d Crash..... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Dudleys d Hardys. Ivory d Lita/ Jackie. APA d Edge/ Christian. Jericho d Tazz. Big Show d Gunn. 'Taker/ Kane d Haku/ Phatu. Angle d HHH/ Rock.......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE..... Here's Candie..... Paul Bearer is a road agent for the WWF.... A new WWF site has opened, featuring Chyna: WWF Raw posted a 5.4 composite on Mon night.... Kurt Angle will be honored tonight @ his alma mater, Mt Lebanon (Pa) High..... WCW Nitro posted a 2.6 Mon night.... Steve Corino and Julio Dinero were backstage @ Nitro on Mon night..... Many are saying that Ric Flair's WCW resembles Jim Crockett's NWA..... Dusty Rhodes' appearance on WCW Nitro was a one-time deal..... Tonight on WCW Thunder: Totally Buff d Kronik. O'Haire/Palumbo d Mamalukes. Konan d Reno. Kwee Wee wins a squash. Bigelow d Smiley. R Steiner d J Jarrett. R Harris d L Leroux. S Helms d B Kidman.

Tuesday January 30
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